The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, January 12, 1906, Image 5

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J I llll I II UK !'.. 1. 11 1 , 1 1 1 in 1 I,, !. j .1
H Li
Cliiirlci mill Jnck Wainicr of
TiiiiiiiIo were Ituiidvl.sitoirt Monday.
Kcttioiulicr the prcncliliijf nervlctm
itt the I In it l.'it clniicti next Sliiulify
Mr. mid Mrs; Clmrlus Rood have
Ik'cii lU-ntl villoi a linger portion
of tills week. .
Flue burred Plymouth lock
rooster, full blooded, Tor miilu at
f.3 50 vneh. C. H.Al.l.ltM. tf
Mrs, Hogim, si.tter of Mih, IIiicIi
O'Kunu, Is NtifToiliig with nn nttuck
of la K'l'lw'
I'liHttiriige for lioiso,
So wnti n
week, fi a inoiltli, titr Iteml.
if li. W. Mokkii.i,.
II. J. Uverturfwlll UhcIiIii Mi
Ruth Reld'.s pint lit the Haul pub-lu-
w-hoot during tier lewve of ulv
Ted Henry, J. F. Nell mid Hrl
Neil came litim LaldlMW Monday
1 veiling to attend the Woodmen re-
Dr. II. F. Iltitler, deiilUt, will ar
rive in Ilend ttMlay and will le here
. wral duv to do dental work for
Itiixte detltltlK It. .I-U
Ml. S M, mikI Mim Whitted
viii'cil during the pant week or 10
I ut at the Gideon liomeMeiul on
tin- Tumalo, thtce mll MiitlitvetU
o) Ik-ud.
Ocorup L. fllininouq nfLtilMlaw
wiw n cnllor In IJciid Wediietfdrty.
JIiikIi O'Kniie k having nn loo
IiotiHe built on lots east of t,c ,oto,
Mm. Frank West left Hcud Sun.
day for a visit of Mvcriil weeks In
Have ou seen (haul's display ol
fruit oranges, applas, bananas ami
lemons? (,olf
The ncIiwiI bell was heard uf;u!ii
Monday inoiiiliur after n two'
Mr. ami Mrs. Charles Reod were
Ileud visitors during a portion of
this week. Hoyer, a traveling man of
Portland, was a lieud culler tliu (Irsi
of the week.
-iirrn. wa i 1 ni- wmm iT m- K 4 IT -T" 5 -
a2JsMfo, one.
Tout I'ttrminton oauie from Red
ta'iil Ihi HuudH)' for a week or 10
dis visit in IMrud. Front here he
will go to Seattle, WmIi , to attend
t j buitiuew mattm.
0 A. Jones. notary public, ran
'- lotiud at Tin Bulletin office
ti.ntv to draw and ncknowldn
li"l nul mortgage, and attet
1 ijk-w of niiy sort. Typewriting
! IK. .ltf
II T. Jotut f Portland. pccil
-,t t.t of tb Kovcrttweut, arrived
hi I lend MimwImv mi h tour of In-
Ii tton. lonnccled wllh home
vt,l, tiinlvr claim, etc. in this
Advertised letters in the Rend
xtiflice ure m follow: M. D.
(otl'tt, Heft Jamta, Ml. Mollk
Martin, (5. I.. TIioinimoii, John M
IniK'iinn, Mrs. I.iuWe
W. IMior. Woodcock
Ilcwv Wilson. W. M. WIU011, Mint
J,.kc Wolfer.
Chnrh - Ket wss In Hetul Ttien
d.iy from the Johunlou isuch. Mr
Kud cxects to hnvc a tliwiMiud
ncrts under cultivation on the ranch
next summer. I'IowIuk bus been
prahibitcil of Intc by frost in the
Ktotind, but the task of pulling the
juuiers and cutting off the wijje
bruih Is RoiiiK steadily forwnrd.
Mrs. A. M. Drake left lust Mon
d.v muruttiK for I.os AukcIuo, Cab,
where sh will remain until spring.
Mrs. Drnke is not in very j;ood
health and it is Iiojh.nI tbe warmer
California climate will benefit her.
She was HCConuMtuied as far as
Portland by Miss Ruth Reid, who
went to coiitult a specialist regard
ing a trouble, which she has had of
lite, with her eyes. "Dud" WeM
dne to I'niicvillc with them.
'p.. -..-.. t
1 II1IIVI , J.
& Taylor,
Toilet Articles
Prescriptions Carefully
Wc carry In stock every
tiling usually handled by a
first-class tlniRstore lucludlnp;
Stationery, School Supplies,
Mngazlncs, Toilet Prepara
tions, Confectionery, Ci,'rs
and Smokers' Supplies, and a
Pine TJne. of Watches and
Merrill Drug Co.
Bend, Oregon.
Horn, to Mr. and Mis. P. IS.
Dayton of Iiidlaw, a topound sou,
011 January 10.
The HciiJ Social Club will Kivon
dance at Its club hall tomorrow
welling. Hvcrylxxly iuvlttd.
The P. H. D. Co's mill was
shut down Monday and Tuesday
in order to repair the furnace.
John P. Parrott, rcprcAciilliiK a
tea and spice hous ol Portland,
visited Ilend the first of the week.
Office rooms for rent lu the Pilot
Hulte Development Co.' office
iHiildhiK. Apply at the comNiuy'H
oiiieu. tf
Wc have for service at our home
stead, three tulles south of Hem), a
Hereford bull.-iKANcr & Oak
matt, tf
Mrs. C. A. Jotius and her
datiKhtur, Miwi Grace, entertained
a small Ntrty of friends Wednesday
Mayor Goodwillle was a hii'duc.'ts
culler at Prlueville Saturday Inst.
lie rettiniwl to Ilend Monday
Pok SAl.K Several work and
driving holies. Musi Ixr Mild
J nick. P. I,. Tompkins, Hank
uildiiiK- .tjtf
The Musters have leeu hnuliug
1ok for tlwlr mill the mst two
week and uxecl to begin snwhiK a
wevk from Monday.
A. P. Ilardbury, repreMiitiug the
Pacific Coast Hlscult Co., of Port
laud, was doing bttsiucMi in Hetul
the first of the week.
Miss Jackh; Hrock, who has been
working for the Laidlaw Chronicle,
left for Portland recently to join her
father and mother at that place.
ISarl Knight of Redmond came
to Heud Wednesday for a few days'
stay. He is assistine; in repairing
the I). I. & P. ditches near Heud.
Mrs, Ralph Sheldon ami Miss
Nolo Kcvcr were initiated into the
Mistletoe Camp of the Royal
Neighbors at Heud last Tuesday
Mrs. II. Taylor, 1(. D. I.utf aid
S. 0. Hadley or Silver Lake
registered at Hotel Heud Tuesday.
They were 011 their way to. The
I. D. Jarvis U building au ice
house for A. H. lUtobouut at the
rear of the White House Har. Its
dimensions are 1.1x34 feet with so
foot XtS.
T, C. Ryan and wife came in
from their ranch Saturday. Mrs.
Ryap remained a guest at the
Hotel Rend, while he returned to
the work on the ranch.
Charles Reed, I,ou Lovcl, Orace
Woodward, Joe Grainm and Guy
At wood arc iu Heud this week
stopping up sinks itt tile Central
Oregon ditch not far from here.
Kenneth Minor gave a party to a
number of his young friends last
Saturday evening. Qames of vari
ous descriptions passed the time
away pleasantly for 13 or 14 guests.
A. C. Stubling, of the Stubling
r.lipior House at The Dallas, was it
Heud business caller Tuesday.
Wednesday, iu company with A.
W. Clothier, he drove to Rosland,
returning later iu the week.
Arthur W. Clothier, rqprescntlng
the Massachusetts Mutual Life In
surance Co,, and also handling a
line of shoes for Goodwin Ilros.,
arrived iu Heud Tuesday. Wednes
day he drove to Rosland on busi
ness matters.
Ralph Sheldon has just completed
a large sled for Andrew Robinson
for hauling logs from the woods' to
the I.iustcr mill. The front run-,
tiers are nine feet long, the rear
ones eight, and the bunks measure
eight lect in width.
Mrs. Henry Muster met with
quite a painful accident last Satur
day morning, While coming to
town she slipped and fell, breaking
her left arm just above the wrist.
I)r. Coc reduced the fracture and
she is getting along nicely,
Harry Hill, of the firm of White
& Hill, reached town Tuesday after
a business trip along the river south
of Heud. While gone he bought a
number of fine cattle from Charles
Graves, also 100 head of sheep from
the Daly ranch ut Hear Creek
A Happy and
Prosperous New Year
n mm inn iii iimiii 1 11 1 iTunirn -itw i ' ' 11 ? pfiwiiniia.iii
About a month or six weeks ago
W. P. Vaudevert shot and killed a
large black bear on his ranch
near Lava, He brought the
skin to Heud and Wednesday sold
it to ISarl Knight. Mr. Knight
will ship it east and have it made
into a rug.
It. I. Rose and Mist I,ora Mc
Daniels came from Priueville to be
preMMit at the Woodmen Reception
In Heud Monday evening. While
here they were the guests of Mr.
ami Mrs. John II. Starr at Hotel
ll-iid. They returned tn Prlueville
A. II. Grant has just completed a
holt? 16x18 feet on his homottetid
went of the river, about a mil and
a half southwest of town. ltd.
Hrrxtcrhous did the work. Mr,
Grant is having a number of ikmih
cut and will fruce about 10 acres of
the homestead.
Misa Ruth Reid has been granted
a slate certificate, for five years, by
the dciMrtmeut of education of the
state of Oregon. Miss Reid sub
mitted school papers granted her iu
New Brunswick and received the
Oregon certificate from the showing
made by these patwrs.
Heud people, receiving letters
from Antelope, are informed that
the great theme of conversation at
that place is the excellent chance
Bend has for a railroad iu the very
ucar future. It is considered a sure
thing by Antelope people.
Mayor Goodwillic gave a sleigh
ing parly to 16 friends last Friday
evening. They drove south to Hen
bam Palls, and enjoyed a pleasant
ride and the beautiful moonlight for
two and a half to three hours. Re
turning the party stooped at the
A. M. Drake home where hot
coffee was served.
District Deputy John II. Starr
reorts that there will le a joint
public installation pf the Modern
Woodmen and Royal Neighbor
officers at Priueville on January 32.
These two camps arc in a very
flourishing condition, the Woodmen
having a membership of too, the
Royal Neighbors 75.
G. W. liastntau and R. A. Rose
passed through Heud Tuesday on
their return trip to their Washing
ton homes. They had been to Sil
ver I.akc attending tq matters con
nected with a timber plnitn. Mr.
Rose was well pleased witlf this
country and says he tuay come to
Heud to live iu the spring.
C. S. ISaton is having a large
sage brush grubber made for use 011
the h. A. Baldwin rnnclj. Jt is be
ing made similar to the one invent
ed by George Simmons, who has n
ranch near I.nhllnw. This utachiuc
will have a 7-foot blade and will re
quire four horses at least to woik
it. Ralph Sheldon is making the
upon iu that vicinity and that the
country there is settling up rapidly.
Water can be obtained at a depth of
from 15 to 20 fiet." At tlmt depth a
yellow sand is found and upon dig
ging into it a foot or two water be
gins to flow and rises four or five
feet in the well, remaining at that
heighth. Chrismaii of Silver Lake
has installed sn electric light plant
at his hqtel and uses gasoline en
gine for power. Tlii plant is also
uied to light the town. The farm
ers near the village intend to wire
their residences and will conduct
the current to their home.
Tramped In the Woods Two Days and
Nights without Pood.
I,ot in the timber two days and
two nights without a bite to eat was
the experience of Michael Rogers a
few days 'preceding Christmas. Mr.
Rogers hasa homestead iu 21-15, in
the vicinity of tbe ice caves, and
one day started out to hunt. He
wandered into the woods some dis
tance from the beaten paths. As
darknois came on and he desired to
return home he found that he could
not tell north from south nor cast
from west, could not find the road,
and therefore was lost. That night
he had enough inatchcf to keep a fire
burning. Iu the morning he start
ed again iu the vain search for his
homestead and tramped all day.
Night found him still far from any
human habitation, with the supply
of matches exhausted, no fire, and
110 food. Consequently he trumped
all night in order to keep warm.
The following day was spent in the
same unsuccessful search for home
About 9 o'clock that night, Sat
urday, Dec. 23, I. H. McCjuii was
awakened at his homestead in 19-12
oy Hearing What lie at ttrst sup
posed was a cougar crving in the
tinil)cr. Listening a moment he
heard the call repeated and fearing
it might be someone in need of help
he opened the door and answered.
Immediately the question came out
of the darknos, "Where are you?"
Mr. McCann told the questioner to
come, north, and upon being in
formed that he didn't know which
way was north, got a light and put
it where it could be seen, whereup
on Rogers soon stumbled into the
cottage. He was almost exhausted
by his long tramp and fast and sank
upon the lloor, too tired to stand.
Mr. McCaun prepared a slipper for
him, gave him a bed for the night,
and in the morning stocked him
with a day s provisions and took
him to the ice cave road, where he
soon located himself and easily
found his way home. He had been
going directly away from his home
stead and was distant about 24 miles
from home, but had walked much
fartjtcr ip his wandering through
the woods.
Kobcrt Gathcrgood, who is work
lug for White & Hill, had a team of
horses down iu the ditch " east of
Heud last Sunday. lie drove into
the ditch where the road crosses it
to get water for use iu the slaughter
home, and then attempted to turn
around by circling down the ditch a
short distance. One horse got mir
ed iu soft grpiuid and fell in such a
manner that its head was held
utider water. The other, in the
rumpus that followed, also got
down but did not thrash about any.
Gathcrgood was obliged to get out
into the water and help the one
mired or he would soon have had a
drowned horse. Fortunately no
damage was done to the harness or
J, N, Hunter returned Tuesday
from n trip to Silver Lake. He re
ports that within the past few
mouths xd claims biwe wcu filed.
florscs Strayed.
Strayed away from Madras,
Crook county, Oregou, about the
first of November, 1905, one black
uiarp, weight about 1,400; one
sorrel, yearling, horse colt. All
branded single heart 011 right
shoulder. Were last seen at Heud.
Any information regarding the
above described horses will be suit
ably rewarded. Address all com
munications to Edward Holcomb,
Hieber, Lassen Co., California.
Notice Is hereby given that the co
partucrnhip heretofore subsisting be
tween the umlcrhtgned mid II. W. Recti,
under the firm name ami style of Slcldl
& Reed (nlbo the Deschutes Lumber
Company) has ticeu dissolved by mutual
consent. Accounts due the former co
partnership may be paid to either of the
former partners. (40-43) John- Sritiur..
Dr. V. S, Nichol returned home
last Satuaday, having spent a
week Jn Fortlnpd. 99 business,
fjlV rp aftLMXmr:"acTL jj -
G. W.
-J C ut ml,,
IJcst Imported and Domestic
Excellent Bar Service.
High Class Gentleman's Re
sort. Only first class voocls
kept In stock. Call on us.
A. C. LUCA, Proprietor
Table supplied with all the delicacies of the season
Rirst-elas Hquipment I'ine Rooms and Ileds
All stages stop at the hotel door
General Blacksmithing and Wagon Repairing'
jtfJST" Our shop is located opposite Uajitist CUurch.
No matter how big the bird, no matter how hevy Its plumage or
swift its flight, you can bring it to bag t h a long, strong,
straight shooting Winchester Hepeatirg Shotfju i. Results are what
count. They always give the best results in field, fowl or trap
shooting, and are sold within reach of everybody's pocket book.
FttCL t StnJ mmi end eJJrtit on a potUl tttl ter ev Urgt illntrattj taUUgu.
At Bend,
A Complete Stock of
Rough, Surfaced and Moulded
At Bend
All Widths, Lengths and Thicknesses
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Tbe Lands of
TbeiD. I. & p.
Co., or
plie C. S. I. Co.
. The
Pilot Butte Development
I Company
Commission and forwarding
Large, Commodious Warehouse. Coasigaaieats Solicited
Tronipt attention paid to those who
favor me with thefr patronage.,.
I ;