The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, March 30, 1906, Image 8

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I Z J S t 7
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13 a. n t t
tl tp i j. nriiiri
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I A A-V . ' H
R A -r X. X. X X V A r- n i
a X JUC X ! - .X XX X AA X X w . "T
Oi the Deschutes River in Western Part of Crook
County, Oregon.
Center of the new Irrigation Development covering
J yt S
; ' 't 1 t t
I J 4 S i
U ' 1 S 7
' l J S t
U fo t t 7
I Z 3 S t
J L'q ' ' -II
""r I I "
At Gateway to
the Great
p Tho Town has Grown
almost entirely in tlic M yvnr, the pot
ofTice (luting only fruni An S, 190.1 .
Iloml hut cxccltent jiuhltc kIiooU
mid complete public wntcr work.
The Pilot Butte
" Development Co,
Proprietor Townsite
.' itu'u raa
- TltabCT Iwtnd, Act of June 3, 187,
V. 8. Land Officr, The Dalle, Orrjon,
, March 9, lo.
Votlce Is hereby ciren that in compliance with
1 provMon of the Act ol Concre of June 1,
entitled "An net fortlie Mlc of timber lauaii
1 thotate of California, orrgen, Nera4a and
ihliittm Territory." aa extended to all the
t iblic Und ktatea by act ! Augutt 4. ift. the
tullowinv-named jxrtont hae. on January MVA
iijcd in thU office their w ortt atatetueuta, l-wi
Cbarle IC Krkkjon
f Iltnd, county of Crook , atalc of Oreaon, STara
rtiteiucut No. 1771. for L'as purcJuia ofthe nur ;(
j'v M. tpi9, r 10c, wan.
attend, county of Crooh rtate of"Oreo. iworn
sb'temest No. 1769. for the. nurchaac of the nH
e!(aeci.tpi8, r ioc,nt!( awjaud lot , kc
t iu IB r 11 r, w m.
That tbey will off?r nrcf to how that the
Vinda auuBht ate more va'juablc ftr the tluiber or
tlaitc tliercen than fur agricultural purpwea, and
tu catablih their elatmt ', aakl land bcAc the
County Clerjcpf Crootc (iounty. Oregon, at the
cwirt bouse Jn I'rtncvllli;, Orenonion May 9, gr
C hey panic the follow I nc witneuaM Letter II
lnir, olirer It Kric'oou, )!. A. finillh, Charlea
Ii Jlricktou and licttir. JiricUon, all of Bend,
ur and all pcrtonaclalmlng adrencly any of
iiuuTcxiccnucu inpa arc rcquewiea 10 oie
'i At claims in thU office ou or before Ifecaaid
inmay Mil. AUm 't- .'Ul,.V. -u.fc.-Ur.
Tinnier land, Act Jcne 3. iW,
U. 8. fMii Officf , Xhe UaPea, Orrgotf,
. January &. tjoo.
Noilcc U hereby siyn that In corapMance with
In Act of Congreojuf June, iSfl, entitled ''An
ou for lb; nb; 'Mriltutier lands in the states of
CuufornU, Orevrou, Nevada, and Washington
Territory." a extended to all the public laud
states by acj of August 4, .
Amos A. IlurtU,
"f HtlWtioro, county ofiMtashington, slate of Ore
ton, lias tllily filed in this oihee his sworn
sUlemcut No. 1791. tor the purchase ofthe cM
w o cc Ki i s.( toe, w m.
And will ufTrr proof to show that the lanr
sought if nvpte valjuable for its timber or ston e
hau fvf agrtijtuol purtxwes, aud to establir Ji
tJ cljn W sum laud before the county clerk of
-rooVcoivity.a.tlTineville, Oregon, on the ,tli
J Mjiyi 5P6.
He nsrneana trltuesses Wllllsm T. Kdwa- r,
lubuH lidirards, John 1!. ltdwards aud C ileb
x llcunelt, all of Maters, Oregou.
Any aud all tiersous claiming' adversely the
i4vltM.-ribeil lauds are requested to file their
,iaima in this office oa or before said 9U1 ' jay of
May, 1900,
nit-UM MICIIAlit, T. NOLAN, Key tter.
Timber land. Act of June j, 187!,
1 U. 8. rjnd Office The Dalles, Oregon,
l'ebruary u, 190$.
Notice is hereby g en that in cempiiante with
the provisions ofthe Act of Congress of June 1,
T. entitled "An act. for the sale of timber lands
in the state of California, Oregon, Nevada ami
Washington 1 errilory," as extended to all the
ElUic land Kates by act of August 4, its, the
Uowing-nai4ed persons have, on December I,
195. filed in this office their sworn statements,
Hannah M.Gibbs
ofLurcrne, county of Keck, state of Minnesota.
nwiuHiivjicRia. 3749. lor me purcnase m
kUiaud4,ands!( tieKec4.tpt9i,ric,wra.
l'.dnalj. Miller
ofLurcmc. countyof Kock. stale of Minnesota,
sworn statement Mo ;. for the purchase uf the
nc sec , tp m 1, r ij c, w m.
That th y will 1 nTer proofs to show that the
land sou ght are 1 aore valuable for the timber or
stone the reou th in fur agricultural purposes,
and toes tablith tltelr claims to said land before
the Cour ty Clerk at the court house in Trine
ville, On.-gon, ou May to, v
They tunicas ritnetes JoienhNlIunts and
John liloM, of lie nd, Oregon, Kdna K. Miller and
ItannaVi M Oibl s.of I.uvrrne, Minnesota, and
Harry I.. Oibbs. if Traverse City, Michigan.
Any s ad all ivon claiming Bdvcrsely any ol
(he am lsrrU.ed Und are rcpremca to file
tiuir 1 aimsiujtMisotficc oa or before the said
isth da y ol May, lytf.
rns-nia ft MICIIAHL T. NOLAN, Register.
Timber Land, Act'of June J, lift,
U. ti. X.Mid Oflke, Lakevicw, Oregon,
l'ebruary 5, 1906.
Notice Is hereby given that In compliance with
f jwi i jiersiijr smn irtei in compliance wun
I' leproviiiousoftbcactof Congtcsa of June J,
m,muui mi sci ivr me saic 01 iimoer lauus sworn statement No, jojj, for the purchase ol
S,nieiu.,,,,?fLf,"or,,.P' 0r'K0,V Nevada aiid hhe wKnwtf aud wMswJf of arc 7 tp 31 s
.Waihiugtonttrril.jry.'.'as exteiiiled to all thefntc. wm. d . . !
. public laud state. ,y act of August 4.., ' , wll. n-r mo1, , .,, .... ,,,
Timber Xand, Aci June J, t5;i.
U 8. Land" Office, The Dalles, Orcgou,
May 4, 190
Notlce-i hereby given lhat In compliance wilh
the provision ol the Act of Congress of June 1.
i7, entitlol "An act for the sale of timlierlaMd
in the states of California, Oregon, NevwUi and
Washington Territory," as .cxteinUtl to all the
public land state by Act of August 4, lV.
Alexander htnlth
of Msters, county ofCmok, Me of Oregott, ha
this day filed in this oliee hi sworn statement
No. 398 for the purchase of the scK of sec 4 tp 19
s, r lie, w hi.
And will offer proof to- show that the land
sought is more valuable lor iu timber or stoae
than for agricultural purposes, and U establish
his claim to said land before the County Clerk
at I'rinevlllc, Oregon, on the loth day of May,
' . .......L.
11c iHincn hi wiincnvi i,0tvii iv. Miugn.m,
William K. Hoolh, aud Irvin l'. 8irer, all of
Msters, Oregon, and Joseph N Hunter ol lleud,
Any and all person claiming adversely the
above-described land are remiesttxl o file their
claims in till office on or before the said 10th day
01 My, 1900.
IU 3-raay 4 MICIIAKL T. NOLAN, RcgllUr,
Timber Land, Act June J, l;8.
U. a. land Office, Lakevicw, Oregon,
l'ebruary IS. 19
Notice N hereby given that In compliance with
the provision of the act of Congress ol June J,
l(78,entltlel ' An net for the sale ( llmtier lands
In the state of California, Orrgoir, Nevail and
Washington Territory," aa extended to alt the
public land states by act of August 4, 1891.
Kgbertl' I'errlt,
of Traverse Citv. eouutv of Crand Traverse, state
of Michigan, Jus this day filed in this office Ills
sworn suienieni ad. jojj, lor 1 ne purcnase 01
U. 6. Laud Office. The Dalle, ' Oregon,
l'ebruary 2 , 1900,
A aufneient contest affidavit having bceu filed
iu this office by Theodore J. Tweet, contestant,
against homstead entry No. 12039, ra ie January
7i. 190J. for seKnwjr, eXswjf. iwMi wjr , sec 34,
tp 17. r 11 e. wm.byharah Marsha ll.contester,
iu which It U alleged that said bar th Marshall
ha wholly abandoned said tract I ,hat abe ha
cluitiKcd, her residence Ihercfrom fc a more thuu
tiUouttila.t aa, that said trac t is uot settled
11, and. cultivated by said party as rcuulred by
, that said alleged absence w a uot due to
entployment In the army, ui ivy or marine
c&l,6f the United State iu tiro of war. aU
Mrtlc hre hereby uotlfitd to ai .pear, respond
3iid after, evidence touching af f allegatiou at
urd'elock'n, in. on April 14,1; 106, before C.A.
Taiitaxi a nhtArv tiumlr. il lir trTioa, l tij
Jirtgpn.'jjnd that final hearluir m bo heJd 1 at 1
.; o'clock B.'in. April 11, 1906 be) fore thQlteclslcr
nun steccivcr at ine uniira eta in uud office iu
The Dalle. Oregon.
The aaid contestant bavlnr, I a nraoersitda.
lt, filed Kebruary ji, 1906, set forth rcta wjiich
JqIiis If, Overiurf, v ."
of Ilend. county of Crook, state of Oirgon. ha
this day filed in thl qfftce his stvorn abatement
No. ISMS, for the purchase ofthe aejf , sec 9 tp JI
, r 14 1, w m
Aud will ofTcr prof to show that the laud
sought Is more valuable for iu timber or stone
tlvau for agricultural purposes, and to establish
his claim to said Und before J. J.8mllh, clerk
of Crook county, Oregon, at his office at Trine
ville, Orcgou, ou Monday, the th day of May
He name-as witness. H. Jamea Oierturf,
Homer Ilogges, M. J. Morrison, .IJmll Audcrsod
aud Oliver Johnson, all of Bend, Oregon,
Auy and. all percmi claiming adtcrely any ol
the above land art requested to fitethelr claim
iuthU office ou or iKfore the said 281I1 day of
Way, 1906.
o3j mj J. N. WATSON, Kegister
And will offer nroof to show that the land
sought Ls more salusble fur Its limber or stone
f than for agricultural purposes, uud to establish
niscuim losm lano nciore J. J nmuu, cictk
ofCruok county, Oregon, at hi wffice at Trine
ville, Oregon, on naturday, the 16th day of May,
He nnmea aa witnessca: John 7ilo, Ora l'oln
dexter, and Joseph N. Hauler, ll of lleud, Ore
gon ; Harry '- Oibbt.ofTraver : City, Mich.
Auy ami nil persons claiming adversely the
slnreKlrkcrllMvl tatidtf ar. rni klrd In iilt llirlr
ctaliiisin this office ou or before aaid .sth day of
isy, 1700.
mij-raJS I. N. WATtiON, Kegliler.
how that after due 'diligence (crsotul service of
111 u noiux cannot ne oisuc, 11 , nerrtyorovra
nd directed Ihatkcji notice '$&','& bySue
ud s-rcK,r nnblconf
niMt.ll , MlCUAiaT. U pLAK, ltttter.
Departutent ofthe Interior,
I.hud, Office at Lakcvlew, Oregon,
l'ebruary j, 1906.
Notice is hereby given that ihe following
liauiod' settler have filed notice of Ih-lr Inim.
tlou tomake final tiroof in umort nf n,tr
claims, and that said proof will be made before
(1. II. Wardwcll, U. ri-ummisloner,at his official
place ofl Uuslucw, at hller Lake, Oregon, on
plouday, the Jl.t day of May, 1906,
Hi It. No. 3U4. bvDennlson 1'. Kcase. for Hi-.
inw'A aud ni wj sec 39, tp. 31 , r 11 e, w ui,
II. H. No. . bvDeuuisou 1', Krssr. tilr r
.....,.:.. jrr?'.' r .." ..;-.. 1." . .-
.uir ikik, ucicuscu, lor mo njsc, fwunrv.
und cf wf sec 3, tp 3i a, c 11 e, w ru.
They name the following wilnesses to prove
their continuous jMldencc upon and cultivation
osaid lands, vtai t. s V . .
Xe CaldwdOall of Xoslsmti Oregon. '
ailS-uil J. N, WAT80H;B--f, 1
Timber Laud, Act Jl me 3, 1678.
U, 8. Laud Office, Tin Dalle, Oregon,
Jiuuary j, 1906,
Notice is hereby given1 Aal In compliance with
the provisions ofthe saOsfcoug rcss of J line 3, is;B
entitled "An act for the sale of timber lauds Iu
the states of California Orec oji, Nevails aud
Washington Tcrrilums a ci tended to alt the
public laud tatc'Uyaat of Auj-itst 4, 1891.
tilting C Coe
of Ilend, count) off Orvok. t4e of Oregon,
ha thl day filed In. tlib oftoce I ll sworn state
ment No. 37931 fbr the lurchasi .f the u!nw!
and sf iiwf Kasfcicc-19 , r 1 o r, w in,
.And wilt offrc nrosf to ha that the land
fought is isorc valu&obr lor It tl' fiber or stone
than fot agriculturaUuirrKirte, and loetbllih
his claim tp saul HunlUfore thi iciiunty clerk at
rriuevuie, OMgon,a.taytlitii,y or May, 1900.
He nsnitsss-wilirstscs; JoW-J'. Kyan, J. N,
HuulcriC. MuWesTnouttsall Wt otud, Oregon,
auajpnn hum, xkidhwis, vttg DO.
AUHsnil alf cersais
atove-cascMbaA, iatiiliiis
Jhf-lr clKimi (a. Ihls-sfstca sa 4 r before said jth
au-Mai UsQKJUllVTV Jfoi jMf, Ruta,
elaaclB r adversely the
Timber Land, Act June J, 18JJ.
V, S. Land Office, The Dalles, Oregon,
1'ebriisry ii, ii.
Notice Is hereby given that In complUriee with
the provisions ofthe Act of Congress June ,
i7, entltle.1. "An act for the le ol timber lauds
In thestatesof California, Oregon, Nevada, and
Washington Territory," - exlsndtd la alt the
public laud states by Act of August i. !,
f (.rattlle Palls, rouuly of ftnohotnlth, siate of
WasblHgUm. has this day filed in this ottcchls
worn statement No a), for the ixuehswcof the
Iota 1 and 3audenwK of sec It tpw. rite,
w iu
And wilt uaVi proof lo show that Ihe Und
sought is more valuable farlts timber or stwic
than for agricultural purposes, nud lo
esUbllsh hi claim to sahl land before the
Kegister and Receiver at The Dalles, OlegoH, on
Hi 31st day of May. t6.
He nam a witnesses J I) Mate, Max
Krusc, amlL W. Norman, all of tlraulte I'alts,
Washington, II A. I'osler, of l,rln;Ulc, Otegan.
Anv and alt tierson etalmiui' adversely
'.he above-decrtbtl land are ieuMl to(
Die tncir cwims in mis oince oil or oeiore ine saw
aist day of May, 1906,
mia-mit MICIIAlit. T. NOLAN, Ueglilcr
1 Timber Laud, Act June j, 1(78
V 8. Laud Office, The Dalles, Oregon.
April (, I9V
Notice i hereby rIvcii that In compliance
with Ihe provisions of the act of Congress of lunef
i, 17. entitled ''An set for Ihe sale or timber;
lauds In the stale of California, Oregon. Nevada,
and Washington Territory," as extended to all
Ihe public land states by act of August 4, 1891.
Hmily J. Teuuingtoii,
ofhister. county of Crook, slate of Oregon, ha
this day filed in this office her sworn statement
No. 7, for the purchase of Ihe nwjf of sec )t,
Iu tp ijs, r 10 c, w 111.
And wilt offer proof lo show that the land
sought is more valuable for it timber or stone
than for agricultural purpose, and to establish
her. claim to said laud Ik fore the County
Cleik at Triucvillc, Oregon 011 Ihe 9th day of
May, 1906,
Lll....fa........ll... ..... I,...l,... A ,.lul..
Samuel II. Dorrance, John (. Dorruiice and
Mugeiie I;. Cctchell, all ofhlslcrs, Oregon.
Ally and all persons claiming adversely Hie
aiMite-uckcriiMKi lauusare rcjucii to nie men
claims Iu thl office 011 or before Ihe said 9th day
of May, jtf.
im)iu MICHAi'.L T. NOLAN, Register.
Timber Land. Act June J. 1878
V B. Land Olflce, The Dalle. Oregon
October l, lysj
NolMe I hereby given that 111 compltsiKr with
the ptovUtons oflhr AH of Omit of June i,
17, rntilled. Ah act for the sale of limber lakxis
In the stale of CallfMHM, (Xrsss, Nevada and
Wstblagtoa Territory," as eJtraoed lo all Use
paMie Und sUsa by Aet of August 4, ifsai.
ufWalUWaltk.eowaty At Walla Wall, state of
WashlHgtoN haslhss day filed in this olct Ms
smotm stalemeMt Mm 7i, lor Ihe patch f the
nwK, sec H, lit Ms inc.WM.
And will ottrr proof lo show that Hut load
sought I more valuable for lis timber or stats
than for agrkaltatal imrtmsss. ami t r.mbllsh
his claim lo said land before the RnMer ami
Krceiver at The IM'tee, Oregon, oh the Jidda 7
of April, iv
lie usmesa witnesnes Itli W Crmip of Walla
WslU, WashlMglou, John Mo4, .f Wstera, Ore
iwil JOvh X. Hunter ami Nicholas nasha)
both of Ilend, Orrgati.
Any ami all person cialmlng adversely Ike
anovexiescrlMM Umlsarr reiuestel to file laavr
claim In this office oil or Ufoie said ird day
oa Ar.if, ,i.
Jia-mva MICIIAlit. T. SdUX, KWer,
tl liKM I'll !T til- vM 10K
aTATK tlf OKHlKlh
r. U. TaaapklaM. naisst(t,
M. JiMtytNiflMt mmtmt
Tot. M. Jaaatry--
IN THM s-AMS) or fait KtATM or .ar..K
Vua ate Isrtatvy iMMtatsd to appear and an
".") MM,,a"- sw4 ys la4he alsove
MIIIMwiartaiMlcBSM aa or Veforv Ihe nth
day of April w and If yua (all an t srwrar
and answer, the plaintiff will lake imtaaMsil
-Wbibm yua 10. in sunt Mi with later! at
-i.""-- , v- r i aairn, iwLsai
wsi ui uw wins, iwm mum rue lire ffVt
Timber Mud, Act tunc J, 1878.
U, H, Land Office, Th Dalle, Oregon.
January 11, 1914
Notice It hereby given lhat In esmpluiBee with
Ihe provisions oftb act uf Cwigrassof Jmr 1.
il, rntltUd "An art for Ihe sale of tlmUr Umfs
in the stales of California, Oregon. Nevada, and
Washington Territory," as rln4i lo all lb
tiu'JI-IoikI states by set uf August 4, last, the
following-named (lersons have lied In this olacc
their sworn statement to-wil
Mary J Williams,
of Ilend, county of Crook, stale of Oteyoii, sworn
wairmrHi no J7U. nieu November a. iom an
Ihe imrchase of the eKiiwl and eHsw wt 11
Is. 8, Laud Office, The Dalle, Oregon,
l'ebruary J, 190$.
1 A iilfficnt ronleit affadavlt having been filed
'ii this office by Oliver lohusou, ciiittiUutJ
against lioirtestcad entry No, III in, madc'Jiiud
18, 1901, lor ihe (c(K,WUi ec J.iisuwvj(.
Ixit 1,, tp i8, r II e, w 111, by Wlllisni
Mulliall. loiilcitee,!!! which it I alleged thnt
said Willlttm Millhall, ha wholly abaml'hicdj
sail tract that he ha changed his residence!
therefrom for more than six months last past
that said trart i uot sclllcil upon aud cultivated
by said parly at rciiuircd by law, Ihst said alt
tcged absence wa not due lo hi employment
in the army, navy or marine corps ofthe I'liitol
Htate iu time b..war. laid parties arc licrrtiy
notified to apriear, rctiKiud uud offer evidence)
ImlrltltiB Mai, I SIIMtlnii ul In n'rtnV a III. ,
April I j. lyo6, tiefore C A. June, a notary publ.c.
at her office In Ifrud, Oregon, and that final
hearing will lie uciu at lo o'clock: a. m, on Apr I
io. 1006 before the Rrirlster aud Receiver at
the 0, K. Laud Office, The Dalle, Orcgou.
The aui coutesiatit riaviug, in a proper amcia.
vit, filed l'ebruary to, 1906, set fotih fact which
show alter due dilleefice uersouat service could
uiot be tnsde,(t U, tmky -ordered ajujLJ-cTrd
last sucn notice nc given oy uui uq proper
publication, (. '
tm-a6 MlCltAitir,NoLAlf,KctUUr,
filed November (, ij, for
lpw. r nc w m
(Irace li I iw rente
of Ilend, county of Crook, stale of Oregon, sworn
slali'ment No 3747. filed November 3j. io. for
the imreliase of the uetf sec , ltns, r we,
That Ihry will offer proof te show that lb Und
sought are moic valuable for llieir timber or Mot
than for agricultural purpus, and In ttatlsh
Ihcli claims to said IsmlsUlofr thr KagWsr ami
Receiver at the Und ofrfte In The Dalles. Oregon
on April t, l'A
They name Ihe MUiwIuk wiluesieai (I race 1!
t.,?.r5.Vf' J"c.'1' N- "m-lrr. Jiilm llloss. Mary
J William and J M Lawrence, all of llemf,
Any and alt person claiming adversely any of
'. ," . r """""","" are rciueie.i 10 file
llieir claims In this office 011 or before ald ird
day of April, iij1
I'o-'i'JO MICHAHI, T NOLAN, Register.
Timber Mud, Act June j, 8;8,
U. 8, Laud Office, The Dalle, Oregon,
'V 7. l'J.
Notice I hereby given that Iu compliance with
IheprovUloinoftheActofCoiigress ol June t,
7. entitled "An act ior the safe of tlmtr Iniiifs
In the stole of California, Oregon, Ne.ada, and
Wadiliigtuti Territory." extemlrd lo all the
,.Hu..v wi. ni.ic. iij Mti ui AllgllSt 4, IB9',
of Deschiite. coiuily f Crook, stale nf Oregon,
has. his day Med Iu thl office hi iworu uir'
ment No, JJJ7, for Ihe purchase of Ihe sw'f of
ec6, ip 16 , r 10 e, w in. '
Anu win oner proor to .how that the land
ought I more valuable fur Ha iin.iV ,li .?."
Ih.n for agricultural purpose., and tu eiHtljiili
ihisclslm lussid lsmi iirr,irii,.,-. ...V'..' : .
Trlnevllle, Oregon, 011 he 9.I1 day of May, iyt
11c names as willics.c. John llloss of Hitter.
Oregon. Joseph N Hunter of Ci.r'rV.-l'"'
Jamc. W. Overton and Richard King, boll, of
DeKhute. Oregon, , f
MIy?ie! JhU ?'???; otHfVVeforcMldiJh d.y of
3a74 -ALX,0fcAW.iUiitcx,
ci!:!" 1 wir:':"... : ..': jn. -
M Wisjismth foe Utbor perasrm-J (or deleMUat
at his r.uursi in aiauaai lis ou uvhi -...
etsasnl flow l-r-rhulrs l.amlwr Co for grln-UHa
xraln for th drreudant at his reuursl 11 sniuaat
ol I 7a tm -H.IWUNI pucelMsed flout C II lirtck
sun Im meal suit vrarlahle fuiHlahrd lr taetff
femlanl at hi tniorst In won HI 7 7 on V
rvuatbuubasedlram H. I' JUII lot hay fur
ulshnf defemlsnt si hU ieist iu am.mul I4M
oneroanl Jhinhasnl from Ihe Des-huirs Tel
phoewCo for loll, .nd nniilhe4 for
Ihr defrwUMt at his ieiu4 In amount io a. H
croanimirrw4-d from arilttdft ab7 for
hurs tred rurHUhr.ldrHdan at hi ratiuast, IM
amount f ?j
This Kunmons U puMlslsed by order of II. c.
Kills Justu-r of ili ! ai suluI iimu. i--..
i.ook County, 'tregon. made and rnterrd iw the
iMhdayof tfatrh . lsi, In ami whk-h md.r (I is
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March , iyui
Notice 1st hereby 11 sen that Jonathan N l
.!)'.''' "" k William A. I.sidlaw, ..1
UMlaw, Oregon, ha Hied notice of iHleiitlou (
make proof on hUtleseil Umltlalm No jjo, for
the eJsnwK. )ej ami utf. sec nTp 1
riie.ww, Wlore In County Clrrk at I'Hiic
ville, (Megou, on lb 9th day of Atr II, it.
lie usMiea Ihe follmvlug wllnese In jhov
tausl" '"'"'", 1"1 fi"HlhHi ofsslJ
i?"H, 'J)!"1' "'! ,' LahlUw, Oregon, mid
John II Cmhtan, lifeline Tails. Oregon.
Timber Land, Act Jim- j, tc4.
V. H. I.tid Offlee, The Dalle, Orrjtorif '
Novembfr 16, ij. ,
N0llr I. ll.l.llV Ulvtl llml lit n....llH..,. .ulll,
... ,... ...., ,..,,, ,,, wIMIIlG Ttl,
. .i.n,iiaui me acioi konuress 01 June 3,
l78 eulllleil, "An ad for the saUof llmlirr laiuf
In illie stales of Lallforula, Oirgon, Nevada, and
WushiiigtoiiTcrrilory," a. enltmltil tu all llie
public laud stair by Act of August 4, 1891,
I'rrd M. Ireland,
pr,Moniiiiiiili,coiiuly of I'olk, lle of Oregon,
hmlliis day filed Iu ihl nfficc hi worn ralf
meiit No, 1717. for the purchuse ol ihc)iiwU
and I.0U1 and 4, of sec I Ip I8,r luc, w 111. l"
And will offer prmif to show that the land
s;iigit Is more liiable for II llmtier ur stone
than fur agricultural purpo.c, and tu ctlabllih
hi claim lo said Uud before the county clerk,
oK rook county, Oregon, ul the Court llutitclu
Irliicville Oregun, on the ylhday ofMayioi
llriiamrwlliiei.ei William II. Hlast. v
linima Htaat, of Deschutes, Oregotij I.een
I clarake, and John io, of Ilend, Oregon, .,
Anyandall nrrsoii cUlnilng dverely IM
Abovr-deM'rltil lainU ... ,ui..i,i i m. Ihrfr
clalmi n,, l0Krcc on or ufore said th dy (I
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