The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, February 10, 1905, Image 4

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"For tvarr nn A .quart deal, no Utt n
no mora."
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FEB. 10, 1905
The etui of the Russo-Japanese
vnr, wWh was really settled nt
I.inu Yang Inst fall, is mow in sight,
it is complete victory for Japan.
We arc pleased to observe in
numerous country exchanges that
tenator Monk or Representative
Space is "making a record in the
Plate legislature this year." Where
ctsc should he be "making a
record" these days?
Bend is coming to be quite .
distributing poiut for postal matter.
In the past four mouths two post
offices have been established thai
nrc served from here Tumalo am
LaMlaw and there is prospect
(hat auothcr will be establishes
about 16 miles southeasterly whert
quite a settlement is growing up on
"ditch" )aud$. ' And Bend'UseJl
lwd no po&toffice a year, ago.
Senator Mitchell's fool friend,
will convict him if the government
does not. The manner $T forcing
Ids formal indosestcnt through the
legislature would damn a pan motv
immaculate than he. This front
. htraimug for outside pressure tha'
j-hall cause mistrial is court is' out.
of the strougeet evidences of guilt
that has been shown. Why not let
the court attend to this busiae?
J It will tjotcQpyiet an innocent man.
Ars these little gruft-huntiag poli
ticians, iq cr out of the legisbttarv
vho have no knowledge at all of
the matter into which they are so
cageijy buttjng, to be trusted
rather Jhan a Uqijed States court?
lon with rtllier matter will corrupt or
impair the- quality o! any' well, Hprlnc,
brook, creek, branch, or inmd of water,
which I used or .nay bo ued fqr dotn
wile purposicM, shall he deemed guilty of
. M.. I k a a,
i lie next section is much, more
particular nnd comprehensive.
Section 2133 provides a penalty for
any person who shall put, or the
owner or owners who shall know
iugly permit, "any part of the car
cass of any dead animal into any
river, potul, road, street, alley, lane,
lot, field, meadow or common," etc.
justices of the peace have jurisdic
tion of these offenses. The heaviest
penalty is 50 tine aim 25 nays
imprisonment. The remedy for
violation of these laws is easily
within the reach of any citizen who
may have knowledge of them. As
yet the city ordinances do not cover
this subject.
o Other In the Arid West can Com
pare with It.
The feeding value of alfalfa is
tot always appreciated. Reports
f bad effect from its use are often
For Sale or Trade.
80 acres it) the Columbia
Southern segregation,
very favorably situated,
Wll be sold cheap or trad
ed for lovn property.
Enquire at The Hullcliti Office.
Urfltitiir ami I'lurMIng for tlir (ivmUrtiiirnl f
uiwrvirriyroiiutrci mm cntaiii utprr oiuncrv
tie tt orllnrl by the Vubikhhi Council of the
Ctly or nrn.t.
frvtlon I. UlvMUr unlawful Rr nj-rrt-ton
or rtetii to Intel fur with, mototl, aKtr,
ttunvtrfi orrtlliv pravr Wtcrr, wrlutrfuac
to alt him In thr iliv-hrv f hl tttittrr. or by
any mnntt hltif to M or nutil any mw
In cloJy iio charge vt t MattM of my
onllnniicr. tn hi rtHlmrvH' to rwiw ftm nli
cxiu.xly, whtthtr ih reapr to eifrctr.1 r iM.
or to M o im mty ytnon to -cl fatm
liwfVil rwntiHcmcitt
SretiuH 1 It hU I unlawful ft any jrr
on, nnltM he h a lly artari, to
wMiHt to to oltc oflkr of othrt wNkrr
of the Ol v. ik to tVc ukw hiMwIf to rt
uch. nr to vrmr tW fcHnt miitm f K
lnillr In rratl MrMC to ttr tr 4f
nl ml wr by h rM Src of th ttly of
SNttOM i.
rr-sutr '' i"
mih or rtttonn to tittch or f,Un miy miliiul lu
nr vthrtvlwilfttymty KivvrliiKorUMiiR tiK
or othf omlmriilM ti. or miy r or Ihix
ntpmulmch tif wiiltln Iht llnilivfltitcly of
Hcctloii i j, It hull te mil An fill for mty ttr
miii to thtow or cmiMT to t thrown or ilfinnltrtl
iiMit miy Hired, ulilewnlV, liljliwuy. llry or
(miHIc Ktouiult. or iihiii miy ilrtr Htinli
ornywhrrecttUiil mich Ucr M itill
nulnf liy the CommllUv on llmllh, any hr
luilr, inmiute, rIiii tiittkl. iiallm. l.roVtn
n. illrt, lriv, hy. tn'iMOi, (mUtitc or
Sivthm 1. It hUaII tie iiulkn fill for miy er
on to Inter the Iwly of mty ilevelKion In
ny lot. tUc or McinliKt wllhlit thecotorte
limit or Hie city of Heml.
etion 1 j. tt lull le unlawful for ny 'fr
on or liermiit to biilM or kiIM In ImlMluu lain
rtf nvllhln one hiuitlreil fet t of ny IhiIIiIIhb
within the cvH)mle lltntti of Iheettr of llemt
Section I' It hU to unUw fill Tor miy Ht
on lo ute the puMK: Khlewolk il the city for the
imrHe 01 ve kiiix or iinjMCkint 01 cvo.ii or
01 iiirrTiinine
mvhinlle. or lot the illily
or te lere ny, wtitJK
twrtel liMnVaor ether kttk-tHtony IMlkw
o(th wMK itreeU, ortle"iU.eceiit while
KtiMlly remortM the Miue Into or out l
MMHebulMlnrorlmlouite wlwn.Hn
Into wr ott of h( tehtele
twM !. Ithlll unUwM
on ro Hy t twill oe throw ony Monet or other
Hlil.. In knvofthe utreet hlthrv or llrv
ofthectty, oroHHTflhciwewlLt of the city
SrrtwHi m. It hklltw MoVwfttl ftH-nny vr
mm toyUeron ny mwlk mIV. Mreet
f It) ny mtMeorUitnK whaltrer eteeMut
urvrwfnl In etwkn i. !- tHHWile.1 U ilo m
fcy the CUy Counetl. jnvwWl. lKt wl for fuel
ny Ne Uoe.t tntrc tmlel n remain tn the
Mreet tn ch MirMe a lo e-e the leatt oV
Mrixthm to (witiMelraiel. not loeeee4 ltlr
nr now rr eoefi com or hail ikw or.
Minister Jack-A. arrett has
condefcended to cast the eSntgtrnt
radiance of his Knowledge into the
dark ignorance of the world upa
the Panama uaal queijipu. which
be discovered a few aootks ago
and is now proprietor of. The
tory starts out wkh . Lssesou
to II and III and thea. stjuage to
relate, drops hi IV and Y. This is
the Erst tinte suck retrogress
has been noticed ht Johnaitflwe
$5Ses that tke Rerr pf Reviews
apfOMt x iMcnMtaopal qftwikriow
to inqnlre krto the caitee of the
deony. The gm(Gass f the
article b attested, however, hytfce
fntt kagtk frcaJC of Jotut kt the
gufee of a suiesaoa ewted at
leokiag wfcer thas a trcdnd of
y r'Wi or ay ether woy
. UlMM.f l JMk 1B.A -
.ton of aor verve, or netaHboAin 1 1
eci.wi v ii uuu m muim r at Mr
a niion or
mi or mow to lee a tttSW or 4tMrWrtv
. or rnwrr toe Hmom or feetoety r "
lortorteoelWw the xrfutwww boUttao t
pnanoe ua(ae m aw hamt. xwi m fnanr.
. jMKreeeal Hli h . e toVe ry "fy
rwm or 4Mneet e-Jwatwet to aanr kaw yoe
or maw errtif Uw tame, aont i
ar atrrnaer
A aay frw or arubboeWta' MjrWOMwM
m to et K oaarw or n w W oyeneJ. or
r. ay mi t a rean the ( of
inw !. mt to rtl r fle W -eU tar
iBtf at witn
tteard, and many on that account j 2SESSb Im-JffiJ
-ecotne prejuuicevl against tt.
Then there are some who candtdlv
assert that there is little nourish
ment in it. Those, however,
who have grown it for some years
snow its qualities ami are able to
nc it to advantage as a feed for all
.lasses of sto:k. Despite all objec
tions rabcd against it, alfalfa gains
m favor everywhere, and no other
.orage plant grown in the arid west
can compare with it in the yields
produced or in nutritive value.
Alfalfa as a forage is ery differ
ent front native hy or front rye.
onts or barley hay, and should be
dashed with the clover, vetches and
SeW pene. In coaaton with thee
IrgttKks it is rich in atuscJe-fonaing
eletnents. white in othr kkkb of
bay predominating nutrients are
tho? which supply the animal body
wkh warmth and eaegy. Neither
tt hn l unWwht fcr aiiv per
son eceK peotir ncer tn dtwluirec ofthetr
iloty t itv any ltc ht. Mty. lirk. fMot or
y eoneeolrJ deadly "MP or to dteKr(v
ny ftreormv air ton, aparrow fm, llimt or
eon theater Hithti, the eorrwrate ltmit of
the eity. oalm In lf ilefcnte or in pretecttoa of
Jwtrt'. Mented. JKrlvhi Mar he iranteu
y the Mayor to anr eroa to eorry a aMut or
.rolrer when ntMt Vee trprrxnUlton It
Wrerto Mm iemry er yrwlt to groat
SevthMt Haal V- anWwrat fbr any Bt
a tolte or demon aaVivTtlM Mmi. Wki.
aoy. Mealt., MrWor other aahMe
etthm the eaoral Aatit vf Mead or to tartar
therein la act, te or iat..xa(HW to be an
Me to take momrcaee of k.lf r wf tlf a
to dtotara the rea.e and ejaaet of aa utrwl
aiijr or nt"iiv rr araallar... fcr
aakti.r tont or aaanau.1 k - a-
Wrive ptvaSae T uTmitrr tlnin taiiaag( I water to fhia lata aay Hreet,
t -ay ainaoa or amaai naimr
K eatred Uht ta the necmate. the drln
iraea ie vm ro K itnwmi trvrn tae Mre or
allry by theowaer of aatd wet tmmedtattly
aMer the mavtat af uwt wvod
!ectwM i Itahallbe wttawMWH any per
oa malax or evwaln( peofirlr on aay lret
htabway or tWj la mM cetr. to allow mU Mreet
lalrowtaf hi aroaerty ta be aaetean and tt i
hereby atade the daty of the mitkil to wottft
at ownr or ocitMt when waeh aaeleonti
ae-t -eiiat. awd aa the faUaeeof MKhowarr or
ocraawat tn 'iiaau the Hai-aaee. to hve aant
Mreet or atte) cteaard at the ef-rate aid
Jlmy emaer or oeMat.
XvMmi n haUb mUaM for tefwat,
li naaa t ar hannhaMiris ta attow abna or drain
Ktchway ur atvty
aay of I he
' of the arailaaa. at thH maaoaii Mtatl be
ated taiity of a aili luafaaar, d aaua coa
taa thettaf a the Keeaeder. ah! I
fan id by a bar la aay aeaaaat not rieeedta.
twa haadud iMatrv or by waartnatatat ar
aorta aayt, or y
fa to aay aernaa tm Uar aarpi.e afiaul-
the too m He IraaaH of brad
n bB be waUwaal far ur are.
aa ar arrnai p barfata far. bar or ett. stee r
take tawM o( eaa-c to be iaaad aay oaaaaa
irwirajt far aakOMl ani. aad then aaty
aiiui yrgaeriytiit wtthia ta car
aajra.. t.HdraA
xnin . It au be uUM far aay re
at ar iwni Iv latreabace or tale uato the erty
ul. wr actiwrr to any yjnuaali cait bereea.
y wta. iittaiai or avail aajaan ar fcraaraal-
. oiar. a ay aaaaam. canat aa
oiaaaaar a aracuoac aay
xxaaaaa. It ihatt be
y Mwna. rriai or other ataee -whare
oaamg amii
are ao4 a ay( tar abt by thr rkkM. aten
an aay ttaaar or carjn,
aahtwaat far ay
IVtatac and aaatihtaf waceaowy
be It aeiiaiidby the Canaia Caaaet af the City
at dead
The MWwtat rriuat are 4e
ta be waaeaata, aad .ban be nhji ft ta
aad aaalihrd a la taM ai dial art a
Mrt MvceybOear diaaatate yrriaa with
oat rwMr ai af aaaaart ar ttiuar or a !
acraaalloa bah4 abaaty ta ararL bat w he
dar aot ea. ar utm n b oX eaaaaayaarat a
Bend's New Meat Market
WAI.I. HTHItKT, orrtwtrn n, M. CO,
1 1
Cured Meats and Lard aid all the Accesso
ries of a First-Class Market
Jhe hite fJofe
H, nsotcuenct, iPi'op.
The Best Liquors and Wines
A. It. Llppman ('' M Meyer
iii:ni, okmion
Builder's Material
anaa aa a baaaaoat ar be faaad Wcruac
W bwaBanaaaaTa
l ia irt "ba ahadl
aaaarwwVbaat aay law fat
baraar aa lawal
aaaa aaiiai
ataana. aeree warn, ceawejaa
taavaahaaeea. yaira aa aaaaaraaeaH 9t aAtaoaM
rauaaro. af acarr ..-j,,.,, .haai the - atrrrvt ml fake ar
.aw a aawja anna, war rawaa ar waatr yaaeea. i aaaajaaaal Iwiai af the ajaat
xvuaaM. U ha be aat. wfat far aay prw ! aa.k Kaeey yaewaa faaad ar lam ta be
rarlae. aiiiT Viiwi ar bar Under a aay Varna ia r harm, aawat ahaa. aarh i r aw
taMabaVaWWaS aaaaaaaaNkf VC aw4aa?4 , Ut WaTaM W"flBtsyav-
au rvaaa. atnaauat ahaa. v.Waa ar akaer where
aaaoea are nM. w i!W ar iraad WMnv
anneal aaairaaiat, va c , u .
aaaMtar or Blarr
ad the aware Ihniac
M4th tTnifiiiiaw aTla tn.miif ilin
.. . -a. ..r ...!. . ----- . a v -. --- -. ---w-
. . .wa na w ,iaa.. m ar aaaHK Mam af w raaae ar waa aaaanaaary
aaweeaiain are wainlll aa e aer caanaai. lwwt, mnit n,,,, ,,, main. j
hrtwrea the n of twa) a cbreh aad ta 1 Sreeath Karry m aria H.Walr m
av act. aa the Manuac 1 iMa - Nuaw a am ihm. ar ia I
haV HOT alfalfa IS bv itself a ' amynwii. aaar. aeaee or te at wn, n. af aay biair aaaaauaf yroiUtafaa I
" " "" 'imar. tbewa.- or aaaee ofaaaauaaeat. aaatt iBraa arrawa.a. wtLhtaTiarML
xU-balanCed ntJO. Vet these CH.U - t a. ar other aw.a-al aa-ua- a m drata aad -alhowt naOar aaraaa af
' - I aaeaa be aa ur aaee aaajwa. yaae m ,.!.. r beia arb hb-lwaJ atroaVrda
eOmOlnCdm SUCH a Way a5 tO ""c"".r"Tu.'.T,V 1TrVJrT: aanai,al.erteet or f-W . aa the aay
i rartwraja aae
aaake a very satsafactory teed for
ajfaavd aa aae Mce aaaaaa. afacr of .aa.i ar Vetae twrh bab-lwaJ atraaUaraVi
ar thratrr aaa rr aw a tbrc caarrat. ahftanaa aerbrit or eeeVar fa at ua the aay
' baaaa af twataa a cbaca. aaaaaih , aan af iha-ai hailr ul ahatl W - -
tMirmawKiBiwnraa, i aata iai' or ay a
a.caai u It atvaM be aaaawaat far aay (re- . ;rM, Xaaweat wax ta be the I
aa KcaA. tartarr. aanaie. awrain er mm ar reroa a. 1
A. C, LUCAS, Proprietor
Tabic supplied with all (he dtdicacio of the Mbmt
FirstMjIguirwejit IMne Koomi and lledt
All 8tngcs stop nt ta Ijotcl door
ery weeaaat
i af lata
eraettr trwat aay aaaaaal aWarnWd ua nana
U-Hhaa the baaati af the oy of bead. drraaid a noui. aatd aavaa
u. n aavta e aaiawaai ar awy per- Wave the Kecaraer tain Vr aaubrt by a I
the araane bnaii i af the oty af a trn faa aaa haafait dataara. ar by aa
air act aaare Haaa
aaar riijiai.x ;-
laaaaniti I aad rM
eed.aiaer abac br a
wainfaa threeaf ,
It is eH known feet that whea
.tajifatn afkJP- ta. ya-at r-aa1 - aaaaa, t amlafrtlafia
j,.w .-.r-.w...a vu.wu -. wJaa-lfa.iBaVrataa. baaA bard. taBoa, bX aaaaWaav m the er a fcr
aaav raMtiaS hteatisfr atl tbfieB with ' 1 aiaa ay. ar aaat had of aay haad. ar ha agar itry aWya. ar b bath Var aad
KM Ct-. ORVI.jb ami K5Ca Wl , tTSear . aaaaw-at aay art bard -h-TArr . Sj aajB a, iftat.aa aaytheewal
rtl remits, bxi tue e alfaltu 212 taCT 'LrrZLJiTJ T2E L.
havftdMSI llbentUw tO StOCk tin- ! aaanx aataa far aay we-jai faaaT-iwaJrareMttaafonaAbrraaataa-at aadr-erria
aaa.i w uka...uA w w.a. ua i . j,.., , jfc W jn hi. brra haaae o-aaaaa aaawa tabe ward ar aard , 1
acctt?tooec to K may te-e the
saaae efteet. Soane dicxetjoi
Ja at aaar af H naui alir
utar vxn rar uira m
l-3at rCber ararhaa ar a,uit the ey Vanai I far yaryai.i af yrvatajaraaa ahaat he laVra aad ,
ail i an I ia he a:
i ra x ahaM ac aaiiwaat Mr aat are-
l -" rr -- - '
raa aaa aa weanr ar anna aa cw ar w waa. an w
aataaaayWaaF 1 fjaj aa4ak
ttaaaaQbr the date af thr Var-I
rwa ar ta fcajra ur r aaaar or rUwe brwat I fcaj -j n aatViaata ar nfctan rajher aav
I ta Sairt af tke irrxlr K tkrrrdVw af t at In ar aavr hwra ar caUr aaaa aay awae- a tbaar a a aawwteaire ar braef ha arrral aay i
" " w 4-c rcwci a-vawaaar, ,aaU oanvirate batata afthc3traf'rrMHlwa4W. .-xmm. aa a-lariwnWHi
aiMeraia,e im anaar aiat ar aver weare
j the Kr.-arder far traas
necessatrr in ks nse. TVecoanplnint
u olWn voiced that k nfltcts the '
kMUbtstaf haxses, aad. intktd. rt(
gettecaity tends to do so. Hooes
fed aJfaJfa exchaciycir cOataaMne
nc-Meiai imateeie-fermiaBg eJeaeaaStj
thaMi the s-Kets cam n aad the (
n-ttrk of elMJBaaaTf tke excess
Utraycrn ntfon the kidateys. Feeders
hatre ohrerted aad x havs Veen
hoav by actnol Vests that hxe$ !
as well s other jteck k
alfclxw drmV: More
wtbtm fid on ath-tr hy.
Alimli. i jorrax rey este-tfhvh;
aTJatwr mc f tke mrii. west Mai
led WbTXtJaWtiBy t 3JI cImk. of
-aavik. Jt k awd in fanenrnt?:
tor slrcea mi cattle aad
aatitatag for hoe Be
tagrickaiaaareic. jaraai
t X Tftlaaabae fetfi JC
sdadt. llatace k is atcB to '
It bas teawtiaed aprtkc PHacvilli
Review o c5 a shar naoa Mrv
Grtwttkcck r at.eaint n aw
In aM her anylefiaat wniawwiii
experieace. tntk ks nvutr aete? at
ftMOSaMSMlhotk Salt. tketV Iba-.
beeaotuatnfoa tke caanhcter ed
Mts. Ge-ieck. Her
never ht kas aerH
eaacsed kr k antrakfaharat
Nar vnu lay sack rrraaiaK anadr
atuawt: aka. Wkea tke Re-m m
tiaMes that k has kcter aankau
aeauaan oatr sateat tt!. k3l ,.. ,- p
Gseeskeek Wkxky 'Xrmca W 1 ck 3 ,,-1 g
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ten. Iztara-riafaKis aaba-'aciK.
aJ: a wtm. aae .se-rviiae ud ikttatajt ywMs
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yaaac ajci: at 1 tknfc.v oaxiag
OaMoat AaaJBaaaVBaaa Taki n aC aaam. - Laa.
... aa,
tkoaiaala. Fnanl $ac yaaad k
"$ eaanauara ah If tke aar xaanaaaar rat
'fT-'aa.tllaaiaaT 1 - -- - laaaa- AM..
At Bend,
At Bend.
V&iti ae exkifeaawt of lt. ! wk-. ia rJ.!
SMtded aiakaess kii!
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creitSai ia s.sber cotaiuats
acre &asroes 1
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-' - -w - i-ia-a. aas umim v.anhfn ig ;
streaaa troea wifch wtfcjc far yi.y krtaWw--J
9tes of state lar baus oa tias SL!t,i!-!f,a'a?1 'f i1 fyt-
- c- - a .wanaat, a! u. SaiaAa xtTWCraabuta
Any y4r:& ku akdat fat jy r- -a Atsca-a )t)cj?f 3 Oi
teAtifta utie tgp fcnttt ee ti aa. , &ra, s3rsb. Ie&riy vSL I
npHE mill of the
Pilot Butte De
velopment Com
pany is prepared
to supply all kinds
of surfaced and
Lumber Md Shingles
at Reasoiable Prices
z. f. MOODY
General Commission
Forwarding Merchant
Prootpt attention rani tq tlicwe who favor me with their ratronac
Pilot Biitte Development
Leave Skaniko ,,. di p. m. Leave Beml tj-jop. rn
.rTire Priacville 7 a. nt. Arrive Princvittc 70 . to
Leave Prinevttle S.,jq a. m. . Imvc IVincvitlc i p m
.rrive Baad s:j jt. m. ! Arrive Shantko . 1 a. nt
M"MMM,'",'oaaaaaaja.aM1Ma,,,Maai , , , tiaaaa aaaa ana
We carry only the
finest liaca of
Suaw llXDSTKKHOUS, Prop's
$2.08 BoiyapersOwYear $7.08
. ' " " a-a-- w--x iaa-jaaBBaa---a " P W W