The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, January 06, 1905, Image 7

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V lJ9.aU1AViMr.
DO03 not lot gO Of yOU,
whan you opply lotions or
liniments. It simply loosens
its hold for a whilo. Wliy?
Docauso to got rid of it you
must correct tho acid con
dition of tho blood on which
it depends. Hood's Sarsa
parilla has cured thousands.
Unlet Man Huts Uretltr Trouble In
)toitliiK Mi from Tin Ir HI mil be re,
"It I liuiiienatirably harder to awak
en men In the tiioriilfiK tnan It It worn
en," hotel proprietor Informe ine,
enye a writer In the Ht. IxmiIs (Jlobtv
Democrat. "A tnp or two at a worn,
an'a door In the morning U sufficient.
No matter how lain aha may have re
tired, no mutter how exhausted she
may hare been, no matter how faint
the 'yen' that cornea from the bed In
answer to tint knock, you can bank on
It Unit within a ImlMiour or so that
woman will walk Into the dining-room,
brlght-eycd nnd cheerful; but with a
Uinn well, It'a dlflYiviit.
"A inn n limy leavn a cnll for 7
o'clock In the morning with tlm warn
ing that ho must be up at that hour,
A I ttilniitttai liitfjtrst. 7 vnii ilittnll n
boy for tho purpose and tell him not
to stop pounding until tho man
awakes. The room may be on tht top
floor, but you can hear the thump,
thump, thump on the door 'way down
in ihn mil..... n,. Mi man wnkf. with
a faint 'yes' and scramble out of bed?
Not he. The, boy knocks until his
knuckles are sore, and then suddenly
a stentorian voice roars rrom wie . ii mumm. h iv -"
room, 'Yes, yes, what In blaxe Is the Hoard of Missions has erected a mls
matler with you7 Do you think I'm elou on the Indian lauds. No one at-Ai-aA
' The Imv re llres. turns In his tends Ilia meetings. A few of the
....a -ft At.. ..!. .. ..,,... . n ....
itkji v m Mir univ riiii vi w tnif
bis bund In cold water.
"Three hours Ister a swollen eyed
Indlvtdunl, with wrtuklts In his brow,
walks up to tht desk, 'I thought I
left a call hert for 7 o'clock In the
morning.' 'You did, and tht btllboy
woke you promptly at 7.' That's a
Uttlt too strong,' It tht answtr, and
afttr you've argued with him for half
an hour you haven't convinced htm
that lit was actually awakened as bt
tisd ordered. Ko It goes dsy after day.
Tht women get up promptly In re
sponse to a call, while tht mtn Inva
riably turn ovsr to havt another nap."
Veteran OrjtsnLU.
.Organists are proverbially long lived,
thouuh duubtless the olilrit orirantit Is i
Mr. Oervaso Cooper, an Kiigllah mil-
alclan. Ho Is iiiiirn than 00 years old.
but still docs active service as orgsulst
ot a Wesleyan church. He has been
associated with the musical services
of that denomination for seventy-five
yesrs, and for fifty-eight yeara has
oftlclated as organist continuously.
Another notable veteran Is T. N.
Webber, who played tho national an
them at Westminster when Queen Vic
toria was crowned and did the same
tt the coronation of King IMwarl. He
tins been organist at the parish church
for sixty-four years.
I'rinaln Oorlllae.
The Tendon xoologlcal gardens are
the possessors of one malt and two
ftmalt gorillas. Thert Is only one
other female gorilla In Kuropo, Hhe
la at Ilreslaii. Tht London specimens
art named Chtot and Venus. Tbt de
scription of Venus, which Is 5 years
old, Is as follows: Height, 2 feet 0
Inches; chest measurement, B(l Inches,
bslr, dark and pntchy; eyes, blsck and
deep sat, and huge overhanging brows;
mouth, expansive, with formidable
tttUi; expression, morose.
Columbus, Ohio, May so, 1903.
Six years ago I lisd a severe attack of
Inflammatory Rheumatism. I waa laid up
In Ixd for six months, and the doctors I
had did mo no good. They changed med
icines every week and nothing they pre
scribed seemed to help me. 1'insllr I be
rin thouwof H.S.3. Mr knee and elbow
joiuta were swollen terribly, and at ono
time ray Joints were to swollen and pain
ful that I could not close then when
opened. I wat so bad Uiat I could not
dove knee or foot. I was-gettlng discour
aged, you may bo sure, when I began 3. 8.,
8., but as I saw It was helping me I contlu.
tied it, and to-day I am a sound well man
and have never had a return of the disease.
8. 8. 8. purified my blood and cured me
of this severe case of Rheumatism after
everything else had failed, I have rec
commended It to others with good re
ults. R. II. Cuawun.
IJ55 Mt. Vernon Ave,
The poisonous acids that nrodnce the In.
flammatlon and pain aro absorbed into the
blood and Rheumatism can never be con
quercd till these are neutralised and fil
tered out of the blood and system. 8. 8. a
coca directly into the circulation and at.
lacks thediscaie Itself, It purifies and re
stores tht blood to a, healthy, rigorous
condition. It contains no potash, alkali or
stores tht blood to
condition. It contains 1
otuer strong min
erals, but U guar
anteed entirely
regetable. .Writ
as and our nhvsl-
clans will advise
without any
chanra whatever.
Our book on Rheu
matism tent free.
Tkl Swift SbibIrb CiHiaay, Atlaata. fib
Ba'ltWtfiVtWlSftlt'bM ft
UHInft. told br druxrliU. 11
Hno and Kos Indiana Will Hoou He To-
!-,,',!",,.,,e,,. ..
h nil hi ,, rZiiv
hliirtiiliiNiilp or mi nlniost extinct
rllic tlm one, powerful Ham nn.l
osm Imvn npppal.
ed to Onvornor
a ii iii in i ii kh, of
lown, to select n
c hlaf for thPiii.
Iho profit chief,
Itoali-a-to-iiolc, tho
Hiica rind Foxes
claim la not llit'lr
own ciiniiinin, mil
n WlnuubfiK", ono
of their ancloiit
foes. They want
him removed and
another appointed. The Wlniibsgfes
llvo on thn samo reservation, but the
Hacs and Foxes, now numbering only
100, Uit remnant of a dying racs, ob
ject to their presence.
Tlit) Wlnnebagows art progressive.
Tho Hacs and Foxes aro retrogressive.
The former am attending the govern
ment schools thn Hacs and Koxes
think It Is a wasto of time and energy
to listen to the foolish talk or tho pale
facn trachtrs.
The Hacs and Foxes will not work.
Tlity hate tho whllo man, hato every
mark of clvllleatloii, hato all that the
government does all but the blankets
and thn rations which aro supplied so
regularly. They object to tho tilling
' '"" ,Ml ,1U" wn,,t t,,u ,c,,(,' uo1.
For twenty-five years has the gov
rrnmtnt been try In it to maintain a
school for tho Hars and Coxes. Tht
' school was maintained, but no Indian
would attend. The few boys and girls
who did dart to learn tint ways of civ
llUatlon were ostracised by the re-
' tjfnfllMII fNIIli1tsllMtlll
women condescend to learn to sew,
but Uiry uovtr makw use or the saul
tary Instruction they have rocelved.
A few years ago also Congress ap
propriated $35,000 for nil Industrial
school. Tht buildings were erected on
thn most modern plans and tht school
was fully equipped. For two yvars It
has been In operation. No boy will
attaud. He does not want to learn to
work. Kducntlou to tht Iowa Indian
la a sin. Ht does not waut to learn.
Tht morals of Uio Indians are abort
Uit avcrugt or tht white men txcupt
Ing for two vlcvs gambling and
drinking. They art expert card play
ers and after pay day they keep up
tbt game of poker until money, blan
kuu and even horses have gone Uit'
rounds of the card circle. The Hacs I
land Foxes do not swesr. They have
no worxls or profanity In their own
'language, and when a drunken Indian
goes on a rampage be must borrow
from Uie vocabulary or bis whltt
lu thirty years there hat been no
crime among tht Indiana or the tribe.
They art not petty larceulaU. Tht
chastity or Utttr woman is remark
able. Uanltary conditions among tht Sacs
and Koxes art execrable. They takt
absolutely no care or themselves and
It Is for this rtssou that Uie extinction
of the race Is not far off. They eat
dead hogs thrown from freight cars,
and cattlo which die by tho wayside
art partlculsrly appotltlng. Another
decade will st tbtlr almost total ex
tinction. oiaHOpTioiePH f. berry.
MtthodUt rrtlalt Kltcttd Prtatddlt oi
tbt Kpworth !.;.
ntahop Joseph V. Kerry, who has
been elected President of tht ttpworth
Ltagut, haa been a Methodist clergy
man sines 1674. For a number of
year bt was associate editor of Uit
axr. jos grit r. bcbbt.
Michigan Christian Adrornte, nnd ht
hat boon editor or tho Kptvorth Her
ald alnct 1000. Dr 1 lorry waa horn lu
Ajrlmsr, Canada, In 1M0, uud waa sili
ca ted In Milton Academy. I.awrcnco
Uulvertltjr and Upper lown Univer
sity bare conferred on him tho do
greet of D, D. and I.L. I),
"And so you like Miss Learned,
"Yes, Indeed," replied the enthusi
astic Louise, who haa Just returned
from an autograph-hunting expodltlon,
"and you can't tell by talking to her
that the has a bit of tonso, auntie."
New Orltant Times-Democrat,
More than Ouue,
First Clubman (reminiscent!)-) Was
your daughter married then?
Second Old Clubman (whose daugh
ter bat bttn Uirlce-espoused, absently)
Yet, nowitnd then. Town Topics,
Thert la something fine In the brav
ery of new father who carries n
baby through the strocts In bis arms.
1 MtasaKJsaH
IHniUr' llnllet Mar Not Blop "
I Tho 1I sturtK" clwnciiU.i bunt..
W't r Mlnu.n or rhino Jim bee"
... , ,, ,.. niiiifr ,,t
" '" " " " ",' ,.' "i:.nT..r . .uTi I
",u''Ul0 , If I wounded It
""" ".'".". - .. Uma n ..
MniC of owsn n (hri0 Ull)W1
m m m Mpwll.MC Uiweforo,
, H)0U)U l))Bt.0 t, first nnd
i Wio t)rd Bfu,r u, MnAnuK,
wJi)(,h u M forillMn,ff tho
,)tlff nm, , )lwon,.(i tlio
bw n), ow UMa litivh ot UlW0
nIllim, i, danorou on different nnd
Individual grounds; tho eli-pliant,
UioiikIi Ium likely to clinrgo Uwn any
of tho others, la terrlfyliiK becnttm of
lila enormous strength, which Um at
no obstnclo, and tho extreme difficulty
of renchlng a vital sjot, especially If,
wlUi trunk tightly colled, ho U co1"'
lug your way.
I know of no aeiwfltlon more awe
some Uinn ataiwlliig anklo dwp In
clluglng mud In deuso cover, with Uio
Jungle cm sli lug around you na Uiough
i ho entire forest wn tojijilliig, as tho
cleplimit you have wouimJii! comes
NiiinuiriK dm way in your uirecuou.
Tho sclndsng Is dimgerotis partly bo -
cauwj of tho thick Junlo ho weks
wiion tviiiiwi.i Inn,. ,.!.,. Iniiv
when uouiMlMl, hut more -Htxlally
becnuso of hU treinemlous vltiillty nml
his usunl, UioiikIi ix)t Invariable, habit
of awnltluic tho hunter ou his trucks
and cliarglng suddenly, nwlfUy and
viciously, it require close and hard
ahoottng to bring down oimi or these
alxfoot siHtliuens of oriental cattle,
The danger of tlio tiger ami of Uio
lion la In their lightning activity nml
feroclout strenirthj but you have tho
shoulder, In addition to Uio head shot.
If broodslde; or, If coming on, Uio
chmt. all aurn to atop If well placed.
Tho reason tho rhino Is so fonnldablo
U becauao Um vulnerable spot are no
hard to reach. lis brain Is ns small
In projKirtlon st Unit or tho elephant,
and may be renchul through Uio eye
t'MJ Via, ISl RWUUl k4s.-J ((JV1IIWV UVIUfT
and Just In front of or Juwt behind
Uio base or the car, according to your J
IHj.iwuu iur a auu uuudk,
The Alpluo guldo frequently risks
his he I Ui. strength, even his life for
portions who may havo beeu Uicui-
soIvm Uie cauto or tho peril encuun-
temL Tho ijualltlrt or a first-clans
guide, says the auUior of "Adventures
on Uio Hoof of Uio World," lncludo not
only aklll Ui climbing, but tho ability
to form sound conclusions In moments
or dmiger. A ce.salu climber tells an
anecdote which bears on Uit Impor-
tanca of Uio guide's powers of Jud,"
A member of Uie Alpine Club waa
,, , , ,.,
akcWHllng a peak In company wlUi an
Obcrland guide. Part or Uielr course
lay over a tuow field which aank grad-
ually on ono side, sharply ended by a ;
proclplco on Uie oUier. Hie two were
walking along not far from Uie ttlgv
.... , , . ., ,, ,, ,
or UlU precipice When Uio Kngllah-
num. UilukUig Uiat an easier path
might bo mado by going sUll nearer
tho edge, diverged a HtUe rrom his
companion' track. To hla surprise,
Uio guldo Immediately caught hold of
htm and pulled him back with more
vigor than ceremony, well-nigh throw-
Ing him down In Uie operaUon. Wrath-
ful, ami not disinclined to return Uio
compliment, tho Englishman romon-
ttrated. The gulde'e only answer was
to point to a small crnck. awarcntly
like scores or other cracka In tho neve.
which ran for tome distance parallel
to Uit edge of the precipice.
The traveler waa not aaUafled. but
he was too wise a man to argue whllo
a desired summit wa- sUll some dbv
tanct above him. On Uio descent, ,
when the scene of the morning's lncl-
dent waa r.ched, tho guide pointed
to Uie crack, which had grown pcrcep-i
Ubly wider.
"Thla morka," he aald, "Uie placo
where the true anow field end. I feel Tie Got night Up.
certain Uiat the Ice from here to tho It la a thankless aud sometimes dtffl
edgo it nothlug but an unsupported cult task to wake a aleepor In the
cornice banging over Uit tremendous morning so effectively that be will get
precipice below. It might possibly up at once, yet it may be done, safely
have borne your weight, though I don't and effectually, by any ono who will
think it would." Thereupou he struck follow a simple plan recently described
the nevo on the farther aide of tbt leu In the Rochester Herald,
sharply wlUi his ax. A hugt matt tin- A man put up for tht night at the
mediately broko away, and went roar- leading hotel In a small town, and be
ing down the cliff. fort retiring left Instructions to be
The travoler waa full of amatement called In time for an early train. In
and admiration, and thought how the morning he waa disturbed at an
there, on an easy mountain and In rr,Z hour by a thundering tattoo upon
amlllng weather, he had beta very
near to making huntelf into an ava
Proposed In I'roper Korm.
Old Friend So you have at last con
sented to marry someone, llow did It
Miss Flippant Well, every man
that una ever proposed before hat Mid,
"Will you be my wlfer Hut Harold
asked If ba might bare the honor of
being my nuiDauu. Detroit Frea
Didn't Nnttl to Hay.
"la Itangum In town?"
"Why did ha leaver
"lit didn't atop to aay, but his ac
count art short" Cleveland Plain f
Whtn Haa U WIm.
A man may brtak a woman's hsart
Wfetn sht la young and giddy,
But good for nothing it his art
Whsn sht btcoatt a "wlddls."
Illinois Butt Journsi.
Iron frtra Mat;aetto Sastria,
A company baa bten formed to ob
tain the Iron from tht magnetic Mnda
ot Java.
ilss Onrinon, Scc'y Dclrolt
Amateur Art Association, tcitS
I yoUflJf WOIHCn Wllflt (0 do io
avoid pain and suffcriag caused
by female troubles.
"DxaiiMiui. ViXKiUUt lean con
aclenllouslv recommend Tvilln I!.
J'Jnklmm'M Vegetable Compound
to thowj of my eUtcra suffering- with
icrnaio wrnunoM ana me troubles
! which so often befall women. I auf.
"red for months with peneral weak-
ncai, nnd felt no wwirjr that I luid hord
worktokc,pp, Iha.lahootlnpalna,
u WM uttJ.rj miserable. In my dls'
tress I was advised to um Lydln I".
IMiiIclmm' Vc'ctaMo Coin-
pound, and It was n, red letter day to
V","', l . ".. . ' Ior
that tlmo my restoration bcean. In
tllf trtlI I Willi ft. rfifinrfa! wnmin
perfectly well In every respect I felt
so elated and happy that I want all
women whoaulTcrto fret well as I did."
r,?,'s ntriLA Oa!xo, 353 Jones St.,
"c."" '." g""."c 7 M,,u "
Wlion one. cnnNlilem Hint Ml
Ounnon'fl letter is only ono of tlio
countlasH htimlrcdfl which wa
arocontlnuallypubllshlnjrln the news-
of .Mrs. Plnkhaui'a medicine must bt
Emitted brsvlL
"lie waa me mom awKwara aancer
tt Uio swcllest ball of Uie swell water
ing place, and she the most graceful.
After they had literally bumped their
way through a waltz she smilingly re-
marked to a group or admirers that
sbo had danced since tbt was a little
"Don't bo discouraged,' be answered
In a kindly tone, "you'll get the knack
or it yet"
T.k Iai.u. iirwno inin T.w.t Aiidroc
Foreigners nowhere.
Foreign Hultor I Itj st your r
coronet and a castlt with a long
fttt A
roil. 1 arj sure you caaaoi 00 usurr
,bn0.i!liV PiJ...,, v ...., n
American lleauty ion natter your-
M,f ir 0n, of ,uori ,, , Amer.
Mn wll0 Mn, cosl In wlnttr aud let lu
To Dreak In New Shoe),
Alwsri ihsk In Allen's root-E.rowdr.
Itcute. hot, iwf.tlns. sfhlnf. swollen led.
furr.corm. lncrowlu nIU and bunion.. At
!" V.V,,?m.,.,n 'hwi "orT.!'5sS:o?n'l!?''rt
Alien 8.oim,ted, uitor.N. Y.
Coal Mine Hat a Chapel.
One or tho most remarkable places
or worship In the world Is tbt Miners'
thapel In Myudd Mlngdd colliery,
Swansea, Wales, where for more than
nft Jears the workers have each
morning assembled for worship,
This sanctuary I situated close to
th' bottom of tht ahart. The only
"Kht Is that obtained from a solitary
nT aafcty lamp hung over Uie pul-
P't from tho celling, and the oldest
tn,ne,r the colliery Is generally cho-
n to oIiclate.
, " ' ,,,,0 ?U8,om ,n wme otMor PIaccs
for f0?' n,ln" t0 fa,her together at
", . , .',. . ' f, ..". ...B!
th? Ilkp-,bt ' MJ "t this Is the
,' ,. - . . -'"r",""..
ment Is fitted out In a coal mine aa a
bis door.
"Weill" be demanded, sleepily, and
not very pleasantly.
"I'vo got an Important message for
you," replied a youthful voice from tho
The man wai up In an Instant; bo
opened the door and received from the
bell boy a large envelope. He opened
It hastily. Inside, on a small slip of
paper, was written In largo letters:
"This Is tht time you wauted to got
- W - H - M"M - H - M - -
- m
Color ssort food brighter and Liter colors than any other dve. On 10c packazt color. .Ilk, wool and cotton equally well and It luutntJ la
rtv p.rl.ct roulti. Aikdaaltror w wlllicnd po.t paid at IOC a package. Writ (or (r booklat how tody black and oUicd cotore. MUNRlS
Found at Latt.
Ifenaley, Ark., Dec, 20tli. RpcclnI)
That a sure euro or Itnckacho would
Ito a prlcoloM boon to tho jtcoplc, nnd
especially tlio worncrr of America, is
ndinitt,l by alt Interrfiti-d In inwliml, and Mrs. Huo Willlntns of this
)dnco is certain slio litis found In I)xU'n
Kidney I'llla the lotiK-Iookwl for euro.
"I am 88 ycara oM," Mrs. Wllllnma
fays, "and liavo sufforel with the
llneknclie very miicli for thrco or four
years, I havo lK-nn trontcd hy jj.kxI
pliynicians and ot no relief, but thanks
to 0(xl, I Imvo found n cure at last nnd
It Is Dodd'fl Kidney Tills. I havo taken
only one lxx and it has done mo more
good than all tho doctors In thrto or
four years. I want nil sufferers from
Ilackncho to know that they can get
Dodd'a Kidney I'JIls nnd Ret well."
liackacho Is one of tho first symptoms
of Kidney Dlseaso. Guard against
',r'Kbt' Dlseaso or Ithetitnatlsm by
CU,I"U u wlu' Do,J,1' KJdncy I,in-
At It fhonld lie.
He had Just proposed, but his pov
erty was too much of a handicap,
"A man without money," sbo said,
might as well walk back and alt
"Oh, of course," he rejoined. "He
naturally wouldn't bo in a position to
rldo back."
Por Infants and Children.
Deara tho S"TV ,rZ T
n!TO.rf CAjLrtrTJZrtTTAs
. o'B11010 TVA fC&CCXW
I'roper Thin a".
"In society." said ibe young bud.
"the gentleman Is always presented to
the lady, is ho notr
"Yes," sighed the heiress who was
,j0in. j,cr second season, "unless bt
happens to bare a title, then one must
pay for blm, I suppose.'
I Tito's Cure l a Rood coach nedldn.
I It has cured couchs and colds for forty
m.uiB..v., !...,..
Failed to Borrow.
Dlnruis Old fellow, It's th stmt eld
story. I'm In ntd of Uttlt financial
succor. '
fitiadbolt You'll havs to hunt f artier.
I am not the little financial sacktr I std
to be. Chicago Tribune,
Ilrblnc mind. IllMjInf or PrtXrtidlnc Pile.
Year droctiit wlU refund mooey U PAZO 01XT
MK.fT UlU to car 70a la t 10 It dart. Mc
Oolng One Hotter.
Mrs, Bbarppe I'm going to stop trad
la' here, an' deal with Lightweight &
Co., tht new grocery Ann across the
street, Ht lets bis customers guess st
the number of beans In a bag, an' glres
a reward for tht correct guess.
Mr. Qulcksale My dear madam, If
you'll continue to give us your custom,
we'll let you guess st Uie number of
beans In two bsgs.
riTP rermaaenUr Cored. KoBUornerroajeeu
II 10'.UreaiMerT
!'.!?'?.' Jff D1 S rTr trial bwtleand IrealtM.
Dr. 11. H. Klloe, Lid.,Ml An u, 1'bUadelplila, J'a.
LIAj In New York.
nurrled Editor I must bars aomi
ont to belp on this at once. Where U
lilnksT Wlwre's Scribbler? Where's
Boy They Is all downstairs gettln' up
a list of folks killed last year by electric
cars, csbs, wagons, subway explosions.
gss, sn 'lectric light wires.
Editor (despondently) They won't
get through for a month.
Mother, will nnd Mr,. winsloWs BootMng
Byrup th tx,t remedy torn tor tbalr children
during ths Uethlng rerlod.
Often the Case.
Customer Catchem tt Cheatem art
announcing another big drop In prices.
Merchant Well, there's plenty of
room for their prices to drop.
Of Our Method of Extract
If Tur plate (alii when eatlnr. or talklug
by uttnr our vacuum vaUt eaa make
you one that will b latl.iactory We da
work for people from out of th city quick
ly, o that you will not b delayed.
' do crown ana brldg work without
pain. Our 17 year.' x erlenc In plat
work enable, ui to dt your mouth comfort
ably. The bed it tht cheapen la tt end.
hart I eellnta aa wall a you.
Upan (Ttnlnr till . hundaya from la U
Vhont Ualn 3HS.
UK 1. I Wl.i,.
WISE BROS, Dentists
Wlrd Sisck. re, FeeJer..
Dora IMw r--Surpl'e.
Wrlto for Catalogue and Prices
W - K - - W
- rr - K - H - l - H - H - h
aK 1 lfAi-W'l
A Great lawyer's Careletsnett,
Orest Criminal Lawyer I workt4
vtry hard to get yon off, but 1 falld.
Convicted Murdertr (hotly) Ton
rnlxlit 'a' known you would. Thrst o
tlifm tnrn you 1st on that jury was rt
I'mImi, lljhlMl mt Mrnncml Mump I-ull.f
mi Hi mrkt III llnr po"' nn I'1 WP
with inn hnnm. Writ, for dmwrlpilr mtalns
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There is a demand
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We fJve thorough
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Wood or Straw Uu ners
The Old MonK Cures
Pains and Aches
of tho human family, rellevat
and cures promptly.
Pries 25c. and 00c,