The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, October 20, 1905, Image 8

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The Townsite of BEND
On the Deschutes River in Western Part of Crook
County, Oregon.
Center of the Hew IrrlRatlon Dcvelopl1lent,, covering
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Timber Land, Act June y iH.
V. S. Xjiud Office, The DUo, Orrgao.
' Jufy.w
,Nie it herthy cira (bat in eaMHnce wHn
tlw pwiiauef the Actof Cancrru f Jane 1
IM, estUlcd "AH act fur I he aatc ofUmWr lawi
hi Mie Ul f CaWbrtika. Oregvu. Seia, and
vnMnctMi TrrrMry. ' M eatcixSed to aft tlH
MMk Un4 Ute by act of Auguat 4. thjl.
lter IVteraua.
Oedenaburr. eonntr of Waupaca, atate of VU -
n, haaintaaajr meatn inMoicce ma avrom
alateaeat No jrtjj. lUr Uie puctwe of Ibe c H ae
K.tHwK eraec 17. tp 19 a, r U e. w m
VJ wttt efler pruuf to abow (Uat the land
aH(ht iamefeMaMe 9trH timtier or ttamr
tbati for acrieattnral jwrpors and te elabUh
UklkiMlauki tawilKlbre) M. Ijiwitiht. V
CtMiainiwrr, at b4 efDCe at Head. Oregon
an WedDFMlay. llwr ijth dijr of Novemlier HS-
lle Mnnn wititeaae Jakn MeMI. Jiwepti
N. Hunter. John Mom and lienry Tre. alt ol
imw, wrrgen
Any and all .nenona cUbnltic adversely the
aaM-lccrilc( iandaarerrweted to file their
Uiw in thU effiee on or bc&te uM ijth day ot
StmnmlKt. vv-tVl-41
Department f Ibe Interior.
Ijind Office, The Italic. Oregon,
Octatier 1. too,
.Notice ia heresv ctvcu that the foUovrinr
Mtwrd aettlec baa fiM notice of bit intention to
male final proof in tuppa" of Ma ctaiM, and
Mat hW prMf win be made before J M. Law
lajnie. 0- d. Coninil'woner. at hi o&c in Bend.
Qngaa. on Noeeanber , ui. via
ITancla ii. George.
ofCHne I'att,Oregu, It. K No. iiy. fcr the
erKnwK andwWa!f, arc IJ. and Bt),'nwJ.
HC n, lp IS a. r II C, w m.
KcnameatheioHewhig witnraaea to prjc Ma
n(iniMu roidce upm and euKiratkw of
Mrid Und, i:
Jamea Meredith, of CUnc Hall, Oregon and
jauc v.. lievrge. oi uxiuw, uifiuu
Department of Ihc Interior,
Laud Office, Lakcriew, Oregon,
October 6. tus
Notice l hertbr given that the fot owing
nameil aettler haa-filrd notice of hU Inteutioo to
make Hual piuol iu aupport of hi claim, and
tbataaul proof will be made Ik fore the Krgitter
aud Krccltxr, at Lakcview, Orcgou, on llie (th
day of December, lyoj. vif
John Young,
II. K. No. jtTi. for the aetfue. aud nJixJf and
wKc, ace II, tp J a, r 9 c, w m.
He naiuca the following witueaara to prove hl
CBUtiuuoua rcaldrucc upon and culllvatlou of
ulil Und, vli-'
William O. Mayficld, John Taylor, John N.
Maatou, l-aic K. Young, alt of Koaland, Oreguu.
016-UM J. S. WAToON. Kcgl.tcr.
Dcprfitrncut of Ihe Interior,
Land Offer, J.alericw, Oregon.
October 6, ijioj.
Notice i hereby gtren thai Ihe following
indued aettler haa filed potlec of bU liUrutlou to
luakc filial proof la fupiwrt of liU claim, aud
tlut aald proof will be made before Ihe KcgUtcr
and Receiver, at -Lakcview, Oregon, -on Ihe 4tli
Oay 01 ucccmucr, 1003, via.
Iiaac K. Young,
llhf.Jfo.3iJ4. for the nctf.accil, lpJi.r9C
vr iu.
ii Mn. Ihe following wttneaaea to Droe hU
cvliilluuouj rcaldcacc upon and cultivation ofJ;-
WlllUm-O. M field. John Taylor. John N.
Matton and Jobn, Young, alt af KoaUnd, Or,egoa.
mU . J.W. WATSON, ReiUtr. J
JWfi X
J ' J f ' yS N X. 1
r f xK " in "
aj- iAc Ny
Timber Land, Act June J. lJ.
V. S. Land Office. Tbe lalle, Ortxon.
AiiKUit IT, iyi,
Nftttcc it herehf Rieen that in rompHance with
Ike proviMoni aft He Act nf CmptM uf June 1.
I7fc. entHled. "An act far the ukaf Umlirliwli
' the atalca of CaHlurHM. Ofeuon. NtmU, and
WaMiMetoa TertMorx, a extended tw ail the
putdk land tat4 by Art of Auguat 4, lV.
John R Wimer,
1 of Tumato nwnty uf CnmL, atale of ("v. baa
I inn itay bm ib im umce hv .wxh Malemrul
No jiu. the pKrcbaae of the rfiU efcc
ii. ip ia,r tie. w m.
And wttt offer pruf to ahpw tlut Ibe land
iht i more raluahte ttr tu tunlier or itonr
than for agncnllural jirjr, aud l ftlaUMM
ntacbtiM toiwid Und helwc J M. Ijwrrace, l.
CoHtmtMianer. at M orWe in lteud, Oregon.
m the loth day of December, iyu$.
Henameaaa w!tHen Ttun-watd A. Jenaen.
I William Ha ker. Lemuel C Ikjone. and Chartca
I.. Wlwrr. aH of Tumala. Otegoa.
Any and aH perton ctaimin aderraely the
above doaeribnl Unda are leuoeted la file their
cUima in Ihia otbec en or before Mid lath day of
Decatnber. ivk
okvtt MICIIAKL T. NOLAN. Krgbter.
Timber Lanfe, Act June i. 1?J.
V 8. Und Oftce. The Dallca. Oregon,
September tt, ly.
Notice U hereby given that iHCompHance with
ibe Hati)M of the Act of CunareMof June j,
iJ. entiUrd. "An act for Ibe Mleof limlvrUmU
the (( of CaUiurHta, iMenon. Nevada, and
U'aaMngton Territory " aa ealeuded ta alt the
pubMcUnd autea bv Act of Augntt 4, ,
Homer A Hoggcaa.
of Bend, county of (.rook, atate of Oregon, haa
th day Died in thu oltice bia aworn atalrment
No. lou. for I he purchase of Ihc nH!. arc j,
nHeTof aec 4. IP a, r 10 c. w m.
And will offer proof to ahow that the
Und aowjht ia more valuable for tta timber or
tone than for agricultural purpe. and ta ca
ubHah hia cUlm to aaid Und Ufore J M
Iwreucc. t 8. Cowiaiioarr. at hUetficeiii
Rend, Oregon, on Ihc loth day of December,
He namea a wltneaaea Michatl J. Motriaan.
Jahn MUm. JuMrph N Hunter and Ifllai V
Atuinena. ail 01 iiena, urrgoii.
Any ami all peraoua cUiming adversely Ihc
abovc-lecribed Unda arc requeued to file their
oUima Iu thu office on or belore Ihc aald lath
day of December, IVH
oiyli MICIIAKL T. NOLAN, Kegiatcr,
Timber Land, Act June J, Ij8.
U. 8. Ijaud OOlcc. The Dalle. Oregon
rkitember l rswi.
Notice i hereby tiren tluit in coiatJIaiice with
IheprovUlonaof the Act of Coiuiicm.o- June J.
iSjS. entitled, "An act fur Ihc aalc of tiryber Unda
hi the auie of Calilomia, Oregon. Nfd. aud
Waahiugtou Territory, ' aa rx)euded tu.all the
public laud atatc by Aft of. August 4( tl,
no)d.Ifl Louirll,
of lleud, county of Crook, ute of)(cgon, haa
thi day filed li. (,)( office hiaawprn autemeut
No ii, for the purchavr ofthv )iKUlaccio,
and wjjawK.oCaec II, Ip IB a, r 10 e, w ru.
And will offer proof to ahow. that the
land aoughl i 'more valuable for ll timber or
atone than for aiiriruliural Durtioce. and to
nlablUh ll claliu, to aauf land before J
M Lawrcucc, U b Conunlsvoncr, at hlaofficeln
lieiui, oteguu, ou me. ii,n pay si iKcrpiocr, 19a.
He uaruei a witiirac l'td M, Lvbdell,
lleury W, Keed. John )il((tIL aud lIturTwtcl,.
alt ofllenil, Oregbrj.
Any and all prraop claiming adversely
Ihe above deactlhcd layiU arc requetlcd to file
their rlalma Iu thlaoffire onxtXcIoi the aaid 1Mb
day of December, ioj,
Olj-dt ' UICILAKfyT. NOLAN KciUUr.
Timber Laud, Act June J, IS;.
U. b. Land Office, The Dallea, Oregon.
May J5, ly.
Notice la hereby given that in compbancc with
the pi ovmUmm uftbc Act of Cwugrvu uf June 1.
Ikra, entitled. 'An act for Ibe aale of limber Unit
Ui the Matea of California, nteguw. Nevada, and
WaihlugWn Terrttory, ' citeitdtd to alt the
pubtic Und Male by Act of AugtMt 4, hy,
ltdward P Logan,
of Nahwauk. county of Ilaaca, atatc of Mlnne
auU. baa thu day nlnt In (bit urnee Ma awura
atatrment No 4. lor Ibe mrrhc uf the neW
of aec at, tp 10 a r 10 e, w iu.
Aud will offer proof to ahow thai the Und
auughl H more valuable for Ha Umber or tunc
than for aurwuMnral puttMM, and l etabMfl
hU ctaim to maul Und bcxe J. M Laarcnce.
V H CmmitMutier at hl oHicr at Iietul, Ore
guu on balurday the Mlh day eflHtatwr. iya.
He name aa witueaOT Cbarle II. WrUi,
JohH K. Myan. Jowm N. Iluuter and lanlet K
MHlth, all of Rend, Oregon
Any and alt pcrwna cUiming adveracly the J
iwncHiMcnwii Mnu are rerjueaicti iu nie tnetr
cUlmt in thu office 011 or before aakt Mlh day
of uecowcr, iy4
au-M MIC
TlCHAKL T. NOLAN. Keghler.
Timber Land, A St of Juuc J, iftwl,
I' S Land Office. The Dallca, Oregon,
Augtrd 14. 1'rt-
Notice U hereby given that in cuauplMnce with
lb- pfttvUbMi of Ibe Act of Congiex of June y
i7, entllUd "An ad for Ihe aaVe of llinber hirlc
In Ibe !lc of California. Ilrvguu. Nevada aud
WaablngloH Territory," a calrntlnt la all Ihe
puMk land atatc by act of Aiu4 4, ihft,
Crorgc A K hlmpMui,
of Power, county of M Ihu. atate of Mlnne
aola, ha thi day filed In thia office hU aworn
atoUmeut No t4. for llw purchase uf the nw;f .
of wcjr, Ip ia. r lie, w ui
And wilt offer ou tu ahow that Ihc
Undaousht l more, valuable for it timber or
atone than for airricuUnral lHUtmwa. and
ctlabtUh hU cUim tu aaut laud Iwfore J. M
ijiwreucv, 1 h uimwiaMoncr, at hi lu
nend.Oregon, ou the i4lh,ilayofDecialer. 105.
He name aa wiliiaea. John K. Kvau. Dan K.
limltb, Johu McCennlck. aunt Hugh O'Kane, all
of Ilcnd Oregon
Any and all cruiia clajmliig adversely (he
alve-deacribnl law! arc mpieatcd to file tlii'ir
claim iu thi office on or before the uid llh
day of IKcember. 100
oij-dl MICHAI'.LT. NOLAN, KegUlcr.
Timber Ind, Act June J, il;l.
U. B. Land Office, Lakcview, Oregon,
September it, 1905.
Lbal in coinnllancc w
Notice I hereby giicn that in compliance with
ic provision of the act af Contrrstof tuner.
the provision of the act af Congress of June;
isjs. entitled "An act fur the sale of timber land
Iu the stairs of California, Orccoii, Nevada, and
WashluKlou Territory." aa extended to all the
public laud atatc by act of August 4, Sy,
George A. Wells,
of Parker, county ol pulb, stale ol Oregon, haa
Ihl day filed in thia office III aworu atatcmcat
No 1611, for the purchase of the eS'seJs-. sec 37,
and wswjfof eci,IP Jl a,r II e, w in
Aud will offer proof lo ahow Oiat the land
aougnt t more vniiuMc lur Ita Umber or at
than for acrlcuttural tmrttuse. audio est it,:
hi claim to said Und before J-j.iJmilh, clerk.
.roos. couuiy, inegou, at nil oiuce, at rrlnei toe,
Orcgou.on Hrblay, the jjud day ofDevemUr.
He name a wilneasca. Hcndcraon V Mar
chy. of IndeiiclulcUue.OfCFunl Frank I flrmnsJ
and Coinodorc V WclU, both af Parker, Oregoaj.
aud harah Y. Well, ofllalicy, Oregon.
Any aud all persona cUiming adweraety Ihr
aluvc-deacilbed Und -arc requested la 61c their
claiiuitnlhU tdbcr on or before aald 3d day
i J J t 7
h I I U I 1
S it. io f S
, hawthorn AV C.
r r'T Ti i i -i
X J 4 J- 7
. 14 ts H H t 1 t
Ttinbcr Land. Art June J, !
V. S. Und OAce, The Dallr. Orrgeo.
March, 11 tyo.
Notice ia hereby given that In enTOprUiue with
the provLHou ui the Act 01 t.ngrt hi June V
M. entitled. "An act for the Mlcof umber Uuu
in Ibe Male of California, Oreaon, Nevada, and
Washington Tetitlory. ' a eilended to att lb
puMicUsdatateaby Act of August 4, iftyl,
Arthur II Allen,
of SandHnt, county of Lewi, atate efl.Uho,ba
thi it) tiled In Iht ufbec hi norn tarmciit
No fS. for Ihe puicbac of the ue)( of ac
tp ij. r Me, w m.
And "III ofler pnf lo ahow that IhrUnd
avught i more valuable for It Umber or ln
than for agricultural pur. and to esiabHih
hw cUim to aald Und I fore Ihc Krgitter and
Krccttcr. at The lull. Oregun. on the lit day
ol December, lJ.
I He name a witnec llyron Johiistwi, Wm
j. iMvt. ami citarie r iiaie, an 01 nanu
tulat. liU ho, and Mkhacl O'Counor. af The
tiallee, Oreguu
Any and all pcraun cUiming adversely Ihc
at)Wr-uiiw.i nniie rriHrwi iu uic ineir
claims Ih thia otttce oil or beforr the aaU 1st
day of Drvcmbrr, ypt.
arli MICHAIII. T. NOLAN, KegUlcr.
Timber Mud, Act June j, itft.
Land Office, The Dalle, Oregsu,
July XI, lya.
Notice i hHeby gltrn that in com pita h(v with
hlNCn.iMHniincAfiwi i.mrir.1 hi-jhw j,
E iM. ntttlesl, "All act for the sale ufllmlMirUlHs
f In the stale of CallfBrnU, Oregon. Nevada, and
1 Washington Territory," aa citended lu all Ihr
puMK laini stairs y aci 01 August 4, 11191.
l.w IUll Umi
Bif lleml, county of Crtwk, stale of Oregon, has
k thi Uy filed In Ihl office her aworu iatciueiil
No tUa, for the purchase or the nwj of aec JJ.
Ip iaa. r lac, w m.
Ami will offer tirunf lo show that Ihe Uml
aougnt I more valuable for II limber ur stone
inan lar agricultural urM. ami 10 eaialtllsh
her claim luaahl laud before J. M. Lawrence,
I'. 8 Coiuuilssluiicr, at his ulfire lu lleud,
Oregon, on Ihc jothtlay of recmlrr, 14
hhe name a witiieste John tileiill, I. J
Kccd, V. K. Warner, C J Cotlor, and I'rauk
Orrult, all of lleud, Oregon
Any and all twraon ctalniliia adversely the
ihmc-dccethcdlaiidarcrciurlrd to file their
cUlm lu thia office 011 or before aaid Mlh day
ol Dcccmbcri lyJ-
o.imIij MICHAKLT. NOLAN, KegUlcr.
tTimber Mud, Act June j, tijl.
V. H. Mnd Office, The Dalle. Oregon,
July Ij. 1905.
compliance w
Notice I hereby given that lu compliance with
le Muvlslon otitic Act of Cuuitrest uf June .
Ihe pruvislon otitic Act of Cuugrest uf June ;
I;. cntitleit 'An act for the aaleof lluiberUud
Ill tneaiaieaoi uamurnia, wickvii, fisus, 11m
Washington Territory," a eileudrd lo all the
public Und atatca by Act of August 4, itfi,
Waller A. Citoii,
of Ilcnd. rou nty of Crook, state of Oregon, ha
thUdayilcdlulhliolBCc bit aworn statement
No, Xtl, for Ihc purchase ul Ihe nc4 ofaccij,
Ip 19 a, r 10 c, w tu.
And will afTer proaf to show thai the laud
ought i mre aloWe for lu tlatbcr oratuae
than fur agrls-ultural parpotei, ami Urstahtlsh
his claim to ld laud before J. M Lawrence.
1 K Coniiulsioner. ul hi ofhec at bend. Ore
gon, 011 Tuesday, Ike lth dajut Navcmber, toaj.
He iime a witnesses. Joseph if Jlunlrr.
II Johu lllo, WlllUm II. Block, Theodore Aune
f, and Anton Auuc, all of Bend, Orcgua.
Auy d all tie.'son claiming adveraeiy the
abovc-aVavribcd laiikl,atreuurstcd lo file thcir
daliniaa (hi office vi or before the aaid 141)1 dy
ofNaieiirVcr, 105. ,,
a-nj UICIfA7,L T. NfJLAN. EcjUtcr.
t J V 3 i
IS " ' t t 1
77jJ7p t
H. M 1 i 7
U TiTo
' J S 4
r 7
TtmUr Mnd Act JnneJ. !?.
V b. Land Office. The Dallr. Oregon,
July i. !.
Notice ta hereby given that In cwnkdUnce with
the ufH.laMsutlhe Act uf Csmer uf June 1.
i7 enlltlrd "An act foe the sale of UmberUmit
m the stale of Californta. Orcissn. Xevada and
WaahinftoM TerrHuey." a eslemWd lo all Ihe
pubtk Und stale by Act of August 4. iav
Ksdlc A l.ueas,
of Mend, county of Crook, sUte af Oiegam has
iNMay buhi in immnee nvr swocu staiemeni
No h foe Ibe tmicbaseof Ihe nc)4 of sect), Ip
m , r He, wm
Ami will offer prouf l sbuw that the Und
wmiii hi U more valuable foe lis Umber or atom
than for agitcisltural tmr ptsse, and t e4abKili
Her cUlm tosblUnd bvface J M Lawtewy,
I' is Commtssmnrr. at Ms uffice iu fHwd iwv
on, on TnroUy, the Mlhday nf Nnveuiber s).
bh name a wltnoue Albert C Lnea,
Juwrnb N tinnier, John lib and lltsgh O'Kanr,
alt of Reml, Orxi.
Any and all wrsn eU luting advntety Ihr
aUvclfeibd Und are inuettel Us file Ibetr
cUlm In IbU utlwc cm or before Ihe aM Mlh
day of November. iyj.
Timber Land. Act June j, 17
(' H Mud Office. The Dalle, Oirgon.
August iu. lyi)
Notice U hereby glicn that In comulunce
with Ihc pruvMoM of Ihc act of cougrea of June
tiir.. enlllle "An act fur Ihe safe of Umber
ml In the Mala of California, Oregon, Nevada
and Washington Trrrilory,' as ratewUd tu all
Ihcpublk Unit stale by act uf August 4, Hat
I'lancr M McDonald,
of Rend, county uf Crook, stale of Oregon, has
IhU day filed lu Ihl office her sworn statement
No J7'. for Ihe imichascnf Ihe w),aec 11, Ip
M . r ije, w m
And will offer tuoof lo thaw that Ihr land
sought I uiore valuable for lis Umber or atone
llun for agricultural imriHHe, and tu nlablUh
her claim tu said land Iwfor J. M Mwrrncv
1 n (.ommissmiicr, M III Miner 111 iierul.lrre
Bon. m the ijth day of December, hs
Nhe namea as wllnesfrs Joseiih N llnnler,
Knima M Kidman. Jaiuaa D lliitiryman ami
Herbert P.J. McDonald, all of Ilcnd Oregon
Any and all person claiming adiclaely the
almrc-descrlliedUiidsaic rcHHeMnl lo flic Iheli
claim lu Ihl office on or Inline the said 1 vtli day
of December, lp.
Timber Mud, Acl ufjuiie J, is;H,
U- H. Laud Office, f.akrtlcw, Oregon.
September , ivot.
Notice I hcrcliy gltcu Ihat in compliance with
the provision nOlic att of Cuugicsa of June 1,
Usa. eiitlllnl "An act lor Ihe sale ufllmlivr laud
lu Ihe slate uf California, Oreguu, Nctadn and
Washington territory," a extended to all the
public land states by acl of August 4, idyl,
I'rauk I'. (Irutiiid,
of Parker, county of I'olk, stair of Oregon, lias
Ihl day filrd lu Ihl office hi sworn ttatcuiviil
No. I6j(. for the purchase of Ihc nwjjofsec
j, tp ji a, r 11 c, w ui.
And will offer prool to show that the 'laud
sought u more valuable for II liiuhc. or
static thau for aeticiillural miriaiM-a. ami tu
establish hi claim lo said land licfurc I J Smith,
Clerk of Crook count,). Oregon, at hi uthce at
frlucvllle. oreguu, oil I'rfilay Ihr ud day of
iieccuiuer, lyuj.
He name a wlluesse Hemlrrsoii l'. Mur
phy, ol Jiidcciiitciicr, Oregon, llcorge A. Well
and Comodurc I' Well, both of Parker, Oregon,
and harah . Well, of lUlscy. Oregon.
Any and all Perron cUimlur adtrnrlv m nl
Ihe above laud arc requested to file Ihclr claim
in Ihl office ou or before the aald jjud day uf
December, iwa.
o'.-dlj Jl N. WATpON, Keilstcr
I Z 3 6 (
i " p I
H u 1 t 7
At Gateway to
the Great
Town has Grown
entirely in tin? M yenr, tlif jmmiI oflio
' (luting only from April M, u)c..
Doubled in Value
In six months in 1mt lleml
Kcnl lvstutc Iiuh done.
The Pilot Butte
Development Co.
Proprietor Townsite
Tlmlf Mml, Act Juuc J ia?
l' a LamllHbee Mkcvtew. Oregon
scpUmber . '
NiaUce U betebv aivew that Im samtoUsHee w.ik
Ibe snwvuwat at lb art of CunatM of Junr
i7. sulKWd n act foe tba aU of limber Un u
lu Ibe stat. at ctfoenu. Mea Nevada ..!
WblBtui TrrrMMV. a viUadrd lu at! 1 '
pubtk bvnd siatMbyact of AHePsst 4 ia
C Ure P WrtU.
of Parker county of pott . state of iHrgou I- .
Ibuday (Ut h th4 edAca bu mora statcm'Ki
u 11. air Ibe purchase af Ibe n of sx
Iptl a, r II e, w m
Ami wftlniTrr iwead' to sbw thai Ihe Ui. 1
wmaht u mute valuaMr for Ks timber or .....
than for rtCH4turl puipa.c. ami turstat.h.i
bsseUimtoMrdUndUrWeJ I Kunith lleik.'
Cruokeamuty. tHvipsN. at MsoAae atpvtnculir
orvgou.ou PibUy, I be sand day af UracmWi
Ilriuamti wllnas HsmaWvaon W M..
pby, of iNskiiendciiMi. (Hvacm Oeurac A Mil
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