The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, February 10, 1905, Image 7

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larsaparilla is unquestiona
bly tho greatest blood and
Hvor mcdiclno known. It
positively and permanently
icurcs every humor, from
Pimples to Scrofula. 16 is
"io Best
Blood Medicine.
l.iul tit llm Imot I'lmirt.
'l'lin nlmiMit iiiIihIimI iiiiiii mill III line
bri'llit rontliiiiti l proinulo (ho Kiilot
ef imtluii. Tlit' tlKiiro I'litcrtnliilUKly
ijn mi nrtlcto In n (Juriiiiiii iiiiikiiImo
on l'rnf, Mux von I'ntlriiUofcr, who
tons been riillotl tlm founder of selcn
title liyKli'iio,
'J'lio profcuior s nlisrnt-mlnilcilnes
Ihnil no nnrruw or rrstrkti'il riincn; It
ftarornt cntrthlni;: l)tit uiulirclln
areiiiKil to tiu IiIm Kpcclnlljr. Ho lout
U fortune In tiniltri'llnH, for lw seMoni
ennio buck with wliut hu liiul tukou
Uwnr. ,
Onci however, ho ninilr, n trip a
fur a Kiislniitl, nml win very proud of
IuitIiic nctnnlljr miccrcded In lirlii(.'liiK
tinvk hU tiinliri'lla to (lunnniiy. At
'AiiKstitirt; hu utopprd on IiiuIiioni, but
tent it trli'icriun miylng:
"At 0 o'clock I return with tnr urn
Ho did return nt 0 o'clock, hut n hn
nturiil Id hiniHo nt Munich hn sitw
In bin illsiiiny t licit he Imil no iiiulirrllii.
He hail left It at thn trli'jniili oHIce,
llrh'n llllnil. Illr,l'h if I'rnirii'llni I'iIm
lYmirliui(lilwill t.runil inwM.f If I'AAt 1)1 M
IVKHT IHU ui wir. mi In lo II da a, Ml
HlHippIng Trulls,
A Iximtou paper quote a shopgirl
i Haying that tha 1Cm11mIi omnii in it
geiiornlly hu pemuudisl to take thU
or that, whether lu wnnU It r not,
(lid that slin iloei not often eo that
tie gets valun for her mailer. Tlm
nnictlh are nUn courti-on ninl consul
rrnte. It apjienra that Aiiirthnns, nu
tho other hand, iclvo the createKt trim
tie of all, They rtro nfniltl of holiu;
rhcnteil, they wnnt to makn auro In
fore they huy Hint they roiilil not rft
tho same IIiIiik for lc money fli
where, ami they are never courteous
A shopper It U Frenchwomen, how
ever, who column nd tho rcrrntest ml
I miration, we nro told. They nlwnys
I know exactly what they want and
will take iiolhlui: ele.
Million In note.
Baher'a New National Data vlaldnl In
Jtul... 210 bu . In Mo . 3S3 bu.. in N. 1)..
31 bu., anJ in SO other atatr from IW
to yv lui. txr acre. Now tin. Oat if sen
rrilly grown In lixv), will add niillloiii of
buahrla to the yield and million! of dol
lar! to the fartnrr'a purael
HotnebuiMrr Yellow Dent Corn growa
ike a wreil rxl yield from 137 to TOO
mihcli and more xt ocrol It'a the big
gel virMrr on earth!
Hafrrr'a Hwlt, llearille. llrfy, Mara
rnnl Vhisit, IV Oat, Milium Dollar Oraaa
and l!arhpt Ono aro money makere fur
you, Mr. Farmer.
Juar aiMt thih kotict ATn lOo
In itampa to John A. Halier Herd Co., Ia
uroue, v la , and rwHvo their ll eatalei
ud lull of farm aewl aawplM. P. O, I.
l.allrrlitr tiimirlra.
Fnalilouable I'liyalelau You will have
to give up city life, Mr. Million.
Wealthy I'atlnit I will travel la IIu
rope a few year, If you ao,
l'hyalclan It would be better for you
(.o atay here and eomltirt a inolel farm.
Wealthy I'atleut Oh, I can't afford
Hard luck liaa hern Ilia fate of the
Ruiperor of Austria from ilie lireiimlag
of hi rrlgn. In every battle he liai
fought he ha been defeated, hi wife
waa anamliiatril, and hi eldret ion clot
ed hi career with aulrlile,
Wlieellnjr, W. Vn., May a8, 1903.
Comc)caraogo whilo at work, I fell
over a truck anil eevcrcly injured both
of thy lilni. My blood became txtltonci)
a a rriult, and the doctor told tue I
would hnvo runiilnij aore for life, and
ihat if they were healed up the remit
wouu do tutai, under till ilitcouraciu
report I left off their trratmciit ami re
totted to the um of 8. 8. S. Its cflccti
were prompt and Kratlfyliig. It took
only a abort whllo for the medicine to en
tirely cure im the sores, and I am uot
dead as the iloctora intimated, nor hnvo
the ore ever b-oke out af-alii. Some 13
yearn have elapsed itnce what I have do
tallied occurred. Having licensor, tonally
bcueflttcd by its use I can heartily reenm
tueud it as tho one irent blood purifier.
John W. l'UNDIU.
Caro Schmulback llrcwlnif Co.
Chronic sores etart often from a pirn
pie, scratch, bruise or boll, ami while
alve. washes nnd powders are lieueflcial,
the uulienllliy matter In tha blood must
bo driven out or the aore will contiiiuo
to cat and spread. S, S. S. renchej
these old sores through the blood, re
moves oil Impurities nnd poisons, build:)
tip the entire system ami strengthens
the circulation. 8. S. S, in a blood
purifier and tonic combined. Contains
no mineral what
ever but is guaran
teed purely veget
able. If you have
n old sore writo
us and our physi
cians will advisa
without charge.
Cook on diseases
of the Blood free.
Tho Swift 6pttcWo Comnany, Atlanta, Ga.
dW Mrl SJ lie "m A 1 1 ni rff
QllMtCuuabSjruu. fatlMUood. Uaa rjl
IVI In lima. Bold h druliu. Ml
, ... ., ,, .
Hhe Aro ynu auro you lovo mo for"
myself nlnno? lie Did jou think I
loved you for your inotlmr? Hoinor
vllln Joiiriinl.
"Mr. mid Mm. Nubrlde. hnvo Joined
tho church," "Why not? Turn mIiouI'h
fair piny; didn't the church Join thmuV"
I'lilhidelplilii I'ri'.
I.tuly -Did you over fool n IIioiikIi
you'd like to w.ork? Trump Ven'in.
I wouldn't iiilud heliiK llneiumi for u
wlreleiN tcli'ttnipli t'ompitiiy. JiulKti.
"llrnlnlelKh tell um ho la wrltlnif
n popular novel." "Vea, liln doctor
Imilmed on bin renting lilf uiluil for j
a whllttl" Now Orlenii Tltuo Demo-
lln (lot It: Tho Womnn No, I enn't
Blvn you ii menl. Tho 'i'rnmii I didn't
think you could, mum; you look too
ynuiiK mid Inexperienced to know how
to cook. New York Hun.
Church I son the Attorney (leneral
hi koIiik to atop nil this kikhwIiik IiiihI
Iiohh In llm n'ownpapura, (Jolhuiii
Whom do you Hiipponn that'a itluifM
nt7 The weather hurenu7 Yonkont
I.ucky Ktnm: "I'vo Imil n very sue
ccinful Heimon." snl't the prosperous
looku.K thentrlcnl mniiHuer. "Well,
you cuti tliiuik your atnr for thnl." m
piled tho Ijeedy looklllj, lllllliMKur.
Youkera Htntemnau.
lie Do you remember your old
nchool friend. Hophy Hmytho7 Hhe
Yea, Indeed, i do, A moat nliaiitil-liiok
Iiik thlnjc. Ho allly, tool What bei'niiin
of her7 If Oh, notlilnc. Only I
married her. Ilonton Ololm.
Mammn I'lKhtlm: aaln. Willie?
Didn't I lull you to atop nnd count
ono huiidreil whenever lou were nil
Kry7 Willie Mut It didn't do nny
KimmI, ma. l.ook what the Jonea boy
did whllo I countitll llnrper'a Hnxnr.
Cholly Ho Mian Tnrtum looiieueil up
nnd ink! n Knod word about me. did
alio 7 Arclilo
Yen; nhe nhIi! Hint ivlien
ono uot better nciiunlutiMl with you
ono found you were not bnlf na lili;
n fool n. you appeared to bo.-Ch.cauo
Trlliunu I
1 """ l
Olio AdvnntnRe; Hlmer Do you
really prefer to hnvo lo,,B ni.lit
In to you rntlie than abort onea7 IMI
tor Yen. When they're Ioiir, you aee,
I don't hnvo to think up nny other
excuio for rejiftlnj: them. IMillndel.
phla l'reai.
"I don't ttellnvo tho woman who re
cently moved Into tlm lint acro tho
hall la nuy bettor thnti alio ahould be,"
remnrkiil Mrs. NHKKaby. "Of courao
not, my dear," rejoined Noiiby; "who
ever henrd of a womnn thut wn7"
Kt. Louis Htnr.
Ml I'lnne Yc, Tom proposed last
nlisht, nnd I nCccptiil him. Heo this
ri,K Ml Wise Indeed 7 lly tho
wny, denr, don't nttetnpt to cut Bin
with that dlnmond. as 1 did, or you'll
mnkn nnother nick In tho atone. l'hll
adelphln l'rexs.
Tho Child Aunt Mitry, nurao says
when It thunder, It'a tho Lord scoldln'
u. Aunt Mnry IVrhnpa It U, deur.
Tho Child Well, I don't see what bo's
Cut to bo no mad about. I'au douo
nvcrylliix todny 'cept bnisli my tcof.
llrooklyn l.lfo.
Wife Henry, what makes you In
aiiel, n furious temper Huaband t'm
trylnit to read 11 Hcotch dlnlect story,
Tho plot Is fearfully exclllni. but I
enn't burdlo over tho IntiBunk'o fast
enough to keep up wlUi tho hero I
Detroit I'reo I'ress.
lturnl Adorer (biuhfully) You didn't
go to Mllllo Meadow's party. Don't
you like klHaln gamea7 l'rotty Mnld
No, I don't. lturnl Adorer (wenkly)
Whv don't you7 1'retty Mnld (encour-
nBlngly) 'CntiHit thuro'H ao many look
In' on, Now York Weekly.
llo (rending about tho Intent aoclety
wcildlngl They hnvo n lot to Bny
about whnt tho brldo wwira. but they
huvo nothing to any about tho jtoor
bridegroom. Hho They hnvo no need
to, becnuo It I n well-known fnct
thnt ho UHiiiilly wenra a worried look.
lloaton (Hobo.
Mndnmo (In n busy atreet In Purls)
Oh, M. TAgeitt, la It true that It Is
dntigernus to atniid with tho foot on
thu electric tnunllno7 M. I'ABont No,
iniidmno, It Is not dmigeroua ao long
iih you do not stand with ono foot oil
tint lino nnd tho other on tho overhead
wlru. t'lck Mo Up.
Mian Klyrty Jack Iliinaom wna toll
ing mo nbout a romantic ndvuuturo ho
had at tho party hint night. It seems
ho bumped Into n girl In it dark hull
way and kUacd her; nml ho doosn't
know yet MIk Kldorn Ohl too
heol That wnn I. MImm Klyrty Whnt?
Oh, for goDdneaa auko, don't tell lilin
now. I.ct 111111 nnvo um romuuee.
l'hlhidelphln 1'roHn.
MIhh llunmloy Didn't you hear MIh.i
Knox full me yeatcrihiy thnt I was "tho
homeliest girl In our not?" MUs Good
joy .Yea, tho Imtuful thing! 1 gnvo
her n pleco of my mind about It after
ward. MIhh Hoiunley Ohl did you? I
hopo yon weren't too hard 011 her, MIhh
(loodley Well, 1 told her alio ought to
coimldcr how hoiihIUvo you must bo
about It. l'hllmlelphhi Ledger,
l'orfectly Congenial: Nuggaby
When n innn and bin wlfo think tho
Hitmo thoughts HliuultaiicouHly, It la a
nlgii thnt they nro exceedingly congen
ial. Wnggnby So? Well, then, my
wlfo nnd I aro cougontnl all right, for
tho other night, when alio auld that
nlio wondered why I'd over been such
n fool n8 to marry her, I hud been
alttlng there In sllonco for half nn hour
wondering over tho 'inino IdcnUcul
thing. Ilaltlmoro American.
It taken a college, grmluuto about SO
years to learn how little ho lutowa.
Por couchs, colds, bronchitis,
asthma, weak throats, weak
lungs, consumption, take
Aycr's Cherry Pectoral.
Always keep a bottle of it in
the house. We have been
saying this for 00 years, and
so iiavc the doctors.
"I ! tii'it Art' l.'li.rr l''c(orl tn mf
finill (ur Winn II ll III. Itl tiiolirlnii
In tl wnrm.l know, fur ll lliru.i ia iudk
Man. J K. HortoaoM, W.HImn, Mu.
V Mo.flOO. 1 3 ATinin.
All ilriir' frf lxm.ll . .
I The Lungs
Dally action of tho bowots lo nocoo-
nry. Ala nnturo witn Ayoru fins.
A ICnnllr Ornllflml.
They were Kiieiidliii; tho uiitumn In
tho rennnylviiiiln mouiilnliii, and n
rihootliiK cipeilltlon had Ihx-ii planned
for tho next day. Tho talk naturally
turned on the proxpccU for vurloun
aorta of game.
"Wo liil'n tho aplen of dfliiK'er Hint
Klvea rent lo himllni; In tho I'ur Went."
ono of tho youiiKcr tneinherN of tho
party becnu, n lltllo 'Kxupouiily.
"Ah, nut It la dancer wit your apart
you HkeT" enrnently returned tho oil
(termaii farinar, who wu to act an
Kiilde. "Den you keeps cloie by me,
Nlr. De hut time I have iport I
ahiKita mine biuder-ln-lnw In do leg. I
chidly takes you uuter mine awn
wlui;," ho concluded, In till aurlouineai,
llaw'a Thli?
Vi offer One Hundred Doll&n Ttewtrd for
nr eiu at CkUrih lint ctunul be euted by
lUll'i uturtti t tiro.
v i. LIIKSKY A CO.. t'rera.. Totolo. O.
We, the unlMln-l. bare knuwn Y. J. for the Imi ljfti, and bits
1rlaeiljr nonurama in an uunpm iraniao
luni ami Dnanelallr able locarrjrvut any ob-
liiailuin made br their nrin
aoletale Utuf
gi.ii, loiroo.u.
iuIp, (aiarrb Ciireli taken Internal!-, att-
n Jli.cilr un ibe Wm1 and tnueuua iur
Mlt; 1,,V,rJSftu,1,,,Ufc
llell'il'acilljr nili are the be.U
A Urilveraltj Fund.
Preildent Iladley of Tnlo University
recently eatnbllalicd n fund of J 1.000.
brine tho money received by him for
Civlng tho I)odo lecturei nt Ynle luit
jenr, Ira certain oxpruaeii. 'llila fund
. t0 ,e UP,i )y tb0 treaiurer of Y'nlo
under the condition that It rnay be
drawn upon for university uses nt tho
discretion of tho provident, saya tho
New York Tribune. It la planned by
the president to add to this nmouut
any tim he may receive from the
university whllo president for deliver
ing lecture or for other service over
nnd above bis rcgulnr snlnry.
riio'i Cure U a good eourli medicine.
It ha cuml couchi and cold for lorty
At druggUti, 3ft rent.
Htlll Ablo lo Attend to Iluatnesa.
"I told Uucle Klmoii that be wa get
ting too old and feeble to attend to bust
uei." "IWd he take It kindly?"
"He threw tue out of his office." Van
ity I-'alr.
Tk IiUt nrem Q1Ib. TaMrta. AH drat
(i.u rrniM) lh monjr If It tell! W ran. K. W.
Urwv! .ignaiur. l! ea mu1i Imi. XAa
A Ynolit rbcHato.
"What kind of sail aro ytu going to
use 011 your yacht next year?" aaked the
"SherifTa, I gum." rfplletl the owner,
who had Just lookvd over the ateward'a
stxMUtits. Cluclmiatl Cotumerclal-Trlb
Mother, will And Mm. WIimIow'i toothing
Brrup ihd tie.l remedy touie tor tbetr ehlMrtn
durlug lb lielblng jorlod.
Two Views.
First WnrkliiKiuan Look at the Ine
quality. Mr. Million, who lire uot ten
square from tlili corner, has a dog house
which cost 15,000. What do you tbluk
of that?
Second Worklngman I think It's a
good thing he wanted It, for I built It
for him, and made $1,000 out of it,
riTQ rrmatinUy Curt-d. Koniiorntrvouinr
fl 10 anrrnnlday'aUMurilr.UllD.'KlrratNtn
Ur. II, II, Kilo., Ua.,Ml Artb rtt., rblUd.lpbla, 1-a.
Tho Chicago bonnl of health assert
that a la rue pcrccutogo of sufferers from
Hrlght' disease are thoso who Indulge
In whnt Is called high living. People
who live on plain food and lead temper
ato Uvea rarely havo the disease.
As might bo expected, those who lire
In faitiiFMc have a slim diet.
I'li'USwanliHl I will lay cn.h
tor all gwiilrvlleawt (tone Kend
outlliie.ol what rnu hare and get
It. P. HAMILTON, Two klan, WUcontln,
Komi rr.ere script (or securing title
In anr iiantllr to farming, grailng,
dmerlor llmbi rlaud without reildenco
or liiipruvetiirnl (orialaatlownlniark.
el prlpos. . M. HAMILTON.
Tho Porllmntl, Portland, Or.
era known by nbat tber have
(rows, lor half a crnturjr tb.y
have been tb atamlant-baTta'l
raura once 10 imniuc liiggtr, tu
Ut oroi iban any othtn. Hum
by all dMlera. IBOS Heed An.
ai rr 10 ail appilLanii.
Detroit, Mioh.
Home Crirlnna 1'ncta and Trtatnncee
About Henaea of Tuale nnd Hitiell,
Hclentlntn nnd trnvelor tell us thnt
ono of tho first change thnt occur In
n rnnn who llrec nn nbaolutely nnturnl
Ufa for n fow months la nn extraordi
nary Intensification of tho senso of
Describing his meeting with Mr,
Jackson in tho wilds of Krnnz Josef
Land, Dr. Nnnsen tells how ho first
discovered his nunrness to tho Kngllsti
explorer by tho scent of n fragment of
soap which tho latter had used thnt
morning. His companion, Johnnsen,
noticed tho aceni also, "As I approach
ed Jackson's hut," snys thn great Swed
ish explorer, "I thought I could smell
everything It contained and glvo n
sort of Inventory of Its store without
Hut even then tho doctor's sense of
stnoll could not bo compared with that
of the real snvngo. Tho Peruvian In
dldns, walking at night In tho darkness
of tho thick forests which lino tho low
cr spurs of tho Andes, can distinguish,
J respectively, by tho, smoll nlono, be
tween n wnito rnnn, n negro or one 01
their own race.
1'ow pcoplo realize how very closely
connected nro the semtcs of taste and
smull. Many of tho substniicos which
wo say tnsto good nrc not tasted fit nil,
but gratify us by their appeal to tho
senso of smoll. All meats, and fruits,
fur Instance, nr smelt rather than
tuHted. This Is easily proved by the
fact thnt a bad cold nlmo-it destroys
our appreciation of nny of these classes
of foods or drinks. On the other hand,
however bad a cold one may be ntlllct
cd with, ono does not lose one's tasto
for sugar, unit or quinine. These sub
stances havo no smell, but appeal
directly to tho sense of Unto.
If ono of them be placed on the
tongtio the sensation of sweetness, salt
Inoss or bitterness Is nt onco expert
enced. It Is, however, worth noting
that nil these substances must bo dis
solved In water, or by the molnturo of
the mouth, brforo they glvo nny sen
sation of taste.
If you put a train or two of sugar
Into your mouth nnd allow It to ills
bijuo Biuwij us insic is onij- ininiij
perceptible. If, on tho contrary, you
nib the dissolving sugar Into tho palnto
by moving the tongue tho tasto Is
greatly Intensified. Hugnr nppeals to
tho mucous membrane of n Inrgc por
tion of tho mouth, ns also docs salt.
This Is why one smacks one's lips In
endeavoring to fully apprcclato n novel
Just ns different parts of our brain
aro tho seats of various mental pow
ers, so Various portions of tho mouth,
receive different kinds of tastes. Sugar
and kindred substances, and also pure
ly acid foods or drinks appeal to the
tip of tho tongue and tho front part of
Uic mouth.
Smell Is a far more delicate sense
than taste. As already mentioned, most
substances must bo moistened before
appealing to taste. Hut In order to
smell n substance It must be In the
form of vapor. If enu do cologne be
poured Into tho noso It gives rlso'to no
senso of odor whatsoever. Yet we nil
know how powerful Is the sensation of
smell produced when tho little parti
cles constantly disengaging themselves
from Its surface aro borno by the nlr
to the olfactory nerves. The .ose Is
fitted to percclvo sensations from par
ticles of almost Inconceivable small
ncss. A single grain of musk will scent n
room for years, and as this result can
only bo produced by continual loss of
particles of Its substances these par
ticles must be tiny beyond the reach
of Imagination.
The smelling region of the noso llci
In Its upper part. The nose has three
regions, nnd It Is In the third that tho
seat of the sense Is concentrated. Tho
mucous membrnno of tho nose nt this
point Is much thicker than below nnd
Is not red, but colored with a brown
Men are possessed of moro acuto
powers of stnoll than women. Kxperl
racnts to prove this wcro mado by
Profs. Nlcholls and lirownc. Three of
tho men could detect pnisslc sold lu
a solution composed of '.',000,000 parts
of water and ono of ncld, but not ono
of tho women could detect tho scent
of tho prusslc add wheii tho solution
wns weaker than tho ono part In -0,000
of water.
Got lioyiimt That,
Ono of tho principal stockholders In
a promising gold-mine was exputlutlug
on Its merlttf to a cnpltallst and pros
pcctlvo Investor, He described tho vein
in which thu miners wcro working,
showed him specimens of tho ore, and
backed, up his statements with the
written oplulons of experts.
"Well," admitted tho capitalist, "It
looks as If It might be n good Invest
ment. As my old Uncle HI nun would
say, It has Vlnts.' " ,
"Pints?" exclaimed tho stockholder,
curried away perhaps by his over
nnxlcty. "Why, sir, we're lu quartz
right now I"
Ono View ul "Veil nuk.
An Englishwoman had had a good
deal of trouble with her husband, who,
according to her account, waa a mon
ster of Iniquity. Some one asked why
sho had married a person of such char
actor. "Well, you see, ho ain't my
first," waa tho reply. "I wns pertlck
ler about my first. This hero's my sec
ond, and a bad un at that. Hut there"
with n shrug of tho shoulders "he's
a ah ado hotter than tho work'usl"
Absolutely l'rohlbittvo,
Wtaker My dear young frlond,
you should never speak until af tor you
havo thought twice.
Thoughtless " Theodoro What1
Would you dcprlvo mo forever from
the prlvllcgo of speech? Ualtlmorv
"I Take Pleasure in Commending Pe-ru-na
Fop Coughs and Colds."
I1 Colonel Paul K. hcckwlth, LU Col., retired, 1st Itcg.MlnutoMon, In a letter ',
I ! from UM Vermont avenue, 2f . W., Washington, D. O., writes r !
"From the unqualified endorsement of many of my Mends, I ;!
I take pleasure In commending your remedies for coughs and ',
! colds.' 'Paul B. Bcckwlth.
The constant oxposnro to thoolomonts
experienced In an out-door llfo Is not so
apt to causo coughs and colds as seden
tary habits.
Thoso who aro brought face to faco
with tho wcathor ovcry day In sctlvo
llfo aro ranch loss llablo to catarrhal
diseases than thoso who aro housed up
in illy ventilated
rooms. And yet both
of theso classes aro
moro or less subject
to catarrh and ca
tarrhal dlsoasos.
Tno soldier as well as tho civilian finds
It frequently necessary to nso Perona
on account of coughs and colds.
No ono Is exempt. The strong and
healthy aro less llablo than tho weak
pnd 111, but nono entirely escape.
CLA!-cnrr-o'teacte-, loeallnn.bulM
Inxequlpuieut the tciL Mod lor cat
alogue. Tirnt Opona Septambor 18, 1904
Positive, Comparative, Superlative
" I ha Uid on of your Flah Orand
Bllcktr for rt yaara and now want
a new one, alto one for a friend. I
would not b without one for twice
the cost. Thay are Jutt aa far ahead
of common coat aa a common one
Is ahsad of nothing;."
(xiut oa tr-'UCATtowl
De aura you don't a"t one of the com.
monaina mitltih -ttlr-rw
mark of aacallance. y-ij
n. u, 1 uwtK bU, . .,
loiroa, U.S.A. ''JiBRAJ
Uaktrt tf Wit WittlHr ClotH'j and Hati
Write loJijr lor tree ttluairateJ booileu
Hjth in4 Jotnuuu atresia, I'oriUud, Or.
Poruna has always boon a great
favorlto with tho military men, both la
tho army and navy.
Tho strongest kind of testimonials aro
received from ofTlcors of high rank con
corning tho virtues of Pcrona for all
catarrhal ailments.
Only a small per rent, of thoso can be
used for publication for wont of space.
Mr. Ilarrlson I Dcam, Ilumslde Post
No. 8, Dopartmcnt of tho Potomac.
Colonel Encampment No. CO, Union
Veterans Legion, Colonel Green Clay
Smith RcgimontNo.l7,U. V.U., Depart
ment of tho Potomac, Military Order
Loyal Legion, Dopar tmont of Columbia,
Major 81th Indiana Voteran Volunteer
Infantry, writes:
"There la no longer may qucstloa as
to the curative qualities of Peruna la
all catarrhal troubles. Its successfui
use by many ot my friends entitles 4
to confidence and catorscmcat." Q
r$W Salzer'sM
fe?&. National Oats 9
t pSXf Oreatm oat of the ceotarr. wH
V Yialdrd In Ohla Ik. In &llr!t- V SI
BTi .tn- lolJ.n4.aodloJ.latot If I
m If J 110 ba pr acre. Ilfl
I l Too can beat tbat record la IXS. Ill
LX For 10c sad tkls aoUec U
I K I we mail ypa free lota of farm sftl jRH
! t sample and oar bur cataloc UIU MH
! A I lncaJlattUli)toalwondraad7jSH
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at Js'C,lLw2.M' 0mJM
m fiuvW esTHM
JrVvfvJV'"'"'0 s-ii-W
lLlvM'f.TBM ii s7f. !
I . Usas?sp",,J
Clean Your Grain
MILL, with Sicking atUehnunt,
will clean and grade all kinds of
Grain and Sedv Tfce only machine
that has screens and rldJIes made
especUlly for cleaning grain on the
Coast. To convince you that this
Grain Cleaner is as represented I will
send you one on 30 days' free trial
and will pay the freight.
Write me for our Descriptive Cat.
alogue and "on time" proposition
It will Interest you.
Dept. 11 Portland, Oregon
P. N.U.
No. 5-1903
1TSJ1IEN wrltlnc to advertisers Please I
V otentlun tlU paper. I
High Grade
THffils Machinery
The A. H. Averill Machinery Co.
Write lev Calalejue aaj Price.