The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, April 27, 1906, Image 2

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Earthquake Visits
San Francisco
Fire Follows Shock
and Adds to Panic
Mains arc Broken and Fire
men Fight Flames With
Dynamite-All Bus
iness Section
Is Gone.
City Surely Doomed.
Oakland, April IP. At U o'olock
thla morning bun Francisco It a mw
of ruins ami tbe Aamct continue the
work at destruction, obliterating tit
ten- remaining habitations. There Is
no water and the city reemi doomed.
Dvnamlte Im tailed to eheok the Arc.
Oakland has been placed under martial
). Tho San Pahto ferrv was sank
by Hying debris. All night the hrav
ent we re Itjjhtol by the light ot the
vast cvmltagtatlon. This morning
mass ot smoke mark the continunce ot
the destruction amid swneccd nnspenk
able horror. The estimated ha in San
Kianoiero will reach frota 1159,001,000
to SOO,000,000 la the town.
The limita ot the tire at this hear are
Nineteenth itreet on the west, TVswn
eecd street un the soath and Broadway
oa the north. Everything between
thee ttreett and the waterfront I de
Day Dawns Hcpelett
San Francisco, April 19. IVay dawn
ed on a ncene ot death and dcettactiou.
Paring the nitht the name contained
many ot the city's finest structures and
preud in doreu directions la the res
idence portion!.
The tear dints ed eyes ot a myriad ot
homeless, stricken, heart weary, help
lest people watched the Are stretch lie
long tone at red destruction from the
waterfront ta the Mission, wheh it
weft of standing wood and briok and
tteel and iron made a hue. smoldering
nsrap heap; around the shipping dls
trie daw to the bay snore, destroying
Vessels, wharves and docks; and then,
in a bitter ham at thewtad, strive! Ue
Warm Belt, leach itt destructive ban
ner aw the Soalber Pacific station
at Third and Ta wat cad. crumpling ears
And engtaea and huge baihlinca into
bonfire ashes, and completing the Ml
work of yesterday south 4 Market
street; then twine back, an the wine
of a eeb!-msVcb t and new (net
amid the stalely homes ot the men who
bad been Hate boiMert aad railroad
magnate oa Nob Hill.
Fwntton'a Returns of Disaster.
WaiB0w, April 1, The War de
partment today received tfce MWna;
telegram hen General Fanatoa:
"Yhm four dispatches received.
Hare already W several far yau. It
i imyi4Me ar W iniarm yaw ae t
the Kill extent i the dteaatet. Oty
fmetknallr deatwyed Trfa have
been atdmc ilre natrahnc and main
taining neder, XarUal lav ba nt
leen devared. Warktnc in enM
wi tbe eivil aMbarttiea. Have nt
interfered wHb tbe renAng ad any dtt
patcbea. Van rannat eeni taa manr
tent r ratiana. Abont 30,00 ptvtfde
bamtdesa. Wk4 Ty nmree, rrarte
twi baaeea all deetrayed. All the pv
erasaenl bnUdinim in the aity cne."
Tito (Uenillul rarUiiunko shock cmho
wltliout wfttnluK nt (iroclnoly oiKI
o'clrvk this uioiiiluKi Its motion nipr.
outly Ictus from cast to wwt. A' (lrst
tlio iliortVrtl of tlio earth was K'ditrtl,
but Itt n fmv recoiuls It tuorMeetl In In
tensity, Chimneys lopn to full niul
bulltllnRS (o crack, tottering on their
foundations. People Ixvnmo nanla
stricken niul rusluHl into Hie streets,
moat of them in their nlulit attire.
They were met by showers of fulling
bolUlhiKS, bricks, cotnlct and nails.
Many Mere Instantly crushed to death,
while others were dienilfully mnii;led,
ThoiH who remained Indoors Kenerally
eeoajvul with their lives, though nrea
were hit by detached plaster, pictures
nml Articles thrown to the tloor by the
shock. It U believed that more or less
loa was sustained by nearly every tain
lly In the city.
Telegraph and telephone rommunl
ration n as shut off for n time. The
Western Union was nut completely out
ot business, and the lVstal company
was the only one that managed to get a
wire out of the city. About 10 o'clock
even the Postal was forced to suspend
in Han Francleco. Klrctric power was
stopped and street car did not run.
Railroads and ferry boats also ceased
Today's experience has been a twtU
monial to the movlern steel building.
A score ol these structures wen In
worse ot erection, and not one of these
suffered. Tho completed modern build
I tips were also immune from harm by
earthquake. The buildings that col
lapsed were all tlimsy wooden and old
fashioned brick structures.
The burned district extends from the
water front south of Market street to
Mission street and west to Kleventh
street. The tire extends out Uayrs ami
McAllister streets nearly to Fillmore,
ami from the water front along Market
to Montgomery ami north from the wa
ter front to New Montgrmery street.
Mannfactnries, hotels, wholesale honsee
and residences, comprising the princi
pal part of the bnsiness section, have
been destroyed. The city hull, n stine
lure costing 17.000,000, was first wreck
ed by the eartltqnake and then destroy
ed by nre. The Palace hotel, rained
at $3,000,000, alto was burned. The
beautiful Clans Spreckeli building at
Thinl ami Market streets was gutted.
The Rtalto bnildtng and doxent ot oth
er costly slractares were also destroyed
The Hall of Justice is threatened, and
will nndoabtedlr go. The Examiner
and Call buildings are gene and the
Croker building, acrrxa the street from
the Palace rtotel, is en fire.
The freaks at the earthnake were
I manr. we sssarea were mate in the
streets, street railways were twisted est
at Use, sewers and water pipes were
bnrsl, and it is teAred that Ihore will
be an epidemic et disease. Pteris ions
are beinc said at lancy pricee, and even
water is being vended by the glass.
It is imp4tble ta give a list i the
dead aad waaaded, ar even a list at the
principal bniMings destroyed.
Flronton Ulow Up QuIUIImri Frantic
People Floo for SAtnty.
San Krnnclsco, April IV, With each
snceodlug hour the tlevnslntloti niul de
struction in this rlrlckeu and prostrnto
ruin of n city grows nml grows. At it
o'clock tonight It scouted us It notlilttg
amid suvo llm compAratlvely smnll
portion of the city that yet remains un
burned. Tho entire business and whole
sale district la now only n glowing fur
nace, while tho giant tongues ot (Unto
have leached westward far beyond Van
Ness avenue and are wiping out lutlld
Ings and staking more to devour.
In every excavation and hole
throughout the north beach household
era are burying household effects,
throwing them into the ditches and
covering the holes . Attempts ate made
to mark the Braves of the property so
that it can bo recovered atter the tlames
are appeased.
Chief ot Police Dlnan said ho thought
250 would fully cover the number ot
deaths. He found It Impossible to se
cure details. About 60 bo-tics have
thus far been found.
There was much shooting ot looters
today, but the offenders were fortunate
enough to escape with wounds.
There Is a great shortage ot the bread
supply in the city. This afternoon,
atter a panic at the Calitornla-atrret
bakery, the police took possession of
the premises and it will be operated
under municipal control. At this place
mrn battled with women and children
in their efforts to each seise four and
Hve loaves of bread. The iHllee used
their clubs tor the purpose of bringing
about an equitable distribution ot the
lint Has Lust Its Fury niul Is Now
Slowly Dylinj (Inf.
Oakland, Cal April IS. Rartb
quake and re today bare canted the
groatec calamity umiarnta Has eve
known. In San Franotsoo aVnne H u
eelimated that 1,006 persons bare per
iabed, wfeile at many mare are tafiersng
from irsite.
Tan entire baint tma of the
city ts in rains, and the dimes wfcioh,
owing ta tbe lack ed water, eannat be
checked, excof4 by bsawinc an whfc
drwaaiite baikltntr in their Mtb. are
tll twtyvping tbreb tbe oHy. It u
iwroiWe at pretest ta eeUmate tbe
property Ion. lor tbe exteut at tbe ran
ttacratioa cannot be told nntit tbe fir
u bnmed itael! oat.
Many Towns Ruined bf Earthquake
and Hundreds of Lives Lest.
San Jeee, April 19. One bnndred
and fifty persons are reported killed in
this city. The entite bnsiness portion
at tbe town bordered by St. James an
the nartb, Market an tbe wwt. Third
an the east and San Fernando an the
snl is a eamplete massed rains. Tbe
eity is wader martial law, tbe streets
are being patrolled by treat. All
baspiuls ale crowded with dead aad
dytag. The eteatrfe plant is badly de
molished and tbe cKjr is in datkaesa.
San Franeitea, April It Report
from tbe tns.riar are moat alarsnsnc
Santa Knaa, one at tbe most beaatiral
etuea in tbe suto, in the prosperoas
aaanty ot Sostama, is a taul wreck.
These are lt,aM bamslrss men, womsa
aad ebibfjvsv, baddled Vfyrtber. Tbe
kess at lite H not to be eetsmated. It
wtll probably react tbe tboasaadi
Tbe masn etret it piled many feet deep
wfthtae Ullen baiMtap. Not one
basiaesa Moek is Mt tntaot. TMs de
straot an wesadea all tbe eoaaty baiM
tags Notatag m Wt. What was not
Hyed by tbe eartbasuke was swept
by fire.
4eeeafert wHsh: tbe tasmatt tkHapt
aram HeaMtbarc, GejterriUe. Claver
dale,H aptand and Ckiab. In every
ae Ue bws at Hie and nror-ertr it n
aaoeking as here.
Conflagration Seen From Oakland
Appears Unchecked.
Oakland, Cat., April 19. (Mid
night) At this hour the light from
burning San h'raaciico deea net appear
to have diminished, and is almost, if
not qalte, as brilliant as last night.
Although the Harare hare swept their
way three milts westward from the
water front, the entire sky is illnmi
nated by the glare of the unchecked
conflagration. There is no wind and
only the faintest suspicion of a hreexe
here tonight, bat it is said tnere Is a
tiff hrerte Mowing ever San Francisco,
A gigantic column of smoke hangs over
the desolated city, the apex forming
fantastic shapes thousands ot feet in
the alt and slowly drifting away ta the
Although telegraphic eammanieatton
was established this evening with tbe
Ferry building an tbe San Francitea
side, aaly a very limited amount of
matter eon id be bandied. Tbe tele
graph company would receive bat a lew
hundred words ot press matter, giving
tbe wires ever to preesiag commercial
businees. It is believed that by to
morrow morning additional facilities
will be had.
The telegraph companies are nom
pleteiy swamped by tb enormous vol
ume ot meesages rraabing bare, as wall
as the crash at business filed tar tbe
outside world. It is aalikely there will
be aay farther news matter from San
Ftaneiseo Wfre morning.
Foreign Countries Stand Ready With
Holp, Out Their Aid Will Not
Uo Needed.
San Francisco, April 20. - Plunged
Into absolute darkness tonight nt 10
o'clock, San Francisco has not seen the
ouculsfon of tho devastating, work of
the conllagratlon.
The tile that started at Noli Hill and
worked Us way to tho North Heach sec
tion, sweeping that section cleat of
buildings, was later veered around hy a
tierce wind and made its way southerly
to the immenso seawall sheds and grain
warehouses. The tluuea were heading
directly for tho Immense Ferry build
Ing, the terminal point of all central
overland and local trains of the South
ern Pacific road. The darkness ami the
wind, which at time amounted to a
eale, added fresh terrors to tho situa
tion. Tonight the principal remaining Are
was confined east of Van Ness avenue
and north ot Union street, but was
burning its way to the shore.
jte this afternoon the police broke
open every saloon ami corner grocery
in the tavrd district and poured all
malt ami ipiritous liquors into the
Over 75 Oodles Takan Out
Hundred in Cosmopolitan.
Sn Francso, Apr 0 The three
story lodging house at Fifth and Minna
streets collapse.) ami over 76 dead bod
ies have been taken out. There are at
least 80 more dead bodies exposed.
This building ws one of tbe first to
take fire on Fifth street.
At leat 100 people were lost in the
Cosmoolitan betel on Fourth street.
The only building standing between
Mission, Howard, Kast and Stewart
treett Is the San Pablo hotel, which Is
occupied and running. The shot tower
at First ami Howard streets is cone.
this landmark was built n years ago.
The Risdon Iron works is partially de
stroyed. The Great Western Smelting
and Refining works escaped damage.
also the Matuat Klrctrlc Light works,
with slight damage to the American
Rubber company ami Yietagaa Kngine
company. Folger .tree,' Coffee and
Sniee bouse is uninjured, and the firm
is civtng away large qBantities ot bread
and milk.
Many are dropping dead tram the
brat and from sufioeation.
Over 1M people are reported lost In
tbe Rruaswfak hotel. Seventh and Mis
ion streets.
Plans Completed for lUslnj; llasorvti
Timber for Ties.
Washington, April IH, Tho tli-nmml
for lodgopolo ptnti ties by the Western
milrottds, which prefer them (o nuy
other bocnuso of the ease with which
thoy tnko preservatives, has grently In
creWd (ho market vnluo of tho Hooky
mountain forests In Northern Colorado,
Wyoming, Kasteru Malm mid Kouthern
Montana, where lodgepole plun Is the
predominant treo. Theso forests me
largely within existing and proposed
national forest reserves, and are conse
quently under government control, so
thai the Forest service has fell tho need
of preparing plans to permit tho sale ol
soch mature timber In them as may he
safely spared, During the past year a
working plan was completed for about
ill.000 acres In tho Wyoming division
ot the Medicine ilow leserve.
It was found In tho first place that
tin. protective value ot the forrat as a
cover for tho watersheds Is so great that
any utilisation of the timber ciup must
ho subordinated to It. Throughout the
region the control of atrratn How hy the
forest cover Is the prime consideration,
Tho mining Industry, which Is of
high Importance, will not tm hampered
by the disposal of reset vo timber, alncu
all the mining claims located lit cr near
the tract Include timber suttlcleitt tor
the needs ot the owners. The present
moderate grating of cattle Is carried on
without risk to reproduction ol the
Tbe Medicine Itaw forest retrrve eon
tains tbe largest continuous body nt
lodccpole pine to be found In tbe
Rocky mountains.
Tbe eompleied plan provides lr bet
ter protection ot tbe forest from fire,
including eflfeiive measures lor mm
start piling of dobris and brain In upon
ings ready for borniui; stipulates tbat
all timber to be removed shall It
Htatkrd in advance by the forrst oaV
eers, who will ti furnished with a full
set of instructions to govern all steps In
the loircine operations: and renulres
Chinese Mliilsfur to United Status
Defends Chinese Ulflelals.
Only (I Cor Cant of Number Seeking
Admission Coma From Chi
itdio Government.
that all merchantable parts ot the trees
be need.
Similar working plans will lx pre
pared for available bodies of tlatber on
omrr rrcrrrs, mating pastime lJt
utilization of these vast forests under a
system ef scientific mansgrtnent which
will perpetuate and improve the stand
and, above all, safeguard the forest
cover en the watersheds.
Oakland, April IS. Reports tram die-
trwwt eatatde at Stn Fraaoinaa indseate
widespread damage, Saa Joso. Sft
mile eoatb, Vrtst many bniMinct and
from IS ta Ss) pMrd killed. Tae an
nex at tbe vectdme hotel eotlapeed and
fire brokv ant.
Stanford university nnd ram Aha
eaSeted. At Stanford, many bandaome
buildings were demotiahed aad two
peaple were killed. Six other rtadeats
are lying tbe ram AHo hospital
with brats, cuts and internal iatariea.
Tbe oaanbauso at Redwood Otty
and other feaibMags collapsed. Monte
Park, RarMngame and other taabion
able nbarba anfiered. Santa Bona, to
tbe SMtb, Napa, VaJleio aad aM towns
around tba bay wwre daraafeJ.
Money Paors in.
Tbe following list shows bow the cit
ies ot tbe United States are responding
la San Praacisoa's urgent need a' hesp-
Los Ang4es. tSM.OM; S,aM Uke,
f !,(; Saaramessta, tM.MM; Port
land. UM.eOu; ImiianapaKt. flt.MM.
Spakane, Ifc.CKm; Stockton, IM.Dsii
Seattle, III.MI; ritubarg. IM.0M.
Omaha, 10.M; GoUaohi, Ner.. 110.
ftM; Taoama, l,0O; Kugoae. JJ.Ma.
Pesidea tbeee Joan It Rockelolter
bat give tlMMa. Oateaee H.
Mackay. tlM.OM. and tbe Andtew
Carnegie hero rand, fSt.Mm. Tnert
are also tboatasMls Jt iraVgnms panting
lata San Franeisoa from all pans -t Use
Uahed States t4tng at isjas ltamJi
Find Shatter at Berieiy.
Berkeley, Cal.. April 18 Tonight
Berkeley is packed with aver I. OH re
fugee who have been brought aarat
tbe bay ta escape tbe borrars af tbe
San Franeisoa casfia-ratiezu Tbe bame
lees and baagry are fed at tbe t lauos
from long benehea prrrtded bv tbe
eftixeast relief eemmittee, wbieb as
etudes repreeentativet of all tbe Ira-
tonal and religions argantxatsa&s in
tows. Tbe womon stadeat and pra
feseart a( tbe Stale sniverstty ate doing
great work far tbe raSerors, and to
nicbt are ndng tbotter far all.
Treasure at Mint It Safe.
Washington. April 19. Tbe United
States mint at San Franouoa tfed
emou i damage from tbe oartbanake
and tbe conflagration. It rtoekoi
geld, titver and bartion. afita&nti&r to
abo&t 39,OO0A, U aaf o. j;
War Department Assumes Entire Con
trol of Situation.
Associated Press dispatches (ram
every important city In the land Indi
cate tbat 112,000 0A0 in cash la alteadv
in sight for tbe relief of tbe Ire and
rtbo,aake safSorers in ami a bant San
Ftanctsea, aad tbat a total ot I to, 000,
PPU H lkeiy to be taited. Tbe United
Stats will grapple alone with tbe situa
tion glow lag oat of tbe total destrae
ttau at aae at her rtchest and most pop
ulous cities. Foreign countries, in view
ol the mapuineeut responses of tbe
American people to the eill for aid,
will not be asked to contribute, though
numerous ofiors have been matte.
Before tbe cabinet, at Ms meeting
yesterday, had resolved upon this
con, however the Dominion at Can
ada bad taken cognizance ot tbe titua
lion in San Franriteo by voting f 100,
PM in cash for relief, and dispatches
from tbe seaport cities of Hritisfe Oo
lasabta indie! e tbxt tbey are ignoring
ttte oxisseae) at the international
Boundary line and are faiatng in the
work at fat warding taoaoy and provis
ions w-H their sitters cities an tbe Pa-
Rwiot SmaM Companlet.
Chicago, 9a. It wat declared
last aigtrt by Cbieaga insurance men
tbat many at the small accident and
fire companies probably wilt be forced
ta terpead business teaate ot their
enormous loss in San Francisco. Kren
some cd tbe bigger cempaaiec will be
bard preeeoi. Tbe total amount ot lia
bility enavalved is saw placed at mote
than lSu,00a,W8 tn San Francisco
atone. Tbit it eeasidered conservative .
Added u tbe kes in San Franoisco
rill be at least ScLOM.OOB ta bo met
in attinr ei lea.
Columbia River Jetty Dm It Patted
by the Senate.
Wathlngton, April 18. On motion
at Senator Kaiten. the senate yesterday
passrd tbe bill which wat adopted by
the bouse ot representatives appropriat
ing M6.00 to continue eon it ruction
of tbe Columbia river Jetty, It took
only one minute to secure its final on
aetmenl. hen the engrntrol eopy of
the bill rraehes the president. It will
Uke him even less time to sign it.
Tbe bill which the senate pasted was
that introduced by HepresenUtiVf
jonii ami, aiuonlt Meutlcal with Mr
r niton s mil, which Mt through tb
eonale a month ago, it was neccssarv to
put tbe bouse bill through the somUr
in ordor to make it a la. This e-
sjuired the senate to pass two bills it
propriating f iM.Ovd. Wbon the bouse
mil was ig'red to the senate, h mo
tion stMr. Fulton, recalled its original
bill from the house and tabled It.
Tbe bill should reach the nresidioit
the laltor part of this work Comment
ing an Itt final pasge, Sir. Fulton
"i .Mr. imrton. ohalrman, and Mr
Jones, ot Washington, a member of tbe
bouse river and bathor committee, are
we especially Indebted, Until these
gentlemen snonhl lie held in kindly
remembrance by the people of Oregon.
It is fortunate for nt;that Mr. Jones u
a member of that committee, for be Is
not only a friend of Oregon, hut he is
one ot the strongott men In the house,
and is recognised as one of tho leaders."
Washington, April 17. Hlr CIipiik
tttiig Mang UhetiKt Hie Chinese mlnlsU
or, has taken Issue with Keprriontatlvo
Denby on the question of tho ieHiii.
hlllty for the Issuance of fraudulent
cerllllcalrs of sdmlsslou to the (.'lilted
Htntes, Mr. Deiihv statiwl to tho liouso
committee on foreign affairs, iliirun
the hearings on the Foster hill, auiond.
Ing tlit exclusion act, that the fact that
so many of those certificates were fimnd
to 1m fraudulent waa pretty fair nv.
ilencn of fraud by the Chinese ofllciali.
To this charge the Chinese mluUtor
has replied In a letter which has Urn
made a part of tho record In thrso
During the three years he has ltrm
In charge of the legation here, the nun
liter says, ho has kept a record of etrrr
certiorate that has Imwii Issued in Id
provinces of Kwang Tung or Fukmn to
Chinese subjects departing fur the
United States, the Philippines or Ha
waii; that the emigration from all tit
er provinces is iKcignirlmnt, and Hat
aS7 eertlnoates reprecent tlie total ii'irti
ler IttHed, ' Huwrvrr, he says Ihe fig
ures ot tlte Immigration for the
year show tbe total HHmlter of apj h
ratanli for adtalssioH (tearing ri! fl.
calM numbers e),o00. The nunix-r
bearing eeriiAcales from the Climes
government, he so;s, is but H er tent
ot tho total number seeking admission.
"Where did lite VI iter rent get U.eir
eertlUcatei?" heaiks, and then prurertls
to answi.r Ike )tH-slion by slalmc
under the regulations ol the Itntnigra
tion service oUklals In the foil. -win?
cities ami countries are termllied to n
tue theee ctrtlttcates. Vancouver. ic
toru, New Westminster, Ottawa, Cola,
(lerman protectorate of Klaulrl-ou,
Guatemala, Hawaii, Hongkong, Ja. sb,
llokkahto, Formosa, Mexico, Philip.
ninndslamls, PortogUese province ef
Macao, Society Islands, Straits iritis
mnt, Trtnhlad and Venrxusla.
Totals for March and far SU Months
Exceed AM Records.
Washington, Aptll 17. The to'al
Immigration to the Unite.! States from
all countries during March, ivon, w
cording to a statement Isiued by the
Immigrallou bureau today was 1S3 H4,
ar an increaae of 78 per rent over
March, IWM. The number arriving in
March, l0a, is given as 1M.MS The
Homner itetwrreti during tbe same
month was , an inorrsse af iO p"
real aver 1WH.
Tie Itastian Unmigratleu U this
couaUy during March. 1M, was ,.
3AS an incrrase of 7 .r Mt o.r
1WI. the immigration for Marci., 104,
being IM.IIH.
For tho six montbi ended Marrh 3,
IMa, the immigration Iram all t tan
tries was 103. 31a, an Uoreato af S pr
sent oter the same period in lew i tor
tbe same period tbe immigration
Komi increased to nor csmt, those sr
riving numbering 61.7M.
WW BuKd SS.OOO.OO0 Plant.
New York, April ?. It waa an-
stoat! at tbe oast t M. ftnggoon.
beim's Sons today tbat orders havi
oees usoea ay mat arm to procce.1 ai
nan as posafble with the conttruotlot
t K njm.009 amoltlnj; plant In San
k ArranRinfi West VirRlnia Scale.
Imtianapolis, April 18 Tho eeett
live liaaril of the United MlticHorkers
l i,M,rr,c '"(N" peelal session at
the Olayool hole) toeonsldrr tittrstlons
that have arisen out of llm strike situa
tion In the littnmluont district, The
,...(. ....... , , ,i.viniui in lf
Kanawha field ot West Virginia to pay
an advance ot 3 per rent In wages was
taken up, and a message ol Instruction
sent to the repreionlallvra of Ilia mln.
era, Mho note to ineel tonight al
Charleston, W. Va., In fulnl scalo couv
ntlltee wllh tho opetatnis,
Canadians liny Mexico Oaf Llnet,
MMlrnPlly HHH.T,n t,,u
MMlaMlMcklMvlevltlc Itaimtats to
ilia Mnkli'uii l.lglit A o,)r mnLny
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Advanca Federatsan Otte.
Washington, April 17 In tbe !
ptome court of tbe United States Kd
mund F. Kicbardson af Daeer. today
entered a motion to advance tbe bear
ing In the vatea ot Charles H. ifoyer,
William I). Ilay.ood and George A
Peitibouo, in ruttody in Idaho oa the
charge of asssMiaatlog ox-Uvemor
Steue.Utg, at tbat state. He in
formed the court tbat tbe me were
virtually kidnaped la Colorado by tbe
oullusion of tbe governor of tbat state
w ith tbe iMVatnar af Idaho. Tbe court
took tbe motion under adriromoal.
Castro's Move Mraterleot.
Wlllemstad, Island at Curasaa, April
I Passeacert arriving here today
from Vraeturla sav that tbe action el
General Catiro in retiring from the
presidency In lavor ef President liomti
is not clearly nnderstood in Yenetarls,
hut the gneral opinion Mvau to be
that his retirement is only temporary.
General Cattra hat gone away, at a
private eititen, nnattended. and payiag
Ihe regular tare on the railroad. Hit
wile hat gvme another way, and the
ex-president's sister arrived here today.
Towotltet on Irritated Tractt-
Washington, April 17. Tbe pretl
lent Itvlay signed tbe Hey bora Trench
Ion tttlla bill, which protiica for the
Ititmatlon v towntltea on government
Irrigation tract s ami provides water for
municipal and domestic purp-e as
well at tor development f water pswer
on Rownmenl projiu.
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