The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, November 10, 1905, Image 1

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VOJ,. Ill
NO. 34
U. C. COE, M. D.
Pliyslclan and Surgeon
I'KMtl'IIOMIt NO. 31
H14, tfTATBWHmilli
HAMMIt AHimirv
j. l. Mcculloch,
Alifttntctor nml Hxnniluor of Title.
ltMtl atni Tarn l,iMkl Alter
Air Xn KwWHl.
HKHrinil.t,K, .... OKJI00M
AHt for I
tlvcrpiiol, l.oiulon ft CJIoIhj, mitt,
LiuiCitMlilrc I'lre lniiiin)co ,
Conipiinics. ,
- r- - - '
U, to.HHt.nmr U. D. Vha m Knwaaiil Ii
CuaMtjr rbyrtnan.
Drs. Ik'lkrvap & Edwards, l
OnbH al Hrar f WlHHok' Ht Matr
Notary Public Iiutiritiicts, Towimlilp
1'lltU far lfjtr IMcliiitA 'Vnlly.
Miss Grace Jones
TtAcucn or
Voice & Piano
la rd lor ' H. "! taM I hmu4
I Iwf irai4.HVt um K Af' 'l l
Mini HhMi Han
Crook County Realty Co
teal llslntc Nought ntid Sold.
I.llo nnJ Accident
tCia MUIIIK bl'lUMMa
Barber Shop & Baths
Best of accommodations and
work promptly done
H 0 T E L"..teu
MM C. A MClMwtttL
Trtltrt and Rooms always clean
and well aupptktd--Ktita' reasonable
Timber band. AM June y i.
V . (.nKwOfte, The lulle-. Uiegon.
July ft. l
Meat to hereby k4vhi that Ih ewtnpllnHce with
lite act of Vntw of Jww 1. Iia euinled Au
pel ST lb leoTlImbw lawl. Ih the ataltVof
CallfutNm, OtVWM, N4 HWl WaTllUtUU
Ttr kwy.'' aa Uc4el to nil Ibe public Uwd
Mate fey art ( Aagvul 4. . the lullowiMg.
wapwl peeacma.oH Jmh , .hi, Ble.1 Ih IhU
tin thU kWuTM atatrVlieHl. I-II
lnk McValfry,
f MaaMtrn. rouMly l rMnltigle, atata f
pauth i)aVa, wHH atIMUHt No. uM. for
QttMtrriMM of the h mc it. ti iv . r it t,
Mnwarttll M.Varfrv.
uf Im-h4. coHHty f Crwak. stale uf Otrgoti.
MfTII MIiHrll tf- !;. fol lW HUCHMt of
tkTHH. ne at, li r a, r it . w m.
Thai they will eirtri'KMfatn show Hut lh land
.ought to wutt valuable for lb Umber or o
IbcTeou than for aBttcMllnral mrpnc, awl to
nUMMl IBeti claim, la sabi UihI beforel. M.
I.awieue. V.tL Commtwuner. nl hi ofliac al
Ibmtt, Hreaou. an November to, ivS.
Tlity muh witiirtW 1'iank MrCsftry f
HmM.VMiih iMkm, iwivi ii. Aicvmity,
n, iiuHtrr, imh h iwhih mnn wuhm i'
Xll&. nil uf IbHlJ. DlMlHllI
AM) mA all iwtaAtii cUlmlHf Jtl)r ny uf
lit nlbuvf kmU i iMiirMel In Air llivfr cUim
a Ihfci o on of Iwfwr the mm i1Ii tUy uf
.SavMbr, i(.
TtHilMf I.imI. Atl June J, lots'
U. l.auit OlfltT, lkinli'W, OlfuMii,
Krl(4Hlr It. ly.
.Vol li' It Iwrvtiy given (lul in tmillner wltli
llictnltliHnii Atluf Ctiuorrj. r Jmir 1,
igMl, cnlitlwl, "An ntl for llir (urlliiitirrliiu
Hi ifieatnlMufCHlinirtiiii, Oirami, NcvmU. nt
VlilMglii Trrttiiiry," rulnnlnl to ull Hit
iinlillf Imut irt.UM liy Act uf Aiiljl 4. ift- lilt
IaIIuwIhk wrwn luve flUtl In lllltortlvc llulr
nurii utlmciiU, lo wll
Cliattr I) lliuwii,
r llrml. ivmily of CriKik, tlc of Oitgini, nwuiii
.Inltiuciit No. j'"l, fur llic (iiircliUM! nfllir uc!(
ufkrc4, l ll.r Mr, win.
Alijulr II. J(ltlirnct,
of llrml, ooiiniy of Crook, Ulr of Orciion.worii
lulrincilt Nil. jw4,forllic imclic orilic)
ofc4. Iji. ri4.w "
l)nly l llrown,
uf llrml, coiinly of Ctook, tlr of Ofritoii.tworn
Utcmtnl No. jutiA, foi (lie .ukIibc of the w)(
ofncCJ, tpil ,r 14 ' '
TliMthcy wlUulUr inmif to uliowlholthcUiiJ
iiulil U inort fur IU tliuUr or Mour
limn fur nxrU'ultural inn iior, ami to c.UMMi
liiclr claim to nli luml UfurrJ M. I.uwrcinc
tr. H. Comiiiluloiicr, at III olltoal llrml. Ore
Sou, on rWiliintay the ylli day of Dccriulier Iftu.
Tliry name a ltc; Wllllnm llalilwln,
AuuiKIc II. llclxnl, Cliiule 11. llrown, llaltv
l llrown nnil Uliarlc McKlnnon, alt of llrml,
Any anil ftt pernoua clalinliiE ai1vrly lh
alH)vc-lrKrlhnlUmlarcrrqorr(t Id die ttftlr
claim In tfttt oftict ou or kefurt lil vh 1y
of llcccmlicr, loj.
I N WATHON. Kriilitrr
HuHpbcrflt!!, HtfttWbcrriciJ uiul all
niuttlluurscty stock for sale by W.
Jt Buckley, Bcwlf Oregon.
-: SEEDS :-
Fancy Alfalfa Seed, Dry tand
Alfalfa. Sejed, Winter Oats, Extra
IfaAcy Imported SKadeland Won
der Oats, Fajiqy Clover Seed,
Kentucky Blue, Grass Seed and
Vetch Seed.
Largo and Complete
Sbock of Plows, Har
rows, Wagons, Harness
and Builders' Hardware.
I lmvc completed BrrniiKcmcnts whereby I can
IibikUu a number of tox timber claims, in the Dun
chutdti timUr belt, at once. Title niuat be perfect.
I hnvit swiitl inquiry jitut now for Uml in Tps.
21, 23, 3hui1 a.$ S., K. ii K.. mid if pmtte owijIiir
Inml lher will comuuiuicttte with me, it may result to
the adv.iiitngu of all couceruetl.
General Cruiser and Land Locator
Because we are selling the same and better
quality at a closer margin is a very good
reason why you will find our store the
best place to buy anything in the lino of
Groceries, Drygoods, Furnish
ings, Shoes, Hardware, Sash and
Doors, Paints and Oils
Commission and forwarding
Large, CommodkHis Warehouse. Consignments Solicited
Prompt attention ix-tlil (o those who
fnvor tne with their pntronnjje..
Best Printing at T
Barb Wire
In Carload Lots
Waukeganita' ' G a 1 -vanized
Wire, best on
the Coast, will not rust.
Bulletin Office.
cantile Co
To Qoycijn Company's Re
lations With Settlcr.s..
VUlt of Officers of lite Coinppny.-J
'Ihcy Want to be IJept lnforriicd
of ScttlcrV Icslros,
tyretident Tufiiey, Geitenil Man
anerJ.O, JoJiiMitoii a;id ;nutaut
: Secretary ltaldwin, of the D. I, &
1 1'. Co , were ii )cml V.'cdiicftdny
I night. '1,'hey cmtie ii) from the
j railroad Saturday and viaited K,eU-
tnoiid. Monday they w,tnt to 1'rine
vflle. Wcdneaday they Qtovc out
I to Ijtiid f 4 oin l'rinevillc, tnakiug
! detours to the southward from the
county roiid, and yesterday they
went down the other side of the
I triangle to Redmond, from, which
place they blianlko. Messrs
Ttiruey and Johnston return to
Columbus add Mr. Baldwin to
Thin was Mr. Haldwiu's first visit
to the Deadline country. Though
he had a a stok holder and officer
of the company, Ukeu ureat interest
1 in the region, this inaixxtiou of the
ground was a revelation that fairly
niddc him an enthusiastic lioomer.
The lay of the laud, the soil, the
products, the reclamation enterprise
all stiriris4fd hint and he did not
hesitate lo say that the possibilities
of development were greater than
he had ever dreamed of. He ha
taken ditch laud near Iknd and
means to make a model farm there.
Mr. Johnston expressed himself
as well satisfied witl) the progress
of affairs. 1 he settlement with
the state laud board, he said, was
favorable to all interests the set
tiers and the company because it
relieved the situation of many ele
ments-of uncertainty that had hung
over it. The adoption of rules and
contract forms ami the definition of
purchaser's qualifications for the
first time placed those matters
where the state was committed to
something definite. Hereafter Mr.
Johnston said there would be no
ground for dissatisfaction. lie would
always be glad to know how the
interests of the settlers could 'be
promoted and would aid them in
every practicable way.
A Salem dispatch to the Portland
Oregouian gives this summary ot
the requirements of the state land
board touching the acquisition of
lauds in the Deschutes valley (both
sides) reclaimed under the pro
visions of the Carey law:
In order to hecurc reclaimed land a
man inuat nuke an amilication to the
aUte land IxNird, apecifytii)' the tract de
al ml. In tint li muat make altltlavit
tfwt he has nut directly or indirectly
ttiaile any mcviou rmrclic of UihI of
the kind tIccriUd, nml that neither lie
nor any one for hjiii ha made a contract
to imrchax: the miiii, in excea of i6u
acre, ami that he luia not made any
agreement, exprc or implied, for the
ilTaiKMd of the land tipplied for.
1 he nflUlavit mart he aigued in the
jirvKiice of to witneaaea, each uf wIkiih
iiiu4 make ntHdaril tlial ne knoM-a the
Miiiilieaiit. that he w him aiirn lu name.
and that he believe the amilicatioii wa
itUiile in jmmI faith for the Hmlicaiit'k
own uac ami lxnefit. The notary ptiblic
or utlier (lerton takiiiK the hmnUi it muat
certify tliat he ia perkouaUy iu-iwinti.-il
with the amtlicant and with the witneaa-
ea. The aiHdieant ami tlie wtlueea
inut K've their poaluffice Mhlrvaa ami
the ktrvel ami number of their rwai
ilence. With all the precautiona taken,
it la Uclieed that there will Ik. no frauil
nlcnt iim; of iltimmieaor flctitioua name,
fur iletection would lie eaay.
In onler thai the aettler may lie fully
mlvikCil a to their riht ami dutic. the
applU'Htion hat iHimeron note of infor
mation printed in so conspicuous a place
that no reasonably c reful man could
full to read them. In thcte the nppli
cant r informeil:
Tlwt the state niwiimea no reomihll
ity whatever for the coiibtrnetion nml
ojierution of the irrigation aytein; that
when a deed is applied for the board will
rcipiirc Mitikfactory proof that the appli
cant is an actual settler upon the laud
applied for; that deeds will not ibaite
until the luml has licen patented to the
ktalc, the lien o fthc irrigation company
MtUflril and the release of lien filed with
the state laud hoard: that the cost of
tile land to the settler is the amount of
the lien for the cost of reclamation, with
interest at 6 nor cent front the date of
reclamation; that the annual charge for
maintenance is fi kt acre.
The debts of an ninillctmt can be ui-
signed only to a person (pmlifled to pur
chase recluimeil hind in the first in
stance, and the assignment must Iks wit
nessed by two persons. In addition to
that, the assignee must also make afikla
vit, giving his jKistoflice address, and
declaring that he has not been the pur
chaser by assignment or otherwise of
more than 6o acres of reclaimed luml.
The state land board has given its ap
proval to forms of applications, con
tracts, releases of Hens and deeds, to lie
vued in disposing of reclaimed land.
'Clteac fpprM are much more favorable to
the Mittler tlintl tliow heretofore in uac,
aJiiHll order tlwt all limy lie placed uj-oti
an rual footing the coiiipMtiy today filed
an flgrecment by wfilcii it fjve nny one
of four option open 10 aetticr who have
already, mmle conlaaCti with the com.
jMiiy: ' '
ltft ThewltUr mar rrlalH W.fI tentract
ami h he himtinr(t wHh lt tmtrMen r
lr a lUnl ftum the ataie whlKmt any of
the ifOTtrfo4 pcianl In ! cuinrad.
arowl The xttlcr Mar aartradtr hla-oM
omlract iM r-Mtna 'btW-im In Ike form ap.
MiwmI Ilia tMM
, Thiol The rr.tnn hoMIn ai W cmlrt
mr tjaf the amHl.ile thran'aad trrlr a
fcrl ftoM fltf X?ie wftrH ibe tKf?lt it4y to
Vttmltt- The hoWrr la antrteLiiMjr pT the
MlHciikVl wllH tg 4r amf ail IMerttl will tx
Th ikw rariial-tiayjmuit contracta
carry uou-nxotM)'le notes, ail recite
tlwt the jtotea area part of the contract, so
tMat the aettler.u tally protected finl
the aale of. h ia 110(5 to an innocent jior
chHter. Tlia is otie point for, which the
e Ultra' ataochuioii attpnitly cofitcnlrl.
and in which, tne UfctatMl'boarilupheld
After, tin apjworal of the rlea ami
form, the atate kind' IxMuLsfRneU a cer
tificate to the department ofctbe inter
ior ahotiHK that M.jfy iKtpt of, land in
the ht-kcliutea tract had been, reclaimed.
aihI as aoot a tbf li?rniit iaauea a
patent me iani win be rewiy 10 ixe ueeii
etl to kettlera. ''tht lvid certified aa re
claimed includes ail that lyi within a
mile of tlie compiiy-s canal- and in anch
a jKwittion that watcr,can be tntned uton
it. Hollowing arc the rule adopted:
I lt The Itowhai. Irrlgatlim He lowrr
Con (May, IU MtrrMr or kMt(Hf (for coa
rnlr hTHafrrcU!"theCMnpr )ball
h rroirni to fnraUh a Miply ul water lor each
trad IB lb IM far mImH aAKlenl lo Ikarowh
f lfnmr-ml reclaim it am la prrpai It lo
rlc ordinary aarktMliat al rrop.
Sccoad The urtgatton Mi halt br from
April 1 to November 1 ot each year, aaal daring
the petto! of mailman wt from May )J to
Attaint jo (ydr) of rack year, Ibe company
halt ocllTer ta each Mttlrr. M heir, lermul
reprcMatalle or auiga owatNEwmi rrclalmed
by coatract wHh Ike Mate of Orrcon (for con
rrnleace heerlaaner called "the Killer") an
monat ofwairr, meatand at the twlDtvfdr
livery lo hi laud, whK-h will coeer each acre of
IrrtcaMeUadtoadeMkofi Slec Iflheaboec
aamly of water M feand lo he la eacrM of that
raqaired dnriac be period oi Milan me. or
laaflkrrat la rie ordlMary aertcaHaral era. Ii
can I clMMaed with Bttrbval of Ike Mate taad
board to roaiurm with the iccummemtalloa.of
the chief ol Irrtfauoa InrrMtntkMM of the
I'aUad Mate denartmctit of irricwltiue.
Third - Water .hall be drUvered to the Uad of
ecfc Miller at the hkf Ik tn-aclicabW iwint or
polala which can he r chut by a Rrartty lew,
which point o, polat are bet adapted to re
claim aU thcirrigatmr land owned by Mkrh et
llrr JUM poial or potata of delrrery hall t
Hcettaiard and deUrmlaed by the chief eni
aeerof thecomjaaqy. and in eae of dbHMtlc be
tweea the chief eagiueer of Ihc company and
the ettler a lolhe proper MMBt of delivery, the
qiteatraa .hall be Mbmitied to the .tale cagurrer.
whoac deciaie) haH be Baal
Foartb-The Miller ahall comtract alt neve
ry dMtribatiaic dMche (ram Ihc point or polal
of derleery to hit land for the proper irrigation
ofhMown land, and hU keep theitamciR
gowl repair at hit own, eut aadexpeBe
I'Mth- Par the period et four yex,the aaaaal
maintenance charge .halt be paid en the irriga
Mc htad in rCB tract en the bt dar of Slovem-
brrefearh year, arter which time one-halof
IMe annual mainteaaavc cnarge HU ue paid en
the & day of AafaU and one half oa the firt
day of November of each year at thcoflUc of the
cwmpany ih Creak cuuHly. Orrgoa. I'erMHM
in an ear for ya day .hall net be entitled to the
uk of water until uh arrara are paW. Nothing
IH thete rote contalBed ahall alter or affect the
right of the company aadrr Its contract with
the Mate, the acta of coagre and of the IrgMU
ture of Orcgoa.
SUth-ICacti kcttler ihall be entitled to aw
water only oh the land aegregatcd by the com
pany. neecHth If, from natural caute, there ilmM
beaanoftagc In the water Mpply. thea the
amount to whtch each perton ahall be entilled
ahall reprccal uch part of the aggregate
quantity of water hi full amount bear to the
total amount of water aaJer alt water right
auld la caeof thortage from other than nt
uratraaar. proportionate deduction atwM be
made by the company in M aaaaal charge for
mat) leu nee.
Xtgbth The rompany ahalt be resuired to
cuiruct, mamtaiu and ofieralc a Uktpboue or
telegraph tine or line over It mala canal, ta
order that it may be la quIcL communication with
the aeurcc of aupply. ettabMag It better to carry
into effect Ihc dwtrtbutkHt af water
Ninth All peraena are furbUdentodMarb,
tioltutc or cauc to become impure, the water
B H- of the Sumea, cam.", lateral or uu
lateral of the atd rmapany, or to allow any
act to be done by which the Mint may become
ao, awi hhui not erect or cautc 10 ic crrctea or
ulared within xx (ret of any canal or lateral
ditch of the IrrlgatHHi ayatem of the said com
imuv antr atahle. mmil. hoe-heuae. rjoultrx.
hi yiem 01 ine said com
corral, hog-houae, poullr)--
iuHwc or aid, butchrrliiit-beutc or yard, watrr-
ctoMt.ceupool, manure pile, cemiwit heap or
otaer Mruvturc or luctoaurcor eanantoD prounc
tlreufotfil or any refuu laluriout to Health
that might befoul the water In aakl eaiul ur
ditch, or to permit any domestic anuiwal ur
poultry, gatbage, orftt. manure. lo or refuse
of any Vt wrthlu hi cont-ol to iulurc or ia aay
way befoul any ea,iMi or dileh of Ihc aakt com
pauy Alt ponou arc alio forbaMcH to puUate or he
foul in Ihc manner above Mated ur othetwiac the
water in dltche ratirctr upon their own land
uale aatd dUche ahall terminate within not
lev. than auu feet uf Ihc twuudary tine.
of thl rule the company alufi noii() htm to at
11 any prraoa MiaiiTiuiaic aayotiaeprovHtoH
once dct therefrom and if uch petoa shall
once ikhm taervtrom ana 11 ucn proa suau
not at once comply with ak! notice, the com-
pauy ahall imiuadMiteiy abut off I he mm! penon a
up pi) of water
TcuthAtlor any of the anorc rule and reg
ulalion may be changeil or amended ami uch
'cuthAllor any of the above rule and rei
other rule ami rcgulatiou aa utter exprrieuce
win anowamiMWe may k auoHet. However
nochange. amendiueuta orsnew rule and leg
ulaltoua hall bceoutc arativc unlit approved
by the atate Uml board.
Ktevenlh-ll ahall be the duty of the tate of
Oregon to cauac a copy of tbosc nil aud reg
utatioua, or of auch otaer rule aad rcgulatiou
a utay nul.Mueimy be adapttd by tne Hate
laml board, to lie placed utwu the dcU ro.'ordtof
each uftliecuuulies In aaul state in which any
uf the land, reclaimed by the stale of OrcL-ou br
coBtract with the coiKtuy aic situated.
C. W. Lord, of Cline Falls, who
was iu Bend Saturday, is develop
nig a farm there, as well as being
interested in the townsite company.
Water for irrigation purposes was
furnished last season by u pumping
plant but this means did not prove
satisfactory. The pump got out of
ux during August and the crops
were denied water when it was
most needed. However, two crops
of alfalfa hay were cut with a good
yield, all conditions considered.
"I will bank on four or five tons of
alfalfa hay to the acre next year,
said Mr. Lord. "The soil will
certainly raise the crops if handled
properly, we have no acres now
seeded to alfalfa aud will put iu a
total of 250 acres as fast as we can."
Mr, Lord had not before been iu
the immediate Bend country and
expressed himself as surprised at
the favorable showing that is
being made,
Railroad Surveyors This
Side of Forest.
llarrlmnn Mncs Have Set Aside $,
160,000 for New Roads
In Oregon.
"Thotc Oregon. Bastcrn survey
ors who arc working toward Bend
from Madras arc certainly doing
more than making a preliminary
survey," said Tom Sharp, who wan
at Hotel Bend last night. "I am a
civil engineer myself and know
they are doing work that is onh
done when actual construction it
in view. Sometimes they spen''
four or five days 011 011c mile an 1
arc doing all the cross-section work.
Whether it is the intention to fo!
low the surveyors with actual con
struction or not, those engineers
arc certainly making a survey that
is complete in all details required
for making the railroad grade
Anyone familiar with this work
can verify this statement by check
iug up on their stakes for a short
distance. When fifteen men work
several days on a mile of survey
you can be pretty sure they ar-'
doing thorough work."
When Mr. Sharp came over the
road a rveek ago the survey camp
wa on the north side of Crooked
river a short distance beyond thr
Forest bridge. Yesterday the amp
was just south of I'orcst and the
men were evidently making a vcr
careful examination of the rou
out of the Crocked river bottom
They were calculating the extent
of grades, cuts, fills and borrows
with so much care that it is evident
their work is to be the basis oi
actual construction. They seemed
to be folfowtug the old line of the
Columbia Southern Extension, but
whether a detour to accommodate
the new town of Redmond wul be
made cannot yet be ascertained I,
such detour is. made it will neccssi
tate entire relocation of several
miles of the line. If it is not made
and the old line is followed to Bend
the survey party ought to be hen
.in about a week.
General Manager O'Brien, of the
Harrimau northwestern lines, this
week gave out the statement that
4,160,000 had been set aside fir
building new lines in Oregon in
1905-6, though he could not say
just where this construction would
take place. Some have assigned
that it meant the construction 0'
the Natron-Ontario line. Mr
O'Brien figurcs'that the Harriman
lines will spend $34,000,000 in rail
road construction aud betterments
in Oregon in the coming year He
gives details for all but the $4,160
000 to be devoted to construction ot
new lines not yet named.
Settlers on Ditch Lands.
KKUUOND. Or., Nov. 7. Below u 11
partial list of settlers who are now v'.i ,
their binds biortking ground preparatory :
to putting in sprint; crop:
b. O. Kuudlett, from Salem, Or N i
SHl-4. eec. 27, 14-13.
Ii. M. Uuy, from I'rinovillc, Or ,S u
btf.t-1, 14-13.
John Tuck, from Salem, Or , s 1 ,
bvi-4. nee. J. IS-I3. j
V. 11. Woods, from Satan. Or hi ?
W. J. Stitrdevuu, ham lilt dU
Wath.. Si-aNWiM, S00.35, 14-1
Mutei Kulckch, from St. Pctersbtiri!
Ruia. NW1-4. NW1-4. Sec. v is amll
SWi-iSWW. Sec. -u, 14.11. I
K. II. .Miller, from Cline l'nlls. Or .1
SK1.4 Ml 14. Sec. 8. 15-13.
J. v. Ilatniler. Ironi Ciine rails, Or ,1
bWI-4 NWI-4. bee, 9. 15-13.
G. G. Grove, from Spanaivay. Wash. ,4
V-I.. "..! C ... ... I
I'. Forest, from Priuoville, Or , SHl (I
MSi-4, bee. 35, 14-13.
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