The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, April 13, 1906, Image 3

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Friday, April 0.
Wnshlngtnii, April l In making nn
effort lodny to gut tint aennlu to ngroo
upon a dntu for taking n votu on thu
.. II ..... t.lll flllll I.. II...
a '4 rnuronti rniu inn, minimi nintio tnti
linporlniit statement that one week
moru lirnhnhly would exhaust tint gun
ttrnl ilebrtltt. Ilo failed, liowtiver, to
necuio tlio consent ol Aldrlvli, who said
Hint lio would not I m wIIIIiik to agree
to votn on Hut Itlll until It was moru
nearly perfected tlinn It now In,
DmliiK tint day llitiru wurn three
npettchea on tint mtn Mil. Tint flrnt ol
thusu win Hindu by Klklus, who, wlillu
cixpicaalng thn opinion Hint tint altun
Hon demands legislation, Itidlcittttd
many defects In the (Minding hill.
(Imuhlo followed In support of tint hill,
mid Kuan clowd In opposition. Klklns
ttm frequently Interrupted, mid several
spirited colloquies iiinikitd Hut proKrc-Bii
of iila remarks. No senator being pro
pa rod to apcal tomorrow, tlio aennto
adjourned until Monday.
Wn.hlrigton. April (I Tnrlff rnllwny
mall subsidies, donntiirlxod alcohol nnd
tnUrKitd postal facilities for Western
oltloa w cir it thn fuatuira of tlio debate
In thn houso todny. What wero al
leged to bo thu Iniquities of thu Ring
ley Inw, io far n thu maiiufncturn n(
wntches is concerned, were discussed ly
Rnlnoy, of Illinois, whoso tnrlff revla
inn apcech wna listened to with much
Interest. Tlio "atmid-pnllera" mndo
copious notes for thn iIIbciimIoiis on
protection which nrn forcilindnwed.
Without touching tlm iiinrlta of the
postolllcu appropriation hill, which
nonilimlly wna tindur discussion, tlio
house nt 6:16 adjourned until noon lo
morrow. Thursday, April 5.
Washington, April 6. The poatolllco
appropriation hill, following nn imme
morial oiiatom, wna undo tho vehicle
for n number of speeches loly having
no hearing on thn subject utidttr ills
rusalon, but ol grneial Interest to thu
country Thn ilchta ol lalmr went din-
cussed by Town', ol New YorK; goods
road, by 10, of Georgia: railway mull
pay by HUcnrrsoii, of Mlntusuta, nnd
protective tnrlf! by Rnlnoy, of lllinola.
Incident to Ida speech on Inlwr, Towns
spoko of thu Increased xiwnr irlvru tint
speaker of thn houso by tho ruloa now
In force. Ho raid tlmt, If tho houiu
over haa ita nni-ii-nt dlgnltv nnd power
restored, It will I hi after It has vindi
cated thn right of dlacuaalou of nil pub
lie iiioatloua.
Washington, April ft. In tho arnntn
today thero wna n rr-rcho of thu White
lioiian coufitntuca of lait Haturdny rnln
ttvo to the pending rn 1 1 rond legislation,
nnd, vihlln thu dltcuialon ended In good
nature, thnru wna n tlmo when tlio
feeling wa qultn Interims The Inclilfiil
occurred nt tho close of speech by
Htotin, which wna devoted lately to n
discussion of Hint conference.
Klkina haa given notice of n speech
on the rnto bill for tomorrow nnd
llalley for n speech on thai subject
Tuesday. Thn Texan senator will reply
especially to tho criticisms mmlo by
KMoner nnd Knox, of Ida plan for a
limitation of thu powera of infurlor
courts In granting Injunction) in rnto
I lltlnntlon.
Nowlnuda rontlnuoud Ida argument
i in support of Ida proposition for tho
nntlotinl lncoiiorntioii of railroad com
, A BUpphmioutnl oxtrnditlon tnstty
between Japan nnd tho United Klntea
lias been signed.
Wednesday, April 4,
Washington, April 4.-111 tho aennto
' todny Nuwlnnda dlrctmcvl the railroad
rnto bill nnd Daniel tho (mention of thu
Inok of ruprwenlntlon by tho Bouthurn
status in tho publlo srrviro. Now
lands ndvornted nmundmonla to tho
' into hill providlriK tar thu nntlounl in
oorporntlou of rnilromla, nnd niiuniinced
lilmaitlf na fnvornhlo to thu govorn.
T iiKintnl ownership of these utilltlus.
Daulul'a speech wns busod on n provis
ion in thu urgout deflcluncy npproprin
tion bill for thu roprcavntntioii of tlio
n United Htates nt tlio next lMn-Amorl-
fan congreaa, to bo hold In Hlo du
Jnuolro next July. Tho duflolonuy bill
wan amended eo na to provldu for inoro
( delegates, nnd na amended wna paeacd,
Washington, April 4. Tho houso
t during Its seeelou todny listened to n
criticism of tho prealdont ou tho part
ol Fltagurnld, Now York, for tho full
iiro of thu chlui oxccutlvo properly to
Hilvlao thu Iioiiho na to tho objections ho
lind to tho bill opening 605,000 ncroa
' of land for grating pur poses In Okln
Pay for Conference nt Wo.
Washington, April a. Thu aenntu
commltteo on npproprlntloua toduy ro
ported tho urgent doflclouoy bill with n
uuinbor of nuutndmunta. Tho proviso
is mldud to the appropriation for dole
gatua to tho International Conference of
American Btatua nt Hio Janeiro, lira
, isll, that tho doltgntoa shall bo appoint
od so that nn far na practicable they
uliall roproaont tho different Bootiona of
tlio country, An npproprlntlon of $60,
000 is inndo to onnblo tho govornmont
to participate In tlio second liitornn
tlonnl peaco conforenco ut rho Hague.
liomn territory, luatond of advialng thu
mumbuiH of tlio Indian Affairs commit
tun na to tho weakness of tlio ruenauro,
ao that It might bo nmnnded to moot
the wla'ies ol tho cominisaioiior of In-,
tilaii nffnlra,
Thu poatolllcu nppioprintlon hill wna
taken up, hut beyond nn explanation
by tlio chairman of tlio poatolllco com
mitten, Ovnrslreiit, no headway won
Tuesday, April 3.
Wellington, April 3. Bcnatora
Long nnd Allison worn under croaa ex
nrnlnntlon by tliolr hrnlhor runnlora to
day on tho White honao conforenco on
thu foruiur'n court rovlnw nmeudinont
to thu rnto bill. After Long had aokcn
nt length in support of his ninitiidment,
iMith tho rail rond senators on tho Ifu
publican nldo nnd thu Uomocrntlo sure
ntora wmitd to know morn about lla
patornlty. They tconted In Ita being
dlacuaard with the president nnd his
ndvlera by n few of thn friends of the
bill before Ita Introduction In thu sun
n to nn Invasion of thu sacred preroga
tives of tho upper house. Long nnd
Allison successfully fenced with the
(pieatlnna mid refused to dlvulgu wlmt
transpired nt thu conference.
Washington, April 3. Hy n voto of
302 to 20 tho house todny pnsaod tLo
national quarantine bill. Tho bill
plncea the control of nil quarantine
stations, grounds nnd anchorages under
tlio accretnry of tlio tiensury arid di
rects Hint na soon na practicable niter
the npprovnl of thu net ho ahnll aelecl
nnd ilealgnato audi sullnulo places lor
them mid establish the snmo nt such
jxilnta on or nenr tho arncoaat of thn
United Htatea or thn Mexican border na
In his Judgment nro best suited for the
same, In order to prevent tint intromits
Hon of yellow fever Into the United
The bill further glvra the leoretary
of tho treasury the right to establish n
quarantine atntlon nt tho Dry Tortugna
la nm a nml nt audi oilier pointa nt or
nenr aencnaata, not to exceed four in thu
nuirreuatn. na ho deems rieceef nry.
Thn bill carries mi appropriation of
Monday, April 2.
Washington, April 2. The amend
ment to the house railroad rnto bill
agreed to nt tho White house Haturdny
by friends of tho bill, providing for a
limited review of ordera of tho Inter
state Commerce commission, was offer
ed In thu seunte today by Iong, of
Kansas, but he waa not nble to get thn
floor to tnako his apcech. The princi
pal apeoch wna tnnde by Fulton, of Ore
gon, who soke for the bill. It wan a
legal argument bearing upon tho con
atltntlonal quratlont involved, and In
terruption! worn so frequent Hint the
speech amounted to n dubato on Inw
points, where tlio speaker divided time
with thn n mnjoilty of tho lawyers of
tho senate. Nelson, of Minnesota, mid
I ley burn, of Idaho, Hindu brief speech
ra on thn bill.
Washington, A pi II 2. Chief among
thu measures passed by thu houso today
wna thu so-called "personal liability"
bill, which has been favored by thn
nrmy of rnilwny employee throughout
tlio country, nnd which practically had
n unanimous report from tho commit
tee. Members of thu house allowed
great Inttrrat in tlio measure, nnd, had
n division been called for, the hill
would bavo had nn almost unanimous
votu. Another measure changing exist
ing inw which excltixl n lllihuitcrlng
opposition, waa the bill permitting thu
fortlflintlon of awa-t wlnis nnd levy
lug n tnx of 3 cents n g.tllou on nil
wines thus furtllled. A number of bills
were passed under suFpunalon of the
Thu personal liability bill makes
each pnity responsible for Ita own neg
llgoncu. It nlso renders void any roll
tract Intended to restrict thu liability
of thn employer for tlio negligence of
Saturday, March 31,
Washington, March 13. This being
war claim day in tlio bouse, only tlioso
directly Interested In thu legislation In
tlio private calendar woro in attend
niicu. The houso during tlio four hours
It was in eosbIoh cousldorod and passed
170 bills, many, however, Bonding
tlio particular claim to tho court of
clalniB (or adjudication.
l'rovloui to taking up tlio calendar u
bill wna passed granting to tlio Capital
City Improvement company, of Helena,
Montana, tlm right to construct n dam
across tho Missouri river in Montana.
Square Deal In Alaska,
Washington, iprll 2, Tlio secretary
of tlio interior todny Bent to congress n
draft of u bill which ho recommends to
bo passed providing Hint, wlionovor
lnlnoral entries nro inndo in Alaska, six
months' notice shall bo given itiBtoad of
00 days, na nt preaont. Under existing
1iwb it iins become n common practice,
particularly In remote mining districts,
for oiitrymun to hold off until tho malls,
nru virtually closed by bad weather nnd
then forward tlioir notlcos to Junonu.
In this manner persons wishing to in
atltuto a contest nre precluded .
Venezuela la To Do Opened to Amor'
lean Capital nnd Enterprise.
Now York, April 3. Thu World to
day nnyni Ono of tho largest merchants)
In Now lork said Inst night that nr
rnngomciits nro being perfected hero
nnd In I'nrla for nn Invasion of Vorio
aiioln, which will annihilate Castro
nnd opon up tho country to American
capital and enterprise.
A number of rlh New York mer
chants nru raid to bo Interested In tho
movement, which, tho promoters do
olnro, will Involve thu employment of
16,000 soldiers nnd tho expenditure ol
16,000,000 In thu campaign under
which President Castro Is to bo either
expelled or destroyed nnd n native Ven
ezuelan statesman in to be Installed as
his auccesHor.
In thin connection It is said that
Castro, anticipating n successful revo
lution against hlui sooner or Inter, lias
converted aomo of his alleged ) 1,000,
000 Into rnsh nnd has sent it to Amer
ica an tl Franco.
Carlos I). KoeKrdo, VeneriioUn con
sul in Now York, said last night at hla
homo that ho had heard audi nn expe
dition war being organized or being
promoted, but had been unablo to
learn anything definite nbout It. He
snld ho had understood shares In the
scheme wuru being sold.
"I would like to get hold of sorno of
tlioso shares," ho said. "I w'.ll buy
nil that nro offered."
Tho consul inquired eagerly as to the
point the expedition waa to sail from.
Thu expedition ia to set out soon from
Kurope in three largo steamships,
which nro already under contract.
TJioy nro to carry nbout 6,000 volun
teers, with thn following quantities of
anna and ammunition: Klght thousand
Mauser rlflea of the latest pattern, 24,
000 rotinda of cartridges, 600 shells, 8
rapid fire guns, 8,000 army belts, 1,000
ofllccra' swords, 6,000 ofllcera' revolv
ers, 3,000 machetes and swords, to
gether with other supplies.
Relations With Republic on the South
Are Very Close,
Washington, April 3. A bulletin is
sued by tho department of Commorco
nnd Labor shows that tho tradu of tho
United Hints with Mexico In tho flrcal
yenr 1U05 aggregated in vnluo f 02,000,
000, as compared with 131,000,000 in
181)6, and $18,000,000 In 1HHS. Uf
Mexico's total Imports of merchandise,
63 per crnt la drawn from the United
States, nnd of her to'.al exports 71 per
cent Is sent to the United States.
No other country except Canada
draws so largo a percentage of Its im
ports from the United States as does
Mexico, and no other country except
Cuba aonda so large a percentage of its
exports to the United States as does
KstlmaU.) made by American con
snlar repsentntives and otbera and by
persona In tho United States familiar
with the subject, the bulletin snys, in
dlcatia that fully $1,000,000,000 of
capltnl from this country Is now Invest
ed in Mexico, Canada and Cuba, of
which about one-hnlf is iu Mexico.
Passenger Train Cornea Last on Top
of High Embankment.
Delta, O., April 3. Piled In a wreck
on top of nn ombtnkmuut 30 feet high,
100 persona cooped from Injury In n
miraculous manner in n collision on
tho Iiku Shore railroad near hero to
Two freights, east bound, woro tied
up in a rear end collision, with the en
hooo of thn train in front, which had
stopped to take wnter, thrown squarely
aorois tho track of trnin No. 3, n west
bound passenger. Tho mix-up be
tween tlio freights had scarcely occur
red whim the passenger bawled along,
striking tlio overturned caboose.
Tlio brakes wmo set, but, going nt al
most n mild n minute, tlio headway
whs bo great that, witli n crash, tho
passenger locomotive Jumped tlio track,
plunging along tho ties, driving the ca
boose ahead. Two Pullmans wero tele
scoped, but, nfter the train had stopped,
the passengers dashed wildly out of tbo
various coaches and slid 30 feet to tbo
bottom of tho embankment to a placo
of enloty. The wreck took flro mid
caused a damage of f 100,000,
Coal for Missouri Institutions.
Jcfforaon City, Mo,, April 3. Gov
ernor Folk, through Wnrdon Matt
Hall, o( tlio statu penitentiary hero,
hai leased a mino near Wnvorly, from
which conl will bo mined during tho
present strike In sutllclont qunntltiea to
supply tho 16 statu institutions with
fuel. Tlio miners nt Wnvorly nro paid
10 por cont more than tlio regular ncalo
nnd do net wnnt to strike. If they
should bo forced to go out Wurden
Hall said thero would bo no dlfllculty
in operating tho initio it tho itnto is
forced to resort to that oxtroinoty,
Elect Vlquoz President.
San Jose, Oostn itlca, April 3. Lio
neatndo Cleto Gonaalea Viqnex, ox
minister of finance, wab today olectod
prealdont of tho republic of Costa Hlca.
In a Condensed Form for Our
Busy Readers.
A Resumo of tho Less Important but
Not Leas Interesting tvents
of tho Past Weok.
Senator Alper, of Michigan, is not a
candidate for re-election,
Dowle promises to perform a miracle
when he leaches Zlon City.
Itetnrning merchants say Chinese aro
now buying Arnoricaan goods.
Vesuvius ia in violent eruption and
thousands ol 'xtoplo are fleeing in ter
ror. Moro rioting has taken placo at Win
nipeg, Manitoba, on account of the
atreet car strike.
Tlio soft coal mine operators of tho
Kait have offerod to arbltrnato their
differences with the miners.
All the independent coal operators of
tho Pittsburg district bavo signed the
scale. This will Insure work for about
20.000 men.
The United States Circuit court of
appeals of Now York Bays the patent
for daylight loading film cartridges for
photographic cameras is void.
A steamer has arrived at Philadel
phia Irom Bombay, India, with what
is believed to be bubonic plague among
the crew.
Ono hundred printers have been dis
charged from the government printing
office na the first step toward economy
in that department. The mechanical
department will bo completely reorgan
ized. Many Uvea were lost by tbo collapse
of n hotel in Germany.
Speaker Cannon admits tho present
tariff laws should Wo revised.
The kaiser abandoned his trip to tho
Mediterranean for tcarof assaBsinatlon.
Tlio New York chamber of com
morco urges congress to pass tho Phil
ippine tariff bill.
Prince von Iluelow, chancellor of
Germany, fell iu a faint while address
ing tho relchstag.
Tho senate plans to do away with the
office of superintendent of Indian al
ia Ira in Alaska and turn the work over
to tho governor.
Tho Illinois primary Inw has been
declared Invalid by the state Supreme
court nnd a special session of tbo legis
lature called to enact a now one.
Tbo Republic Oil company, a dum
my of tho Standard, has withdrawn
from Nebratka, lawn and Indiana. Its
business will be continued by tlio
Tlioso in control nt Z.'o l City claim
that Dowio Intended to start a harem
with seven wives whom he bad select
ed. Tlio prophet denies all charges
nnd has started home from Mexico
A new medical corps la to bo organ
lied for tbo nrmy.
Japan will soon open Manchuria io
tho trade of tho world.
China has sent a domand to Russia
tlmt alio evacuate Manchuria at nnco.
Tho United States cruiser Baltimore
will visit the principal ports of Aus
tralia. Russia has asked tho United States
to fix tho dnto for Tho Hnguo peace
Dowlo says ho will return to .ion
City nnd oust his enemies from control
of tho colony.
Kansas City, Mo., has elected n Re
publican mnyor on a municipal owner
ship platform.
Colonol Gllborto Kacobo, govornor of
Jonotega, a provlnco In Nicaragua, has
been aaaasuiuntod.
Chicago has voted for municipal
ownership nnd ngalnat municipal oper
ation of traction nuea.
The French chamber of deputies sev
erely ecorea tho management of the
mino in which tho recent disaster oc
curred. It was dcclarod tho horror
was duo entirely to negligence,
Tho houio river nnd harbor commit
tee has deferrod action on tho Fulton
bill appropriating $400,000 for the
mouth of tho Columbia. The commit
too will moot ngaln In a few days.
Troops will protect tho RuBslnu Jews
durln Kastortide.
Thn New York leclBlatnro is Tushlng
bills for tho control ol inaurnnco.
All Zion City has revolted against
Dowio, taking away his power and
Municipal ownership la the principal
Campaign toplo In many eastorn city
Unnrln I.oiln I nn.rrrril !r llimrn-
turn nt Hr-Hli ut 17ft I'rrf.
IiiiiiiIltiiiIh' (Iron nm nrfirlv enmn trim
'.u.t,tr'tri t.r.itf1 wnu iuiivirt lumlAn
uiT....a "-i " m..." w, wt... ..w.....
find holow liiHlcnd of on lirondwny,
aajM tlio Now York Hernld.
Only In lienvcn, nmirdlng to tho mln
ernlogy of John Milton, nro thero nny
pnvcmeutfl of this rnotnl. Ko It la re
garded us In no grcflt degreo deroga
tory to thin city tlmt tlio Tliompicm
Htnrrett Company, boring nn elevator
shaft for tho Title (Junrnntec and
Trust Cotnpnny, nt 140 lirondwny, two
or three block from Wnll Mrect, had
to go only 17fi feet to ntrlko it
This linprcftftcd Hflinuel C. I'yle, fore
man on tho work, wqteelnlly when nft
envnrd ho nmifiyod the dual on the tops
of neighboring buildings.
"On the roofa next door to this," Im
declared, "I imtsikmI up dust nnd put
It through n crucible, with tho renult
Hint It produced n good-sized button
of gold."
Mr. I'ylo ban n laboratory nt home In
Wilmington, Del., nnd In an nmntetir
mineralogist. When In nlnklng llw
n!m ft his men broke quartz ho exam
ined It under n microscope. It seemed
to contain gold nnd he crushed nnd
smelted It and out of nbout 100 pounds
of rock obtained gold to tbo valuo of
Thin In fSO to the ton nnd It made the
promoters of fnr-off, unheard-of mines
with offices near by suddenly alt up. Ac
tual product wan displayed In glnss ou
the deck of Mr. Kelttcy, president of the
Title Ounranteo Company. One bottle
has n lump ns big nn a pleco of chalk
that bus lieon well worn down.
Kllrer nnd lent! wero nlso found.
There Is $1 wortli of rdlvcr on Mr. Kel
wy'n dck to show nloug with tho gold
on what ndnntablo foundation bbi
building stands.
Municipal owncmhlp ndvocntes and
reformers Immediately K-lzod upon the
discovery ns n jKirtent. becuuso, nn they
wild, tho "age of gold" In Rome wna
the age of the mont paternal nnd patri
archal government. Discovery of all
ver, unfortunately, by tho name token,
Indicated an ago of voluptuouMiww.
but. anyway, according to nnnay results.
It wan 2 Mj to 1 on paternalism.
It wns apjvarent before evening that
roal entnto operators were tryl"K to
"throw the story down." Mr. l'yle. at
Hit events, waa xoon "admitting Hint all
tho quartz will not yield such rich per
ivntiige" nnd that It would not pay to
tear awny Manhattan buildings to etar
blnntlng for gold nnd silver.
Their Look Mnrh Like the Scotch
Collie Dob-.
Tho wolves now found In Kansas aro
In slxe between tbo coyoto of tho West
ern plains and the big wolves found In
the Ozark region. In general appear
ance they bear a resemblance to Uhs
Scotch colllo dog. says tho Detroit
News-Tribune, They live In unfre
quented places, generally In tlwj timber
or along the streams, and a favorito
nbodo Is In enves or under overhang
ing ledges of stoucM.
Scratching out a hollow holo In the
ground they lino It with small sticks
and dry leaves. Hero tho mother wolf
takes caro of her young while tho
father Is scouring tho country for
miles around In search of food, no
is rarely seen by day, nnd then only
for nn Instant, for bo scorns to melt
away llko n mist Into the weeds or
brush, his tawny hldo making It easy
for him to disappear from sight.
It Is said that ho has an especial
liking for mutton, especially young
lambs which fall an easy pray to
him, and that ho In most frequently
found where sheep arc numerous, nut
ho will not turn his nose up nt ten
der llttlo pigs, and when bo cannot
find other things moro to his liking be
will not scruple to becomo a common
chicken thief.
Rut Ids skill In eluding his enemies,
especlnlly huninn, Is romnrknble, nnd
this ts ono of the most aggravating
things nbout him. If a hunter suc
ceeds In getting within gunshot of hlni
tho chances aro 10 to 1 that no dam
age will bo Indicted. Ills hldo Is so
thick and tough nnd Is covered with
such a heavy coat of fur that an ordh
nary discharge from a shotgun has
little or no effect With an easo that
Is exasperating ho simply lopes out of
danger nnd Is soon lost In tbo brush.
llvutly n Human llelnar,
Tho story Is told In China that years
ngo a missionary mndo bis appearance
uivoti a platform thero am! that tho nn
tho orator who Introduced him closed
with these words :
"When I hnvo finished a gentleman
from tbo West Is going to address you.
Ho Is not n foreign demon. His appear
nnco nnd his clothing may seem strango
to you, but look carefully nt him. Ho
has two nrms and two legs, two ears
nnd two eyes, a noso (though a long
ono), and a mouth; und I nssuro you
his teeth aro mado of bono, Just llko
yours. Ho Is really n human being,
and I hope you will regard him as
When a man falls In business his
wlto tolls tho neighbors that bo was
too honest to succeed, but what she
tells him In prlvnto la another storr.
Ilollrd Prnaflnar.
Threo cups of granulated sugar two
nips of cold wnter, one teaspoonful of
cream of tartar. Roll these Ingredi
ents together until stiff enough to mnka
a bnll of tho consistency of putty when
dropcd Into cold water. Turn out up
on a dish and stir to n cream with a
sjioon or wooden spatula. Have ready
tho beaten white of an egg and two ten-
sjioonfuls of jwwdcred gum arable dis
solved In n very llttlo water, nnd very
thick. When the beating of tbo sugar
makes It ticgin to turn white, add tho
eggs nnd gum arable, and stir until
cool. This can !o uact! at enco. or will
keep for n month. When wanted, set
the vessel containing It Iu an outer pan
of hot water, and beat until soft enough
to spread on the cake-
To Sure Meat.
Chop fine any bits of meat, chicken,
pork, veal, tecf or what not add and
chop Into nny cold fried or bolted eggs
which have been left over. Wnen th
whole Is chopped fine and thoroughly
mixed add ono or two !eaten eggs. The
benteri eggs can lo dlsiierued with If
necessary. Add a little sweet milk for
moisture and enough cracker en not to
make the mixture easily handli'd. Sea
son with salt nnd i-epjier. Roll Into cro
quettes and fry In hot lard. If desira
ble the croquettes can be made Into
balls and fried to a crisp In half butter
nnd hn If lard.
IliKton linked nan.
Honk a quart of beans In cold water
over night In tbo morning soak for
two hours In warm water. Drain, put
Into a pot with water enouch to cover
them nnd bring slowly to a toll. When
tender iour off tho surplus water and
put tho beans Into n deep bake dish,
place n piece of deeply-scoml rait pork
In the center, pour In n pint of wnter
In which tho benns were boiled, stirring
Into this a hnlf-cup of molasses and a
quarter teaajioonful of French mustard.
Cover and bake for at least six hours.
nrolted S(jo4b.
rick and draw tbo squabs nnd re
move their heads and feet Split them
down tlio backs, wlpo out tho bodies
with a damp cloth and lay them ojieu
on a gridiron. Rroll over a clear tire,
turning when necessary, and watching
carefully that they do not burn. Lay
on slices of buttered toast put a lump
of butter on each bird, sprinkle with
salt and pepper and serve.
Chill Con Carnl.
Seed six red chillies and cover with
boiling water. When tender scrape tha
pulp Into water. Cut two pounds of
iteak Into small pieces and fry brown
In butter or dripping, ndd flour and
brown It, Then pour over It tho chill
wnter, Benson with garlic nnd thyme
and simmer until tho meat Is tender
and tho gravy thick.
Whole Wheat Mufflna.
Into a quart of wholo wheat Hour stir
a teaspoonful of salt and two teaspoon
fuls of baking iowder. Into n pint am!
a half of rich milk stir throe beaten
eggs. Add this mixture to tho flour,
stir In a tnblcspoonful of melted short
ening and beat very hard for wme min
utes. Turn Into greased muffin tins and
bnko In a hot oven.
Wny to Keep Ilreml.
Dread can always bo kept woll In a
closed tin box. Another good way to
keep It Is to sprlnklo each loaf with
flour, and then tie them up In paper
bags, which nru hung ou hooks Iu the
pantry. When ready to uxo, brush oft
tho flour nnd rub with n soft cloth wet
In cold water, then place In tho over for
Uvo minutes.
Avoid llreaknKe,
Thin glass Is less likely to bo broken
by boiling water than glass which li
thicker, since It allows tho heat to past
through It moro quickly. A teaspoon
put Into n tumbler before pouring In
boiling wnter will often prevent tha
glass from cracking, especially If you
pour tho water In very slowly.
Clean I.tuona Ileforo Ualnar.
Before grating lemons, 'It Is well to
wash themjja basin of lukewarm
water, for on. examination It will be.
found that tho outsldo of a lemon li
anything but clean, nnd If put under a
microscope, It will bo discovered to
hnvo tlnj black flecks on It, which ara
tlio mlnuto eggs of an Insect
Molnaaea Candy.
Roll togothcr n cupful each of mo-
lasses nnd brown sugar mid a table-
spoonful each of vinegar and butter,
When a drop hardens In cold water
beat In a scant teaspoonful of baking
powder, stir hard and turn Into but
tered pans to harden. As It hnrdem
cut or break Into pieces.