The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, October 20, 1905, Image 4

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"For every mnn n
less nnd no more."
sijunro.ilcnl, no
One rear- ...........
KU month - .
Three nioiillu.............
(inrarlably In advance.)
. .So
.Kcnilt bj- bank droit, iHtttnt money
ortliir on llcit(l, exuvt money onlcr, or
rWRWttirctl leUy Make nil t'viiflttncet
yuWc to Tle llend lhillclin.
elements held rtgitlty to their prtr
tisinn prejudices, bttt for the best
elements of two parties to join for
the public good is n spectacle that is
ns novel ns it is glorious.
St aye and .fllnll Schedule.
Arkivi: r
from ShanlkovU l'tltterlUe J p. nt. daily
lTttm Lakevlewr and Silver LaVe
t a. m ilally cept Tne.
frem TuitvMo Tne.. Thitta. nmt Nit. ..i 15 p m.
ITwu LaMtair dally except Swmlay p. m.
l'r 9hnlko via rrlne-rttlc a. m. dally
lr I.aV.evlw aud trltrer Lake...
. ...? jo p m dally except Sum
for Tomato Tue., Thnr. attd Sat .. Sam.
l'or LaMtaw dally except Sunday ,.... p. m.
1T Of KICK Hocus Week day: S a. in. to S p.
m. Sunday, from 11 a. m. ts 11 m.. anil hall
hour after arrival or all mail Irew railroad
reaching llend before S p. in.
TrxnnioxE Omen How Week d), from
i. m to 9 P- n. Sundays and holiday,
from Saw a, in. to ti noon, ami from j-00 p. m. a
soap, m.
The people of the Tumalo section
want to get a through mail route
established that way from Item! to
Sisters. When the matter was
presented to the department it was
refused and the statement was mode
,tlnt the present .service to Tumalo
is maintained "nt a cost of 190 per
annum, while the money value of
the postage stamps cancelled at
Tumalo only amounts to about $71
per annum." This brings home
a" t . . a m
lor consiucranou wuai is m met a
very common failing disloyalty to
one' locality. Too much of the
business thai, rightfully belongs to
Tumalo postoffice goes to other
offices. By pulling for their own
postoffice and there is no reason
why they should not these people
xvculd make a bettcrshowing for it
and command better facilities. Any
new communsty has much to over
come in organizing and settling its
affairs iu working order and the
task is greatly increased when the
people pull apart instead of pull
together. By pulling together the
are jpyincible.
tt'ilh'anisoa and Biggs are sen
tenced to pay a fine of $500 and be
imprisoned 10 months each, and
Gesncr to pay S1.000 and sound
five months iu prison, as the pen
alty for conspiracy to suborn per
jury, of which crime they were re
cently convicted. Gesnor's age and
feeble health brought him the
shorter term and heavier line.
Judraent will not be enforced utitil
the defendants exhaust their rights
pf appeal.
Thiise sentences have a sobering
effect on the most defiant of the
J?nd graft sympathisers. They con
stitute a warning that cannot be ig
nored and will not be relieved by
questioning the motives of the pros
ecution or making charges against
other people who are innocent. The
government means business. It is
terribly in earnest. It is bound to
punish guilt. There is no political
pull that will save, only guiltless
ness; for this is a square deal.
Partisan politics has nothing to
do with it. Here is Mitchell, nom
inally republican, really without
principles, always catering to dem
ocrats. He is the first man caught.
Then comes Binger Hermann, an
other statesman without convic
tions, who has always been all
things to all men, who was in the
republican camp because that party
was in the majority in Oregon,
Williamson was a man of more
positive political expressions but
his success in Crook county largely
came through deals with democrats.
Gesuer was a very cosy republican,
Biggs was a Missouri democrat, be
cause it happened that he was born
that way. Sam Smith may be des
cribed as either a Sam Smith demo
crat or a John Combs republican.
Aud so it goes, no party and no
faction having any preference in
this matter.
These results in .Oregon have!
been achieved by a republican pres
ident acting through a democratic
prosecutor. We have frequently
seen the worst elements of the two
parties join hands to overthrow
fcdod government, while the best!
The Bulletin is iu receipt of the
following inquiry:
1'u in, Oct. 14, 1905,. t oce the
government i. mighty tdrict ngnliiRt
jteople who itmv le noting together to
iet public lmK Un't it jttt . Ud
mr mini ouicers to promote coittwtn in
onler to iuorwiM; their fees?
It. O. RtVHKT.
As to whether it is "just as bad"
or not The Bulletin does not enre to
express an opinion; for it would be
110 more than tut opinion autl could
not fit all circumstances. The
Bulletin docs not hesitate to say
that it is "bnd" for laud ollicors to
pronjotc contests for the fees Or
for anybody else to promote or
countenance contests for tiny such
purpose, or for any purpose except
to prevent the illegal acquisition of
However, it is not to be over
looked that the laud department of
the government encourages contests
against those who may hold public
land improperly. This has been
crystalized iu the following instruc
tion from the secretary of the inte
rior to the commissioner of the gen
eral laud office
You will also plcflvc notify the local
offieer tlwt congress ban in various ways
invited and encouraged iktmhis to in
form nRatu-u those wlw re eudeMwrine
to ncotlire title to tin lmWIIc liiul fruiul.
ulcntly or illegally, an the only adequate
menu of protecting the t'nited .State;
ami that it is their duty to favor tlu
xAcy by examining carefully riiv a-i'ili
oaitou to con lest a claim, kiiutuig out
its defect to the applicant nml alloH-inf-liim
to amend it at once.
t a
1 iiereiorc, wane it is not proper
to "promote contests in onlcr to
increase their fees," it docs seem to
be their duty to encourage contests
against those improperly holding
land. It should be remembered
that a contest against an entrymau
who is comply iuc with the law
-loes not trouble him much The
uuer lenow pays all the expenses
of taking testimony for both sides.
laud he is not likely to do this tin-
less lie thinks he has cause of action
Cancellation of an entry will not be
made except upon a clear showing
of illegality.
No officer with any self-respect
or rcspeci lor 111s oince will pro
mote contests for the fees, but it is
his duty to encourage contests
against the improper holding of
government lands, iu order that
Advertised Letters.
The following is a list of letters
. j .
ivinnmiiig tiucaiieu-ior in tne
postolhee October it, 1905:
Anthony A. A. King. I a".
Ilaytd Charley l.cel.oiili
lltwtwlck John l.cwur l.etuor
Umpnmit I.. II. .Sinclair Mrs. Norn
Dew Start SltuilHuigU Kmc
Harrison Tom Stover A. l'.-.
Persons culling for these letters
will please say they me atlvettised.
A. 11. O.kant. Postmaster.
Tlmhei Lain!, Act June j, iJ
U. S. I.att Office. The lMll.Oiek-oii,
AnijiMt 10, lv(.
Nutke l hereliy Klvrn that In cinnpllnnrc with
the prurt4uu cifthe Aet uf CitHRieM of June A
ilj. eHtltM, "AH aet (tor tlieMle ul llwlier UihI
'."Jfc orCallRwnla, llienwl, Nrw.U. nntl
WahlHtM Ytitllory," n etemlml to all the
public lawl state by Aet of Aiiiit 4, Hy,
ChatteaK Ittee.
t Montattlla. emiHty r MHltrnmiah, Mate o(
tirenwi, ha thl ilay flint In , )He hWi tmxn
Uteinent No JOTi.fwthe pnultaie of the iu,
eci. Ipi. r tje. w m.
Atttt will uAn itntei-f in ihm. itiMi ii... i....t
wight U more valmiMe for It tlmltr or a tone
""I., 7. "eo'al puipw, m i
nuMUh hH claim to Mhl laud h. i m
"J'.l1"' l" 8 """""ww, at h'.urtwlH
Hewl. t)iTKW,m the ulh Oayuf llerember. ioa
V"J ,.r,"'c. M IWell.hoth of Hewl, ilifm,
5 m.SM.'X.SS?: u,tKVH' ",,d Mmr "
..AMV ml all hetH, eUlmliiK ailewwly
Itle thetr cUlm in thl. -r on or befoic the mM
HlhiUy of IXeemlwr, t9a0
.Ttwlr Uml. Act .lne, 17
uiiui-; i-uiv I'UHhICATION.
V. S lJHit OIHce, TlwillaUtw, Oieeon,
3ty . yi-
Nottee It hrrtv
the I
-otlee It hereby t leen that In eowpHanee with
w p(rt4n ufthe Aet of Cmietr-.. . JHiie
1 the tlale nt OallimuU liru v..i. . .1
2i7tn." Tetttloey. at MteniUM t. all the
MIowIhjc petMHit have 4II n ,;hi ulhe their
iwkh Matetnenlt. to-wn '
Thewlote W Him.m,in.
of ilaiiil 1 m 1 1 1 1 1 hi'.ui ....i. ..
aatemeHt So hM Jo)r as. iv. for b
tmrchateofthe aofie,. tp4f,, r ije. w w
Katkr ( l'j.lUHrt.
f Heml. emnty of CiwtV, Mate of Oregnn. whm
MleweM N m, Alnl Hy ij. v, Ae xht
WKha4eoi'thee,K ainl jai3 4. of ee
i tp. r lie. w m.
That they wilt offer piou44o ahow that the
H.I Mweht ate Hwr mlttavle -lue the limber
Tr inTn man e fWxlllHal MMtiww
ind l eMahtlih Ikrlr rL.114.. JnM I.J.I. f-Ti.
'ji-, 4"tee. I- s. CmmMw, at hw
oatr in Head OteitHi. oh Noremfrer iv lyij
They name at Mllaewn Chart 11 HeoH.
J)SSr,'r'.i"7,,,,,nHH' Twk M Mlehel.
Wlltlam MaldwiH. Hfaaet. MaitnN. Ih.i.y K
HiowH. Katie ('. IMobenet and AhhM( H IWe
benet. all of Heml. mena.
Any ami all prfm ctalmtHg adeeHy any of
.fe"?''?' Ii"d Mr tsoMJ to HI
l .,."'""""" " o wane iikmm
5th da) of Notember. Ha,
MICIIAKI. T. XniN. HeieHter.
the truth may be brought out.
When the evening tJuulwa lengthen,
Awl the doMuf toll patt.
When upon the l ami mea4or
boatet acrlmton vetuicut.
When the rebiot home are flying.
To their Mgh and moy a4, .
Awl the groat white doudtatc rolHog
Down vpo the alow log wrtt;
When thcenJriUHetelte
On the moualalM. bill and gWnj
Then It l the weary latwr'r
Seeka wlthoy htt Jhmwc again.
'Tit the quiet hovr of twilight.
When the alar ie)ii to peep.
And the wotWIi litl in alienee.
Wrapped in laac talm and deep.
Thu our Urea draw in a cloc.
When our battle here are ended
And wr ceate hr weary march
Over labor fieblf eiteud A.
When we tee the angelt l-ecLoalng
One by one our aorrowa fade;
Homeward then we turn our foo4irp.
Through the evrrcbanging ahade.
VTe will enter ut tii- portal.
Which the auxrf fcandt unl.r.
In the land of love ad beauty.
Where no earthly torrowa mar.
SUa. DtsLUa livNiCfillLa,
Timber Uitd. Aet June j. tj5.
U. S I-awt OOtee. The !an, Oregnn.
Aweii.t j. ttai
Nottee U hereby gtveathat In corn pHamx with
'heproMmt uf tbe art.rfeotff reof June i i"wa
IMW "Ah act fcr law Mle uf timber UtSk In
the (tale of California. Oregmi. ami
WahiNgtui Territory a ratemletl load the
ottbllc Umt Male by act uf Augwtt 4. tvl
V. 1'onl llumtuH,
ifWeto. nmntyof I'mattlU. Male of Oregon
MtthUiUy nbnllu thlt nmce hl Mi'r
merit No. tx for the pmetmtr of the HnW
1 ml ltt 1 ami of tec 4. Ip M . r e, w m
Ami will offfr jwtf lu thaw that IheUii-l
Mmght It hMMe rafwiMe fr Ita tlmtwr or Mont
than Km agrtCHltumi iMrpM. ami toetubllth
hW culm to mM Uml ttfure J 51 Mwrener.
' S httafreeln Hend, Uregou.
.j.n .iwTrmwr, IV1!
lie name at wltneet John HWt. Ieph N.
ilontar. I'ranU tilatt ami John SteWI, all of
vim. isregwH.
Any and all perwm eUimliig adeertely the
7rv I; , "'." ",c reoei iu au oh 01 before Mhliyh
yol November, ivj
Haspben ies, strnwU-rrlcs uutl all
small nursery stock (br sale by V.
J. Huckley, Mend, Oregon.
Timtier l.aml.Ait June y 1C7B.
l'. rt t.niul tlillre, l.nlrvlrw, (lwiili
Heptemlier .l, lv5
Notice It hetrliy glien that In cniiiillniicr wllli
the ptm Mnn uf the att iifCiiimteM of Juliet,
1 !T. entitled "An art (or the mle ill llmlirr Iniuft
In Ihrttnle nfCnllfiiiiilii. tliegon, Nrtmln and
Wattilii(liiii Tritltnty," at entemleil In all Ihc
pulillcliiiiilt alate by ait uf Aiiiil 4, 11.
MIII011 A Vming,
iifKintaiiil.oHiuly of Viwik, tatttte uf llieiinii,
Imtlhltilay (llnl Iu thlt nlfiee til. tiuHil tlNtc
mem Nn, 1974, for the pmcli.te uf thenwjf ,
ft. Iptia, r 11 e, win.
And Milt Hirer Hiif In alinw Dial the Uinl
Hitihl It mine tatiiable fur II limber or Mime
limn for agtleottiiial putiw., and tiirMabllth
hlaelaluitiiMtld taml lie fine J M l.itnrf , l
H CiMiiiiilwiiiiirr, at hi nlftcc, at Iktinl. tlieguu,
mi Katuiilay llicytlMk) of Itrvembrr, lyo
He name at wit lie wi John HIihh, Juhn II
Kvhii, J N HiiHler, J I I'agipiil, ami Una h
JohuMiu all of Iteml, iliegon
Ahv ami all tiitH. rlalHilHi. .Im.Iv ibi
alm-elpterlliellaiiilt ale IriiiirMnt In Air llirlt
ctaiiiitluthitofnecon or be lore Mid th da) or
Decemlier. loaj
o-W J N WATHOV. Healttar
Tlmlier Mm), Art June y ir.
I'. H. Viml Dlnee. The IMUet. Dirgon,
;tly . iyua
Notice It heittiy gleenjhal In mmpllatMr with
the act of Ciwiif. ir June 1, ia4tentrtlt An
act fertile Mleqf timber b)Mlt It (lie Mate of
California. IHegoti. Nevada ami WaMilnaton
reTtllry."aetrndnl (ji all the tmbHelnnd
Male b) aet ui AogtHit j, jIuj the MI.ihIhk
immeil pmw. on June nrj. Med Iu Ihl
We Ibetr vni tlaleinent. Imwili
I'taMk MeCalfry,
of Hnlfrrii, OBimty uf IVniilngleii. Male nt
Wuth IML.iu. worn kUtcntfiit No IV.
tliniKte.uahe ec tj. Ip i . r lie,
tdinid,H MeCairtv,
of Hend, (,. f CriwU. Mate of Orrcoii,
tnmn .talemertt No 7. foi the HH(he of
the lie(, tec 1. tp iu a, r II r, w im,
Tint they wllloRer xuuf. to thow that the laud
wnght It more valuable for the tlHibei or Mtme
ihetetm Ihtn lor aatkoilMal imitwte., and to
etablih Ibetr clalmt to whl Umt IxuVwr J .M
lenience. I' It CwHwlMlwHr. at lilt ihW .1 Norember I, i,,
They name at wllnewrt Crank MrCaltry of
araiciH. !WtHH iMkota.. iblwartl II. MrCatTiy,
oeph N Hunter. IU11 K Hmltli ami Chatrn 0.
VVel'i. all uf I le ml, tliegon.
Any amt all mmw etalmtnit adeeewrly any of
the abote lamlt aie fo tibr their ehilmt
in lhlttrievoor before the uhl iMh lay of
.lormmi, i,
ania MICHAIII. T. NOIVN. HeclMer.
Timber IjiimI. Art June J.ij
V. . taoJ unVre. The IMllet. OieutHi.
July i. tv.
Notke la hereby glom that In cttmplware with
ihe pfovfMoaw ortbe Aat wf CcMiore.. of June L
i7. ehtltkd, -An act br the tale HfllmbrrlamI
In theMatetuf Califeiitia Ittegtm. Nevada, and
WothltiotoH Territory." m rileimVit to all Ihe
pttbtK html tAalea by aet of AnguM 4, i'.
J'ravUtKV. M l.ot.lell,
of Hrmt. nmWjr il I'rooV. Mate ot Oiegon hat
ibi day flhnt In Ihit wfttee hit twurn Matemeul
No . for the potcrMa of ibctcHuwh, ami
evw and tM J of tec j, tp a, r 1 e. w m
And will offer if hi thow that Ihe laml
mrnght rt more valwabte for H tlmiwr or Mmir
IhaHforagrtcHllHtal part, and to eMat.liMi
hit claim to Mid land before J M Lawieocr f
S CommftMoner at hi efftee at Heml. tHegon.
on mrwaay, me 14m itay 01 xovember. iv
He mime at wllneit John nteldl. Henry W
Keed. Henry Tweal tl JuliH HkM. ail uf Iteml,
Anv ami all
a bur-4r MTtbttl
.'burnt Ih thft olnee mi or before laid 14th
nay 01 jemwr, lyi,
WAI.I, IITKI'.KT, 0iKille II M Co
HE finest slock of FRESH
MEATS in Crook Coimlv.
Cured Meats and Lard and all
the Accessories of a First-Class
Market. Everything- new and
of the best. VH ITE & H I LL.
phe White House
a. 30. ssotcbenct, (prop.
The Best Liquors and Wines
Commission mi forwarding
L.irfic, Commodious Wnrcliousc. Coiisixnuicuts Stiticiled
l'millit HtteiltHdl jmbl ! tlne vilm
aiw inc Hitll tlirii Nitfdiai(r
! cMmlnK JMiif (Kr
1 wh iwr rruvfiiM is ihc ipm
pree land in Oregon,
av under
Timber Lacd, A.t June 3, Hj,
V. 8. Laud Olnce. The Ibillea. Oregon,
Notice h hereby giren that In OHiinUaiiec with
Iheproettteiitorthe Aft of Cengrr of June 1,
JS,entltle4 "An aet for IheMleoftlnilier lainf.
In the Mate, of California, Orrgoii. Nevada, and
Washington Territory." a citcndrd to all the
public laud aute by Act of AuguM 4, lv,
William Mcl.cwl,
of Portland, cvunlv of Multiiutii.h '.i.iri.r iirr.
gun, hat till (Jayfiletl In tlni office hi awern
taienicm no iyu. lor tne puichatc or the k
faee, tpioa, nor. w m.
And will offer proof toahow that Ihe land
tooght itinoreialuabte fur Itt limber or alone
than for agricultural iurprct, and IncMahlith
hit dalm to akl laud before J il. Lawrence,
V. h. Ceintniwloiier. at hi olfice In Head.
Oregon, on the JutiUy of Decemlier, iyi$.
llcmmriM wilneet. John lllou, ol HlMera,
Oregou, aud Jowph N. Hunter, of llend, Oregon
Auy and all peraona claiming adiernely the
.evcdrtcrlbedlanda arcrniuetteil lu file llirlr
Tlmbar Laud. Aat June . lL
U h. Laml. Olber The IMllet. Oregon
July u, h-
Ntdlec It hereby giren Lbai lu (-omittance wlUi
the provitloMi otlhe aet uf oojgttti iJouei.
ij, CHIIIInl -All aet fur Ihe ule ttt timtier
Umtt In the Mate of California. Oiegon Ncraita
ami Wathington Territory." a attended to all
IheimMicUnd ttata tiy act uf AuguM 4 iSil
the Mlowlng-namnl ietH have filed ill thlt
olftec their tworu Malement. i-wl.
Mary I', llrowu,
of PiHtlaml, roonly of Multnomah, Malr of Ore
gn, woru Utement No HA, nlett July i,
Kat. for the tiHrbae 01 the w)Hr)f. aeKnw,
ueftwf aiMnwifKtf of tec j. Ip ly a, rue,
w. m.
I'rril W Allerlon.
of llarlior HttlHgt, couHly of Hmmrtt, Male of
Mkhlgon, awurn Malement No 141. filril July
4. twfr ioe ine pwrcnaicoi Mil jamiineeHuw
, ucjfawX kc ja. Ip is a, r ioe. w m
That they will offer piooft to thnw that the
landtwuglit ate more valoable f'rf Ihe tlmUr
or Mone thereon than for agrtcullural imriNMe.,
I.cttvc Slutitk)..,
Arrivit I'riiicviJIc
I.cnive Triucvillc 3:jo p
Airivc Ik-mi 7:00 ji
6 p.
I.OtlVC lltlltl 6:00 2. III.
Arrive I'rluovill 11:00 m.
Leave 1'rincvilrv i p. in.
Arrive Sliumku i a. in.
et.lmt In Ihlt office 011 or
day of December, lyo.
before Ihc aaid mt
NOLAN. Kegltter.
tbe "Carrv Irrlraltm Art '
direct from aute WKITK OK CALL
llOOkleta ami man frr II h feAr Mr
Co.. an Alder alreet. Portland. Or.
Town Lots
JLaidlaw, Or
and Make Af oney
Por particulars write or cull on
J. W. Rutherford,
l.nldlaw, - - Oregon
Timber liml. Act June 1, tj.
V. M. Mud Office, The Dalle, Oregon,
Oetdr f, 1905.
Notice I hereby given that in compliance with
Ihepraiiiioiiaofthe Act of Cougret of June 1,
lH, entlllett "An art ttr the ule of Umber laml
in Ihc Matra of California, Oregon, Nevada, and
Waihingfen Terrilory." a raleiulrd to all Ihc
public land atatea by art of AuguM 4, ifyi,
Ila I), lirickaou,
of llend. county of CrooL. Male I...
thlt day Alert in thl office her aworn elalenirut
No X..fur Ihe purch.teorihenMxW. aec i,tp
la. rioc. neKawV, IM 6, aeco, tpiNa, rur,
w in. '
Aud will offer nroof In allow that ihr laml
... - . . . -. .-;- .. r. " "- -
MMigiiiiinorevainaiiicior it llifilier or atone
than for agricultural imriiotet. and lo cilablith
ner claim to tain unit itefure J
Mwreuce, I'.
The Deschutes Telephone
Telegrams Forwarded to
any jart of the World.
Direct Telephone
and all Pacific Cogpt cities
Public PAY Station
Bend Oregon
H Cotninluloner, at hit irffire in llend, Oregon,
wii ine ihm liny 01 nebcin ncr, lyn.
bhc name a wilurttta' Ij-irr N. Sfrur.r
Oilier 11. HtlcLaou, Clurlra llotil aud Chailrt'1
If I'.lrU,,, ii nr ii. .1.1 '.... '
. ... .., HI. W. ,.,.., ',..,,
Any and all pcraon olalinliig
alwvr-dctcrilieil laitdt arreuiirtitil
ruiiua In llilt cirice 0)1 or Iwfurc
Decemlier. 11ii.
odlj MICIIAKI. T. NOLAlf, UeijUjer.
adrcraely Ihc
id lo lilc'thelr
r j 1(1 liiul day ol
the Krgl.lcraiHl Krtclvcr, at The Italic., Oirgim,
nil November , s.
They name at witncfc Michael O't'ouiior.
William (1 Matou. II. A. McDonald amIMaitiu
Oroundwalrr. all of The Dalle, Oregon, ami
Jamea llrowu, of Portland, Oregau.
Any ami all pernio claiming adveraely auyof
the ahuvc ileacilbcd laud arc refpiralrd In file
lliclr clalnu In thl office oil or before the aaid
Vtli diy of Novrmlier, i'),
Timber Mnd, Act June J. ttyfl.
U. H. Mud Office, The Dalle, Oregon,
July 6, iyj.
Notice I hereby given that In compliance
wunine protitinn 01 meactoi kimgrettoijune
1. lafl. entitled "An act fur the aale nfllinlier
laud III Ihe Matra of California. Oiegon, Nevada
and Waihiiigtou Territory," a caleiulcd tuall
Ihc public laud alateabyacl of AuguM 4, 1111,
Harry A. 1'o.ter,
nf Prliieville, comity of Crook, Male of Oregon,
lu thie day Bird lu till office hi wiiiii Mate
incut No. yn, for Ihe purchaac ul the twi of
tec y, Ip M a, r M c, w III,
And will Oder proof to ahow lhal Hie laud
.ought I more valuable for II or alone
man lur agricultural imrpinra ami to cMaMltli
hi claim to aaid Uiul lieforc Ihe County Clerh
of Crook county, at Prliieville, Oreguu, oil Mon
day, Ihc Ijlh day of Nuveuiber, lyoj,.
He name a wllueaaei: I'rauk II. O'liilm.
Kalph L. Jordan, I'rcd T. Illgglu aud (leorge
Milllcan, all ofl'riiicvllle, Oregon.
Any and all iertont claiming advcrxly the
alMivc-deacribed land are reouetted tofllelhrlr
claim in llilaofncc oil or before aaid Ijthdayol
Nuveuiber, l')J.
afl-iiio MICIIAKL T. NOLAN, KrglMer.
G. W.
Saloon. IltlJKrtCl Allll IOIIHnlll-
Excellent Bar Service.
IIIkIi Class Gentleman's Re
sort. Only first class' goods
kept in stock. Call on us.
Timber Land, Art June 3, l$7,
U. 8. Liljt Ofjflce, Tjtc Dallea, Oregon,
October 16, ijoj.
Notice I hrrebv tlveu llitt In M.I1I1
the provltlon ofthe Acini Coiigreaa 11 1 June 3,
l;, eutltled "An act (or the aalc oftlinber laud
In the atatea of California, Oregon. Ncvuda, and
Wanhliiaton TerrlWry," a extended to all the
public laud atatea by act of AiiguM , lyj,
Letter N Mcnear,
of llend, county of Crrxik, atole f Oregon, haa
Ihl day filed lu thi Office lit atvoru tateiiicnl
No. J6S5, for the purchaac oTthir' awlf ofMcai,
tpija, roc, wm. ',.. I" ir
And will offer proof to ahow Iut Ihc land
ought U more valuable (nr Ita tlinlxr or .llfiiie
than for agricultural purpoica, ilnd'lii ela!)llli
hi dalm to aaid land before? J M. Lawreiffe, T.
Commiwioucr, at hi. office nt lleuJ, (lfegoti
011 the jjiiJ day of Deitiubrr. iotj
He name aa wltnfttea- Chutlfl- H. Krlc.koii,
thailea jioyil. Oliver It. KfKLaou ami Thcoiihllc
M. Michel, oil of llend, Oregon.
Any and all lieraoua claiming adveraely Ihe
above-dcicribcd lauda arc rratue.ted to file their
claim. In hl office 011 or before aaid mid dny of
Deceinber, 1JM.
o dij 'mCHA,UL T. NOLAN, R.gUl.r.
TImtfcr IfBUtto Act of June j, iHjB,
U. H, Laud Office, The Dalle, Oregon,
July jv, 1903.
Notice I hereliy given that iu compliance with
the provltiouaorthc act of Congrratol June j,
llirlt. entitled "An art fur th tale uf ilmlr
laud In the aute of California, Oirgoii, Nevada
and Washington Territory," a extended to all
the public land Male by act of AuguM 4, Syj,
Ihe following-uaiiietl perou lime, 011 May ji,
1905, filed lullili olfice their aworn atateiueut,
Mary II, Norton,
of Miuuraiolla, county of Hennepin, alate of
.MIiMirfiiB, .worn ataieuieiii no. hi;, fur the
purchacoflhciiHw) and uMeK, aec a), tp
iHa, r 10 c, win,
Nellie l. Dwyer,
of Mliiuraioli, county of lleiiiieplu, alate of
Mliiueaoti, aworn ataleiiient No. liii, fur Ihc
purchaicoflhe MwJ(. ami Mc)7, aecij, tp
18 a, rioc, w in.
That they will offer nroof to ahow that Hie
laud aoilght are more valuable for the limber
aim atone tiiercoiiiiiuuforagricullural puriiotc,
and to cMahliili their claim to aaid laud licfuic
IhC KrglMer aud Receiver, at The Dallea, Oregou,
011 qctobcr,1l, i'J.
wlltiruea: John McCoriulck.
Hvon. of Ili-iifl.
.- . ........ ., .....7... ... r..,ii .. : '
wicKuni ji. i.wiiuii Him ficmc
of SlhiiitaiKJlH, Mluiieaola.
Authorized Capital $25,000
Incorporntcd 190-1
The Central Oregon
Banking & Trust Company
Transacts a "cncral banking and trust business.
Issues Letters of Credit nood tlirouj;lioiit tbe world.
Acts us Administrator, Hxectitor or Trustee of IUtntus.
Transfers money by Mail or TuleKrapli.
, Collections mnde promptly mid upon favorable terms.
Interest on Deposits
lms added
It will now
thereon as
They Haute aa wlltiruea: f
Daniel It. Hmlth, and John K.
I'. Dwyer,
Auy and alt pctaou claiming adveraely any 01
ibovc land ore rrniicted to file their clalnii
Ihe alKjve I
lu thl office on oj
tV.uiici, iy
ail-M JMlCjlL
before the (aid JIM day of
T, NOLAN, KeglMer
The Central Oregon Unnkiii; & Trust Co.
several new features to its rapidly KrovviiiK business,
give Time Certificates of Deposit, paying intercut
For 6 Months, 3 per cent
For 1 Year, 4 per cent
at Reasonable Kates
W. K. OUKIH.V, J"jSwuto;gOWII.UK1 V,cK Vum.
F. 0. MIXOUi Pahiiikii
Dr.crt Mud, 1'iliat I'roof,
Department of the Interior,
The Ihillea, Orrgoii,
September iv. vM.
Notice la hefeby given that llelle L. Ilurilt, of
uii,iianiet nnllie oriiilciilluulo
tyhW.'.Vl'A M ,",lurc l''K- 'M(1 Dlice.Al
Uc Dalle, OtCKtiii, mi t 8tli day of Noieuibcr,
She nnmentlir following wltiieM. lo pnne
llieoiiuplcie Irrlgailuu and rwUmalloii of aaid
Jiijiie. Telhernw, lame- Tliompaau, unit C
' . ' "r'i ."f "" ' Hll, OfCllll Ollll I'. T. II
I'llltUtlll, (lirifOII. Illl.Alril nnllii. nf Im.i.ii. ..!... f
''' proofou her deerl land claim No. 400, for '"'HiOfHImiilko, Oregon
Mi Mrjj..yW, .. , ug uwhuwUi U, o ul MICIIAKL T, NOLAN, Kfjil.Uj