The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, December 09, 1904, Image 8

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Timber Land, AttAlune 3. tl;l.
V. ft. UnJ Office, The Dallet, Oregon,
Otlotter , I94
Nolle li hereby given tTit In compliance with,
Mie nrovltlona of the Act of Cnncrrnt of June t.
.;.. entitled, "An cl fur the Mle ortluilteMaiuU
In the Ualet of CMirUmln. Oregon, NevmU, ami
Wnthlngtnu Territory." extended t. allittte,
public land ititet by Act of Augurt 4, !
Alice I, Helling.
oiUlentl. county of Crook, Hate or Oregon, kaa
mt September 19, 1901. Sir' !" thli office Ret
twnniMitrmenl No. 1401, forthe purchite of the
ejtet.33.tpisivt lie.w 111
Aid, will offer proof o ,um thttthelind
vmghl It more valuable for tin timber or tone
thhii for agricultural purpotct, unit to cUahllth
her ctilin to tald Und Wore J M Lnwrettce.
V. S. CoiiimUiloncr, at h(t ofTlee I yhtnd t
Oregon, on the th day f Jnnuity. io4.
She name, at wltuew O. W. Trlpjell. of
1'rliiCTlUe, Otegoni MUUrd Trlilttl, lYtnV OUm,
end Daniel lleltlug. all or Ueud, Oregon
Any ond nil pemm claiming advertely the land ire teouetted to file their
tUluwIu Ihl office oil or before the Mid Hill day
f Jaituar), 19a)
nil-Jtj .MICIIAKI. T NOt.AN. RrglUer.
Timber Lund, Act June a, iS;l.
notj$e for publication'.
U.-S. Id Of.c,Th,e,IMlle. Otegon,
OtW It herebx.giren,that,ln compliance with
tlse pYil(ont of the Arttof,Otgre 'o.f.Jmie 3.
1m. entitled, "Ah icUv the trcochijUrUivdi
lu the title ol California, Orrguu. NiU.tiid
JVnthlngUm Terrltor) a extended U all the
iyiblicjiiid ttlc by Act 0 Anguit.4, l?t,
iuTid moxtU..
fTJltfDaJlet. county, of WaKa.tttlr o(IUcgon,
i. in Nai eiUr 4 IWU Bled In OiU office lut
J Iiiiil So. ilti. htr. the. lH.Jch.31e of
-.......r...... .,-., ;,- . .
the efnwi wipnnuu ,v ,. .wi?
T c,, m
AlidtiUiir rtf tn.ikiwv N1 Hr Und
aought U more valiiebte for K timber oc ttone
riginjoragrkaltural purpurea, ami to ctaMIh
iltcUilm.lo uld Und before the ReglMer and
Tlecriver of thlt office t The DnUea, trgou. on
Jibe 4th (Uy or January, iwj.
He name a wllnetic. i-'redrick A. Belt.
V'harle n. Iletlt. Nthn C. Ilubb n.l WIUU M.
tliitibt. ill or The txallei. Oregon.
Any ind all perou cUlmlng derely the
abutc-decribed land are reurled to (lie their
a9alinlnUU oOice on or txfute the Uld lib
tky ofjanuary, 195.
Tlmter Laud, Act June i, l!;.
q: ikKttul elite. The Ialle, Oregon,
October 6, 191x4.
Notice l by glw that In cfltMtanee with
tlie urovilonIltr At.t'grCougrrvk xfrjnne 1.
is;l. tutltled, An act 6(the MfeotitluihtMancU
in the tttofCalifot)w. Oregon. Nerada aud
Washington Territory," a cateaded to all the
public land atatea hy Art of AugoM 41 l.Vi.
Nathan C liubh.
of The Utiles, cuunty of Veo. tte oXOregon
Va on Nontbtr 4. I9. filed In tliU uMct hi
won aUlrmeJit No. I47. forthe porchav of the
-H!f ekf H md Lot 4. ec ji. lp 15 . r Me
m. m.
AnJ will offer proof lo h,aw that the
tand auughh la more valuable for It' timber or
ne thwi. 6)0 agricultural purtnxa, and toe
tablih.liia)alm to aald land Ixfure the KegUter
and licet 1 bAtkla office at The Uallea, Oregon,
on lb sndidag of January. 1905.
He name aa witneuea. Charlea It llftU, I)ald
Morri. W. M. HuU and Fredrick A. llell, all
of The Hallta, Oregon.
, Any and all penon chdminc adrertety the
aUTe-decribed land are rrmrted to file their
dalma In thlt oQce on or before the aald vid day
f January, 193
ait-dp MICIIAKLT NOLAN. RegUter.
Xiu--!m liiTt-liy Ucn Hint tlivro will
In; lu-U Uhlh tin- liiiliteof tlu territory
luretnnfter ct forth 11ml iIl-ktIIniI, und
xt tin lb tty uf Omrinhcr, HOI, nit
i-levtton, wbl'li jJJiiill Iks for the ptirtxir-?
( ilrU'riittmsc whrlhcr tin territory
livretiMltcr net forth mid i1iitUk-(1
cUaU Ihtimih' UK'ui'(riiti'l Uitnunitinlt'i
;il I'oruinttim, tu U; knov,ii uh the
City of fcil ; the jKipnkiX&iti within Kititt
liroV-""' wciirnt w;t hx tliu Court
um'.TtaitM-) ami ilitiruiiwil to ln .'I'M :
ciiid lUvtliui xhali, further
Ik for the )Mirior J r4rvtin! the
itlicen nioirwl bv Liw fur tho (uwrit
nit-nt of ihntcin"leitraiou. Tiwro
hlmll be and electttl ft iuayi,lx HVIit
men, a rrronU'r,. A loarahal alvl a
trenHiirer, VilioHllall UM their ronpi't1
live olllctK until mich time sk tlnir itu
nvrnn Khali have Ikhmi tlulv eUvtwl and
tialilled in acronlanir with law. The
territory m,'lit to le ini'luded and in
iiirfirAted into tlie City of Itend i OH tolluWK, tO'Uit:
hi(uate In ihe. County of Crook and Mate
ofOregua, and more particularly detcrlbed a
filltqwa-Ueginklug at Ihe ratt quarter corner
(It. !icor.)oflV.liuThl .yTwo lit). Towiuhlp
heiretiteeii (17) South, Twelve (11) HaM.
thente aoulh cm the caat Une ef laid Section
Thlrty-Two(i).ne Touund fourtyaevrn an
Ketrnireu liundtcdtka (,47.17) fret, thence wet
Two.Tltautand Ma Hundred Twenty-tit and
htreiityall Huudredtha (ji.;M fecb tuore or
leaatoa train! la the weal line of the.lUil on"
half ( . ft ) ofaald Section TlilrtyTwo (ji), thence
utk Two Hundred Scveatyaeien and Flee
Trulhi frr.) fret more or leaa lo the Soutli-wet
curaeroflde North-wcit iuarter (N. W. ;;),of
the Hauth-eaat uUarter H. K. (), tneneewet
F.lghly-fire l3) leet. thence North Flflroiie (41)
Urgteet. Twenty-ait (4) tulnulea VVril, One
Tlioiiiaud Fire lliludred Sltty-aeireii and Five
tenlha (1 JA7J) feet more or Iea to a point Three
Hundred I'orty-bne and Twenty-fire Hundredth
Ii4l.Jj feet South irora Ue North-wet IN W
corner of Ihe Nerth.entyuartrr (N. K t( of the
South'weit Ouartrr (S. W I "t "I'l Section
Thirty-two Jt). thenrr North. Three Hundred
Forty-one and Ttfenly-five Huudredtha IxiJSl
feet to the Mid Nortb-wct (N, Wi) corner of the
ortb-aiOuirtcrt F., 1 or the South-wcl
Uuartcr(S, W, K). Ihcnce Wet Nine Hundred
Flny IvWUeH, more or leu, to the right or Hit
bank of the lieKhuteil rterr, thence in n North,
eailerly, Kaaterlj, and Nortb-caUerly cuurae
aUiug tne aald right o Halt bank of the aald IK
chutca rl'er to a polia on the North line of the
South liatfjs, !il of the North-eaal Quarter IN K.
() of section ThlrtyHwo- ji,aai(T point belnr
alioul Twenty -M feet more oa leu, Kat of Ihe
North-wot S. W,- corner of the South half
-H. K-oftbe North-eaat Juarter-N. I. U ,
thence Jiaat Thirteen llundted ! feet, mure
or lei), to the Norlb-eaat N. K.-orner of the
S.mth-el .marter-M. W. X-of Ihe Noflh-eat
UuartcrH. I. !f-of aald Section Thirty-two
jj Ibeaee NoriUN. two hundred aw
feeli theuct IUt- K. -Iwo kilndred -no-feet j
tkencc South S. two hnndred feet to a
iiolut in the north line of the South-cut (Juarter
s. I!. M-oftbe Nutgwait Quarter- N. li. K
of aald sectUn Tlilrtr-lwo u -: tkencc Kait
Jtleeen Hundred .Twiuly-uw- feet, more or
lot, to the Nohn-eaM K, li.cetner of the
JV-feel! thrnce.ltatt two jiuildrtd -joo feeli
Ihence hoHtk, three hundred . fifty JV feet:
(hence Weii Iwo balidrrd-n-reet to the aald
liortft-ei corner ojiuenoiiiii-eaiiyuarier--r. .
1-.. V.r tk.aaf a
H-af Qitaner n-. II ..inenceneum
Hut Thoutaiul iijtc HnAMuU Fourteen .and
Three Tenlha JJMl-K W h piMe of be
:ii fourteen ana
Uy unUr of fhe (inirily our' d
A'rook Count, Oregon, t'rlaevillej ftri-
on ofiuotr iuiii, iiji... . ,.
j, J. BiiiTit, rjoujt; t';v;kf
houlii-eatl uuarur -h. It. 01 lat .-ioriiiti
Uiurter-N. I!, U -i .tliinee Norlk N. -three
hundred fikv iyr-(ttl, (heute J!it two bund
rrl ar rVei-tTiriiMAiMitli thrte hundred fifty
Timber I.it4, Act Juut 1, U;.
U. 8. Land once, The Dalle. Oregon,
Oi)ober6. IM.
NotletU hereby given that JnoIUn,ce wllhJ
the praiMona 01 tne Act 01 vqhiic-. ui. jriij- j,
iS;t. eutittel, "An act far the leof llnilw.rUinil;
liilheitaleaorCalirornli. Otegon. NejaJa. Mid
WwMngtott Territory," exiendeil V aJl.the
publleUndftatcaby Act of Anguit 4, l(?.
ltedrlck A lUtU,
vTlTlle Walten, Comity of Wco,late of Oicgon.
ih on Novemlwr 4. !' f'lol In thliorflee hla
wrtn ititenient No. I4J. for e jurhaeof,tfi
iVuwU, awWie ami nwifawVf of ec JJ, lp IJ .
noe ,w. m.
And will ol&r proof lo ahow that llieland
light Uunm Valuable for lt tlmler or Hone
thao(OMg(Wlttal putpoe'. and to etabtUti
hltolni.tq W Ud betre the Kcgllerand
Receipt ufr llilf. ufiiceal The IXIIen. Oregm
on tha 4lh d)of Januat. lyoj.
llenaiueanwltnewr. l1 MonK Oluilra
11 Prlt. Mdljlam il, Ulibbaand Pxn'S Jolm.on.
all of The IHllea. OwrAiI.
Any and, all Miwlir elalmitiig a.Uerel) Hie
alKe-dewlbnl landi ate ifiyed In Ble Ihelr
cUInu In thla-oflke ono)wtle ald 4tli day
.tlA Tf .q5rVV. KtgUter.
TUitf-cr tiad. Act June 3, W-
l. t. Land 0Rt,e, "the 1M'U- Oregon,
OcVobrr ij, lji)4
...... .. . ,... ,. .v.. 1.. ......ii...
ru(ice it nerenj gin m nn
the pioeltlont of the Act oCongret ol.Junr j,
if, enlllled "An act .'pt the iite ot tliulier
lanot in me titic 01 niiwMiii., ''mw, . ,p.
and Wathlngtou Territory, 'at evtendnl In all
the following named pertotrt have fJed lu thlt
met their ixorii ttAtemeuto. lt.ll.
AlKtt Puullok
ofOulatio. countvof Malheur. alUf (Oregon,
worn alatement No wj nleil Se4 t. Iwm, fur
me DiiflCliaT 01 mr n'-i i T-t H7i"w
of tec r and ur'ttieU of tec J, tlw t, rioe.
Mk-harl I Ilk-Wer.
of Tke Pallet, county of Wateo, ttale f Ojgm,
.wiirn kltlf meut Su Itot. Illrd Allcutt M. Ivvl.
for the nurcliatc of the iw;awt. nS"K and
11 w 1, k), of tec ft. tp t. loe.w.iti.
That they wilt offer proof to how thit the land
taught l more vuluabie for lit tlml-er or ttoue
than for agricultural putloet, and lo ettabllth
their claim to utd Uutl tefore J M Uwtence.
f . t.onitultxuer, at hit olSce lu llend, Oregon,
ou the i;th da of December. lv4.
Tlvey name a wtlueerf. loph N Hunter,
Mlcliael J Murrltou, hlv.ool V Holiertt, Nlch
olat Smith, aud Frank ClUu. all of llend. Oregon,
and Richard Cunningham of Mlver City. Idako
Any aud all pertont ctalmlug advertely Ihe
above-detcribed land ate requeued to hie Ihelr
cialmt lu thji orbe w or before the aald 17th day
f iWcctuber, i(v
oit-dij ICllAEt,.T NOLAN. RegUter.
Tliaher Mnd, Act June i. lta.
V. 5. Ljiad omct, The Dallea, Oregsu,
Ortobtr ij, ism.
Notice U lKt.eliy given that In compliance with
Ihe ptovitlonaofthe Act.of Congrett ff June j.
i;a.eutitJd.'-Anact for the Mleof tlmrltmli
in the tUUra. of California, Oregon, Nevada, aitd
Wathluctou Tetrllary ' at eatcndnl to all the
public laud ttalri by Act of Augutt 4, l9. the
following-named pertoni have on September itl
lyo,. filed In thlt oOct tUclr aworn tuteuicutt,
Crank C VlcVenburg,
of Turtle IiLe, county at Darren, tlate of Wit
contiu, .worn ttatemeol No. 1J94 for the pur
chte of the aSw;( and a.SneS ot 10, tp 14
r tac. w m.
Cuttaf R.CatUuii.
of Turtle Lake, county of lUrron, alate ol Wit.
con. In. tworn ttalement No tut, fur the pur
chieofthen!,n!i and uS aeK of tee v. tpit
a, r lac ,w. m.
That they w 111 offer proof to ahow tint Ihe Und
totighl it more valuable for iU Umber or atone
Hub for agricultural purpotet, aud lo ettabllth
their cialmt to aald land before J H Lawrence,
I' bit office in llend Oregou,
on December s i'A4
They name aa wltnewea Joteph N Hunter.
Harry V lluuler of llend. Oregon, tiutlaf R
Carlton and Fraak C Wlcienburg of Turtle
River, Wltcontia; and Slllatu R. Uoolhofslt.
ten, Oregon.
Any and all pertoai claXwlng advertely the
above-detcrlbrd laada are reiueMed lo file their
clalma la thlt office on or Urkje the aald iMhday
of December, 190-4.
oji-dij MICHAHL T. NOLAN. RegUter.
Timber Und, Act June J. t7
1. S. Land Office, The Uallea, Oregon
October .. IV-M.
Notice 14 hereby given that In coaidUae with
IheprovUlonaoflhe Act of Congrett of June t,
Ik7, entitled, "An act fur theuleof tlm"rrlanilt
In the atatea uf Calllornia, Oregon, Nevada, ami
Wathiuglon Territory, at encoded lo all Ihe
public Und Slate by Act of Auguil 4. -. the
followiug-nained pertont hkve filed lu tliU
ofUe their tworit atatementi, to-wit
Marxaret Connor,
of The lalte, county of Watco, ttale of Oregon,
tworn Maletuint No. JDS. filed June it, l4.
for IhepurtUateoflheaeU, tec, lp in, r 10 e,
Mary J O'Connor,
of The Dalle, county of Watco, ttate of Oregon,
tworn ttalement N. J47, pled July JJ, 19". far
thepurcbaac of I be !"( aud total audi of
ecj, tp ij , r loe, w, m.
That they will offer proof loahnw that the land
toaghl laiuore valuAUe fur IU timber or atone
than for agricultural pnrpoiet. and to ettabllth
Ihejr clllrua In aald land before Ihe, Regitter
anb the laud office In The Dallet,
Oregon, an the illh day of Jtuuiry, ij.
Thev ntlile a wllnrttet' Michael O'Connor.
William . Maton, ami Martin Oromidwater, of
The Dallet. Oregon, ann Frauk lltouuunater,
oflClcia, Wathlugtuu.
Any and all tieraont clalmlug advertely the
above detcrlbedlanda are reiuetlfd to file Ihelr
claimiin Ihla office on or before Ihe aald itlhilay
ol January, 190J.
Timber I.aad, Act June J, M;8.
17. 8, Land Office, The Dallet, Oregon,
October , 1904.
Notice la hereby given that In compliance with
public land alaiea by Act of Augutt 4, Ityt,
John J, Kelly,
of Detroit, county of Wayne, title of Mlchlgifi,
hn en September If, 1114, filed In Iklt oltice hit
worn atalf ment No. 11a t. fur Ike iMlrchatr aftlie
w af tec ji, lp 18 1, r 11 e, ve m.
Ami Will offer nrsof to ahow that the land
ought la mote valuable for lit timber or atone
than fir agricultural purpotea, and tq rtlablUh
hit claim In tald Uad befure.llir RegUter and
Receiver 6lhl office at The Dallet. (Jrcrrmuii
Ihe fj"l day of Jaauary, ttj.
He rtaraetaa wltiieMea.-Juhn O, Kur, Thoiuat
Tweel, and J. N. Wlllltm, all ofTllCiDallei,
Oregon; J, H, Kelly, of Rckfrd, Wathlngtou
and W, II, leed, of fleiwl, Oregta.
Any aid ill aertta cUliular advertely the
tlieve-drMIUd liaattre feaueiied to file theli
cltluil In Ihli ajfflee ou or before the aald Jjtil day
of Jiuuiry, 1). ,
uii-jii MICIIAKt. T. NOLAN, RegUler.
Get Ykc DuaTetlaloTtkc at.
the proviAloriivf the Act of Congrcai of June J,
iVMhtlUed, "An act for Ihe aa(e of limber landt
In the tUtii of Califurula, Oregon, Nevaaa, aud
Watkliiatoa Territory." atettended to all the
Timber Ltml, Act Juut j, It.
UvfL Uud OBce. The DtlktOiegon,
Heplemtier h), ioaM
Not Iff It httehv nlveit that In iMlulillalice with
Ihe prtivUhmt of the Act of CougrcM of June A.
I?. elilllltd. "An net for the aalr ofllmlierlaliili
In the ta(et.o(Call(hritl, Oregon, NetaiU.and
Watulugtitti Trillion," at ealcuded Itl all Ihe
publjVlau4 tiatet by Act of Augutt 4, tty',
laeoli Ratiuiitten
of I'hltllpt, county Of Price, Male nf WUwntlu,
haauU OrtAVf 7- IWI, tiled In Ihl iifllre kit
worn ttiteiltettt No im, for the piinhnte ul the
"Of, of U H,"' " . w m.
And will oljer proof In allow that Ihe land
tougnyit more valuable nr 1A liniiHr or tunic
Itim kSr agiiculltiral intie. And tf rllahllth
Ifit claim in tald laud I hire the Itegl'dei and
Receiver of thlt nflicr at 1 he lnllct. Ovvjlin, oil
IIIC Iflililt.M .'rvTiilftl, lyvt.
,.. ..,. .1 . .. ..r ...U...... ..j..' - ' '
He uaiuei a. wltnettr Koien LaitiVli,
Wllimit Jr . lit in Kvertou, Lonlt NrUeu lief)
ma 1 Vamlerwai Klwatd yauilerwal), m S11V
uvan, tiu vuriey. nil trruiieau, Aiuert irvrairy,
John Ratimiiten.'all or I'IiI1IIm. Wltcontlii
Any and all ixh)iit claiming advertrlr the
above-detorilied lanjiaie teiuetled to Hie their
cialmt in thlt nfflce oil ui he Wre ulft Ivtlvilay
of December. 1904
o?-d MICIIAUL T N01,A, Regitter
Tlmlier Lnd. A,;1 Jivivc J. "r''
notick Koit ivijiivnoN.
V S. Laud Office. Tlir iMilea. Oregon,
Octulfr 14. lV4.
Notice It hereby given that in ruuiidlanee with
the pmvitlout uf the Art of Cinitirnt vfjune V
it;t rnllllnl. "An art forthe aaleol tlmlf tUiuU
In the ttale of California, Oregon. NcwyU, and
WatrAlngtiui Tettttory." at etlendnl lu. al the
pilblilAilil tlalet by Art ef Atigiipl 4. tya
Annie A Mttloy.
of Madtat, cwuit) of Crook tlalr of Oregon hat
011 rpi v. lyM. nirti 111 tint nmce ner tworn
tlalriH.enNn. 4WI. sir the Whatc uflhetel,'
irnatc ui ine tei,
1 i. tecju. iptbt,
nv)(. aim 1,01 1 ami, j,
r is c , w m
Ami will offer tu-itif In thine that the laud
ought it mote tajuahlt for lit tlmlter or ttone
than mr agrlcidlural puritiet, and In etlatn
llh lire claim to aald laml Iffore Don 1' Hea,
I' S Vomntlujoiic-, at hitoffir In Madrat, Ore
gon, on the vlh day uf January. Ivn
Khe namet at "Hue wet Michael J Morrlton.
nf odcll Oregon John A Palmer, John A
I .li tin. and Lama Ujuiii. all ofMadrtt. Oregon
Any and aU ifitoni claiming advertely the
aUiieilttcTibrd Vnida ire irtiuetird tn file their
ettlwtln tUt o'fke Ojiockf kte thewld ythda)
of Jtuutty, lyos
ovd ' MlCHAlit, T. HOI,N. RegUler.
Timber Land, Art June J, it.
V. ;ud Oftee. The Dallet. Oregon,
October ., lyn4.
Notice It Vlilot r,lvtn that lu compliance with
the prevltloiit ofthe Act of Congrett of June J,
1I7. eHtllted, ' An art fur the tale ul Umber landt
11 the ttttct oCCalUotuU. Oreauu. Nevada, aud
WatrtlHgttMiTcrrituty," at ettendcl to all the
nubile lanttalet, by Art o( Augutt 4, ifc, the
following Harued prrauni lytve bled lumUoWce
their twom l1UieiH, tu-wl
Richard Kin,
cf llend, county of Crook, ttate nf Oregon, tworn
ttalement No ti, filed February l. iyoi. for
the purcbate of thetwt;wt, uStwi, tndiiwij
tcK of tec 19, tp 19 a, r 11 r. w m.
John Atklntou
of Ueud, county of Crook, title of Oregon, tworn
ttalement No. 1641. filed J'ebruary 11, iyi. for
thepurcbaac of tne tiet" tiftec. t, lp w 1. rn e,
w. ru
Thatthey wilt offer proof to thow that the Und
tought It more valuable for lit lluileror tloue
lhau Rir agricultural pdrputei, ami lu ettabllth
Ihelr cUlmt to aald laud liefbie J M Mwrrncr,
V S Com tnltt loner, at hit office at llend. Ore
ion, on tke x,tti day uf January, 19".
They nime it wlinruet 1 N Hunter. Jamet
Hunter, W H firocV Wlflltai Mlh David
Hill, II Maith, Richard Klut Maty Aklntou
and John Alklntuii, all of Ve3,l)reiiVu
Any and all tertont clapUg advertely the
atiovletcribed landt are teuMMfd to hie ihelr
cialmt lu thlt office on or be lure the tald nuhday
ef January, lyJ-nii-jij
TlmV4.l Lud, Act June i, iljl.
U. S, Land Office, The IU1UJ, Oregon,
OcUbel I, 1914.
Nnllee it hereby gtveu that In cmnplltace with
the pruvUloni of Ike let uf Congrett of June 1,
;, entitled "An irt far the tale wftluiber limit
In the hlilet of Cillfurnla. Oregon, Nevidi and
Wathlngton Territory," at cilcndrd In all the
Tublic Land Slttet by act of Aagu.t 4. IS'.
Carl A. Job u tun
of llend. county of Crouk, title of Oirgon, hit
on sept 11, ituj, filed In Ihlt olfiee kit iwora
ttiteinent No. nil. lor the purihiteoflke a't
nejf aud lolt 1 and uf tec 4 lp 191, r lie, w ra
And will orfrr proot la (haw that the laud
tought la more taluable fur lit timber or Hone
thin for igricHllunl pMH-tet, ind lorilibllih
hltclilm to tttd liad hefiire J M Liwreacr,
I' h lilt oftVe it Rend, Ore
gon, on the itk diy of Jtuuary, 1915.
He namrt at wllnettet, John Sleidl, W H
vtatlt. arvt John I Wett of nend, Oregon, aud
John K Meuflienaon, Mluuetuti,
Any and all pcraoni claiming advertely the
abuvc-dcacrtLcd liadiare requeued to file their
clilmt In Ihltuthceun ox before tald ijlkdiy al
Jmuiry, iwj
iilljlj MICUARI, T. NOI.AN, RegUter.
Department ofthe Interior,
Liud Office at Tlie Dallet, Otrgoa,
December J, w
Notice It herelor given that the fallowing
named aelller hit filed notice uf lilt Intention to
make final proof In aupport of hit claim, and
that tald proof will be intdc before M R. Ulgat,
V S. Commit iloatr at hit office In I'rlnevlfle,
Oregou, on the nth day of Jtnutry, 191), lo w
OeorgeW, Null,
of SUtira, Oregon, on II, K. No, M19, forlhe ic
of tec. 3, l. 13 , ru e, w, in,
He name! the fotlowlna- wllnettet to urate bla
coiitliiuuua retldeuct upon ind cultivation of
aald, land to wit,
Jaiuea Wett, of rrlutvllte, Oregon and II, W.
Carllrt, Ctdt L.aohnton and I. B. Dtvll ill of
sittcra, urrgon.
llCllAUf. T. NOLAN, RegUler.
TrearJa Notice.
Notice frl heHl.y t'tvili Hint I luvn
inirt'liacitl tlio 1;wrli'klioWn cJltitMuorr-
place, a niiori.illulalico r'outlt 111 lie
H'liutvn jKiM-oltlcf, and that nil (orfnri uf
treHtnii' therWuf, liii'liitlliilj llriiiha and
huntliik'r arh.atrlrtly foMiiddeii uiidc llie
Ticimltlif of ttif law, .riiHIcliliirly Ob
v, IhIi to kIVo JiiiWIc notice .add .WarniiiK
tliui. tint until alouir tlm rlvr luliU In
tliu northward of the coiinty liVId in no
thoroiutitfari) and Ik not bf)i to public
u(i and all pcrrtona arc cautioned tu
refrain from tiapnini; that way, ,
W. ti, XiKRot
.!. Lfi-HjJ ,
Timber l.tttd, d Juut J, Itjl,
I) II. Land Olfice, l.akevlew Oregon
Hepltlithcr ti, Iv
Notl-e U hereby ultcn Hiu In compliance with,
Ihe ptiMtliilltof the act or Imigtettuf June ,
UJl, eillltltd "An ol lur the mle urilmlier latnlj
In Ihe Unlet of CalKuuiiii, tiltton, Nrv.ula and
WnthliiiltoiiTeiiWy. ' at calrndtd lu all lite
ptihllclitudUutrtVriuli' Vuml 4. I'D'.
Juh; Ollbd luii.
of llend roiiiilynr CHk ttnlr of Oregon, hat
Ihlt day rllrtt lh tliln, tillltt hit tworn ttalement
No 9i. for Die 1 lyulyiu? uf lh !( of tec. U
In lp 11 . rye, w in '
And will utfet ptitif li tV't. ,,,", "l' '"1'
iinghltiilil(,HliMhle hif ilt.liiV il( tlinle1
than for Mgrliiilliu il purputea, till i eUalillfh
,hlt t l.din in rtild land lrW' J .l Mwifiltr1 I'
h InmiiiluUiiirr, at lU iNHre Uihl, t,liegnn
011 Ihe H'IIi day ul mctlulKi, 194
llriitnie'.ii. wllii-twt Olliet U' !'"
Oliver Juhiitoil Aint iil, aipl "rilryfllllr
Alllie, all drileud. O t gull
Any and all lUlmlng adieitrty the
ahuvclcaallKd Uinlt ari irtUtlrtt In file lhi
cialmt In llilt ullke On ur lrf uld Idh rly
uf December, iv4 "
fojiU J f. WTtiN. RegUter.
Timber Laml. Art June ), ItrJ
y. H Land Olf ce, Trjr Dallet, Oiegon
t.Vvlnf I , ly
NoUrr It hereby ilctn IKat lu itimpllauO with
the pflvltluiitnfihc l iLt.oiigirtt uf June 1
llj. enlllled, "ii art 101 t,MetlilelllHiberlaiiilt
III the tlalrtofi liofna,Olrj(h. Neiada, and
UathlngVou 1etflti at rxteUilrtl to all Ihe
publl laud ilalrt 9V Ait ut Apgitt 4, v9l,
Ui.rtM It l.ewvt,
uCSetllle etim ly .( KUig Male ot Wi.UIhiIhh
baton Sept A, I9" ! lil "(liee lilt
twaiu tlaleineui S iij for the liuichtte uf
the ttt( tev 14. ti ix t 1 ij . w Id,
And will otbr p-of lu thow that lr
tuiighl It mi(VitubV Ah lit IliufrVr of ttunr
than llir agiliultm luiriuiit, and tu rtlaUltli
hit (UiIhi lu ttht k,ud h I ie the KrgtMeraiul
Receiver iittliit urnj i Tlie I ViUet. Oregon,
on the Jlh lt) ul jaiuwry, I9tju '
ll ittiurt at wlliietwt. I11I111 It. Uowltml.
(HWk'Vwid Jull it Miiier. aii.t llnit-tt It Mot
I UllUtt I
tun, an hi itemuc i'.itini-n
, all ul rWttc tti.tachttni K J (iofinau
aud D, IHlufi. of, The
lUllet, Or
irjiiiet. lirgoil
Any and ail pettHt cbtlmlng adveru-ly Ihe
tlnnredeiibeil Unit, air tvMMfUeil to t)le their
cialmt In thlt i.nte-e on' Or WUile tke tald 3H1
dy of lAUUAty, iy
uitiljo MICIIAItL T N'OLAN.. Register.
Timber Linj. Art June J. iU
V H. Land 0ce The Dallet. Oirgon,
Oetotwr 7. i4
Notice It hereby that in ctrniplUme wllh
the pruvitlontofiN Act rf Coug re tt of June 1.
T4, entitled "Anici f'w the tale of tlmUrUmi.
In Ihe tlatet of tallf wma oregun Nevada and
athlnglon Tetrtty at ettendrd to all Ihe
public laud ttile l AU Augutt 4. It'll.
LawhtlH McNeil,
of ldnbnrgh. roui.ty uf Walth, title af. North, hat n M 17 fai BImI In Ihlt
ulTire hit twmn tiaicment S ill. far the
tjuchttf of lh tinw k arL uwW ,(! nwi(uf 14 tp 11 1 1 1 -e w nr '
,ikI wiVI ndrr pfviuf to thow tht hr tnd
tj,ht It bwe 'i-uukfe fur lit timber r ttone
tVA".lu' igtVwU'Uat p iilta, tnd to e.tbllth
hlteillm rh widVu1 Ulote the Hertrr and
Kectlrer 01 lk.1 uiftca tl ibe tUllet, Iteguu, uu
the Ijrd day of Inrtmber. lvt
Henanirt at I'rank Skepptrd. J
Curry, Kalherlne McNeil of iculnlla. With
Ingtuu. and Joe l.rahain. of Sl.lrrt, Oiegun
Any and all pertout cltlmlng adieitely Ihe
alate-detelld Itndt are requeued lu file Ihelr
cialmt lu Ihlt slur en or Iwfwe Ihe t Id Ijrd tj
of December, lyut
014-dlt MICIIAKI. T. NOLAN. RegUler.
IpA,ttMCHlo(lhe Interior,
V. K. Und 0T4e. The ,met, 0ff,n,
NtwewUt 3. tl
Nnllee it hrreUv riven 'lul Ihe hUUiln
natued KUwr htt AWu iiaiWw ulh'i tnlenllMn lu
mate nnal lrfi 111 tuufom ui rtrr otim, auu
lltaltaM iinwfMill t iudr 1-rWe I M Law
rent, V Cuui'nl..iuui r, al ImuuVV In llend.
ott(on,un Ihe iithdaf uf lircrHiWrr. ivm, to-wli
HufnKJ U'll'ted
uf IW-xhulr. fKui '"ill I. Nl i.VjlI. fur Ihe
H otuie neu trcjt, ip 17 rur.w, 11
She namet the (.IWwihm- wtlHetet In Mine her
chhUiiuoui retialeuie Huuw ami cutlletltmi nf
takl Und.tiewlt IUne.1 A OHrkH. ami I'rank
fSUttofHeml. llnrry Kill aud Levi C Whllle. of
Detehutet, Ofgiw,
nit-dll Ml I.AKI.T NOLAN. RegUlrr
timber Land, Art June 3, 1I7I.
V. A. I.nud Olllte, The IMllei, Otegon,
, . Iklober a. I94
Notice I hetehy given lanl 11 eompllanre with
Ihe provltlnnaof the Act jf C ngrett of June 3,
lt;l, enlllled, I'tn art fi thrulr 01 ilmtwr limit
In Ihetuteauf Cilllornli Or . on, Nevidl.nud
Wuhlugtua Territory," at rtt- ded lu all Ihe
public land tlalr I) Act nf Augutt 4, ly
Charlrt li Iwu,
ofThe Dallet. County ofV'4. ttale of Oregou.
htton November 4. i'l bled lu Ihlt office hit
worn ttalement No lit , for th- puichtte ol Ihe
nwXiwif.tttawlt'aul awUnetf of tec 3.1 lp
r lie, w ra
And wltl offer proof tn thow thlt the land
ought It more valuahU. fur lit tlmtwr ur ttone
than for agricultural p'irioea, and In ettabllth
hit claim tutaitt Itu I before the ItegUler and
Receiver of thlt olbcc it Tin Dallea, Oregon, in
the 4th day of January, lJ,
He namet it wllriettei, I rnuk Juhn.on, Fred
rick A Helta. David Morn nnd Ntlkm c
Hubhi, til af The Dallet, Oregon,
Any aud all neriuut claiming advertely the
tbote-dcKrlbed lindi irernlH'tted to file Iktlr
cltlina In Iklt on or before the aald 4II1 day
of January, lyt3
oil-dyi MICIIAKLT NOLAN,Rtliler.
Timber Land, Art Jul 1 1, ll;l.
V, H. Land Office, The Dallet, Oregon,
v Oetuber 13, 1904,
Notice la hereby gltcn thai In compliance with
Ihe priivliloui uf the Act of CougrtM nf June 1,
H7, enlllled, "An tcl lb- the tule of limber limit
lu the tlitctof California, Orrguu. Nevada, and
Watklugtuii Terr, lory." at rtiemlrd tu alLllie
public land ttate by Art of Atigu.t 4, 191,
Albert Cuont,
of lint (Wind I'oika, county of I'olk, title nf
Mlnuctoli, hat ou Sept, f, iui, filed lu Ihla
orue hit tworn lUtMnejjl No, Hai, fxr Ihe pur
clitie ofthe t( tee ft, (p Ida, r lie, w.m,
A ail will orTer,proor tu ihw tkit Ihe laud
tuiigkt It aiorr tali
for Itl limber or none
thin for igriculluri! purutr, and tpasltbtUh
liliclilui to tiid Uhd before Ike Keglaler aud
Receiver al 1 The, pullet, oirgcti, 011 the ijrd
iliy,7jiniiir(y,l,yr.i, , ,
He utuietf 1 wllnettea I'etef MiCoy. Tliomtt
McCpf, John Ketriit, aud Jainei II,
I'.hllthUt til . Lf, Kttt t.ttmr . Vorkt.
MlaiiCMtis Jufilt .rlUldl, uf tend, Oregoat
laiaft J, lletlck, of llalttrrk, oretnii, Thaaiit
Tvrlltlnd V.. A. Willie, bolli of Tile Datlew,
Aal and all nliaaj cKlmlnt advertely the
iUe.-dfcrlbed UnJ ate ren,ucifd liJ tkelr
cltlttt la Ihlt apice eia af before Ihe (til 13rd dt
of JiBNiry, iMt,,,,, ,
llji. MICHAJtL T. NOLAN, RtgU'llf,
Tlmtirr I.NiMt. Act Jun y ijfl,
U n l.ind Office, The Dxlli, Oregon.
OclilH-ry ivou
Nollce U hcleby given Dial Itl imiiplmme wllh
lyiitviihe Act ut coii ; nr jinn j
(11 Ibr atntea nf CnlllL'l 11U. Ores 11 Ni ada, ami.
WitiVbUlon rtllllnfy." a tleliili(l 111 all l(,
piibilo Itjid talci by All ur Aimiiil 4, lui,
eut aiivi n'i utr "ifui iiiiiurr it
Nellie A Shaver,
uf rmllauJ. county ut MliltM- ah. tlite nf
I in gun. Iit vn IKlultet W, lyui, filed In thlt
ofllcf her v.otu VUement Nv Itl. ff tha
puiihnte nl tVe ttHnw( n . tUliel ami
litt f tejf uf ee l,l)i N ,r nv . hi."
And will ulltr plisir In Ihu 'tut Ihe Und
oiilLhl I liiote vtiUhle fur II Uliilite ur itour
IhHii lli niillcullillal iorttt an.) 1 MaMUi
hie claim l.iiatd laud hefyri line h l-Hr tnd
uecttier at ine 1'aimt, iiiim-iii, uu nr ivm
dayol ImemljCi, H
She namet at wlln
llilf) IV M ma,
ami Mary U richniur.
Ahtyr I. WhlllrliHlld Y
ol ClaltkHi If, 'iiegun,
CTWhlJitti ull' ltml.
and all periulit claliluB aderwiy III.
abifVrilttcrlbeU lamlt ale Itwiit ttl In file Ihelr
cUlrHt In thlt Mftiee mi r l fur tei.J 19II4
lAc ilrtcrlleU lamlt ale 10
div'nf DreHiler
MICH AXL V. 'LAN. Ueglalrr
Timber Land, Atl June 3, ItM
V.S I, t tul ornee.Tlir Dallet. luegou,
IHtotiri 114,
Nutkr It hareby glteH that In torn Hit Hew wllh
Ihe ptuvltluutvAlke Alt nf Cunigreto of Jmie .
itjt, rntllle.1 '-An Mt W the t,
In Ihe tlatet .fCIIW4ila, (lit
1 "aii mi im tne Mir or iiuntrMnut
tl ..b.l.. . .. ti
WaihlHetiiN Tenllotl "at eilih
I 4. Ikfl
public Uuff tlaltt by Atl uf AUgv
John X Otrdner,
of Cm Like euunly uf Vv. lUlrnf Mlnirwta.
hat oil Manh n iyt, Vd In tl it of nee hit
worn tUn-menl Nu ii (he the mi htK uf the
iHKl4 tnd tand tc CIP '. new nl
And will iiflf ptMif tn tltu that the lind
toMghl It mure alub'e for lit llnilwr ut ttunr
Ibtu l(W agrtcullural pl ).. v Jl to ettabllth
thet cialmt lo taM Und WftHe lk Itegl.lrr and
Recelur uflhltorm-e at The latlt-t, liiigvu, on
the wni day ol January ly
He namet ti wllnrittt Mkbte OCimmih
TlH'MiVl,"l ) w Kntiwlt an I 'tkNM.rrtK
gttl, tllulThe ftallet nrrgtMi
Any and all iM-rtani lUlmlng aiUettfly kt
alwfr tl'toribtd laailt a,e irut4etl to V" tkelt
etaiMtin ihltwrriee uh or neforr i (W1 iml
day of ItHV'v lt
o,td- MICIIAVi- "OLAN i'et
limber Mn-I, Art June j 1' '
V S Laud (iftr. The Dallet Oregou,
IMotwi t, ly.
Nvllte btkeiekjr gt,(H that Im cwMptUHar IIK
Ihe trfrtvlJoHti.flhe Atl ol Cuuglett of June I
i". entltletl. Am art be Ihe taWnf Uwtwelimtt
In the ttatrt of l'tll(HHI. OftgtM veva4a ami
Ma.hHtgtmi Toey " at ritewwa tn all Ihe
puMw Und ttalet lf tcl of AaguU 4 It-ti
ttatKge IMtvwtehuut.
uf HeHd. Ctatnly Crunk Hal. nf Oregwn
hat un January ijitb,, iim. ntnl in lht aihie
hit iwutH UalemtNt No i4. foe (he ditliiw ol
Ihe te 1 te W tt 11 tw W tw t-t u. Ha If ne
If tec A, nw Vf nw j; tYl. lp it r it r, tr ta
Ami will niter prwof M tVr I ha I Ihe Und
tought la more valuthhr RV lit, llwhtr ue tluur
Ihan ft agrieultural tiui)rty ami W 4tVU.h
hltrtalin liuMUlWf J Lawiemv, I'
n Cutninltmer. al htt uffkte la NtHt. IHrgou
ou Ihe iMhday o( JaNHoiy, iVi
He namrt at wllnettet )nu- Shaw JahH
Mekll John I Wett and JtMCphN Hauler, all ol
Iwuil, lnegou
Any and all pttwHt rlilmlng tdrttfly Ihe
tlv ilevnlUU Uml.trr reuu.te4 ta Ble Ihelf
italmtlH Ihttutbtr (ni or Keffcie tawt talli diy t(
tnuary, 193.
hi-i .MICI'A,'!.
T NUt.tN Megltlii.
Ticket Lind, Art Jnne 3. tj.
V . Luiduaer, Tr DtU't. Oregon,
priwr j. 1 vi.
Nollee It hereby given Hit
rn Hit) inn
ft ( Ciput
for lite wle
lliewiflpllinee with
Ihe pre.ltMHit
(line a
reta w
Juar 1.
1111. enlllieu. An act tr Ihe
I. Ik. .1.1.. I'.IILU.I. f...K 1...
WatblHgltm Tertlloty, ' at eilended lu all (he
a an
puuuciarM tvaiet ny ,ki 01 Augutt 4, IV,
Jamet Raflery,
of Saudr4Hl, ruunly uf Kuuleual ttale of litaha,
hat thlt day filed lu Ihlt office hit iwwen tttte
ment Nn i for Ihe purtha.e of Ihe k'iio1,,
teifuwl, M, and twMtwU tec II, lp IJ t,
r ir . m '
Ami will offer
provf l
luakle fui
tought I. more ultwhte fur Ut limber or ttone
thin fur agtn-wltufal pHlMoft, ami ta etiaMith
hltrtalin to M liiil l-eMe the ReiUtrr iml
artetter nlllUt orbc 11 Tie U)le. Oregon, mi
Ihe ijth day of I'elwnary, i3
He namet at wllnettet Wlllltm 0 Maton aud
MUhteltll'uUHWofThe llajtrt. Dl'ioui Will,
lam Amet.and rhlward L- Clrlch of mandiMlul,
Any ami ill ueiaAnt ;llmlug tdvertely the
tbovetletcriUed ItntlMte (tueir lu file thru
clilmt lit ihlt oltVM tw nt fore uM nlli 1I17
of 1'cbju.iry I9M
dflo MltllAIII, T MII.AN, RegUler.
Tlmher Mini, Alt Hnt yt.
I a. Iinl Office, The Dallet. Oregon.
Nuvtiner 11, Ivm
Notice I htrchy glieli thai In comp!.nte wllh
Iheprovltmntiirihe Art of Cangrc. of Juae ,t,
fill, enlllled An art for the ttlc of limber landt
In IhetlilciiifCatiruriilt, Oregna, Ntiada, and
Watblagteu Terrttury." at eilendfd lo all Ihe
public land title, by act of Augutt 4, ll-yi,
of ailterClly, county of Owyhee ilalc eridaha,
hat Ihl day filed in Ihlt nfflce her tworn title
ment No 144,1, for the purchate orihcuHuwi.
audnltntif tec jl, lp 14 1, riae.w. ui,
And velll (ifTrr prv,f lo. Iliow that Ihe ltml
ought It mote valuable fur lit llmUr ur ilime
Ihan fur tgrliullural piiriaiae, and lo etlablUh
her eltlrnt lo tald land V'" he Retltler and
Receiver, oflhl utllce t 1 he Dtlltt, Oregou,
on Ike uu city of I'tbrUtry, lrJ..
Kke niuiet at wllneueti, Mlckiel Vlarrltan. of
llend, Oregou .Albert rWll and l.out V. Until
aumr, ofontallo, Oregon, and Rkhud Cuutilag
ham, ofSllterCiiy, Idaht,
Any and ill teraont claliolnr tdvrrtcly Ihe
tbove-detcrlbid laud! Are reiluriUd lo file Ihelr
cltluit In Ihlt office on or Itefurt the ttld uu
day of I'tbruary, 1914,
(W-fii MICIIAUL T, NOLAN, Hrgltler
Timber Laud, Art June 3, tljl,
l.tndOfficttt l.tketuw, Oregon,
Ocloher 3, 1904,
Notice It herein tlica thlt In com pi It nee wllh
thepruvUlant ofthe art ul C2ugrett4f Juuei.
Hjl. entitled "An act for, III M of limber Unit
In 1 thetlttet of Ctllfurult. Oregon. Nevtdt ml
Waiklngtoa Teirllory," it tilendtd to all Ihe
public land tlitti by tcl or Augutt 4, lai,
lltlllc K.niaiirer.
ofHpokaue, county ofSKiktne tttte of Wtihlag
ton.luiilhUiltynUd lu.llill a(arevhcriworu
ttterueal No. ijlj, ft,r Hie purclufe ofthe ell
ofwV.tWofuwV, tw)f uf nttf tec 7 li 11 1,
fit :. ,
And wltl offer proof lo iliavrlhiitnt Und
ought It ultre valuable for lit .llmbw oh tlanr
IbaiiroraillcvilliiratpurtioKii mil. to ctikblUh
her cltlnf lu ttld land htforr 'L 0. tlinllli
County CL-fk of Crook county t I'lljlatjllr lire
gou, aatirdiy the Jill ilty of December
ft . , .. i'.
nocniweiji wiiaetteti W. W,
Alllagkim.H.C. Hlone, tad hlta
Aejr aa4 all pt(Hut , cltlmlng.. tdeeteeir tht
tbttt-aetcrlUd Usut ur ttttaettea lafiUtkilr
'.''""InlhU afllctiiiii r beftrt ktMU3ltl
Ji Mi wAYibNi Ht.l(if,
9 -