The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, June 23, 1905, Image 7

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Theix Pains and Ailments
Any tnlntrttha blood quickly nliown Itaclf with old
people, niid troubles, which nyoutiircr, moro vljjoroun con.
dilution lioldu In check, take ponncnnloti of tliooo of ad
vn'nccd vearn. A mole, wort or plinnlo often bedim to In-
flniue niul fenier, tcnnltintltir; lu a norc Hint refunca to heal. Wandering paina
of a rhcttmnllc charnctcr arc nhtiont constant, tho Joints, jjet nttff and the mus
cle, norc, while fllccplcanucAfl and ticrvouoiicfla junko life d burden, The uat-
aTiSffih nuH the e ' Grippe, which left me
no great in old oro nrul ull the a,ltl0,t ft .,,yical wreck, To mid' my mtici,ta
orRnnsfjetdullaudBluBBlBli, condition, llheumntUm developed, lu short
falllni; to enrry out the waste time after beginning 0. B. 8. 1 was relieved of the
iiiaUcru and polsotia accuinu- pslns and have gained In flesh end strength and
lutlntr In theavsteninndthev myueucrsl health is betterthau foryears. I heart
.. (.ILh ,m!ml .1 inllhw ""commend 8. 0. 8. for ail blood dlaesse..
nro taken up ami absorbed by 'Uh,0 8 c D v qruoorv.
tho blood, rcuderlui; it weak
and tumble to properly uourinh the system. Tliero la no reanon why old njro
should not be an healthy tin youth if the blood in kept pure and ntrom', 8. 8. a.
S-thh rtw ' I'urey vcRctnble and la the safest utiil boot blood
fcl f5t purifier and tonic for old people, because it la Koutle,
ajrv but at the name time thorough in it;i nctlou, purify
K3J fcsZjC hip; the blood of nit poisons and foreign matter,
MBr nttcncthciiiiiL' It nnd toning up the entire Hyntcm by
its fine tonic effect. Almost from the first dene the appetite Increase, tho
gcucral health bculua to improve and the pains nnd ailments pass nwny.
Heat or All Plnyn.
I do nut earn for problem plsys; sir in
the kind of piny
In which tlm girl In jimt si purs si arc
tli llowcra In May
Tht plsy lu whlcli In thus of nd tli
hrro's rlslit on deck,
And yrlifrs the iclivmlng villain (t It
always In tli neck.
I lavs to lir th clrl rrfuis tli vlllsln'
(old to take.
And any that r. sre rojsl dud
wiiru worn for virtue's aktf
t lor to her tirsui drclln to brd
tli rich man's brrk,
And swat ths vlllslu with a club athwart
hi tidy nrck,
U not for ins III (lalllc fare, tli Jtii
Wber man I but a Jscktnapt and
woman I s doll!
I'll tak Ilia sturdy plot In which tbr
villain trlra to wreck
Th lirni'a life, and III th cud Juat gtta
It In tlm nck.
I,oularllU Courlvr-Journal.
Thoan IivIiik Olrl
Mlii Klderlelch You may not brllnv
It, but 1 re f niil offrra from tlirto dlf
ftrent turn lait month.
Mil Younsbiid Uh, I don't doubt It.
Hut what wrrs tliy clllng;?
I'liot Cum f a mnM furmuKba,oolds
and coiitumpllou. TrylU l'rlc ri oeuta,
Th I'olllo Kitllor.
Oalttr I have a little porm which
Udltor (bually) That Kfiitltmau ovr
there, air.
Caller (cdilall) Is h th literary
Kdlter (polltrl) No; be'e th boun
Why Itiry Coino Lain.
Huiband (In hat and ovrreeat) Good
(racloual llareu't you jot your coat ou
Wife It' all filed except tucking In
my drrat aleerr an they won't get uiuaa
d. I'll b ready In half an hour.
E'lTC l'tmnntl Cmnl. Kafllaor nerouinea
1 1 0 nt nm J.'iuunif.Kiin'(ii.i .,
llHir. Knijfr rrrS)Slitallaxiteiu1lrrll,
r. II. II, Kllii.UJMI A nli HI., I'lill4tltbl. I'e.
.No Tlm I.fl.
"Winter wheat looklmr well?" In
aakrd of a street car passenger who
looked like a farmer.
"Dunno," was tho brief reply.
"(loud deal of suuw out lu the coun
try?" ".Middle."
"Price of bay Bene up any?"
"Omm'I imy."
"Hut aren't you a farmer, in)
friend r'
"Yim, I'm a farmer; but this winter
I've been courtln' a wldder woman
wuth $S,0(K) and I haven't had any
time to fool around with snow or liny
or anything else." Chicago News.
Tho Klml ou Hum AIwiivh
tun ut CIiiih. II. I'lctclier, nutl lias liot-u iniulo iimlvr Ills
iiitmmiiiI HiipcrvlMlon lor ovor :i( jonr.s. Allow no ouo
to iloielvo yon in tlilri. C'ountorfi'ltM, Iinltutlons mid
"liiHt-iiH-jrotnl" aro iMitlvprrliiieiitti, niul onilniiKr tho
Iieultli ut Chllilrvit Kxporlt'iieo ii(;alnat J.pcriii.iit.
What is CASTOR I A
CuHtorlu In it linnnli'SH Hiihatltnto for Custor Oil, Pnro
uorlc, Drops ami Hoothluir 8yrupH. It Is IMoaMttit. IC
cotitaliiH nulthor Opium. Arorphlno nor other Narcotic
NiiliNtanru. ItHiiirolH Its Kiiurantvo. It. tlextroys AVorms
ami allays .FovorlHlmoaH. Jt citrus Dlurrluuii ami AVIiul
Colic. It relieves 'l'outlilnir Troulilos. i-nres lmiHiliiutlim
ami rintiilency. It assliullatcs tho Food, rcirithites tho
Htoiuacli and IJowelH, ulvliiir
'I'li fllllllll-jitl'ri lllllllwll'rili
Tho Children'
v"- " " -"-"- --
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bonra tho
In Use For Over 30 Years.
LICE on Poultry. tt.V'froSei.'.'cTmm"'.!;,0'.
kill the lice. Never fall". SoU by dealers, gocanJ $1.00 per cay.
Allwrt ntnclvr l i.oiiIiiiwvii,
UMt It thoruuKhly tlirvu llnuai
llMluiduillti. Iirrurau
1. II U.lnri.
onhOKt. unitl. worili nv. tlin.Nii
ut Atifi, mu
VOUTbANU aiCUU CO., Vorttand, Or., Ooaat Acauts
Wnan't Aatiameil.
film was a mi'iuber of a North Hide
church, and she wns trying to Imprets
the fact upon tint mind of the friend
who rode out with her ou a latu ele
rated train the other night.
"I'm as good n church member as
any one, and I don't care who knows
It," she said In the course of her talk.
"Well, It's nothing to be aahamed
of," said the friend. "I was also ouco
a church member, and I uover was
ashamed to own up to It."
"Anhamcdt Who says I am asham
ed?" shouted tho first woman, until
every one In the car turned to look.
"Ashamed ? Well, now, I rather Biles
not. I'm a good church member, and
who d urea any I am ashamed of It?
The person who told you I am
aahamed of It Is a liar. There 1"
"Why, no one told me yo.u were
ashamed of It," said the friend.
"Well, then, why are you saying It?"
"I didn't say It."
"You did!"
"Well, then, I suppose I did."
"Well, I'm not naliHiiied. I'll give you
to undcratntid that, nnd you can put It
In your hrst summer's bonnet that I
am not."
And then as the trnln stopped sha
added: "Oood-by, dear. I get off
Probably the youuecat general In lbs
world la a uephew of 111 late Wish of
l'erals, a boy nut yet H yesra old. lis
holda the rank of full geuersl In th Per
sian army.
Mother wilt fln4 Mn, vriiialow'a KoolMng
Pytup thu teat remedy Iohm lor ttictr children
during th teething jofloJ.
Joe Whst do you think of Mia GoU
bletnu? I'ino Intellect, ell?
I'rrd Yea; but her Intellect lau't lu It
with her conversational abllitle.
Olio Oixxl Peal lire,
Jlmaon If there's on thing I dlallka
more than another It's a -hallow man.
Haiuaon Yea, but them's one thing In
Iila favor.
Jlmaon I'd like to know what It U.
Haiuaou X ahallow man dueau't re
qulro aa much watching sa a deep one.
To llreak In Mew Shoes.
Alwaye ahakn In Allen'e Foot-Kaie, a iwilr.
Ilcwm Iml, aweallng, aehlng. ewutUn fret.
I'Mf-. eerm, lag-rowing jialli anil Imihioiii At
all ilrHolili and tin lotri.iav IMh'I aeeeM
HrMIllliU Smr4e inU-J r'HKK. AUilrtM
Alien 8. Olmatcxl. I lu.r, N' T.
Nainn Old l'lnlnt.
The Lady It miii to me tli we ber
ries are; rather amall.
Tho Peddler I'm auro they have got
tlirtr full Krwnth. ma'am.
The Lady Pimalbly; but I'm quite,
auro your quart hxea haven't Kot thelra.
lldtiu - lit Iiiim lioruii tlio nIlmiii.
Inutility and iiuttiml Bleep. 1,1.. ...I
.... tlUllll,
Slgimturo of
ulnii., Louclit '" b( IImUii lire Killer ana
iuirlrnnl lit ullir hou.o .nllrcljr fr.ttrum
jiriuni U.IIIK. iuu Kfuiirj IUU,U w. miitv . IU IVI. imw .MM HIH,
.fcMMUit) rruui4uumiiiuvri.ju.iiu. ininv (or lie
JU j
Krlend-ls tho ilnko n K. 0, II.? Va them to elevated social station, Ocea-ther-ln-law
Diinno; I round him 0. i0iially, however, there Is to be found
0. I). Now York Mnll, I In ofllelal prominence n man in whoso
Him IaioU, ileurl Papa's cheek will upward progress the wlto has kept
pay for our weddlnjr trip. The Duks itep with him, contributing ability,
Hut what nro we going to do after
ward I.lfo.
"Hho told inn tho was unmarried,
mid now I find that she Is a divorcee."
"Well, Isn't a divorcee unmarried?"
Houston I'ost,
"Did ho ever liiruro lu the divorce
rourt?" "No; his lawyers did nil that,0"'" 1,rit " t '",v aceompllsli
for him. He simply paid thu bills,"
lonkera Herald.
Hlu No, I run never nmrry you.
I All our family Is opposwl to you. Ho
-Milt If yim are not HIh I said
nil our family. Kx.
Hho I low do you like my now
coitt? The Friend Do you want an
honest opinion? Hhe Of course not.
Kllcgenilo lllaetter.
Mr, Iljoues How wonderfully Mrs.
Itoblnsou carries her age, Mrs.
llsmlth (sweetly) -- Yes, considering
how much there Is of It. K.
'The equator," wrote an Kngllah
schoolboy In his examination paper,
"la a mcnagerlo linn running 'round
tho center of the earth." Kx.
"You don't agree then that 'seeing Is
believing?" "Not much! I seo somo
peoplo every day that I never could
believe." Philadelphia Ledger.
Clementine Arabella, would you
run after n man?, Arabella Yea, I
would; If a man's worth having he Is
worth running after. Ilrooklyn I.lfo.
Tho Woman (looking at a hideous
specimen) Oh, what a dreadful crea
ture? The Man (with Infinite relief) -Can
you seo It, too7 Harper's Week
ly. Pompous Waller Have you order
ed, miss? Timid Utile Olrl (taking
her first meal at a restaurant) N no,
sir; but I've requested. Chicago Trlb
tine. "Can a man marry comfortably on
five hundred dollars a yoar?"
yes. Hut he can't stay mnrrlrd
fortably on any such suin."-Cleve-
laud leader.
Hllmson Willie, they tell me you
liavo the reputation of being tho worst
Uiy In aehool. Willie Yes, father, and
I can tell you I didn't get It without
a struggle. I.lfo.
(Irocer What Is It, little girl? I.lttlo
Olrl Mamma sent mu for n
chlinnoj'. and she snya she hones It
will be as stroiiK ns that last butter
you sent us. I'kk-Me-Up.
.Mammn Here's the man for that
rlock to be repalreil. (Set It for him.
Tommy Where Is It? Mammn Up
stairs, of course. Tommy Oh! I
thought It Jind run down. Kx.
WlKwaK Why do you Insist upon;
enrryhiK your shirt home from thu 1
Inu nil ry Instead of bavhii; It sent?
Hnnluppe Mo that folks will know
thnt I have two. Philadelphia Rec
ord. .
"HHkkIiis puts n Rrent deal of
thought Into Iila work." "Yen," said
the sareaatle person; "he works ten
minutes and then thinks about It for
an hour and 11 ijuarter." Washington
Katlo Tell me, ICdllli, what did you
any when Charley proposed? IMIth
Me? Oh. there was no oeeaalon for
,1110 to say anything. Charley bad said
all Hint was necessary. ltostou
Church-worker Would you assist
us, good idr, to send 11 mtsidonnry to
tho cniiulbals? Mr. (iotrox Not much
I'm n vegetarian but I'll asiUt you
to send them some easily digested ce
real1 Puck.
"Haven't you any ambition to work
as your father did nt your ni;e?" "Cer
tainly not," answered tho glided
youth; Vlf 1 were to work what would
hnvo been the use of father's working?
Washington Star.
"Wo can't have everything hi this
life," said the philosopher. ".No," an
swered Dustlu Stax;. "the Ideal but
Impossible coiublimtlou Is 11 million
aire menu with a iloek-hinul appetite."
Washington Xlnr.
"I rtH'kou HUl must hnvo been cut
out for one o' thosj genluies that
writes for tho magazines," sold tho
old Georgia farmer, "hecnuxo ho can't
mitko cnsli enough to have his hnlr
cut, and would rtither watch a star
than dig " welll" Atlanta Constitu
tion. "Suppose," said he, feeling his way,
"your father should ask me what my
expectations aro In or this direc
tion. What ahull I say?" "Speak the
truth," replied tho sweet tflrl; "tell
him you don't know." Philadelphia
"Ah," said Mth. Oldcnstle; "so
you're reading Mrs, Illnkletuu's new
story? Don't you think her stylo Is
nlmost too Idiomatic?" "1 hadn't no
ticed It," replied her hostess, "but I
Wouldn't bu surprised If It was. You
know It runs lu their family. Sha
had n nleco thnt was only half-wit-ted."
Chicago Ilecord-Herald.
"Juhet" growled old man Hnrdfyst,
"vfhut In .tarnation aro you carry I n'
thct thormotuuter outdoors an' back
so often fer?-' "Jest want lo seo the
difference In the. tviuporature, pa," ex
plained Jubea. "Well, you let It alono.
Keep the mercury ruuilln' up u' down
lu thut tube an' llrst thing wu know
tho thermometer Ml bo woro out, tut
thero'll bo S3 cents throwed uwiiiv'
Koremoat I'urllniiieiilnrlnri Ainorifr (lie
Women of America.
Homo women rench IjIkIi position In
olllclnl society by virtue of their hus
bands' superior Klfto find adroitness in
yuiiuin. i ill' IUMJ KniCH inu pinrea
which they occupy nnd umbo their
homes favorite snots with the urcrtt
men of the In lid ', lint the fact remains'
tJirtt It wiim tint liimlmiiilH who liroiifflit
tact nnd even genius which tins hnd a
marked Influence upon the career of
(ho husband, without her ho might
.have icalm-d hut mediocre distinction,
despite the possession of talent; but by
their combined effort public favor and
eminence were attainable. What hi
ed he achieves by a fortunate domes
tic pnrtnerahlp,
Charles Warren Fairbanks, Vlro
President of the 1'iiltis! 8tnis, doc
not hIiIiic by tho reflected light of bis
gifted wife, lie gained his plaeo as
leader of the bar of Indiana by virtue
of native genius, finished education,
Industrious habits and a wealth of ac
cumulated learning. 'litis was the lad
der by which he climbed to the I'nlted
Htates'Henate nnd Inter to the Vlco
Presidency, Hnd his domestic rela
tions been different, however, thero
might have been such Interference
with hi progress that surecss would
una. ciiaui.iui w. KAliiliA.XKa.
U'hoto by C llnedluat, Waetilngton, I).
com-;,luvo bwn inipos-.lble.The Influenco
of homo nttain haH hvctl .tublln
j block to many n mnn, not because of
wifely Impropriety, but because of a
.timidity on her part, a shrinking from
public observation, a tremulous dlsln
cllnatlon to be In the front rank. Cu
ller such restraint the husband has
been kept from the station which bis
deserved. Itecause he has a
, wife who
seconded his efforts, who
appreciated bis gifts and the touch of
whose hand raealit push and not pull,
Mr. Fairbanks has long been a much
envied man.
Cornelia Cole was the daughter of
Judge Philander Cole of Ohio, and
when young Fairbanks was a student
at the Wesleyan University she was
a co-editor with him of tho college
paper. A mutual appreciation led to
n marriage, which lias been mast
happy. Step by step the young lawyer
went upward; jear after year the wife
grew In womanly aweetnes's. The five
children four boys and a girl who
blessed the home In Indianapolis re
ceived their full share of maternal
affection ami attention. Hut tho nrtv:
bltlon of the wife, the yearning for'
mental growth and the desire f'-r lead
ershlp were not drowned In the care
of motherhood. She took part In club
life. She watched polltlci. She atudlel
parliamentary law, and when she
finally came to the presidency of ino
of the foremost societies of women In'
tho world the Daughters of the
American Revolution so splendid wai
her equipment that she was at ones
hailed as n iuccu among women For
several years she was at the head of
this orgnnlcntlou.
While Mr. Fairbanks will ncknowl
rdgo the helpful lutlueuce of his wife
upon his political fortunes. Mrs. Fair
banks will cheerfully accord to him
tho credit of training her In parlia
mentary science.
Mian Mjrllo 11. r.trkc, U Nut oil I.ruir
UrlUt iiftlir Wot.
Mbw Myrtle H. Parke, who 1ms boen
called to the pastorate of the Christian
Chunh nt Itnm.ey, HI., Is noted ns an
evangelist, and Is n
student of Kuruka
College, whore she
titled horself for
the ministry. She
formerly occupied
the pulpit to which
again she has been
called, but resigned
In order to enter
college. Ml as
Parke's homo la nt
Staunton, III, She
hut 18 years of 1
and Is thought
UYHTih 11. PaIikk by her Instructors
and church nivsoclntes to havo bctoro
hor a successful future.
Ilia Tttattmoiiy.
Aneut Did my patent medicine do
you any good?
Customer I should say sol I got
so strong on It tbat I octuully bad
tho nervo to tell the landlord that
tho roof leaked! Detroit Free Prvss,
. 7, r ; 1
..irll!ntv - ?.iae .1.
"Ho never took a d.shonest dollar
In his life."
"Is bo as poor as all that "III..
nols Stato Journal,
When It coiuqs to paying back n
visit thero are mighty few woiner on
the dead beat list
Tm Growing
Old Fast
And you know why, too. It's
th6sc gray hairs! Don't you
know that Aycr's Hair Vigor
restores color to gray hair?
Well, It doe3. And Jt never
fails, cither. It stops falling
hair also, and keeps the scalp
clean nnd healthy. Do not
grow old too fast!
"I hae tnl Arer. Hair Vlfnr tot mmr
T.r. ana I Mm 11 Ins.nd h (orr u bo n
ll(4 to da without It II kMp. mj rrom
lurnluK r. and ilw ke.p. mr aealpeUaa
and tii-ltb.- K. S. rsarictb, Cnoo LII7,
A Vd.brJ.O.SrrC.. Ixrw.ll,MM.
AM AUo m.nurM(ur.r or 1
S. JLil&l & CBmPECTOfUL.
lasiaaiawiiaai iiiaiaMBaBaaaaBEaiH8aaasaganapj
Wasted Knrrgy.
Sometimes head and heels work well
together, but It was not so In a case
reported In the Yonkcrs Statesman.
Cam, a colored man, was an hour late,
and his employer aaVcd blm to ex
plain. "Yes, sab, I'll explain, sab," Sam re
plied. "Well, what excuse bare you?"
"I was kicked by a null on my way
here, sab."
"That ought not to have detained
you an hour, 8am, If you wtro able to
como nt all."
"Well, It wouldn't have If he'd only
kicked me In dls direction. You see,
boss, be kicked me do other way."
Cannot Reduce a Rate.
It is stated in Washington, that un
der the Town tend rate bill, if a rate la
fixed by the commission it cannot bo
lowered by a railroad. Should an emer
gency arise calling for a decreased rate,
ths railroads or shippers would have to
appeal again to the commission, there
being no latitude allowed, whatever the
circumstances. Hitherto a maximum
rate has been the rule, but no such
concession Is made under the proposed
f etliod In Ilia Madt.eaa.
Caudlta I was rcsdinx In the paper
tbla moraine of a msn who aleepa in the
stabl with his horae every night.
Mrs. Caudles What's the matter with
blm Is he erssy?
Caudlea No, I cueas not. A horse
can't talk, you know.
Hwapplnar Compliment.
"I have Just Invented a new sau
sage," said the butcher, baudlug some
to the poet for blm to try.
"Ah!" exclaimed he, "It Is a poem!
Uy the way, bare you read my latest
"Indeed, yes." replied the butcher
with a light of appreciation In bis
eyes; "it Is a aausagc," Houston Her
ald. His Health Was Wrecked
Pe-ru-na Gave New Life
Aiscmbhman TIshc's letter should be
rcaa u, vuy cii.l. UKer ivuumg usuiu
uous life.
Hon. John Tighe, No PR Remen St.,
Coboos, N. Y., Slembcr ol Awembly
from the Fourth district, Albany coun
ty, K. Y., writes its (ollowa:
"Perutut has my hearty indorsement
as a n-ston t-ve tonlo ot superior merit.
At times when I hnvo beon completely
broken down from excess of work, so
that my faculties seemed actually at a
standstill, I'eruna has acted as a heal
ing restorer, starting the machinery ot
mind and body afresh with new life
and enerpj .
"I n commend it to a man tired in
mind ami body aa a tonic superior to
anything I know of and well worthy
serious consideration." J. TIghe.
Excess ot work so common in our
country causes impaired nerves, lead
ing to catarrh and catarrhal nervousness
a disease thut is respoiiBiblu tor half
of all nervous troubles.
I'eruna cures this trouble because it
cures catarrh wherever located.
If you do not derive prompt and sat
isfactory results from tho use of Peru
nn. write at onco to Dr. Hartman, civ
ing a full statement of your cas, and
ho will ho pleased to give, you his valu-
able advice gratis.
Address Or. Hartman, President of
T,,i,,1M o,.,,,,.,,.,,,, ' r-ni,i, n.
' '
stt9aaHKaKK 3IBBH
EafllaVtHaSft CXaUC
aBSr&iSSaHSeraatiaKiaiaaBit iH
S"3 Odlll! Tsmui sit Uitl I All.. fEi
)Si B CutllU 31 UU, TUIMUOUI, U"El
I Not the Kind.
I "I bad an uncle mo up In Vermont
last week,',' said the lloston man, "and,
though there Is nothing so very quocr
nbout an tinrlo dying, this relative of
mine didn't have a fair show,"
"As bow?" was asked.
I "Well, when he was 20 years old a
tin peddler advised him to always car
!ry snuff around In his pocket to throw
Mtlf.1 M ln.ii ,!...' MWn In mmb. I. .
.... h .M.t. i.wft j -n, ,1, Vlinu 1117 met
one. He carried that snuff for forty
years nnd never used It."
"One day, after be bad carried It for
thirty years, ho was crossing a field
and an old bull got after blm nnd
gave him a toss. When ho came limp
ing Into tho bouse and told us about It
I said:
" 'Why didn't you throw snuff In his
eyes, Uncle Jerry?'
" 'Why, that peddler told me to ns
the snuff on dogs, and that If ever a
bull got after me I was to una ground
cinnamon. I hadn't any of tho blamed
tuff with mcl'"
Ills Pref -renco.
Wife 'Which of these photographs of
mamma do you like heat, dear?
Huaband Let me see. Why er X
think I prefer this small one.
Wife Do you think It Is a better like
ness? Huaband Oh, no; but It shows bar
dreaaed In a traveling costume.
Kach Day's Hnpreme Kvent.
Every day's work should be a so
preme event In every life. We should
come to It as carefully prepared as tba
prima donna who Is trying to hold ths
world's supremacy In song comes bo
fore her audience. Then our work
would breathe out tin vigor and vi
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It. Then life would be glorified, and
the work of the world Illuminated,
transformed. O. 8. Marden la "Suc
cess Magazine."
Malll MakarotT, only daughter of the
Iluaalan admiral, who was drowned by
the alnklng of the warship Petropavlovak,
haa been cboaen maid of honor to tho
Curina and to the dowager enipresa of
ItUHia. Her mother, a woman of PoIIjIi
origin, la a profound linguist and accom
plished mualrinn. Site baa dsbhtrd in oc
cultism and his written booka and playa.
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A new, permanent hotel, dlrectljr oppo.llo
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Dr. G. Gee Wo
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Ths G. Gsa Wo Chlnsse Medlclns Co.
3 VanUoo paper
2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14. 16 and
25-Horao Power. Satitfactlon
guaranteed. Hundrcda In uie In
Oregon, Waahlngton and Idaho.
Send (or Catalogue.
Mitchell, Lewis & Stayer Go,
Seattle and Spokane, Wsah.
Bolae, Idaho,
P. N.U.
No. 24-1905
HEN writing; toadvcrtlaarsploaaa
mention luia vapor.
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