The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, February 10, 1905, Image 2

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    -, V'
Mitchell and Browncll Held to
Answer Charijes.
Mitchell Said to Havo Accepted Pay
While Senator Brownoll Had
Men Swear Falsely.
Portland, Feb. 2. Tho Federal grand
jury has spoken again and this tltno
two now and distinctly Important In
dictments navo oeon rcturncu, one
'against Senator Mitchell charging him
wtth violating section 1782 of tho re
vised statutes of tho United States,
which provides that no one holding
tho olllco of senator shall receive any
compensation whatsoever for any work
done, to further matters relating to tho
work of tho government in any depart
ment; tho other against btato benator
George C. Brownoll, alleging that lie is
guilty of subornation of perjury In hav
ing induced Fred Slevoro and John A.
Howland, two axmon formerly In the
employ of Surveyor General Henry
Mcldrum, to swear falsely before tho
grand jury in regard to tho work done
by Hrownell as n notary while making
affidavits in connection with the work
of the surveyor general's otllce, all of
which is in violation of section 5303 of
tho revised statutes.
It has been rumored for some time
that Senator Mitchell would yet have
to faco another charge than tho one
which has been hanging over him for
totno time, but it was not known from
which direction tho blow would fall.
Many theories have been advanced and
among tlietn an entanglement witn
Frederick A. Kribs, and this has proved
to bo tho correct guess. It was for
work dono for Kribs that tho Indict
ment has bcon returned. The senator
lias been indicted under tho same sec
tion of the statutes which waa used
against Congressman Driggs, of New
York, who pleaded guilty to tho charges
against him, and is afro the same
charge brought against Senator Bur
ton, who was recently convicted and
granted a new trial.
Croton Dam, Largest Piece of Ma
sonry of Modern Time.
New York, Feb. 2. After 10 years
of labor and the expenditure of $9,000,
000. tho new Cornell dam, near Croton-on-lludson,
in Westchester county,
from which this city wilt draw largely
for its water suplpy, has been practical
ly completed. It is the largest piece of
masonry in the world, except tho Pyra
mids of Egypt. The tlood gates have
been shut down for the first time and
the dam has begun to fill with water.
It is estimated by the engineers that
it will require about two years to fill.
"When the water reaches the base of its
coning it will make a lake 10 miles
long. The water will rise 30 feet above
the old dam. The new dam will liold
30,000,000,000 gallons of water. Half
a dozen towns which occupied tho site
were abandoned.
Is Why Army In Philippines is
Suppliecfrom Abroad.
Washington, Feb. 2. Senator An
keny today called on tho quartermaster
general to ascertain why all army beef
for tho Philippines is purchased either
in Argentina or Australia, to the ex
clusion of American beef. He was told
that the government can get Argentina
or Australian beef delivered at Manila
for OH coots a jtouml, far below the
price at which any American dealers
will agree to deliver it. The war de
partment eays that, until congress
passes a law requiring the purchase of
American meats, it will continue to
supply the Philippines at the lowest
-CUR? obtainable.
Test of Submarine Boat.
Newport News, Va., Feb. 2. With
representatives of the Argentine repub
lic and British governments, among
others, on board , the submarine boat
Simon Lake "X" today was submerged
38 feet and returned to the surface in
30 seconds. This cuts in half the rec
ord held by the French type of subma
rine, which is ono minute. Another
record waa broken in filling the ballast
tanks for the submergence. The tanks
were filled in 0)? minutes, the best
previous time being 15 minutes, mode
by a French submarine.
Crop Outlook on Pacific Coast.
Washington, Feb. 2-. Tho weathor
bureau's summary of crop conditions for
the month of January, 1005, says: In
the Rocky mountain region and to the
westward the temperature was milder
than usual, with more than the average
precipitation in the southern plateau
region and Southern California, and
much less than average precipiattion,
oa u whole. On the North Pacific coast
tho winter wheat outlook is favorable,
except late sown in Washington.
Land for Irrigation.
Washington, Feb. a. For the exten
sion of the Klamath rirer irrigation
project, tha Interior department today I
ordered the withdrawal from all forms Washington, Feb. S. The Isthmian
of disposal of 448,640 acres of public canal commission has awarded a con
lands fn the Lakeview, Or., land dls- trict for furnishing fir piles to the
trict: 229,520 acres fn the Redding,
Cal., land district, and 109,440 acre
in the Sosanville, Cal., land district.
Saturday, dan. SO.
Kulogles upon tho departure, Of tho
lato Senator Hoar, of Massachusetts,
particularly engrossed tho attention of
tho sennto today. There, were. Ul
ecchea by as many-senator. After
the conclusion of tho memorial serv
ices tho senate adjourned out of respect
to tho dead collator's memory.
In a tession of less than two hours
today tho house passed 373 H'iislon
bills and received for tho calendar tho
naval and diplomatic appropriation
bills. Tho session was devoted to leg
islation entirely devoid of discussion.
Monday, January 30.
Tho senate today agreed to voto on
tho joint statehood bill before adjourn
ment on Tuesdav, February 7, the
amendments to be considered on thr.1
date under tho ten-mlnuto rulo. The
larger part of tho day was occupied in
general debate on tho 'statehood bill.
Fulton offered amendments to tho In
dian appropriation bill referring to tho
court of claims of Chinook mid Oath
lamet Indians; also conveying title to
persons who havo purchased grazing
lands from tho Umatilla Indians.
After n protracted debate the house
adopted tho conference report on tho
executive, legistatvoand jodiclal appro
priation bill. An agreed to the bill
carries $20,132,24:.'. A bill was passed
dividing tho state of Washington into
two judicial districts, tho Knstcrn and
Western. The bill extending to the
Philippines tho provisions of the revis
ed statutes concerning the extradition
of fugitives from justice was passed.
Tuesday, January 31.
The senate today continued the con
sideration of tho joint statehood bill
with Nelson as tho principal speaker.
A number of bills were passed, includ
ing one largely increasing the fees for
stock companies in the Ditsrict of Co
lumbia. In tho house tho senate amendments
to the army appropriation bill were
disagtved to and tho bill was sent to
conference. Williams, (I)otn.. Miss.)
started a lengthy debate by bringing up
the treatment by General Miles of
Jefferson Davis, president of tho Con
federacy, when he was a prisoner at
Fortress Monroe. The iKwtollleo ap
propriation bill was debated for an
Wednesday, February I.
Clark (Mont.,) Dillingham and Teller
today continued tho discussion of the
joint statehood bill. Proctor rc)ortcd
the agricultural appropriation bill and
gave notice that he would ask to hare
it considered. Bills were jtasecd grant
ing certain lands to the Oklahoma Ag
ricultural college; amending tho land
laws so as to jiermlt settlers on public
lands to make transfers for public uses
before completing title; amending ex
isting laws so as to require captains of
pamwgor vessels to supply information
regarding the age and sex of immi
The postoffico appropriation bill oc
cupied the house tho njaor portion of
today. With an understanding that
the discussion of the question should
be continued tomorrow, the bill was
laid aside and other matters taken up.
The conference report on tho fortifica
tions bill was adopted. The bill cur
ries $0,747,893.
Senator Ankeny will endeavor to
have a provision made in the naval ap
propriation bill for the allowance of a
differential of 4 per cent to Pacific coast
shipyards competing on government
warships contracts.
Friday, February 3.
Tho postolllco appropriation bill was
the main topic of discussion in the
house today and its consideration was
not completed. During tho day bills
were pussetlas follows: Amending the
law so oa to reduce the amount of
bond required of agent acting for con
signees on Jmportcd goods; providing
for the construction of irrigation ami
reclamation works in certain lakes and
rivers in Oregon ami California; grant
ing certain lands within the Flathead
Indian reservation, Montana, to certain
Catholic societiod for religious pur
Ioes. The senate spent much of today dis
cussing the distribution of ordinary
farm and garden reeds by tho Agricul
tural department. When adjournment
was taken consideration of the bill had
not been completed. A further con
ference was ordered on the fortifications
appropriation bill.
Many Killed at Riga.
St. Petersburg , Feb. 3. The latest
reports received by Consul General
Watts, from the American consuls in
Russia, indicate a cessation of the
trouble in moot of tho industrial cen
ters. Tho consul at Riga reports that
the rioting at that placo was precipitat
ed by students and rowdies, who fired
on tho police. The police and troops
returned the fire, and 53 persons were
killed and 160 wounded. At Reval
the soldiers were obliged to defend a
factory on Saturday against a mob.
Three strikers were killed.
Sold Mining Stock on Routes.
Washington, Feb. 3. Postmaster
General Wynne, today removed three
letter carriers in the Toledo, O., post
office, ordered a fourth man to show
cause why ho should not be removed,
and suspended 30 other carriers, all of
the Toledo office, for 30 days on the
charge of Belling mining stock and of
collecting tho assessments thereon. It
is charged that the men sold this min
ing stock while on duty as carriers, as
well as when off duty.
Pile for the Panama Canal.
American Mercantile company, of La
Conner, Wash., amounting to about
Russian Advance Ends In Dis
astrous Dctcat.
Battle Carried On In Blizzard by Jap
anese Whan Forced to Fight
to Savo Position,
Toklo, Jan. 31. Tho troops which
twice captured Port Arthur, once from
tho Chinese and then again from the
Russians, have administered n defeat to
General Kuropatkin's army from which
it cannot possibly recover during the
winter. Field Marshal Oyama has sent
a dispatch to the imperial headquar
ters Indicating that the conquerors of
Port Arthur were sent by him to meet
the enemy in the bloody battle just de
cided, owing to their long practice un
der arm and their Irks I ability to
withstand the hardships of the awful
Maucliurian winter. The result of
the struggle so far has proved tlu wis
dom of his course.
Kvery dispatch received from the
front tells of winter horrors such as no
other battling army ever had toeoutend
with. Many inches of snow cover the
country as far as the eye can see. The
ridges are snow-capttcd. Avalanche
upon avalanche has tumbled into the
trenchs, indicting untold suffering upon
the soldiers therein.
Field Marshal Oyama's dlspatefies
have convinced the military authori
ties here that he was by no means anx
ious to engage in the battle, and, in
fact, ermited the Russians to take
several positions in his vicinity to save
the troops from tho unspeakable strain
of fighting in the storm. But the Rus
sian advance was made withh such en
ergy and determination by large bodies
of troop occupying miles of ground
that Oyama finally decided to accept
tho challenge.
A large ortion of General Nogl's
army, both his regulars ami his re
serves, were placed In the vanguard.
Among them wcrethotisamW of veterans
of the Chino-Japancse war, who, hav
ing done service in Manchuria in tl e
winter, were able to make progress ami
use their arms where less seasoned
troops would have tccn jtaralzyod.
The victory gained over the Russian'
right army is considered here even n
greater feat than was the capture of
Port Arthur, for, while the battle
raged, there were no trenches to seek
protection in and every shot of the
enemy was mode more deadly by tho
indescribable cold. For this reason
tho news from the front that Field Mar
shal Oyama is now following up his
advantage with relentless energy has
been received with amazement.
Battle Rages In Warsaw Streets with
No Respect to 'Age or Sex.
Warsaw, Jan. 31 .Another day nml
half a night of horrors have parsed.
As this dispatch is sent, the city is
ruled by savage mobs ami more savage
soldier. Both are intent ujmn killing.
No otlkiul statements are obtainable at
this hour, but when the cost in human
lives cornea to be counted there will I
found dead by the hundreds men,
women and children.
hverylwdy young and old, men,
women and children was attacked by
the soldiers and ruthlessly shot down.
One soldier aimed a sabro blow at a
woman. 1 1 self defense she drew a re
volver and fired a shot, which went
wild. A second later a volley waa di
rected at her, and she fell dead, riddled
by a score of bullets. This is but one
of a hundred instances.
For the most part the soldiers who
rode ami tramped through the streets
during the lato afternoon of Monday
were drunk. They teemed to take a
particular delight in attacking harmless
persons. They killed for the mere
sake of killing.
To Shoot Down Bandits.
Manila, Jan. 31. Habeas corpus has
bcon suspended in the provinces of Ca
vito and Batangas. Major General Cor
bin is heartily co-operating with Gov
ernor Wright, and is giving him every
IKMsible aid in suppressing lawlessness.
federal troops consisting of detachments
of picked sharpshooter work in con
junction with the native scouts and the
constabulary. Federal troops garrison
the towns and martial law has prac
tically been established. The present
situation In the two provinces is (tartly
due to raids of ladrones.
Run Down by Cavalry.
London, Jan. 31. Tho foreign office
has received a telegram from Consul
Gneral Murray, at Warsaw, reporting
that himself and Vice Consul Mucu
kain were charged by Ruianl cavalry
men engaged in clearing the streets of
Warav. It appears that Mr. Murray
is partially deaf, and when he endeav
ored to make known his personality, It
was without avail. Ambassador Hard
Inge has been ordered to make urgent
protest at 8t. Petersburg.
Beef Trust a Monopoly.
"Washington, Jan. 31. Tho supreme
court of the United Slates today decid
ed the United Slates vs. Swift & Co.,
known as tho beef trust cose, diamine
conspiracy among the packers to fix
prices on fresh meats and like products.
The opinion was bunded down by
Justice Holmes and affirmed the do
cision of the court below, which was
'against the packers.
Stroam of SutTorors Pours Into Muk
den Japauuso Spread Dissension
Mukden, Feb. 1. Constant streauiH
of wounded men nrw arriving hem fiom
the right Hank, Including Lieutenant
General Mlstcheiiko, who Is In excel
lent spirits and Is receiving vlsltora.
According to the official aiiuy organ,
the wounded number 3,500.' The cold
Is Intense anil the condition of tho
woundid causes the greatest anxiety,
because the exposure of their wounds
to the frost Induce gangrene.
The Japanese are taking good care to
see that the ltiisslau rank and lllo are
not left uninformed regarding tho dis
turbances In Russia. They are carry
ing on a regular campaign to spread se
dition and discouragement among the
troops. letters are daily tliiown w Ith-
In tho Russian lines declaring that all
Russia is allame with riot and revolt,
arguing that tho soldiers are shedding
their blood In vain, ami calling on
them to surrender or desert. The sol
diers eagerly read and discus those
communications, especially accounts of
the events at St. Petersburg January 22.
Kuropatkln Will Not Try to Break
Through Oyama's Lino.
Mukden, Feb. 1 .There Is no nimr
ent connection ttclwccn starting of the
battle of January 20 and the domestic
excitement at St. Petersburg, nor the
orders just Issued to ntmiidon the plan
ned advance against tin Japanese Hwi
tlous. The effect of the trouble in
Russia is as yet luitorccptihlo here.
Tile facts are not generally known.
Officer possessing Information of oc
currences at home say that the disaf
fected are probably using tho present
war as a pretext for their periodical
demonstrations, which are regarded no
more seriously that formerly.
The commander In chief's order to
alittndnu tho advance are retorted to
reasons for stopping the advance:
First, the looses sustained; second, the
failure of a quick attack iimiii which
the advance depended. The precipe
meaning of the altovo Is not apparent.
Notwithstanding the order to cease,
a tenacious conflict continues In the
vicinity of Sanchiapu, a fortified out
Mt on the JawwiHo left, where it Is
reported the Russians have taken the
outer works.
French Proposes to Sell Lots
Water Rights for Fund.
Washington, Feb. 1. Representa
tive French, of Idaho, tlay Introduced
a bill authorizing tho secretary of the
interior to withdraw from entry any
public lands needed for tow unite pur
ines in connection with any irrigtlon
project under the national Irrigation
law and to subdivide them into lots.
Such lots shall In sold at public auc
tion to the highest bidder for cash, the
proceeds to Ihj excluded for tho con
struction of water and sewer systems
and other munlciml improvement ami
for payment for rights to the use of
water. Money so cxHtndcd for muni
clKl improvements shall Imi rejald by
the town authorities In 20 annual in
stallments into tho reclamation fund.
The secretary may sell rights to the
use of water available under the recla
mation act for domestic, tire ami other
purines to any city or town establish
ed as altove provided, ami also to other
oUle or towns.
Warsaw Streets Full of Human Bodies
as Result of Battle.
Warsaw, Feb. 1. More blood has
been shed in the streets of Warsaw
during Tuesday ami early Wednesday
morning. Tho number of striker is
increasing, and conditions throughout
the city are fast liecoming chaotic.
The worst dlsturlances occurred in
the suburlt, while the city proper was
somewhat more quiet.
Many streets in the city proper are
like chanel houses. In some dlsticls
the dead lie in heaps, as it has !cen
Imjioftslblo to bury them all. Author
ities admit that at least 700 corpses
are still in the streets. They are pu
trefying fast, and in some quarters the
stench is becoming unbearable.
Can't Collect Old Debts.
Washington, Feb. 1. All tho mom
ber of tho cabinet were present at the
meeting today except Secretaries Hay
and Wilson, the former still being con
fined to his home by a severe cold.
Again the president emphasized his in
terest In the arbitration treaties pond
ing before the senate. He holds that
the opponents of tho treaties nro pro
ceeding on wrong promises in maintain
ing that they may lie used by foreign
countries as n lasis for action against
certain of the Southern states in the
collection of old claims
Must Obey tha Court.
Washington, Feb. 1. It can lie said
by authority that unless tho corpora
tions constituting the alleged beef trust
shall heed the injunction made perma
nent yesterday by tho decision of tho
suprcmu court of thu United States,
the government will iristituto proceed
ings against tho individual members of
the corporations to enforce tho decision
of tho court. Tho proceedings will lie
under tho criminal law, If such can be
Carrying Out New Forestry Law.
Washington, Feb. 1. By order of
the president, tho forest division of
tho general land olllco was abolished
today, and its work will bo continued
by tho bureau of forestry of the de
partment of agriculture, under Chief
I Forester Glfford PInchot.
- "V
- - , - - -- -
Salem, Jan. 27. Nineteen hills were
passed by tho senate today. Twelve
new hills were Inttodiircd. The house
passed 21 of Its measiiies.
A bill has made Its appearance In the
senate Intended to regulate Ilia frater
nal Insurance orders In the state.
The Coo measure talslng tho ago of
consent has been unfavorably reported
by the eoininlltee anil a siilsdltulo re
ported favorably. It Is thought the
new hill will pas.
The hill providing for agricultural
Institutes and enrriyng a $2,500 appro
priation passed tho house with vote to
Salem, Jan. .'10. Sixteen new bills
were introduced In the senate today.
One prohibit the sale of cigarettes to
minors ami make the use of them by
a person under III years a Juvenile de
linquency which may be dealt with
under the juvenile law. Another is to
approppriatu $50,000 annually for nor
mal school.
Nine bills were passed by the senate.
One of these I the hill raising the sal
ary of the assistant waiden of the peni
tentiary from $000 to $ I, SOI) a year.
Another raise the salary of the clerk
of the state laud Ismrd from $1,800 to
$2,400 a year.
In the house the bill fronting a state
tax commission looking to a revision of
the tax code was passed, lhe bill cre
ating Cascade county was wsed.
Hood River is given as tho count)'
seat. If the new county Is ensiled It
will Im In the Judicial district with
.Multnomah and jniut legislative dis
trict with Wasco. Strong opposition
will develop lu the senate, where the
Wnsoo tHHiplu hue centered their
Nine other measure were assed by
the house.
Th Jayne local option bill will l
amended by eliminating the emergency
clause and the reduction of the number
of voters required on a pelitlon for a
prohibition election from 40 to .10 per
cent of the electors of a precinct.
Couitaratively few salary bills have
Ix'en introduced lu the senate thus far,
lait It is known iIihI others will ! In
troduced later. As a rule these bills
lielng local, they po without question
iimiii the recommendation of the dele
gation from the countis affected.
Falem, Jan. 31. A hill was Intro
duced in the senate today to suppress
iMxilhelllng ami (toolrooms. Illevrn
other new measures were Introduced.
Nine bills were inissed, one of them
appropriating $15,000 fur fish hatcher-
Im. This bill has already passed the
Tim senate bill authorizing the Lewis
ami Clark fair cortomllmi to condemn
private property was pasoed by the
Ten new bills were Introduced In the
house, one of them ling the antl
cigarette hill, identical with that Intro
duced in the senate.
The house rejected the senate win
current resolution for a Joint UMnmihly
tomorrow to conilder a constitutional
convention. This stop any further
Mtesihllities of a constitutional conven
tion. Klectric India at railroad crossing is
tho object of a bill Introduced In the
house Unlay. They are to Iw of sltltl
eieut weight ami sound to Im heard 100
yard ami are to lie placed at every
crossing where a public road crowe a
railway track where thu view U olt
slructcd either way.
? The house committee on mining fa
vor the passage of the bill relieving
such mining coiiihwiIo of the annual
license tax as have an annual output
of less than $ 1,000.
A new bill In the house provide that
all sheep driven Into the state for s.
turage shall be taxed 30 cent a head
and 6 const a head shall Ito paid for
each county through which the sheep
are driven.
The Cascade county bill will appear
In the senate tomorrow or Thursday.
Salem, Feb. I. Twelve bills were
passed by the senate today and If) by
the house. Five new bills were Intro
iluctxl in tho senate and seven In the
Two bill wero killed In the senate
today: For a constitutional oon7eutloii
and to iKirmlt corMiratloiis to act as ad
tnlntstrator. Tho house this afternoon voted down
the bill for the npoititmont of a lioard
of internal commerce commissioner
and appropriating $28,000 for tlm
opening of thu Willamette river from
Will Abandon Contests,
AJax Few of the sconvodd miileui
in-titiitod against (illliam county sut
tler in the vicinity at (ho Instance of
William Twilley, of Devil's butte, will
probably be enrrlcd to trial, most of
the contestor having real I red that sen
timent in this community and In the
county generally Ih against them, In
the past six weeks 22 homesteads in the
AJax vert ion have been contested,
Three or four were heard at The Dalles
and tho ret wero set for hearing before
the Gillium county clerk at Condon.
Feeling Ishttter against Twilley.
Not Much Snow In the Hills.
Pendleton Tho melting snows and
falling rain of tho past few day has
filled thu streams of the county. Water
Is now plentiful enough to run all
mills that havo heretofore suffered by
tho dryneH of the fall. Irrigation
are fearing that there will not bo a
sufficient quantity of snow in the
inouiiialtiH to insure a flow of wnter
through the summer. Usually there
Is from flvo to six feet at Knmola, but
now there is but a few luclics,
Portland (o Hngcim.
A hill of llepieseiilntlvii Htelner'
fixing the tot iiiii of elieult court begin,
tilnfg on lhe second Monday In May
mid the third Monday In OctoW.
passed the house this morning. ',)
To permit district attorney and
their deputies to bid In fur counties,
lauds sold for delinquent taxes, a hill
of lleprosoiitatlvo West' passed the
house today. Under the pteseiit law
the county judge Is tcqiilrod to ilu thai
(unction, but sometime Is not prseent.
A hill to empower Juries to fix pun.
Ishiiieut lu criminal trials was ludell
nitely mtMinei by tlm house thu
morning. The bill caum from Hmlith,
of Josephine.
Halein, Feb. 2. The senate today
taed the house hill appropriate
$1,0110 for the widows of the prison
guard who weio killed by Tracy and
Merrill at the time of the oulhresk
three year ago.
The senate hill appropriating $!MS,())I
for maintaining the jtorlnge railway
WM (hisshI by the house.
The hill to exempt from annual for
Iteration tax' iiiliilnfg comKtiili whom
annual output Is low than $1,000 wn
also pawed by the hoiis.
The senate committee on coiiutlr
has practically decided to reitort favor
ably on the house hill for the creallmi
of Cascade muni)' and the prolulillitle
are thitt the bill will h the seimte.
Abolition of the Drain normal sclotol
will be recommended tomorrow by the
house committee.
From live to 20 year' Imprisonment
lu the iieiiitetulary Is the punishment
allowed under the senate hill to prevent
train holdiiM hI liy the house
The house sanctioned two appropria
tions of $l,n()i) each for district fair In
I'rrtsteru Oregon.
' The senate amended the llat salary
hill today by striking mil the Item fr
justice of the supreme court ami th
provision that the law shall not wo
Into elfect as to the secretary of slat
ami state treasurer until June I, IWI7.
It i probable the. Mil will hvm.
Talk New Railroad.
Tillamook Another railroad propo-
slthm ha Imiii made to the citm-ii l.y
Mr. Himinim, wlto says he I lwtki-1
by Portland capital, to give Tlllin..k
county railroad ronm-cllotis. lie in
a proMltlon to hulhl a standard ku
railroad from either Forest Grove or
North Yamhill, ami have It fomdrmled
within m year, provided the" tilum
could gel a 100-foot right of way. give
$3A,000 stilsidy and a suitable site fur
a dcMil In this city. It is the Inten
tion to exteml the Hue, provided It U
built to this city, to Netart bay
Church Colony for Oregon.
KMikaue The People's I nlted
church, at the head of which I Itishup
David N. Mclnturff, Is to In) disrupted
in HMikaue and a colony formed In Ore
gon or the lllg I Urn I. Bishop Mila
lurff lia nmiln arrangements lu u
chase 6,000 acre of land lu ime of the
place named, awl ry member uf
the church will move to the new r-Iiy
after turning over all hi worldly h
swwioos tu the church. The church
ha now $n0,000 or $00,000.
No Fisn far Five Months.
Oregon City At a conference J
Clackamas ruUHty Bslisriwoi In title
city, a resolution addressed to the leU
latum was adopted asking that the stste
flahlug laws be so amended a to pro
vide fur a closed season of five mouth
lu the year, June I to November 1-
This arrangement will do away with
the closed season extending from Mareli
I to April 16, ami Is In harmony with
the oiliou that has Iwon taken I'T
the .Multnomah ami Clackamas county
delegation at Halein.
Union County's Hog,
I .a Grande The big Union
hog which is being fattened by
Bro. at Island City for the I.owi ami
Clark fair, which weighed "00 miimI
n few month ngo when purchased fmtn
Sam Brooks, now weigh 1,000 mhiikI,
and continue to grow fatter- It Is In
tended to make It weigh more than the
prize Ht, hull fair hog,
Union Farm Sells for 810,000.
Union The sale of 400 acre of lisy
land to William Hutchinson by IM
Wilson has been rctorlcd here. The
land brought $45 an acre, a total of
$IH,00(i, jKiid in cash. This Is tho
second largest land sale made III this
section this winter, the Nichols tract,
which sold for $64,,000 cash, Iwing en
titled to first place.
Shear With Power.
Pendleton J. . Smith, president
of tho J. K. Smith livestock xiny,
wo in the city recently completing tho
arrangement for a fi-horse power gao
line engine to furnish power for a slurp
shearing machine which the couiNiny
will Install lu time to clip this yiar's
wool at It place 20 mile south of hero.
Wheat Walla Walla, HOo; hlue-
sieiii, Ule; valley, K7o. . ."
Oats No. I white. $ 1. 32 1 Q'iWW
gray, $1,3631.40 per cental.
Hay Timothy, $!40ln per Uiny
clover, $UQ12j grain, $HQ12i client,
Potatoes Oregon fancy, 7FGloei
common, (10370c.
Apples Baldwins, $1.26; Spitzen
bergs, $1.76 02 per ltox,
l'ggs Oregon ranch. 21iQ30c.
Butter Fancy creamery, 26a30c
Hops Cholco, 270280 ;
pur pound,
Wool Valley, HlQ20e; F.astcrn
Oregon, 1001 7oj mohair, 26020c per