The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, August 18, 1905, Image 3

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I In 'i Condensed Form for Our
A Rosumo of llio Loss Important but
Nut Lot Interesting Evontt
of tho Past Wak.
A heavy voto Ih txwottHt on tliu re
ferendum in Norway.
Rooaovolt lolls China boycott Ih In
vlolntlim of (lio Chinese treaty.
Mnny (Iroinon worn terribly burned
in n Nuw York soap factory II ru.
President Rooaovolt make vigorous
wpoech on Monroo doctrine and trusts.
Jiiiaiii'ho diilrgnto Kiiyn Jnpflti will
not ylold n xilnt from term offurod.
Forest II red niir Multau, Idaho,
nearly smothered u number of milium
in n tunnol.
Wltto iKialllvoly rejects two of Jap
Mlll'HO conditions. RllKSlAII "iilnloii In
united Against terms offered li Japan.
Governor Folk, of Missouri, wants
to attend tho I.wIh and Cliuk fnlr, Imt
fears to lenvo hi state for four gamb
ling will Imi revived.
A woman wan entombed for two
hours In n rruvasso In n Montana gla
ier for two hours. Him wan (trinity
rescued without serious Injury.
Russia tlilukf tlin peace terms lx
youd reason.
Russia I nltout to remove tint duty
on AmerlcAii machinery aihI tool.
AIkiiU fifiO deaths from amallox
Iiavo occurred In Valparaiso, Chile,
during thn last week.
President Roosevelt Addressed thn
coal wIiiius nt Wilkcsbarre, ml wan
!nthula-tlcally received.
Nearly .1,000,000 Immigrants Iiavo
arrived In thn Untied Hint? from
l'uroKi In thn past three yetrs.
Frciii'li ml llrlth sailors parade thn
fitrrels of l'ortmiioilth, IvtiglAiid, linn-ill-Arm,
wlillo admiral dine together.
Japan's term of jnuat Incluiln relm
liuisciiiuel for tho ontlro cost of tho
war, and ceding of thu iland of Hak
Jaiiicm II liwl says hn was offered
lirllm of 1100,000 if hn would not
proscculo Chicago mIooiii for keeping
open After hour.
Farmer In thn vicinity of Kovillo,
Hpaln, Arn forced to rt roots of wild
plant to Avoid starvation, And lirrAil
riot Aro frequent.
Dakota wheat w damaged f 1,000,
O00 by a IiaII itorm.
A genuine yellow fovor caio Iiam do
volopml at CaIIao, l'orti.
An extensive bomb fActory has been
dlicovercd At Gomel, KiimiIa.
Tho Waihlngton Hiiprcmeeourt hold
that picketing to enforce hoycotta ia
Thn message of M. Wltto to hi
liomn government Are saIiI to Imi very
A wind storm doVAitated crop in
Wisconsin And destroyed a wakoh
bridge 0110 feet long.
Bovcral village In Portugese African
settlement Iiavu been attacked and
vlptsl out by riAtlva trllw.
Witt'i'AKi In plnn IaiiiI fraud ctmn
in CalflornlA tintlflixl that thoy wero
mploytl to commit purjury.
An Attempt Iian Ikmiii diacovored to
supply vaat uuatitltliwi of nrma und aim
tuunltiou to rubola in Hamnr.
Imlnlnim atntn board of lumltb
thrt'AtotiB to caII for militia to rmtoro
nml innlntnln order In thu qimriintlni'd
Thu JapamtM) And Ituaalnn pomo en
vnya Iiavo unit lit I'lirtHinoiitli nod Imi
roinu iunmlnUHl, ivml poucu ncotin'
tloiiN liuvo iictimlly bct,'un.
A typlumn oft tho Jnpuui'Ao conat dn
atroyed over 100 auutll boitta of n peiirl
Iiik llft't, itud It la thought ovor -100
peiirl ilnhurmon Imvu porlahiil.
A ntrloiiil of furnlturcu on routo to
Hun 1'rniii'lHiH) wiih ant on II ro by u vol
irol miiu who wiCa bontiiiK IiIh wuy in
thu enr, anil destroyed, thu man porlah
inir. In thu Iliu.
Mayor I -non hna aummnrlly dlamlaol
tho untlru Inuird of houlth of 1'ortlaud.
Flro nt Iiwlaton, Idaho, cauaod a
tlauiAKU of 170,000 iiuioiik bualuoaa
Two lineal doacendanta of HacnjAwea
linvo boon found In a WyomltiK Indian
Tho vlaltliiK French Hoot of 18 ahlpa
riK'olvvd n hoarty wolooinu In KiikIibIi
Now Vork Jowlah bakora nro on a
utrlko for u roductlou.of houra to ton
r jtor day.
- HiuihhIuii Komatvolata bollovu tho
war Iiiih aorvod ita purpoao, ud now
uxpect roforma,
Two now coutora of Infection Imvo
boon dlacovorod in tliu yellow fever dla
trlut oittahlu Now Orlonaa.
OltltiiH of Now OrlvaiiR Imvu nub
scribed 250,000 to bo need in tnippres.
1"K tho yollow fovor upldomio.
Four poraons woro d row nod in tho
Wlllnuiottu rlvor nt rortland laat 8uu
y ah tho roault of throo nceldonta.
Condition of Oraln Now Makoi Im
momo Hnrvoili Almoit Sura.
OlilciiK'i, Aii(, H,- Atiiorlenri farma
will produco binder mid bottur urojia
nml return runny more iiiIIIIoun In rev
onuu to tho farmliiK ItiluroHla tlila year
than ever bedim In tho lilatory of thu
country. All klndn of oropa wheat,
lorn, outn, liny nml nuiallur w and
produco ataplim huvo proxroaMud to
tho atiiKo whom thin prediction may bo
iiiiulo with acarculy thu allht(int oliauco
that thu' final olllclal flKuroa will din
provo Ita corri'ctucax,
Itallroad olllulala nml aliitlMtlclaiia of
Aitrlcullural ilfmrtmentH In tho varloua
itntra of thu uoveriiinent grain pro
duuliiK roxloua kIvu thiilr perrounl and
oMolnl Kuarautfo IIiaI tho yoAr 1V05 la
to ho tho banner year In farm pronpor
If there la n dlnaontlriK voleo nny
where, It ia drowned out by th
clamor of optlmlnm that comoa from
IIIIiioIh, Iown, Knimftn, NebrnMka, tho
fur Houlhwrat, thu I'acUIo coaat and
tho woudorful ajiriiiK wheat country
of tliu Northwcat.
I'oailbly ono whoat crop tliAt of
11)01 will uiccrd tliAt of limn. In
1001 tho crop iiKKri'KatM 7-H,000,000
buahola. It umy hu that ono pruvloua
corn crop, thnt of 11)0'.', when 2,ti24,
000,000 btiNhula woro prmluced, will
not iiilto ho iMpialod by thu yield of
thin year.
AvcordiuK to flKtiret omauatlriR from
atatu rapltala Haturday ikftuinoon, 1170,
000,000 buahola moro of corn will bo
ralmxl thl yi-Ar tlmn laat In tho atAtea
of Illinola, ImllatiA, Iowa, Kntiimn,
Nehraaka, UIcIiIkum, Miuneauta, Mln
nourl, North Dakota, Buuth Dakotn,
Ohio and Wlaconalu.
Btrlko At Poutllofr Works neiulllng in
Hunger and Dlicato.
Ht. ToteraburK, Auk. 8. Aa a rctult
of thn fitrlkw nt tho I'outllofT worki,
thorn 1 terrible dctitttutlon aiiioiik the
workmen, nml huiidnil of cmmi of
ncttiAl atnrvatlou Iiavo been rojlortcd.
Tliu people arn aufforluK with ncurvy,
nml (lane ml Trepoft baa lMwn Applied
to for relief.
A diapAtch from lUga tntea Hint
Krave development are npectcd In thu
NaphetA dlatrict, whrro thu atriku ia
aprendinit rapidly. ItlotltiK la reitoMcd,
nml in revornl cnaea trtopa havu bien
called UMin to iiuoll thu dlaturbancea.
, Kuuduy mornliiK a man whoao Iden
tity haa not been lrarm-l, throw a dy
iiamlte bomb Into thn cilice of tho din
tlcl treaaurer of IIIka, severely wound
hiK thu trraiurur, two Jnultora and a
Gomez Defiant.
IlAVAiin, Auir. H. Joco Mliruol Oo-
mrt, Kuvernor of HaiiIa Clara province
And MlmrAl cnndldato for too prral
lUncy of Cuba, haa nlven out an inter
view full of dellnnco to tho I'aIiiia gov
ernment. With reference to the Vu
eltaa ca aihI the Cuban jfDVcrninrnt'a
Aimumptlon of the right to iniKct mtl
nlclpniltlea without refencn to the pro
vincial AUthoritlea, Governor (lomea
"I will not aIIow Anyone excepting
tho provincial Authorities to Inapecl
tlo munlclpAllliea of thia province.
Hhould a municipality lw Kovcrued by
moderate, I would rufuao to coiment
to thla proceduru Just tho hauio And
would deliver juaticu to them if per
"If thn Htipremo court decides nlnt
thn coiiteiitioua wo aro now maintain
lug, we would not olny ita tuandatea,
becauao of ita partiality In favor of ox
ccutivo authority. Tho court would Imi
certain to bo Against ua In order to In
or ease Ita fnvor with the government."
Cable Over Qrand Canyon.
Bait I.ako. Utah, Aug. 8. Ovor a
cable 8,000 foot In tho air paancngora
aro to bo cautaJ across tho Grand
Canyon of tho Coloiado. Tho Grand
Canyon Tranortatlon company, pro
moled by Utah men, haa been iucor
poratwd with a capital of $10,000 to
bridge the chasm In thla unique man
Tourlata will bo taken from tho fain
oua llright Angel Trail on tho Hanta
Fe aide of tho river, acrosa tho Duck
akin Plateau, Tho length of tho cable
will Imi 600 foot. Tho wlro rope will be
nnuhnrcd to tho opposite walla of tho
gorge, and a car will bo run back and
riiuila to Grant Term.
Iloatfin, Aug 8. A Bpeoial to tho
Globe from Gloucester aaya that Hussla
will grant thu Japaneao doinanda, pay
an indemnity and cede Saghalin. Thu
contest in tho nogutliitloiiH will btt ovor
Maiiuhnrla, hut HuhhIi. will moro than
recover ita lossea in tho next war with
Japan. Thu apeclal declnroa that tho
Indemnity will only bo lout, and will
aoino day bo collected witli intoroat
from "tho proaumptuoua llttlo brown
mou." Thla position la in accordance
with ltuealnu policy, but ia not consid
ered seriously by tho Japanese.
Naval Brigade Return.
Now Orh-Ain, Aug. 8, -Two veaaola
of tho naval brigade, tho Mario nmUho
Wolverine, returned to tho city to
night from tho lllgolota, whoro thoy
had gone under ordora from tho gover
nor to protect tho fishermen In Ixiuiai
ana watera from tliu depredations of
thu Mississippi putrid bouts, Thu inci
dent la closed, except for the case of the
Tlpsoy, and that of two olllcora under
nrroat in Ht. Ilornard I'arlsh, who
woro captured In Lnko llorguo.
Boycott on Special Lines.
Yokohama, Aug. 8. Tho meeting of
CliluoHo, which it was announced would
bo hold today, reaolvod to bojeott
Amorlcan Imiikora, Hhlppora and inaur
unco ugonta, but deferred action with
regard to othor Unci of uubIuowj.
Hundreds Made Homeless Near
Fairbanks, Alaska,
Dnnf-or of an Epidemic from Molding
Cellars and Crowded Place
of Temporary Refuge.
Hnattlo, Waah., Aug. I. A special
lettor to tho Heattlu Times from Fair
banks, Alaska, under date of July 0,
snya that a flood raging In Cheim for
luvoral day had rendered homoler
700 to 1 ,000 people. The Howl waa
caused by a wind and rain atorm that
hitil recently swept tho Tanana valley.
Koyea' raw mill had leen swept
away aud carried down the stream,
being lodged In front of Noyua' mill.
A largo log boom broke from ita moor
inga at tho Tanana Development com
pany's mill aud was carried down
stream, entailing a Ions of peroral
thousand dollars. Collars wore flooded
and In a fow Instances stock drowned.
People were compelled to move out
of their homes In tho early hours aftor
midnight. Homes wero temporarily
provided for the ople and thoy woro
not allowed to go back to their wet
cabins for several days after the flood
bad subsided.
At the time the letter was written
grave fears were entertained for tho
safety of tho people, an epidemic being
Tho banks of the river wero badly
broken, but pllvdrlvers were at work
putting in bulkhead long before the
waters bad subtitled.
Kalor to Warn King Edward to Calm
British Feeling Against Qormany.
Ilerlln, Aug. 8. If tho kalwr meets
King Kdwnrd next week at Frankfort,
hu will, according to authority there,
tell his undo that, while Germany does
not want war with Kngland neverthe
less tho present atmosphere of mutual
hatred, Jealousy and suspicion must bo
destroyed or Hiiro will remain in
danger of an explosion. King Kdward
will lm given to understand that Ger
many buhls England responsible for tho
creation of this situation.
The correspondent is informed that
tho consequence to which tho present
situation may lead aro now causing
Gcrmany'a rca-onalb!o state. men the
deepest anxiety. Tlieso possible conse
quences filled a large place In the
kaisers' recent interviews with King
Oscar, of Sweden, with King Chris
tian, of Denmark, and with the cxar.
There Iiavo been official attempts to
render lei apparent and to ohscuro tho
seriousness of tho situation, but Vil
Ham and his advisers aro profoundly
concerned over England's constantly
Increasing hatred of Germany. It is
thought that this hatred is now more
virulent than over before.
Two New Centsrt on Plantations Out
side New Orleans.
New Orleans, Aug. 8. Two Isrgo foci
of infection woro discovered today out
side of the city by olllcers of the Ma-
rlno Hospital service. Dr. Cor put went
to the Diamond plantation in St.
Charles parish to look into some sus
picious cases and found six itoaitive
yellow fever cases of secondary infec
tion, threo of which wero dead. Thoy
sre on a sugar plantation nnd threo of
them aro Italians. Ono is a negro.
The other point of infection ia thu
town of Patterson, In St Mary's parish,
whoro Dr. Chi It eras found 10 cases of
secondary infection. Most of tlieso aro
also Italians. Tho local health boards
Iiavo taken charge in both instancea
and aro following out tho directions of
tho Marino Hospital service.
Brought Togothor on Naval Yacht and
Introduced by Prcsldont.
Oyster Hay, Aug. 0. -At 1 :H0 o'clock
yesterday afternoon tho formal recep
tion of tho representatives of tho bel
ligerent powers by President Itoosovolt
on behalf of tho United States govern
merit took placo on tho cruiser May
flower. It was a notable demonstration
In honor of the distinguished gucsth,
envoys of their countries to tho pcaco
Tho Mayflower, the finest vessel of
her class In the navy, was tastefully
decorated for tho occasion. Tho beau
tiful interior finishings wero ornament
ed with cut flowurs arid smllax, Inter
twined witli tho national colors of Rus
sia and Japan. Tho colors of tho two
nations also fluttered from tho vessel's
Tho Jspaneso and Itussisn plenipo
tentiaries left Now York In tho morn
ing on two cruisers for Oyster Hay,
where they met tho president. Tho
Japanese made tho trip on the cruiser
Taooma and the Russian envoys were
convoyixi to their destination aboard
the Chattanooga.
Constantino Nakskoff, of tho Russian
foreign olllee, when asked whether
Russia would agree to a cession of ter
ritory or payment of Indemnity, two
K)iutn on which it is believed that
Japan will insist, replied:
"I don't think so."
Sato, tho Japaneso spokesman, asked
how prospects looked, said:
"Not vory bright, but wo aro hopo
M." Karly In tho morning tho president's
naval yacht Sylph and invited guests
arrived, and at 1 o'clock President
Roosevelt boarded tho Mayflower. He
was greeted with tho presidential salute
of 21 guns as ho went on board.
Karon Komura and Minister Takablra
and their suites left tho Chattanooga
In a launch and proceeded to the May
flower. Aa they boarded tho vessel a
aalute of 21 guns was given. The en
voys woro received on deck by Com
mander Wlnslow and escorted to the
main cabin, where they wero presented
to the president by Assistant Secretary
Pierce. Tho samo coromony waa then
enacted for tho Russian plenipoten
tiaries, Bcrgiua Witto and Ambassador
The envoya of the two powera wero
then presented formally to one another
by President Roosevelt, after which all
partook of a luncheon.
Tho Japaneso envoya wero thtn con
veyed to tho dispatch boat Dolphin, on
which they sailed for Portsmouth,
New Hampshire. Witto and his party
remained on tho Mayflowor, which
weighed anchor at tho samo timo as tho
Dolphin and started on ita cruise, con
voyed by tho crusler Galveston.
Haytlan Steamer Suspected.
Philadelphia, Aug. 8. Tho llritisli
bteamahip ltarntton, which arrived nt
thu Dolawaro breakwater on Saturday
from Porto do Palox, Hayti, with 15
of tho crow ill with fever, docked nt
thla port today. Tho llarnoton waa
held by tho government quarantine,
oillclala pending an investigation na to
tho character of tho (over, but after
careful observation tho steamer will bo
permitted to come to port, the physi
cians finding tho seamen suffering from
French Fleet Welcomed.
Cowes, lalo of Wight, Aug. 8. The
French Hoot, consisting of 18 battle
ships, truisura nnd torpedo boat do
atroyora under coinnud of Vlco Admiral
Caillnrd, reached thu Solent today to
spoud u week. Thu olllcers nnd sailors
nru guesta of King Kdward nnd tho
Urltlah navy. Heavy downpours of
rain throughout tho morning drenched
thu decorations nnd shrouded in n
heavy mlat tho yachts nnd llritish war
ahlpn collected to welcome tho visitors.
Yellow Fever In Mexico.
HHv nt Mnrloiv A iic. H.Tlui minor.
lor board of health reports flvo cases of
yollow fovor In tho republic, four nt
Vera Gnu ani ono nt Ooatzachoalcos.
Remembrances from Alice Roosevelt's
Admirers Sold at Church Fair.
Washlntgon, Aug 7. There are
things doing in tho St. Hilda society
connected with Christ church in Oyster
Hay. This httlo guild Is Mrs. Itooso
veil's pet charity, and this (act being
spread broadcait, treasures and trophies
for its fairs are not lacking. Indeed
some remarkable objects And their
way to tho baura, and there ia a faint
suggestion that tho first lady of the
land, with the practical senso for which
she is noted, utilizes many of the use
less gifts which como her way to raise
money for her church.
"Princess" Alice also receives cart
loads of dainty perfumes, photographs
and such trifles from her lovelorn ad
mirers, who would doubtless bo over
come if thoy could see some of their
votive ofToricgn displayed oil tho bazar
Restrains Pool Selling.
Portland, Aug. 7. Presiding Circuit
Judge Frazer has granted a preliminary
order restraining tiie Multnomah Fair
association from selling pools on races
at tho Irvington track in this city.
Immediately tho olliclals of the track
announced that for one week there
would bo no races. Within that time
tho permanent injunction proceedings
will be disposed of and the Multnomah
Fair association will know ita legal
status toward pool soiling. Judge Fra
zer declared that it ovidenco had been
introduced convincing him that tho suit
waa merely n quarrel between iramb
lors, as was intimated, ho would have
thrown it out of court.
Moody Inquires Into Strike.
Washington, Aug 7. Attorney Gen
eral Moody has addressed a letter to
tho United States district nttornoya
along the lines of tho Great Northern
and Northern Pacific roadB requesting
information regarding tho telegraphers'
striko nnd Its poe.iblo effect upon tho
transmission of government messages.
Moody says ho has been informed that
for several daya message have been
Interrupted, Ho Bays it is tho govern
ment's duty to keep such channels
open to protect Its own communication
and ho is much concerned.
Confessed to 330 Robberies.
Chicago, Aug. 7. -Kdward llurthar
ott, aged 18 years, who waa arrested
with a gang of threo men and two
women, charged with having commit
ted wholesale robberies in thia city,
haa confessed to Chief Desmond that
tho gang robbod 830 housea. Ho re
fused to toll whoro thoy wore, but
declared that ho would turn state's ovi
denco nnd turn up moat of tho booty if
guaranteed that hu would not bo prosecuted.
Oregon Mutton for Chicago.
Pendleton, Aug. 7. Ten carloads of
mutton sheep have just boon shipped
from Meacham by a North Yakima
buyer to tho Chicago market, A gov-
ornmont Inspector passed upon tho
rind the "Richest Man In tho World."
St fouls Olobe-Dsmocrat
A Little Lesson
In Patriotism
Altar the purchase of Louisiana
much (peculation was rife throughout
ttis country as to the actual extent
and character of
the nowly acquired
territory. Tht
Tagueness that en
shrouded tho west
made tbo value of
the purchase un
certain. An expe
dition Into the un
known country
wai planned In or
der to ascertain the
points concerning
which there was
doubt Lieutenant
Zbulon Montgom
ery Pike was ap
pointed to conduct
this expedition to trace th Mlsslislppl
to It sou re. Leaving St Louis on
Aug. 0, 1808, ht returnsd after nearly
nine months of constant hardship and
exposure, of continual danger, having
satisfactorily completed his work.
In 1800-7 ho was engaged In a geo
graphical exploration to tht western
part of the Louisiana territory, In the
course of which he discovered that
mountain In tht Rockies that is namod
after him, "Pike's Teak." His work
carried him to the Rio Grands Elver,
and having been found In Spanish -territory,
he waa captured and Impris
oned. In the war of 1812 Pike was select
ed to command an expedition against
York (now Toronto). Ills own cour
age and the admirable plans that he
had formed led to tho capture of the
first redoubt The advancing column
was baited until preparation could
b made for an attack upon tht next
redoubt The magazine of the fort
exploded, killing General Flkt and
tome of the soldiers, and closing his
career In a moment of victory.
Perhaps no name was more feared
In csrtaln districts of tho United States
during the time of the Civil War than
that of John Sin
gleton Moiby.
Guerrilla and raid
er, ho spread de
struction where ha
rode, ills band of
men accomplished
ns much good for
tho "cause they
fought for nnd as
much ovll to the
cause they fought
against as an army
of a hundred times
Its size could have
done. (OtN. uosnv.
Mosby had been a student In tho
University of Vlrgtuta, where he shot
nnd seriously wouuded n fellow-student
who had Insulted him. For this
bo was Imprisoned aud lined. The
Legislature remitted his fine and tho
Governor released him. Mosby's grat
itude to tho Statu of Virginia for this
was almost fantnstlc. It was cbarac
lstlo of htm that he never forgot a
Mosby nldod General Joseph Johns
ton upou the Manassas operations In
tho Shenandoah. At the expiration of
the twelve months' enlistment Mosby
was ono of tho two men, the only men
In the army, who were willing to ro
eullst without a furlough.
At tho closo of tho war Grant ex
tended n pnrdon to Mosby's men.
When Grant ran for the presidency
his most ardent partisan was Mosby.
Ho Incurred tho dislike, of tho South
bocnuso of his attempts to nld Grant
In his nioasures toward tho South. Rut
Mosby would accept no favors from
tho Northorn government. Ho fought
for what ho had thought right, and not
for toward.
iHvE Mf&rJ
J. r. x. o'nRir-t.
Aa IrUh M. P., Who Waa One Ba
tnc4 to IJ tlaasc-
Tht death of Mr. J. F. X. O'Brien.
member of the British Uoust of Com
mons for County Cork, Ireland, recalls
the drcumstanco
that ht was onco
sentenced by tho
British courts to
be banged, drawn
and quartered.
James Stephen
bad started that
v a s t conspiracy
known as Fenian
lim, one of the
moat formidable
movements against
tht British connection which bad been
put on foot since tht great rebellion
In the end of th previous century.
An insurrection broke out In several
counties In the south of Ixoland on
tht night of March S, 1607. Mr.
O'Brien at thla period was engaged In
business In Cork. IIo was already ap
proaching his fortieth year, and
seemed the last man In tht world to
bt called upon to bead a body oC
armed men. But wbtn the forces that
were callod out to meet at th tryst
lng place there was no leader of thost
who had betn expected to takt com
mand, and O'Brien spontaneously and
promptly took up the racant place,
and put himself nt the head of the
headless force. Then they started out
on their expedition, and first made f6r
some police barracks In the neighbor
hood. There was a brisk skirmish at
one of these barracks, and ultimately
the police agreed to surrender, and
O'Brion himself brought tht ladder to
tho wall of the barrack for the pris
oners to come forth. The humanity
with which h treated the connuereA
policemen 'M rometobored IjT
O'Brien's faTOr afterwards. Hla tri
umbp was short-lived! the aoldlera
came up, and O'Urien was arretted,
and transmitted to gaol. In due timer
came a series of Btate trials, and
O'Brien was convicted of treason and
sentenced to be hanged, drawn and
quartered. The aentenct was, how
erer, commuted to one of penal servi
tude for ltfo, and he spent several
years In the convict gaols of England.
When an amnesty camo he waa re
leased and returnod to business, and
likewise to revolutionary propaganda.
He was a member of tht governing
body of tbo Fenian organization. Sub
sequently, when Parnell started the
Iaud League, Mr. O'Brien's views un
dcrwent somo modification, and In
18S5, when the reduction of the fran
chlso In Ireland gave Mr. Parnell bU
first chanco of electing a large party,
O'Brien stood for a division of Mayo
nnd was elected. At a later date ho
became a bitter opponent of the Par
nell faction of tho Irish party.
J low to Foot Them.
Yassar girls tell a good one on an
ancient and veuerablo Instructor of
paleontology at that Institution ot
learning. From tlmo Immemorial It
had been his custom at rocltatlon to
call on tho young ladles In alphabetical
order, beginning at tho beginning ot
the alphabet each new term, aud call
lng on three pupils oach day. It did
not take tho girls very long to figuro
out Just when their turn would come,
aud neglect or prepare the lesson ac
cordingly. After many years of this
system tho professor was shocked and
grieved to find out how the young Por
tias wero taking advantage of him,
Ho spoko to tno girls soverely of tho
wickedness and folly ot such conduct
as had come to hla ears,
"Since you nro not to bo trusted,"
he added solomly, "I shall fool you by
abolishing tho old method. Hereaftec
I shall begin at tho end of the alpha,
bet aud go backward." Philadelphia
In Coolldgo, two girls In tho aamo
family married two doctors, and now
thero Is n terrible tlmo In that family
deciding who la tho greatest doctor
lu tho world.