The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, January 12, 1906, Image 1

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. voi,. Ill
NO. 43 ,
Bund, - Oregon.
U. C. COE, M. D.
I'liysiclnn and Surgeon
Titl.KrilONic no. 21
I.Mai. mtAtn iHHKinr
A Nil MM.ll,
fAkUt AMI cur
Abstracter nml llxnml'ner nf Titles,
l,H! ami Tiifi I,x)liril AAfT
I'ltl fat Nvii-Kfelitrnli.
iHiNitvir.r.K, .... ohiiooH
A (nil fur
Liverpool, London A Globe, mid
Lancashire l-lrc InKiirnncc
ItliNI), ORIK10N
II. I IIKIKNAI- l, I), ClUa H HllWOItaM.D.
Coii nly riiy.Man,
Drs. Belknap & Edwards,
UMceat kf of WlniifV'i Drug Kleie.
Crook County Realty Co
Real Ustale Bought and Sold.
l.lfo and Accident
nrriCH IK ki'LturiM aciuumi hkhh.oxbom
Barber Shop & Baths
Best of nccommodntlous nml
work promptly done
Hj-v y r 1 .c. A. MclXiwMi.
U 1 C L4 1-iujkI.Ioc
Tnl iii nml Rooms always clean
nml well supplicd-Rates reasonable
Free land in Oregon,
1'H.Wt Ikr "Carry trriiatltm Art ' lml
lltrti fim talc WKlTK OK CAM. TO
tlAV Mooklela im mail fir II K Cook &
lu . IJI AbkMlleel I'uttUinl Or
The Deschutes Telephone
Telegrams IWwnrdcd to
itny part of the World.
Direct Telephone
uml nil Pacific Const cities
Public PAY Station
Bend - Oregon
eo YCAno
Trade Markb
rlAanmnura Aft
f Anton tandlnf a aioleh and daorlitlori mar
uleklr iuculii enr o.lnluii frea wliallier ait
n.iilloii I. ptobablr MlaoUhU, Coiiirounlra.
it rrea. iMi aiiaiicr fcr aacuilna; palanU.
I'.unii Uian irimuth ilium A Oh rtealTf
tyttUtnetUi, without, eliaraa. In tin
SCKtiiific iiittencam
a h.nii.Am.l. Illutlralad waatlr. I.
'....( i.
ruliilnii uf anr tlnli00 Journal, T
Inurmonlbt, L Boltl brail nawailaalara.
r lamina Inurnal. T.rinl. II a
raari four monlb,L Holtl brail naoadaalara.
IWucb GkoXm r Bt, Wttblogivu. U.C.
Tltnlicr Uml, Act June i. l;.
0. H. I.atul Ollicc, The tinllca, Oregon,
NiormWrr 17. IV")'
Notice It lirteliy given that In compllaiice with
the liruvltloua ofllie Art if Coiigrraa of June ,
it;8, entitle.!, "An art fur the aale of UmlwtliiiiiU
In llieatalca of California, Oregon. Nevada, au.t
Waalilngton Territory," a eilcnileil to alt Die
public land antra by Act of AugiuH, I;',
Hellim H, Hialuliour,
of of Crook, altte of Oregon, )ia
Villa ilay fllcd In tills oillce tier aworn atalcnitnl
Ju. 7JS, fur the imrcliaie of the aejf of ace 19, li
. 18a, r lie, w in.
Ainl will oiler proof to allow that the land
ouulil la nmtc valuable fur lit Umber or atone
than fur agricultural uurpoaet, ami to ealatilUh
her claim to nalil lam! before J. M. I.awrcnc
U. rl. CommUiloiier, at lilt olnce In llcnj, ore.
kou.on thejthUyofl'ebruary,ifo,
Hhe ninira wltncatcat John UIom. Joaenh N.
Jluutrr, John Htelill ami Charlca A. ripaiiiliour.
Hllofllcuit, Oregon.
Any and all peraont claiming adyeraely the
BbovcHlracrlbed laudi nre requeued to Ate their
liltlnia In thla office ou br Ixfore the aaldjtli
ilayofj'ebmary, ij4.
ii-U UlCHAiaT. KOLA.M.Ilnlstcr.
-: SEEDS :-
Fancy Alfalfa Seed, Dry Land
Alfalfa Seed, Winter Oats, Extra
Fancy Imported Shadeland Won
der Oats, Fancy Clover Seed,
Kentucky Blue Grass Seed and
Vetch Seed.
Largo and Complete
Stock of Plows, Har
rows, Wagons, Harness
and Builders' Hardware.
Bend Mercantile Co
I linvc completed nrrnugements wlicrcby I can
linmlle n number of good timber claims, in the Des
chutes timber belt, nt once. Title must be perfect.
I have stecinl inquiry just now for laud in Tps.
si, 33, 33 nud 34 S., R. I! K., nnd if parties owning
laud there will communicate with me, it may result to
the advantage of all concerned.
General Cruiser and Land Locator
Bccauso we are selling the same and better
quality at a closer margin, is a very good
reason why you will find our store the
best place to buy anything in the line of
Groceries, Drygoods, Furnish
ings, Shoes, Hardware, Sash and
Doors, Paints and Oils
Will be in Bend
January 12, 1906.
Best Printing at 1h.
Barb Wire
In Carload Lots
"Waukeganita" Gal
vanized Wire, best on
the Coast, will not rust.
Bulletin Office.
Committees Named and
Organization Effected.
Ordinances Introduced That Prohibit
Gambling and Openlnz of (Just
ness Mouses on Sunday.
The first business of special in
terest transacted by the new city
council of Dend was the introduc
tion of two ordinances by Council
man John Ovcrturf, one aimed at
the gambling evil, the other looking
to the closing of all business houses
on Sunday, except such as drug
stores, eating houses, etc.
The new council met last
Wednesday evening immediately
after the dissolution of the oltl
council, which had assembled on
that evening to close any unfinished
business connected with the past
year. This consisted in the grant
ing of a few bills and some other
routine business. O'Kanc intro
duced a resolution extending (he
thanks cf the couucilmeu to Mayor
Goodwillie for his services and
assistance during the year. A
standing vote was taken and the
resolution adopted unanimously.
The meeting then adjourned and
the outgoing council dissolved by
the expiration of its term of office.
Under the new regime, Council
man Ovrrturf introduced the ordi
nances above referred to. These will
k voted on nt the next regular
meeting of the council in February.
The question of reducing the
marshal's salary was also intro
duccd and discussed freely. Some
of the council favored abolishing
the office nltogether, others that the
salary should Ik reduced, while a
few favored the choice of some one
who would accept the office at a
smaller salary. This matter was
referred to a future meeting.
No action was taken in the
matter of filling the vacancy in the
rccordcrship caused by the resig
nation of J. M. Lawrence, It is
generally understood that P. L.
Tompkins, II. C. Ellis and H. J.
Ovcrturf are candidates for this of
fice and the council desired to learn
more fully the desires of the citizen
before acting in this matter. J.
Frank Stroud was appointed re
corder pro tempore.
Aside from n few routine mat
ters no other business was trans
acted The appointment of com
mittees by Mayor Goodwillie was
as follows:
l'ollce, I' ire anil Liquor Stroud (ch),
Satheraml ChMncll.
Streets. Public Ways and Sewers
West (ch), Ovcrturf anil Stroud.
Ways and aicaus Uvcrturf (,cli),
Stroud ami Caldwell.
llcaUli-Satlicr(ch), Wcat and Trip
lets Cemetery d Public Properties
Cnlilwcll fell), Triplctt and Saltier.
Rules, Order of limitless and Elec
tions Triplctt (ch), West and Ovcrturf.
A Yountr Couplo of Sisters Joined
Wedlock Last Tuosdav.
Married, nt the I'ilot Butte Inn
parlors, on Tuesday afternoon, Mr.
ICdwiu Grnhnm nud Miss Clara Fos
ter, both of Sisters, the Rev. Dr.
Coons of Bend officiating.
A party consisting of the Misses
Ledn nud Lorn Graham and Ella
Foster and Messrs, F. W. Zumwalt
und Perry South, accompanied by
the prospective bride nud groom,
drove up to the Pilot Butte I1111 at
noon Tuesday. It soon developed
thnt n wedding had been planned
nud the services of n minister de
sired. Rev. Coons was reached
over the 'phone nud informed of the
plans, nud nt 3:15 o'clock the knot
was securely tied by him.
The bride is the daughter of Mr.
nnd Mrs. C. II. Foster; 'who live
nenr Sisters. The groom ISithc son
of Mr. nnd Mrs.' 'E.i A.Grtiham,
who nlso live in tliuvteiitity'of Sis
ters. He has th limdhtnenr' l that,
place, nnd .it$ul! UlbiUrJUtfc will be
girt houaelreeltffKiithtfre :lt outie;
Aften-.totfWehlSify 't1W ' forty
.started tit 0' return trip
CfoVu," v Ut4!L
ReWplicffl Mon&tfliivehlni.' by Mod
1 fcrn iWob(Jinfi.a Pleasant Affair.
Oiteftof tlic'iost pleasing social
f.i,tttt n Hi,. iu vpnr ivhq Mi r.
ception'gfrarlast Monday evening
,v..w v.. ..... ...... .-. ,..w .... .w-
in the B, M. hall to the uew mem-
bcrs of the Bend camp of the Mod
em Woodmen of America.
After the new members had been
initiated, the Woodmen, the Royal
Neighbors and a few invited friends
listened td the prdgrnm that had
been brcpared for the occasion.
First T. W. JSlmraermann sang a
stirring bais solo, "When the
Winds O'er the Sea Blow a Gale."
This was followed with a reading
by Mrs. H. C. Ellis, who responded
to an encdre. A male quartette
composed of Hatty Esping, Floyd
Lobdcll, F. Milo tbbdcll and Earl
Wright sang a pleasing medley and
likewise responded I'd an encore,
The feature of the evening's pro
gram was a chalk talk by F. Milo
Lobdell. For 30 minutes or more
Mr. Lobdell amused his audience
by the deft use of the crayon pencil
and sketched many amusing and
unique cartoons.
At the close oi the program the
ladies took charge and served light
refreshments of coffee, sandwiches
and cake. The seats were then
cleared away and an hour's dancintr
closed a very pleasant evening.
The new members initiated were:
T. W. Zimmcrmann, Ralph Shel
don, H. J. Ovcrturf, Dr. U. C. Coe,
and Michael J. Morrison.
Modern Woodmen Elect Officers.
The following officers were in
stalled in I'ilot Butte Camp N0.9794
Modern Woodmen of America last
Tuesday night:
Venerable consul X. V. Smith.
Worthy advisor David Ilciting.
Kxccllent banker If. I. Ovcrturf.
Clerk N. I Welder,
liscort T. W. Zimmerman.
Watchman Charles Cottor.
Sentry Robert Bowser.
Chief forester M. J. Morrison.
I A. L. Goodwillie.
Managers J J. M. Lawrence.
Ralph Sheldon.
1M, ...t,-!..,. I Dr. U. C Coe.
lh,stcians-Dr . xv. s, Nchol.
Active Stops Being Taken for Building
a Church In Bend.
Plans looking to the erection of a
Catholic church in Bend arc pro
gressing nicely and it is hoped to
have such a building here within
a few months. The Rev. Fr. Hick
cy arrived in Bend last Friday even
ing and remained until Tuesday
morning, holding church services
and ministering to the wants of bis
congregation. To a Bulletin re
porter Fr. Hickcy said that prelim
inary work for a church building
was being done and that within six
weeks or two months he hoped to
be able to make definite announce
ment concerning the erection of a
church home for the Catholics of
Bend and vicinity.
Fr. Hickey has made a close
study of the Bend country and has
unbounded faith in its ultimate de
velopment. The father enjoys very
friendly relations with Tohu Hem
rich, who is at the head of The
Dalles-Dufur road, and has bad
many discussions with him regard
ing the extension of this Hue. While
Fr. Hickey did not feel warranted
in making a definite statement, he
voiced the belief that Bend would
certainly nave a railroad willun a
year. Whether the "reason for the,
faith that is within htm" rests ou
information obtained from Hemrich!
is n matter for speculation.
The father is very much inter
ested in a magazine he is now pub
lishing, which devotes much atten
tion to the resources and natural
advantages of this western country,
especially Central Oregon. The
publication has n large circulation
iu the East, and is tb,e means of
bringing many inquiries from East
ern people another evidence that
the attention of the whole country
is focused ou Central Oregon.
Fire In Surveyors Camp.
A fire in one of the tents at the
surveyors' camp destroyed nearly
everything in' the tent last Tuesday
afternoon. It' is supposed one ol
the boys left n candle "burning on a
box upon which were matches ahd
other combustible stuff; "The can
dle burned down to 'this nnd the
fire resulted. 'The snloke was no
ticed before the teut caught fire. The
tent was pulled down nud jerked
from over the fire, thus saving it
from damage. One cot nnd all the
bedding were burned, another cot
badly scorched, a table nnd every
thing ou it; niiU a'1 large number of
photographs belonging to one of
the boys were destroyed,
". . W t
Irrigated Land I lntve tt'lew
choice tracts from 40 to 1C0 acres
each that can be bought at a bar-
gain, V,
L. Tompkins, Bank
Wv P. Nelson of the Great
Southern at Madras.
pleased With the countrV
Sy That Within Five Years .Central
Oreto'rl Will Do Crossed b Three
Railroad Systems,
Madras, Jan 4. W. F. Nelson
of Seattle, vice president of the
Great Southerh railroad, arrived lit
Madras yesterday, says the Pioneer,
and is making an examination of
this country as to its magnitude and
producing abilities.
Like all railroad officials, Mr.
Nelson Is very retlclent in regard to
how far the Great Southern will .
tend sbutb, of Duftir He says,
however, that cbtistruction work
will again commence iu the early
spring, but that the extent of exten
sion will depctid OU whether th?
railrodd officials feel that tliey cau
hold the traffic they secure by this
extension against competing railr
roads which will eventually build
into this tcrrltoryj tbougb he inr
timatcd strongly thai the Great
Southerh will extend info the
Agency Plains country. His sur
veying party will be In Madras
within a week, and from the con
versation had with Nelson yester
day the location which the party is
now making will, in all probability,
be the place upon which tics and
rails will be laid within a year. Mr.
Nelson says that within five years
there will probably be three rail
road systems traversing this Cen
tral Oregon country, and any road
coming in now will have to feel its
footing well in order to guard
against losing its commercial prom
inence in the future.
Notwithstanding the uncommun
icativeness of Mr. Nelson concern
ing the probab'e extent of exten
sion of the Great Southern, there
can be but little doubt that this
road will extend to the south so
that it will be connected with some
transcontinental system. This is
the only solution by which such a
road can hop to command a lucra
tive traffic aud maintain its com
mercial vitality.
Mr. Nelson was delurhted with
this inland country and is of the
opinion it will eventually become
one of the most populous portions
of the state.
Another Railroad Across Orcgoni
"I intend to extend the Denver,
Northwestern & Pacific to Portland,
Oregon. I want to get up in that
section for the timber as well as for
an outlet on the Pacific Ocean."
This was the announcement made
by David H. Moffat, the veteran
railroad builder, on Saturday last.
It means that another railroad is
heading for tlteBend-cduntry.
Moffat Is a very aggressive rail
road builder and when he is fullv
determined to build a road no ob
stacles seem able to defeat him. His
roads tare built on as directly
straight lints as possible and he
tunnels- mountains and bridges'
chasms where other builders would
stop-in despair. He needs a line
to the Pacific coast to prevent being
bottled upat Salt Lake.
Take" a map and trace a line from
Salt 'Lake to Portland. It will be
seen that Bend lies directly between
the two points. Whether this road
strikes Bend-or uot, important
to this region in that connection
with it will give direct communica
tion by rail with the extensivtveom
nierce that is being built up. during
the past few years at Glilf of Mex
ico ports.
NVhat'tho Surveyors 'Ard Do'fng!
Chief Graham of the Eastern
Oregon survbying'crew, took a trip
south albng thff l(votiituuday to
look up a loc&tibnHo which to move
camp. HeAveM as-Jar as Rosland
and returned Tuesday. The camp
will be' moved to VP. Vandevert's
rauch at Lava. ' They expect to be
in Bend about three, weeks longer.
Thursday the first load of freight
was moved. The crew is new
about six miles south of town and
a mile east of the Silver Lake road.
They are running tU4ifie almost
due south, but will veere to the
west somewhat in order to run
west of the lava bed. The survey
may run across a portion of the bed.
This will necessitate the crossinc
of the Deschutes river in the vlclu-
ity of Benham Falls; and will brlrrg
the Hue onto the1' level couutry of
The Meadows on in easy grade