The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, March 31, 1905, Image 3

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Jn a Coiiilcnscil Form lor
Busy Realtors.
A Resume- of Ilia Lais Important but
Not Lad Interesting Events
of thn Past Wook.
Tit (i Philippines may I mi sold to
Tilt) llllltll! Ill'ol IlIlN 1)0011 SCUII III till)
lludiau iiciiiiii sailing t'unlmiril.
Tint United Mates ban rufiiNtnl to nlil
foreign claimants iignlunl Panama.
(litrinany Imit angered Turkey liy pro
testing agalimt buying urniH In Pram).
Tliu cmr litis ngnlu turned from the
peace party and will continue tho war.
Twiiitty.four Chlnoso smuggled over
tint Mexican Imrder itt Kl Paso, Testis,
have been arrested.
Tim president hopes to stuvo off foi
olgn Intervention In Hnuto Domingo
'Until congiofs imoln.
Tint eruption of Vesuvius Ih abating,
(hero being only mi od'astunnl puff of
Unlit material mid ninoko.
Tim hattlcnhlp Kaunan w 111 Iki clirlnt-
tuird liy breaking it botllo ol Kaunas
-urudo oil over Hn prow In tlio place of
botllo of champagne, as In tlio cuntom.
There In a movement III Now York to
-erect nl it tout of 12,000,000 n building
for it comprehensive exhibition of
American mid foreign nrt, mid to pro
vldo n homo for New York artsociotlis,
Htrlken niul xaaiit revolts aro being
renewed In Kusnla,
Japan In raining tlio sunken Russian
itlili nl Tort Arthur.
Tlio president linn announced his In
'tention to change the canal roiiimlsslun.
Kuropatkln has Iteon op)ntel com
inlander of tlio Flint Mitiiuliurlmi army.
Russian bureaucrats nro Ixilng driven
'to mnko x-rti'i liy terms dictated for a
uutw French tomi.
Tlio United Htntcs government linn
culled for nrliltrntlou of tlio Venezuelan
dispute, with tlio alternative of force.
Over 3,000 men live been thrown out
of eliiplofiiielit an tlio result ul tho shut
down of the llnemeyur sugar rellnery
in llrooklyu.
A now Island has risen In tlio fen of
Japan, canned by thn Action of a vol
cano. Tlio mlkndo'ii llag I"1" la"
rained on Km top, which Imn n circum
ference of two mid thrce-fnurlhs miles.
Although tlio city ordinance of Now
York forlild tlio erection of In Irk mid
stone buildings lu fronty went her, some
7fi lint buildings linvo Is-ell llulnliril
since January I, mid now tlint tlio mor
tnr in thawing they nro fulling down.
News of miother rrunhlng blow to the
Russian unity In being withheld.
A Chicago Judge says n woman linn 11
right to kill her IiucImihI In self
defence. Ilnly Imn cent n warship to Hunto
Domingo to demand tlio Htymont of
her claims.
An nddllbin In Iming IhiIH to l'renl
dtMit ltiMHovwlt'M Niiimiiur homo nt Bh
HiiHiie Hill, 1 I.
Tlio nr party In Itinwla In onrleAtur
liiK Kojcevelt nnd tiylnn to dniw Frmieo
mid (iermmiy Into wur.
Tlio Kuvornor of VIIhii! provlneo, 'n
onthern Kumdu, linn Ih-ou mortally
wounded by u torrorlnt.
Two mnnketl men held up nuwoiiKorit
of thn l'm'llle CmnI Oil oouiHiiy neur
Iterkuley, Cnl., mid eeoured 10,000.
'I no Uliii'MKo ttiHMcH Imn Imkhii iiay
tlio frniielilno of tint lurKunt ntreet roll
vtuy,. Tim proKirty In vnlued nt 101
000,000. Olio of tlio mottt perplexing (UHthmn
-wmfrnutliiK tlio iidnilulntriitlou Ih tlio
I'mmum eomil. It In iuhnlttel Unit tlio
wimmliHtioii In n failure.
Tlio United HtutoH iourt of oIiiIiiin
Iiiin ikunrdid tlio Cherokee Imlimm
11,(100,000 for IiiuiIh neon rod In 18a,S
but never entirely mld for. Of thin
uuiount $1,1 11,28 1 In principal and tlio
lialanco Interent.
Uhlueoo rouilnlu-j( outraKi by Jap.
Tho armored orulnur Wnnhiiigton bna
been Inunuhod nt thu Camden, N. J,,
whip yard.
Hecrutnry I lay's health has broken
-down nnd ho may resign, llu ban gouo
to hit rope for n rent.
Root, Taft mid Knox aro three strong
llupuhllcmiH who aro already bulug
epokenh of ns tho next camlldato for
French faith lu Uusnln'a ability to
copo with tho JapaneHu has been severe
ly shnkun by tho latest defeats to thu
Kiir'u arms.
Thuru Ih n great runh of hoineweekerH
from all parts of tho Knat t tho North
west, Porch, n small town near Holmrt,
Oklahoma, has boon wrecked by u oy
clone. Thu MlsHourl leglslaturo oloctinl Wil
liam Warner, llejmbllcnu, of Kansas
Dlty, United Hiatus aoimtor to succeed
Francia M. Cockrull.
r.x-oeuntor Huvloy,of Ooniiootlout,
is dond,
Exports from Westarn Oovnrninent
Stations Moot In Onllfornla.
Kan Kraut'lnco, March iil . A I a mnall
but M'ry hIkiiIIIciiiiI roiiloroncuof half it
dorun IrrlKittlon oxiertH connecled with
tlio experiment mIiiIioiim of tlio United
Htiiten AKrlcultural ilopnrtmiiul on tlio
I'aolllo roiint, hold yenlorday and today
al tho Unlvmnlt) of California, Import'
ant pliiiin were mmlo for tlio future of
Irrigation and ilralnnuo InveHtlKation lu
all tlio vifnterii Mtaten. Tho meeting
wiin attiindiHl by I'rofumor ICIwiMid
Mimd, chief of tho Irrigation bnreuii of
tho l)eMiitiuoiit of AKriuulturu; l'rofen
Hor KhiiiiiiiI 1'ortler, of Montana j l'ro
fennor (1. II. True, of Noviiilu; I'rofeHitor
O. I. Wiillnr. of WnNhlnutoiii I'rofi-N.
nor.f. II. Wlthycomhe, of Orison; ami
FrofennorH K. W. I lllnar.1, 11. II. IiukIi
rlduo, ami K. J. Wloknoii, of tho nrl
nultiiral oxperlmiiut ntutloiiNalllerkley.
Tho chief tank of tlio eonfeienco wiin
tho preHiratlou of plmm for exjMTl
inentn to determine thoipialilyof water
which will kIvo tho bent rinmltH lu IrrN
Katlou under dlferent conditions, Thin
In mi undeitukliiK almont llmltlenn lu
extent. In addition to thin, a cauc
IwIku nl iNliiratlou In heln arranged.
I'rofemuir KUuxmI Meod, who ban Junt
arrlvinl lu California to communco IiIn
Herhm of annual liftmen al tho Ntnto
tinlvnrnlty, In very hopeful over tho
future of Irrigation on tho ronnt,
I'rvfemor Wltliyi-omlH) icMirtel on
the work and Itn Mn.nlhllltlen In Oregon.
He will return north and tontlniio tho
meaniireuieiitn of ntreamn.
Today'n conference In counlderod nn
openlnn now HiMlhllltlen lu Irrigation
on tho 1'aulfla ronnt,,
Or flak Village Attacked and All Mala
Inhabitants Slain.
Countmitlnopli', Mnrrh 1M. Advice
recelvel from Knlonlca ntnto that tho
llulirnrlnn bnudn nro again cnuninK
trouble, mid that reortn of outmncn
nro romliiK lu rapidly. Tho renult of
thin I thai thu rotations la'twcen
Oni-co mid IlulKnria nroNRnlnntrutclKHl
near to tho hnwiklng jolnt, tho former
K'verninent allien tint tho HulKnrlan
government In not making any effort
to keep thenu lmndn under control but
periultn them to rnjnce at will on con
dition that they cmillno their nnnaultit
to Oreekn mid Turks.
At h nmnnxtery near Vixlcna a bnnd
of armed IlulKiirlniiN nttacktl a party
of (I reek prlentn and the latter intint
linvo I Men killed hnil not a party of
(Ini'ks come to their renuo and nt
tnckiil tho Holj;nrimiH. Tho latter were
beaten bark, leaving Ifi disld Indliud.
Augeretl nt their loxneti tho Hulgnr
luun nttnckisl tho village of Monnl
morion mid rulhletudy iunnnacrel nil of
tho lunle InhnbltitntN and cnrrled off
tho vtomen and children. They then
turrorited the entire dlntrlol of Yodcua
mid no far have managed to ifoaito tho
troopn that were unit to puuinli them.
Protest Entered by Italian Government
for Operating Company.
Now York, Match 21. Thu Humid
thin morning prints tho following din
imtfh from Port of b'imin, Trinidad:
Noun has rtwcliHl Port of Kwiii that
tho governor of llarcelonn, Veneiuels,
Itan riH'olvitl front Prosithuit Castro or
ders to tako MMHosion at once of the
coal initios of (lunntntinrlcunl, sltuatml
niHir Itari'olotia, and leaml in 1HU8 for
Hit years by thu Youocutdmt government
to nn Italian iHiuiany,
Tho some day tho Yt'iioruolnn troom
tmik powow'.on of Iho initios by armed
force, as lu the similar cnoo of tho Now
York and Ileriuudoso couimuy, this,
notultlistatiilliig tlio proton! of tho Ital
ia n govornumtit. Tho action Imn Ikhui
takott without u Judgmut of tho court
of (!orneaH.
The Italian legation Imaheou notlllotl
mid llarou Allotti, Italian elHire
d'afTnlros, is represented as having
untoreit a protost.
Spartan Runt on a Rock.
HIiM'k Island, It. I., March 21. Tho
steamer Kmrtnn, nt tho llostou mid
Philadelphia stoninidilp eoinpany, run
aground on tho southoanturu end of
llloek Inland during a fog early today
while on her way from Providence to
l'hilalelphla. A 16-foot holo was
stove in tho ship's bow mid soon tho
vennel sank so bur decks were awash.
Tonight thn vchhoI Is rapidly breaking
up. Tho crew of 211 remained nlxmrd
tho ship during tho day, but were taken
off tonight. Wreckers linvo been sent
to lighter tho cargo,
Mistake Over Damage Claim.
8t. Petersburg, March 21. Tho Hits-
slan press is bitterly attacking tho
claim for damages for tho sinking of
tho llrtlsh atenmer Knight Commander,
on tho theory that thu demand is for
exemplary damages put forward by the
llrtlsh government In violation of Inter
national law and entirely apart from
tho owmtr'H claim, whereas tho fact Is
that It Is simply the owner's claim, tho
misapprehension having been created
by erroneoiiH report in Kngllsh papers.
Moat Too High for tho Poor.
Mexico City, March 21. Meat deal
ers nro oxurolscd ovur tho risu in tho
price of meat, which has been advanced
from 25 to ot) per cent in thu last
month, and charge that there Is u meat
trust at wnrk. Thn Httnutlmi Ih
ous, na meat Ih almost boyond tho
moans of thu lower cIuhdihi.
lll(li TIiiig to MnkG a Clianoc In
Isthmian Commission.
Trouble Is Bnld to Do Lack of Effi
cient OrgenUntlon Pnyroll
Already Padded.
Chicago, March 8. Waller Well
man, wiring from Wnnhiiigton to thu
Record- lorald, myn that grufl hits al
ready iniide ItH apjiearancu among tho
eiiiployiN of tho United Ktaton on Hit'
Panama canal, according to mi Ameri
can engineer who wan on tho InthuiUN
only three weekn ago. It in evidently
high time I'renldunt Itoonovolt wan car
rying out bin plan for n complete reor
ganisation of tho en mil coiiimlfsiou.
Thin engineer, who hail exceptional
opiKirtuultlen to gather Infortunium tin
to eoudltlotiN on thu bithmiin, ilcelnren
It In within IiIn pernonnl knowleIgu
that payrolln nro already being pnddeI
and thai varloun forum of -tty grnll
are practiced. Tlio I rouble In nnid to
bo lack of efllclunt organization. Chief
Kuglnoor Wallace In working like n
Trojan lu tho fluid and ban almont
worn hluiKelf out trying to ptinli thu'
work nt Culebru Hill nnd to bring
oritur out nl chaos In tlio organisation.
Thu present canal coiumirnloti in de to Imi n failure byovcrjrnan who
linn visited thu Intbmus during tho lant
six months. Tho commission remain
ed nt I'minmn just long enough to estab
lish certain Imn-clad rules wlioco literal
enforcement has beon. h grunt detri
ment ui ino cruel engineer ana uio
other olllclnln who nre trying to push
thu work. Then thu members of tho
commission, with tho exception of Gun
eral Davis, rcturnel to thu I'niWvl
Htiiten mid are hero yet. Kvidetitly
they do not enro to live on tho inthmiiN
nud prefer tho climato of New York
and Washington.
On nc)ui.t of tho unsatisfactory
statu of affairs on thu Intimitis, many
engineers and other employes of thu
rommlnninn nru glvin up their jobs In
dirgitst mid returning homo.
HeiKirtn sny Hint tho commlsnlonur
who lrxiks nfter the medicine siipjilles
refuses l nllow such uieillclnus as nru
retptlrixl nnd in many rases such as nro
glvun out nro badly adulterated.
It Arming for Defense Talks of At.
tack on New Orleans.
Willemntad, Curacno, March 18.
According to trustworthy advices re
ceived here, tho situation In Venezuela
is unchanged, lioth internally and ns to
foreign nffnlrs, except that tho rela
tions Itctwccn President Castro and tho
various legations nt Caracas nro n llttl
more strained. Castro has now ceased
to talk with thu Kurocan representa
tives concerning tho Venexuelnn debt,
and thu recent recall of (lenernl An
tonio Vetullui, scond vico president of
Venezuela, who linn Imh'O in Kuropo for
some time endeavoring to arrange n
settlement with the llrltinb nnd German
landholders, Is regarded ns an indica
tion that the negotiations have failed.
It is said that no diplomat has 1hii
able to m'uro an interview with Castro
concerning disptttel international ipins
tlons for months. Cantro maintains
his htdllKcreitt attitude and continues
to make military prcarntious. lie ap
jmrently regards an attack on Port Ca
liello mid Iji (iunyni as probable, and
1ms mounted six new French six-inch
guns and a nuniWof small guns on tho
heights overlooking those ports, and
Ion availnblo three small (Hiast defense
Castro's attitude Is rullocted in a
iwiuphlet Just I wi ued through one of
his advlmrn, Colonel Juan Itaatistla
Ijiiuetlo, in which plane for HHHlIng
.'10,000 Venexuulans against New
Orlwius a,ro disclosed. Tho iMinphlot
urges the public to avenge the insults
to Veueauela offered by tho AinuriciiHff.
mid iliN-larns the invasion of tho Mis
sissippi valley would Ihi tho most effect
ive iuauN of curbing tl action of
Unltmt States.
Stock Certificates Forged.
Denver, March 18. Purged stock
cortilloato of the Colorado 1'uul A Iron
company have been unearthed by thn
presentation of a counterfeit certificate
for 100 shares of stock, jmr value 11,
000, at thu Denver olllce of the com
patty for transfer. Thucortltlcnto uiiuu
front it lawyer at DavenjKirt, In. Ap
pearing on thu certltlmto as president
of tho company is the name of James
A. Keblo. Mr. Keblo was never presi
dent of the company. Thuro la also a
certificate with the forged signature of
becretary II. I . llenmau.
Flood Bursts Kentucky Dike.
Winchester, Ky March 18. Tho
.break in tho Kentucky river dlku near
Ford grows wider, and it channel fully
100 yards wide is tilled with a rushing
torrent Hint is eating into tho south
bank of the government look. Giant
trees of a century'a growth linvo been
torn looso and carried away. One of
the government's buildings at thu locks
full Into the river today mid tho others
aro in danger. Conservative estimates
placu tho damage thus far nt $ 250,000.
Engine Blows Up, Injuring Threo.
' Kcho, Utah, March 18. A Union
Pad lie engine pulling enstlxniud freight
No. 62 blew up whilo passing thu sta
tion today, Injuritig Knglnoor 11. I..
Purdy, Flrotnnn O. N. Thinker nni
IllrakomnuJ. K, Jonea.
Two Groat Irrigation Works nro Pro
posed for Idaho.
Washington, March 20. Keel n mil
lion Hurvlco Ktiglncurs lions nnd I'ouoU,
of Idaho, called ujoii Hunnator DiiIoIh
today In roturciico U tho jiropoHltlon
now Imlng considered by the secretary of
tho interior lo divert about $1,000,000
from tho Minidoka Irrigation project
mid lino It In Inaugurating what is
known ns Iho Ilolso-l'ayutta project.
Henntor DiiIkiIs endorses tho vluws of
tho ruols'tiatlon servlco onglneors and
will call iiioti Hvcrclnty Hitchcock and
urgo him to npjirovo tho proiwsltlon to
bnvo Ixjtlt projects cnrrlel to comple
From Investigations nnd preliminary
surveys it has neon found that tmrt of
thu Minidoka project mjittb of Hnnko
river Is not feanlblu at this time and
cannot bo built until that part of tho
project north of Hnnke rlvur shall bo
completed mid put Into operation. It
Is promised to tako tho funds which
would lx rod to build south of tho
river mid ttso them to build tho Itolno
I'ayetlo project, which Is estimated to
eoiitnbout 11,000,000. If this Is not
done, It Is believed thu funds Intended
for thu south project will bo turned
back Into thu general reclamation fund,
and Idaho will loco thu benefit of
them, nl least for thu present.
Men Left on Guard at Night Perish
fn West Virginia.
Charleston, W. Vo March 20. An
explosion occurred nt tho mines of thu
New Itlvcr Hmokoless Coal ,nnd Coke
company nt Hush Itun at 10 o'clock last
night, In which ten men wcru killed.
The explosion was in tho Itush mine
and extended to tho Red Ash mine,
nearly two miles away, mid great flames'
burst out of tho mouths of both mines.
AImmiI seven men stayed in each mine
nt night to tnku care of them and all
wcru killed.
Thu interior of the mines Is in such
condition nt this time that It Is Impos
sible for anyone to enter to Investigate.
Thu Rush Itun nnd Red Ash mines
nru thu projxirty of tho same company
mid the latter is thu mine In which 40
lives were lost three years ago. It is
ltnKsslbla at this time to ascertain the
cause of the explosion.
Seeks Settlement with Other Nations
f but It Hottile to France.
Paris, March 20. OHlclal advices
re to tho effect (lint President Castro,
of Venezuela, is seeking to settle his
complications with Germany and Great
Hrltnln, probably with a view to leav
ing him n free hnnd in dealing with
thu complications with the United
Htntes mid France. The Intter awaits
the decision of thu court at Curaaui,
France has not subscribe! to the ig
nition of some other Ktiropcnn govern
ments in entrusting to tho United
States the enforcement of rights ngninst
South American countries. On tlio
contrary, this government expects to
enforce its own rights, nlthough what
ever nction is flnnlly determined ujvon
will undoubtedly bo communicated to
Washington with thu view of securing
American co-operation.
Change In Asiatic Naval Command
Washington, March 20. Hear Ad
miral Stirling, commanding the Astatic
licet, 1ms cabled tho Navy dejwrtment
that he has left Cavite on the flagship
WictKiiisin, accotnHUiied by the battle
ship Orepon, the gunlsMtH Nanshan
and lieueral Alva and thu torpedo boat
dostmjers Ilaiubridge, Harry, Decatur,
Chauncey and Dale, for Hong Kong,
whore the admiral will liaul clown his
Hag on March 23 ami transfer the com
mand of the station to Hoar Admiral
William Folgur, now commanding the
cruiser squadron of that tleot.
Intuit Is Offered France.
Paris, March 20. Count de Sagotiaac ,
who whs sent by the Morooeaii eutnmis-
alnii Ui invisttigatu the commercial con
dition of Morocco, has Wen captured
b Arabs. The cium rtiMuiblua thn !
idicaris affair. The incident raiws ex-
I eitentetit, ow ing to France's oliey of as
suming paramount eontiul in Morown.
The secretary of tlm MomctMU cwninls
slim In an interview said that thu capt
ure uf Count do SKouiwe provwl the
iitH'usslty for rapid French autlqu in
Morocco. Tliootler niembe a ot tho
mifctilou are safe.
Works of Art Destroyed.
New York, March 20. Many valua
ble paintings and pieces of statuary nud
articles used in instruction were de
stroyed by n lire which damaged the
building occupied by tho National Aca
demy of design. One fireman waa
burled under debris from a falling wall,
but was rescued nnd removed to a hos
pital. Ho will recover, While tin ex
act estimate ot tho damage could not bo
mmlo today, it is said it will bo at
least $50,000.
Vesuvius Throws Hot Stonos.
Nuplea, March 20. Mount Veauvla,
is again in eruption and la throwing
out burning lava, red hot atones and a
high column of smoke, with detona
tions which are heard at long distances.
Tho eruption Is attributed to nn earth
quake which waa felt for 80 miles.
Guard for Railroad Bridges,
Warsaw, March 20. Thu directors
of tho Vistula railroad have asked for
troops to guard tho bridges betweon
Slcdlco and Malkin. bectuiao of tlio re
ceipt of letters threatening their destruction.
Slnco the mldwlntsr campslgn of Napoleon In Russia almost a century
SJTO no great war has been vrsxed under such terrible climatic conditions
as prevail In Manchuria to-day. There was suffering Ih the trenches before
Hobantopol In thn winter of 1854-55, but nothing like that of the Japanese and
Runslntts along thn Shaho nirer. The work of entrenching la almost Impossi
ble, and at tho outposts the sentries have to be content with boles burrowed
In the ground. Walking- to snd fro with a background of snow to throw the
figure Into relief as a mark for the sharp shooter means death. Eren careful
burrowing, says the IOnJou Illustrated News artist, who drew the trraphia
sketch reproduced above, cannot always protect the Japanese sentries from
the Russian marksmen, and not Infrequently when the relief comes a dead
man has to be drawn out of the pit to make room for a living successor.
Ronrlcr. HncccMor of Combe,
Kan I.lfo Book Agent.
M. Rourler. who succeeds M.
Combe as French premier, has been
for more than a ceneratlon closely
Identified with the politics of the Re
public lie baa been repeatedly at the
head of the department of finance. In
which position he CJiUbllshed a reputa
tion which made hla name a household
ons In France.
The new premier began life as a
book agent. Subsequently he en
gaged In tho Russian grain trade, and
his business Journeya to Constant!-
nople, Odew, Smyrna and other ports
bordering on the Mediterranean gave
him a valuable and broadening train
ing. In IStIO, having acquired a com
twtonce, he encaged in politics and
through his efforts Gambotta was sent
to the CJwmber of Deputies from
Marseilles. In 1S71 Rouvler himself
cmteml the chamber and nt once be
came prominent In French political
life, lie Is accounted one of the
strong men of Franco, and, with Del
cause, the foreign minister, and M.
Douuior. the nv president of the
Chamber of Deputies, ban vastly en
ha need tho power and prestige of the
Trutniiian Who Muko People Under
taint u Station Numc.
William I. Crawford, a colored train
man, of Chicago, has reduced the call
lug of station names to a practical
system that has won for him the pralso
and hearty thanks of n million of pas
sengers. When ho lutlates ouo of the
healthiest pairs of lungs In Illinois,
opens his mouth, nnd begins to play
on a station name, no man, woman or
child falls to understand what It Is.
Crawford has been on the fast trains
of tho Illinois Central betweeu Chi
cago and Cairo for thu last ten years.
When he first became a trainman ho
noticed that n man or womnu would
look him squarely. In tho face while
he waa calling tho station, and tlint
about Uio time the train had got well
underway from tho depot at which tho
passenger wanted to get off, Crawford
would find him sitting lu his seat In
blissful Ignorance of his having been
carried past. This did uot happen
once, but many times, nnd tho ob
serving employo began to suspect that
people did not "catch" him.
In niauy Instances trouble arose
i ft 2 Jr L T m at Mr m lifl
from many different pronunciations of
ths name of a town. Different people)
put the emphasis on different sylla
bles, and this often created confusion.
The noise of the train In speeding over
the rails also made it difficult to mak
out what was being called.
"Finally," said the trainman, "t
concluded that I would first attract
the attention of every passenger la
the car and then call out the station,
emphasizing first one syllnhle and tha
another, using all of the accents and
Inflections I bad ever heard of. In
the course of time I got what I con
sidered the best way of Impressing
ths mind with particular nimM, and
we carried few people past their des
tination." Nature has greatly aided this man la
his work. He has a voice stngularljr
full and resonant When he breaks!
loose at the end of a car a half-awaka
passenger starts from his seat aa If av
steam calliope had started on ft ragi
time tune, and by the time he wind!
up on such names as Tuscola, Areola.,
and Tolono passengers for these places'
are loading up with packages and'
grips and reaching for umbrellas,
Chicago Tribune.
I'aper as KueL
In these days of scarcity of fnel It
may be Interesting to know bow on
thrifty housekeeper, with more leisure
than money, has wanned her housa
for years during the two weeks or to
In the fall and spring when bent la
needed In the morning nnd evening
only. She uses old newspapers and,
prepares them for combustion by
twisting them Into fagots. For tlia
furnace she tears tho paper In half,
doubles each half together and tw!ata
It tightly. For tho fireplace beater sha
separates the sheets, crumples each to
gether and finishes by giving a slight
twist, whilo for the small store In her
sowing room or for n grate that 1
sometime usod Inja north room, aha
merely gives the paper a closo crumple
She finds It better to prepare the fuel
pretty near the time of using it, aa
It burns better If It 1ms not been al
lowed to gather dampness. This fuel
Is prepared at odd times, uvinlljr at
dusk, by the mlstreH and her children,
nud Is kept In huge bags made of cast
off garments, and these forms meas
ures for the amounts needed.
Now Use for llrtliioil I'ai-nfllno Wax.
A now and Important use for refined
p ratline wax seems to have been dis
covered by a prominent resident of
Ohio, living near Lancaster, who hnd
two trees badly damaged by storm,
one being a mnpla and tho other aa
apple. In each case a large limb wn
broken down from the trunk, but still
attached to It. The limbs were propped
up and fastened soourely with straps.
very much aa a broken leg might b
fastened with splints, and then melted
roflned wax poured Into-nnd over all'
the cracks. The "kurglcal operation"
was entirely successful. The paradln
prevented tho escape of the sap, kept
out the rain and moisture which would
have rotten the trees, prevented the.
depredations of Insects, nnd tho llnibti
seem thus far to be perfectly ro-at-t
a cued to the trees.
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Rncbellor (disgustedly) Huh? You'r
tbe married, I hear.
Oldham Yes, to Miss Playne.
Ilacheller Poor chump! I thought
you knew better.
Oldham So I do, but none of them,
would havo mo. Philadelphia Press,
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misspelled la the police record of V