The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, February 16, 1906, Image 7

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i.' -jSt-ac-A . ",
Pnriununhi ri'tocl In Grippe lY-ru-mi
llic llcmctly Hint llrouulil rl,Vf,
Mr. T, I lit nitwit, Wind Ayhunr, On
train, Curt, wrllraj
" vvlnt-r I wu III tlt!i 111,1-n-lunula
Hllur having In itrlif. I look
i'lirunn for two iinuilln whim I Imiiiuit
(illlt we'll and I rtui any tlmt miy mm
ran Imi cured by It In it riMmuishlw tlimi
and ft l littln itniinit."
SMtmlr Citlitrtli, the UnMiU of In Crlppr,
IV-rii-iin ItrtWviri Cirtlit for
lYrarnl (itiml llrnltli.
Mrn. Jt'iiiiln W. (lilinirc. Itox -tl,
WiillnUsk, Itil. Ter., Nrllwii
'HI ytnr nun I had In K'lti,
which Mito iijIlovMtlliyayiiltimlrHatarrli.
Tho only Ili0i 1 iimI vtn f'rmia and
Mm ntln, nud 1 ImvH In tin In hitttr
Invalid tlm lat llirro yciii tlmu fur
ycais linltirn, 1 itlvn I'lirnnn nil the
ciedlt for my kxxI health."
I'e-riww- A Tonic AlMr In Grippe.
Mm, Cha. K. Wrtll, Hi., DoUwarti
Oliln, writwi: "Aflt-ra vro atlack
( U Kfll'l'", I look I'nnwa and founil
It a vnry k'hM tonic."
"Mol UfritNe Mclltlnc tvrr Tried for
I n (if tppc."
llolit. I,. Madison, A. M., principal
nl Uulhmlien IhhIi school, I'Aluttr, N.
C, U chairman nl the Jackson county
hosrd ol education. Mr. Msdliou aayst
"1 mil hardly evor without 1't-ruiia In
my liointt. It In tit it moat tiilectlvo
mriluliiri that 1 have ever tried for In
Mr. Jam (lilt, Athens, (),, rlti
"I had In iirlipi vnry liml. My lit)
html IxiiiKiil IVitiua fir mtt, In n vnry
rhort tltnn I raw iiiiii)rniriit and wm
toon nliltt to tin my wttrk."
J j V tfJty 'rar'wtVL kk " Jwn 'p. 'i ui" io"i uh fjf
J I J V w HUM JIl In lime. Holi tiy rtmraliU M4
Juat llutr II llaiiiirnrd.
MntlierWliatI Klebtbnr seam? Bttrh
Murk crcl If you'd only follow die
lend of tlio nilnUter's lltllo boy
Tommy Aw, I tJIJ try tcr follr hi
Irnil, but ho led Again wit) III" left nn'
dot' wlitr In hlrfcil me. I'lillndelulila
Suffrrrd Twrlvr Vmn Trom Aflrr CffetU
of I Grippe.
Mr. Vlrtor I'atiirnu.lct, !I2H MaiIIkoii
fit., Tnpukw, Knii., iiitunliiir tit KhIkIiIh
nntl Ijtdlwi of Htoiirlty, wrllei:
'Twelvo yi'nm nio I lind a riovnio at
Uck of In K'lpp" mid I nevnr rtmlly r
coverml my licnltli nntl nlmnijlli lint
Kinw fivnker every yeor until I nn un
nbln to work,
"Two yrnrn ko I In-Knn tmliiK IVruim
nuil It built up my lnnxtli no that In
it couplu o( inontln I wik nbla to no to
work xnlu.
"Tlili winter I liml nnotlirr ntUck of
In itrlppo, Init rerutin noon tlrova It out
of my ytiin.
"Mywllonmll romtdar I'oruna n
lldiurliold remedy,"
llie .tlnllrr nf AlltMinur,
".My tlrar." wltUpertNl tlm rniiiiR
innn, "Mi we lire mi hihim to lio innrrliil
tse uliituld lnk a prneilenl vmv of II fu
mi prwrtt by Uih mUiuktM of o tit em.
Tor limUHr. lUfe U ttt ultjwrt of
rMulnr mIIownmcm every week for
rteutliuic money, jim know."
"Uh. I've tbtMKlit uf IImI," Uv to
pIM, wMly. '
llm yuMT"
"Yw, lH4Ni tMMlmW Ht1 hH
1rrl tf tlumw; mmI UIH; I bavuu't
tbeuirbt f much Imlh
"V. Ynttr Ineum ti 3,C00. '
"Vm; I vtant It It ffw m far i p-
tbht twwant jour tut w In."
Cnre for.Cnlrt.
"Conl oil will kutn-k nuy cold Illy,"
nld U. a Wnrrrn, 'The tdrn of ttrluk
ItiK cofll oil mny iconi roiiuxnnut to
tune. Mithellc tmtet, but ont tnlile
IHNjuful will fix Hie liiilnei for the
mott HtublHirn cold In liend or body.
"Tiirpflitlue la nnnthr lino thltiR
for crnernl eoiiJIllonn. I (Irmly bo
llvo that If a man will tnko lift ecu
to twenty dmpn of turjifiithio lit
Mtfar wHce ivry two month be will
Merer b rrnllr ulrk. It'n an Internni
'TnrkUh bath In effct, and lenvoi the
M'op, whni'H mi InlerroKntlon
imlntr "A llllln UjUiic Hint nnkn
tjiifttfoiiH." Tltt Hfli4liiirtMtiri
llnhblu Wimt urn IiIh polltlcnl etjii-
vK'Hoim? Jobhltt Uh, hoH llnhlo to Vr',0,W',,,,,l',"l,,h"r''"
l ifiuvloliHl ,.l nny tlm.-Towi, Top., wTOJrll'iSa'SS'ih.Vi.
Klllcker U'IihI lieeimin
felirV lliiebne .ll uIuumi ,..i.iuti l;o"''M'"bl'iutii'rlmir(.ttlif.
iinrr IKHMer-llo HIHHWI-llllmlMlly (,K,mi,l whniltUetulrlreloir, Urtlnruli
crint led under k mtil to mi-o why It " '' ' uni ilieliirummMiouiiMU)
didn't ko. Now York Hun
De.itntia Cnnnot He Cured
not retch Iha
lieia Uofilron
I wr m eure don litw. and that In ir ci.mUtu
I tlorml rmtitollM. jMiii.iitMlii mun-.l ,y nn In
I llHi'l eonnillori ul tlioiiiucoui IIiiIiik l the
of CIlHIIf- , Kiteliii 'Il. Wlifii lLIlHlllnHtt.-l
Ukeii nut mil Dill tul IB toted to Hi n..rm.l
cowlltlnn. htiirltiir trill m ilmtrTBl fntevrri
.- f'..l. r,.n lnlH-'Mouti.l ten ars ratnl by Catarrh,
W"l l Oil ttfl . wnlltll ! (.ill at. f nflaHijul u.n1flf.. t.i
nil, woi It rt' lor .NOW I kill Hlllll ina-mnrfJuaiuiiarM.
tValnar Jfii Tims.
'Ye," itnld tbe friendly critic, handing
hack the mitiiticrlit, "tlul'it quite n
good aonriet. Wily dfin't you mail It to
the llycult Mn gn r.U'i"
"Ill II crle.1 the atrHSjIlnic young
poet, "I'm boIiib to telfgraph lu" Coth
ollr Ktandnrd and Time.
CITC I'ermanentli' OurM. Wont(rnrTeoinei
ilMtmer. nn fnrl'rra MSIilal bnUrrH)TMtlj.
Dr.ll. II. KM ft', !Mn Attn m.. 1'MMetVtrtH, ft.
Vlaltor lint there I nn fwenllnl dif
ference between right and wrong.
Convict Oh, there wouldn't have been
no much difference If I bad had a good
lawyer, I'uck,
Mothcn will nml -. WlntUm'n loothtr
Prnip tlie httl remedy tottre lot Ibelr etalMrea
during the leelhlng irkxl.
The llrltlah empire to alzleen tlrnea
larger than all the French dominion,
ami forty time greater than tho Gr
tnnn empire.
Why Refer
to Doctors
circular!, free.
r. j.
HoM t,y I)rUK(liU,7&e,
1111a are Ute twit.
ayatem thoroughly chranHNl and lu
Kmm1 hap to take oh new trengtli.
! Thnrw's no eicMMj for a cokl, and It'
a Uangerou thlus to pan by." llultl-
i mora New.
"Of rmirnv WhII, I'e talked It over
with mamma and niie tblnka nn allow ! . J"' .i.Iii..ii. r..r riher.
anrt f It n H.k will bo tty." I New "IW '" w' Bt
. . lr. I vnHaua tlmnn beeii n camlUlnto for
IB'HH I . ,. uin., ..... ,1... Il.,.,,, ll.,,-l.l
rib im Vu ean walk fu the airier. !'"" "". ""1' ""
yu kmiw. ami emrry junr luih, ytiu
Lnnw. and wt yuti oau uan tlm wmilo
dollar for imrt and ueckllet and
thlnp." Jmlitr.
Tli iulla of War,
Ilenevolent Okl I.ndy (to little bay
In atreet Why, why, lllle Iwy, mw
did ;ii ever get Kttch a black ttycJ I
Kmnll Ibty -Me awl Kammy June1
ban a amall aoti about (I yoara of nge.
The Herald aayn ll ) intra, nmt Hint part
of tho atury li probably n truo a tho
The Ind, who bad been meditating
upon the tiHCitrtalHt.'n of k I ugly vx
Utewce. naktil hi mother: .
"If the King of Kiiglaitd thoutd die,
who won hi bo king 7"
Tho l'rlnco of Wale."
"If the Prince of Wale should die,
nicniiH- rr a aptio in acnooi, nir wk UOUM i, king)"
he amnhel mtt. ' Ju tMuw omienvnrM to cxplnln,
IttwvwU-nt Old Udy Dear, dear! ..... ,i. UttY wM. . ,. i)rt-ti. -.1.1.
ami nuirn gmuon am te nppier
Hmall Itoy Teacher, ma'am. liar
IHT WeeVly.
i "wen, anyway, i iwpo pa won i try
for It."
Itunnlntf No IllaU.
IlartlHit ltl mevar go t that rv
taurant ngalH. The lat time I vra
there n man got my ovweoat and left
bl In It place.
WVIoff Hut the proprietor waan't
to blame, Man he?
"No, but I might meet tho other
man" Tale.
"Ma," ihl Tommy, n ho puxiled
evor the imp?, "wimt dee the 'black
bawl' maun?"
"I don't know, my ion," repllM hli
mother, "but 1 know what two black
baud mean."
"Hint jour father hm bcou trylns te
clean out tho furunco.",,, i ..I. ... i . We will give One llnilrel Dollart for any
Worrying Hbollt wliore I'm going tor csm olliralfiia(eaualby catarrh) that ean
apvml tie Hummer. Puck. jiMrtleurl by Haifa Caiarib tura. bend for
"Mill why do you llvo lu the city If
you don't llko It?" "I Imvo to llvo
herti to iiinkv iimnoy miougli to kouji
up my country plnco." Kx.
Knlcker-Ho your wife went to tho
country lu atudy nature' book' Hook
or Ye, nuil from tlm also of her ho
tel hill It intiNt bo ninoiiK tlm hIx boat
nttllerH, IJx.
Mrn. Kiilckor How lonx will you
ho nwny thU numiiitir? Mrn. Mockor
I don't know. I ahull ntny 1,XKJ
nt tho Noaaldo nud VM nt thu inoiiii
tnln. New York Hun.
Iloctor (to prenitlnif creditor) If you
miiat brln your bill every dny, nt
Icnnt you might como with your hwid
lletl up, ni Unit people would think
J oil were n piitleutl I.oiulun Tll-Illla.
A yming theokiglnii nnuied KMdle
Itrfuaetl lii nceeiit Ida Jutw"
"Kor." an Id he, '"ll enough to he Kid
die. Without being Fiddle li. I)."
Meiihnm I have had my life In
wired for llvo thuiuflml Solium lu your
favor. Mr. Meiihnni Well, I'll he
Klad to Imve tho money, hut I think
joti'vo overentlmattHl your vnluo.
Hmnrt Hot.
"Kay," naheil the flrat miNMH'iiger
loy, -gfli Kuy ihivoI to awMpr "I
Kt 'Hnnkc-foot Dan'a ltovnge,,H rc
plletl the other. "I It a Utuit atoryr
"Nawl Y Mn flnlih It ay In two
ienagen.M I'hIUtlelphfn PrttM.
"Wlwt I your order, alrr naked
tho waiter. "Ilring mt aomo freiizlwl
egg," Mid tho man with tho napkin
tucked under hi chill. And presently
tlH-ro wnn it distinctly nudlblo ncram
hie In tho kitchen. C'blcago Tribune.
At the Hub. A New Yorkor wn
vlaltlng In lloatou. KeelnK a parrot in
n cage, he naked: "Doca Polly want
a cracker?" "I require no nuatennnce
from you whatever," replied tho Hack
liny bird, with hnuteiir. Rxchnnge.
'Thnt Mr. Hnngg U too much of
n nrlatycruft fur m to mingle wld."
no t
"llow'a tlmt?" "Hht wa kiikl
down by n puaheart ami nho had It
put Into the Kiper tint alio whm hit by
nn automobile." Detroit Free Pretw.
iMJJSL JkAm J Jk JLJL 9 i iAm .m. A. J
. m I
Catarrh in uiuctlly rcjrnnlctl nn notliinjf more ncriotw thnn r bail cold or
light Inflammation of the Inner ukiit mul tisuttca of the licatl ami throat,
when It ia, in f.ict, not only n vexntiiun ntul truuhtcaotiie disease, but n com
pllcnlwl nnd tlniiKcnnm one. It is true that Cttanh usiiully begins with a
cold in the head, but when the twlncus, wbiih ore thrown o(T tlirutisli the
(ecmtlniin, find their way into the blutxl, It becomes n conntitutlonnl trouble
Hint HfTects nil iwttn of the body. It has more niiiioyinjr. nntl disfuntliiKHymji.
totiu than nny other dlaeaae. There is it DickciiiuK nud olTciislvc diaclmrKQ
from the iioatriln, n conn taut buriug; noise in the cars, headaches nud pains
lit thccyen nr frequent, while filthy, tenacious matter drojm Iwch into the
throat riiulriiif continual ImwhiiiK mid spitting, nud in ccttnin stages of the
dlnonie the breath lion nn odor Unit In wry oflciuive. Catarrh is worse in
Winter, liecnune the cold weather cloaca the Hn ami ylanda, and the pois
ons nntl ititheallby vajKirs which shoultl paw oft that way nrc thrown lweb
on the tender IIiiIiikh and tiwtues, cmtsinjj the inflaiiiination which starts
the tiuhcaUhy Kiutiona to I nic
corbed by the blootl. When the blootl
lccouicri diseased with this cntarrlml
matter all kliiduof coiiipliealiniis tuny
be looked for, As the blood circu
lator) through the body the foul mat
ter finds its way into the otomach,
ruining the digestion ami producing
chitiuic l;yNpephia, or Catanh of the
Momncli. It also ntlccu tne ixi'iucy.i,
Bevaral vaar ago my blood wai bait
ml I liu 111 uuilllion a aiomuiii onto
Oatarrh. wy ituao win stonpia up,
"lloiM," lHignn the beggar, "won't
yer help n jmmji " "Sn here!" tu-
terruptetl Ooodheart "1 gave you
hum money Jaat weok." "Well, gt
whlc! ain't yer twrnetl any mom
duce?" Philadelphia Public I.etlger.
Mother Willi, you nitlwt atop ak
Iiijc your fit t her tU4Mtiumt. Don't you
mhi they Hiinoy htm? Willie Nu'm,
It ain't my tnittatlotM that annoy him.
It'a tho answer ho can't give
make him mail. I'lilhtiltdpliut I.edg'-r.
"See hero," cried the Mil collector,
"thin bill I've beuii bringing here mo
often I getting worn out, ami m li
my patience" "lleo whls, man," re-
lletl the debtor, "so la your welcome,
on only knew It!" Philadelphia
MUm Poechli I wnut n hammk
that will not bnwk down. Polite clerk
t'aii't KtiarHiitee nny of 'em, ml.
Ml Peeclilo Why, ttint'H atrauge!
Polite Clerk Not ut nil. We'd tie It If
you were u homely girl, but "
Cleveland I.omlor. '
"I think," he until, "that I am now
Just nbout even with tho world."
"Kvou with the world?" "Kveu with
the world r' "Yiw. I figure tlmt I
have now ronchod n point whore I owe
Just about nn uiHiiy people nit I don't
owo." Hrooklyn Haglo.
'frump It Is needles to nk you
the iiuoatlon, madiimo. You kunW
! u'lmt I uniit. I.mlv Yon. I know
what you want badly, but 'I've only
one bar of soap lu the house, nud th
servant In lining It. Como again some
(llnttgow Tliuus.
tr.k .lu ufwm iiu u'ii nee iiiiirrl.v.1
fto. d. o.Anit. . i ."'. .:.'." rt..., ;
iivuuavllio, ina. uiwriHti, t wm uul " " iv
Insuraneo policy, so mm you may iu
In Ilrr I.ln.
"In this morning's paper," remark
ed tho new boarder, "I noticed an ad
vertisement about 'a good cotton
duvk.' Now, what's a cotton duck?"
"(Jive It up," replied Htnrbonrd.
"If It was an India rubber chicken,
Mr, fttnrvcm might tell ti aomcthliijf
shout It." Phllndelphln Pre.
For bronchial troubles try Plao's Cure
for Consumption. It Is n good co gh
modlelnc. At drucgiats , prlc 'iX cent.
Ilnmr Knouiili.
"Well," pondored tho new anawcr-to-correspondcuta
editor, "I wonder
how to answer this. Here's a sub
scriber who wants to know whnt's n
good thing to take Ink stains out of
white Annuel."
That's easy," replied the sporting
editor, "a pair of cl!or."-M'blludel-pbla
To Preak In New Shoe.
Alwayaihakeln Allen'i Pool-Rate, a powder
Iteurea hot, iweatlnx, arhlnr. awullrn feel
furM norna. In(ruwag nalli uh buni'.m. At
all iltHKclM and ah alorra.Me Iion'taeerpt
aTjrtili(. RaMtrie Htallod PHKE. AJdlt,.
Alfeu t. Otm.t!, laiuj, N. Y.
Juaf. I.lUa it Woman.
It was 2 o'clock In the morning
when he staggered up tho stairs,
"Here you como at last!" exclaimed
tils better half. "I've worried myself
half to death over your absonce."
"Well, If that ain't (hlc) Jus' like a
womsn," ho replied. "They only (hlc)
half do things."
rcrfrrllr S a Until.
Clyrabor (to valet) Now, John,
when the gueata nrc here to-night I
hall call you Jean.
Valet Very well, sir; and what
shall I call you?
"Oh, you blockhead "
"Very well, sir; anything you say."
Slnllrr or Mirth.
Western Man I suppose any man
can get Into New York's "-I00" If ho
has enough money.
Hastoru Man If he made It himself
be cau't; If ho Inherited It be can.
Blood Humors
Commonly eau plmplci, boll , hire , eetema
or lalt rheum, or crime other form of erup
tion; but aofnetlmet they eilit In the yctm,
Indleated by fetlinirt of weakneaa, lanamor,
lot i of appetite, or xoneral debility, without
caunlng any breaking out.
Hood' Karaaparlllaeipel them, renovate,
itreeclbrn and tone the whole intern.
Th la It the leitiinony of thouiand annually.
Hood's Sarsapariila
I peculiar to Itielf. Accept no aubatltote,
but Inalat on .baring !!oo' and get It today.
Liquid or llbltta. ICO Doies One Dollar.
Because wc make medicines
for ihcm. Wc give them the
formula for Aycr's Cherry
Pectoral, and they prescribe it
for coughs, colds, bronchitis,
consumption. Tiicy trust it.
Then you can afford to trust
it. Sold for over CO years.
" Ayr" Cfcarr Tfetoral li a runoff Ihat
ihmMb In aterr Iwrni I h.. iu.l antral
l-al of It for lM rffliah. and rMa, ami I
kntwwliat a aplfiMll't m-tUrln H U. Iran.
Mil iManmawi n t Mi,lr."- Mark e.
UHEt, llrlf I'aik. Man.
A JUdabrJ.C. AtOo., lwll,Xtaa.
n Aii
zlyers S
laaaimtmi'm , MaaaawagBBMao
Alao nanabrttarera or
maaian aa,aaji
tyor'a Pills greatly old tho Chorry
Pectoral In bronklna up a cold.
Itepmrnt Ihi jorrtral c I !') fltlnt. We
tiava tirxma tua laraeat -l tiuw In lb
work! ua jx, our i ara Mtirr iban
citliara. vojoti wun w iowtriiwi
Ejeauiinu nonara ana ii, oam Tn.
ItlMT i-ucllIrfiL-'iarl rerrjna.
100 Heed Annual fr to all
, m. renrtv aco
Detroit, Mich.
Don't Get Wet!
will keep yon dry as
nothing eUe will,bccxute
they arc the product of
the bat nuteriab and
seventy yeah experi-'
epce in zxunufacturing.
Doston, U.&A.
rowxx cos touM crt, ixt
Portland Trade Directory
Name mixl Atfdrettea In Portland of Reprt
tcntatWe Dutlneaa firim.
I'llOTO hUI'I'MKH; Klak rtttlncaB1 mlnt
lD(j writ for prkra. WwaUril, Uaika A Cu.
11 A (1IC UM1KIOH- Welatrr Tn, I'orUamL
Imatl prtnaim IintarniandKlldia.
KI.AHTIC JIOMBIlYirMu-rwrera. llrarra: Knltto
I'll, rrroamri.l Waaka: WawUrd, CUrka.
IIOIIHK8 or all KIM, tor tat at vtry rtaaonabl
iricra. Ilxjolra 7H I runt Ml.
Tltl'HMKH trrtoft aip-era) wa (HaranUa fit la
DUHtdlOlevltraara; rt'uulanl. Catka A Co.
HV. rr.T I'KAH-IMtod IV Sw Mtkr.-iM.ld PaJrOoU
Mrdalpraa. J.J fcU r. IM rMl Hrrt.
AKTIPICtAI. KYrW; ffrrr afcad alhri aa
aurtmaut aC a aafraaral; WauSaM, C arka Co
CHHAlt HKI'AHATOKrt-We naralelbe V.H.
k. tmr or io a- tb br(. wnu nr fm u of
llaulwvad ua, 'rh aad Oak.
MKVHf-UTH!Nn- Btam A I'eMlnaw. aM
aa-B a Alirni Hn.xm n rarrra etaikra. awir-
xarnaaa M mxia
airrxa. Oppaalhr
thine im aa.a a ran aalKaa.
Itvnl d rart trnm atatr. Wrtl i4ay
rallwi art. Itvnl d rart trnm atatr. Wrtl- t4ar.
jmtmI'I mmI eaav . H. H. i'mka A C. Al
AUaratrt.t. I'urtla to,oa.
I'OCLTKV rooli-lf rl l jm Is lay
bnh ratt writ m fit rraa aanleaUn aaaml ril-
I'ert ao4, Or .
MHIa col.
TAIIXIK4-4oiMaBaWaaViMiM t P,rUaod,
Orr. I a aa ai jrl rkaaw mo, i maaMneaBMih
ur,e:iiaaarmMMatta iKm prratt flu
Wrttrrarrrra aamptea al prtaaa.
riANOn A OHOANH-OMa:tanrmeM.nn l"
ctKc eat. urfana a4 I'lai o m, nwx pajrBaaut.
U'rttr Ibr It'L IjH u ( rtw a prV. Allan A
(Hlbrrt-Ramakar Co., Ivr.Uinl. txajwi.
Ofjfm llrflia WprelSe for alt KMarr ad Wfcttrr
IraaMn. Cvrw MAUKACIIR. ITK-JC. Trial
at arsl by mall far tt. la atamp. Kwl today.
JwH llilrd UL
Heman Hatrfloola iwitrbra. ronruuloir. Man
TiMensaiHlVMca; rmaqualKr; hwral iner-it
rrd t"' Irra prtca I a:: mall erdrrt a ,r-cal!jr.
l'ar a Hair rAlorr, M WaabliKr on ft. lat law.
No. 6-06
WIIKX vrrltlne tnmlvertUera ptoaao
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There are two classes of remedies: those of known qual
ity and which are permanently beneficial in effect, acting
gently, in harmony with nature, when natureneeds assist
ance; and another class, composed of preparations of
unknown, uncertain and inferior character, acting tempo
rarily, but injuriously, as a result of forcing the natural
functions unnecessarily. One of the most exceptional of
the remedies of known quality and excellence is the ever
pleasant Syrup of Fins, manufactured bv the California
Fig Syrup Co., which represents the active principles of
plants, known to act most beneficially, in a pleasant syrup,
in which the wholesome Californian blue figs are used to con
tribute their rich, yet delicate, fruity flavor. It is the remedy
of all remedies to sweeten and refresh and cleanse the system
& ' - : 'fi$ genuy ana naiurauy, anu to assist one in overcoming constU
' '" ? pation and the many ills resultlng therefrom. Its nctiveprincl-
y .-'' "a&lMf Pcs ancJ lualitv we known to physicians generally, and the
& : .- .$Jy&in remedy has therefore met with tbeir nnnrovnl. ns uril nquith
'' , &&?&? the favor of "any millions of well informed persons who know
S '( ' SVw of tl,eir own Personal knowledge and from actual experience
W i'''4'W t,jatit,snntost excellent laxative remedy We do not claim that
i? & ' &$ lt wlM cure a" manner of ills, but recommend It for what it really
fj&" presents, a laxative remedy of known quality and excellence,
, vviiiiiiiu6 iiuiiiiii oi uh uujct.iiuiuiuit; or iiijtiriuus cunracier.
There are two classes of purchasers: those who are informed
is to me quality or wimt tliey buy and the reasonsfor the excellence
Df articles of exceptional merit, and who do not lack courage to go
elsewhere when a dealer offers an imitation of any yell known
irticle; but, unfortunately, there are some people who do not know,
nd who allow themselves to be imposed upon. They canmt expect
:s beneficial effects If they do not get the genuine remedy.
io iiib creuit or tne druggists of tne united states be It said
that nearly nil of them value their renutation for professional
Integrity and the good will of their customers too highly to offer
uniiniionsoi me
Genuine Syr up of Figs
manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co., and in order
to buy the genuine article and to get Its beneficial effects,
one has only to note, when purchasing, the full name of
the Company California Fie SvruD Co. plainly printed on th
front of every package. Price, 50c per bottle. One size only.
SI a..-V,v,j,t- artV.J-'iSjST IS Yc. ii.VTl
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One 10c pacaage colon silk, Moot and cotton, equally well and Is
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Color mora sooda brlxhtcr and fatlcr colors than any other dr.
usranttcu 10. gits pcricci rcauita. ajk utaicr, or we win acnu pot paid at IOC a packaxc. Vrrito for fret booklet bow to ile-
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