The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, May 12, 1905, Image 7

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    -A L
i '
As a Spring Tonic to Gel
"I aJvIic
all Athletes
who Are
about to ro
In training
to try a
bottle of" mmw Jm jww&i
j w iar'S? S4ww .roiiw'
. W. VfKV IOri"' tftiJS'i
GlcnUtcr. ,?.1 -vt-s PtFj
jolin UlelilsUir, (jUMiiipla aw ui ui and Unt; .tUUeto to KUcceSa.ail
Hwrlni Tliruttli th MIcuIkuii WlilrljMKil Itdd.
Renovate., Itritubtlcs, Kevlore. a System
Depleted by Catarrh.
Jolin V. Ulruiste r, of Providence, It,
I,, champion long distance awltiiumr of
America, linn Ht formed notable train
In tlila country and Kugland. Jin liHit
used l'criinu n it tonic mid gives 111
oiltiloii of it In tlm following litter:
New Vork.
Tho IV rutin Medicine Company,
Columbus, Ulilu:
(Irntlrmrii -"This spring tut tlm
II mt tlmn I Imvn taken two bottle (it
1'eruim, mill, a It lias doiie iu it
great deal of good, '"d " " '
iiiikIiI to eay a good word fur iti
"During the springtime for the Ut
few years, I have taken several kinds of
spring Ionics, and have never received
any benefit whatever. ThW year,
llrour.h the udritr. of a friend, I have
tried I'crurw and It hat then MlMac
tJon. "I lrr all nthlctr. who arc about
to go In training to try a bottle, for It
certainly grt the )vtrm In good
shape." Your truly,
Oilil Animal Law.
When n dog wan unlawfully klllt'd In
reuiitrlo differing ihi tvldolr na (Jit
many unit AtaIiIh th uwntr of the an
lliml uniiI to lie ludi'lillilrlrd III thn fo
lotvluic iimiiiier. 'I'lie ihiK 'n huiiK up
by tlm lull, ullli Hut Htnt of It mux
rle imieliltiK I lie Hniuiul, nuit the limn
whit hud ctimmltliHl tho ofTenni wmk
ohllKcd to Mitir over It corn or llnur
until Hie en ream wna niinplelely hid
ileu by tlm hmp. ThlH hiwp Mien lie
ciiim tin property of the muu who
owned tho do.
In Hyrin thrr waa n aHHially fiirl
oua variation, for If It were n ulrtet
dint that huk UIIIimI tho Hour tvna
made lulo bread mid kIvoii to Ita fid
Iowa. No dniilit (Ida nro from thn
value ntllaclied In tliwo old pwri to
atri'ft doea na mitvi'incera. My I lie old
Wolah lurva of llinvel thn diuuiiKH for
kllllni; nu nultunl lielnnnliiK to niiothur
with nnH(Kol In tho lunio odd umu
Note on the May Century.
(lenoral attentlou la twIiiK callel
inoro and more U lint awnift' to lie a
wlclwprond ndlloua nwakcnlliK. Now
it la AimtrulU or Witlra or New Zew
land thai la affected; thou itninxliiR ic
porta roino from Korea; next, )ir)ui,
aro uxtraonllnary retiirun from )m An
Reloa, Atlanta or HtUburK. Themi
coiidltlniiH will Ihi diamniiHMl by lliiury
It, Ivlllot In tlm Mny Century under
thn title, of "Tho World-wide Hplrltunl
Alltnknrt Uliiitno.
Jack Hello, old inn tt t Awfully Kind
to mh you. More, tnko on tlmt cont
and put on thla Hiiioklui; JiuUet mid
iiinkn ynurelf comfortiilile. Dick
Deuce hike Itl Do you menu to IiihIii.
unto Hint I don't feci comfurtnhlu In a
tlrCHH hlllt?
NoUiIiik is more offensive than an old sore UlnIImitSJJ
tlmt refusca to heal, Patiently, (lav after day, it is treated and nursed, every
calve, powder, etc, that is heard of is tried, hut does no ROixl, until the very
night of it grows offensive to the sufferer and he becomes disgusted and mor
bid. They are not only offensive, but duni-erous, because the same genu
that produces cancerous ulcers is back ol every old sore. The cause is in
the blood and as long as it
remains the sore will be
there and continue to grow
worse and more destntctivc.
The fact that thousands of
old sores have been cut out
nud even the bones scraped,
mid ycl tucy returned, is in
clInmftat.lB rvldenei, that the doctors
tdonil In dNenieil nn.l rearwin. tottt evcr broken out ORln. JOHN W, JNDIS.
JliX1 fo? iheMsorcnorr"!cer: Wtall-8. W' Vtt" a8' '
Valuable time is lost in experimenting with cxtcninl treatments, such na
Calves, powders, washes, etc., because the genus and poisons in the blooa
must be removed before a cure can be effected. 8. S. S. cleanses and purl,
flea the circulation eo that It carrlea rich, new blood to the parts and tho
exhilarating tonic, aids the digestion nnd puts every nnrt of the body to
good healthy condition. Hook on the blood, with any medical advice wished,
Without choree, THE SWIFT
pffi PE-RU-NA
System in Good Shape
yVifc N
I. Jui.
ATIH.KTKH reslli the Importance of
keeping In gwni iH-allly trial.
The digestion mutt be good, the cir
culation perfect, sleep regular and
enough of It.
If thn slightest catarrhal couilltlon
of lung or stomach In allowed to r
inulli, neither digestion nor sleep mill
Ik) strength-sustaining,
Tho who lead very active Cvm, Cte
athletes, with food nuntuUr development,
find the spring month especially trh C
Atlilrtra every whero praise I'ctunn
Ix-caurn they, of all men, appreciate
tho value af a tonic that dlscl phys
leal dcprcalon.
lie vocation of tome men may allow
them to endure the drprcivlng feeling lr
cident to spring weather, but the athlr'r
mutt never allow hbmelf to set "under I c
Ho must keep in the "lnk o( condl
lion" all the time.
In order to do thin I:p muni avail
himself of a spring tonic -upon which
he run rely.
Therefore Athlete are rtpeclaOy friend
ly toward i'rruna.
reruna never lad litem.
Man lu Ho IlUrann I'mmiT.
It haa alrcHily Ih-hii aiiKKevtiit t tint
thn appendix ahoiild he removed from
ru'ry Infant o u routine mca-iire.
Hut thla la clnrly liiNUItlclent, aaya
thn llrltlah Mwllcnl Journal The
aiirccry of the future miut Include
fur more than thla. Tho tonsils and
turliliuite boiiei of tho none muat he
cut out, bivmi'e thry may harlnir
;erimi. Wluit ArlniHinot lano cans
Hie "hiiinnu ctNtupirol" (Hint la, the Inro
InteMlnp), niiiat bo rcuiovisl amm;
wllh n i-oiiHldernblp part of the upper
IHirlhut of the nlliiieiitiiry oanal, be
iituao It won't ! iirwlthl when we be
gin to I Iff on M. Ilerllielot'it tabloid i
uimI pllla. The too readily decaylm
teetli will ho pulled nut lu curly life
ami the Kcnn-proof atore variety In
mtIihI. Tho fiillluK liumnii eye will
be iiutlcliMttrd liy upoctaclM Iti early
oulh. Dcllclcut moral aciue mid de
generacy will be trtsttod by cntlhttloii
of tlm bruin and removal of the olfeud
Inc nrcna.
Tliui protected aenluat the prrlla of
cIvlllMitlou, the muu of the coiiiIiir
cciiturlca will bo nblc In Ida Journey
throiiKlit llfo to defy tho couutlcaa cue
mica Hint Krek to rob him of health
until teeth, anna eyed, aaua taste,
suns every tiling. Philadelphia Hccord.
Hnmrwhai Dlmrrrnt.
fond mrmarlwi of the Inni; ago
Coinn back with koiiks I lined to sine;
Hut w lien sonc I unul In puliliidirr
Come back well, that's number thine.
Aa 1'iplitliiPit.
lliubatut I "under why men's pock
et nre mi cany to net at, tthlla womeu'i
are mi dlltlriillT
Wife Oh, that's easily explained. A
man lias no bii.lueiH with a woman'!
pocket, hut u woman has with a man's.
That' tlio answer.
Some years ago mr blood became poisoned, and
the doctor told me I would have running sores for
life, and that if they were closed up the result
would be fstal, Under this discouraging report I
left off their treatment and resorted to tlio. use of
B. 8, S. Its effects were prompt and gratifying.
It took only u short while for the medicine to eu
tlrclv cure ut the sores, and I out not dead as tho
intimated I would be, neither hove tho
sore or ulcer hcaln permanently, b. b. b. nor. oniy
removes the germs and poisons, but strengthens tho
blood and builds up the entire system by stimu at.
Ing the organs, Increasing the appetite and giving
hArirtilnllintiMnt. t.rnct.wl .AHfil till t Intl . Tt IS atl
. TTter. Si
Ui T '
WJcK ffl&
"Doctor, Isn't thern iisiytfiliiK I can
do for this aeiislekncs?" "Why. yes.
Try fiiniiliiK." Mfe.
.lohnny I'nw, wliitt'H tho real of
Hint quolntlou heKluuliiK "Truth la
uilirlity?" KiiHiit "Hcnrco," I reckon
Plltabiirjc Post.
He I ko to bod lit iiIkIU with
lllovna on to keep my hnmls soft. Hho
And do you wear your lint, too?
Ilnrtford CourHiit.
Miilltun Do you wish to your
ilcpiirjed htisbnuil'N spirit? Mrs W.hlf
llelree No, I whiiI to hco his Khostl
Josh neter hail no spirit! -Puck
"Ho tlio s Inllst nnIiI you'd Juivo to
kUh up auiokliiK for n while, eh'"
Yea, Mild lie ali Mid I'd have to Kho
up flfi for kiw.I." Collier's Weekly
Hultor I'm M,or hut honest, sir. Old
Itocksy I don't doubt It nt nil, my
iMiy, mid iiiiIhm you ehiuiKe jour prin
ciples you'll never K"t rich. Town
NellHow In the world did you dis
cover her ako? Hello I nskett her at
what ago alio thoiiKht a lrl should
marry, and aim promptly snhl li7.
Phlnidvlphla IiilKer.
"What la the chief product of tho
t'ultml HUtea?" asked tlio toucher lu
n Kiiropesn school. And without bent
tJttlon thn hrtk'tit pupil replhI, "Mon
ey." Wnshliijjton Htnr.
"A New Vork mini advocates the
drotvuliii; of all Idiots." "Why, tlio
cruel brutel I ahull rulsn my voice In
protect! I er oh, well, it doosu't
matter to me." Houston Post.
"What Is the secret of your suc
cess'" nuked the tery joiitii; man "lu
buyllik'," sulil tint old hurso dtMler, "I
look shnrp, nml lu m-IIIiik I loik Just
us iKiioruut us I cun." C'hlcaco Daily
"It's 7 o'clock, I'rltr! Wo must run
home." "No, if I k homo now I mIihII
bo whipped for beiiiK w lute. I'm (,
liiK to s't.iy till II ami then I'll p-t Imiii
lo u and kisses Iuhmuso I'm not
drowned." I.ustlxo lllnetter.
"Old i on spend money to get Into
public olllceV" "No," answered .Senit
tor Hortchnm; "I didn't spend It. 1
Kite It iiwm), nml then depended on
decent sense of UTHtltudc in the bell
ellelurltM." WusliliiKton Ktar.
l-'olr Devotee I don't mi hii way
to ml ve our ehurcli delit, except to
lime m lottery. Minister tshiM-kiil)
That will neter have my HHiietlou,
inadani, never, utile ,m call It by
mime other naHM'. New York Weekly.
i)ll Party Hy. you'll catch eokl If
joil K'el your feel wet III that puddle.
Smnll Hoy Dut's wlmt I'm uftur. Put
a koIii' to pk "MjMrtacus to do
tiladlators" tit M-limd m I'rbUy. mi I
whiiU to Kit me tolce Inmrse. OhlcnKo
"Their pay la Hockltii:ly siiihII for
tome of our public olttclul," snhl tbo
broad-minded mnii. "Ys." answered
tlucjiile; "but It avernKs up. Komo
of tde public ottlciHls are slxn-klunly
small for their Miy.M Washington
I'lnnetan Oh. yK Ol can under
stand how ttilm aatmiHiinen can cnl
kllate th' distance mv a ill tare. H.i
welKht, and dliiNlty and color, and nil
that bnt th' thlui: tlmt K4 m Is.
how th' dlwle do they know It'a name.
Khe What Is the Ue of soflrvliInK
for the NortJi Pole, anyway? lie
Why, It would result In h KrtHit suvIiik
of money If found. She How's that?
Hclt wouldn't be necesaury to send
nuy more expeditions to look Hfter It,
-Phlladelphlu linpilrer.
Constituent Now, Mr. Wunnout, I
wish you'd do your beat to i;et my boy
it K"od government Job. CVniKrcMiiinii
Well, what can your aon do? Con
ailtucnt What can he do? (Jreat
Kcott, man! If ho could do iinythlm; I
wouldn't be iMithcrliiK you! Cleveland
Phitn Dealer.
Mrs. McOull I do wish I could get
h kxk1 maid. Mri. Vundlne You
mlBht Interview mine I think she'd
be dollRliteil to k to you. Mrn Mc
Cll Hit why don't jou keei her?
Mrs. Vnndlno Oh, she wtin't sliiy.
Hho snya alio wnnts n place where tdie
won't have ao ninny kwiim mid hats
to take care of. Philadelphia Press.
Miss Hmytho (orKnnUIng a aubserlp
Hon dance) I'm In despair about our
dance, Mr. Ilrown. Ho ninny pctiplu
have fallwl inc. You'll come, wou't
you? Mr, Hrown (extremely stout)
Kelly, Miss Hmytho; I'm not n dancing
man. 1 don't diiuco nt all! MIh.h
Hmythc Oh, that don't mutter In tho
least. You'd help to (111 up, you kuowl
Mr. Hrown Ah JCH with pleaamv.
I will look In about nuppcr time
Odessa Is one of tho lluest cities In
HushIii. Foundatlotm for the present
city were mndo lu 1TIM, and It Ih built
upon territory ceded to llussla by Tur
key In 17l-. It him a population of
000.000, nearly n quarter of whom aro
really tho AmcrlcaiiH of Itussla, enter
prlslngi proKrcsslvo and peaceful.
Would Oortittitly Hont-o Him.
It la safe to say that tho man w)m
had tlio llrnt case of good old-fiishlonod
JiimpliiK tootliuclie thought ho was a
goner. Detroit Tribune.
"This U a kiosis case," snld a Man
chester inaglstiato to u prisoner, who
was making bin Mltb appcanuicu bo
foro him for druiiUciincaa.
Pale, Thin,
Nervous ?
Then your blood must be in
a vcrv bad condition. You
certainly know what to take, n
then take it Aycr's Sarsa
parllla. If you doubt, then
consult your doctor. Wcknow
what he will say about this
grand old family medicine.
Sold for over 60 years.
Tlits ! Ihs Bn pMtlon jrmt Antlnt would
k "AtsyniirbuweiiftruiarT'' lis know!
lluldllT trtltifi of Hi Ixiwtli It Uolullf
eiMiitlal In rtcrr Kf ' your liter ctlT
ml ;ir Imwiii MKuUr Ij uklus litttle
Uottt u'. Ajtl't I'llU.
M Uvltbr.
UvlttirlC AtrOo.. Ix.w.11, Sill.
.sui.ciui.ri i
nun vioor.
ciiLm putobau
Anollirr Point of View.
llyki-r As Hliakspeare says: "Jesters
do often prove prophets."
Pykrr Yes, ami he might have troth
fully added that prophet often prors
Jesters espcclilly political and weather
Matbrri will Bad Mrs. TTIdi!w' rooCktnr
Hyrop Umi beil rtra4y to dm lor tbclr cklldrea
dorior th Utilise rlod.
Key to th Hlfuatlon.
Th slieritf as standing on the corner
with a larKe brass key lu his hsnd.
"What's that bit key for'" asked tbe
ImiuUltlve person.
"That," answered the sheriff. "Is the
key to a clock factory. The proprietor
let the business run down and Pv cot
to wind It up. Bee?"
Effects of Prosperity.
In tho nix years of tho country's
grc-ateiit prosperity, from 1807 to 1003,
average priced of breftdstuffa advanced
(16 jrt cent, incuts 23.1 per rent, dairy
and irarden products C0.1 per cent., and
clothliiK 24 1. All these were product
of tho farmer and stockman, who
profited more than any other "lass of
thn community by these advances. The
miner Ix-ncfittcd 411.1 per cent, by that
advunco in tho average price of metals.
Tho only decreaso In the averago priced
of commodities in that period was in
railway freight ratcx, which decreased
from .71m j-cr ton-milo in 1H07, to .763
in 1003, n loss of 4.4 percent. Tbo
rejKHt of tho Interstate Commerce com
mission allow that tho average Increase
in tho pay of railroad employes in that
period was a trifle atwvo 8.6 jer cent.
A I.tfr-Saver.
He Ued her band and then her lips;
.She bade hi in no away.
Hah! he: "I lire from hand to mouth,
So don't be angry, pray."
"Oh. well." she sa , "If that's tb case.
I'll let yon lire today."
For forte year's I'lso's Cure for Con
sumption hss cured coughs and oolds. At
druggists. I'riee 36 cents.
At Hhort Itunice.
"It must be awful," said the type
writer boarder with the $1.US pompa
dour, "to be deceived by a false mar
riage." "Well, I don't suppose It's any worse
than being deceived by u real one,"
rejoined tho landlady. '
And her husband continued to giro
a correct Imitation of a muu trying
to read a newspaper.
AVcCctoblc Prcparationrbr As
slmilnling thcFoodandncdula
ling lite Stomachs andDoNrels of
Promotes DigcsHoiLCIwcf Tuh
ncasnrulResi.Contalns nelllicr
Onlum.Morptu'nc nortiiicraL
AwM f
Iifcaijni iVanwt
ApcrTccl Itcmedy rorConsUrwi
Hon, Sour Stouach,Dinrrlocn
nnd Loss op Sleep.
anvawMsaaiw t jaawaavaaaavawai
FacSlmito Signnlure of
exact cony of wrarrcr.
var-:: ,r?wrtrreBj-r
afelfaafSl'V'P'll' VM w - to PV
Color mora goods brighter and falter colors than any other dye. One 10c package colors silk, wool and cotton equally well and I
limranlced to ilve 1 perfect results. Ask dealer, or we will vend Poit paid at 10c tt package. Write for frcs booklet how to dye,
bleach and ntU color. MONHOC DRUG CO., llnlonvUIc, MUsouri.'.Ma
itmi siii au itiifAiii.,
OoufSBfrnv, lite (lool. Vl
ItMt 6oufk Bm
in tim
Sold hr nraefltti
Oooct Advlco.
Sylrls I'm Invited to the T'pperton's
bsll next week, but I really can't decide
what to wear. What would yon ndrlse?
Phyllis Well, dear. If 1 had your com
plexluu I'd wear th thickest veil I could
CITC P'rmsnentlJ' Cured. ICofltiorn'rvoutneM
rilu flr Bnl dr'sniofIr Kline,t(ire(Nerv
ItMlurr. Mend for Vrretl IrUlliftlUeAndlr.stl.
111. it, U. Kiln, Ud., Ml Antiht., 1'tillwlHplil, I'a.
FMIbln flnalla.
Daughtsr The psper says that edible
snails ar advertised in Kusllsli restau-
I rants.
Old Lady Land sskesl Who'd erer
t'a thought that sdlbls snails wera fit to
You Can Oct Allen's root-IUse VUV.n. '
Wrll Allen B. Olmnled, ix jtoy.N. Y., lor a
ire tnjl of Allen's Kit-'i. It earn
twestlnr. hot swollen, sehlnr; feet. It mskes
sew or llsht sler r A eerlsln evrn lor
corns. InrrowlnarslUsnd l.iinlom. Alldrsr;
(titiKlllt. 2Tc Don't accept say sutstltalo.
Out r tho Ordinary.
Mlfllrt What do you think of Knox
em as a pugilist?
Hlffson I don't believe he's the real
Mlflles Why not?
Hlffson Ilecause he ssys he Isn't 0
ioc to try to elsvate th stage.
KOWI Is tbc time I USIi IT.
If Had No More to Raj.
Orowells Oar new neighbor must be
a hnppy'wornsn.
Mrs. Orowells Why do yon think so?
Orowells Khe goes about tbe house,
singing all day long. j
Mrs. Oronelb Oh, that's easily ex
plained. She's a widow. j
Deware ot Ointments lor Catarrh that
Contain Mercury
as mtrenry will surely dattroy the sense ol
well and completely derang th whole sys
tem when entering tt through tbe mucoo
urfaees. huth articles SLoold never bo ucd
x-pton preterlpllun froin reputable pt.y
tlilsnf.sithedaDitLgithey will do is ten ! Id
to !- gnot you can puMlbly derive from them.
HsU's isttrrh Cure, msnufsrturetl by V J.
Cheney Ala, Toledo, O., cunUInt no n crtary,
ud Is ukn Internally, acting directly upon
the blood snd mucous turfsecsol tho system.
lrf buying HsU's Catarrh Cur be aura you get
th rvnulne. It U taken inlernallr. and tnalo I
tnTotedo,OhJo,byK. i.L'beoey Co. Tettl-1
munikii irrv.
iid ur i)rurlu. ynee 'ac per botue.
If all's Tamil 7 fills are the but.
Two Uiceptlon.
"They say that all the world lores
a lover," Mid the rejected suitor aa he
ato his dinner from tho mantelpiece,
"but there arc generally two excep
tions to tho rule, the girl you want
to be your wife and tbe man you want
to be your father-In law." Princeton
Swollen Yeliis, Sprains,
Strains and Weak Joints
IlelleTMl and Cuml with
oar Milk Kbwlle MtockUgrt.
1-crfret Fit tliuusntrvd.
1ne Mont
Mlk Mlk
VVrl.tlels .7 l tu
AnkM. 1.7k l
Kneecaps. 1.T4 UO
I'Cirtna Xio IH
llarter Hone. UO l
Abov Kne JIom-,.. S.W SOO
V also mannfartHre a'l forms
of MU and ttupporten.
Poetland, Oregon. I
P. N. U
WI1KN writing to advertiser
mention this pa par.
For Infants nnd Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the I
Signature f A w
For Over
Thirty Years
TMS stNTaun eneaNr, ncw voaa orrr.
a ointM nrnoot. or tiir ntoitKr
( I.AHiieorix'il tssehers, loeslli.n, bin Id
Inir enuitnieut tin Ul. Hstid for cat
alogue Turin 0)iiiMontomliorln,iy04
Tested I True
Used and Sold livery where.
Positive, Ccmparalive, Superlative.
" I have vttti one of your Flih Orsnd
SIUkr for five ytn, and now wtnt
new ont, alto on fee friend. I
would not be without on fortwlc th
cot I, They sr Juit br hcd of a
common cost a common on I
ahcid of nothing."
(S.M4 i ttWatl.)
n sure you don't Bt one of tho com
mon klnd-thls I the. eTQVVEJtj
marlc of eicllenc. t 4 9
motion. u.s.A. SMJf
UakertofWet Weather Clothing & Hat.
Or. G. Gee Wo
WrjJsrfvl Ron
Th! wonderful Chi
net doctor Is cslltd
mat twcatiM b corn V
popl wltkoat er- y,
uttn lUM-i mrm una up
tod1. II eurn wllh
tbo wondtrrul Lbt
nee bertn, ronu, bad,
bsrki and vrtriftbln
tlut sr entlrtiy nu
known to medlrsl set-
nee Id this ooontry. Throuh lb um eflhm
birmlent rvmedle thU ram'w doctor kntwi
tbe actum rnter(09d.irrrent rtmnllr whiett
bMTrullrDWln itwun. II
aaratitrn to en re catarrh. Ml biu a. Innr. threat,
rbeumaUstn, nervuhinrai, itamacn, llrtr, kld
nert, etc 1 baa banttrrUs of teallmoelala.
Cbarc' roo.rate. Call and blra I'atlraU
out of tbecllr writ for blank and clrrolan.
Kendllan.p. COMBUL.TATJU.N VilEK.
Tho C. Ges Wo Ckimic Medians Go.
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Hoys wear W.L. Douglas $2 50 and $2.00
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Vt. L. DOUGLAS, Urockloa, Mil.
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