The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, September 15, 1905, Image 4

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    ,,i.n .iMm IN,'.tttttattt
r eSUEJ.
. ....,...-,?,.- .-..n-t,r,t,',iffti '"A
fcucUBinu) itvHRV I'RlbAV hVi
Tor every mnn a
less and no ritorc."
square deal, no
One yctr....... ....... ..-.- $i-y
tjlt monlht .. ...........,..- to
Three moulltt...,.-. - j
(tnvarinblv tn advance.)
L ' '
Remit iy Iwnk draft, postnl t money
b'nlcr on lletiil, express money onlcr, oi
rtglslcrcd letter. Make nil remittance!
pnynllc to The Heml bulletin.
Stnjje and mail Schedule.
Vront thanl.ovl rrinerlllc 7 p. m. itall
Vltim taVevIc and SMUcr LaVe
.... , I a tn dally except Tiic
from Tiimalo Tuca., Thur. and Sat-.. :IJ p. H-
1-ront Laldlaar dally except Sunday 1 p. m
I.kaxk Hr.NIi.
Vnr Shanlko via Prinevtlle 6 a. m. dallj
J'ter Lakcvic and Silver talc....., ..... .
, ..... yip. m dally except Sun
l'r rumaloTtirt . Trtnra. and Sal. ...... a. ra
Vor LaUllaw dally except Sunday.... ...J p. tn
Pjht OHMCJt lloi-na Week daya; Ra.m.taRi
tn. Sunday, from it a. tn. to It m.. and )m
Itttur after arTlvnl of alt tnaila (torn rallte
TMCtitnc Heud Ik fore S p. in.
Tnmriiofir: OpriCK llouaa Week day, trot
mi. m to 9o p. tn. Mtndaj- and liolMa)
front S-oo a. m, to ti noon, and from jm p. in. '
, p. in.
The Bend schools opened Mon
day with Inrgc attendance an
promise that a third room wi 1
soon be needed.
The Madras Pioticcr last wee
came out in enlarged form and
now the size of The Bend Bulletin
These are the largest papers in Op
gon off the railroad. CcntralOrcgot
'is settling up with a lot'of peopl
who appreciate good newspaper
and a square deal. Intelligent
and character in citizenship will K
reflected in the newspapers.
The state land board ought t
treat all arid land applicants alike
The Columbia Southern Irrigatio'
Co. had its lists approved for paten
611 the same showing that has beet
made by the Deschutes Irrigatio
& Power Co. But the latter is heir
up for more work. We suppose
precedent had been established ii
the Columbia Southern case.
Last year the Bend school dist
Hct, (inclusive of the present Laid
law district) had 8$ children o'
school age. This year in the sanx
territory 260 were enumerated.
Where one small postoffice, without
money order power, supplied th
postal needs of the people then, fiv
ostoffices. three of which issut
nioncfy orders, are how doing busi
ness and two more are applied for
There is no gammon about this
Two persons in Bend have beet
very assiduously lying for several
weeks past about the conduct f
the U. S. commissioner here. Both
assume to "know it all" and to in
struct the commissioner in his
.Unties, being themselves soignoi
ant as not to know ' that a U. .
commissioner is not a land officer
tall. .They lie about the fact-,
they lie about the law and the
practice. They come here tt
get information, aud then go out
and 'howl that they know bcttei
sud'that somebody has taken ac--autage
of their trustfulness. They
try to get in ahead of someboth
else s aud then sleep too late anc
howl that they have beeu rpbbed.
lUtsiucss before the U. S. commie
siotierhere is open and above board,
with no favorites and no spites.
Every man gets a square deal here. get uufair favorsagitates the
stinkards and sets their tongues
The Bend Bulletin was not iu ex
istence at the time the offense
charged against Williamson, Ges
tior and lligga is alleged to have
beeu committed, therefore it does
not speak a. one haviug direct
knowledge of that matter. But it
has heard a good deal of comment
by .people who were in Crook
county at that time, from which it
concludes that the practices com
plained of were open aud notorious;
that the court ought to rule that
they are a matter of authentic
history and don't need Jo. be proved;
and the defendants ought tp quit
'quibbling1 and come squarely into
court and plead the custom of the
couutry as Tjt-clr defense.. Then
the wltolc thing would be on n
rational basis.
The friends aud neighbors of
the defendants admit that they
were engaged m just the work
which the golfcrWmcnt says they
did. The only ro6n for question
is upon the point of criminal intent.
Numbers of the partisans of the de
fendants say their intent was not
evil, to support which position they
go to the extent of denying the
facts of( loci.ll history. Tin; ppi
sitc contention is that the violation
of the law under these circuit
stances carries the necessary pre
sumption of intent so to dovVhieh
makes it a crim!:.
The whole community was
honcyeoincd with laud graft. Some
of this was mere carelessness, much
f it was worse. Men commuted
.udictablc offenses in drdves witn
is little fear ns they would cut
(inner. It was so common that
the uuinfoitucd supposed it was the
.hiugto do. Others (bund profit
u it uiul cared for nothing else.
Oi courc, all who nre tarred with
he land-graft stick now stand to-
.ether in denunciation of the efforts (
it tne government 10 restore tne
and laws to life. But the law
mist be restored, are already re
tored. Now it is to deal with those
vho broke them down temporarily
The Bulletin has refrained from
commenting upon this, trial ot these
Jrook county men because it saw
no good to come from stirring up
ur own people over it. But Crook
utility during the past six weeks
.us been cuargiug a federal vol
nno with a vast quantity of explo
Mve fuel aud ft is time the attention
I our own people should be called
o the seriousness of the occasion.
he power ol the United States
till not be "stood off" by a few
uen, or by all of Crook county,
louesty and innocence do not re-
juirc it mill Uo not operate Unit
vuy. If these men are .guiltless it
cruelly unfortunate that such
questionable methods have been
mploycd in their behalf.
Notice to Water Users.
Charge for water service in Bend
vill begin September 15, instead of
September 1, as previously uudcr
lood, the unlookcd for delay in
jetting the service settled liavint;
mule this change advisable.
V. S. Land ODtvt, The tlattca, Oregon.
Atigttit 4. lp
A iifllclent nffldavlt ling tieeii Hied In thU
ultlce ty liana lolmnmr, coittolant, aualiHl
itrctt land entry No, 4M,,iuade Januatr x. IVM.
for theet,nef eUew, of arc li.lp ir. r It e.
and Uol ,orrc t.,lpI. it.u e. vr mi tfy l,iml
NcImii. ouiitrMtr.ilu nnlch,VV ieeil that aald
enlryinan haa lallett tu. liiAVe llie aiitmat ex
Itendlturr tvnultol & li. ,lr the tecl
matUtn ofaald ttaet. aald .natllra ji lirrrlu
- - - :.-- - .,...- ..-- . -. .....--,
nnnnrti 10 appear. rcsioim
ex Idencc touching, anld nllruallon ,at Jtf fl'clock
a. m. on tK-tnlier j ivn. ieluf J, A)Lavitnce
V S. eonunlxtoncr, at hit nlUrn in 1iihI. OreRiMi.
and that dual heating Mill ( hc,d j loio'cluck
a. III. on Oclolwr lo lKroir.41ie Urulnlrr nml
Omce In Tli
e Dallrt,
Krcelter at the V, 8. Land
The ald cutetatt ImvliiVi, Ji, i VflV" "1
dalt, filnl July j?. its. net k)l. Incta which
hor that alter due dUllicnc WlaoiulMtt Ice it
thU mil Ice can nut W.mnde, It lijietcliy oidetei'
i.t iiimuir atiit.1 liul lnaa
uiit MICIIAH1, T, NOt.AN. Kim.ter
Timber Land, Act Jnne.v i.
notick for puhuO-Ation
f. S. Land OlHitt, The lXv)e. Oreiioti,
)uVy'A, lyuj.
Nellce l hereby Rltrn tha,)'n H4'unnce lt
iheprtvllonolthe Act or.CoM&reM of June j,
nr.CoMiireM of
Tlml-er Ijkml, Act June J. IT.
V. S. Laud. Office The ballet. Orc,tH
July n. io$.
Notice It hertlgy glrtn that in compliance with
i provMtona orthc art ul coaurnt of Juiwj
, tntlll-l "An act far the mI of limber
.ik! In the xtate of California. Orewi. NeraiU
ml WattaiuEtun Territory." at ettritdol toaU
He publklaiMt atatea by act of Auga-t 4 iM.
r MIurlnK-namt prrtent have nlt in thU
Hee their iworn latrmeuU, twnit.
Mary 1'. Jttown.
ri'tttlUHd, county of Mnltnmah, Male of Ore
am, ofB Mateaaent So. J6, fit4 Jnly 14.
. foe the purcrutc w the H"eK. .
t KH sa awKV, of ne , lj w. rue
Fred W Altctton.
f Harbor Sprlnit, eonnty f Itnmett, Mate of
t-hiean. on Utetnent Mo 151. filed Jul)
4. 19. (vr the purchax of 1H 1 ami the cHhh
, . uj;w c ja, tp ij a. r M e. w m.
That lhe wilt offer prwift la anew that the
4 auuvht are more valuable for the tlmlr
r atone thereon than for agricultural uriMea,
od lorMaUub their cialmt tu aaid Uml before
oe Krl.terawl kceeirer. alTheUalhw, Uretun.
u Novem lrr 9, l'5.
They name a tritneaea Michael OTonnor
Villlani C. Maaou. I) A. McltonaM and Martiu
.ruundnrater. all of The Dallea Oregon, aim
mn Jlrown. of I-orthtnd. Oregon.
Any and all peraona claiming adreraely any of
tie abore deacrilie Unda are rteted to file
oeir dalm In thU office on or Ufore the Mid
h diy of Net euilter, lvJ.
u-nj MICHAKLT. XOI.AN, RegUter.
Tiralr Land, Act June i. 178, '
f. S lind Office. The Ilallea. Oregon,
Augutt J. rVH
N'utlceli hereby given that In compUance with
he provision of the act efeongreMbrjune J. il
-ntltld"An act for the aate of timber landa In
theMatea of California. Oregon. Nevada awl
Vaxhiugton Territory.' a extendetl to all Hk
puMk land alatea by act of All gun 4. iifyi
I', font llumnton.
fOcton, county of t'matilU, atale of Oregon,
ztaathia day Hint III thl othec hla aworn atatc
.nenl No. xAj. for the purchase of the Hc!i
1 ml l,ol 1 and iofaec4itp lot, r )c. w in.
And will offer proof to ! that the land
ught it tuore taluable (in- lit limber or alone
than foi agiicultural purpotea, and totttablith
hit culm to M land before J M Lawrence.
I'. H. Commluoiier at liUoffict iu lleud, Oregon,
jii the 1 Jill day of November, tro.
He uaiuea at wlpieate John lilott, Jotcph N.
Hunter, i'rank (Jlatt and John Hltlill, all of
Heud, Oreguu.
Auy and alt roii claiming adrertely the
alnteileacribetl laudt are requeued to filed
their clalma iu tliit efficc oil or l-efoie aald ijth
day ot November, ix
Timber Laud, Act June J,IJ
I', ft. Land Office. The Dallrt, On gon,
July IS, lo,
Notice it hereby given that In compllauce with
1 01 tn
. "Ana
in the atatea of Calllornla, Oregon, Nevada, aud
the proitiont
IB79, tinmen, -
e Act 01 UJiiifltn or June 3,
ct rortheaalcortiiiilMrrlaiidi
Watliliigtoti Territory," at exteudeil to ail the
public laud atalct by act ol Augutt 4, 1897,
I'rtitellck M Lolxitll,
officii;!, dimity ofC'rook, atate ul Oregon, lia
tiiltuay nieuiu nut oidcv nut tworn ttatemeiit
No, J049, for the purchaae of the te)nwj and
cwiauA Lot t of tc J, tp , r ij e, tu.
And will t4cr Iiroof to ahow that the laud
aoiight iamore taluable for Hi limber or atone
than lor agricultural purpotet, and to eatablith
hit claim to laid land before J M. Lawrence, If,
8. L'ominlttioner ut hit office at llrlld. Oievou.
on Tutelar, tftc 14th day of November, IV'J-
He namel al wilueta' John hteidl, Henry W.
KeH, Henr) Tweet and Johu lllou, all ofliciid,
Auy aud all pertona Clalmliig advertely the, laudt arc rciiur.lcil Iu Ale their
clliu4 iu thit office ou or before jM 14II1
uay 01 riotemuer, iom.
&, . . rr,i, i i,
?!!. enlitleil. "An act fur the mleor llinlvrtAiiu.
11 tne ttalet ni CitllloriKa, Orexpu. Nerada. an
Washington Territory," at extruded to all 111
lobllclandttntea by Act tif Aiuvxt. 4iio. th.
lodflwing ttwna have, tiled in tlilt office I In I
iworu atatemeult, lu-wit
Theodore W Xliiitucrptann',
of llend, county ofCtook, ttate of Oregon, twori
ttalemeiil No VJ. tilrtl July w, lyaj, for the
mirchate oflhe ne of aec J4. tp tu a, r 1 1 e, 111
Kalie O Httelietiii,
of lleud. emmty orCtnok, ttateol Otegutt. tworn
ttaleiuei.t No. joys filnl Inly it. iw. for the
piirrhateoftheeHtwtt and Lult J and 4. of aec
II. Iptoa, r tie, tv 111.
Thai they will offer pnmft tu thoiv that the
litndt hiiieIiI ate more valuable for the lliutier
jr ttone Ihernin than for agriculttiiat prHir'.
iihI loettabllth their clalma loaahl landt belute
I M. Lawieuce, I' b. Comml'-loiier. at lilt
office in llend. Oregon. 011 Nuteiulier l.i. lyo).
They name at nltnrct. chtilet II Hiown,
Theodore W 7lniiuctinati, Throphilt M Michel
William lialdwtu. I'raudt Marlon, IKilty l(
Hrown, Katie I. Itttebeuet and Angulc II. lltte
oeuct. all ofneiul. Oregon
Any and all pertoui claiming advertely any of
ihe alriVTHletctttietl limit are rcquettcd to ft I.
tfeirclalmt Iu Ihlt office on or Iwfwc Iheukl
ijlh day of Not ember, ls.
Reduction In Lewi nntl Clnrk llxponl
tlon UtttcH,
Ou and after September, tst(
1906, until October 15th, 1905, 30
day excursion rates to Portland
and return will be! '
Wusco S.J.00
Moro ,, i ,,,,., .4,00
Orass Valley 53
Shoniko 6 05
,.'C. H. hvTiAf,
CeWeral PnsVuRcV AYcAu.
ll.l IIjW l '.i I 1 U- lltlik
Kaspitemes, strnwoerries antt .a
mr Miie oy
small utuserV. stock , for mI
J, micklev, hciui, uregon
I II l" '
Crcii limit in Oregon,
fnder Ihe ;ttVl tV?U-''HAet " Im-oI
dltect rtoui ttte WIMlli OK CALL Ttl
IAV llimklctt Niul-tiiili Jtcn II, H. Cook J
o , lit Abler tttret, roillaud Or
Ileartiiieiit ol the Inlrilor , , 1(
V. . f.audOllW, Tl'ie Ualirt, tllegoil.
Ai'igutl .11, li),
Notice It heteby Klirn thnt the folbmlni;
'lameil tcltler hat filed nailer ul hKlulAUUim i
U.. a..t r ,.. ...... .. .., 111! ,I1...'
fit.e iiiih, IM.,, Ill lll'putl iil,l tl"i
hat til pinof will be made brbiie ,lne County
lem, at thecoiill lioute III I'tlnestlle,
111, and
Ml IMuhcr II, ivm, Mi
Jaier Johnvtii,
fSl.lert,Oteuoii. II It No. fMij, for Hie twt(.
h-cj-1, tp 14a, r lie, w 111
He unmet the fnllonlug wlturttea tn prove
hltcontlniHMit rrtldeiice iinm and cultivation of
wltl bind, vii
C l. l-rarttiii, ("eorge II. Taylor and John II
Ta)lor,all of Mln, tltrgou, and Alexaudcr
Tliumptnu.of t'llneville, Otegiiu.
v'-flj MICHAIII. T. NOLAN, Kegl.ler
TIiiiIkt l.aiul, Act of June j. tSra,
V. S. Land Omce The IUIIm, Oregon
June J4. !
Notice It heteby glteii that in CunipllaHee with
the peoMutof Die Act of Cwngrrtt of June 1.
17. entitled "An act for the uleof timl-r Unrf
in the ttatetuf California, Oregtm, .NrvaOa am
Wathlngton Territory," at ettemleit to all tb
oublK taut! tlatet by act of Anguti 4. iti, th
foHowlnsnamnl pcrtont lte, m May Jv. i"5
filed In tfitt office thrli'twiKn Matemcntt. tu-ni't
Llllie H. Jordan
of PrluevWe. county of Crook . Mate of CHeeoti
twHtn Malement Mi. x. toe the tnwenate nl Hi.
w S tie H- e i miv of i ana Ihe a c H
jf tec ij, tp 11 1, r H e. w m
Minnie I' ClHtmi
.if Prlnetllle. etMinly of Crook, ute af rew
twven tUtewent No 1. foe Ihe rmrehM of Itw
HU He e i. m e )( ne k of tec to, tp
lit. rue, wm
That they will nffrr irwrf lo ahow that th
lamlt MHighl arc mote valnable for the limbec m
tone thevenn than foe agrkwIlHrat tmrpntet
and toeUMih their claimt InuM Uml befor
J J. Smith, com lily clerk, al l-rlMcvtllc. (Itegoo.
on Cetebcr 1. iy
Tlmlxr Land, Atl of June , fc?
U. H UudOfnr The Hallet.Otegou,
July j.), i,j,
NoUce It ticreliy given that 111 Compliance with
te liiuiMiuut 01 ine Art 1 1 nwitttit 01. mm
W, eiilillnt "An art fo the 4te ol t'iii)r la
Jamet I!. Mewatt. Hivld I' Mewart. J K Kyitn
r. n mwimw mm MinrHUMiMti rrn
ami Jc llitnler or Hrml. (iregon
Any ami all pertoutetalming adtertely any of
ioe am r ami, a,c fepetei 10 nw llteir
m Ihit afbeeen or Ik fare Ihe tan! iMh
Octelr, uns
tli-oit MfCIIAHI.
day of
T. NOLAN, Keirrter.
Ttmbec ftml. Act of Jhhc j, fct.
V.. La ml Ofnec, The all, Oregon,
Inly . tvi.
ne i,
In the ttatetot Valirriii, Oleaon. NMtila and
Watliliigtoti Territory.- at extemlnl to all Ihe
Public Unit tlatet by atl 1 f Aucutt 4. lo', He
liilluwtiig.naHirl pertout have nlid .Iheir tworM
ttatciiidila Iu IhltuftitT, ttt-v 1 1 1
Ralph I, Jordan
of rtlnevblf. CDMiit) of Crunk, ttate ef Ortgvn.
tworn ttalemepl No iji.v,. fllnl May ij, iy4, for
the pHrcliaK ollhe nw ft of tec t;, tp it a, r 11
e, w 111. ,
Jmet K Mewatt
of lrinevlttc cminty of Crook, Male ot Oregon,
worn ttaletMettt Vn nil. R I e I May U. IA. fat
ihe imrehatruf the ne H aw tf.M S te ( and te
H te V of tec 1 1. 1, l v r It e. w tu.
ItavW I' hteitltt
of I'tlnevlltc, ownly ol Crook, ttatr nf Oregon
ikh H(Veyt No. . hltd May aj. tys. for
the Mtche of Ihe e K t l , tw '; tc !,' ami te
H tw 1 of tec It. tp It t, r toe, w in.
Mary It Mewatt
of I'tlnevllte. etHHtly of Crook, ttate of Oregon
wwu Malemettt No w, lletl May jo. iwm, fm
r 11
lp 11
ihe imteltate oflhe tw t of tec I
r. w hi
That thev will offer (wooft In thow that the
Undt towght are more valuable for Ihe timber or
4one Ihimw than for agricultural tmrinawt, ami
lo iMaMIh Iheir etaimt to taul Uml Wlwt j J
tmtih.ctHttity ctetk al I'tlntnllle. tMegoti, on
October tr, ii).
They name at w It newt Wtlllain A llwrth,
al4i l Jorttan. Lucy ft Hooth. Havwl 1' Mew
tit ami Jamet It Mewatt, of I'rtnevtlle, Oregon
Jatcpn N. Hunter, nl He ml. iiregon
Any ami all erowt(Ulmlngadrrrtly any of
uk aitive ate ri,ini 10 nic ineir cMimt
in thit ofhecmt or before the Mkl ijlti day
aliuia MICHAIIL T. NOLAN Hrgltter
NMiec i herein- given that In comHHCc with
the pruvtHmtorthe Art of Congrett of June 1
iftrk, entitWw "An art tor the tale oftlmUr lanut
nthCMatetuf CatifornU. Oregon, Nevada and
n'athlnglutt rrrT, at extended to all th
JubMc Uml Malea hy act of AugwM 4. lv. Ih.
fotlowtHg.naHKtl MrrtHt hate, on May j. iy.
aled In thit office their tworn Matemenlt, to-wtt
John P. Klley
of I-orlUod, eoHMly of MuHnowtah Mate of Ore
ion, tworn Ma It men t No. lit, for the pwrehaw
jfthe tw l of ec3. P 't. r II e, w m
Harry Kubl
ofl.retham coooly of Mwllnomah Male office
40a, tworn MatemcHt No mj. for the nircht)t
of tbcac K of teM,tpiyt, r lie, w m.
That lite will orfer pcooft to thow that the
lamlt Mmgnt arc more valuable f m the limber at
ttotte llteteoai I nan foragrtcttllnratpurpHttti.aMd
tu t-MaUi-h their ctalmi la hM Uml before Ihe
Kegltler and Keceivee, at Theltatlea, Ofegoi ,
oh Octuticr 4, 104
The)- name at witnettc J I'. Klley. J I'.
Huxley, of 1-iwtUnd, Oregon, John C. l-crry ol
Hend. Oregon, Harry Kuiil ami WttlUm Nagtr
jf Greibam, rifegoH.
Any andaUjiertontctaiwingadveftelyaHy of
the above Umlit are rcquctlet! lo flic their rUlmt
in ibitoifieeonor Imkhc the takt iHh day ol
October. '
Kituber liml. Act of Jhhc J l'?,
I H. Mud Office. The Hallet. Oregon.
July v, fi
Notice It hereby rlrtn that In comtdUncc with
the provtMOHt of the Act of Congtett of June 1
i. eutlllttl ' Ah act for the tale of HmlwT
in the Male of CallfornU. OremtH. NevatM ami
Wathlngton Teirltorj," at ettendnl In all the
mihHe Uml Malm by act of Ancntt 4 i"m. Ihe
fMfowlug.tMmetl wttot Hate 6II In I lilt office
their twttin Matemcntt, lo-wlt
WlllUtn A IK.mi
of I'rlHcvlHe. etiuuty of Crook, Malr of Oregon
tworn ttatemenl Nw. naj. filetl May it ty-4. for
Uk tmrvmitc of the ne H of tec ij. lp it t, r I"
r, w m.
LueyS llooth
of 1-rlnettMe, county of Crook, Male of Oregon,
tworn tUlemenl No. Vi. Ill 1 Ma 44. loot, for
the potefwx of the a , ne X ami n S e H of tec
t. lp lit, r 11 e w m.
Wilttan llelknap
of Prlnevllle, ctmwty of Crook, Male of (Megmt
wan MatettieHl No. Mil. Met) Ma 14 i'l. for
the prebae of Ibc tw of tec . tp it a. r II
e, w m.
Tbatlber wilt offer pTtwtk to thow thai the
Umlt tamght art- mere valoable for the Umber or
Monc theft n than for agrlcwUHfal pHtnotct.ami
lotMaMlth Iheir ctalmt to tatd Uml l-fore J J
wHh eonnty clefL, al l-rtnevllle tuegon. on
ilctober i iyi$.
The)-name at wHncttea luvi.1 I' Mewatt.
Kalph I. JofiUn. William A Ikartb IMgar Men
ait and Jamet It Mewait.of l-rtnevttle, Oregon
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lalhttofftccim or l-fore the takt IMli day of
1 KtolKr, IV4-atl-oij
Authorized Capital $25,000
Incorporated 1904
The Central Oregon
Banking & Trust Company
Transacts a general banking aud trust business.
Issues Letters of Credit good throughout the world.
Acts as Administrator, Kxecutor or Trustee of ICstates.
Transfers money by Mail or Telegraph.
Collections made promptly aud upon favorable terms.
Interest on Deposits
WALL HTHIUIT, Oppoiltc II, M Co,
HE finest Stock of FRESH
MEATS in Crook County.
'GUred Meats and Lard and all
tire At6SbrHs of .a First-Clast?
Market. Evtvthing hbW .fahcl
dflhebesh WhlTESHILb.
Jhe White osa-
tun. okiwon a noS'i) sth
a. b. 6tcbtlc., 6W.
The Best LidUors and Wines
omniissioil ihili forwarding
Large, CommoJious Wnfchouic. ConsiRnmciits iitMlcJ
I'rtitupt nttriltlntl )atlil tn l!l'M- t
fnxor ine vltll tlu-it kittiinnr
SCti 13 I) U Lis
I.etuc Slmniko 6 p. in.
Arrive Prineville 7 it, in.
I,envc Prineville 12:30 p. in.
Arrive IScud 7:00 p. 111.
I.enve llttitl noon,
Arrive I' '12:00
tWv t'rlncvlllc 1 p.
ivrrive Klinuiko
1 1
1 a. 111,
win r j r, ass kquipmhnts v'6 tkavkij.i.vo public
One Year
SrilSCKIHK FOR Till, 0h
Weekly l,nKn
Oregonian ?r
Pirb.r Bhott
In Hot. I.
Hotel Bendi
Onrn.r Uonil
anil Or.aan
Mr. .It
MUdll O'K'ANU, Prop
New House, New Furniture, Reasonable Rates. Good
Alway.s Reserved for Transient Tnide.
MlCilAUf. T. NOLAN, tttal.ttr
The Central Oregon Hanking & trust Co.
several new features to its rapidly growjug business.
give Time Certificates of Deposit, paying interest,
follows: , - .
Jrcfr x Months, 3 per cent
For 1 Ye-r1, 4 per cent
SAtfE tvEPolRrMiafes FOR RENT
at Red knable Katel
hnn adtlcd
It will now
thereon as
G. W,
Hest Iuijiortcd and Domestic
Excellent Bar Service,
liltfl. Cln Qentleman's Rc-
tri, uqry urst ciiish goods
ept In Btocftjtiill on us.
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1-. 0. MI.VOU, 'Camiiikh
VlCK I'HllH,
! Buy
Town Lots
Laidkw, Or.
and Make Money
I'or iMrtlctilr write or cull on
J. W. -Kwtherford,
l.ahllaW, - OrcKOli
' Jl'
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turret yy P- '." W'W
.Dlrctrwuone 1 ' J'L Ppniunlcntlon
i'okt:J(id Vki nhvi U.K
mul all Pacific Coast cities
tiiR.LTPAy station
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