The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, January 12, 1906, Image 3

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ComlonsGd Form for
Ijnsy Readers.
r Rssumo of tlio Lot Important but
Not Lest Interesting Evsnta
of the Past Weak.
Tim Hanhi Domingo revolution In
practically nt mi end,
Tim revolution lii'ltusnla linn spoiled
the Christmas festivities.
Wltto U accused (if nullifying tlio
concessions to tlio Liberals.
No more Jamaicans will lm allowlod
to go to Panama to work on llio en tin I.
Tlm liotiRo nml sentati are sure to
dash over tlm niiroiilntion o( money.
Urn In tlio heart of Kansas City do
ntruyed thren blocks, Tlm lonit will
rrncli IflOO.OOO. No liven wnrn lout.
'I Im drydock Dewey, mi Its way lo
the Philippines, linn reached llermudn,
whero a "lop wan mado for con I and
Jeroum In preparing to liullct IiIk Hull
In Insurant n companies In February.
Tlio miinll men are expected to turn
stain's evidence,
Two commissioners of tint Chlnoso
emperor nrn on their way to thin coun
try to attend American schools nml
study our way.
Tlm Navy department has presented
medal of honor to the II iimmheia of
tlm Heiiiiingtou's crow who survived,
for bravery In rescuing mora unfortu
nate shipmate.
Tlm secretary of tlio Interior ha
wlthdran more than 1,000,000 acre of
public land In Arlionn nml Now Mexico
from nil foium of illnjxmal except timlnr
tlio minora) law fot Inclusion within
forest reserve.
Tlio bomr haii received another rata
A rUii of toriur now exist nt Itlgs,
An Immense graft I'X Hi. Inils o
lira has Itrcu exKted.
I'rraliloiit Morales' army haa Ih-cii
beaten nml hit general killed.
From Kansas north nil trains nro
greatly delayed by mow storms.
Iloth sldis in tlm strlko of printers
(or an right-hour ilay claim gains.
Wltto lui ordered wholesale arretta
of all oppononta to tlio guvernvnt.
Twenly-onu minora worn killed In an
vxploalou at tlio Coaldato, W. Va.,
coal mines.
Ono of Huston's savings hanka haa
lieen looted by tbo officers nml tlio In
stitution closed,
Ilnrvnnl university authorities baro
ordered that thorn mint I hi n change
in (oMhall rule.
Tlio government will lnvrtlKtn tbo
'. rrcont mI of tlio Fort Stevens military
I reservation In South Dakota.
I Small railroad companies of tlio mid
1 l!o went hat a reserved tlm right to
1 Issue passes, hut nil tlio larger line
twill enforce tlm now order strictly.
I Tbo Navy department haa petl
'tinned congress for n largo number of
changes In tlm navy. Ono of thu
change desired la tlm re-establishment
of tlm miik of commodore.
Wllte's rnhluot I denounced na
Tbo national debt haa decreased dur
ing the past year.
Congressmen nro nugry nt losing
paste and may rotallato on the rail
roadt, Throe Cheyenne, Wyoming, aoldlora
will die na n leault of drinking n mix
ture of hay rum, lemon Juice and hair
A New York grand jury haa boon
drawn to try about 1,000 nlleged frnudi
nrlilng out of the recent election.
Wireless messages from tlio drydock
Dewey r-jnirt It to he making good
progri'M in ila trip across tlio Atlantic.
The production of gold nnd allver In
the United Htatre for 1005 ahowa nn
iwcroaio of f 0)00,000 gold and 1,000,
000 ouiicea of allvor.
Jmnei W. YYadaworth hai been nom
limtwl by Republican! In cauciii m
ponker of the Now York aatomhly,
thus defeating tlio plana of Udell,
Flvo men hnvo been arretted in con
iiectlon with tlio murder of ex-Governor
Btcunonberg of Idaho, One of
them, Thomas llogun, is believed to
hnvo nt leuet made the fatal bomb,
Kentucky Democratic momberi of
tbo legislature In caucus hnvo nomi
nated Thomas II, I'nynter for United
Btntci senator to succeed J, 0. 8. Illack
burn. Tlio nomination carries with It
tho certainty ot election.
rnnamn u preparing for n general
Tho bin drydock being towed from
Now York to Manila haa encountered a
A sink in the tunnol connecting New
York and Brooklyn has stopped trains
Tho Now York legislative cominltteo
on Insurance haa doclded on a meaauro
to regulate companies doing business in
that stale
do anEAT whono ro Arizona,
Joint OlntobooiJ Willi Now Mexico
Gondomnad by President,
Now York, Jnn. 2, Jnincn Douglas
who In tlm executive head of tlm mill
lug enterprises In Arizona, grouped an
I ho Phelps, Dodgo A Co. Iiitorimtn. It
uolod today regarding bin views upon
tlm proponed Joint ntnlvhood of Arl
xonn nnd New Mnxclo, Mr. Douglas
any, ntiioug other thlngni
"To force Arlxona Into it union with
Now Mexico in to do n great wrong to
the pooplo )f tlm former territory, who,
In raclitl antecedents, mllgloun prefer
uncen and ludimtrlnl lutercntn, nro
wholly uullko tlm luhnbltnntn of Now
Mexico, New Mexico ban a imputation
ntifllclent to Juntlfy her admlnnloii na n
Ingle ntnto, ami tlm peojilo of Arlxona,
among whom I have npent more than
2r year of my life, would rather wait
20 yenrn for ntntohood than ho Joined
to New Mexico,
"lu tlm event of Joint atntohood, the
vnat Intereiiti In Arlxonn would be out
voted nnd no controlled In the mcttorof
tnxntlou by tlio K"'"ter populntlou of
the premtnt territory of Now Mexico,
which In vantly lean linpoiUnt in tlm
vnlun of Ita taxahln proorty.
"I enn well umlurnland Hint it may
aoeiii di'ilrnhln to itihitlluto n ntato
goveriuueut for tlm territorial form
whenever It ran ho widely accom
pllibed, nnd ran nino apprclnto the
political rorialdorntloun Hint nro In
volved In the contention for Joint atnto
hood, hut neither ahould outwolgh the
liijuitlco that would bo Involved In
audi nu unfit alliance nn that of Arl
ionn and Now Mexico,''
Chaffeo Proposes to Use Men Already
Tralnsd In Army.
New York, Jan. 2. Lieutenant Gen
eral Adua It. Chaffee, chief of staff of
tho army, today expressed himself na
In hearty accord with tho provision! of
tlm nrmy hill evolved by tho general
staff, and now in the hnuds of the sec
retary of wnr.
"Matters military In this country,"
snld tho general, "naturally mean tlfe
outlay of money, but I bollnvn It will
worth all it costs to strengthen tho
military arm of the government by
creating, as contemplated In the bill,
a rreervo of 60,000 men. Ily creating
this forro of tbo men who hnvo served
ono term of three years ami hnvo been
bonoiably discharged, wo shall Have
the ttenellt of the Instruction they hay
received, the proficiency they have at
tained In marksmanship and tbclr re
gard for discipline.
"It will bo invisible, with ruch a re
servo, to put tho army on n war footing
with seasoned troops. The reservist!
would bo enlisted for Ave years, during
which they would m under pay and al
ways subject to a rail for service, but
In time of pence permitted to follow th
vocations of theli choice."
(loueral ChafTeo returns to Washing
ton tomorrow.
Senatora Propose Irrigation, Exclud
ing Wagon Road Lands.
Washington, Jan. 2. Henators Ful
ton and (learln today called on tho ill
rector of the geological survey to see if
It 1m oalblo to revive tho Malheur ir
rigation project, now practically dead.
They hopex tho government will do
something that will boneilt settlers
owning land lu that vicinity and sug
gested that tho original project might
bo reduced in alio by eliminating tho
wagon road land and land Included in
the railroad right of way, which proved
serious obstacles In tho way of tho first
Director Wolcott promised to glvo
Immedlato attention to this request,
and in a fow days will ndvlao tho sen
ators whether or not It will bo prac
ticable to remodel tho project as they
hnvo itiggeMtod. It such a plan is feas
ible, there la so mo hope Hint a modified
Malheur project may ultimately bo
Try to Liberate Peons.
New Orleans, Jan. 2. The Fodoral
nuthorltlc! lu this state are determined
to put an und to tho practice of placing
negroes In n atato of peonago, which
bun been in vogue alnro tho Civil war.
It ia tho plan of tho planters to take n
n Kroundorcontract,ngreelng to furnish
nil bin living expenses for a torin of
years, and to Ret nil the profits of tlm
negro laborer during that time.. TIiIb
afternoon J, J, Nowlaud, of Washing
ton, Lit,, waa placed under arrest under
Indictment by tho Federal grand Jury
on a charge of peonage.
Want Open Debate on Treaty.
Washington, Jan. 2, Democrats in
congress want tho policy of this govern
ment towards tho republics of Central
and Bouth America to bo discussed
oponly in both branches. Should the
contention of so mo senators that tho
treaty with Santo Domingo la of such
widespread Importance that It ahould
ho mado In tho form of n Joint resolu
tion and submlttod to .both bouses of
congress, prevail, tho debate, it la be
lieved, will bo protrnctod and blttor.
Bomb Kills and Mangles Many.
Drlnak, Woat Husaia, Jan. 2.A
strlko waa declarod hero today, Martial
law has boon proclaimed. Ily tho ac
cidental explosion of a bomb at a meet
ing of workingmen last night eight per
sons wero killed and 83 wounded.
Llltlo Danycr ot Drcak Between
Conyrcss and President,
Many Senators Soon To Do Elected
and Opposition to Roosevelt
Meant Political Death.
Washington, Jan. 2. Two-thirds of
tlm United Htstcs senate will come up
for re-election within tho next three
year, nnd of this total St are Republi
cans. This fact Is likely to have con
siderable Influence ujwjn the ultimate
stand taken thin winter by the nenato
on measures advocated by the president
and endorsed by tlm pooplo. It docn
not necessarily mean that tho senate
will fall lu line and follow tho load of
tho president, hut It points to such ac
tion, and tho wise observers, after
studying the situation, think they can
sen tho nruntii supporting tlm president
on tho largo Isstiea now up for consid
eration. During tho first weeks of tho session
It looked very much nt If tho nenato
would take Issue with tho president
on many imiKirlant questions of legis
latlon. There wero unpleasant words
regarding tho I'annma canal; there
were murmiirlngn nbout tho pros!
dent's course regarding Hanto Domln
go; and Ixdilnd It all considerable
private comment tion the president's
railroad rate inilicy as outlined in his
ruesagn. Many senatora have reached
too conclusion inai um president is
recklessly usurping tho powers of con
grens to noma extent, and they havo dis
played evidence of tigllnens on that ac
count, ror a time It looked as if there
would bo revolt.
Hut will there bef Mather, will not
tho senate fall In lino and follow the
lend of tho president? It Is a serious
thing for tho party in imwer to break
with its president, nnd such a movo is
more npt to Injure thoso senators nnd
representatives of tho Insurgent clans
than it Is to Injure tho president.
What la more, the party In iKiwer uiuit
suffer Iruin any such revolt. These
thing! are lxilng carefully weighed, and
thero aro those who now predict that
there will Imi no break between congress
and the president, unlesti It may bo on
tho railroad rate iscuo, and even on
that Issue a compromise Is more likely
than an open rupture.
Ex-Qovernor Steunenbera;, of Idaho,
Victim of Dastardly Outrage.
Ilolie, Jan. 2. Frank Bteunenberg,
ex.goveruor of tho state, was killed
Saturday evening at his home in the
suburb! of Caldwell. A dynamite lomb
had been placed at bis front gate with
some contrivance by which it exploded
as ho entered, ltoth legs wero blown
off and ho lived but 20 minutes.
There Is no known reason for the
outrage, but It Is charged to some
uicmlHir of the lamoua inner circle of
tho Coeur d'Aleno dynamiters, whom
lie prosecuted ao relentlessly in 1800,
while ho was governor. Governor
Gooding Is in communication with the
authorities of that county and is pre
pared to put tho full support of the
state behind tho olllclals there In run
ning down tho perpetrators ot tho
It la thought prohablo that the lead
ing detective agency of tho country
will be asked to send some of tholr
best men to tho scene and the state
will offer as groat a reward m the gov
ernor may find ho haa power to pro
pose, Hteunenberg waa governor of the
state frvom 1807 to 1001, having been
twice elected. lie was born in Iowa
U years ago and had been In Idaho
since 1887. Ho left a wife and three
Anarchy on Siberian Road.
St. Petersburg, Jan, 2. - Warning
news has liecn received from Siberia.
It is reported authoratlvoly that the
Siberian railroad ia disorganised M fr
as Chellablnsk, Railway stations havo
been pillaged by soldiers and sailors.
General anarchy prevails along the
line, and trains nro being run with
great delays and uncertainty. At Ir
kutsk thero has been a general head-ing-up
of tho line, nnd robbery and
plllngo havo mado tho place almost
untonablo. Dlsnstora ot tho worst
kind aro feared along tho whole lino.
Morales Lands Forces.
Capo Haytlon, Haytl, Jan, 2. Con
firmation has been recolvod ot tho re
port that Morales' cruiser Independent
cia yesterday landed 260 men near
Puerto Plata and In tho namoot Presi
dent Morales notified tho governor of
Puorto Plata that tho cruiser would
attack tho port by sea nnd hv land If
It did not surrender within 24 hours.
Tho Amorlcnn warship off Puerto Plata
will not intorfero with tho operations
of tho Indopondoncla.
Smoot Confident of Result.
Washington, Jan. 2. Senator Smoot,
of Utah, bellovoa that when a voto la
taken in tho aennto upon tho question
ot hia right tc retain Ida seat, ho will
coino out victorious. Ho expressed
himself as anxious that tho tost be
epeedtly mado. Tho call Issued by
Chairman Ilurrowa ot tho commlttoo
on privileges and elections for a meet
ing Saturday, haa brought up public
Complication of Diseases Carries Off
Uullder of 8lreet Railways.
Now York, Dec. 30. Chorion T.
Ycrkon, tho noted railway flnanclor of
Chicago and London, died last night in
bin npnrtmouta at tho Waldorf-Astoria
hotel, where ho had boon ill tor mora
than nix wockn. Mr. Ycrkcn suffered
from n complication of diseases, grow
ing out of n hovero cold which ho con
tracted in London early In tho fall.
Ills condition had boon critical for ton
days past, and tho attending pbyslclann
gave up all hopo several days ago, al
though members of tho family clung
tenaciously to tlm belief that tho re
markable vitality of Mr. Yerkes would
eventually pull him through. Hlnco
early yesterday morning tho patient
Jiad Imjoii kept alive by strong stimu
lants. Charles Tyson Yerkes won born At
Philadelphia, l'a., Juno 2C. 1837. The
Ycrkcn family is ot Dutch origin, tho
first settlers of the name coming tc
America a, fow years before the arrival
of tho Quaker colony under William
I'enn. C. T. Ycrkcn wan educatod at
tho Friends' school and Central High
school, of Ida native city, and began
hia business life as a clerk In tho flour
And grain commission and forwarding
house of James P. Feiot A Dros,, being
presented with a salary of $00 at tho
und ot bin first year.
His latest exploit waa to revolution
Ixo the rapid transit system of London.
Ho built a system of underground elec
tric lines, which shines by contrast
with the old Metropolitan (under
ground) railway In every particular,
having pure air, clean stations, clean
and comfortable cars. He then secured
control of tho Metropolitan, altera con
test before a commission of parliament,
against J. P. Morgan, and has been en
gaged for several years in transforming
it Into an electric system.
Sllll Active In Moscow, Though Their
Leaders are Captured.
Moscow, Jan. 1. Tho robots are still
activo lmro, despite all reporta to tho
contrary, as developments of tho past
few hours have plainly shown. In
order to cut off Ingress to tl.o city by
rail from Tver, the Insurgents today
placed hotubn under tlm brldgo between
that place and Moscow, literally wreck
ing the brldgo.
A mob of armed men made an attack
on the police barracks and was defeated
with great lost ot life. The police lo
cated tho mooting place of tho Social
Revolutionary committee and arrested
all the members. A quantity of bnmba
was alto lxed. Kn raged at the arrest
of tho committee, a mob destroyed 200
wagons loaded with provisions for sol
diers. Following this tho prefect ot
police ordered the soldiers to shoot any
one found Interfering with either pro
vision wagons, telegraph or telephone
Tho streets of the city present a
ghastly appearance. Tho bodies of un
Idontlflod dead are found lying every
where. It is said that when the police
arrested tho revolutionary committee
tho workmen were discussing a termin
ation of the strlko.
Reduction In Schedule of Transconti
nental Malls.
Washington, Jan. 1. The postmaster
goneral has announced what, from a
loslal standolnt, Is regarded as ono ot
the niott Important changes in mil-
way mall schedules that have occurred
In many years, affecting all points in
the Kast having business with points
west of the Mississippi river. It be
comes effectivo I)cccmb?r 31.
A change of the schedule on the
Union Pacific railway between Omaha
nnd Ogdon, Utah, and on tho Southern
Pacific between Ogden and San (ran-
cIsco, with supplemental changes on
the Chicago, Burlington A Quincy and
Chicago A Northwestern railroads be
tween Chicago and Omaha, reduces the
tlmo ot mall In transit bstween New
York and Ban Francisco west bound,
And letweon the samo points east
bound, practically 24 hours. A busi
ness day Is saved each way.
Direct connection Is made at Ogden
with a train from Green River, via Po
ratello, Idaho, and Huntington, Or., to
Portland, expediting mall for Oregon,
Washington nnd Idaho 12 hours.
Abolish Private Car Lines.
Des Moines, Jan. 1. Tbo Western
Frultjobbors association today adopted
strong resolutions demanding tho enact
ment of legislation abolishing private
car lines and pointing out the Insuffi
ciency ot pending legislation beforo
congress In this respect. Tho associa
tion also gave endorsement to Govornor
Cummins, who aroused tho wildest en
thusiasm at tho banquet by his arraign
ment ot prlvato car companies and of
congress for what ho declared to bo Ita
alothfulneaa in heeding tho petitions ot
shippers for relief.
Foclatlsts Urge Poles to Strike.
Warsaw, KiiBalan Poland, Jan. 1.
Bands ot Socialists aro parading tho
streets bore, trying to enforo tho orders
for a general strike. Thoy compelled
tho newspapers and insurance otlices to
closo and sent out gangs ot youths to
smash tho windows of shops whose
owners refused to closo tholr establish
ments. Traffic Is much Impeded on the
Vienna railroad. Military engineers
are maintaining traffic on the Mlava
branch of tho Vlatola line.
Drydock Out In Atlantic.
u.y... ""JI nuiv. icn uu.uiuuil a
Island yesterday on ita long alp to the
Philippines by way of the Sues canal,
passed out of the Virginia capes at
10:40 tonight.
Hafofr AtfMrhmriif.
Even In this enlightened ago acci
dents duo to n fnlluro to turn oft the
gas properly are still numerous
enough to command attention. A
nnfety attachment for grui burners In
th recent Invention of a Now Jersey
inn n, and If It will fulfil tho claims
advanced It Is well worthy of atten-
I rm
tlon. Instesd of employing a stop-
rock th attachment regulates th flow
of gas and as long as the gas Is burn
liitf remains lu that position, but
should there b any carelesnncnn In
turning off the gnn the attachment
dots no automatically. Whether the
gas Is purpooely extinguished or ex
tinguished by accident, du to a high
wind or when blown out by an ignor
ant proon, the attachment acts by
grnvlty to clone the plug. The at
tachment In pivoted to one end of the
stojeock, nnd consists of an arm
which extends parallel with the burn
er, and controlled by a levor. At the
top of the arm is the portion which
engages with the burner being mtds
In the shape of a ring connected to
two horizontal band. When the gas
la turned off and the attachment In Its
normal position It Is at rlxht angles to
tlm burner. When the lever In oper
ated to turn on the gas the attach
ment closes up until the top engages
with the tip of the burner. As long
as the gas Is burning the ring and bar
at the top sre caused to expand, but
should the gas lecoinH extinguished
by a gust of wind or otherwise the
band Immediately contracts and as
sumes a position which forces the at
tachment by Its own weight and grnv
lty to quickly full to Its normal posi
tion and shut off the gas.
Hop for Ollln Floor.
Tbo aim of the majority of Inven
tors at the present time Is In the di
rection of deilgulng some contrivance
which will supplant hand labor, and
In tho main they arc successful. One
of, the latest la a simple dot Ice bavin?
a clamp which holds ono or more
pieces of felt; the latter tlng satur
ated with oil to he applied to floors.
A Massachusetts man Is the patentee,
an Illustration of the device being
shown here. Parquetry floors are now
In great demand, and formerly It was
roii KLoons.
the custom to apply tho oil and other
substances Used for surfacing the
Held Stllkmnld Cnptlrv by the
Ankle mid Drunk tbo Milk.
Miss Marie Czeruey, daughter of
prominent residents of lion Homme
County, S, I)., had a thrilling adveu
turo with n monster snake, as tho
result of which sho narrowly escaped
death by blood poison, by stopping on
u rusty null while striving to escape
from tho snake, ktiya tho St. Paul
Tho young woman, with n pall In
her huud, wcut to her favorite Jersey
for tho purpose of doing her evening
milking. During the day tho animal
had been picketed lu u tamo grass
plot, mid at tho time of milking still
bore tho picket Hue. Tho Jersey ap
peared to bo greatly annoyed by tiles
und mosquitoes and changed Its posi
tion a number of times.
As tho cow changed position Miss
Czeruey would follow It up, nnd during
this operation her ankle became en
tangled as sho supported lu tho picket
rope, Tho cow seemed to grow quieter
nnd after mllklug steadily for several
minutes Miss Cseruey bi'camo concern
ed at tho small amount of milk lu the
Fearing that the pall had sprung a
leak sho looked full into It and at
tempted to raise It, when sho was
horrltled by tho discovery that a mon
ster snake had its bead lu the pall,
tho weight of the reptile making it
difficult to raise tho pall from tho
ground. The snake evidently had been
drinking the milk about as fast as
Wi mt0 th, Pn.
,j,,l frM0nt h. tlio Al.ixn.
err, Miss
Cterney' gave a scream,
sprang to ner rest ana made a uasn
for her home. Hut she had taken only
a few steps when sho mado tho fur
wood by hand, the process belmc very
tedious and requiring considerable
tlmo nnd labor. Tho use of tho de
vice shown hero would obviously snvn
much of his labor. The clamp which
holds the felt Is made of metal, tho
front and rear being plates exactly
alike. Tlio upper edges of the plates
are bent Inward to give additional
stlffnws, nnd the lower edges alro bent
Inward and formed with toothwl pro
jections. The plates constitute a Jaw
for folding nnd engaging the layers of
felt. The two plates are connected at
points above tho center by a hort
xontsl plate, the latter serving an n
hesd and gnlds for the felt which can
b pushed up against It and bo re
tained in a horizontal position. The
uppr portions of tlm plates are h!d
apart by a .pair of stiff springs which
surrounds two bolts connecting tlm
plates. To release the felt the upper
edges of the plates are pressed to
ward each other against the power of
the nprlugs. A handle attached to
the rear plate serves as a mode of op
eration. In use the felt Is saturated
with otl and applied to the floor very
much Ilk a mop.
Iloeklnar flathtnb.
The ordinary bathtub Is amply suf
ficient for the average person, but
anyone who Is more fastidious, and
desires something unique, can have
recourse to the hsthtub Illustrated be
low, the Invention of an Ohio man.
Tbo construction Is such that the per-
ton sitting in the tub can rock It back
and forth, causing tbo water to swish
over him, and. If he possesses a vivid
Imagination, he will think ho is at the
seashore taking a salt water bath,
with the waves dashing over him. The
body of the bathtub Is supported upon
rockers by uprights at the front and
back. Pivoted to the front of the
rockers is an arm which extends to ths
top of the body. A pulley Is attached:
to this arm, through which paste n
rope, tho latter being secured to the
body of the tub, and passing through
a second pulley, connects with a han
dle, which Is operated by the person
In the tub to rock the machine, caus
ing the water to flow up into a back
portion above tbo seat. It will bo
readily seen that by pushing the han
dle the upper part of the arm will bo
pulled forward, raining the front end;
of the tub. The lining ot tho tub la
arranged somewhat In the form of tho
seat and back of a chair, with a deep
er portion for the fecL A casing ex
tend h around the back and partially
along the sides, at tho height of tho
shoulders of tho occupant, when seat
ed. A covering can be placed over this
back portion and bo supported upon
rods, the covering having an aperture
for the head, and can bo used for tak
ing Turkish baths. When used for
this purpose a box for holding a lamp
Is hung In the front end of the tub.
ther discovery that Instead of her
aukle being entangled In the picket
rope, it was the snake which was eu
twlned around her ankle. Tbo rep
tile colled so tightly and was of such
weight that the young lady waa
thrown violently to the ground.
Finally galulng her freedom from
the monster, which sho was ablo to
shake off only after superhuman ef
forts, she continued her flight totvard
In her haste she stepped on a rusty
nail, which penetrated tho flash to tbo
depth of about two Inches. lilood
polsou set lu and only by the hardest
kind of work was the llfo ot tho young;
woman .saved.
Alt Unrrlendljr Feclluir.
A philanthropist ot Louisville was
talking about the late Dr. llarnardo,
whoso whole llfo was dovoted to tlm
helping ot alum children.
"Dr. llarnardo," ho sold, "was as
Interesting as ho was good. To con
verso with him was n rare privilege
"Certain ot bis Ideas wero once at
tacked by a philanthropic young noble
nun; a youth with many millions and
much enthusiasm, but. very llttlo mod
esty or tact.
"Dr. liaruardo uaturally felt rather
bitter toward this rich and Inexpert
onced and presumptuous intruder.
'"1 feel towards him,' he said to
mo, 'as the barber feols toward. th
man who shaves himself. You know,
what that feeling Is, don't youV
"The man who shaves himself,
says the barber, 'ought to bo compelled
to cut his own hair.' "Kansas Oltjt,
Some way when a man ssysi TM'
aee; I'll have to study about that" yon
feel that he U going to ttU tb treCsv