The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, February 16, 1906, Image 6

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ti. M PTtV
Felicia sat alone In the Inn sitting
room nt Smackton. Mls rSrantley and
(icrtrndc hud taken a Hy after breakfast
and cm owl for a drive together. They
had lieen rather wyitrlott over the
There ni n knock at the door, and
tlio ohl waiter iopid in hl rough white
he.d sideways:
"Yw, sir," he said, half turning back
(o somebody behind him. "the lady U In.
A gentleman, ma'am, to see yon.
lie threw wide open the door, and
nomehody, tall and slight, clad In a Ions
overcoat, came out from the ghiMu of
the p.sgn without Into the gathering
twilight of the sitting warn. For a mo
ment she peered at him, twt elug who
It was; then suddenly ohe rreognlesd
him. and her heart beat wildly.
"Mr. Itnlfco. I it you?"
He took her m-iffored hand and shook
It warmly, murmuring some half con
futed words of greeting.
"How on earth did you come here?
What bring you to SuiacVton? And how
did you learn that I was hereT
"I wan trsrolwg north. I heard ac
cidentally from a fellow passenger in
the name carnage that you were staying
"I am very glad to see you," she an
awered, heurtdy, ami with perfect self
composure, for worn act thee see
much letter than me do. and she would
not hare betrayed her agitation for an
"How well she teoks," thought Kdgar.
"and how beimlug: it h easy tu see that
be In perfectly content." Aloud he Mid:
"Do you know who wy fellow traveler
turned out to he?"
"I cannot Imagine." alio replied.
"Mrs. Talbot's husband. He Is down
stair in the coffee room. They told
htm hi wife was oat; he has come here
to look after her.'
Felicia laughed. The srtuattoH wan
really delightful.
"What a piece of good luck." she cried
gayly. "I never heard of hi taming wp
appropriately in his before. If only
lie will take her away, for he y a thorn
in ny side."
"Hew well yon look! I need not ask
you how you are. And your husband, he
Is nlte well, I boM?"
Felicia started. "My busbami:" she
repeateil. in a strange roice of wouder
lug bewilderment. "What a earth do
you mean?"
He looked at her with a surprbtde and
utirtled face. "I I menu Sir Ituy," be
mIJ stammeringly.
"Sir ICoy i my cousin, Mr. Ilalkes;
not my husband!"
"Hut you were engaged to him, were
you not. when I left Hh gland? I was
told of It it was for that that I weut
n way, and you yourself would not bid
me stay; and when I heard it I thought
that I understood your moaning. Surely,
Biircly I could not bare made so terri
ble a mistake:"
"It was no mistake. I was engaged
to Koy for one month. Perhaps, had
.you not gone away bowerer, our en
gagement was broken olf."
"I nerer heard of It." be said breath
lessly. "I beliered that you were mar
ried. Hut tell me why why was It
broken off?"
"I ueyer meant to marry him. Some
day, perhaps, if you care to hear the
clucUatkHi of the mystery, I will explain
It all to you; It hi a long story. To be
gin with, I did not lore him," she stam
mered sldwly, with downcast eye. Then
there was a pause. "Is not that enough?"
"Felicia," he said. lnw hk breath.
"Will you crer marry anybodyst'
"Perhaps II It I erer lore
"Will yeu then ever learn to
"If anybody cares to Inquire,
then, perhaps I wM tell him."
Itrltui Desmond went home alone. He
was glad that I1I1 eouain had left lilm.
As be drew nearer to the end of fab)
journey, be felt that be would nerer
hare been able to endure hi prussuice.
As they drove up the last bill through
the park it was almost dark, ami out
of the wet, with fog, the long facade
with it many windows loomed out upon
bim with a suddenness that was almost
There was a wonderful stillness as the
dog cart drew up. Ho noticed one light
that burnt brightly and keenly out of a
lower room. It was the wtagon cham
ber; be could see no other sign of life.
He glanced upward toward the bedroom
windows, but all seemed dark abore.
Softly the front door opened, and In
the warm radiance of the criuwon por
tiere curtains, he saw, with a certain
surprise, that Itoy (Jrantley stood there
to welcome him. There was no time for
words, (ilancliig at him as he entered,
Itrlau noticed that he was very thin and
gaunt, with great, hollow circles under
bis eyes mid an almost famished look
of haggard n 68 and despair In his aspect.
"Come fiulekly," he whispered, and
turned round and led tlio way across
the ball.
Koy stopped at n door at the end of
tbo passage. It was the octagon room
iTbcro ho had seen the bright light in the
"Am I too lato?" murmured Hrlnn,
"I fear so," said Itoy, and turned tho
bandit) of tlio" door.
Within was the silence of the grave
Jtsclf. A strong pungent odor o,f ether.
A lump upon a low table, a warm flicker
from the wood logs on the fire, a doctor
was standing by with bent head and
crossed hands In an attitude of religious
reverence; and In the center of the room
a woman kneeling by the side of a chair,
with nil her long, darif draperies spread
across tho floor, supporting with both
her arms a form so white, so still, so
small, that It might havo been ouly the
figure of a sleeping child.
The pale yellow locks fluttered loosely
back, sweeping Hgalnst the dark head
..f t.,it nviT them: the lips were half
opeu, a smllo hovering upoa their still
rosy outline, but the strange, wonderful
iyY, With their tale of uuspsakabl. woe
jw - Si
and M(lne were closed forever more.
Kitten DfrtHinml had looked bor Imt up
on thh trouhhxiime world, and the "poor
play" of her life whs at nti end.
In Kopplngttvn churchyard wa a tall,
gleaming white cnx-, freh from the
wulpterN hniuN; white marble lllle curl
ed nbout Its bae, and the glided letters
ot Kitten's name Hashed and glittered
In the April sunshine upon Its outstretch
ed arms. At the foot of the graro a
man stood, bare-headed, with hands
clasped together, gating earnestly at the
"Catherine Kllsnbeth Desmond." he
murmured, half aloud. Could that In
deed bo Kitten? Tho rery name sound
ed strange and unreal In his ears; he re
nienibrred how, king ago, she had told
him that w-s bow her name would be
written upon her tombstone.
Now, as he at nod motionless, there
came soft steps behind him across the
daisy spaMgled Era, a hand was passed
through his arm. and, turning with a
atari, he found that ltosamoud was by
"You, llrlan?" she said gelttly. "1 am
glad to hare met yott here, for I am
going away. She laid a wreath of cx
iullte white hothouse flowers upon the
grare at her feet.
For some moments ther stood motion
less together, with hands clasped togeth
er. Then Itrlan spoke a little brokenly.
"Itoenmond, since I have snfTercd so
much, I hare perhaps learned a little,
too. Is life to be Indeed orer for you
and for me? We cannot undo the past,
but at least we could, perhaps, be happy
in the future; is there Bo hope that you
can glre me?"
Then there nwe a delletite bloom like
the tint of a pale, wild rose In her
cheeks. She dropped her hand, and with
a swift gesture pointwl away across the
tew churchyard wall Into the tan lie
yond. A carriage stood waiting for her
under the tender green of the overarch
ig trees. There was Inggage on the
top of it, and leaning over the wall, not
looking at th.-tn. but away toward the
Hue valley below, which be contem
plated with a pleased dreaminess, was
the slight figure of a man with an Iron
gray mtHtache; a man whose face be
sevmed t recognise, like a vision out of
an erll drvam.
"llrian," said Itmod. gently, "that
la my husband. 1 was married this morn
ing ta Cot Trefusls. We are on our
way to the station, and we hart) driven
a roan. 1 by Ivepplngtou because I wanted
to leave these flowers here. I could
not bear not to say good -by to her grare
en my wedding day."
"All Is orer, thn, for me In this
world," ho said at last gloomily and
w earlly.
"Yes, If lore were all," she answered
quickly, "but It Li not. You said Just
now that the past cannot be undone nnd
)ou were right. Hrian, life Is not a
toy that wo can play with, to fling
aside its puppets and pick them up
again Jast as wo fancy. That which
,we hare done In the past, that we can
not alter; the actions that we hare tak
en upon ourselres, those wo are furccd
to accept as our portion forerer, and
neither repentance nor regret, nor yet
oceans of bitter tears can erer wash
away those tblnnn, which by our own
doing we hare rendered irrevocable. One
thing, and one only, can ever sweeten
ami sanctify a life that such errors
have darkened (he life, that by own
own free will we hare marred, we must
abide by for good or for evd, but we ran
at least devote it not to ourssdvus, but
to others. The last, wad lon which
sorrow has the power to teach us Is us
MftshuoiM." He raise. her hand to hbi lips, and
they parted this time forever.
So thse threu, who had loved, ami
sinned, ami sorrowed, were pari!, but
the happiest pf the three was surely
Kitten, lying still ami cold beneath the
shadow of her marble eroe.
To Itoy a sense of sad peace earn
slower than to any one eute. Kitten
had been the dream, the very religion of
bis life. In losing her he seemed for
a time to be uprooted out of his ordinary
xbtencu, to such a degree that be eoubi
not hel.eve that he would erer W able
to resume his life. For many months
he -knew no rent, Wandering about In
foreign countries, carrying with bim ev
erywhere his load of wretchedness and
despair. And yet, even to him, there
came lu time the eonvictloa that Kit
ten's death might, perchance, bring to
Mm more peace of mind than ever her
life could have doue. He refused with
an obstinacy which was almost an of
fense, to be preseut at Felicia's wedding,
which took place on the first of Juue
that followed after Kitten's death.
The wedding was au exceptionally
quiet one. A tvr Intimate friends, her
father, nnd her cousin Margaret, ouly
forme. the little group which gathered
at an unusually early hour In the dull
looking church. In which she selected to
be married to ISdgsr. Ami besides these
thero wuh one elegant and disconsolate
woman who, In a mazy costume of white
lace mid pate gold silken draperies, knelt
dissolved In tears throughout tho cere
many. They wore tears drawn from
tbo very bottom of her miserable heart!
And thero was a tall personage, with
a red board, at her olbow, who grinned
unfeelingly over tliwo hoart-brokon wall-
"Talks as If I was going to murdor
her, don't she, Mrs. Italkes?" said this
And so the friends parted. Felicia to
take up a now life of perfect promise
and happiness 'with the man she loved,
and Gertrudo Talbot to go, as sho had
termed It, "Into exile." And assuredly
iio punishment for her many fallings
could havo been awarded to her moro
severe or more bitter thau to bo wrench
ed away by her legitimate lord and mas
ter and carried off from the world of
life and fashion which she loved so de
votedly, and which bad been so long as
votedly, and wblcl
tbj very breath of
"I am sick of p
her nostrils to uer.
paying through the noso
licr. To kept you In little Imx
i '' Mnyfrtlr qultw long enough, tlerty,
nnd you'e had jour fun mid your Ulna
tlon. and )ur frov-ks nml your Jowelry.
I ,111 I ..... ........ I. . ...,.!.... (I....I
till . nit. c-iuu juu muni Hi' Kt-tMUK mini
oi' It all. iuu are no lunger hi young
as you were," ooiitluuod hr spouse, with
that unpleasant outspokenness. wM'li only
n husband tjaru uo to a woman who
Is still handsome and attractive, "and
it's time, 1 think, tlutt u should con
sider my comfort and settle down n bit,
and I can't lire whert It's all dress nnd
show ami keping up of nppo.irtnros,
(live me a free life In a lln. open coun
try and p'outy of sport; that's what I
Whiit. And that is why I Imvo ImukM
tle nicest ittl property In South Caro
lina for a mere song, snug lumvt nnd
all Included; and I'm gnlug to take you
there, right away; so. pack u ',,,,r trBll
nnd mi te no more fus-t hIhuiI It,"
So, i.mhlt torrents of angry but to
tally unaritlllug tears, liertrudo did
"imck up her trun." The tall footntnii
was sent away, tho smart lady's maid
handed ou to another situation, and tho
little bljou-lmuse in Mnyfair let as it
stovd, furniture and all, to an enterpris
ing young widow In-search of a suitable
number two. And the very day after
Felicia's wod.llng, Mr. and Mrs. Talbot
set sail from the shores nt Kngmud; and
her lhdd, handsome face and free tongue
and uilschrcf-lnvliig ejes were seen no
more In her familiar haunts.
Hut Sir Itoy (irantley never married.
As the years we'll on he stayed more
ami more at the hlte Cottage witn nm
-.--..- .--- ... ..
sister, gtmig over to Krieriy.iaiiy, super-
,, (in- niift.iinK. nnKli.K nun ii'
keepers and keeping hla hunter up at the
big house, lie. is ou the best of terms
with his tenants, and a very strong ami
solid friendship has grown up betwee
himself and hU cousin's husband. Hut
be will never marry; he Is Mill faithful
to the love of his youth, and when he
dies the name ami property will past
away to a distant cushIh, who Is a stran
ger to him.
The lesson of hU young wife's death
was not entirely thrown away upM
Hrian Desmond: love for him was orer,
but he scbooletl himself to believe that
there was something bi life still left
for him tn do. He nerer saw Itosa
iiumd Trefusls again; their lire ran far
apart, rvererthelev. her tMrtlne words
were often In his mind, and her parting
injunction in time bore Its fruit lu hi
Tu live for others, ami to hwirn un
ssdnshusMs. that bad beeu Hosamond's
lesion; and Hrian did not forget It,
He went into Parliament, where he
soum made for himself an honorable
hima fp ftkj. iLum ImIammI ! Im..V It,
all srbemea of philanthropy. He was 'the bux on wbh-li to hang tbf Img
an anient champiou of the wrongs of) A High Ux or k (Mil wwihl lis nr
seamen, an advocate for the Improved j (ni, j tw mt(, Tin, cwt f mak
dwellins of the or. A seateus refarm- ,M ,,Mte , very hW-ni HBV M
er n f alt abutes that weigh hardly upon ..,w , . , .. "., ,. . ., i i.
the weak and frleuAle-. lib. whole soul h ", ' do It ami It
after a time, became absorbed In thse w" wrtnluly ve Iwth iiirn Hinllalmr.
matters, so that new Interests. mw Occtt -
tlliws. a new life arose out of them
from the ruins of his past ami a nobler,
better existence opene.1 out by degress
to him. Hut hire nerer touched him
again. In Kitten's grare. In the last
sad touch of llowamoud's hand, ami the
" w.... ... .. -. " . .. ,nH
last glance of her comjKisioale eyes,
lay alt the withered romance of Hrian
Desmond s Desil Past.
(The end.)
Why It Fulls lo Conform with ll-scn-
tints of Ken 1 1 y (Ircut Architecture.
It Is tint tlio contention even of -in.
tbuslnstN tlmt tlio Capitol Is, or evm
will bo, n complete nnd perfect wbo'n.
There Is little Iwpe that it will over bo,,lrt, HIMi slnotrelv noxious to Imlu you
entirely finished, ami still less tlmt It f HkliiK al-Htt any purtkumr enj
may attain iwrfocthm. AirojKHi of tli(,iWH.rHJ yHir mII lu detail, your m-th-iIobm..
for liwtaiKu, It may l recblUwl wJ ,,r culture, ami gl" any other Infur
that the rhtorkl ami fastidious Hu. ,ttHtUm which will wmbw th stathui
kin doe not admit of Iron aa h con- (W,,u to K(v(f ywl ,, toMHawl aw
structlve material, ami on tlnwo MWt,r,
groiimls lnvelghe.1 dbuUliifiilly against I u'Hny ,w,rtieilar cnii waa ununully
the spire of Itnuwi Cathmlrul. Purity lM,rt Hm, ywl , IM)t tMiMt for It on
ami iwttiftbm-M nable. there are other ilmturH nMm iIhihtIImi your Mwlimd
reawns why tho building fulls to eon- Lf it,, r rerlflUltiK. tho stl. otrM
f-ui wltli thu ossotitlabi of really ,, , viMUXWt f mty ilcb
gnsst mvlillvctum Am fnr m tbo In- M, ,,,-,! uirferesl 'from that
lorior Is coiKwno.1, the Hitiiatloti m ..... ... ..v ..rt9Vmb. wir w)u
anything but mildlmu, anil It Is" dunce
a plMUHiire to know that Klllott Wood.-
Mipenmemiewi or tiiu uapitot nuini-
ing uihu groiimis, ima iimier auvs-
iunt a pnioaltloH for tho rebabllltrt-
thin of tho Itotumla.
let tllO IHU.'tH .
of tlw Capitol p near In a measure In
evl table to tboso who know ami treas
ure Its history. Looked at broadly,
they are not faults, but merely rouor
ah slwirtcoiolug lin-hlotital to growth
and dsolopiun(. CoiislduritiK the liu
portaiK'o of the iirospoctlve HlteratloiH
ami KXteiMdoits, the evolution of tho
building siwius to Imve entered upon
an Hpproxlmatoly Dual stage, and It Is
gratifying to know that Congress, tho
superintendent nml thu consulting
nrcliltocla realize tho dignity and hurl
oiiHtifss of tho tnsk In linnd. Some
thing of the old simplicity should
guide and chasten ouch effort. To this
tdmplkity should also bo added n rev
erence for tliwe trndltloiml Ideals nnd
aspirations which nre, luipplly, a
country's or mi IiiiIIvIiIiihI'h most cliur
Islxsl burltago.
Thu paiiorainn, ouco Its sovenil fea
ture ar aupplleil, will present n urn
Jostle nnd Inspiring spectacle. (Jronpcd
nbout the spacious court will bo flvo
superb structures the Cnpltol on tho
west, tho Senate and Hoiiho oIIIgo
buildings to tlio north and south, nml
tbo Congressional Library anil Its com
panion on tho oast. To tho average
oyo tho Cnpltol will offer little ehniigo'
there will merely bo n grateful gain
In reposo nnd proportion. It will, an
before, continue the foenl point, tho
keynote of tbo composition. Dosplto
Its immensity, thorn appears to bo
nothing Hint Is pompous or pretention,.
In the scheme its nt present oulllnod.
It Is but tbo logical fiilllllinont of
plaiiH, long Hlnco formulated, which
are tbo fitting symbol oi n subsequent
national nnd territorial oxpaiiHlou.
lleer Is spoken of by Xcnophon ln
bis history of tho retreat of tho 10,000.
It was well known to tho Homnus as
tbo bo vera go of northern Europe.
y xT'
- i
vu. lwm
i O 1
&t r
-v V
?; (
I'.tr Mirtlril orn,
Where cotisldcrnblo cdrn Ima l ho
aholleil for the Hiilnmls ii Iho fnu
It la iiftoit wnMod by fHllltig "it tlio
bnrn lloor I'tnl throiigli tho crncks bo
twen tlio IxwnW. The ilovlw lnro
MiggostiMl la wtslly in.ulo. nnd If cor
rectly ttuiU will cortaltily wvo the
com to the Inst grain. Mwho n iwx
tliln'o foot long, Wgllteell lltchoa whli'
...i.l l.itt ..,.., tititlin iliMOI. (Tll tH
" ....-,..-
i ov,,r ,,,, (m 0f thK nt the lop, on
... fH. ,(, w,n M,IHlur
Mnko nn inclliicd iHitlum tn within
Hght Incliiii f th wmI. which re
ttmliis opwi. Put leg under this Imix
nnd set It high oiniugh mi tlmt h mll
or it lg imii Ih set ttmler the upon
end iHHtotn to catch the gruliM of
corn an they wiiuu fnttii tlio hlieller.
If il mt la used, Inrnka will Imre to
Wkxnk rm niiKMMi cou.v.
Iw (tut lu the shlen of the lottm of
1 l Hliwtrntwn Mwa tue Hnn
. clearly that
no further explanation
-IndbtiMiiolls Nows.
ia necessary.
t'ae ll-rl.rul Htnll.ins,
There Is not n Htnte experiment sin-
.tlon In the country whoso staff of ex-
. -
'Krtd will Hot welcome knotty Hoh
leiiw from tlio fanners of tho State.
This would N1 the ease HriHlly tills
winter, when they aro wit rushed with
wotk. do over the ojMmtl.uis of tlo
Inst siHta.ui mid Jot down. In consider
nble iletall, eoih operation wlib'b guvo
you trouble ami iiiiI.miI t lotto troubbM
in the exierliuent hIhIIuii of jour Ktato,
The ataff may l "liooh' faruioni," as
y.ui think, but nil of Uihii nto tntlneil
tbo same crop was satisfactory. Do
Mlt ,M, i-hful nmit nsklng for Mp
ftm w M,-,H, for you help wip
M)rt W,H( H,, ,u,y Hrv xstwc
. nmUit ... ...i.,,.!, ,i10.. wiii ,( if yHi .,,, tluM.i nut- uii-l i.f un tiHluir.
I "' "" "-
tlllllty. Ilxclmlige.
1'nriii W'sti-r Works,
The llliiHtrstloh explains Itself. The
plan Is Intended to meet thu neeils of
the onllniiry dairy or stock farm
where thoru Is a windmill for pump
ing tbo water. A two-Inch tuts- con
veys the witter Into thu galvanized
Iron house tank, which U enclosed
In n tight wooden l-ox. Witter Is
dipped from this tank for household
purposes IhiIIi summer nml winter.
Tbo overflow Is near the top, hence
does not freezo us It Is never tilled
with stundliig witter. The overflow Is
convoyed from this tank to n gal
vanized Iron milk tank, which Is also
cntif-Hfd In n wooden box, and has nn
i,iA..Uiif il. frnfit II tit II... liftrMM
a cntto wlUwlllg ,nnk wllc,, Il)lly
,, MnaU,A ,t somo dlslunoo awn v.
Homo 111 it Poultry,
Clean, varied, cuslly digested food Is
Itself u medlclno.
AllmcntM can bo classed ns colds. In-
llt5tHt!on, vices nml uccIdcntH.
Tbo causes- of malignant colds nro
filth, tlnmpuetis, drafts, neglect and lin
proper food.
1 1 .wjur"
ifl hJ' Ja3-
if 'm rl. Am A
--V r
V cold, lunimiimiileil by tnttllng, M
culled lihinchltlMj by Kipping, piietiinii
An nnlliutry (Mid, If tuheti nt mui1,
tun bo nrreated by it uliegntlii pill of
itiliilne furtnul ilnwn mieli nick bird,
(live smile bl'iHid ITUliil III coiiliei'tliiii,
t uiiiho iilck dlKiwIluii. Use grnnlto
or oHrthoii wnter-illKluts, nut (In, for
UicdU'itl lisit.
The Ntull'l'eit ()mr.
Somehow tunny diilryimm bnvo
teniliiMl the wrong conclusions when
iiMiilliig of dnlry fHrma where tho
cow a nre stnll fisl the jour round. It
by mi tiioHiift la Intended ilml tlio
cows shall lime no (Mitiloor exercise,
on the eotitrnry, except for cown that
nre on pnstiiiu entirely during tho
auiiiluer, few oiwn nre inure lutein
gently oxeri'lMeit nnd proper vetitlln
tlou furnished tlieiu tbiiu stnll fiMl
atiliimls pieiierly brought up At regu-l
Inr hours tint hiiIiiihIm are turned Into
tins , mTzs nr wpjrr. j i a i
n Ti-i'n r ?" .. J- ) vtvsB.jsi :.
hvDM pjnAllMf ' ! t
coiiiuioilloiiN Imrtiyunls for nlr hiiiIi ihmmi by Parilumett!
oxerclssi. During h wlnler thla out-' imTtmly ,)( mn ,fMHn,
dinir exorclao Is h cnrofully lookod r ntH v
!,,VM'!lH,e,,,,,,,, ""T ""il' IrtM-Hth'hi-!". -f l-m'K-the
majority ,,f MHe. the .iiwa . ' , UlR.
eupy ouly hec4iig hours mid milking "1,','"l M; ' ' .s-bire,l
hiiors In (hull- IU.MMN .lull. II... lull. I Wnr l"' IWWWIH1.
y m.... r il,., it..,., i...i .,.' I,. i.rM
Don't lh afraid of life trmU nlr for
;our nnliiwls during the winter; see
Hint they have nil the outdoor exer
cise the w.mtber will permit, but wore
than nil, see tlmt the mImIiIihi nro
pnH'riy tutitlMlo.1 ami nlre.1. Thsrt
me n number of devlnss for this pur
Hwe. ami on of the bsxit of them U
the wlmlow frame .iivcreil with wu
ltd. IteutsftnbsH' that ilow ciHtntteniettt
ami foul nlr prellKHH the cow to tn
IhtciiIikIs, ton I that freeli nlr ami plen
ty of It will tumble her lu do bor share,
not ouly aa it milk producer but as a
Aurlriill.iri.l I'nlrs.
The fair aMtH baa Imeti excejitlon
ally gratlOlng. Vm tho whole, tlto
agTtcultural oxhlblthma thnnigltout
the rsHintry have bosui btdler tlosti
UHal. Fake have Ux dtsoirageil
Hlut luu-lllK.atuYlill.llu limn U.uiUla.1
The Issue of complete catalogui. using
plain numbers tiHoplciHmly orer
each animal or other exhibit, ami re
ferring to tlietn In the catalogue, baa
attracted favorable attoutbm wher
ever It has been Hdopte.1. Indlvhlual
exblldlors Imve nsslsteit tho msunge-
meiit materially by having placards
printed, bearing their itamo nml the
name of the uxhlhlt and other Infer-1
mathiii for the benefit of those attemb
lug. The alue of an exhibit Is bst
iiiikws uie run insirii iHicsiy
iwtmetlilng definite In regard to It.
Tn ll.ild W.mmI U'ltlle Nnntnsr.
Heml a ph-s-u of Inoi, put n piece
of wood on long end as shown in II-
lustratbHi, Mit this l-etwiu-H tho lers
of sMW-borsM. Slaml nroct with loft
fool ou stick.
('nrliiK for llnrlr I'blrks,
Itvery one who rale- ptmltry for ogx
IirssljietloH riHsllws. tlm valuu .if the
early Iwtclwd chick. CiifortuuMlely. j
many of tlm oariy flilcha die.
frem various i-au-us. but It Is worth (
iiiiisuieramv ipmiiio to iaao an uw
precaution -wwlile to raUt all Hh
eh Irks that nre Ixtrii I ami I by. Duo of
the Issst UielliiMlH of doing this Is to pro
tide a MM.ial bouse for the bens and
!hlr broods. Kueti n house sltotihl l-
low, not oxismslve, nml built so that
the greatest HMlhlo amount of sun
light (fin enter It. If this sunlight Is
admitted through glass placed close to
the itisir earn must 1st taken to cuter
this glass at night.
Tho Hpacu for each lieu and her
brood iic-d nut 1st large, four fret
square would 1st ample, Just enough
to provide plonly of room for exorcise ,
on the part or tho enicHs, ir huh room
for exercise Is given the chicks will not
huddle so ('lonely about tbo mother In
..... ..... ..... ...........
OJIII Winilll.TI, .1111 "... .11.1 II. .1.11.11, IMIS ( I
j -' " i ' ,"; Ni '
Is plaei'd where they tiiu get It, In tho
chaff on the floor. All this Is trouble, j
of course, but It makes strong, healthy
chicks mid nxlmiM the uuinUir of
deaths atnong early batched ihliks to
a minimum
All llonilil
llooil Frrllllser,
ir imre immeacnwi wikki iisiioh eoubi
bo obtained plentifully and nt 11 mod. brook of Hralllehoro, Vt.i Hamiiul J,
erato cost, they would give fur more Crawford of Kansas ami John .1. l'ultlis
satisfactory results than any other of Mississippi,
cheap, natural combination fortlllv.or' "' U'llllum ltolfo, the colebrnlod
known to iigrlnitlurnl science, ns tlio ('"kl'eiirean scholar, has just cehibrnt
nNlim nro rich lu iHilnsb nml contain b'J, J', Xw1''0 ' l'lrtl"l,,y '" 0"ra'
lime In Its best form, t.lso serving well "j, ?filMi ,)f ..,,,, QmiU.
iiKiiliwt niiiiiy kinds of Insects AhIhm ,.. fnlll0f ,, f , mM r ,' '
cun Ihj used without llahlllly of Injury habits mid valuable lu service of tho
ou nil kinds of ciropH If broadcasted literates of Huston, died recutilly at tho
over tho mill, lis much iih 150 hushulH "K' of 8(1.
(tor uero not being coiiHldeti'd qx 10.1 William Thompson, who died tho nth
slvo on cortnln soils, and thoy niako a, " ,1,y nt Shulbyvlllo, Inil., aged 77.
bettor fortlllzer for olover than burn- W1M, kll0W'L' " !l10 "!"' w,l, ""''l I'1"
yard miinuro. For fruit trees nnlici am. ' f uM !" l7f5 ,,,lr ",K1U,0?lv" Wnr. TnU
not ho excelled. i premium was within 10 cents of. tho
not m? oxcelltib ,,, , , f
WW King llhhard II. of Cuilaud mur-
HKill Treaty of Madrid i-n-hidd U-
tween liuiiwror Charles V. of Htnlu
and I'runcls 1. of I'mum.
1AIII ISngllsh Parliament mih.I mens-
tire tn futbhl women and nitpmillnM
to read the New Testament In Itnc
ISIU -.Martin lather prsarbesl Ida fate.
well sermon at WltietiWr.
IX.III IJIumi. al lltualUt. aUMiMj. aal..
I71n).-1UhmiIh PruHklw lKM....Artl
of MuteM betertu ICmtbiltd and
Scotland rallfted by Metrtrh Parlla-
17W) (lv. Mimtt)iiiirW trauleil a char-
tr In New Ystk (ily.
IT!' I'm haute! edict agalwM meeting
of Free Mbsmu uwtsr tuali of ibe
1777 Venwoul aWlsrad Helf a frw and
ImWtwmteul ltle.
I77M Hatulwlcfc ItJassis dlsrs.ver-. by
Cspt. Cool..
1 77H I mlet-mtur us Culled IHatt nt
Mrlni issmguhsssl by lun.-
Mrlm Congisjau rutiHed tlm
.WAulle treat- of ptwwv with I! glsud.
1M)I Military pi at XatrWi t-irne.1
ewer l Called Mtatsw by Hli.. .
Dr. Jeuawr ursl atarMl varrtnslioti
WomM pfsrrMit susllpat.
l.S'iICIu a Hlcily aMIrsied tho
II I !' I'olre, eumuwVrml to
I the Hritl".
lHir.-l.'alts-l Hssl-x frtmte I're-sbmt
eauturad by ih ItritWi Kir
Spain issued e-Hct awhs4 IV. v
Mary. .. .Nstlnstsl fast day uWrvesI
la Ifalled State-.
ISIO-Fwty llv lt In buntlutr f
stasMer lstlMttau. Iutg Ulaml
sound, between Now Yutk ami Htuu
lHf.lTw rallrmt! brbhre- t ICrle. Pa
destruyetl by a m4 uf wtsmea.
jjw vtuHaM-,",
j ju'l-
asswinluatloa of Nap
, lj.l,rJJ-. ....lliU. .mI.1 .,
Hattsrus mml. N. C.
1RI Pnlted NtalsM S-vl v4-l tn ah
rugatw reHpes-rliy treaty wih Can-
ItttT Capital of CauastiM nmfeuVralWii
laartl frum Otuwa t iirbe.-
1NW I'ulled Mate Hs-sale rhs d -
appriM-e -Hn)ssias tf Mv-ttHary
1S7I -Ccmsmunlst rtet, ToMsjkliu aqua re.
New York.
I.HKI .New Mute ea pilot bull-tiui of
Iowa dedlmled at Dm J lot ties.
lKM-Ose thmuiaml cbjartuskers went
on strike ht New Ywk.
lKi" -Fre-dsss of city of lutdu .-on
ferrwl ufMNs Henry M. Stanley
IMtl rih NatlwHal l.-iue met at Dub.
I In with l'arusdl pre-bUng,
IMiSltnllH-rfurd II. May., -n Pr...
ileot oflW Uulted Htaimt, dl d.
,M(fiP.-,x Ht9 -Wo4M ,WW,Ht (lf
,t-r7N.lUu., ,-,,,,,-, m,, mtl
Rt mllaaej-.1mL
lBOil-Oapt. Itlrharu OM-sary app.utol
military guvuruur wf Ouam.
IIKK) Alex. Majors, octaifiator of tlio
jswy axprss-t urerlaml mall srvln,
ilkNl....(Vtuir-iiMin NoUtm I Hag
ley of Malue died.
HH)IAsa I ItitshHoll, feruuir (lovernor
of Ohio, diss), aged Oil.
IIKtt Japanese- enlere.1 Port Arthur.
!.,.., Ill ,1. .1 ... ,. ,,
i.jtL.g't:! ;,r:,i'r . , sa
ymr n( cintluuwiu service ou one paper,
j. ltlirst. Allen, who made the flrst
Imnd luttruuieiits lu thn Uuliod States,
Is still living lu Now York nt the ngo
of DO, ,
Thi'to nre four floviiruors tlmt served
during the Civil War still living. Wil
liam Kprngue, whose homo Is near Nar-
rnuiiiuutt Pier. It. I.t Kr.lri,.u 11..1.
' ' i ii i if n 1 1 ' " rCMI