The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, February 10, 1905, Image 3

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In ii Condensed Form fur Our
A Rosumo of tho Loss Important but
Nut Lou Interesting Events
of tlm Past Wuok.
News ill riots in Itunnla lii causing
dlHiifleullou In Kiirouitllii'H army.
Tliu nmv Kxr-olslor Roller mills nt
MaryHVllle, Knti., wuro destroyed liy
lint, i Am inu.uwi.
Thu Now York chamber of eoiiiinureo
linn (irked tliu legislature lo spend
100,000 on tlm biwln mill (Murk fair.
TIid bursting u( it largo water tank on
tlui roof of tlm Denver tlry goods store,
u laro department store, i'iiiihihI dam
age tirittiM'k estimated at oir 100,000.
1'rnfeMiir II. Coli', of Chicago, ban
dlceovcred what In believed to Imi tlm
large I HHt mi tlm (mi. It cover one
tenth of tlmHiiu'iiHiirfiice, IscggnhapMl,
mill en 1 1 liu seen through smoked glass.
I'lre In tlm Cramp nhlphiiildlug plant
nt Chester, I'u., dcnlroved valuable
blueprints, iikhIuIh mill charts, includ
ing plan of tlm lNittlifililN Idaho mid
Mlmlmlppl, ninl tlm criilner Teiiiiennce,
but work on lliif-e ships In tint iimi'li
F.xtrcmo t'olil weather In prevailing
throughout tint 1'iiMlerii mul Mlililln
states, TIid entire iiiuntry from tlm
Atlmillc to tlm Rocky inoiiiitiiliiH in In
tliu grasp of n billiard mul tin tejnMr
nturo ranges from fi below nt Kaiikun
City to ft.'l Iwlnw nt Ulcndlve, Mont.
Tlm minimi reMirt of President
Charles W. lillot, of Harvard uuivurs
ity, for tlm your IIHKI-0I, shows u dell
vll of 110,000, nnil lm predicts mi an
mini ilellelt unless tuition fee nm
ml ceil or n lurgw endowment created.
Unsays I'-'.oOO.OOO Is needed for mi.
Miimlile objects In view.
Three wotild-hu iihmIuh of tlm nnr
hnvi) lnen rupture!.
A liuinlH-r of senators are opHlng
the Malheur Irrigation hill.
Tlm Japaiiife have captured another
vewolb omul for Vladivostok with eon
trahdiid of war.
Tlm federal grand Jury working on
Oregon land fraud rases is ulill grind
ing out Indictment.
Thirty-six Rurslati refugees from
Tort Arthur on their way to Chcfoo In
n J ii uk went caught ly storm mid
(Irniid Duke Vlndlmlr defends tlm
action of tlm Russian government mid
say slm ban not deserved tlm tlerco ex
vcrntlnus of tho world.
Russian officer declare lx-fnro tlm
North M'A commission that limy saw
torcdo iKjittn of a forelKii country
among tliu fishing loat,
Governor Dent-en rugc tlm Illinois
legislature to appropriate Hiilllclcnt
money for tlm Iuwis nnil t'lark fair to
enabta a bulbing to In) erected.
In thi) Colorado election contest com
Pealiody urge that nil (rand-tainted
precinct retuniH 1m thrown out. A
number of ballots from precinct out
kIiIu of Denver have Ikiiu oxamlncd
mid found to have Imiii inado out In
tho rami) handwriting.
Russlans accuse llrltlidi of limiting
tlm riotd mid Great lltitiiin lia nitkiil
for mi uxplmintlou.
A rnuvoMi of tlm Denver vote In tho
Colorado rontiwt ihoi oue-thlnl of tlm
IhiIIoIh to lx) fraudulent.
The thermouieter In Manchuria
here tlm IIkIiIIiik I" now In pnrenii
reKliiterM 20 dcKreca IhiIow rero.
Tlm riiildenco of (lovernor Trejuiff,
of Ht. I'etomhurK, vnn nliuoMt ilemol
Ixlieil hy n Ixiiuh. Tho K'overnor wiin
It In IkjIU'VimI that Kuropntkln re
velvil ordcra from Ht. rutcrohurK to iui
Miimt) tho ofTmilvo or el no ho would not
have moved nRulntit tho Japimeno at
Twenty incmla'rn of tlm Chlcano
Commercial mluh have koiio to Culm,
when) they will devoto two wwka to
DtudyliiK tho commorclal potmibilltlra
oi tliu iHlmiil,
Tlm provincial council an wnrncil tho
cznr to Krmit freixloiii or Iomo IiIh crown.
Kdwln Htouu, of Albany, mnnnKcr of
tho Corvnllln A Koxtorn railroad, wan
nftmulted and tho room in which ho war
hnIihip net on flro. Tho llamcH were
not dlHcovoml until, with thn injuricrt
Tecolvisl from thiiiowiullmit, tlipy provwl
fatal, Thvro Ih no clew to tlm inur
Tim naval appropriation bill provided
over $100,000,000.
Tho I'ruHHlnn Kvcrnmeut ban ap
pointed ii coinmltwlon to InvcHtlKato tho
co otrlko,
Chile ban rofuHod to Hull war vcmhoIh
tp mi American firm, presumably for
olio of tho natloiiH now at war in tho
l'ur Kuat.
Hecretary Talt wants a reduction of
tariff on I'hlllpplno products mul do
elarea tho IhIiuuIh will uHimntoly bo
Klvon their Itulojiundunco,
HyniputhirorH with tho ItiiHttian strlk
crti marched throunh tho HtrooU of
IIonUiii with n nxl flair, but thoy wcro
not not ullowod to make npucchcti.
Will Probably (Jo Hnnd of New An
propriatloiiR Oommlltno.
WnidiliiBton, Jan. III. Nuvnr heforo
In all tliu Unit) ho Iiiih been cbalnnan
of tlm commltleo on rvorH mul harborii
lian Kiipreminlittlvo lliirtou held out ho
HtroiiKly hkiiIiihI unworthy proJeclH for
waterway ImproveimuitN iih bo Iiiih ilono
thin hcimIoii. Jlurton Iiiih, from thu
Hint, fought iiroJevtH which had no
inerll, but lm him bereloforo been coin
imlled to coiihi'iiI to tlm Incorporation
in river nnil harbor IiIIIh of miiiiy iteniH
which liiulid not perHomtlly iiuiiiovii.
TIiIh yeor, liownver, hit Iiiih been
(Inner, and Iiiih curriwd bin point. Jin
Iiiih Hiiccccded In keeping out of tlm
river and harbor hill every Item that
v. an of ii "Ion rolling" iiutiirn. I In eon
Hiuitiil to no approprlutloiiH oxcept for
projeelM that hnvo Ihjuii Imlormil liy thu
nr dcHirtiiit!iit,
Thuru appiHira to bo innthod in Mr.
Iliirlou'H coiiiho. When tlm next con
uremi orKiinlicH, Hpeaker Ciiiiuon will
have to nelect a chairiiiiiu for tlm com
inlttee on appropriations TIiIh chair
mini ought to bo a man of ilihcriiiilua
lion, a man of force and it man of high
est liilegrity. llu IiiiihI Imi tlm "walcli
dog of tho treiiHiiry." Mo irilint Imi ii
mail who can dominate IiIh committee
and hold out iigalnnl all aiproiriatloiiH
whleh mi) not uei'eHHiiry. lie iiiiinI Imi
alibi to witliHtmid thu vrioiial iiih'i1h
of memburH.
Then in not n filnglo meinber of that
eoiiimittee today coinpetent to Imh-oiiiu
llu clialrman. And from the "ixiikor'"
viewpoint, there Id not a member in
tlm houxe lndtur i'iiiippl for that
placo than Mr. lliirtou. l'iirhaH the
chairman of tlm river mid harbor com
mittee had tlm future hi view when he
took tlm radical courco lm did In dic
tating tho term of tlm present river
mid harbor bill.
Senntori Pay Llltln Attention to In
terciti of Big Territory.
Washington, Jan. .'II. The deter
mlimtloii of tho enntn to iIIhmmo of
tlm Kwayuu Impenrhiiicnt rnnn meaiiH,
according to cenate leadem, that most
of tlm time iM'tween now nod March
I will Iw taken up in court duty, to
tlm exclusion of legislative matters,
save only thu ncccsfury supply hills.
All legislation which encounters objit'
tlou will have to go over.
Thin moans not only the defeat of tlm
ship Hiibsidy, Interstate commerce mid
Htatehixsl bills, but thu defeat of all
legislation relating to Alaska. It had
Im'cii Iion that several Alnsknu ineas
unit might Imi )hihsii In-fore adjourn
tnellt, hut that Iiomi has U'en dlspidbl.
l'lans had already Imm'H laid for bring
ing forward the Alaska delegate bill,
passed by thu house last sessiou. Hut
Alaska will gut no delegate by t hi' grace
of tho TiHtb congrivs. Neither will
A lank n get much else, save what Ih pro
vided In the regular appropriation IiIIIh.
Alaska Is wiitk In tho scnatu for two
reasons: All Alnsknu legislation en
counters opposition from a few men,
but what in more slgnlllcnnt, few sen
ators have any real Interest In thu great
district, and not more than halt uilocu
mrii make any effort whatever to push
through legislation which Alaska sveks.
Tbero In more opposition to tho dele
gate bill than to any other Alaska bill
now K'ndlng, and thin opwsltloii will
lm nltln to put n iplletus on thu Cunb
man bill, in the priwnt session.
Amounts Provided In Naval Appro
prlatlon Dill,
Wuslilngton, Jan. III. Thu naval ap
propriation bill an reiHirtod to thu house
carries f-'.'CIiOO for tlm Tugct sound
navy yard, Follow lug nru tlm Items :
Kxtenslon of coiiHtructlon plant,
fL'0,000; newer system, B00; gnidnlng,
'.'0,000; flro protection systein, I0,
000; electric light plant, 110,000; tel
pphoim nystem, HiOO; railroad mid
eiiipmeut, $0,000; Ismt shop for con
struction mid repair, ('.'0,000; water
systim, :i,000; heating system, $11, -000;
locomotive mid crane track nlmut
dry dock, (IIO.OOO; dredging, $10,000;
ipiay wall, $l!o,()00; roadH mid walkn,
$5,000 ; Joiner shop for construction
mid repair, $5,000; machinery (or yardn
mid docks, $'J,000; additional plum,
Waved the Red Flag.
Kansnn City, Jan. HI. Two bund nil
men mid women member of nociatlHtic
aociutiea rose to their feut mid cheerel
n rcl ling at n miiHM mcutliig held hero
tonight. Thu meeting wan cnllwl for
tho pnrposo of ralHing n fund for tho
aid of tho working clniiHMi of Husala.
Thu cxar and arlHtooratlo cIahh of Una
nla wuro condemned in tho utrongfst
turuiH at enmmaud. One apenkor com
pared thu cxar to ex-Governor lValxnly,
of Colorado.' ltedolutloiiH were panned
exircHslng amypathy with tho op
prenid mul denouncing thu ciuir.
Dombi In Qarracki,
Vicuna, Jan. 31. A telegram from
Czcuttichow, Poland, reportH that a
bomb was thrown In tho cavalry bar
rnckH tbero today mid that many wol
illcra wuro wounded, Tho act la oup
jtoHiil to hnvo been In revenge for bru
tality in iltHpcrelug it workman's meet
ing. Other dynnmlto outrages, are re
ported to hnvo occurred In tho nolgh
borhnod of IkU. A gendarme. Ih ro
jvortwl to havo boon kllknl ami n num.
bor wouuiIihI,
Arrest by the Hundred.
London, Jan. 31, A dispatch to tho
Dally Graphic from BovaHtopol enyH:
"In coiiHcqucnco of tho gravity of tho
Hltimtion lioro, tho government linn
Inveatcd tho naval nnd military com.
maiulorH wltli full powora to repress
dlHonlors. Over 000 nrreata hnvo boon
Kiiroi.itkln Claims to Have Won
Decided Victory.
Amid Ulttor Cold Weather Hoitliltloi
Are Returned with Vigor Sov
oral Village! Captured
Ht. Petersburg, Jan. i!H. Additional
iIIhhUcIiih wuro received by thu general
staff from Kuropntkln, commanding tho
Itusslnn army south of Mukden. They
supplement thu earlier advice of
Itusslan sticccuseH on thu right of the
JtUHslan army, mid seem to iudicato
that tlm movement now in progrcsn
along thu If mi river is extending In
area and assuming considerable propor
tions. Tho text of Knropntkln'ii mes-
rnigu, whicii Ih dated January 'J7, Ih an
"In tlm enpturo of Chiiuu I.utot.o
(Kbtillotosn), Tutaiko and Chulgutui
(Klmlgoiitnya), we took alxiut 100 pris
oners. Wo have also occupied Tchitaitsu
on tlm Hun river after n Htubborri fight,
which resulted In a Iosh of fit) men to
iih. Our positions neor Kundepu (Kitiidy
Pass) wcro attacked tislay by Japanese
iwdmniiH moving from tlm wiutb and
soutliiHist, but limy wuru repulsed. Our
cavalry Hirtsik In the maneuvering
against the Jamnifo left flunk, attack
ing tlm enemy from thu rixir. Our
troops, then continued tho attack on
tlm Japanese position near Handupu.
After u dcscmto light, which lasted
until 7 o'clock Tliurwlay evening, wu
untensl Hauilepu, which in a largo vil
lage mid whh Mtrongly entrenched."
Military exerts here, while not at
taching too much liiiMrtaucu to tho
re)Mirtel successful inovcmentH of thu
Itussbiii right, exiireM thu opinion that
a determined effort will ImiiiiiuIo In tho
near future by (Sencral Kuropatkin to
deprive tlm Jajmneso of several villngeti
wlilcli are serving iih winter quartern.
Thu 0iratloriH of Wednesday, Thura
day mid I'rlduy are no doubt thu begin
ning of the program, hut opinion Is
divided iih to whether It marks the out
liieiiceineut of thu Mauchurinn cam
Htlgu of 1005. Many Ixdtcvu that
weather conditions will not jwrmlt of
prolongil oK)ratioiiH mid that thu orig
inal plan of waiting for warmer weather
Wuru precipitating decisive engage
ineiiU will bo adlieretl to by both ar
Report of the Commission Hat Fallen
Flat In Congress.
Washington, Jan. 1!8. It Ih scarcely
probable that nny Attempt will Imi made
at this session of rongn- to pass, thu
ship subsidy bill. It will dtu on March
-I, along with hundreds of other less
ImiMirtant mcnstircii. Tho object of the
bill probably Iiiih bevn accomplished In
allowing that thin congress at least Is
not in favor of u suwidy tnensurc.
In fact, nothing has fallen do tlat an
thin production of tho merchant marine
commission. Tho moot earnest advo
cated of thu bill soon realized after tlm
reiKirt of thu commission wan present
ed that It was umden to nteiupt to pana
II. Ilils wnn not bocniiso a milliliter
in thu senate would can so ita defeat,
but it hnd Imi'h plainly shown that
there whh not u majority in either
house or senato for thu bill. Tho ro
port of thu commission was i great dis
npM)lntment, That it nhuuld result in
bringing alxiut a nulioldy measure when
miblmlii-s) wero so unpopular during
tlm tiinu that they wuro pushed by
1 lamia, was a surprise, and straight
way tlm men who have charge of uffaini
In congress, set about to defeat It.
Of courso tho ndvocntcri of thu
scheme will try to tnako it appear that
Ibo rxNisou why tho bill whh ho uujop-
ular nt thin Hesslon of congrwiH wnn bo-
cnuso thu lemlerH Old not want to In
crease appropriations nt a time when
rigid economy wna necessary. Hut
such is not the fuel.
To Demonstrate In New York.
Now York, Jan. 28. If thu plana of
Itusslan Socialists In thin city are not
Interfered with by tho police, Madison
Square garden will Iw the scene to
night of a great demonstration by sym
pathizer with tho llussiun revolution
Ista. Jt wan decided to turn thu man
quurndu ball of an Kaat Hide association
Into a inei'ting, Hevernl of tho inowt
eloquent speakein among tho ItusstniiH
of thin city will mako aildicuHert. Hinall
nl llagH will Ihj distributeil to those
in line, mid to tho mimic of patriotic
aim u march will begin.
Give Coeur d'Alene an Agent.
WiiHhington, Jan. 28. Senator Hoy
burn Iiiih prepared and will offer nu
amendment to thu Indian appropria
tion bill segregating tho Ceour d'Alcno
IudiatiH in Idaho from tlm Colvillu
agency in Washington. At present
600 Ceour d'Alenea aro under tliu con
trol of the Indian agent at ColvlMo,
but their it ff aire aru not satisfactorily
managed. Senator Ileyburn proposes
to glvo tho Coour d'Alcneo n HUporln
tundeiit of their own.
Ladrones Want Money.
Manila, Jan, 28. Tho leadera of tho
band ot lndronea which recently at
tacked tho town of Ban Francisco do
Malulion mid cnptureil tho wife and two
children of ox-Govrenor Trias, now do
maud a ransom for tho releaso of their
It Eati Up 18700,000 Worth of Prop
erty In Wholesale House.
Omaha, Jan. .'10. A flro which dp
stroyed property estimated at aiiproxl
miituly $700,000 Mlnrtcl nt 10 .,'10
o'clock last night from what in buliuvcd
to have, hcuii an overhwitixl stovo In tlm
great commission hotiso of 0. H. Mul
len & Co., at Kluvunth mid Howard
Htreots, Tlm llaiucM Hjiroad no rapidly
that Chief Halter, of thu flro depart
merit, at onco turnel in n general
alarm, which brought thu entiro de
partment of thu city to I lie ccono, not,
however, until tliu llnnum had gotten
ipiito beyond control. ,
I'lvu eoiiimlssloii housuH wuro Iocnt"l
In thu building whuro thu (lames, atari
id, and nil of those wuru unvuloHil In a
very short Uine. In thu four ntoriea
alxivo mid covering n quarter of a blrxk
whh l(s.'iitol thu stock of a wliolesale
dry gihsla concern, which fiirnlHlicil thu
llnines with inflaimiiablo tuatorial and
added to their fury. Ituforu thu firemen
wuru organized tho entiro building,
covering a qtiiirUtr of a block, was a
riiasH of (lames. Adjoining buildings
(K-cuplcd by other conccrna of cotiHldcr
ablu Importance wuru jn thu path of
thu Ore, and wero itoon ablazu. Across
thu alley to thu north a (Iw-etory build
ing, occupied by u largo manufacturing
mid Jobbing hhou concern, caught In
thu tipper stories, and tho flro noon
spread to thu lower doors nnd thu entlru
Htck whh deRtorye!.
Germany Does Not Give America Ben
efit, bu' Wants Reciprocity.
Purlin, Jan. 30. -wThu government
thin evening published mi abstract of
thu new commercial treaties with
Aiistro-IImignry, Itussla, Kwitzerlmid,
Itelgium, Italy, Houmania and rkrvin,
which are uxpected to deeply affect Ger
uiauy'M foreign tradu for tho next ten
yearn, tliu term tor which tho trentli-r)
run. The new tariff, which in not yet
in force, will go Into effect on tho same
late ox thu treaties, in U00.
The treaties nfTect thu United StaU-u
adversely only in cau they arc defined
hy Germany oh not coming under tho
most favored nation clause. Tho gov
ernment in determined not to raise tho
question of the most favored nation
clause until tho treaties: go into effect,
and the rorrosKindeut'a inference in
that thu German government Ih reluct
ant to give tho United Btatva thu bene
fit of these Imrgalnn.
Tho German government would glad
ly negotiate a reciprocal treaty with tho
United Btutes. Germany ban collected
expnslona of American government
olliuialH on thu Cuban-American recip
rocal treaties that make, the govern
ment thinks, a strung Argument Against
admitting tho United HtntcH to tho In-n-cfltH
of tho new treaties.
Provides for Work In Northwest
Ankeny's Amendments.
Washington, Jon. 30. Tho rlvcw
and harbors committeo ban adopted an
additional section to It bill authoriz
ing Hiirveya of proposed improvement,
to determine their meritH nnd estimat
ed coot. Such survey h aru atways mado
before appropriations can bo allowed.
Among tho surveys authorized Aru tho
Columbia river and trlbuterien above
Cclllo, Columbia between Wcnatcheu
nnd Kettle Falln, Astoria harbor, data
kanlo river, Kverett, Olympla and II
waco harbor, inner Gray harbor,
South I tend to Knymoml, Swaminh
river, Hwlnomish alough, and Clear
water river, with a view to opening
It to bargo navlgutlon.
Senator Ankeny baa preparel and
will offer two ame'ndmenU to tho river
and harlHir bill, one appropriating
$.10,000 for improving thu Columbia
river between tho mouth of the Okan
ogan and Kettle Falls, Another Appro
priating $25,000 for improving Olympla
Can't Get Enough Vessels.
Washington, Jan. 30. Tho navy de
partment Ih having much trouble in
tlm transportation of coal to the Asiatic
station on account of thu statute which
requires hucIi Hhipmenta to lm mnde In
American hottnuiH. Hear Admiral
Mauiiey, chief of the bureau of equip
ment, Iiiih again rocommended that au
thority bo given for making such nhtp
iiienta in foreign IkiUouih until the sup
ply ot fuel in storage nt Cavito shall bo
Hiitllcient to Juntify tho delay caused by
the dillkulty in obtaining American
lmttoiua nt reasonable nit en.
May Cut OfT Supplies.
I'arin, Jan. 30. Japanese otlicials
havo remarked to membera of tho dip
lomatic corps that thu Russian strikes
might havo mi important Inlluenco on
the war in interruption of communica
tion over tho Bllwrlan railway. It Is
said, if thu atriku spreads, it will In
volve thu railroad workers, making thu
Htrikers moro eflectlvo in cutting oft
General Kuropntkin'o communications
aud supplies than tho Chinese bandits
hnvo been.
Italians Send Funds to Strikers,
Home, Jan. 30. Manifestations of
sympathy with tho strikers in Russia
aro going on throughout Italy, nnd
funds nro bulng collected for them,
Tho Roman Socialists havo decided to
hold n procession, notwithstanding tho
prohibition ot tho police, mid tho gov-
eminent has taken extraordinary meas
ures to maintain onlor. Tho garrison
has beon reinforced by 1,200 men,
To Aid Railroad to the Yukon.
Washington, Jan. 30. Sonator Diet
rich has introduced a bill providing
government aid (or tho construction of
a railway mul telegraph lino from Vnl
der to Kuglo City, Alaska.
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HHjHBjIJHHBBbBKhB&bVOV, JmwmwT jSffaiBjf-iBPjiep.3 V.YmESmi BS: BBMBByBM
There wero days when tba Japanese gna scarcely ceased to shell the
fortrcaa from dawn till night The gallant defenders stuck to their work In
npltc of the terrific bombardment. Sometimes, Indeed, a (run waa only si
lenced because, as In the Illustration, there was none left alive to roan It.
Tho picture was drawn from a sketch by a correspondent of the London
fiTBiii n mWWw
New York Tribune after Mr. Greeley's death, brought him into Interna
tional prominence. Mr. Held took the stump for General Fremont In the
Civil War he was volunteer atd-de-camp to General Rosecrans In the West
Virginia campaign; was war correspondent with the armies of the Cumber
land and of the Potomac, and witnessed the battles of 8htloh and Gettys
burg. From 1803 to 1600 he was librarian to the House of Representatives and
correspondent at Washington for the Cincinnati Gatette, of which paper he
subsequently became a part owner, after trying his hand in the fields of
Alabama and Louisiana as a cotton planter. In 1S03 the literary and news
paper work of Mr. Held came so favorably to the attention of Horace Gree
ley that this famous editor Invited Mr. Reld to come to New York and asso
ciate hlmtclf with him on the Tribune.
When Mr. Greeley was candidate for President he placed the paper In
Mr. Rcld's cbarjee. In 1802 Mr. Reld was candidate for Vice President on
the Republican ticket with Mr. Harrison.
As minister to Franco and when special ambassador to Great Britain
for the Jubilee of Victoria, and Inter to tho coronation of King Edward, as
well as commissioner to Paris for the treaty of peace between Spain and
tho United States, Mr. Reld received warm welcomes. Ills list of publlca
tlons, Including works on war aud expansion, hove made him famous among;
Mr. SanderHon and his wife were
iitrkim? ihelr way ucr8 the small
plot or ground which separate their
home from that of the Mitchells, at
whoso bout they had Just had dlnuer.
"Moflt agreeable people." comment
ed Mr. SanderMin. genially, "and an
excellent dinner."
"Y-cs." said Mrs. Sanderson, not
very enthuslaatlailly.
"Those broiler were perfect" con
tinued Mr. Sanderson. "I wonder
why we can't have such chickens?
Oh. I believe he said they were of his
own raining, didn't he "
"Ye," Mrs. SnnderHon replied with
awakening spirit, "that was what he
said, nnd It vexed me so I could hard
ly keep still."
" 'Vexed' youV questioned Mr. San
"Yw, and It would vex you If you
had any spunk," returned Mrs. San
derson. "We rained those chickens,
Jamofl Sanderson!"
"What do you menrjj" asked Mr.
Sanderson, In bewilderment. "We've
never had n chicken on our place."
"Yes, wo have the Mitchells' chick
ens have been then all summer!" re
torted Mrs. Sanderson. "If It hadn't
been for my garden thoso broilers
wouldn't havo been half so And
when everybody wns praising them, all
1 could think of was tho garden seeds
and vegotablea tlioso birds have de
voured slnco thoy were hatched In tho
springl Ami there Mr. Mitchell sat,
and took all thoM compliments as
Whltclaw Held, chosen ambassador
to Great Britain to succeed Joseph
II. Choate. fs known to two hemis
pheres as a man of affairs with wld
experience of the world, bavins ex
tensively traveled; accustomed to deal
Ins with eminent pcopto nnd n thor
oughly schooled master of diplomacy.
Tried as United States minister to
France, ho made nn enviable reputa
tion for himself ns a diplomat and
statesman. Coverinir so many fields In
jJaiiU busy career, Mr. Held la credited
Mrtwlth tire ripe judgment that makes
him valuable In any mission selected
for him by bis country
Born Oct 27, 1837, near Xenla, Ohio,
bo was graduated when still jonng
from Miami University, taking scien
tific honors of his class, and subse
quently given degree by wveral uni
versities. Entering the political field,
he soon assimilated a great knowledge
of editorial work, which later, when
.. , nrln..ln.l stu-n.. tt iYim.
calmly as If they really belonged to
"It think It was very poor taste,"
Mrs. Sanderson concluded, with dig
nlty,. "with us right there at tho table.
It would have been merely decent to
have bought chickens when we dined
The IUiby Ueetle's Cradle.
If, at almost any time of the year,
we walk through the woods where tho
red, hcarlet, black or pin oaks aro
growing that Is, where we find thoso
that ripen their acorns In two seasons,
and therefore beloug In the plnoalc
group we shall probably ilnd on the
ground fallen branches that vary In
slxe from that of a leud pencil to that
of one's thumb, or even larger. These,
at the broken end, appear as If cutj
nwuy within the wood, so that only a
thin portion Is left under tho bark.
Within the rather uneven cut, general
ly near the center or the growth, la a
small hole tightly plugged by tha
"powder post" of a beetle larva. Split
open the branch or twig, when a bur
row will be seen, and the little, white,
soft, hard-Jawed larva that mado 16
will be found, or perhaps the tnactlvo
pupa. St. Nicholas,
That Explained It.
Proud l'urent And Just think-sh
plays that away an' never tuck a les
son In her life!
Bored Guest Oh. that's what's the
matter, Is It? Baltimore American.
It Is better to keep In tho old rut
thnn to climb out only to fall iu the
ditch by tho wayside.
A man can got sick now almost aa
easy aa he can sin, and you all kaw
hew aasjr that la.
......., .