The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, February 09, 1906, Image 5

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ZZSrSSSr&if-' "& ISftlll
llrtvc yiJU K'Bl.Htur(!(U
jnck Wittier ciiine to Ilcutl from
liM Ttimnld rittlclt hint i-laturday.
U. V, Nlchdliirt of Silver Lake
was u l'ildt Utilte I ml gufeAt lant
Wiiut to fcotcliaiige it No, ,1 Stlidc
linker wagon for it a4 wagon, K.
A. I'urtrr. .j5m9
Deputy HliotllT J. S. Smith of
t'rlttttvlllu luglmetud ill tile l'ilot
jlutle lmi Saturday Uftt.
,Mr.t. S. M. WllltUd nml daUgli
Icr, Mlwi ItiiKQiilu, wont to tlicir
liuiiiarttoittbifotttli of Iloild Wednui
Ofl lot room for tent lit tile Pilot
Unite Development Co.'rf office
(fuUdlug. Apply lit the coinMtiiy's
had the contract
filiimncvrt and
Duality of brick
lilsoosnl lie lias
work. Tlit
.;'JU7,7ITvr ',(tjWfrnru ?. fr-rp-
C. It. I)nwl and I'. II. A
Ifiividimr tailtuiiHiiif ffir I'nrl
........... ............... .
Iioiimm. trniitmctod liiisimi-w in ik-tul
lunt Saturday.
Tin; Rev. J. C. George will Imld
(cellar prtmehiilg jwrvlcmt In the
Jinptist church iibai Sunday morn
ing at it o'clock.
II. It. Sutchwdl of Ilcud h haul
liig telephone Mlc for the C. S. I
Co. to b lined in the company's
lino along their canal.
J. I'raiikSlrnud, accoinHiiiied by
ill wife mid Miss Nola Kevcr.
bent to Prineville Wediiemlny.
They cxxk! to return tint flriit of
hejtt week.
Dr. C. 1$ Ooin will iicntc the
cabin lie halt been occupying recent
ly on ttio Xichol much ami will
fciovc onto hU ditch land between
Itcnd and tie xiriiiieiit farin.
Albert Sel left Monday for
I'linevUle mid the Hayrack coun
try. He went afttr feed for the
lietid I.ivery A Transfer Co's bum
lie will return the llrst of next
I'. C. Knwtcc mid C. M. UeUriekl
en in to llentl WediicaUy. Thev
wore looking after the work con
liocted with the building of the
wiiiK-dnw at the D. I. ft Co'
Hig protinratkmit are being itinde
for lite "haul time dance" to 1
given on the nlfcbt of St. Vnlen
tliic'i day In the II. M. hall. The
proceed of thlti dance will go to
Iiiircha-ic inittrnmcnUt for the licud
The beautiful winter weather,
Wlt)i ntich an abundance of .sun.
.ihiuc. is Matting the early (lowers
from their winter's sleep. In the
Hardens around town the jonquil
bullw arc beginning to .sprout and
the buds on the rose bushes are
Traveler coining l) Hend from
Powell Hutted teKirt that much
plowluc in being done mid tunny
acres will mhui lx seeded. There
Is no frost whatever in the ground
liud the octrly seeding coulbiucd
with thin winter's plentiful amount
of iiiolmurc, ninures n splendid
harvest the coming season.
The building Into which Dr.
Nlchol will move Ills drug and
grocery stock is Iwing thoroughly
renovated. The partitions are be
ing removed and what was the
three rear rooms it being repaired.
Floyd Lobdoll and Nick Welder
art- putting on the new paper.
When completed it will make a
very attractive and commodious
.More room.
Work on Bund's flue new .school
litntsc is programing nicely. The
large chimney is-tiomplctcd nud the
Mnaller one will probably be
finished today, Fred Ilumulcl has
tor building these
considering the
and mortar rtt his
done verv cdod
flic carpenters nre working J
largely on me grouuu uwir mm
iiiiil are ilillshhig the three tower
rooms as rapidly as possible.
The Oregon Kastoru surveyors
moved their camp from He ml Just
Sunday morning to Wet Weather
.Springs. The present location is
only temporary una the camp will
Jirobably he moved at IheCiMdf
this week to VamlcVett'fl ranch ot
Uvu, where the bulk df tile pro
vision nttd graiil have aifeady bceit
tnken. ThU crew did a very'edm
ilieudable tiling bcfdfe leaving
lleiul, and tjial was to completely
Uleaii up all refde dit Hit canip
ground and bllrti it.
Uegistratiott of riei(f and Des
chutes voters lin$ beVu' delayed
Somewhat fecedtly dii rtcteo'tftft'of
running odt of registration Wankf
A new aty of these 'arrivelj' in
the Wednesday tlight nlaJl, nrtd' A
11. Orattt W tiovv "re'ildy 'to take
vpur itanie it fid party "nfilliatiofi
This matter 6f registering WitoM
hot be neglected. It fs desired to
poll the largest possible Vole at the,
county primaries'.' "This cannot be
done if the voters ilegleet to register
al oacu one so uotug win iusu un i
VOtCi i
TIiUiIiiih ltyaii wm 111 ilcnd fVoiil
hlw llprlvcr ranch lust Siilutdny
I,ce Caldwell of ItoMatltl itU.
tercd at Hotel Ueud last Sutllrdoy.
Alfalfa Inly, lO.d n tdil, at
llentl I.ivery & TruuslVr Co's
banii .jytf
Hire Inmitiiuce, legal Wanks, nd
tary jniblic and conveyancing at
The Central Oregon Hanking &
Trust Co. '. 46-49
I'riiulc Dreutl left Wednesday for
ins Homestead on the I umalo. He
will clear the laud, preparatory to
spring seeding.
Mr. and Mrs. 0. II. Krlckson
sent a few days in licud the first
of the week. They came in from
their ranch on Hear Creek.
.Make your sweetheart happy.
Grant can help you with elc
gaut new valentines he has on sale.
AIM) a line of uniipte valentine
(Kistal cards, 46-47
Hilly Hobisou startetl last Mon
day morning to drive through' to
Shumko with Mrs. Ildgau, Mrs.
II. J. P. McDonald and Miss Km
ma Krduiau.
II. J. dverturf has joined with
those who are improving their resi
dences in Heud. He has recently
planted 14 jHiplur trees around his
place, now occupied by W. T.
Harry linpiug, who lias been,
night clerk at the Hotel Hend for
some time, left last Sunday with
the surveyors for their new camp at
Wet Weather Springs. It is 1111-
deMtood he will r.ct as assistant
Die bonds voted for the con
struction of the new K'hool house
have attracted considerable atten
tion from outside capitalists mid
inanv bids are being received by
the school Iwatd. TliekO are all
Mralwl bids mid will I oixuied to
morrow, Feb. 1 a.
Mitts Kinina Urduinu, who has
lceu visiting her sister, Mrs. II. J
I. McDonald, for the txist six
mouths, left Monday morning for
her home at Seattle. She was ac
couiMiited by Mrs. McDonald who
will visit at the old home for a
mouth or six weeks.
A. A. Anthony returned to Ueud
FuuMlay evening after uu extended
stay at l'ortlaud and Mo.cow.
Idaho. During the greater pari of
his absence Mr. Anthony has been
taking treatment at a Moscow
hospital. He returned to Hend to
take up lii- residence oil his home
stead northeast of town.
The pic social last I'riday even
ing was it Very successful affair.
A pleasing program was heard oy
the crowd in attendance, after
which the pics sold rapidly. Many
more could have, been disposed of if
the ladies had had them. As n
result of the social 510.50 were
added to the church's funds.
James A. McCoy retarded Mon
day Irom a stay of some weeks 011
his homestead near Madras. He
turning he stopped at Redmond
and purchased Ho acres of ditch
laud in that vicinity. He already
owned 40 nerds there and this-will
give him lau acres all in otic piece.
Wednesday' he left Heud for this
laud uiul 'will begin improvements
on it. It lit six miles tidrthcast
of Ucdmoud. 1
The work of constructing the
wing ditm at the I). T. & P. Co's
headgrtte south of Ueud Of pro
gressing nicely. It hail ' been rf
very difficult plaCc to bu'lld n'dain
as the current is so swift" tit that
place. C. M. KedfieJd Itoid the
strength of the water a.t U'ditshed
through the ifarrow clfaiftief 'Vvoiild
pick up the huge ruckil thtJ men
were plndlllg for the1 dam and toss
them around like marbles,
Contrary to.thc opinions' df many
the Oregoif KMterti surveyors are
keeping OH the fast side- of the
river and will" not cross It nt
any place ill this t-iclAity. giving
Haiti tht' Hue as allrveyfcd swings
somewhat to tht eaftVtuuii'keepiiig
dn 1igl ground thul ajiproachiug
the rise ut 'tn vu butte on an easy
grade. During the' week thd crew
h.iiJ been runniig the line directly
tferorf a p'ortlon of 'thei lava betl,
and it will pass dhto The Meadows
east of Ittvu buttq. 1 1 -
No rfrmilt'niilouiit of Interest mid
Specuratiou was ttroiUctl '111 local
circles the first df the M-ecfc'by due,
T! V. SullauV vho arrived in'
Heud Friday ' night1 'on 'the atrtgc
and registered tit Hotel1 Ileiirf, He
iiiitdd-n.vcfy clost inspection of till
country hciVAbouts ami 'trdveldd Up
and ddwh' the rh'f oil foot, remark
ing ns he li'tirued' to the tititel oud
evening fttt -Ini' hAU cUvcd:Vit
lcast'2'5 mlleJ tjlat Ihiy. HC secured
t pl,'t dfl thfe'ltowtt aVidftclbk Mt
nUiwy with Wai. 'To rv Ilttitl mad
he stfid lib whs Afore.' th'aa pleased
with'tl'ic Jepuutry 10,tc oiul wns
positive that it hnd.n splendid future,
ouiet efforts , to determine the
reason' for his interest in Heud and
vicinity met no -sticcess. He was
entirely non-committal. It's your
stAMtco, are.
, r
1 tflif mm. ,. , i,UIMHil
J rtrr.!'"!."
: -'.-- . .. ---iv" "-" rr
1 IIHJItV'J.t.ld'iL-l.iiLJJt"1"' k I 1 u 11.
W lilTllllllliW 1
bllr High Grade Oodds oflered, Service and Jpw I'rlccJ, Aftrlt it
Oregon's Big
; I-'very cash purchaser can have n Grand Hntertaitier a Talk
ing Machine in tlfc home. We arc giving them away. Get
informed and save ofir coujxjiig.
lohu Ryan wss d Heud visitor a
few lwurs Thursday.
Good alfalfa hay, 516.50 n ton at
Hend Uvcry & Transfer Co's
barn. '47tf
Mrs. Christcuc Weidcr retunieil
to Heud Sunday from-- an cxtcndutl
visit in SKkaue, Washington.
Tout Langdon, one of the engi
neers for the D. I. Si P. Co.,-was
in Heud today on his way td the
company's hcadgatc .iouth of town.'
lie recently returned from a trip to
George Shobcrt moved his family
and household goods out to his
homettead at Powell Duties yester
day. He has been living in Hend
during the-winter sending the
children to school.
The Rev. J C. Gforge, who
preaches in Hend every- - second
Sunday, is to give an addreds at the
county Sunday School convention
at Prineyille on the topid "Reach
ing the Unreached."
Wednesday Lew Reed and C. R.
Mcl.alliu came from Ucdmoud to
rcpnlf a break in the ditch not far
from Btiid. The ice jamming in the
ditelt U causing considerable dam
age tlicrcfp during tile winter.
It seems that Clarence Parker
had a ruuaway yesterday morning
about seven tulles front Hend while
driving the stagft to Prineville.
Jim Sears reports that he passed
Parker driving n strange rig and
later Sears passed the stage tipped
upside ddwu, Hit tdugttc broken in
three plttccs, and' blankets, robes,
etc. scattered promiscuously avout.
In the absence of Parker", 'full par
ticulars could not be obtained.
i.i 1 1
If ybtt liavc, ndv.crtiiie-fbr it
Vou will 'surely get satisfac
tory results.
1l Here's n little fable a trufe
fable'. 'Three mouths 'agb u
tedlit'df'horses .-strayed nwny
front their owner nt Madras
Several vi!eka afterward he
Inserted 11 .4nlall dd.-nTHR
HUIyLlvTIN. As a result" the
horses were found in the vi
cinity of Silver Iyake.
It pays to advertise.
Moral No. -J '
r Advertise in TliliHRND'
Prlends and Neighbors Help V. C. Row
Ice Celebrate Ulrthilay.
HKlllOMi, I'cIi. 8. I'. C. Kovrlec was
very jiRrecnbly irpricI Ut Friday
evening, when d party of mcrryml.crii
Mthelel nt U IKtl Ul hrlp lilAl cell
lirHle hi blrtliiUy. Cunts nml dancing
uere hi order fur the evening and a very
pltwtant lline wan h.ltLjrtlU
Jtliret Ilroi. are puttrW in more Mielv
Iiir and rc-arranging the tntcribr oTtlieir
torr, titflkini; retuty for a Urge contijjn
iiieiitot Hood. '
C..M. Ulflel(l, who Iim, been Mipefin
teiulliiK the work at the ltendgates above
lVeml, arrived in Redmond Monday and
rvjwrU work proj(rciiiK nicely.
Mm. J. '. Circle U oil tjtc mcJ list.
11. ii. Cook of Portland in a Reduioud
vUitor this week.
Orn It, if nn tor came Monii from Dcnd
lat TuaMiay and will be with us lor a
few weeks.
(Tee Ittc for lnU wctk.)
C. H. Hhret left Ucdnlond Mondrtr on
on cxtemlcU wiMnein trip to I'ottimni.
Mr. Hhret expect to lc Rone a month.
Mr. Tackson has moved his hoUsc frolu
the rear of his store to hU lumber vanl
and will make the yard his headquarters
Irom now on.
C. P. Pecker of I.aidlaw and T. C.
Pecker of Redmond went to Prineville
WelucMlay to attend to tome business
matters. 1. ,
1'rclchtcr Wtlllfimsou nrri'el hi lown
Moudnv with a" large load of fufnilure
for II. T. JonM -1
J. V. WatMiil and A. O. UKlyeo
l'ortuiiil wefe In town Monday, lliey
are contemplaHii ail investment lit
Redmond tvil cltle. '
Jaiiiea McCoy, who has been spending
n fow weekn On Ills , tfomestewt near
Madr, jcnt ftveral day around town
look i ii j; over Mine la'ull. i
J. II. Cook is witii us once more and is
aaln doing biUluCM fit the old stand.
Mrs. Clios. Heed was' iA from the
Johnston rhnclt Monday and spent a few
daya with Mrs, P. C, Rowlcc.
1 ,.
Local Happenings Chronicled A Pica
foV Better Roads.
Tables supplied
First-class Equipment
'A. C. tUCAS, Proprietor
lied with all the delicacies of the season
tnc Rooms and Beds
All stages stop at the hotel door
, , RALP11 HEtPQN ,
General, ,BIacksrwthing and Wagon Repairing
.rrm&r QMSdiop is Jocatal opposUe JiAPtiChurch.
Commission and forwarding
Large, Comnwdioiis, Warehouse. Cotisigiirrknts Solicited
Profnpt attention paid to those; who
favor nre witll their p.(tfdlug.r,.....
' -
A Complete Stock of
At Bend,
Rough, Surfaced and jMouIdcd
All Widths, Lengths and Thicknesses-
At Bend, J
Oregon. .1
head ulocks
o. g. baseboard
stair treads
water table
o. g. battins
p". b, d. patent rooming
fence Pickets
Belircrei at
Low Cost
Anjrftkere oh
The Lands of
ffiie D. I. & P.
Co., or
The C. S. I. Co.
-. r , ij
ttiuAio, t'ch 0 Wfc were snrprised
SuiuKty inorniiiR to find the ground
cote red with snow bat it has diwpjxrafcd
Cattle are dolii- (ood this seitwn (m
the desert. Very few are tlnft fed.
II. R. Sntchwell of llrlilt pwsNt
through Tunmlo today, lie Is IrauliiiK
telephojio.potM for the C S. I. Co.
1' V Swischer Is mnkintjf nnc snlc
ktuntltd itunroMMimnts on fits place one
niile c4st n Uorc
f. f.WlncffoM AAl W. A. Mudd of
liidlaw Jrova out to Tunmlo Sunday.
Mr. McGoWftit expects to do some ini
tiroiux on his hoiucstea'd this sprim;.
lie ht nlfemly erected a very neat house.
Ta wafm (Irfj-s the past tui weeks
ll.ui. tlmu Mil ,1. ...iiy.lil tflll...!, en .lin.
plowing will KHui tie in full swhiK. Some mil active; paxf. in the political ttes
c already plowing in tlw McAllfster xlonS of the State. I have Studied
nciKinori.oor. , u coou,. carefdjly, arjd have
Doesn't it wake one feel well to 1 J$.,"nrf heiitatioi in' nfiirmint.that from
the Dtschutei Valley when they reiirt everv oq:." of view there has been a
ohoirt the fearful storms they arc Iwviugf I e ;'V P0'"1 9l Y'e J"6 uas ?." a
in most every other part ol the l tj ti marked !mprqyement in handling
t I' U(U Mliciv in llfV ltili Ul 4 ainillkq.
cusfoAi F&kb Mill in connection.
Pilot Btitte Developirient
An Advocate bi Wo'rnah Suifragc.
IiUCTiKtrfox, Oregdn. For ti
years i ha'vt lived in Idaho, at
ii6ise, thi1 capitol of the state, and
know vrcU the conditions before the
ballbt was givfcii to women and the
tondftfo,n's"siiice woWen lave ttken
. . , 1
where they thought it would be so
disagreeable and trying.
Iiidalio after several years of
experience we are, emiueutly
pieasea wiiu woman atitirage.
R. B. Wright.
our political problems-:'
Alt we IhcIc now in a. railroad. We Imve 'pfKlv neither of rlie n'artie: rfnre
j.r.'itoli'e some kind ol A ronrf. We - A?VY nJWPW.0Ji Wle W"1" aax.G
the munte.ipdlity qj- the man
whose, jfe .reputed to1 , be impure
pr imm,ora. The have lturnetl
that the wQmcn. cannp); he held in
line, even, wtt,h the paxthip. And
r before tlie .Nyomen Ver jVpters,. t,be
fmmoramy 0 1 ft ma, was nq gooa
reason, to either 61 tlia(par,tlc3 why
he sjiqvdd, pqt bq 9n:itj'atcd fpr
office . ,, v , r.
Siih bjjUqVVf131" Blven to
our vomcn. they are more intelli-
enn't .'t our kciictoim county otfitialsto
help w on our roaiis, so I jjuess we will
hae to telcumph Hnrriumu. rfe will
Ticlp w. Miiylw, It uriulrt hb n powl
tlriup if our election emiit in the wiutv-r
m tpu aspirunts to ofTtces would hue to
CO bumpety, htnnpoty nml skating dowl)
thy hill, probably IntuliiiK 1 URniiuit
tree o rock ot upsettlnj;. TheiiaVlpj
before they Htnrtt-d out on nnothcr'raufr
paiti they would see tlft. tlccvtHy o' a
(lljcrid appropriation to put Unj r"oads In.
shape so they could dail nloneT '""'l not
luiNO to carry a spring fntliioii t'o dfvold
tire Ixiinpi. 'i'his woulij iAtprove the
tfnftil mid the rountrv. If it did mlittiiii
ish that J 1-1,000 cn.un .'""d- fuinli wo gent pn te social, ecouomic, indus
heard m much about twfy Tfukstfop We trial aiid political questions, before
county fu a isj;rnc. Take of, Instance
from TFumalo to llnilf to mius, 'Biure
h aliout flU pet year expended on this
road, What can wo expect but u rough
ami tumble rle. lint there will come u
tiny, when the Deschutes will have some
buy.-Croaker Nil,
Oregon's Winter Climate.
,, II00U Hirer Mtws-IUcr.
Talking about flowers in winter
time in Hood River, Frank R. Dav
enport, brought us a "little bauch of
daisies" which he gathered "under
the pld apple tree" las Monday.
They were as fresh as a daisy and
lookeUas though they had never
seen allow,
' Of, Interest to Land Filers.
A JeJer recently regeived by J.
N. Hunter from the land office at
The EhOIeV giuss -tho information
lha,finpi pfqofj-cati,be. made at
Betid. Those persons whose laud
jiotices.,hye' been .published with
the place to make final proof at
Bend, can do so by havitig eithet
Max Luddemann or Don P. Rea
commissioners at Madras, or Coun
ty Clerk Smith come to Bend and
hear proof.
our pebplc and I belieVe they vote
mure conscientiously than the men.
Tljtf polting pfac'es on election
day are rntiet and orderly, and
women, even ' the most fastidious,
find absolutely nothing objectionable
Tell Your Neighbor
Wlutt a. welcome visitor to your
fireside THE BEND BULL
TIN ix each week.