The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, April 27, 1906, Image 8

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    Oii the Deschutes River ih Western Part of Crook
The Townsite of BEND
County, Oregon.
Center bf the new Irrigation Development coverliiR
N - " w)
. . Cs. v. Vv v -S.
V xvipNv NxL i vl
TlmlirrTind Act ofjnre J, 5;8,
V. 8. Land Office, The pallet, Oregon,
March 9, iS.
Notice U henbr d that tn compliance with
the provision of the Act oTCoojrcM of June s,
i: eittlltrd "An art for the aalc of timber Und
i ithf Uteof Calllirrilt. IHrfou. Ncrmla n4
tf-athiBStsH Territory, "a tmewlwl to all the
v i4lc Und rtiilr. liy act ol AufwH. 4. l9. the
. !'owrii(-iuml pefwwi ha e ou January 1.1906,
LI -d ia thtajufltce their twora MateweuK, to-wlt
CUarlra II. KrkUon
q( rtend, county of Crook, atate of Oreeon, aworn
auteraent Np. n7 Pr the purchaae of the a ',(
rtc n. tp 19 1, r is e, w m,
nettle Kriekaon
u Dead, county of Crook, ttatc of Orecen, awarn
meracnt Ke. r9, for the purchaie of the nK
H ec 1. tp a. r m e.f !l ) and lot 6, aec
u'mt. riir "
That they will ofTrr proof to ahoxr that the
la udi wucnt are more valuable f r tbe timber or
, ne thereon than for agricultural purpose, and
eataMlth their claimi to uld land bctxe the
Ciuuty Clerk ofCrook County, Oregon, at the
court fiouac In lTincTille. Oreeon on May 9, yf
Thry name the following witneue. Iter M
Menear, Ollrer II. Kriekaon, K, A. hralth Charlea
II 1'rlckaon and Uettie rlcV.wa all o( Head.
Any and all persona claiming aJttrtely any of
ir abore-4crlbl landa are ronetnl to rile
1; cir claim, lu Ihn olbte on or bchec tbeaaid
4ii day ofMay. 1906.
,11 may4, MICIlAia T. NOI.AN, KcgWtr.
Timber Land. An Jane J, lift,
V B, Land OfBce, The Dalle., Oregon,
January it, ivA
Vol Ice is hereby given that In compliance with
1 Art of Congress of June J, lJt, eulltM "An
art fur the sate ol timber land in the state of
California, Oregon, Nevada, and Washington
Territory," a extended to all the public laud
alatesby act of Augusts, 1891,
Aino.A. Jlurrii,
or Ilill.boro, county ol Washington, date of Ore
g u. ha thl day filed in this office hi worn
sutement No. 179'. for the purchase of the cM
a -of ace 14, tpi, r 10 e, w m.
Mid wilt offer proof to show that the land
o ight la more valuable for it timber or stone
t iau for agricultural puriww, and to establish
1 1 claim to said laud before the county clerk of
l rook county, at I'rlnetiUc, Oiegou, on tbe $th
1, May, 1906.
He names ai witnesses William T dward,
J .hn N IMward, John 1!. )Mwrd and Caleb
. I)euiiclt,altofrrter, Oregon.
uy and all persons claiming adversely the
i)ovc4lctcribcJ lauda arc reoueited to file their
A urns In till, otrice on or before aald 9th day of
Lav. loc6
jjs iim i ri SliailAHL T. NOLAN, KtgUter.
Timber Laud, Act June 3, 1878.
U. 8, JavA Office, The Dalle, Oregou,
I'cbruary 11, 1906.
Notice I hereby gltu that lu compliance with
the protUlouaoflhe act of congress of June,
-, entitled "An act for the sale of timber
l.iud ill the states of California, Oregon, Nevada
nud Washington Territory," aa extruded to all
the publicland state by act of Augut 4, ibyj.
William J. McUilhray,
of Ilrnd, comity of Crook, state of Oregon, ha
thi. day filed lu till, office hi iworu statement
No a1J. for the purchase of the wji ol (llic
ncSX ofscc J, tp 18 , r u c, w in.
ud will offer proof to ahow tljat the
land ought la more valuable for, 111? timber
or tonc thereon than for agricultural puriM),
and to establish hi daliu to satiriaud before
li C Hills, U. K. Couiiultsioner, at hi office in
Uend, Oregou, oil the ijtlt day of June, vu6.
lie name as witnesses, John hergusoiu Milo
W Wilson, William Arnold, and Harah I'erguaou,
all of Jieud. Oregon.
... a 1,, 1 )! fwrsnns clalmliii! adicrsrly
X. A ". rf 7 X ""v .. -vx ". VT X a. -s. -v 'k-PX .XV 11.
the aboie described laud are rmiirsted to file
thtlrclalui. In this office on or beforp the aald
iilh day of June, 190.
a,lj A"CIUt',r T. NOL.&, Jtcf Utcx.
Timber Lar, Act at June J, S;8,
V. S. Land Office The Dalle, Oregon,
I'ebruary 14, too.
Notice is hereby given that la cempUance with
the provMoa ofllrc Art of Congress of Jane 3.
ir. entitleil "An art for the sale aftlmbcr lands
in the states of California. Oregon, Ntewla ml
Washington Territory," as extended to all the
utibtie land state by art of August 4, lK, the
Rritowing-naneel penwn liave. on December 1,
190J. filed In this office their sworn statements,
Ilannah M. Ribb
of Luverne. count v of Rock, state of Minnesota.
worn statement No. 7749, fur the purchase of
lout and , audsH iietf seC4. ip!9 1, r ue. wm.
Kdna K. Miller
of Ltivenie, conrtty of Kock, state of Minnesota,
worn statement No J74. for the purchase of the
lie sec JJ, tp Ms. njc.w in.
That they will ciffer proofs to how that the
laud sought are more valuable for the timber or
stone thereon than for agricultural purnooc.
and to establish their claims to said Und before
the County Clerk at the court house In I'riuc
ville, Oregon, 011 May 10, ly.
They name a witnesses Joseph N Hunter and
John inoss. of Ikmd, Oregon, lidaa H. Miller and
Hannah M Oibln, of Luverne, Mlnnrsnt, nd
Harry L. Cibbs, vf Traverse City, Michigan.
Anv and all Deisons dalralnf adversely any ol
the aoove-deserisd land are requested t file
their claims in thl office on or be fur r the said
loth day ol May, im.
laiAKL T. NOLAN, Kegltter.
Timber Land, Act of June j, 1S78,
V. 6. liud Office, Lakeview, Oregon.
I'cbruary , lyA.
Notice I htrcby given that In cowpliancc with
le provision ofthe art of Csuinrss of lune 1.
1&76, entitled "An art for thc-salc of timber Is mis
In the states of California, Oregon, Nevada and
Washington territory," as extruded to all the
public law! states by art of August 4, 1691,
John II. Oierturf,
of fiend, county of Crook, state of Oregou, has
mi nay niea 111 mis omce 11 is sworn talemcnt
"o. 1945, lur ine purcnase 01 tiiv self, scco ID
, nit.w 111.
And will offer proof to show that the land
sought I more valuable for its. tlmlr or. umi.
man lor agrieuitursi purposs auu fa. cstabusu
hi claim to aald laud before U J, HwitU, ckrk
of Crookcountv. Oreeon. atliUolTM at Wiiir.
title, Oregou, 011 Monday, tkn t dAJf ofMay
He name at witnesses- H, Isinsa fWrrturf.
Homer ltoveeU. M. I. Morritun. l'ndt Autrnna
and Olicr Johnson, all of ievid, Oregon.
Any and all person cjatutliij; adversely any ol
the above lauds arc requested 19 file their claim
In thl office on or tevt the said aith day ol
May, loriS,
fJJ uS Ji N. WATSON, Kcglster
. Irpartiuut ofthe Interior,
Lsixl-OIkv at Lakeview, Oregon,
I'chjuary J, 190.
Notice Is hereby given tliat the followluu
warned, settler bavr klrd notice of their Intel-..
11011 io.masji niuu nruoi 111 sunnort 01 nvir
la i ms, and that said proof will be madebe'ore
(j. II, Wardwcll, V. iiiumlsiouer,at hi oKicial
place of busluess, at hlher Ikt, Oregon, ou
Monday, the list day of May, 1906,
11. H. No. 3U4, byDeiiiilson I'. Kease. for Ihe
Kuwtf aud n) wji' sec 79, tp. JI s, r n C, w in.
JI, 15. N0.JIJJ. by Deiiulsoil I'. Kca'c, heir of
i.ur nruse, urccascu, ior ine uftscil, w;iwjf,
aud k(vi4 sec 79, tp s, r 11 c, v m.
They name the following witnesses to prove
their continuous rcsidcucc upon wild cultliutlon
uiviu lauus, S1
Sly. Dald A. llndley, Jarbci Black
veil, allof Koslaad, Ocgoiu
Lee Caldwell
J. H. WATJ40N, KccUtcr.
Timber Land, Act June 1. 1878.
V. S. Land Office, The Dalle, Oregon,
May iC, 1905.
Notice I hereby given that In eompHsiwe with
the prevision ofthe Act of CtHigrrss of June V
17. entitled "Ah att for the sale of timber tanrts
1ri the stales of California, Oregon. Nevada, ami
Washingtoti Territory," a eslended to all the
(wbllc laud states by Act of August 4, isyl,
Alexander Smith
ofSMers, county of Crcwk, state of Oregwi. ha
this day fileU In this olflee hi sworn statement
No. r9sforthc purchase of thescSf of sec 4 tp 19
, r lie, wm.
And will offer proof to show that the land
sought I more valuable for it limber or stone
lhan for agricultural purpose, ami la establish
his claim to said land before Ihe County Clerk
at rrlncvillr, Oregon, 011 the lath day of May.
He names a witnesses Loren K. Atlingham.
William K. Ikmth, and Irvln I'. Hhearer. all of
fWstera, Oregon, ami Joseph N. Ilsmtcr of llend,
Any aud all person claiming adversely the
alnvelescribetl la nils are rr)ucsul to file their
claims In thl office on or before the said loth day
of May, IjoiS.
m j-may 4 MIC1I.VKL T. NOLAN, Keglstcr.
Timber Kand, Act June J, I'TB.
U. S. Caod OfCce, Lakes lew, Orrgen,
I'cbruary 15, VA.
Notice Islltrerrv clrrn that In comnllanre with
the provision oflbc. att of Congress of June 1,
iin chhiihi .nCT iutmichic si iimuerwrnis
In the states. ofCalifurnla. Orrgou, Nevada and
Washington, Territory," a extended to all the
public laud state, by act af August 4, I&91.
Hubert V. 1'errU,
f Traverse City, county ef Grand Traverse, state
uf Michigan, bslhl day filed in thl office his
pwora statement No. joji, for the purchase of
the XsX aud wfsw; of sec 17 tp ai ,
j ittC, wm
And wilt offer uroof to show that Ihe land
sought la. msre valuable far it timber or stone
Ibitufinr agricultural puniosc, and to establish
hUdaiJii toxoid Und before J, J Hmltli, clerk
'a-if IrV fAiitilu llisHrin a l.i- Afr. nls.a.
t"i t"vvni;, WSVMII llM UUC as, ( llll
vllle. Oregon, on baturday, ttic aClll dayofMay.
lit tinme as witnesses. John Dlosi, Ora l'oln
dcxtcr, aud JomtdIi N. Hunter, all of llend. Ore-
gon, Harry I ;llU,of Traverse City, Mich.
Any and all person claiming adversely the
aliovc-descrilied lauds are reUestrl to file Ihclr
claim in this offic. on or before ajd a&th day of
May, I9rj6.
nilS'inij J. U. WAT80N, Register.
Timber Land) Act Jufie 3, 1878,
U.H.tjJdUfdfllcc, The Dalles, Oregon,
January ij, 19061
Notice isi-rr.s'jvarlvea tlrnt In rumullauce with
theprrmsttiu'fif the act o fenngre of Jmie j, 1878
entitled "Alt tf fur the aTc of tliiiticr laud In
iiicsisics 0. v;aiuornias Oregon, ntvaua mm
V'aJlhlllgtOll..Tcrritory,, a extended to all the
piilillqilau'J states by at A of August 4. 189a.
" UrllrjgC Coe
of Uend. county of Crook, stale Of Oregon,
ha thl ilay filed III this afnee hi (worn state
ment No. 379a, for tl ic purchase of the njiiirtjf
and sw Jf nwi sec a i, tp 19 , r 10 r, w 111 ,
Aud wilt offer p roof to ahow that thelafid
sought I more sab jable lor Its limber ursfone
tnau imi ugriculliir
iimcuiiuio saiu 1
Ifiievillc, Orrgor
lie name a wi
lluiiter. C M. W.
ami juiiii iiiussfi fi nisicra, iivpn , , -
Any and all ieroii cUuulag adversely the
ahovcdecritcu , lands are ioaeted t. rJi
their claim In fhl office oil or before ufT'itli
,:.. ... - .., . - ..
day of May. if MX
I'iua-tuy4 jb LllAlU. X. NOLAN. KtgUttf.
al purpose, aim 10 cutauii'ii
anil iieluce 1 lie con my cirrKM
), ou thcytU day of May, foot.
Itnrsse; joam . Kyau, j, ft,
fvmouln. alt if llend. OrVgOu!
i t J 4 5 t 7
r" I 1 I i ol I I -
i i i ivs i i
H 13 G. f t
4 is H it to f t
Timlr Ind. Act June J, Ujt.
V. H. Laud Oftce, The Dalit, Oregon,
t'ebraary 11. Ifso-
Notice I hereby given that In eomoUaacc with
Ihe previsions sfthe Act of Congress bf June l
i7. entitled, "An art for Ihe sate ol timber !
la Ihe stair of California. Oregon, Nevada a ad
Washington Territory." as ritettdetl to ill the
public land state by Art of August 4, 1891,
l'rank Kmse,
aftlranite I'alls. rounly of Snohomish, stale of
Washington, ha this day filesl lu this tifllee hi
sworn statement No aort. fur the purchase of Ihe
I ot 1 and a and t'A nwjf of sec 19, tp N s. r It r.
w lu.
And wilt offer proof In show that the land
sought Is more valuable fur Its timber or stone
than for agricultural purpose, ami to
eataldlsh his claim to said laud liefote Ihe
Register and Receiver at The Dalle, Oregon, oh
theaistilayof May, -out
He name a witnesses J. D aUI, Max
Kruse, ami L W. Norman, all of Oiaulte I'alls,
Washington, II A.l'oster, of i'rlucvtlle, Oregon
Any ami all person claiming adversely
Hie above-described laud are requested to
file their dalms In thl office on or before the said
Hit day ef May, ii.
iHlt-mii MICHAKL T. NOLAN, Keglstcr
Timber Land, AM Junes, iVji.
IT. H. Und Office, The Dallas, Orrgon. .
April is, I'H
Nstke 1 hereby given that In eempHanee
with Ihe provisions ofthe act of .ongr of June
1, 17, fMtitlrsI "An art fur the sale of Umber
lands in Ihe states uf California, Oregon. Nevada
and Washington Terril'iry," a extruded t all
the public la ml state by act of August 4, I JyJ.
Kmily J. I'ciiuington,
nftMstcr. county nrcroak, state of Oregon, ha
thl day files! In this office her awarn statement
No J4W. for Ihe purchase or Ihe nw ufseejt,
In tp ij, r 10 c, wm.
Aud will offer proof to show that Ihe land
sought I aiorr valuable for It timber or stone
than for agricultural nurticsea. and lu establish
li.r rlolm in ubl land llrfore the County
Clerk at iTlncvllle, Oreeon sil the 9U1 day of
lay, lyA
hhe iiainrn as witnesses. Hamsun A. Melvlu,
Hamtsel II. Darraucc, John O.Durrnice and
Kugcnc V.. ;tcliell,allof lsteii;Oiegoii.
Any and all person claiming adversely Ihe
abovclcscTlbed land are requested lb rile thrli
cUlm in till office on or before the said tth day
of May, iys.
U191114 MICUAl',1, T, NOI.AN, Keglstcr.
Timber Laud, Act June J. 1878.
U. H. Laud Officc,The Dol)c, Oregon.
(i,f I a&c,1"Vfr .1' ,95'
Nolle I hereby given that lu 'compVutice with
Hie provision ofthe Act of Cnygrrs of Jii'iej,
1H78, entitled, 'An act for the ale of Oitiberjand
lu the tatir California, Oregon, Nevada, and
WashluglDii Terrttort'.'lvia exlemlrtl lo all the
public lund (talc by Act of August 4, I69J,
John L. n.urucbcrg,
of llend, county of Crook, state of Oregon, ha
this day filed lu Ihl office hi sworn statement
No, aTso, forthepurchaseof Hit liwlf, ofscc 34,
Ip 19 , r lie, win w (
And will offer proof to how that the lai'd
sought I more valuable for It timber or stone
than for agricultural purposes, and to establish
hi claim to said Uud before the County Clerk,
at l'rlutUllc, Oregon, on Hie 9th day of June,
196. '
lie name a witnesses! OrnrorjTMc. , jojiii
Klcldl, Thoma Tweet ilid 'A IfttT' !utas,lj
ol I'rlnevllce, Oregon s-
Any and all person claiming oleilely the
4lociltsrlll)y)jiuil.,rcrc'orirt tu flje Jhelr
Clailu ill till ufticc 011 or bcfoic tld vlh day
orjmicj 150. .
V7 i T -f s
Fl R
j t
4 J
i i i i I '
t K J 4 S 6
Z ' 1 S 7
A V E .
! J 4 -f
4 ' 1 S 7
: TTo
Timber Lai d A.t June y tl;l
U. H. Uml Oltar, The Ihillo. Otegssa,
I'tbraary i, 104.
Notice Is hetcby glvea that In romplUaee wvih
the provision n he Aarof VsMgroxs of Jsase u
17 entMlesI ' Aa act Par the soWof llsabet laarfs
la the Ms Irs of California, OrtRou. Nevasla aud
WashlHglosi Trirltory." esleadesl to all the
public Und stale by Art of Augtsst 4. iHJ.
Ittehard King
of lletidiCnunlyofCrook, state ef Ofefofe. has
Ibis day filetl lu this office his sworn staieaseat
No lavfor the iMirclHsseef the t"H ! ah
imM andiiw)( kKH r), IplM, r n e w m
Ami wilt offrr rif to show Ihatlae Unit
wight Is more vlual4e for It Umber or stone
than for agricultural porpe. aud voesioMlsh
hi claim tu al4 Uad bentte the tte'gis'ri aswl
Receiver al The IMIIts, Oregon, hi Ike 4th day
ol May, ly
He names a witness Joseph M llualer.ol
Ileml, Oregon, John Hloss of Msset. (Hegoa,
Albert dates ami George Oats, of (stad. OregOM
Any aad all MrsosM atalmlng adversely the
hoove described UihI. are reurstrl tofib-ilwlt
alatms in Ihl ufnte 011 or before Ihe sold 4th
lay of May, 'f
lJ.aT MICHAIII. T. NOLAN, M easier.
Timber Land, AM Jhnc j, 17.
U. H. Mad omre, The ImIIsj, OfegwM
Jauuarir ,.iv4.
Notice U hereby given thai In cstaialhUHW wllh
thcKovlsMnorihe Aft of Congr or Jdae 1.
ifT. rutitleil, "An act for the saleufuinber lands
In tlir slate of California, Oregon. Nevada, ami
Washington Territory, ' as rxTsndnl lo all the
public laud ttato by Act ef August 4. W,
John II. Wcaaudy,
ofllulte, county ol Hilter Ihiw, state of Montana,
ha thl day filed lu thl office hi .sworn state
ment No 1770. for the purchass of the iiHes"
sec II. and nHwi, pf sec ly tp 17 ,
r 10 e, win. 1 ,
And will offer proof to fc't that lb
taml sought is uiurr valuable for II Umber or
tone than fur gfleu(Jiral iHtwses, ami In
rslabllsh hi claim to sad land Iwfinr II.
C. Kills, U H. CummlMloiKr, at his oificeln
llend, Oregon, 011 Ihe Ijthday gf June, iodo.
Hrnamraa witnesses. John Hlildl, Clwilts
Ifoyd, Hugh O'Kaur, ami Harry Hill, ofltsml,
Any nud all ersoiis claiming ndtrrsely
the above descrlld lands are reipicsUsI in file
their claims lu this office vu or before Hie sa Id ulli
day of June, 1906.
af8 MICHAI'.LT, NOLAN, Kcglittr,
Timber Laud, Act June 1, 1878,
U. H. Lnml Office, The Halle, Oregon,
May 7. 19J
Notice I hereby given Hint In compliance with
Ihe provision oTthe Act ir Congress ol June ,
187H, entitled "An act lor Ihe lule of llinlr IninU
lu thrststcsof California, Olcgl'ii. Nevada, nud
Washliittton Trrrltorv.i' hm ii, hill i all .
t public Unit slstes by nct.of August 4, S; j,
Hrra W Glle
of Descliute, countf Cnwil, stn(e of Oregon,
bus this day filed In this office hi sworn stale
mtiilNu U7, forllic purchase of Ihe siv'Z of
sec 6, tp lA , r 10 c, w in,
And will offer proof In ahow that the lnml
sought I more valuable for II llmlier or stone
than for agricultural puriKiscs, and in establish
hi claim lo said laud before the County clerk at
ITliict (lie, Orrgou, 011 the y.h day of May, lyoo,
He name a witnesses, John lllos of hlslcr,
Otcgou, Joseph N. Hunter of llend, Oregon.
James W. Overton aud Klchard King, loth of
DcKlitilct, O'tgou,
Any aud nil person claiming advcrrelv ihe
nKi(nigicrllK;H.Uurnrcrcjutstt(lio pit (heir
claim lu thl ofrWoiiit-before said t.l)t day of
May, 190.
tujtnay4 JIICHAIU, T, NOLAN, Kegl.ltr,
. J 4 S 4
t It A f t J
At Gateway to
the Great
Town has Grown S
.linnet entire!) in the pnt year, tltc jxwl
office tlntuiK tly from April 8. too-;
Iklltl Iihh cxctrlkllt puhHc tkliooN
nml complete public wmer work.
: The Pilot Butte
" Development Co.
Proprietor Townsite
TuuWr I and. Art Junr 1 isl
I A Laa4 iHTe. The DalbS. Oirgua
Jaaaaiv . iy'
Notsor ta hereby gTvea iKal iaaidowv mi
Jt( rt)vtaSoM ia the art af CootiMfar (nor
im. ewtitUd 'Aa ad lot I He sole oVl'rnW. ta,,
la the Mate ol rallfwasa. llf-g Kstsds u I
WosauWioa TrrrH.rfy ' as eiUaalrd 1. all II.
smblle bad Main by art of Aogast 4. is.
Uk II ChllH.
ofMsdraa roaaly ofCroMk, MsleoftHvaoM '"
thl day Ud la thss oafcee bis swsmh s4slrMt.ii
Mo 701, for Ihe aswrhsse of Ihe wKnK i n
sw(, IaMs 1 sad j. of trc .. ip 1 ., r ss w at .
Aad Mill offer Iwosif to show thai lherkn
sought hi amr volaaMe for Hs timber or M..11
laaa for attunsllara) purpose, ami toestsMi.:
hi claim lo solsl load before It I K
I' ft Otsaatlissnnsr al hrsemerla Maslres lli
goa. est lae tth day of May. If
He aames as wltnrsars Thosaas J
A asm A Malkry. aad Joha Isbaat, all of Wtl.s
I Hegoa, Msrhorl J MorriNl, ofHeod. Or. m ,
A ay aad all jtersams cUlmlag adret.ely th
txv4lortllMIUads(e IMussted tu hlelhr
rlalsa la thta sier est or Ufor sold ah ! "
May, tasA
flimi MICHAKI.T. N()I.N. Hegrstei.
Tlmbtr Ua.1, Art Jane j. 17.
V. . Mad Office, Ukrtkw, otvguii
Match 1. iv.
Notler It hereby given (hat lHrmaUar with
IIm )woMoM 4 Ihe art of Csmgf of June
187a, alllHMl 'An act for lb sole of timber lands
Ih Ihe stale of California. Oregou, Nevada, and
Washlagtoa Tttrttory," as esltodsd loaillli
pablk Uad states by set of August 4, tier
Harry I, (Hob.
ofTiavers Clly county of (Iraud Travrrsr .
state of Mkhbiau ha IhU day Mod In lbs oti
hi swora stalrnient No jss, for Ihe putcha.'l
of thw)( sec , tp js. r Mi, w in
Aatl will offsr twoof lu shew that the lri I
sought more taluablr for Its IllnUr eralmic
than fw agiwuliursl (hhimms ami tuestaMish
hlseUlmtosaalUml liefoic Cwu.ty Cterh f
Crook rstUHly, Otrwn, al hlsofhre, at rrlHtsHle.
ihmoh, oh nalufday, Ihe rlh day ul May
He name aa wllursses! Joseph N. Hunter
JuhM lllos, Albert C. I,um and James D
Huurymau.allul Ileml, Orrgou.
Any ami all ptms claiming adversely the
abovHlter1bsl Umls are renuestssl le Ma their
claims lu this offiee oil or before uld aoth day ol
Alay, 19U
iiiu maysj j, N. WATMON, Hrglslrr
Timber Lund, Act June j, 1B7S.
U, H, Laud Office, The Dalles, Oiexfu.
novcmiier 10, ivop.
the provisions of the Art niVf.'ougfes of June J
l7, cnllllcd, "All art ,Qir lliormleol IIiiiIk-I Ulidj
lu tlieslnlriif Cnllforul, Orrgou. Nevada, nml
Wasliiugf6iiTrrillory," n extended do, oil lh'
public Uud state by Act of August 4, 1S91,
l'reil M Ireland, 1 I
ofMuiiwtoiilh, county of I'ulk, talr,0fOirgi
hn thl day filed In thl ulftcc his worii'sltilc
and I Jits t ami J. (if iu, I In IH m r in p. w III.
iiient No 7J7. for the piifchnse ul the
Ami will offer proof to show thai the lfimr
sought it more valuable fur II llmlier nr stone
than fur iigihiillurnl purposes, mid lu rstsbllsli
his claim lo anld lnml before the county clerk,
of Crook, county, Orrguu, al Ihe Couit House In
I'rlucvlllc Oregon, on the otli tiny ofMayHf
He name n witnesses; Wiltlnm II. ftlant ami
Itmiuu Hliinls, of Drschute, Orrguu; I.toi'
I'claiske, and John llloa. of llcu.l, Oregon.
Any nml ull person clnlmlug mhrrsrly Ihe
olMntilesirlliiil laud nrc requested lo file Ihclr
claim In Ihl office oil nr before said oils day ol
May. I,
WANTKD A "woiAan to lie
ueiicrallionhe-work. Cull on Mru.
L, D. Wicst.