The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, May 12, 1905, Image 3

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In n CoiiiIciisimI 1'iirin for Our
A Resume of tho Loss Important but
Nut Lost Intorostlnit Events
of tho Past Wook.
(ieriniuiy Is itnxluiiH lor it reciprocity
It'iily wltli tlm Dulled Htnten.
Cuba lotuseH to favor Orimt llriluln
lent nho offend tlm United Klittvn.
Japan Iihh renewed her pintont Id
Franco iiikI Hunnlii limy protest to II il
I'iiIiiii Pnolllo stockholder lutvo vol
h) to inniid 100,0(10,(101) of preferred
ltoJ('tVl'llky llliM hIiiH.kI HOIltll to
meet Nebogiitofl' squadron In oritur to
mhvu IiIn Hoot from tint Jitpnuciw.
Tncnmn'n troll(iy system inity Imi im-
tollllod Ol I'ortlllllll, Hllll('Htlllll having
liiKii iiihiIii for right of way wrt of tlm
At lor liny (Imieml Moody holds tlmt
rutitln cannot make railnmd rstmi, lull
that eloign limy gle n coiiiniltliill
that mer.
Heavy nnu lias fatten in North U
kottt, Molilalia and noftli to Winnipeg,
'Chi' tailnntdn Imvo IimiI to hilng out
tlll'lr MIOW phlMM.
The Chicago strike continue the
mum. Two tlHHimtnlolHer" me guard
lug th wagon making deliveries to
the iMiyrollwl firms.
I 'itt Crowe, tliH nllegHil LhlunHr of
Kddlit Cudahy," Im turned up In Oma
ha and told the n.4iiy nf hi wander
Imr. I le wlndo to refill in and g-u Into
A retired llrltinli admiral advocate
war with (tttriimtiy.
A typhoon has seuttored mill dam
aged till' ICllFxIllll limit.
Yellow fever In imi tlm decrease in
tho Panama canal one.
CIiIiimh will tight tin nii'limloii law
In tlm United Male coo it.
Know linn Injured Wyoming cheep
Just nhenrtil mill on iinprohvtol range.
Philadelphia linn leon nskwl to bring
tlm llbeity ImiII to tint ltMln iiml Clark
NolMtgntod'" squadron hn jkiihhiI
HlugnMirii on ltn way to join Itnjoet
veunky'n lleet.
Thi' tlilril trial of Nun Patterson re
xiiltl In tint jury ilimgreitlug. Hlu
nmy not ht tiled again.
Tint KhmIhii lleol under Admiral Nit
Iit4l1 In believed to Imvo I won In
I.Mgllnh waters for a wwk.
Tlm MeCormlck family Iihh given
1, 000,000 to tlm McloriiiH'k Tln
logical seminary of CIiIcmko.
Thy sheriff has taken charge of tlm
Chicago ntrlk him! will swear in J.,000
deputies. TrMM will mil Iki mult ly
tlm governor.
Tint KoVftrtiiNHiit him withiliHwn ovmi
1110,000 mriw In tlmdrxMt I'hIIm, .Mine
Immh, IhihI ilUtrlct In ronrmotiun with
tlm Milk rlVHr lirlnHtion piojwt.
I'lirtlmr tnihh In MXttwtl iU War
V. It. Ilwirttt lmn Mirtiliuctl thu
CMiinoMillUtu niitH.liiii.
(Jhlim In trvhiK Imr hintt to linlil tlm
intcriiHil ItHnomii wm vwtHtln.
ltiMMtivolt will ntrivit for lttmci' In tint
l'itr liuol Ht tint llrnt opportunity.
Tint IlrltUli hoiiHit of coiiiinoiiH Iihh
(miimiiI n hill ritttrli'tliiK liiiiiilratlon.
rohiuil thriHtitUM u Ktumnil htrikti im
ii rttiult of tint hut Wnriww iimnmicrtt.
Two hirgti ChlcnKo llrint luivn mIkiiihI
h wngo iigrtHuniuit with tho Ti'ituiNturH'
Kilwunl J. Kinlth, tint ilitfiuiltliiK
Han I'rnuclMM) tin (olhotor, Iuim Ihhiii
cnuulit in Ht. IiuIh.
John Ilurrutt, inluhttitr to l'ltnnuiH,
Nyn that It wiih tit IiIh miKWfHtlon that
tint olllnt will ho iiImiIIhIuhI.
Tint KiiHolliiit motor Intundtxl for unit
lntwotn l'ortluiul ninl l'oriitt Ornvo on
tint tfuuthi'Ni I'ai'lfle rullriKiil, Ih to
iimko tour of tho Unltisl Htnton.
Tint price of nil inwit linn rlnon IB to
!IB pir runt in (lurnmny nlnco Fitliru
itry, following an mlvmu-u in tlm prlco
of liogn ciuiwil by tho ilioutb of HIOI,
Tlm n of homo niwit for food in In
Japan aguln coniplnluH thnt Franco
fuvorn Hiinnln.
May 1 wiih tho twenty-fifth mini
vcrnary of tho prohibitory Inw In Kn
Another JnpniieHo loan Iiiih been
(lontvd, Tho ImiikIh wore taken eagerly
wt u pretnluiu.
Jnpnn Ih necking to Htrcngthcn tho
llrltinli nlllanco.
No lottorlcH will bo allowed to opor
uU in tho omul cono.
llrltlnh jiapcrn Inulot that thogiinn on
a largo porcontugo of tho war vcbboIb
uro worthleeo,
Tho'prcHldont will go to tho Itottom
of tho ecnmlal involving A8nintaut
Hecrctnry of Htnto IOoihIh,
Many HtrlkorH nro kllknl in I'o
land fey troops,
UIk Expluilon Wrnok Olmlt of no
Oklnhonm Goal Company,
Wllhiirton, Okln., Miiy a. Tliltloon
fiiliittrn wurn i'iiIdiiiIxmI iiml prohnhly
kilhxl by mi nxplonloii curly Unlny In
tlm .Mlwourl, Kminim ft Tcxiw Conl
coinpmiy'H iiilini No. Ill fnur iiiIIih went
of hunt. Thi'io in llttlo proHpnrt of
llii'lr hodlcri ImiIiik nrovorcd for Hiivoml
Tint iiimi went into tint nhnft at tulil
nlKlit. I'liri'inaii Wlllimn Itny, of tlm
nhift that htft tho tiiino at that hour,
ntatcn that tint iiiiuo mm in kooiI coiiili
tion iiml a khh itxplonluii wiih hurdly
prohnhly. Min nlilft loft a nliot litinc
liiK vthlcli thu iiinv nlilft may havoflrod.
It In miiWHtnl. from tho forco of tlm
I'XploHion. which could ho heard for
mllitft nrouud, and which toro heavy
tliiilwiM nnldo mid piled toun of dirt
Into tho nhnft, that a hnd nhot had net
off noiuit ilyumiiito which had hiitn
ntorcd coiivitnlmitly for unit In punliing
tho work. Tho nhaft Ih 11(10 fcot diitp,
mid it wim MOO (cut to tho phico whuro
tho men Mitm working.
Tlm men were nuppliiil with nlrfrom
tho nhnft, ami by lucntin of compritnHcd
air tulHn. It In tlm general opinion
Hint tho nir plpo wiih burnt by tlm ox
ptimlon, but air linn been ntemllly
pumped in nil ilny, with tho remote
Irnpo tliHl notne of tho eutotulHxl imiiii
luny liYn imh'hkm tho forctt of tho ox
pliwloii mid tlm Mftiir.ilnmp.
Italian nod Auitro-HuiH',.irlnn Mlnli-
tr Af,rno on Attltudn.
Koiiih, Mny a. While it in oillrinlly
ntntwl tlmt the purpoftt of Count Jnlti
chownkl In going to Venice wkm iiihIiiIv
to return tho vlnlt which I'orelgu Mm
Inter Tlttoul mitilo nt Ablmzin in ItiOl,
there in high authority for tint ntnte
intuit tlmt the two foreign mlnintern
Wele moved by the ibftlre to ntrttugthen
the trlpln nlhmicit by ceinenting tlm
friendship of Auntrifl-lluiidnrlit and
Itnly mid tlmt they ngreiil on n ooiu
moo nttltmlH for wtfcgunrdiug tho ro
cipriKiil intetectn of the two countrion
in tint Adriatic, Medltcrriuieflu nnd
llnlkmi ftnteft.
Tho I'retnn iiiention wnn dlM-toincd
mid il wnn ngrceil that it in iiccitwry
for tint present to UKMlerntit tint luiin
tleiicitof the Cretnun, whonrit ilenircun
of union with (iriiru. Tlm mlnintern
remiied an ncoid on MHcedouin, do
cldUig to iioipilt tint proM)nal of (innit
llrltnin for KuropoNU control of Mnce
louinli iliinnccH, while npplication ot
refonun will reinhiu eutrunteil to Aim.
tnn mid ltuwtiii, nupHirtel hv nn Inter
mil Kcudnruicriu under coiniimnd of nn
Itnlluu geuerHl.
The control of .Mncetlotilnu flunncen
will Ihi exerciniHl by it Udy coinlxwed of
the prexent Auntrrinu mid llunnlan civil
HKfiiU in MiM'mUjniM, with thu ndditiou
of npivlnl deligatMi from other mi went.
lkith Auntrln nml Italy will endiHivor
to nvoid cwinplhiitioiin In) Morocco,
both Utlng nlllwl with (ierowny nnd
friendly to I'mtiCM and (irwtt llrltnin.
Eattor it CclobrAtnil With Religious
Service on the Field.
(! ii null u Fmmi, Mny X. Tho UumtlMii
army Imro citleitrMieil itn ntvomi i'atttr
Ih tlm Held with tlm traditional re
llgloiin (ervlc and olervmicoN. Se
clal ICatttor ft' ten were preHntl for tlm
wild i ert. giving tliem a rtmpito from
their inmal dutien wheiever HHihlo.
luforiiutlion obtaiutMl (nun prinouern
mid captured mniln nhowi that tho ill"-
iMMitiou of tlm JHiett army Im aa fol
ion: (ieneral Nixlcil, tlm ntgion be
tween Tie I'ana and Kai)imu; (icueral
Oku, from Tin I'm weatwnrd of tint
railway; tieimral Kuroki, from Tie
I'mm itaidwnril of tho railway; (iouernl
Nitgl, from Fakoinnn to Climigttiftti
(lonernl Kawnmurn, north went of Muk
den. Tlm woakent forces of tho JiitnneHo
art In thu region nlxmt Mukduti, whllo
tho princial concentration Ih In tho
region of Tin I'ana. Tho llaukH nro
gunnliHl by iiiUihI ImuuIh of Jiipnuoco
nuu Cliinefe ImnilltH.
Jnpanoto Come from Hawaii,
Fcnttlo, May 2. Tho Htennisblp
Olyuiph. Ih anchored in theHtrwini hero
tonight with 010 Jnwinc4ti laborer
aboard, who nro to be lauded tomorrow
morning and distributed along the
ttcotlona of tho (ileal Northern railroad.
Tint Oriental went brought from plant
ntlmik in tho Hawaiian island by tho
Oriental Trndlng company, of thin city.
Tho Western Cuntrinl Jjibor union bo
IIovch that tlm iuiortatl()u of thu Jnp
nne.u Ih Hi violation ot tlio alien con
tract labor law, nnd nn attempt Ih bo-
lug madu to provont their being lauded,
Tako Water from Canada.
Ottawa, May 2. If tho rumor Ih true
that tho United Htutes government has
authorized tho construction of certain
works on Milk river, which runs from
Montana into thu Northwest and then
back Into United Htates territory, tho
effect of which construction will bo to
divert tho water from Canadian terri
tory, n Htrong protest will bo madu by
tho Dominion, which favored Bonding
tills matter to thu International Water
way commission.
Rio Grande Breaks Out.
Kl Paso, Tox May 2. Tho Rio
Grande rlvor broko over itB bnnks to
day, 30 mlloH nbovo Kl Paso, and ovor
flowed 2,000 ncrea of alfalfa nnd other
rich lauds, ruining crops nnd carrying
awuy many Small houses. Tho town of
Ilorlno lu entirely abandoned.
Clilcii(o SlriHo lirenkers Corry
Hides iinil Use Tlium,
Rioting In Street Qrows More Vicious
nnd Mnny Participant nro
Dndly Injured,
Chicago, May 2. Couditlonn in tho
teniiiHlern' ntrlko wuro worrit t'lny thmi
at any preceding tltno. Tho Htrlkurn
wero In n more ugly mood, tho rioting
wnn more open mid vlcloun nnd tho nt
tiickn on nonunion men woro moro fro
(iient nnd daring than nt any tltno
nlnco tho commencement of tho trouble.
Tho chief cauno for tho increuned ld
llgerencyou tlm part of thu ntrlkcrn
mid their frlendn Ih tho fnct that tho
Kmployvrn' Teaming ncnodatloii todny
brought IJW) men Into tlm city to tako
their placen and BOO moro nro fa Id to
bo now on tho way nnd will arrive,
within 1" bourn. Thoeo men will re
ceive tho full pity of union men and it
ban been guaranteed to them thnt their
KMi!tioiiM will ho permanent. Among
them are UW) farmer hoyn from the cur
rounding Mate who hnvu volunteered
their ervlctn and nought iMitioiiH an
Tomorioa Wluchofttor rillon will Im
carrleil on all wngonn of the Hmployurii'
Teaming nwiH'intion in open view. A
nuuilwr of nonunion men have lieen ar
nwteil on the eliargo of carrying con
cenled wiHHinn and t(lny thu nttornuyn
for tho Finployuin' Toomlng art-iwlatlon
called uH.n Chief of Follco O'Xoil nnd
nnked him if their men had not tho
right to carry weaxiun provided they
were held in open view nnd wero not
concealed. Chief O'Noll replied that
there wnn no law nguinnt it and ar
rangement Mere promptly made by tho
employer in place WinchoMtur rill en on
every one of the wagoun.
Government Uuyi Two Private Irriga
tion Canal on Klamath.
Wnnhlngton, Miiy 2. The ncn'rcUry
of tho Interior ban approved, provision
ally, the purchnno of tho Ailnma ditch
mid tho Ankeny canal, in tho vicinity
of Klamath Fitlln, lxtth of which nro to
Im uneil in connection with tho Kin
ninth irrigation project in Oregon.
The government hnd prevlonnly M-cunil
optioiiH on theje irrigation nyntemn, and
the action of the Recretitry providen for
their purcbano iih coon an tho final
plnun of the engineern for tho count ruc
tion of the large project hnvo Immjii nc
copliii. J lie government will pay
flOO.UOO for the AihiuiH canal and fftO,
000 for the Ankeny.
The nirrelnry hna nlonpprovtHl, nub
Ject to future deterinlliution, to con
ntruct the project, tho purchase of IK,
000 ncroM nf laud Ixdongliig to tho J. I).
Curr Ijind .V I.iventock couijHtny, at
Clear Iake, Califomin. Tlm purchnno
price Ih f IH7,fiOO, nnd include, tho ri-1-arinn
rlghtn of tho eoniinny in thu
Clonr lake nnervolr lte nnd nlong the
Tillu lake, Imniden caiml now count met
ed on the larula of tho compony.
War taw Troops Shoot Down
Ono Hundred Persons,
Wamaw, May 2. Nearly 100 errHiin
went killed or wounded in dinturbancen
In various quartern of Warwtw yester
day. Tho troom, apparently, woro mi
coutrollablo nod violated nil ordern to
act with moderation. They tired into
tlm crowd of demonstrators, mid work
men In dtiqwratlon retorted to thu use
of flreaniiH and ImiiuIhi. Many children
mid women aru among tho dead nnd
What npproachcii n reign of terror
exist today: thu city proeunU a moot
gloomy asect, and the temper of tho
entire community augurs ill. Tho
presence of numerous mtro!s of Cowmck
cavalry and Infantry is tho only iu
mlmlwr of lurking danger.
To Mark the Boundary Line.
Victoria, II. C, May 2. Tho Canit
tllau iHUiudary survey party, which in
to delineate tho liounihiry as stated iu
the Alaskan iKiuuditry award, will
leave for thu north on Tliursday, laud
lug at tlm head of navigation on Port'
land canal nnd working t hence north
east nnd north, following thu line. A
series ot monuments will bo built. On
mountain peaks monuments IH) inches
high will he built of aluminum bronze
drilled Into tho solid rock. At river
crosrilugH nnd In valleys larger inonii
incuts will bo built.
Army of Immigrants.
Now York, May 2. On 22 steam
ships duo to arrive nt thin port this,
week from Great llrltnin nnd thu Con
tinent Ih tho highest number ot immi
grants over scheduled to outer during
such n poilod of time. Thu horde
reaches nearly 2(i,000. At KUIh Island
arrangements have been made for their
prompt handling, because tho deten
tion ot nny part would nt once tax thu
facilities of tho emigration station far
beyond its limits.
Unknown Gives University $600,000.
Now York, May 2. An unonymoua
donor has given $500,000 to Columbia
university for erecting nnd equipping
n college hall for undurgriuluntca to bo
named In honor of Alexander Hamil
ton, ot tho cIubs ot 1777,
Alrnoit Every Dulldlng In Lnrodo,
Texas, It Qono.
Uredo, Tex., Mny 1. -At lennt 21
pornorm wuio killed mid n ;or injured
in Inn:do nnd Now Liredobyn toriimJo
thnt torn through tho city Into hint
night. Hlxlcen wont killed hero. Itu
morn of many oUmm killed In placen
outnido of Ijiredo nro heard, but an yet
they luck rorilirmntlon, Property
darnngo In large. Four of thu (lend
woro iriemhorH of one family and wero
working on tho ranch of O cor go Wood
mail. They wero nil crunhed to death
by tho falling in of thu benvy wall of
tho nilobo hoiino thoy occupied. Tho
othern mel their fato In n like manner,
Tho damage wrought nt tho Laredo
nurulrinry in nevuro. Not one of tho
group of building, thnt go to mnko up
tho Inntitutlou onenped damage. Tho
enenpo from denth ot thu teachers at
preneut quartered In tho inntltutlon In
considered rnirncu'oun, nn thu walln of
dornoof tho biilldlngn thnt thoy occu
pied wero demolished. Mrn. Knrly,
ono of tho teachurn, wan heroically ren
cutil by novoml young endetn, Htudentn
of tho Institution, they lowering her by
n rojxi from a second ntory window.
Hho wan badly bruised.
Tho Mexican National hospital build
ing roof wnn lifted, mid it will require
much tiruo to repair tho building.
A trip through the town fniln to
how a locality that Iiiih not Buffered
from the storm. Telegraph nnd tele
phone jKilen, corrugated roofs, cliim
rmyn and wall'; in fact, dohrin of nil
ihiMKlriMble kinds ntrow thei ntrcete.
Tlm city authorities aru nt work clear
ing away thu wreckage of the storm nnd
tonight the city ln-gaii to awiime itn
customary tranquil appearance. Line
men nro nt work endeavoring to
straighten out the tangled wiren, and It
in lailieved that within two daya thu
electric light service can he rumiruod.
It Ih hoiMil to re-establish telegraphic
communication at least partially with
in two days.
Army Quartermaxtcr Makes Welcome
Change for Forage Dealers.
Washington, May 1. It will Ihj wel
come news to Pacific coast dealers to
know that the quartermaster general of
thu army linn decided to obtain bids for
foragu for army purKea under n new
system, which shall Krmlt competition
on n three-montlm an an nnnunl IkmIh.
It la thnt more ontlnfactory
bidding will Itu obtained, if It In possi
ble to secure proposal for furnishing
foragu for a period of threo month.
Thin will enablo closer competition,
bunco it will afford bidder an opportu
nity to estimate moro closely an to
market conditions.
In presenting bids for tho annual
rupply of fornge at nil thu military
iKrtt, it in found that bidden) aru re
quired to necify largely aa to the prob
able condition of crops, nnd thin, of
cource, must hnvu its effect uion prices
named for a yearly supply of army
fornge. Kidding will, therefore, be fur n quarterly ns well aa for
an annual supply.
Name Assistants In Collection of Do
minican Customs.
WaehltiKtuii, May 1. Colonel George
It. Collon, tho American oltleial who
want to Han to Domingo to nptmme
charge of thu collection of customs rev-
im lie of that republic, has reorted to
Secretary Taft that n plan of organiza
tion for tho custom1) service had 'been
agreed uin hy llio Dominican govern
ment. Colonel Coltou ban been madu
prluciml iNillector and general revolver;
J. II. Kd wards, Jr., deputy collector,
traveling inspector and auditor; II.
. hmilh, cashier, auditor and ills
bursing oillcer; II. F. Worluy, nddi
tlonal deputy collector in charge of thu
I lay t inn frontier; M. I). Carroll, chief
statistician, nnd Joseph Schwartz, spec
Inl agent.
All of tho Dominican olllcials now in
thu sorvico l.tve biHin continued by
Colonel Coltou, who has definitely as
sumed charge ot thu custom house. Ho
Ihaa jmatiHl not Icch to this effect for
information of foreigners nnd others.
Dredger Brings Up Nuggets.
Mnrysvllle, Cnl May 1. Kich spec
linens of free gold have been brought
up by tho new leveu dredger now oper
ating iu thu Fenthor river nt Yuba
City. Nuggets of considerable size nnd
value ami pieces ot quartz studded
with gold hnvo been picked up from
tevcrnl buckutsful of mind and gravel
dcKisltcd by tho dredger. Dredge
mining men nro watching tho work
bo llledclosely. Thuro is ovury indica
tion thnt another rich dredge mining
Hold has been discovered ami that there
will bo much activity about Marysvlllo.
No Mjre Delays for Connors.
Chicago, May 1 .Tho case of Super
intendent Thomas J. Connors, of tho
Armour company, Indicted on tho
charge ot attempting to intimidate n
witness, camo up again today iu tho
United States District court. Counsel
for tho Armour company naked for nn
other continuance After some argu
ment, Judge Landls. grunted It, sotting
tho datu for hearing next Thursday.
Tho judge nlso Bald forcibly that ho
would not grant another continuance.
Cloudbursts Unroof Buidlngs.
Indianapolis, Ind., May 1. Reports,
from that state show that Indiana has
boon storm swept In tho past 24 hours.
Cloudbursta nro reported at manv
places. At Ilicknellsvlllo buildings
woro unroofed, nnd near Peru tho Indl
nnapolia Northern interurban track was
woahed awny. Hall fell in several
counties, damaging crops.
Vlndlvonlolc, Atoilnnt Wlilcli (lie Jap
itiiKio Will rtliorllr I'rnvecd.
It la niinounced nuthorltntlvrly thnt
Japan In plaunliiK a laud nnd it hi cam
piilgn iig.iliint Vlmllvontok, Itunnln'H re
mnlriln ntronghoid In the Knot. With
the nlckeiilng fnte of Port Arthur fronli
In mind, thin Intent frank nnd direct
nownl of tho Japauono Intention
coiiihh with n shock.
The Impregiinblllty of Port Arthur
wan for o long n innttfr of unrerlaln
ty nml tho claim to thnt distinction
wnn (Unproved nt nueh h fearful cont
tlmt the world will henltntc to lielleve
that Itunnln ban Mill In her poMCnnlon
a ntronghoid wlioin claim to Imprcg
UHblllty In oven mora plaunlbl tlinn
wan that of tlm fallen Gibraltar, Yet,
according to the military wlnenerM, ea
peelnlly riio-.e who have had tho ad
vantage of actual observation, Vlad
ivostok la strong where Port Arthur
wan Htrong and strong alto where that
fortrt'iti was weak.
First and of great strategic Import
ance Is tlm fact that Vladivostok can
not be Inveited by a hoitile force,
either by land or sea, during the long
and pltlleM Siberian winter. It Is aa
aafr- from all external molestation dur
ing It protracted hibernation as Is the
shrew In IU burrow- This natural de
fense confers Impregnability on the
port for several months In every year.
. -tj " run' Hi Af"nfmt'
IBBfestTlsMirbaiiKi t mu lii i ' -g-w saV
The harbor. It appears. Is not a whit
less battling in Its natural configura
tion than Is til at of Port Arthur. Vlad
ivostok is situated on the gulf of Peter
the Great, an arm of the Japan Sea,
Tho town la built on the alopes of a
high ridge forming n tapering penin
sula Into an Irregular landlocked bay.
There nre two narrow entrances to the
harbor, Itoth tlauked by highlands
which brlstlo with batteries and forti
fications. The eutrauces are further
guarded by forta erected on an Island
at their mouths and Innumerable lsleta
Just outside on which are many de
fensive works of various kinds. Sur
mounting tho crest of the headlands,
which stretch for miles to the east
ward and are known as the Golden
Horn, nre continuous chains of earth
work and other defenses. The lofty
hills on the northwest protect tho port
from the land side, and In the deep
water of the Golden Horn, which Is at
least four miles lu length and a mile In
width, the largest ships may ride safe
ly at anchor, free from the menace of
attack and beyond the reach of the
w uither.
Like Port Arthur. Vladivostok con
sists of three portions. That noan'it
tho water l the military town, extend
ing nlong the harltor and given up al
most exclusively to storehouses, mili
tary quarters unl otHcers' rwsldences.
On the extreme north of tho harbor
nre the ottlclal buildings nnd the pri
vate dwellings of the government em
ployes and private citizens. Ileyona
and higher still Is the arsenal, strong
ly fortified. Tho population Is nbouf
15,000, excluding the military.
It Is not likely that the town could
be entered by an Invading force from
landward without a repetition of the
hard fighting that took place at lrt
Arthur, The natural dlsiuisltlou of the
hills nt tho rear of Vladivostok has
tuado It possible to Interpose many
powerful schemes of defense against
the advance of an enemy, and the Hua
alan engineers have been puzzling
their brains for forty years to make
approach from the rear practically Ira
possible. Ill ere Is nothing, however,
to prevent the Japanese from com
nletely Investing the place. Once In
closed, wlthtu the circle formed by the
Japanese floet and the laud forces,
thoro would be nothing to expect from
outsldo. Tho Hussions have no means
of assembling or maintaining an army
la that vicinity sufficient to suggest
nny prospect of relief, ns was tho c-iho
for ntvhllo at Port Arthur It would
only bo n simple qiiMt:ou of cnliir
It Is undoubtedly a fact Hint Vladi
vostok In erttn hotter provided to sus
tain a lonx blockade than wnn Port
Arthur. When Itiusla decided to mnku
It the terminus of tho Trnnsslhcrlnu
road ahe began to build storehouse
nnd military depots the llko of which
wnn unknown to Asia. Thin hoarding
of stoma lum never censed. To loso
Vladivostok would bo Itussla'a crown
ing humiliation.
It In the Atnion)ier Which Cannes
Itn licceutrlc Hliootn.
Almost any tcu-ycoi-old youngster
can curve a ball, even though he docs
not know why ho can do so except
that the leather must Im held In n cer
tain way. Possibly a half dozon of
the major league twlrlers know nomc
thlnic about tho science of the curve,
but comparatively few understand why
they can produce their "bendora." The
Hclentlflc American gives the follow
Inic as the scientific explanation of the
"The pitcher In the Held tells us that
the ball curves because he gives It a
twist, but scientifically this will not
do. Why will the twist make tho
curve? If a ball were thrown In a cer
tain direction and If the force of gravi
tation wero not at work tho ball would
continue on In a atralght line forever
Borne force of resistance Is then at
work wbon a ball Is made to deviate In
a curve from Its stralgot course If a
feather Is dropped In n vacnnm In an
exhausted receiver of an nlr pump It
will drop like n shot, but If It la drop
ped out In the nlr It will go down Ir
regularly nnd slowly, shifting from
side to side.
"It Is the ntmosphei which causes
the ball to curve. Bearing In mind
that the atmosphere Is a compressible,
elastic gas. we And that when the ball
leaves the hand of the pitcher with a
rapid rotary motion t 'Impinges upon
a continuous elastic cusalon,' and this
moderate resistance, or friction,
changes Its course In the direction
which Is given to the rotary motion.
Take an outshoot of a right handed
pitcher, for Instance. He Impresses
upon the ball a rapid centrifugal ro
tary motion to the left, and the ball
goes to the left because the atmos
phere, comprettlblo and elastic. Is
packed Into an elastic cushion Just
ahead of the hall by tbo swift forward
and rotary' motion, and the friction,
which Is very great tn front of the ball,
steers It In the direction It Is turning."
Man Lowered Down an Old Mlna
riliuft 70U l"ct I)ep.
Prom Oxford, Warren county, N. J.,
comes the story of Lewis Albert, an
engineer at the mines, say tho New
York Herald, who, for the sake of a
goose's life, risked his own for fully
forty minutes on Friday In a daring
and sensational manner.
The goose got over the fence of Its
coop, flapped Its wings, flew over the
opening of the shaft, whicu la 700 feet
deep, fell Into the black hole and dis
appeared. On the following day persona pass
ing the shaft heard sepulchral cries
proceeding irom some subterraneous
source. Kemple heard sounds and
learned of the goose'a plight.
The old hoisting apparatus was ex
nmlned nnd found to be useless nnd
the pniblem arose as to bow the bird
was to be rescued. One man lowered
a hook and line, to which was at
tached a worm, but the goose would
not bite.
Then Albert took a long rope and,
selecting a group of miners, be bade
them lower him Into the mine.
Albert got down about 200 feet nnd
a minute Inter there was a fierce honk
ing, followed by a signal to pull up
quickly. Albert soon appeand with
the struggling bird In his arms.
Oulf misplaced,
Mr. Itlxby was on a visit to Mr. Rol
lins, his cousin, who resided In another
pnrt ot the country, where manners
and speech were .different from thone
to which the lsltor had been accus
tomed. Roth eye nnd ear, therefore,
were occupied with study and compari
sons. "There'a one thlug I notice about
you people here," observed Mr. Ulxby.
"You don't seem to have much use for
the letter 'r.' Hack where I came from
It has a sound, aa other letters have,
but hero It Is practically a silent letter.
Why Is that."
"I bnven't tho slightest Ideor," re
plied Mr. llolllns, Innocently,
There Is one thing, at least, that a
man can't be blamed for: the company
at the house.