The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, August 18, 1905, Image 8

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The Townsite
0i the Deschutes River in Western Part of Crook
County, Oregon.
Center of the new Irrigation Development covering
i i i i in hi ,i i iiliiiiihh
. v. - I ' ''- i V j
; . . . ! mm y
r - Iw'ilal rS I I
MawI --j s II
A Mnm
1 NXxx'Vs KSv
)v wva Ovv 5 AAA
Tltulxr I.iiiJ, Art Jnndj. iFjS.
V S. tend Offtcr. The DMtt, Orcjon.
Mjr j6, 1905.
Vol if l htr?y glvrii Hint in coraptUncc with
th. pravuMuiL of ihr Art of Congr.iu of June A
-s rntillnl Ah Kt lorthr uleoftlmhcrUmlr
In llir MatroufOalllomtii. Orrxon, Nevada, anc
iihinrtoii Trrrllerv." at extended to alt the
public laud Matro ly Act of Augutt 4, Iff,
Chatte Dojil,
1 f Rem) rotinty of Crook Mate of Oregon, hat
I t dav titnl in thl omer hi iworn (taletnenl
,N ;s-r iiir the puuImk uflhe S nXi i
t, i8 rue wm.
And will offer proof to how that the land
.nifMi more TaltMMe for It timber orte
than foragrk-ultural purpose, and to etaUih
l 1 claim to uld land before J M Ijtwreiice. I'
h Voiuiniuiwner. at hi ulbee at Ilcnd, Oregon.
ni llonday the lUh day of October, yJ.
He uaiue a llnra Millard T, Triplett,
I Clinton Wnittrd. ami Car-le C. Triplett. all
if llcnd. OrrRon, and William A. Hunt ofljld
1 Oregon
Any and all wrwm claimlnc adrcracly tbi
bove-deMTibed laud are requeMed to file then
culm iti thl office ou or Lefore the aald 16th da)
of October! 19"5
i -oij MICIIAKt.T. NOLAN, RegUter
TimWr Land, Act June j, SjV
I K. Mud Office. The Dalle, Oregon.
May 16, 190J.
N 4lre I hereby Kien that In compliance with
the protionofheActofConKre ot June f
s-, entitled "All act for the aale of tlmlier land,
In the ttate of California. Oregon, Nevada, am
Waihlngtou Territorj'." eatended to alt tin
public land atatca by art of Augutt 4, l9,
Ml W, Croup,
bfWallit Walla, county of Walla Walla, tate of
Waahlngtuu. hat thl day filed in tlilt office hl
(worn tatrment No, 2552, fur the purchaaeofthi
w , of ec , tp jo. r ij e. w m. '
Ami will ofTer proof to how that the lane
fought I more valuable for lu limber or atom
nan for agricultural purpotea, and to catablith
hi claim to aut land before J, M. I.awrence. I"
h. CommU.iourr, at hit office at Oend, Oregon,
00 Wonda) the 10th day of October, lS-
lie name a witnetec John Itlou, Joaeph N
Hunter, Nicholaa Smith and William II. DrocW
llof Brml. Oregon.
Any and alt peraona claiming advertely lh
boveletcribed land re reuuetted to file thcii
claim lu thl office 011 or before aald lh day of
ntl-oij MICUAIII. T. NQI.AN, Kegltter,
Timber Land, Art June j, 187I.
V. S. laud Office, The Dalle, Oregon,
Stay 19, lJ.
, Notice la hereby given that In compliance with
(he protUiou ofthe Actcf Coucrcaa of June J
ISys; entitled "An act lor the aale of timber laud.
In the ttate of California. Oregon, Nevada, and
Wathingtoii Territory ," aa eateuded to all the
public laud tatr by act of Auguat 4, 189a.
John W, Core,
ofBiter, county of Crook, Hate of Oregon, ha
tbi day Cled In tnl olfice hi aworn Utemeiil
No. 4. for the purchaaeof these M e f eci4,
liiiliri9.otiD,13:J'M 16 . ' ,0
r w w.
And will offer proof to how that the land
knight I more alnuble lor It timber or atjjiir
thau for agricultural purpow. nud to eatablijh
1,1 claim to (aid land J M Uwreiice. I',
h, Commiwioner, at hi ofnee ut Heud, Oregon,
ba Monday, the 6tU day of October, i3'
He name a wllnet. Harrltou A. lfln,
UnuelH Dorrauce, Jame A. McCall 84id l'.u
geue n. (Jftcbell, all of filtter. Oregou,
Any and all perwn rUlmlns adveraely the
MS?elecrllKjlundarerrqueUe.l to file their
ilaima in ihl otficv wi or brfm aald ifctli da of
Wi-im ,yvjtUCaUJi; x. ox.ik, jwHitr.
7 'A. SV irtZ XJV '4
Timber Land, Act June , !;.
V. S. Land Office, The Dalle, Oregon.
May?4, tjns.
Notice I hereby given that in compliance
ith the provitlon. 01 the art of lonercM of June
U J'T. entitle "An act for the ale of tlmlier
and in the ttate of California, Oregon, Nevada
ind Wathington Territory," at extended to all
the public land ttate by act of Augutt 4, tfy
Kdmuud L. (Uudette,
if Ilellingbam, county of Whatcom, state of
kV'athingtuu. batthUday filnl in Ihltorneehlt
iworn ttatement No. ijst. for the purcbate of
herWimSi, eSrJf "f : 'l V rue.
And wilt offer proof lo tliow that the land
ought I more valuable for II timlr or .tone
hau for agricultural purpotc, and to etabllth
ill claim to id laud before J l Mwrencc
I' S. Cotnniiulouer, at hit office at Hciid.Ore
jou.oii Thurvlty, Ihe irih day of Oetolier, ivuj.
He name at wllnrt'e. Joaeph N. Huuter,
Kruet A. C.rlffln, DatiK. hinflliaiid Chaunrey I'.
Keeker, all of Iiend, Oregon
Any and all perwnt claiming adversely the
ibove-detcribetl landtare rntuctted to file theii
.iaimt in thit office ou or before the tald I Jth day
ofOcteber, iyj.
14-06 MICHAI'.L T, NOLAN, Kegltter.
Timber Laud, Act JUne J. llrS.
U. S. Land Office, The Dalle. Oregon,
Notice I hereby given that Incompliance with
he provitlon of the Act of Cougreuof June 1,
87a, entitled, "An act for the tale of ilmbcrlaml
11 the ttate of California, Oregon, Nevada, and
Wathington Territory," a encoded to alt the
public land ttate by Act of Augutt 4, Ity'.
l!ira W. Cile,
jf Detchute. county of Crook, date of Oregon,
nat thl day rilnl In thit ofllce hi (worn ttate
lent No. isij. fur the- purchaae of the c' J iwj,',
mil lot J and A of tec 6, tp 16 , r la e, win.
And will offer proof to how that the
and (ought I more valuable for Ita timber or
tloue than for agricultural purpotea, aud to ec
dblith hi claim to aaid laud before J. M
Lawrcuce, I. K. Commlttlouer. at hit office at
dend, Oregon, on Wctlnrtday the lith day of
ctober, lyj.
He name at wllneate; John Illou, ofSUter.
Iregoii, loteph N. Hunter, of Ilcnd, Oregon, aud
famea W. Overton and Kichard King, both of
Oetchutet, Oregon,
Auy and all peron claiming adversely the
ibove-lewTibed land are requested to file their
.Iaimt In thl office on or before the taldiitb
Jay of October, lyoj.
Timber Land, Act June j, it;i.
U. S. Land Office, The Dalle, Oregon,
June l, 1905,
Notice I hereby given that la compliance with
the provitlon or the act of Cougrrof June 1,
ia;, ciitilleil "An act for the aale of timber land
hi me ttate 01 cmuurnia, urcgon, .evaua, ami
Wuthingtoii Territory," aa extended to all the
public laud atatca by act of Augutt 4, 1S9,
Jame A. Mitchell,
ut rrlnrtille, county of Crook, ttate of Oregon,
haa thl day filed liillilt office hi aworn alate
uient No. 394 for the purchase of the twtejf ,
Mw If , nw'aw;, tec it. tp 15 1, r 10 e, w m.
And will offer proof to ahow that the laud
ought la more valuable for Ita timber or atone
lhaii for agricultural purpose, nud to establish
ii claim lo tulil land lcfure the County Clerk of
Crook oMiuty at I'riiicville, Oregon, oil Thursday
the 12th day of October Vjni.
He name aa witnesses: If. A. I'oster, of I'rino
vine, tiregon, O. II fOlltfWC, Ul I,U, ihhuh,
W. T. K. Wilson aud Arthur Templctou, IkkB of
fitters, Oregon.
Auy and all perilous claiming adversely the
ibo,c-lcscribcd lauds arc rejuctlcd to file their
.-lalm In IhU office 011 or before said 12th day
jf October, I'jos.
1 4-tf UICUA1,'!, T. X0UA.H, Xeglilcr.
Tiinlr Mml, Act June 3, ll?l.
U. S. Land Office, The Dalles, Oregon,
May 2j, I9.1-
Notice it hereby given that in compliance villi
the provitiunt ofthe Act of CiMigrett of Juue 1.
i7, etitillnl, "An art for the saleoftlmlerlaiHl
In the state f Calldiruia, Oregon, Nevada, and
WathiiigtiHi Territory," at cxtendeit Ui all the
pMlc It ml states by Act of Augutt 4, 19,
William Hcl.eo.1,
of Portland, county of Multnomah, ttate of Ore
gon, hat thit day fileil in thit office hit iworn
ttatement Nu iu. for the wrchate ofthe k
of sec9, tp t a, r He. w hi.
And wilt offer pnxif to thow that the laud
sought It more valuable tut lit timber or iKMie
than for agricultural ptirixMet, awl to ritatdith
hit claim tutakl land befure J M Lawrence, l.
S. Commlttiuner at hit office at Heud, Oregon,
ou Mouday Ihevthday of Ovtobcr, lyoj.
He name at wilucttc. J. N. Hunter and
Charte em, of Ileml, Oregon; Rotert Cok aud
George l'elti. of I'ortlaud, Oregon,
Any and all perwiut claiming advertely the
above described landt are requested to file their
claims In thit office on or before said 9O1 day of
October, lyoj.
at-o MICHAI'.L T. S'OLAN, Register.
Timber Laud, A . June i,it;9
V, S, Ijud Office, The Dalle, Oregon,
Marc h 11, '
Notice I heretiy given that lu compliance with
the provitloui ofthe Act of Coiigrrtt of June X,
ii, eniiueu, "An an lor inc saieoi iimueriauut
lu the title of California, Oregon, Nevada, and
Wathington Territory," a cxtcudrd to all the
public land (tale by act of August 4, lty,
William J. Dati,
of t-a ml point, county of Lewi, (tale Idaho,
hat Hilt day filed In thit olfice hit iworn state
ment No. M', for (he purchase ofthe nwj, sec
J4.IP 13. v 10 e. wm.
And wilt iSffcr proof to how that the land
sought I more valuable for It limber or stone
than for agricultural purpoMrs, and to ettabtith
their claims to uld laud liefore the Kegltter aud
Receiver of till office at The Pallet, Oregon, on
the 34II1 day of Augutt, iyJ,
He name a witnette. Ilyron Johutton,
Charlea I', Dale and Arthur II. Allen, all of
Kandpolnt, Idaho; M4 Michael O'Connor, of
The Dalles firegon,
Any and all persout claiming advertely the
above-detrtlbed land arc requested to file their
eta I tut In thit office OU or before aaid 24II1
day of Aueutt, 100. ..
jrj-aib MICHAKL T.
NOLAN, Register
Timber Laud, Act June 3, l7".
U. H. Land Offlce, liLeview, Oregon,
June 17, iJ.
Notice it herrbv elven tfitt in comnliancc with
Ihe provitlon ofthe Act of Congress of Jt ne 1.
1I7I, emltled, "An act for the aleortluibcrlaiit
In the atatca or California, Orrgoni Netada. anal
Wathlngtoa Territory,", a extended la all the
public tana atatea by Act of Augdtt 4, 1192, the
following person have filed In thit office their
worn statement, to-wltt;
fcmnil J. flrouud,
of fiuena Vltta, county of folk, ttate of Oregon,
worn statemriit No. Kill, for the purchase of
the tieJJ sec 11, tp 21 a, r 11 c, win,
Karahl' WclU,
of llaley, county of Mini, stale of Oregon, aworn
statement No. 1672, for the purchase ofthe (
iiw, wjitw.tcc 27, tp ji s, r 11 c,w. 111.
That they will offer proof to thow that theland
sought la more valuable for it timber or atone
than for agricultural purpose, and to establish
their claim to said lapd before J M. Lawrence
I' r, Cnmmistloiicr, at (lit office at Ilcnd, Ore
gon, 1111 Weduculay the 4II1 day of October iy5.
They name as wltucsc: William L. Well,
and Karahl', Well, of llalsey, Oregon; I'rauk
I'. Ground and Huiuia J. Ground, of I'arker,
Oregon; and II, W. Murphy, of Independence,
Anv and alt person claiuililr advertely the
almtc-lecrlted landtare requested to file their
claims in this office on or before said 4II1 day
of Oilular. 1003.
Jli-122 j, N, WATbON. Xegittcr.
j yU
i t, J 4 S i f
l J 4 S 7
H . I Ln)...,) I ..
i. aft,,,. .
H 3 n w r
t t 3 4 S 1
H Igjj i i
14 '3 H it H f t
i j J t )
J ,1 l 0ft
' ' ' f T
i t j 4 r i 7
V $ X M f f $
... I I 1 1 I I
Timber Land, Art June 3, iJ.
V S. Mud Office. The ltllt, Oregon,
May H. 19.
NotUr l hereby given that In campline with
the provision, ofthe AH uf Cungrrs f June 1,
I;, emitieu ah sci rue ie sait 01 umirc icikii
I., .ft.. .... ,.1I A.ul ,,a... .. M.t
in iiitr .I.II, m, vhiiiviiim, niTpni, ,iv',H.i mrm
Wathington Territory.' as etlemtnl to all the
public land slate liy At of Augutt 4. W,
Herbert I J. McDonald,
of Heud emiiifv of Crook, stair of Off o. has
thM day filed In thl office hit sworn ttaltmeHt
fiu. . lor IMC IXKCIM.MT oi ihc se)(, 01 sec i.
tp .. r ij e w m
Ami will offer proof to thow that Ihe tatwl
sought it nunc vatiialrfe for Its timber nr tlmie
than fut agileullural wrHiMt, and luctlaUi.h
bit claim to uUI Itnd Wfore J l l.anrrner.
I', n. CoinitiuaUiiier, at hi office at llrml.
Oregon, on hatuniay. tlic lltliiiay 01 iKtooer,
He name aa witnesses Joseph N, Hunter,
James I). Honn man, William llalesahd Charles
D. Welti, all oflleiH, Oirgon.
Any and all iiertout claiming adversely the
fc.vivc described lauds arc Iniuettnl to Ale their
claims in this office on or before Ihc saM 14th
day of October , WJ.
MICAItL T. NOLAN, Kegltter.
Timber Land, Act June 3, lift,
U. B. Ijind Office, The Dalles, Oregon,
June , 1905,
Notice Is hereby glrrn that lu compliance with
the prot Itlou ofthe Act of Cougreti of June 3,
1&7H, entitled, "An act for the sale of timber lauds
In the stale of California, Oregon, Nevada, aud
Waihiiigtoii Territory," as esteiidnl lo nit the
public laud state by Act of Augutt 4, iNyJ.
I'arquhar McKae,
of Head, crauily of Crixik, tlale of Oregon, ha
thl day filed In Ihi olfice lit aworn statement
No, 2620, lor the purchate of Ihc njiiie!;, tcj.'uc
Jf of sec V, Ii24i rllr, III.
And will oftcr tiroof to show lhal Ihe land
sought ts more valuable for lis tlmlier or stone
than for agricultural puraea, aud to rttabllili
hit claim to tald laud before J. M. Lawrence,
V. ri. Cuminlttlniitr. at hit office at Ileml.
Oregon, on Wednesday, the intli day of
October, 1903-
He names as witnetse! John hlctdl, Henry
Tweet, Henry W. Kccd and Charles J. Cottor, all
or Ileml, Oregon.
Any unit all person ctalmlng advertely Ike
ahovc-!ccrilcd lands are reouesis,! to file their
claim in thl office on or before aidilthday
of October, 195.
au-013 MICHAKLT. NOLAN, Kegltter,
Tlmlier Lntl Acl of June 3, ';
I', S. Land Office, The Dalle, Oregon,
June 30, 1903.
Notice It hercW given liiat in compliance with
the provitlon ofthe Act of Cnngrci of June 3,
1178, entitled "An art for the sale of tlmlier laud
In the stales of California, Oregon, Neiada, and
Washington Territory," at extended to alt the
public land statea by act of Augntt 4, 13,
Jeremlafi I. Haley,
of llatloii, county of Adamsi stale of Walking
ton, has this day filed in thl office hi sworn
statement No. 260A, for the purchate of the a ',
e (, nw e 54, w ( ne of ec 9, tp 30 a, r
13c, win,
Aud will offer proof to show Hut the laud
sought U more .uluuhlc, for it HiiiIkt or stone
limn for agricultural purtose, untl lo mluMlih
hi claim to said laud before J. M. Larrucc, I'.
8. Commissioner at hi office at Ileml, Orrgii,on
Thursday, the 19th day of October, I9"3
He name a wltncc. Joseph N. Hunter,
William II. Ilrock, Cliauucey I'. aud Dan
K, rimltli, all of Heud, Oregon.
Any and all tiersoii claiming adtcrsely Ihe
alcilccrllied land are requested to file their
claim in this office on or before said 19th day of
tutolier, PiJ.
nii-oij MlCUAUL T, NOLAN, KrMcr.
t !
4 J
t J (
;' 4 8 7
i z J 4 J i
4 1 S 7
f TiTo
4 J i J i
I- A V E.
Tlrnlr Mud, Act June 3. 1.
U. S. Mud Oflite. The Dtllet, Orcguu, ,
May u ivi
Nolke I. hereby given that in emilbimr with
thd Art of Congrenf June 1, 17". rnlltltst "Ah
aet for the sale t tliitUr Mmlt In Use tiolet M
California, Origwn, Ncvaila, sh4 HatlilKitwi
Territory." at ctlendnt lo all the mMle butd
ttalr by art uf Augutt 4. Iv.
Hdwaid Wrwenisxle
of Iflutlle. rwiuty of Cruvk, -ae t Ofgtm,
bttthi.iUv kt In IHU offive hi .woen Male
Mwtil No MI. for the pmchasrol ha. 1 1 ami 1
of sec 6, tp iv s, r 11 e w m
And will ofl,r oiuuf to show thai ihe Usui
sought ft wore valuable for itt limber or Hawe
than for aalfeHllurat tHiriHMe. awl to isttUMi
hit tlalm to Mid laml before theuuni ilerk of
.rookeuMiity. at ItlHrttiie. Oirgon. I'rMts),
Ihc Mth ilay of IMwbcr, lyrt
He name a mIIiifmc Jame W OtetUni,
Harry I' lluiiler. J N Huuter ami J I! tWlnln,
all 01 Ileml, Oregon.
Any ami all iwishii claiming adtttxly the
abfte-fleM:rlkrf bimlt air troii.lil lu fitr Ibtlr
(Iaimt iii thU office uu or hctnrr sahl 1 jth ilay of
miwitl, iy
TlinUr Mud, Art June 3, l;.
V, K. Mud Office, The Dalle, Orrgoii,
June 19. n,.
Notice it hereby given that In rumidlaiirr with
the pro Itlou of Ihe art of Congrrf Jiinr.t.
H-H, cutlllnt "All ad for the sale uriliHIr U111U
In the hlalr of California. Oregon nstlaainl
Washington Territory," a. eilemlrd In all Ihe
public land state by act of Augutt 4, ikyt,
Theodore Adams,
of I'a telle, muiily of Caii)oii. date id liUhn, has
thit day filed lu this office hit attorn tlaliuieiil
No c. f'irthc purilaseof Ihe nw), nfwc 14,
lp I9 r tie, wm.
Aud will offer proof to show thai the laud
sought is more tamable fur Ita limber nr ttoue
than for agrirultiira! Htrsrs, and Int.labllth
his rlalin lo sabt land liefore J M Mttrttirr,
V. H, Comuilssloiier. al lilt office nt Heud. Ore.
gou, on Tuesday the 171I1 day uflKtoUr, lvJ
He name a. witnesses folill Klthll llt-nr
1 it eel, nenry w. Kent ami ora rolimeilcr,
of Heud, Oregon,
- . .. :. . ----. -..-.. ...
Any aud alt person claiming adttrtely the
sooTcniestrrioeii isnos are reqursieu 10 nieiueir
claims in thlsoftlcron or Uforrsaid i;tbdayl
Octotier, 1903.
Timber Land, Art Juue 3, il;8,
U.K. Mud Ofllce, MkrvleH,Orrgou.
July j. 1905.
Notice I hereby given Ihat In compliance with
Iheprotltlouaofihe Act of Congrrtt of June 1,
l7". cutillcd, "An act for the aaleoftlmUr laur't
in the sttlrt of California, Oregon, Netada, and
Washington Territory." aa extended lo all the
public land tUtet by Act of Augutt 4, il9r,
Jennie M. Wellt,
of I'arker, coiiiity of I'olk, state of On gnu, hat
thltday filed lu thl oilier her sworn tiuttmrul
No. 1610, for Ihe putchasr ofllie i.ifuwi,' sec
II, wiiuw Ulldnw),'""),', IC H,lpl a, r lie,
And will offer tiroof In ahow that llirlaiid
sought I more valuable for Ha timber nr tloue
man for agricultural purl
her claim losaid land bcfi
than for agricultural piiriMitea, and to rttnblUh
urr ciaiiu 10 sain iHini ociorr J. J. rimltli, ClerK
olCri.jkcoiiuly,Oregon,nt hlaolhcclii I'rliietllle
Oregon, 011 Monday the jud day ofOilobii, 10.13,
hhciiameaaawltiKsaea I'rauk I', Ground, uf
llueiia Vltta, Oregon, Henderson W. Murphy, of
ludrieudruce, Oregon, Commodore I'. Uillsof
I'arker. Oregon, and I'rauk C, Whlltrii, ofl'iiii
laud, Oregon.
Auv and all aersona ctalmliitf adverselv Ibr
alMivc-dcscrlhcd loud are requettid lo file tlitlr
claima In tills oflicc 011 or before the s..l id
day of October, 19113.
jil-ajl J, N. WATHON, Krgl.Ur.
At Gateway to
the Great
Town has Grown
tnlirely in the jnt year, tlic ot oflicc
ilMtiiiK only from April . nn:..
Doubled in Value
In .six months in what Htsnil
Kcnl lwihUu Iimh done.
The Pilot Butte
Development Co.
Proprietor Townsite
Timber Mitd, Aet Jure 3. Ij
V. rt. Mud OfMe. The ltll, Orrremi.
Mny , I9UJ.
Notice I. hetrby given thai In ejn)s)Mane tttth
the ptnvMontuf th- Act M CiMtfte-M of June 1
r7. totMUd. "An Ml be lite Mrriil limber Un-ft
In the Wales of California. OreawM, Neva ami
Vt'a4,lli(ltM TrriMney," srtlenlei to all Ihe
pNbUc tawl stale by Act of AHgiMt 4, 191.
on K Wagner,
ofHrtMl ctMMlr of Cfk. MM of Ore got
Hsltibty MmI Ih IhM onkre WU MMnHtli
.. 4J, htr Use ytttUm-t f Ihc Httt sf
Itcgoti Ka.
sec n
ip ri t, r e. w m
And wilt offer tMuuf In show thai the laud
Mghl I Mie valvaMe Oh II llmlf or stone
than h sgrlcHlluist puipum. aud to eslaMi.ii
liMcUlm lo aald land before J. 31 Mwicihc.
I' K CtWHSMlsslamer, at hi olfice at Html, tile
trn, on Wednesday, the ith ilay ofOrlotxr !
HrnanHM at mtiieMe. J. N llunler, t H
WeiM. W H. Rettaitd Juhu Metdl. alloflkHd
Any anilall iiwm tUlinlng adtcrsely the
bt.e ilitlbil lamts ale iwiHettnl la file Ihnr
ckliui In IhU lfne an or Ufme tutUI 1HI1 day uf
Otlulwr, lysj.
au-ii3 MICIIAIU. T. NOIN, KegUltr
Timber Land, Act June 3, rtjl.
V. H. Mud Office, The Dalle. Oregon,
Juue 11, 193
Notice It hereby given Ihat In compliance Willi
Ihc pravltiont of ihe Art of CongtMt uf June 3.
Ik?, enlltletl. "An art for the salvor timber lands
In Ihe ttate of CallfornM, Oregon, Nevada, ami
Washington Teriltury, at ealcmlnt lu all the
imbllc laud tlale by Art of Augutt 4, 11191,
ChailetM Kt.lfield,
"f Ileml. county nU'roHk. slate of Orrgoii hn.
Hill day filed lu IhU nirHC hit sworn slaleiurul
No i rorthe imichat uf the selfuell llS.tb
ami e),'sr,ofsecM. Iims, r 13c, w in
And will offer proof to thow Ihat theland
sought It mere valuable for Its Umber or tloue
linn for aglU'llllul.l pin i,t, and In ralablUh
his claim 111 said laud UfuieJ M l.awrcme
f. H, Commiiiiourr, al hit office at Ilcnd, On
gou, ou Thursday Ihe I9H1 dayuf October. 191
llr n.lii h. ttll.,&a tL'llll.... ( .....
... ........ .. ..,.,-,. ,1 itti.iii , tniitiettii
nfMt", 'rrgoii. losetih N llunler ami Charlr.
L. Ilrock, Im,iIi of lieud, Oregon, and John Hto..
(if kklktsyfai w
IH"tlait '(U(a,
Any and all persons claiming adversely Ihe
abnvcijrscrlhed laud are requested lo file Ihelr
claima In this ofhee 011 or bclote Ihc said Itth ilat
of Octolier, 190J,
ai.oi3 MICIIAIU, T. NOKAN, Kegltter
" ' " 1
Timber Land, Act June 3, t,;,.
V, H. Mild Office, The Dalle, Oregon,
May is, 1903,
Notice I hereby given Ihat In compliance wild
Ihc provitlon of the Act of Congress ol June 11
!7, emitted, "All acl for Ihe salcoflluibrr
11 the slalti of California, Oregon, Netada, and
Wathlugtuii Territory," a extended lu all Hit
public Uiid atatca by acl of Augutt 4, 8-)i,
Jame D. Huiieymaii,
uf Ileml, county of Crook, slate of Oregon, Int. " ,
IhUilay filed lu thl office hi woin aialemcul . '
No. 1547, lor Ihc purchase of the Lot I and 2 1
and s)tuc , ec3, lp 20 , r 13 e, w in.
And will iifu-r iiroof toaliuw that the html
ought I more taluable for Ita limber or lone
than for agricultural purpose, and to
his claim lo aaid laud before j M. Latttrme
L. hit olfice at Ileml, Oregon
on Haliirdiiy the 141)1 tiny of October, looj.
lie name a wllucei llcibert V. I lt
IMnnld, lowpliN. llunler, William lute ami
Charlea D. Welti, all of Ileml, Oregon.
Ally mill nil ficrtniis rtnliiiltif, n,lir.rl.. II...
ulHivedrscribcd lamlsaio requested tn file their
ililiutlM thl oflicc 011 or before Ihe tald 11II1
dayofOclubcr, 1903.
au-013 MICHAKL T. NOLAN, lUgltUr.