The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, June 23, 1905, Image 3

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In a Cnndonsod Tonu lor Our
Dnsy Hcailurs.
.A Noiumo of tlio Loss lmportnt but
Not Loii Interesting Event
of the Past Week.
Tim 1'ranco-Gormiin dlitiiti about
Morocco mmrn it or lulu.
General Maximo Gomez In very law
nnil ttmy din it any tlmu.
Norway In likely to Im-coiiid a rcpub
Ik), an no on it dcalrnblu' for o king In
willing to HCCCpt.
President Roosevelt In striving to
prevent another big bnttlu In Manchu
ria before pencil In concluded.
Tim next step In tint Par Knsterii
peace negotiations will ho tint signing
if nn nrmlntlco liy tlio generals '
iiiandlug on tliu fluid of hostllitlrn.
Governor Itrudy, of Alaska, wniiti to
attend tlio IaiwIn iii id Clark fair, but
Heoiolnry Hitchcock linn ordered liltn
to rciiinlii ut hlii m for tlio present,
tin liti iiiuy l)ii needed.
Tim 1'cdoral grand Jury nt Chicago
linn turned In a niirntr of Indictments
ngnliist lx( ti tint ollllcalr, liut particu
lars will not Ixi given out until tlio
Jury Inn llnlahed It work.
Not n tumi won saved from tlio Iltm-
nlnli Imttleitlilp Alexander III, mid lillt
out! each from tlio battleship llorodluo
jiiuiI Nuvrtrln, mink by tlio Jap-nino In
tlio Imttlo ol tliu sra oi Japan.
Commissioner Itlchnrds, of tlio Gen
irnl Ititil olllco, hits Imhii ordered to
Portland to attend tlio land frnud trials
and lend assistance to tlio prosecution.
A number of clerks urn nlno beliiR sent
with records.
Th knlser In planning to Imkmiiio
master of Kuropo.
Japan' hmco term lmvo been out
lined nml will ho moderate.
Washington his U-cn chosen hi the
meet In if plnro of tlio peace envoyii.
Turkish troops lmvo completely ex
terminate I n Macedonian limirgoiit
(Imnd Dukii Alexin nml Admiral
A vidian, heads of tliu Russian imvy,
lmvo renlgncd.
Missouri railroad lmvo tiultil In in
Joining tlio iwtsto Iroin iMiforcltic tlio
maximum rnto law.
A cami of plague has Im-kii ruNirtil on
n venel arriving nt Manchester, Kng
land, fiom llneuoi Ayroi.
Orders lmvo Ihiiii ImiimI nt the War
ilopartmout (or tlio formation of two
provisional teglmoiitn of Held nrtlllery.
Tnft soys In will not run for presi
dent ot surcecd Roosevelt, hut di-slrrs
to become chief Justice of tlio Supremo
Tlio Mexican Ccntrnl railroad has
Inarenrod Its capital frotn 100,000,000
In $100,000,000, aud will noquro con
trol of other Important roads.
Herniary liny ii homo from Ku opo.
IIIi health In gteatly iui loved, hut (in
I m not oit'.holy recovered. Ilu enji
ho hm no Intention of resigning,
Tlio premier of Greece has been mur
dered by n gambler.
Germany will fortify Klnn Chou Imy,
on the Chinese count,
llrltnln nml America ,-efuno to join
in tliu conference on Morocco,
Hxportn from tho United Stated to
Muxleo ihuw n great Incrciuio.
Uunnln linn formally minoutudl tho
ncceptnnco of Hoonovvlt'i piunns ofTr.
One of tho noven Inrgeit tocomotlvrn
over built will bo plnccil in norvlco on
tho O. It. A N. Ilnrn.
Bupromo Juntlco Wnrrrn It. Hooker
Iiiii nnuouiicvd hln Intention ot renlgu
lug. Ilu Ii nrcuned of postal Kniftlng,
Tho number of plenloteiitlarlen mid
p.icn ol ineetlnit to conduct pence nego
thttlotin between Jnpuu und IttiBiln
now to ho decided.
Tho motor car ordoreil by tlio Bouth
urn l'ncijhi for tifo between Kori'it
lrovo nml I'orthind In n llttlo light (or
tho heavy grade out of I'ortlnnd.
Tho I.uke Hhoro rood hm enUbiihoil
n now record for frut tlnio, hnvlng
nmdo tho run from Chlcngo to lluffnlo,
n dlMtnncu of 620 milci In 103 mlnutcn.
In tho nrmy mid nnvy uinuuuvorn to
tent tho effcctlveiu'HX of tho dufuiiHci
ubout Wnnhington, tho attacking Hoot
wnn ilufeutwl mid conatructlvuy joined
Mount I'oleo In in eruption,
A niniillpox epldomlo provnils in
Norway will boihI a ipoolnl envoy to
till tho powers to imk recognition.
Yellow fovor canes continuu to bo ro
lortoil from tho l'nnmim cnunl xono.
Tho (ltinrnntlno inrvlro nt Noino has
lu'on abolished, desplto tho jirotoHts of
- .
Tho biggest trust company on onrth
1h to bo'organlnod to'lmndlo tlio Kulta-
bio funds.
Bherbourno, ICngland. hm just colo
bratod tho lOOth annivorsnry of its
Eloclrlc Ourront Shorl-Clrcultod and
TrnfFlo Stopped for Moun.
Now York, Juno 111, A break In tho
IB-liioli lilgli-prt'cntiru walur imilii In
I'tirk avimno, near Forly-cccond ntrcot,
today .rcntillvd In Iho Hooding of tho
block Jtml hulnw tho (Iriind Cuntral
ntitllon, tliu ctrcid-L'iir lunnul mid tho
Hiibwuy, tho ntoppngu of tritllli; In tliu
Hubwny for iiuiuy bourn, norloiin iliwn
ago to tho underground rond nml grcnt
ihuigiir to ninny imnnerigern. Tho dime
ago In entlnmted nt (100,000. Inci
dentally It resulted In tho caving In of
Park iivonuo over nn uroa of i-'O feet,
from which run crncki that mcmit dun
gor to Hiljuccut buihllngn. Water wai
(lrnt neen trickling between tho paving
blocks near tho ciitrmica to tho I'ark
avenuo tunnel, through which tho nur
fneoenn run. Almont luimoillntoly
there enmo n heavy uxplonlon under
ground, mid a moment lator tho water
gunhoil forth In n cataract, wmrlng Into
Forty-second street, which wan noon
covered to a depth of sovurnl Inclii-n.
Tho rlnlug water in tho Hithway noon
made connection between tho third rail
and tho outer mils, short-circuiting tho
electric current, which was attended by
a nurlen of explosions that endangered
tho liven of thoio who wero in tho enrn.
Tho air was pungent with tho nmoko of
burning InniiUtlon, and bright llsnhen
from wheels and rails wero continuous.
Quo train got to within a block of a
station ami then enmo to a float ntop,
Tho panscngern got out mid wnded
through tho water to tho station. They
avoided tho third rail and nobody wan
Injured. Gradually tho enlro servlre
couth of Huventy-secoud ntreet and to
Fourteenth street wan shut off, and
later the entire nervlco wan dlscoutlu
uisl. Firmly, after tho Hood had continued
for four and n half hours a foreman for
tho cnnitruction company, who lias
supervision of tho luntnllatlon of tho
mains In I'ark avenuo pointed out a
gate at Third nvetiuu and Forty-second
street which, on being cloned, shut off
tho torrent. Tralllc was not resumed
until alter midnight.
8uccess of Japanese.
Toklo, Juno in. The 'following re
Hjit has been rivelvwl from tho head
(iiartvrn of tho Mauchurlan armies:
"June II, nt -t in tho morning, wo drove
the enemy from tho northern heights
of I.lnngshuchunu and Nauchengtnu
and occupied llmr-o Hltlous. On tho
name day wo occupied Iho vlrlnltion of
KrshlhllpN, ten miles northisint of
Clmnulu, Khufaiigtai und Tungohiutxu,
lu miles north of Ohnugtu and Ho
lugtungnhan, III milos northwest of
Chnngtu. Othorwlno tho situation in
Russian Shells Wore Worthless.
Hi. Petersburg, Juno 13. Tho Ht.
Petersburg Telegraph agency has re
ceived a dispatch from its Shanghai
corresK)iident, who anncrts that not
only wero tho Itunslau ships so short ol
shells that they could indulge In only
three largo practice! on leaving Idbnu,
but that during tho Imttlu of tho Ben
of Japan many projectiles either fell
shott or failed to intllct damage on tho
Japanese ve-celn. A numlier of muti
nies occur rl during tho voyage of tho
Russian siniadons, especially on tho
battleship Orel. .
Loss by Fire and Flood.
New York, Jnno 13. Nearly 100 an
touioblhri Iwlonglng to various depart
ment storm wero destroyed tonight In
n llro In tlio garage of ho Haltiler W
hlclo Kii)lment company at Ninth
avenue and Twenty-seventh street. Tho
loss on machines is estimated at (350,
000, in addition to which tho plant of
tho gnrago wan damaged to tho amount
ol (7o,000. Tho premises of tho Cor
bett Chair company and tlio riulro
Ilrnld company, occupying tho upper
lloors of tho building, wero also dam
nged to tho amount of $100,000.
Water Rocotllng Near Keokuk.
Den Moines, la., Juno 13. Tho Hood
which has ovcrllowcd thousands of
acres of lino land in tlio vicinity ol
Keokuk, Is, slowly receding, tho water
having fallen about two (cut since
reaching n standstill last night. Dam
ngo to farmers near Keokuk is esti
mated at 1300,000, and tho losses nt
Keokuk, Davenport and other places
along tho river will aggregate hundreds
of tliousaudn inoro, Itlloy Hmallwood,
nged 7ft, was drowned nt Alexandria.
Sweden Not To Recognize,
fitockliohn, J iiijo 13. Premier llamb
stodt, in nn interview, saya tho Swedish
government will refiiflo to recognlxa tho
revolution In Norway nml will submit
to tho riksdag motions conformable to
tills standpoint. Tho premier thinks
that tlio riksdag will adopt thin view
and is convinced no foreign power will
rccognlxo Norway n nn Independent
country against tho will of Sweden.
Packing House Plant Destroyed,,
Fort Worth, Tox., Juno 13. 'Whnt
in known an the old packing liouso
plant in Fort Worth, comprising olght
buildings, seven of which wero built ot
stqno and one of brick, and ranging
front opo toitwo stories,, wad destroyed,
by flro today, Tho plant cost some
thing like 460,000 Tho luauranco Is
85,000. , ,
Juilfjo Dfjilnvon Hears Arguments
In Mitchell Case.
J- '
District ntiorney Hsney Contends the
Document Ii Valid Court Takes
Matter Under Consideration.
Portland, Juno 13. Under flrn be
fore Judge Do Haven yesterday morn
ing wan tho Indictment accusing John
II. Mitchell of accepting a fee for serv
ices performed while United Hlnten
senator. Severe in their denunciations
of the ihxniructit which sets forth the
government cane wero tho altorneyn for
the defense. Serene in hln denials that
Haws roiihl bo picked in lino after lino
of the government's nceiisatlous was
United States District Attorney Hcney.
(I rave, dignified and attentive, while
the attorneys unmasked their legal bat
teries, was Judge Do Haven, tho man
who now has tho power to bring tlio
enso of tho United Statcn agalunt Senat
or Mitchell to a sudden termination,
for a 1 1 nit at least, or to can no tho trial
to proceed to Itn conclusion and conse
quent verdict of guilty or not guilty.
Spectators crowded tho courtroom to
hear tho attorneys for the defense,
Jtidgu A.S. Ihrnnctt, of Tho Dalles, arid
ex-Senator John M. Thurston, of Ne
braska, attempt to riddle the indict
ment which accuses tholr client, and to
listen to Mr. Honey's defensa of the
The alleged crlrno for which the gov
eminent Is endeavoring to placo Hcnnt
or Mitchell on trial consists In accept
ing a feo from Frederick A. Krlbs for
expediting claims before tho general
land olllco while a United Statcn ronat
or. This is contrary to tho Federal
statutes. The Isniio yesterday was the
legality of the Indictment Itsoli, und
the principal arguments of the defense
wore that tho document was loosely
drawn, that If tried on its Indefinite al
legations Senator Mljchcll might bo
ngalh placed in jeopardy, and above all,
that tho Indictment did not oven nllego
that Mr. Mitchell was a senator at the
time of the commission of too crime
At tho conclusion of tho arguments,
Judge Do Haven took tho matter under
consideration, stating that lie did not
know Just how loig it would require
for him to arrive at a conclusion, but
that he would consider both the writ'
ton arguments interposed with tho do
murrer and the oral statements made
In court, handing down his decision at
his earliest opportunity. Tho court
wan then adjourned until this morning
at 10 o'clock.
Farmers of Illinois Ready to Duild Dig
Packing Houie.
Chicago, Juno 13, Tho Fanners'
Packing company lias been organized
fur tliu purKno of eompetinp with tho
local aud other packers. Its capital
stock was placed at (l,r00,000. The
organisation is composed of livestock
dealers, retail butchers aud farmers.
It is the intention of tho company to
operate in Chicago and it ban secured
an option on ten acres ot land and a
lacking plant near tho Hawthorne race
track, which it will oerate, and ox
pects to purchase 300 acres on which to
erect a mammoth plant.
Dying Natural Death.
Chicago, Juno 13. The teamsters'
strike ban como to the stage where it
will die a natural death unless new
lilo Is Injected into it by tho strikers.
During the past 24 hours nothing of
any lmortanco has developed, neither
side to the controversy having mado
any aggressive move. According to
tho employeaa involved In tho trouble,
they have succeeded in getting their
business almost back to normal condi
tions. Tlio teamsters aro doing abso
lutely nothing In tho strike, not a move
being made for peaco.
Not All Plain Sailing Yet.
Paris, Juno 13, Opinion in official
and diplomatic quarters heio is becom
ing rather pessimistic as to tho out
come of tho caco movement, owing to
tliu St. Petersburg dispatches showing
the reserved attitude of llussla and the
activity of tho war party. A special
dispatch to tho ecml-olllcial Temps says
tliu influential ltusslans font) lug the
war element aro fnaklng a Btrong rally,
being reinforced by protests against
peace telegraphed from tho Held by
(loueral I.lnlevitch aud all tho division
Generals Eager to Fight.
St. Petersburg, Juno 13. Russia's
generals in command of tho forces nt
tho front aro violently opposed to an
cndllig of tho war. General I.lnlevitch,
in supremo command, last night wired
tlio czar n strong protest, signed by nil
of Ids generals, against peacemaking nt
tho nrseent moment. Ho stated that.
after hearing of tliu opening of negotia
tions with Japan for n termination of
hostilities, ho called n council of war of
all hla generals.
Philadelphia Mint Closes.
Philadelphia, Juno 13, More than
200 employes of tho United States tnlnt
wero today suspemlod indefinitely.
Tho coining dopartiuont and the melt
lug room wero olsoed down becauso ot
a lack of sllvor bullion. Tho order clos
ing theso departments camo from
Honey 8ayi They are Worse Than
Those of Oregon.
San Francisco, Juno 12. Grave
charges havo been mndo against the
officials of tho state land olllco by
Francis J. Heney, Tho government
attorney linn reported to Washington
that conditions In California are oven
worse than those In Oregon, in connec
tion with whhih United Mates Senator
Mitchell and Representative Hermann
wero Indicted by n Federal grand jury.
He ban mado accusations against men
in state offices, asserting that they have
lceu In leagtib with tlio speculators,
such as John A. Ilenson and Frederick
A. Hydo, who havo fraudulently ac
quired vast tracts of the public lands in
"The trouble lien In tho state land
officu itself," said Mr. Heney. "The
olllco has Ixurn hand in glovo with the
ring aud any pretense of ignorance In
regard to the schemes of graft which
have been carried out is absurd. The
ring has received favorn from tho office
over since the last election, and as a re
sult two-thirds of tlio stale's valuable
timber lands have been stolen. The
speculators havo been in possession all
along of advance information. This
has been especially noticeable in the
matter of tho creation of forest re
servos. Two suiKirintcndcntn have con
fessed that they wero bribed to make
tho reserves cover as much vacant
school land as po'slbln. This land was
practical 1 worthless, all tho good
school land having been taken up.
Some of it lies on tho top of crags and
wan useless for any purpose except the
creation of scrip. Hut those who filed
on tho land for $1.25 an acre could dis
pose of their holdings for $4.50 an acre
an soon as they wero Included in a for
est reserve. And they often could do
even better than that, by taking tip
lieu lands in tho best part of the timber
Japan Would Bind Russia to a Strict
Observance of Treaty.
Toklo, Juno 12. On tho ability of
llussla to offer a sufficient guarantee
that site will live up to any treaty of
pence arranged hinges Japan's willing
ness to bring the war to an end. This
statement is mado on the authority of
one of the best known Japanese states
men, on condition thut his identity be
kept unknown.
"Japan wants peace," he said, "but
she will not bo made a fool of by Rus
sia. That nation must agree to keep
her hands off the Far Kast for a long
term of years, and her treaty must con
tain some clauses which effectively pre
clude her resuming hostilities when
her army and navy aro rehabilittated,
and such clauses must be of such char
acter that they cannot lightly bo dis
regarded. Kven at tho present time,
when her navy has been entirely
wiped off the face of the waters and her
army bus Wen disrupted and placed on
tho defensive at all points, wo hear
from our secret agents in St. Petersburg
that tlio advocates of a war policy urge
tho czar, if he feels that ho must sub
scribe to peace terms, to refuse to com
mit Russia to any policy of disarming
that would prevent tho execution of
contractu for new warships of all classes
which wero made with German and
American firms of shipbuilders.
Norway Accused of Ignoring Rights of
Sweden by Her Action.'
Stockholm, Juno 12, It is impossi
ble to forecast Swedish policy in rela
tion to tlio Norwegian rebellion but
signs aro lacking of any willing acqui
escence therein. Tho king, crown
prince nnd many others, official and
unofficial, aro disposed to regard the
acta of Clulstlania an thoso of a rebel
lious cotiere of politicians which can
not bo considered as necessarily repre
senting tho will of tho Norwegian peo
ple. However, it is difficult to see
how an official protest can bo mado,
slnco nothing short of a successful war
is likely to restore tho situation. In
all, responsible men hesitate to com
mand such a course. That this hesita
tion will survive tho heat of a parlia
mentary session may bo slightly doubt
ful. Butte County Canal Open.
Grldley, Cai., Juno 12. With the
opening of the headgates and tho turn
iiii on of tho water into the llutto
county canal today, what is probably
tho most Important irrigation enter
priso In Northern California is now in
working order. There wero no hitches
or accidents, the river pouring its water
into the canal as tho gates wero raised.
Tho canal is 14 miles long, 30 foot wide
on the bottom and carries 25,000 Inches
of water, equivalent to 500 cubic feet,
a second, and will Irrigate 80,000 acrea
of lino land,
Great Drydock Launched.
Italtimoro, Juno 12. Tho govern
ment drydock recently built by the
Maryland Steel company at Sparrow's
Point, which will bo towed to Manila,
was successfully floated today. Miss
Kndlcott, daughter 'of Rear Admiral
Ktulicott, christened tho new vessel
"Dewev." Tho Dewey is tlio largest
floating dock in tlio world. It will lift
25,400 tons and cost $1,125,000. Its
construction required 500 men con
stantly at work.
Gasoline Cars the Thing.
Chicago, Juno 12. The management
of.tho Ilarrlman lines Jias ordered six
additional ' gimollno motors to boused
on tholr branch lines. Tho original
motor has proved such nn emlnonUsuo
ceaa that it has been decided to use
t motors eventually on all brancbjline
worn. ;
fti f" V
EWH..BF3 mm m W-
Tlio now railroad bridge over tlio Mississippi Ulver at Thebes, III., is
not longer nor more picturesque than other railway bridges across tlio Ml
slsslppl, but It Is one of Uie moit important. It wan planned and constructed,
not by tlio manager of ono railway, but of several, and was located not
with ono railway In mind, but with the trade of two great section In mind.
Tho structure recently completed In ono of the fifteen great railway
bridged crossing the Mississippi, and In probably the moat substantial struc
ture ever thrown ncroM the gnat river. Tho fact that tho approaches nro of
concrete contributes greatly to the scrvlccablenesn of the bridgo. The experi
ence of the Inst ten years has shown that concrete stand against floods
bettor than stone or any other material, and in this particular nnd in tlio
character of tho structural work the bridge at Thebes represents tho best
results of modern experience and engineering skill.
Tho bridgo was placed whore tho engineers directed nnd the railway Jn
torstcd nro to come to It It waa built to accommodate a great freight traffic,
ami In tliUi particular has advantage over bridges built at nn earlier date.
It open a now line of direct communication between Chlcngo and the South
wost by way of southern Illinois, and la to atand for all time holding open
tho doors to a growing trade with the Southwest.
Orotcxiue Immigrant and Chans:)
Mud by Year' Uealdence.
mils Island that gateway to New
York through which this year will
enter about a million refugees from
tho Ignorance, despotism, poverty and
hopelessness of tho old world in one
of the most Interesting places In tho
metropolis. There the student of hu
manity Is never In want of an en
grossing subject. There he may see
"In the raw" tho peasantry of sunny
Italy, of Ice-hound Finland, of Idthu
anla, of Poland, of all the many land
of Kurope and western Asia tie Jew,
tho Catholic, the Mohammedan, the
Protestant, the adherent of the Greek
Church each attired in tho grotesque
and semi-barbaric garb of his natlvo
Tillage and speaking a rudo dialect
which the educated from even his own
land can scarcely comprehend.
Heavy, stolid faces product of cen
turies of toll, poverty nnd Ignorance
confront him, but he will detect llttlo
of vlclousness. These ox-llkc men and
women nro not criminals, Only rare-
ly among the tens of thousands of in
comers is there ono lacking tho simple
virtues of tho peasant, and tho excep
tion may bo detected as easily as may
a wolf in a crowded sheepfold.
Of tho 812,000 men, women and chil
dren whom tlio ships brought to Ellis
Island last year less than one lu a
hundred wero rejected, and only tho
smallest sprlukling becauso of n crimi
nal record. Thoso who were sent
back wero refused admission becauso
they wero In HI health, wero likely to
become paupors or wero contract la
borers. Tho motnmorphosls which a year's
residence In the United States causes
In theso uncouth Immigrants Is some
thing astonishing, particularly if the
newcomer Is n woman nnd has spent
tho year In the metropolis. When tho
Immigrant lands nt Hills Island ho
or she Is nn outlandlsh-looklug ob
ject, outlandish ns was ever no stnge
clown. Invariably ho has a bundle,
nnd Ida wife has n buudlo a bundle
done up In anything from tho slzo of
n pocket handkerchief to a largo tn
blecloth. If tho bundle- Is n small ono
It Is carried lu tho hand or slung across
n stick over tho ahonlder; If It Is n
largo buudlo tho woman ties It across
Uer back, leaving her hand free to
balnuce, perhaps, n small paper trunk
on her head with one hand, and with
tho other to drag n load of precious
and nrchnlc pots nnd pans to which
sho has clung like grim death since
tho eventful day when she left her
hovel far behind. Tho children, or
such of them ns nro not babes at the
breast, follow In line, each bearing his
own llttlo momento of old world house
keeping a tea kettle, a pot, n wooden
They see nothing to bo ashamed of
in all this on tho contrary, they nro
Inordinately proud of this public pa
rndo of their worldly possessions, nnd
It is hard for them to understand the
shniuo nnd mortification which their
gauchorlo causes their Wing and
eager friends who come to welcomo
them. If tho Americanized friend Is
n woman, especially If she be a young
woman, one may depend upon it that
her unsophisticated countrywoman has
got to be amazingly "prinked up" be
fore they set off together. Not infre
quently a "lady friend" gifted with
forethought will have brought with
her un entire new wardrobe all a la
mode for the newcomer, and it In a
common occurrence to see one of them
ambitious kinswomen literally forcing
her dazed peasant friend to lay nslde
her picturesque klrtle and bodice, her
gay headdress, her long pendant ear
ring beloTcd treasures and don In
their stead, In such privacy a can be
secured in the door ways of tho long
exit corridors, cheap and tawdry black
skirts and a white shirt waist and a
picture hat laden with flowers and
In a few months the peasant girl
becomes habituated to wearing cor
set about her strong young waist,
and sbo blushes to think of the night
she must have been when she landed,
with a bundle on her bncic, and when
irtie In turn goes to meet some ono of
her friends it Is difficult to realize how
radical has been the transformation.
A J)Ucourna;lnc- Outlook.
Tho weekly New York paper which
chronicled gay doings not only In that
frivolous metropolis but In England
and other foreign ports as well, afford
ed Mrs. Emmons keen enjoyment, and
gave her many an excuso for righteous
wrath. This fact bad been fully ap
preciated by her son, who sent her a
year's subscription.
"Listen to this, MJe Emmons," sh
commanded one night, the paper trem
bling In her bands. "It's tho account
of a grand reception In London, and
this Is what It says: The Honorable
Winifred Cowles was In black velvet,
studded with Jewels, tho low-cut
bodice nnd slecvo straps being en
crusted with sparkling gems. The
Honorable Prances Ilathbone wore
deep blno velvet with garnitures of
rich lace.
"Now you mark what I say," nald
Mrs. Emmons. "If our young fellows
that go over to England get to wearing
such clothes as this paper describes,
what's going to become of our coun
try? A fellow that'll submit himself
to bo rigged up In any such way aa
that Isn't likely to know how to bandto
a gun In tlrao o' war or a hoe In time
o' peace!"
He Wasn't a Legislator.
A traveling man who "makes" Kan
sas City frequently wns dining lu tho
cafe of ono of tho large hotels when ho
thought he'd play a trick on hla waiter.
"Sea that man nt tho next table,
Georgo?" ho said.
Tho waiter nodded assent "That's
Dr. Alouzo Tubhs. tho Missouri Legis
lator, who Is trying to stop all tipping."
Tho waiter grew interested nt onco.
"Well, nln't ilat too bad," ho said. "Ah'a
been waltin' on him, too. "Well, you
won't got nny tip there," said tho trav
ellng man. "Ah suttlugly treated him
right," replied tho waiter.
"A fow minutes later the man nt tho
other table loft nnd tho waiter return
ed to tho traveling man. "Well." said
tho drummer, "what did I tell youT"
" 'Xcuso me, sah, hut nh thinks you
tole mo cr fabrication," said the waiter,
grinning. "Dat man nln't a loglslatah
ho's n gentleman." Tho man had
given him a quarter.
Wants to Get Even.
Church If a man Is going to b
struck by an automobllo, what's the
dtfforenco whether the machlno is go
ing ten miles an hour or fifty?
Gotham A good deal of difference.
How la a man who Is knocked down
going to tell a chauffeur what he
thinks of him If ho.'s going at fifty
miles an hour? YonUers Statesman.
When there Is n woman caller In tho
evening, and her host takes her homo,
it seems to tho hostess that it takes
hor husband twlco as long to get back
aa It should.