The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, March 30, 1906, Image 7

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Hood's Sarsaparilla
Wc are often asked, Wliy docs Mood's Sarsaparilla
effect so many cures of cases that seem to be 'ahnosk
beyond the reach of medicine?
The answer is this, that this j;rcat medicine is enabled
by the peculiarity of its formula to produce results unap
proached by any other medicine, this peculiarity consist
ing in the balanced combination of the very best specifics
for the blood, liver, kidneys, stomach, and bowels, namely,
for the blood, Sarsaparilla, Stillingia, Yellow Dock; for
the liver, Mandrake, Dandelion; for the kidneys, Uva
Ursi, Juniper Herries, IMpsisscwa; for the stomach,
Gentian, Wild Cherry Hark, Bitter Orange Peel; for the
bowels, Senna, Mandrake and Dandelion.
Sold by dniKfjists everywhere. Get a bottle today.
Umiiil form, liquid, or now form, tnbluta, 100 Dosou Oho Dollar.
I'rrlliiilnnrr Trnlnliiir.
Undo J(iIhIi -I Iml time Jim ever
milked n (iiw, I ll? Will, you do It a
tliiiiiilr-rlli' light Iwttrr tliitn miMt city
feller ilit.
Visiting Nrplirw It nit-inn to come
naturnl, oiiir-liotv, I've had n rood deal
of iractlr with m fountain wn.
Mothers will find M- Wlnstow's Roothlng
rljrii the b.l turned r mm fur tlitr children
curing- III Itelliln rlod.
A Tliedr Shn.W ll.
"Mr. Arop, I llilnk jrou Imrr never
met Huron Munrliatisru. (lenlleinen, al
low mr to present you to each other."
"Ilnron. I mil didlgtilrd to inwl nn, 1
know you iiili Hell by reputation."
"Hlrr'-OlilMeo TrllMine.
ll'l... It l.i.t rim II. ".. All! U
i, .,ii ,m ..ii jtiiuijn s.iiiiiii nun uuiim nil nillll.
turo ofClut. II. Flctclirr, nntl Iiiih Imtii iiiutlo under liln
imtmiiiiiI Hiipcrvlrilon lor over JK) yearn. Allow no onn
to ileeelvo you In (lilt. Counterfeit,, Imitation and
.IUKt-n-Ko.l" tiro lint KxperlmeiitM, ami ciitluiiKcr tho
lieultli ot Clillilrun llxncrluuco UKuliiNt Kxperli"iit.
What is CASTOR I A
Ciifitorla Im a liuriiiltviif rtiibstlttito for Cantor Oil, lnrv
liorle, Drops anil Hootliluir Kyrup. It Im Pleasant. It
contain nultliur 0ilumt Mnriniliio nor other Knrcotlo
fiul.Ntatu'o. It iil'i Is It (,'tiiirniitco. It destroys "Worm
anil allay FuvcrUliur. It cure Dlarrliu.'ii anil 'Wind
Colic. It rellovc Teething Trouble, cure Constipation
anil riatnleiiev. It tuoiliiillate tho rood, regulate tho
Ktotuaeli anil IJowel, (rlvlnu; healthy ami natiirul sleep.
Tho Children' I'anacea Tho AIotlicr'H rrlend.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Soars tho
In Use For Over 30
Tlic black flag Is an emblem of horror and dread. When it la hoisted
by an anny, the order has rouc forth that ' no quarter M will be clvcn, cv
erythlnp' must be destroyed. Helpless women and children, as well ns oppos
ing soldiers, meet the aame fate, and a trail of desolation, suffering and
death Is left behind. Contagious Mood Poison is the black flag of the prcat
army of disease. This vile disorder is known as the blackest and most hide
ous of nil human afllictiotts, overthrowing its victims and crushing out the
life. It is no respecter ot persons; no matter how pure the blood may be
or how innocently tho disease is contracted, when this awful virus enters the
circulation the hideous, hateful and humiliating symptoms begin to appear,
and the sufferer feels that his very presence is polluting and contaminating.
Usually the firbt sign of the disease is n little sore or ulcer, but ns the blood
becomes more deeply poisoned the severer nytuptoms aru manifested, tho
mouth and throat ulcerate, the glands in the groins uwcll, a red rash breaks
out on the body, the hair and eyebrows come out, nud often the !ody is cov
ered with copper-colored spots, pustular eruptions and sores. In fts worst
utages the disease affects the nerves, attacks the bones and sometimes causes
tumors to form on the Lrnfn, produc
ing insanity and death. Nut only
those who contract the poison Buffer,
but unless the virus is driven from
the blood the awful taint is handed
down to offspring, nud they are its
innocent victims. Mood Poison is in
deed n "black flag." Mercury nud
Potash, so often used, never can euro
the trouble. These minerals merely
drive the symptoms nwny for nwhilu
and shut the disease up in the system,
nud when they are left off it return:!
worse than before. This treatment
hot only fails to cure blood poison
butcntsout the dclicnte linintr of tho
stomach nud bowels, produces chronic dyspepsia, loosens the teeth and fre-
Suently causes mercurial rhcumntism to ndd to the patient's Buffering.
.S.S., the grcnt vegetable medicine, is the conqueror of this vile disease. It
goes down to the very root of the trouble and cures by cleansing tho blood of
every particle of tho poison. S. S. 3. docs not hide or cover up anything
SfED 1&&5 m,t clears the entire circulation of the
EJe fWI virus and puts the Bystcm in good
ifcv' XgSfcW healthy condition, It cures safely ns
P kvwa wc" n3 certainly, because there is not a
a n;M n vfefflii Jti particle of mineral ill it. We offer n rc
O CiS?' t? &&? G? ward of $ for proof that S. S. S.
DIIDITI V XnnrTTAniP is not purely vegetable. When the blood
rUllLLY VtULIMULC s purified and strengthened with this
great remedy tho symptoms nil pass nway nud no sign of the disease la ever
pceit ngaiu ; nor is there left the least trace to be handed down to posterity.
Special book with instructions for self treatment and any medical advice dc
lrcd will bo Bent without charge to all who write.
No Opportunity,
Jol Rturky If n etrrrt car conductor
liimlil overliok you would you pay III in
your fare niitlionr?
Aditn .awfoi I've hern walling flf
tern yearn for a eliniirn to lie tented that
way, hut no hlnuied conductor bai tret
overlooked me yet.
Tf cum: a t'oi.ti in omk day
Take I.AX ATI VKIIII(MlimilnlaTaMla, flrur
i.i. r t ...... i. I. r.i ,.. .. If it1
i.if refund mmier ir II fl lu eur.
K. V
OlttlVK'rtlia'tialuralaoneMulMS, V.
"Do you Mlrve In trtialsT"
"Well," nnawrrrtl Hriinlor Horghtim,
with tlimiKlitful di'llbrrstloti, "tln
never deceived tuo." Washington
II I.I I....J I........ ,1... ul......
Signaturo of
BTorl yenra niro X tind blood notion
nil my tlealt was lu nn nwful condition,
Urent Boron woulil jrmk out mid noth
ing I put on them would ito nr good.
My lutlr mill oyebrown fall out Midi Wj
"a rrluht." lly mouth win ao aoro I
linil to llva on mil It ami water. I took
Moroury for a lonir tlm and tnatoad of
irottlnir tiottor Z continued to urow
woro and luy arm nud hand booaino
olid aorea. My lea wnro drawn ao X
ooultl not walk ami I relt tnat my tuna
waaahort hero If I did not ifotaomora.
ir. i boirnn to uo your u. u, u. ana it
lnoit no from tlm alart. Aftar taklni
awlillotlio aorea all liealeil. luvrhnu-
inntiam wna ourod and toilay I am a
tronir,woll niun. It vot all tho mer
cury out ot my ayatem and It oured me
ound and well
XCvauavlUo, Ind.
Tom Itrnl'n Kmitiiiir ! Nprnker,
Willi llli-.l ltentlr.
Tho (lentil of Oil. Duvld Ilroinner
llciiilemoii, of Igwn, followliiK a pari)
tie mid pnriilytlc eoudltloii of over a
ytiiir'ii ihirntloii, did nt eoino unox
pit'leilly, for iiioiitlm hi mind hml been
In a cloud, but ii few riuy before dontli
It Imk-iiiiio ho eleur tluit ho could ntiiit
tilxo frlcmlN nud coururnu IntelllKeiitly
wild hi finiilly.
Mr, Ik'inlcrn(iii wn a inriubcr of Ilio
national lloiinu of KepreNciitatlve
twenty yearn, mid for two term served
nn HM'iiker. "(JwmI Old Dave," n bo
wn fmntllnrly known, wn In demand
n mi nfterdlnuer inker, wbero bl
ready wit mid bttlm; humor broiiKlit
forth Knle of biUKliter. Hut from
"(ImnI Old Dave," n bo was lieforo bl
II mt term n HKiiknr, bo went tbroiiKb
a trnimltlon, till nt tho clone of bl nee
ond term im exirutlro of tho lloiino bo
wn dtyliHl "(Vnr," Jut n wn bl
preileceNMir, Tboiitn II. Iliwil. Ho stroni;
wa tho feeling iiKMltiNt blm In 1IKX1
when tin I'lfly-fteventli CMUgrvnn ad
Jmirneil tbnt Mr, Ileiidewoii choo to
retire from CoiiKre nitber tlinn fnco
what bo MurmUiil would bo defeat If
liu were nicnlii n rniidldato for the
MiikerMhli. Hlueo bU retirement bo
hml lived quietly In Diibiiquo, which
hml U-en hi boino for many years.
COI. HAM0 II. iir.Mir.nsox
Mr. Ilendenuiu wa Uirn Mnrrh II,
1HK), lu tho bleak tillage of Old Ieor,
which Is attached to the eitnto of tho
Knrl of Htiehnn lu Alwnleenalilrc, Scot
land, lie wn acnrivly flo year old
when bl fntber, Tbomn lleiiderou,
left Old Deer for America, lirlncliik tbo
family with blm. After many tribula
tion tlm family Innded In Cblenico
with Mimutbliu; llko f5 of ready ennti
rviiinlulUK from tbo fnml obtnlued by
acllhiK their bounebold ePriii lu Scot-
bind. They miiuiiKed to get n amall
fimu lu Illinois, nud tnero they re
nin I ncil three, year. letter tho Mender-
Nona moreil to lown, nud with money
mved by David's thrifty mother pur
clinned a tract of prnlrlo land In Kay
etto Counrj', which later wo known aa
lIeuderoir I'ralrle. It was In Iowa
tbo future Banker recti veil hi ttehool-
Inic. Ho workeil on tho fnnn In nuin
mer nud attended school In winter. In
IhCO he wna nciit to a small Methodist
eullcKO at Fayette, known as tho Upper
lown Uulveralty.
In bl second year at tbo school the
war broko out, and on tho niornliiK of
Hepteuibcr lo, 18U1, when Henderson
wa "I, bo aronu ilurlni; tho morning
imxcinlily of tho atudent for prayer
nud nakeit tbnt be ln Klvcn a chnnci)
to KjNMik. After a ronnultatlon of tbo
faculty bl vlh wa granted, and ho
then made iv 8teech which wns talked
of for year In Iowa owing to It pas
slim and patrlotlMiiu A a result twen
ty two of the Htudent promptly enllnt
ed with blm. Ilo formetl nud wn inmlo
lieutenant of Compuny C, of tho Twen
tieth lown Infantry. Ho wn shot In
tho fnco at Tort Doueliton, and wa lu
a himpltal till shortly before tho battle
of Hhlloh, where bo rejolunl bl regi
ment. In tho battle of Corinth ho lout
a font, but after being (Uncharged from
tho bonpltnl ho wa nindo colonel of the
1'orty-nlxth lown Volunteer, and
Nerved throughout tbo remainder of tho
war lu that capacity. When pence had
been rentoreil Col. UenderMon Htudlcd
law, and from ISiIH till l$SL, when he
wns elected to Congre, and bl part
ner, Judge KblriiK, wa iiiH)lut(Hl to
tho United State Supremo Court, ho
wa a member of tho linn of Hblra,
Van Illicit & IlendorHon.
In 1KH7 Col. Ueudemon mnrrlcd Mlsi
Augunto Tox, of Went Union, Iowa, and
mado bl luinui at Dubmiuo, whoro bl
tbno children were born, They are:
Mr. Anglo IVanlee, of Kant Dubuque,
III.; Hello llouduroon, who live with
her parents, nud a hoii, Don Henderson,
who Is In the lumber business lu St,
Col. Henderson was n great story
toller, and n fluent and witty speaker.
As an example of hi vitality, many
stories nro told of tbo Hunt operation
on his leg. Threo previous operations
hml not been HUcccnNful, nud In 1S09 ho
arranged for a fourth. On this occa
sion ho not only refused to tako nn
anaesthetic, but sat on tbo operating
tnblo of tbo bonpltnl giving directions
nud freoly criticising tbo work of tbo
Wlao politicians climb Into tho band
wagon rather than risk being knocked
down and being run over by it
m 7 nrr n
e, inm,
Nervous ?
Then your blood must be in
a very bad condition. You
certainly know what to take,
then take It Ayer's Sarsa
parilla. If you doubt, then
consult your doctor. Wcknow
what he will say about this
grand old family medicine.
Sold for over 00 years.
IThli l th flnt nn.illon your doctor woold
tk) "ArT"'" lwn iuirt" ll.Viiom
llial nftliy ftcuon ei iu uvwan i.
fk.uiifcrtnr4nTftrT. K..DTour llvtrartu
J and ynnr liowtl. it(ulr h uklm( Uiallfa
J dutttut Ajir'l'lll.
M4 br J. O. Aft Co.. lAwtll, HUI.
Aii. n.Dui.oiurtra qi
Almo.t Tlm..
Tho convention of physicians wan
called necretly and hurriedly. Dr. Kill
em rone to enk.
"Oeiitleiuen of the profession," he
n Id, "noimililng must Ik) done. Our
nutomobllu tire aro wearing out, our
daughter' mualc leon arc unpaid for
nud Hourly nil our good patron have
already been oiiernted uikiii for npjen
dleltlH. What nlinll we do"
"!ct' dlM3or a new microbe," said
Dr. Qtinck.
The motion wa carried unanimously
sad n wave nf nlrkiM-t wnftml ilunits
to tbo doctors' eorfors. Indianapolis
Th.iA l mntf r.l.rrh In thti etlon of the
rouiitfjr than all uihcr dlwMei put lorjili.r,
ad until ttielut lew yriWMiUired tuba
luaiirable. Krsrtiiinyearidoclori i jro
Hiiune. it It alotal lwo. and irrrrlbdlocal
rtineUUf. and br ounHantly lalllns lo curt
wllh local trealMtot. pronounced it Incuralle.
Klannt naiwor.u caiarrn iowi cun.uiu
llunldlJ.lil Ihareloterequlrcacointltu
u.inal tro.tmrnL llali'a Catarrh
laclureil lir I' J. fhmejr A Co .Toledo, Olilo.ll
lb nnlrounilltutlonal cure on the market II
Ii taken Internally In d.a from lodroHtoa
ieaiHuntul. It acn directly on thebltxxl and
mueitii surface! of Ite.yitam. Thejr offer out
hundred dullara tor anr cae iiiuuwcura
Mnd'for circulars and leitlmonlaU.
Addrtti. K.J I IIK.NKV ACO.,Tollo,0
BoM lir HruUta.7.
Uall'i Family 1'tlU are the beiU
i:rrrtilnar Worn.
"And you still delay tho wedding,"
sighed the beautiful girl. "My heart Is
woru out."
"Is that nil?" demanded the suitor
who was an advocate of procrastina
tion. "No," the carpet la worn out, the par
lor sofa Is worn out, ma's bones ar
worn out and pa's patlcnc. Is worn
The suitor whistled.
"Well, by guml" ho retaliated. "My
hoe ore worn out coming hers every
two or three nights."
a. ntfAitANTr.Kn euiiE run riuw.
Ilrhlnn. Ill n.l, UlMtUnc, 1'roiruijlDf 111. I)rn
Cats era autliorlll la rfunil mon.7 If 1'AZO
l.TklKTraJlilacur.lataUU7a. Ida.
On Can., of PoTerlr.
A Phlladelphlan was praising tbo
lato Mary Mnpes Dodge. "Wise wo
man as she was," he said, "Mrs.
Dodgo consldcreil organized charity
rather cold. Hhb tielloved In tbo char
ity spirit, which, she said, was best
fostered by the direct personal contact
of recipient and giver. Heneo she
never refused a beggar. And, defend
ing herself from attacks ono day, h
narrated a conversation she onco over
heard between two Maryland tramps,
or 'iK-nch plucks.' These peach plucks,
as they lay under a treo on a superb
afternoon, philosophized. 'Iilll,' said
said tho first, 'why I It that poor peo
?lo Is always wlllln' to help ui, while
rich folks always turn us downT
Tho other, with a mirthful laugh, re
plied: Them that don't mind glvln'
thing away Is the one that stays
poor ' Philadelphia Dullotln.
riTO rsrmsntnlly Curtd. Hofltaornsrronantta
r 1 1 0 nrnrl day's u.of I)r.Klln'llrtINfrt
llwtorrr. SnU for Vrra HI trial bonis andlrratlu.
br.U.ll.Kllns,Ud.,MI Arvb bU, llillaUclbla, l'ft.
The Amerlenn Clmmelcou.
Tbo American cbnmcleou, a small
llzartl (Auolls cnrollucusls), Inbnblts
various parts of tho Southern Untted
States. Tho llttlo animal has tho re
markable habit of quickly nnd com
pletely changing Its colors, varying
from brown to yellow or palo green.
Its food connlsts of Insects. Tbo little
nuhunl Is perfectly harmless to higher
forms of life, Is often kept as a pet,
and has been worn attached to a chain
as an ornament
Tbo toes uro provided with adhesive
pads, which ennblo tbo llzanl to run
upon smooth vertical surfaces, St
You Can Oct AMcn's root-Case FREO.
Write Allen 8. 0) silted. U Itoy.N. Y.. for
tree sample ol Aden's Foot-Kaie. It cures
iwuatlnp, hot iwollen, aching leel. It makes
new or lliibt ihoe 1 eaiy. , A certain cure for
corns, lnirroyrlngnalli mud bunions. AUdrue
flits selllt. Vxs, Uon't accept any lubatltute.
Knr each child boru to tha families of
th imitilplnal rlitrkii In lvHnaaa HIIv tha
civic authorities promise to add (5
moau to ue itinera samry.
Portland Trade Directory
Nemti end Adilittttt In I'oflland of Rtce
sertallve Uutlness firms.
I'ilOTO Sb'I'I'MIWIl Klakrl.rMm.tnanrtprl(it
Idci write tor prtee. Wwxlard, Clark Co.
ilAIMLri.ANIKIINin WHitif'To., I'orlland.
Iiw.l prlcrs on lnUro and Hlldea.
KI.AHTIC llO-IKHYiHupporlan, llraem Knit to
fill frrf measurement blanks) Weadard.Ctarte.
I10KHKH of all kind! tor aala al very rtuonaU
trtcet. Inquire 37t From MU
TllUrlSKH aenlon apprerali w (aaranlMi 81 lo
motldlfflcallcaaeti Woodard, Ularke 40).
HWKKT l'KAK-end lOnforrekr. aMtd I'alrMoM
MedaJM. J, J. Jlulcr, IM Kronlitre!.
AltTiriCIAI. r.Xr; rjterralia4.andtbap.iiw
aortmant a.ut on appreraj) W owlard, Clara L'o
C'llKAM NKI'AllATOIlK-w"i naranl lb U.h.
Heparator lotMlhelmt. Write lor fr el u.
IJ.m1wo.k1 Co, Jinb and Oak.
MKK'rlCItTIIIMU lluffum A I'endl.lon, Ma
as ents Alfred llanjamta A Ca.'s correct elotbra.
I.v.ryllilnc la men'. funillilna. Morrison aod
rllilb strraU. Oppo.ll. postofflte.
rjIKR 1.AM1) IN nilKTJO.V under Ifca Carry I rri-
fatlonacU Ixed direct IrumaUU. Writ today,
lookl.t and map lir: It. H. Cook. M tVt, 111
Alder atroet, I'ortland, Orecoa
I'OLI.THV lOUU-iryoa want ;mr hen lo lay
more ef rt wrll ui for fre pertlculars alnut l'u
JII.MA l-OlblltY t HK.l)a-Atm Mill Co,
lortlaod. Oresoo.
TAII)llS-('oUmblaWooln Mills iUk. Portland,
Ore. luteal iiyUdolhei mad lomeairctiap. laiurr rrfct St.
Writ fvr frr samplra and pel ce.
I'UMM OIIIIA.1S Oldest piano hoa on Pa
ri re ccit, uriant end llano, on eaay paymtota.
Wrlle flir ll.u ltaa)aotyoaaprlc. AU.nA
Otlbert-llaniaker Co, Ptrtland, Uixon.
Or.ion Herb rlprelfle ir all Kidney and Illadler
trouble. Cure J1ACKACIIK. fitnlM. TrUl
alt aeni by mall (or 10c. la itamp. B.od today.
ttOH Third rlt.
Human llalrncodt nwltcbe. rempadoart. Men's
Touceeiand Witt) bel qoaJIIyi lownt price :
r4 for lr prtc llati mall ordtrt a specialty.
Pans Ilalr rlior. M Waabtncton nu Kt lu.
rUrrettharTlraleftbB:tfi. We
ba v become lb Urco.1 ed boon in tb
work! brcaua our hku ar wtier tnan
otber. 1 you wlan to crow lb nx(
Laurui nower mna in oiieii tw.
UUeer lTnllbbtel l.rrya.
lOOfl Hrri Annial fr to all
D. M. rCRRY A. CO.,
Detroit. Mloh.
tALE PPl's--
P. N. U.
No. 13-06
WnEK wrltlnr to atdverttaers plan
nentlea tble paper.
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THERE Is Reason
Why the Good People of
America buy Csscarets ss
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Muscles, make them strong and active
able to Help Themselves do their work
keep, themselves clean.
Cascarets are the safe-guard ot Innocent
Childhood against the Dreadful Death
dealing Dangers that threaten the Uvea
of the Little Ones.
They sxo Purely Vegetable, absolutely
Harmless, always Reliable and Efficient,
g-itraiistL c3 X J ga . J
Why accept a lower rate if Interest (rum
ravings banks when ten ot n and offer lor sale
IKOm) n( the tlJUX,WO l.ue ol the Moanl
ilnwl Ktectrlc Co. (I'ortland. Orerntil 3) Tear
Oi.ld bonds, pajlnjc 6 tir cent, secured by a
Hrt Morlitaica on wfmlsxti worth ol property.
rarest Inrestment arnllsMe Write (or par
S a nTr a nclsco, Cat.
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W. L. Douglas
s o.op $o.op o u n F R IPJL
i - v w wmvuvnui
W. b. Douglas 4.oo cut Edgo Lino
cannot no oquniiod atony prlco.
'JUUf ,81-
Cmital a.ssJi
cm nnn mwARa u
a I UjUUll dlipnm tkii itiln
It I could Uk you Into mylhrteUrcebtcterleit
t Brocktso, Mass., and show you lb Intlnlls
care with which every pair ol shot Is made, you
would reallie why W L. UousU SM hoi
cost mora to make, why they hold tbtlr shase,
lit better, wear loofcr. and ar ol great'
Intrinsic value than any other SJ.SO shoe.
W. L. Doufrlmm Strong MmOm Smmm f
Mmn, 92.60, 02. OU. Bttym' Mahrntl S
DnssUms,, 2,9t.7B,t.SS
CAUTIQN.-lMUt orwn baring WOUoo.
laa show. Tak no luUtltuto. Kon Ktuuloe
without hU nam and prle stamped on bottom.
fat t Color tfltti mt4 1 lAejr aw aet ww enuaifk
Write for llluslrated CaUbv-
f. L. UOUCLAS. Urocktoss. KaM.
a true, faithful, loyal servant of Mankind.
Over Five Millions of Dollars have
been Spent to mako the merits of Cas
carets known, and every cent of It would
be lost, did not sound merit claim and
hold the constant, continued friendship,
Patronaga and Endorsement ct weir
pleased people year after year.
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There Is atso a Reason
Why there are Parasites who attach
themselves to the Healthy Body of Can
caret's success Imitators, Counterfeiters,
They are Trade Thieves who would
rob CascareU of the "Good Will" of tho
people, and sneak unearned profits,
earned and paid for by CascareU.
A Dishonest Purpose means a Dishonest
Product and a Disregard of the Purchas
ers' Health or Welfare.
Beware of the Slick Salesman and his
ancient "Just as Good" story that com
mon sensa refutes.
Cascarets are made only by tho Sterling
Remedy Company, and tho famous llttlo
Ten Cent "Vest Pocket" box Is hers)
shown. They are never sold la bulk.
Every tablet marked "CCC."
Bo sure you-gct tho genuine.
We wtnt ta send U oar frtends a beieUf
French-dalrned. GOLD-PLATED pONUONBO.
hird-enamel'd In colors. It ll a bcanty for M
drtssiac table. Ten cents la (tamps t asked as a
meMcreottttiafaliU ana to covet costotCaecarae,
With vyhlcfiTEltTOnty trinket Ulaea. Te
Send to-diy, aenuenlfis this Bf, Aejfejs)
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