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Seize Heavy Guns and Capture
Fortress at Vladivostok.
Dosparato Battle Botween Loyal and
ricbelTlout Troops Machine
Guns Turned on Lr.ttor.
St. Petersburg, Jani 27. That there
has been ft renewal ot the mutiny at
Vladivostok was confirmed by a tils
patch from that city tiled Thursday
and received hero lato tonight. The
dispatch indicates that tho mutiny,
which began last Monday, had not been
subdued, and that tho situation was
far more serious than was the outbreak
in November, as tho mutineers in
clude both sailors and artillerists, who
am in possession ot tho battery and
aie well armed with ritles and machine
guns, as well as having heavy fortress
General Mltschenko, who has been
cent to deal with the mutineers, the
dispatch adds, has no easy task, ai tho
Cossacks given him are ill suited for
capturing a fortified position. He de
clares that the promises ot Immediate
transportation home for the men, with
which the government ended tho for
mer revolt, are now scarcely effective.
The mutiny is due to the reserve
men, who are thoroughly undisciplined
and are clamoring for their Immediate
transportation home.
Arsenal Sacked and Pitched Battle
Fought in Fortress.
St. Petersburg Jan. 27. Reports
from Trans-Baikal districts ray that the
Coesacka have joined the peasantry and
expelled officials from office, forming a
revolutionary government ot their own.
Estates are being ransacked everywhere
in the district.
General Linisvltch has telegraphed
the Cxar that sailors in Vladivostok
have broken into mutiny and attacked
and wounded the commander of tho
fortress. The outbreak was caused by
the countermanding of an order to senu
them back to Europe.
Sailors Invaded the armory, seised a
quantity ot rifles, occupied the battery
and demanded the release of prisoners,
when Commander Selivalow remon
strated. The mutineers opened fire on
the commander and bis loyal guard'
and a general fight ensued, in which
the commander and others were wound
ed. A determined effort was made to
suppress the mutineers, in which there
was more firing and a determined bat
tle was soon raging.
In the fighting it is said there were
200 killed and many others wounded.
Cossacks have been sent to re i tore
Steamers Patrol Scone oCDUajler to
Victoria, B. 0., Jan. 25. Tho
wrecked steamer Valencia now Ilea sub
mersed and broken, but a portion of a
mast stands nbovo water and the fleet
ot steamer nud tugs hao "today been
turning their attention to patrolling
tho Vicinity with the hope ot finding
boats, ratta or wreckage still atloat with
survivors, though tho chances nro
Ashore, several parties have been
tolling over most arduous trails, some
carrying succor to thoso who wore
washed ashore, others scouring tho
rugged rocks of tho shore line seeking
for any survivors that may have
reached shore and bo lying hungry and
helpless, and others nro engaged in tho
melancholy duty of recovering bodies.
Ot tho total company ot 154, but S.I
havo been definitely accounted for, and
three men, believed to be other sur
vivors, wero seen on shore from the
whaling vessel Orion, near the wreck,
huddled about a tiro. Six survivors
havo been taken up on tho Salvor;
nine, most ot them so badly cut up and
bruised, without food, and so overcome
that they could not stand, much less
walk, are still camped at Darling
Creek, a telegrsph hut, and IS others
were picked up by tho City ot Topeka.
With tho three seen from tho Orion,
a mile and a halt from tho wreck, add
ed, the survivors total 30, leaving a
death list ot 110 persons. Not a woman
or child is among tho saved.
Scant hope is entertained by thoso
on board the patrolling steamers that
any others will he recovered, for the
doctors on rescuing tugs say the limit
ot human endurance will have been
passed before that time.
I '
in thYnationaThalls of congress I
Moroccan Conference to Draw
Rules Harmony Apparent.
Algeoiras, Jan. 27. Spain at today's
session of the Morooean conference pre
vented the draft of a convention provid
ing for a better rot urn of taxation in
Morocco, and also for the creation ot
new revenues. The conference afur
some discission expressed the opinion
that nothing should le proposed for
Morocco which may modify the lasi of
the present organization of the country
or be in contradiction of the habit ot
the Moroccan people regarding land
The conference decided that the wi rk
of drawing up the new rules 'hull Im
entrusted to the same committee which
examined the question of the control ot
the trade in contraband arms, with the
addition ot Belgian, Russian and Mo
roccan members.
ilerr von Radowitz, head ot iIih Ger
man mission, an M. Itevoil, chief of
the French delegation, had a long pi I
vate meeting today. Although the re
suits were not disclosed, the meeting
produced a distinct feeling ot optimism
among the delegates.
Germany Fears Socialists.
Berlin, Jan. 27 Several members ot
the Prussian house of lords today In
terpellated Chancellor von But-low
regarding the government's proposed
line of action against the Socialists.
They asked whether the government
thought the existing legislation ade
quate for opposing the Social Demo
cratic plans which are hostile io the
Fatherland, Count Kulenberg. in sup
porting the interpellation, predicted an
open struggle with the Socialists. If
the Socialists were let alone he mid,
the downfall of the empire must follow
Earllng On Tour of Inspection.
St. Paul, Jan 27 President A. J.
Earlintr, of the Chicago. Milwaukee
St. Paul railway, ar ived in St Paul
this afternoon at 3 o'clock on his "pe
dal train, and departed for the West
at 3:30. Mr Earling said hi" motion
was to look into the matter of truilnaN
for tlie Milwaukee road'a Pnolflc Cnast
extension, and that 'h would inspect
three routes which he had in view for
crossing the mountains. He declined
Undertow Snatches Nudo Body From
Party of Soarchers.
Victoria, B. C, Jan. 26. A dispatch
from Cape Uealo says that Llghtkeepcr
Paterson tits returned from the wreck
over the trail and reports that the
steamer Valencia is no more. Pieces
ot the steamer and her cargo were teat
tered along the beach when ho left.
The first thing seen by tho party from
Cape Beale was a trunk, evidently that
of a foreigner named Frank Novak,
and papers and clothing were found
with that name.
A nude body was seen in the surf,
but before it could be reached the un
dertow took It out and it sank in deep
water. Two bodies wero recovered from
the wreck, but neither could be identi
The beaches near whero the ship
went ashore are covered with broken
cases of canned fruit, butter, lemoni,
oranges and pineapples.
Friday, Jan. SO.
Washington, Jan. 20. Tho llrst at
tempt at tllihustertng during this ses
sion occurred lit the house today on n
Democratic endeavor to do'eat tho pro
vision ot tho urgent deficiency hill
waiving tho eight-hour law for foreign
laborers on the Panama canal. The
amendment was placed In the hill In
committee ot the whole after tho house
had divided many times on every pre
text which Williams could make the
cause (or a voto. When tho bill was
finally finished, late in the day, n de-
maud for a separate voto and roll-call
on that amendment was made and or
dered, nt which time tho house ad
journed. Tho voto will occur tomor
row. Tho nmondmont was ruled out
of tho bill on a point ot order on Tues
day, and its Insertion today was effect
ed under tho provisions ot a special
rulo brought in from tho rules com
mitted tor tho purpose.
Tho only other controversy ot the day
resulted from an attempt to increase by
15,000 tho amount for meat inspec
tion by the department ot Agriculture.
This increase was refused alter an ani
mated debate.
the courts pursued In Santo Domingo
could foreign nations bu prevented from
mining the custom houses ol that coun
try and securing a position there which
might threaten thu approaches to thu
Panama cnnnl.
Arouses Antagonism That May Kill
Pure Food BUI.
Washington, Jan. 20. The pure food
bill, that had a lair prospect of passing
the senate a week or ten days ago, may
find rough sledding before it gets
through. Senator Heyburn, who has
the bill in charge, made an able pre
sentation of his rase when first he call
ed it up for consideration; he met all
objections and did it in a friendly way.
But several times since, when tho son
alor has brought the bill before the
senate, he has made unfortunate re
plies to criticisms, and has aroused an
tagonism. The senate cannot be dri von ;
no senator oau compel the senate to act
in accordance with his wishes. It is a
case where more votes are caught by
sugar than by vinegar This fact has
apparently en-aped the attention of Mr.
Indeed, the junior Idaho senator, in
talking with his colleague, has stated
Itoastfully that he does not prnpoie to
bend to the managers of the Republi
can party in the senate; he will not
obliterate his individuality, hut will
assert himself, and by sheer force put
bis pure food bill through. This is an
unfort-nate attitude, for once the sen
ate becomes satisfied that Mr. lie) burn
proposes to ride over it rough-shod, and
drive bis col leagues into line, Jtnt that
soon the senate will demonstrate that
the power of a single senator in legis
lation is very small, particularly it he
be a comparatively new senator. Un
less Mr. Heyburn changes his attitude
and "stands in" witti the leaders he
will not get h's bill through.
McCall Sells Palace.
New York, Jan 20. John A. Mc
Call, ex-president of tho New York Life
Insurance company, has parted with
what he had often spek-n ol as his
most prized potrereion, the summer
palace he erected and furnished at
Long Branch at an expense of 1600,
000. The pure-hare prire was about
$.'(60,000. Of this amount Mr. McCall
receives only about $100 000, its the
property is mortgaged for $250 000.
The principal encumbrance is a mort
gage for $150,000, given to the New
York J-lfo Insurance company.
Battle In Now York Streets.
New York, Jan. 20. A score of Chi
nese engaged in a revolver battle in
the streets of Chinatown today, which
resulting in tho death ot two Chinese,
Ch ng Yong and Lee Soon; the mortal
wounding of a third, and the r-erious
Thursday, January 26
Washington, Jan. 25. Tho house
passed tho statehood bill according to
schedule today. The Republican opK
sition spent its entire force yesterday
and no effort was made to defeat tho
bill on Its final passage, only 33 of the
"Insurgents" voting agalnit it. The
bill passed by the vote of 104 to 160.
Tho debate which preceded this vote
bsgan at 11 o'clock and was practically
featureless so far as any hope was en
tertained ot changing the measure In
the slightest degree.
The bill as parsed provides that Ok
lahoma and the Indian Territory shall
ronsittuto ono state under tho name ol
Oklahoma, and that Arizona and New
Mexico shall constitute n state under
tho name Arizoua, Should the terms
of admission be ratified by the resi
dents ot tho two former territories,
their respective state constitutions
must cintaln clauses prohibiting the
sale of intoxicating liquors and plural
marriages. The constitution of Arizona
must prohibit the sale of liquor to In
dlans forever and that of Oklahoma for
21 years. There arc many other stipu
lations concerning schools, courts and
politloal subdivisions ot tho proposed
new states.
Washington, Jan. 25. Tho foreign
affairs of thu United States continued
to hold the attention of tho senstu to
day, tho Moroccan and Dominican mat
ters being immediately at issue. Money
was the principal speaker and ho talked
for over two hours in opposition to the
course of the administration with ref
erence to both Santo Domingo and Mo
rocco. Ho contended that there was
danger ot becoming involved unneces
sarily in the affairs ot other countries
by participation in the Algeciras con
ference and that this country was not
sufficiently concerned witli tho conduct
ot affairs in Santo Domingo o justify
our course in that island. He also took
the position that the president had
transcended his authority there. Hey
burn spoke In support of the annexa
tion of Santo Domingo.
Wednesday, Jaunary 24.
Washington, Jan. 24. When the
smoke nf the liveliest legislative battle
of the seeslon had cleared up in the
house today, Speaker Cannon and his
organization were in complete control
and the joint statehood program of tho
administration had been adopted.
Previous to the vote the debate on
tho rulo had proceeded under high ten
sion The speeches wero short hut
the word uttered wero hot and lull of
s ing.
The rule adopted provides that tho
bill granting statehood to Oklahoma
and the Indian Territory as "Oklaho
ma," and Arizona and New Mexico as
"Arizona," should he debated until 3
o'clock tomorrow and then voted on
without opportunity for debate. The
house adjourned at 6:30 o'clock, after
agreeing to meet at 11 o'clock tomor
Washington, Jan. 24 Mr. Lodge
today presented in the senate the pol
icy of the administration in the matter
of the Algeciras conference over the
Morocco and also with referenco to
Santo Domingo, He defended tho
course of tho president In both In
stances, contending that our represent
ation at the Moroccan conferenco was
essential to the protection ot Amorlcan
commercial interests and that only by
Tuesday, January 23,
Washington, Jan 23, For innro than
three hours today Spooncr occupied the
time ot the senate In explanation and
defense of the course of thu adminis
tration relative to tho Moroccan con
ference at Algeciras, Spain, nud In con
nection with Santo Domingo. Tho
speech was delivered to crowded gal
leries and to a well filled senate, at.d
received careful attention throughout.
It was In tho main a response to tho
speeches ot Bacon and riltman, and Its
purpoao was to justify the president's
acts In both the matters under discus
Washington, Jan. 23. Tito eight
hour law cannot bo abrogated (ar work
on tho Panama canal and caual com
missioners cannot receive additional
compensation beside their salaries as
commissioners. Thoso two changes In
tho urgent deficiency appropriation bill
now under consideration by the homo
was tho net result ot today's session.
Innumrahlo amendments seeking to
perfect tho bill as to caual ground pur
chases, purchases ol coal tor the navy,
etc., consumed time In discussion, tut
met defeat when a vote was taken.
When the session ended, about half of
tho bill had been considered. It will
bo laid aside tomorrow, when tho state
hood hill Is to bo brought In and to
havo tho right ot way until disposed of.
Monday, January 22.
Washington, Jan. 22. The qnestlnn
ot regulating railroad rates took prac
tically all ot tne time of the senate to
day, notwithstanding that no bill with
that end In view has been reported
Irom tho Interstate commerce commit
tee. Tho dlecuselon of tho subject was
In connection with Clary's speech, AI
drlch, Forakor, Bailey and New lands
being tho priuciplal participants In ad
dition to Clay hiui-eif.
Clay advocated the passago ot a hill
which would gtvo tho Interstate Com
merce cnmmliaioii power to regulate
rates, when complained of, and said
that, it there was no legislation along
that line, the country might count up
on agitation of tuo question of govern
ment ownership. In that connection,
he refsrred to tho large vote given Mr.
Hearst in tho lato New Tork municipal
election as an indication of the poplari
ty of municipal ownership ot public
Washington, Jan. 22. With a point
ot order pending, tho eight-hour clause
ot tlie Panama caual Item in the urgent
deficiency bill was buffeted about In
debate during tho greater part of to
day' ses-lon ot the house. The debsto
was general and the iKiint of order
which will be made by Hogg of Colo,
rado, or by Williams, tho minority
leader, can only Imi made when tho sec
tion Is considered for amendment.
While the eight-hour provision ot
tlie Panama part of tho bill la what is
objected to most strenuously, speeches
were mado for and against the adminis
tration's canal policy. Williams, the
minority leader, declared tlie work of
digging ought to bo done by contract,
Du Armond, of Missouri, Immediately
contended that this could not lie done
successfully, and Burton, ot Ohio, urg
ed that congress should scrutinize ap
propriations. Hepburn, ot Iowa, urged
the necessity of centralization in re
sponsibility, and wanted the president
held responsible for the work.
.Strikes Rocks In For Oil- thu Strait
of Fuca,
Victoria, II. 0., Jon, 23. Tlioslenm
or Valencia, which was en mute to Vic
toria (rum Hun FraiiuUco with 01 pas
sengers nud a crow of 00, went nshnio
at midnight Inst night during n thick
tog, at Clin) One, near Cnrmniinl, point,
ami n large number were drowned
when attempting tu leave the ship.
Tho steamer is on thu rocks against a
high cliff, and Is likely to go to pieces
nt any time.
One boat' crew reached Cape llealo
at 3 o'olovk this afternoon, and iitnu
men got ashore near the telegraph
huts, about Hi miles (rum the light
house. When the boats worn lowurod, soon
alter the vessel was driven Into the
slurre alter she began to sink, there was
a great loss of lite, The lainta tilled
with women and children wero smashed
against the side ol thu steamer and 1 1
In them were lost.
The lights had gone out by this time,
and the crew could not see to wurk
Seven boats and three lllo raits were
lowered. Only two ol thorn have Jieon
heart! from.
There wero thought to be about 100
persona still on tho wteck, and tho sur
vivors who reached Cape licit I o say at
least At) were drowned alongside tho
steamer before they left.
Tho Ixiatswalrt and tlvo seamen were
sent to secure assistance, and are the
only ones that reached Capo llealo, ar
riving there about 3 o'clook.
lilylituon, Hull Demi, Survivors
ol Viiluiuilii, rickml Up,
Lighthouse Keeper at Carmanah Fllss
First Telegram.
Victoria, B. C, Jan. 23. A tils
patch (torn Cape llealo says the steamer
lost Is tho alonola of San I-ritiiclsco,
which went ashore on the Vancouver
island coast nrar Ctoo Osn. The light
homo keeper says between 00 nud 00
were drowned.
The news ol the disaster on Vancou
ver Island coast Is meager, being run
fined to the mepge received by Car,
tain (iitudlii, agent ol marine, (rum
Lighthouse Keeper Peterson at Carma
nah, saying as follows:
"Steamer wrecked Itrlwcou hero and
Ctoo Ote, AIhiuI 100 drowned. Nine
reached talrgiaph hut. Will wlrn morn
imrticulars as soon as possible."
Cloo Ote Is about live or six in 1 1 hi
from Carmanah point, and 06 ml leu
(ram Victoria. Cape llealo I ISA mile
from Ictorla, at the easterly entcranco
to Barkley sound.
Saturday, January 20.
Washington, Jan. 20. Tho cry ol
gralt railed In tho house of representa
tives this afternoon caused tie defeat
ot an amendment to an urgent deficien
cy bill appproprlatlng $10,000 to sup
ply an expresi deficiency In tlie fund
used for tiie payment ot transporta
tion charges on silver from the sub
treasury to trade centers. Tho amend
ment was proposed by General Kloler,
Hep., and was opposed by Iteprsenta
lives Tawney, Minn,, Smith, la., and
Hill, Conn. Representative Hill raised
the point of order against It. Ho Inst.
Hill charged that tho appropriation
was a speales ot graft for the express
company. Htnltti joined in tuo declar
ation that it was no longer necessary
for the Federal government to continue
tlie appropriation, and that if the
transportation ot rilver wan not made
so profitable tho coin would remain in
circulation longer.
Hague Delegates Chosen,
Wai-hiiigtnn, Jan. 22 Secretary
Root today announced that the Ameri
can representatives to the approaching
conference to be held at Thu Hague will
ho Joieph II Chcato, formerly ambas
sador to England; Horace Porter, for
rnor ambassador to France, and Judge
Rose, of Little Bock, Ark., ex presi
dent of the American Bar association.
Besides these delegate there may be
others, thu number being conditional
upon the Russian representation, and
there will also be a number of secre
taries, stenographers and interpreters.
injury of a fourth combatant. Tho Nswlands' Plea Against Bill.
battle was betwe n members of the two Washington, Jan 23. Senator New
rival societies, the IIp Sings and the lamia tmlnv mutinied his statement in
to eay where these routes were located. On Leongs. Chinatown was full of opposition to the Philippine tariff bill,
visitor at the time, witnessing tho eel- i ., hearing now proceeding beforo
ebration of the Chinese New Year, tho senate committeo having in charge
, this measure. He took the position
Give Isle of Pines to Cuba, that it would be cruel to tho Filipinos
Washington, Jan 20. The senate to accustom them to a subsidized price
committee on foreign relations '-oday for their sugar and return them to tho
world's prlro. about iao a ton lets,
when the Philippines are separated from
Investigate Abuse of Chinese,
Washington Jan. 27. Senator Till
man has introduced n resolution di
recting tlio committee on immigration
in InvesiiifHte charytB nf 11) trea'mei t
of Chinwo aliens traveling In tie voted to' report the treaty with Cuba
United Stato- by officers of the Immi tolfng the Isle of Pines to that repuh
gratlon sorvico.
lie The treaty was not amended. this government,
Wants Philippine Socrotary.
Manila, Jan. 23. T. II. Pardo du
Tavern ha resigned his positinn an a
number ot thu United States Philip
pine comrnlslon, assigning as a reason
his bullet that tho Filipinos should
havo a portfolio. His resignation lias
offered an opportunity for one of his
colleagues to express a desire that in
the future there be a Filipino delexato
In congress, Commissioner Idu is re
ceiving thousands ol congratulations on
his appoinment as governor, which is
universally approved, tho'igh many re
grot the transfer of ex-Govornor Wright,
Irrigation Engineers Confer.
Washington, Jan. 22. Irrigation en
gineers ot tho department of Agricul
ture, under the direction of IS 1 wood
Mead, are in conferenco In Washington
to outline the work for the coming teu
ton. A. P. Stover, of Oregon, and 11,
O. Raechbacher, of Idaho, are attend
ing the meeting. Thoro enginucra nro
not connected witli tho Reclamation
service, but make a special study of
water resources, tho use of water and
drainage problems.
Ambassador White Trias to Reconcile
Germany and Franca.
Algeciras, Jan. 24. Henry Whlti,
tho American ambassador to Italy and
head ot the American delegation to the
Moroccan conference, Is making tho
weight of tho United States felt In
quiet endeavors to bring Franco and
Germany nearer together lielore Jlho
disputed questions arise In the conven
tion. Thu questions cannot lie long de
layed. It has been Impossible for the "nlted
States to taku the lead in seeking a way
toward an agreement that shall guaran
tee to all the countries an equal footing
In Morocco and yet recognize In tome
respects the sm-clal rot itlou ol France.
It Is a difficult task, but all the govern
ments, except those directly concerned,
are assisting In It, beeauso of the dan
ger of thu situation, should the confer
ence (all in settlement.
Rescued Say Ninety Poopla Ware Sllll
GIlMglnrj to RiKt'J'ig, Rut Can
not Long Survive.
Seattle, Jan. 26, A spoolal repre
seulatlve ol the Post lutelllgeneer wires
from Port Angeles at 3i30 a, m. thnt
thu rescue ship City o( Ttikepa nicked
up a Meruit at I o'olotk yesterday af
ternoon six miles off Cape llealo with
1H survivor ot the Valencia on hoard.
The men were in n pitiable condition
and almost dead (rum exposure, The
wurk ul rescuing them was dangerous.
Thu limn were too exhausted to even tie
a rope around themselves.
The rait put tint (mm the wreck
when tho Queen was sighted and si
tempted to reach her, but before It
could get within sighting distance that
vestal put about and headed to the
straits, where she spoke the Topeka
and toiil ol seeing tho Valencia, When
the Tukepa hove In sight the rati was
once more maunrtl and put forth, with
the result that It was rescued.
The survivors told terrible tale of
the wreck ol the vesel They said that
she will break up before morning and
every soul on loard will hn tl. Wnni
they left the ship, there were alxmt V0
people still on board, most ul them
clinging to the rigging.
After fdcklug up the rait, the steam
er went in search ii another rati which
the rescued men raid had left the ship
earlier In the day. The vessel ran fully
ft) miles to the other side tit the wreck
looking l'ir the craft, hut ih slun ol it
has til be seen. It Is the general Im
pression that the rait foundered. Jt
wa utterly unable fur human Mug- in
live lung ihi a rait In the terrible hh
during the rain ami hitter cold wlml.
Vessel Reported Ureken Up.
Ylrtorla, Jan. 24. A dlspairb re
ceived by W. F. llullei, el Kqulmlt,
one ol the owners of the str-smr Sal
vor, IriHu his brother, II. F. Mullen, on
lwmrd at Bamtlehl, sy the Valvwla
broke up this afternoon. Since aUiul
noon yesterday nssUtancu was liumtl
hle Ix-tMtiso ot the heavy teas.
Venezuelan Mlnlstor Refutes Explan
ation of Talgny Incident.
Willemstad, Jan, 23. Advlres re
cnlved here today say that the denu of
thu diplomatic corps nt Caracas, tho
Belgian charge d'affaires, has conferred
wltii Senor Tbarra, tho Venezuelan
Foreign minister, on the Incident at
tending the embarkation of thu ex
French chargo d'affaires, M, Talgny, on
hoard tho French steamer Martinique
oft La Uuayra, January 14.
Senor Ybarra evaded thu request and
treated the Talgny Incident lightly, rc
marking that M. Tatguy had "allowed
himself to bu caught like a rat In a
--- I,,
Klnjr Peter's fhrono Shaky.
London, Jan. 24. Special dispatches
from Vienna to the Indon papers are
Inclined to attribute thu strained rela
tions between Austria-Hungary and
Servla partly to thu waning Influence
ot King Puter. The king la reported as
being powerless to control the policy ol
his cabinet owing to tint growth ol Und
id I and Republican lulluerires, The
uorroMKindont ot the D.tlly Mail says;
"It la believed In A -stria that the days
ot thu Knrageorguvitch dynasty an-
numbered nud that King Peter and his
family will be expelled, '
Are Shut Up In Kansas.
Chicago, Jan 24. A dispatch to the
Tribune from Chanute, Kan,, says:
The independent oil refiners of Kansas
havo mailed to James It, Garfield, com
mlsiloiiur of corporations, an appeal for
justice against the alleged conspiracy
between tho Standard Oil company and
tho railroads to shut Kansas nil nut of
thu market. Tho refiners who signed
tlie appeal havo Investod more than
$1,000,000 In reflnorlcs, tank cars,
storage tanks, wagons ami barrels.
Asks 02,000,000 for Mllltla.
Washington, Jan 24 The Natlannl
Guard association today reaffirmed Un
approval of thu bill ponding in the sen
ate and house, carrying an annual ap
propriation of $2,000,000 to increase
tho efficiency of thu mllltla and to pro
moto rifle practice,
Senators Stand In with Evasion of
Rules to Help Him.
Washington, Jan. 23, One nf tho
most remarkable priK-rdeores In the
history of the senate prmirrrd today lit
order to avoid a technicality which
prevented Senator Burton, ot Kansas,
Irom drawing his inllenuo for the pres
ent session. In order tn have bin
requisition honored, it Is necessary for
some official of the senate to take oath
that liu had seen the senator In tho
chandier, but since thu Indictment ami
conviction ot the Kauias senator, h
has not apHared In thu elmmlxir.
There Is no disposition un the part nt
any one to withhold the mileage, ami
tho senator, therefore, was asked In
step from tlie cloakroom Into the cham
ber for n moment In order that hn
mlght he recti by some ollh-lal He r!o
ullned, but an employe engaged him la
conversation in the cloakroom near the
entrance to tho chamber. The employe
suddenly turned the senator so that hi
farted the chamber and, the attention
of the officials previously having been
dliectrd toward this door, he was seen
from the chamber. It was then certi
fied that Senator Burton was In attend
auco ami his mileage was paid him.
Flood Sweeps Valleys,
Weston, W. Va,, Jan. 25. A heavy
rain storm resembling a cloudburst
pasted over the southeastern ortlon of
this state yesterday, flooding Cherry,
Holly, and Klk rivers and carrylnir
away bridges, houses and many million
leet nf valuable timber. In Rich wood
the water rose five fret In the houses,
The water carno up so suddenly that
men, women and children had to wadn
walst'deep out ol their home to tho
mountains. Over 12 miles n the' Hully
river and Addison railroad wus washed
away near Hurley Junction,
Amorul Exclusion Law,
Washington, Jnn. 26, Roprrnontas
tlvo roster, ol Vermont, Introduced a
bill today modifying tho provision of
tho (Ihlneco exclusion net so thnt
merchants, Ktudents and other cIiihsi-h
entitled tn enter thu United Slates may
do so without being subjected to the al
leged Indignities complained nt by tho
Chinese government. The bill provided
that after Chinese linve been admitted
to tho United States they are entitled to
trial before they can be expelled.
General Wheeler III.
Now York, Jan. 23. Brigadier Gun
oral Joseph Wheeler, United Hlntt-B
army, retired, Is seriously III at tho
residence ot his sister, Mrs. Sterling
Smith, In Brooklyn, He bus been con
fined to his bod for three day with rt
bronhclal affection There In tear thnt
his Illness may develop into pneumonia.
Entombed In Ooal Mine.
Poteau, I, T,, Jan, 26, New had
boon roculvd hero of nn explosion la
miuu no u at Wlttovlllo, n mining vil
la un three mih-s from here, and It la
said that 30 minera nro entombed.