The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, December 09, 1904, Image 2

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Russia Decides to Participate
In 1005 Exposition.
Ucllcvcd She Has Come to Time tic-
cause the Wily Prepared
Magnificent Display.
Portland, IVe. 2. Kuselit stepped
mtdilenly and unxHt,twlly Into Hue
for participation in the Lewis nml
01 rk Centennial exinxitinn yesterday..
After ptAthitc at imp time thnt it would
Ihi iiMjolble lor Kossitt lo artltipto,
the riar's ministry of commerce sud
denly reconsidered the matter and in
order to Ihi sure at n space allotment
rushed a cablegram to exposition head
cmaners. The citblcgtnm was ill
Intuited from St. l'etertautg nml ttas
signed by Kdwatd GruuwntdtrVotiiicllor
of wmimetce. The message wan os fol
lows: 'St. Petersburg To Lewis and Clark
centennial exposition, Portland, Or.
Invitation accepted tltianee ministry.
Wire space allotted for It us In. Cable
mid re Kdgrun."
The cable message wag tU-:iiipluHl
immediately to Director of Exhibit
Heniy Doech. at St. Louis, Iu order
that it may be acted upon.
With Ilussiii'a participation Ihepow
cis of the world, as well as a majority
of tho minor nations, will bo reprint
ed at be exposition.
Just wh.-u caused Itttsein change of
lieart regarding the fail can only he
surmised, but it is quite probable that
the Oiicntal aspect of the exposition is
what caught Jtho eye of the Itueslan
Th fame thing,' though, caught the
eye of the wily Jap some months since,
and Japan has arranged paiticiition
on a big wale. It is surmised that
IZumIu cannot afford to make a lower
allowing than does Japan, ami there I,
therefore, reason to look for an attract
ive and valuable exbioit from the land
of the caar.
Togo will be Unable Strongly to Op
pose the Otitic fleet.
Chicago, Deo. 2. Tho Dailv News
lias the following from a staff corres
pondent: "Slxiughni Japan it now thoroughly
a routed to the danger which threaten
her in the approach of the lUltie
squadron. Admiral Togo has only four
battleship to oppose the seven the
iiuteians will bring against him The
long service the navy has seen finre
February 8 has seriously deteriorated
the largo naval guns on board the fleet.
All this constitute a grave Menace to
Japanese sa supremacy. Iu view of
the possibility that the transport rerv-
ico may be stopped, the authorities are
accumulating vast stores In Manchuria.
The Baltic fleet is. expected to reach
belligerent waters aliout February 1,
,amJ it is feared that it may at once
seize the island of Fotinnea a a naval
'bate. Forotoea belonu'H to Japan, and
is only poorly prepared to prevent Mtrh
.aatfnn ihi the part of Admiral Itojtst-
llla Russian Shipment lo Go from
Y Omaha, Dec. 'J. Ono of the largest
(orderanl ueel ever sent out ol the conn-
4try is how being flllefl by the Cudahy
I'auking company, of Pouth Omaha.
vho tonight shipped to Portland, Ol.,
.the firt-t consignment of an order from
tho Knwian governuient, consisting of
,17 caih. TJio outire (yilfr will Oil ISA
can of meat, and will be vh ppd u-
rupidly as it can bo loaded.
, lh moat is ci a good to the How Ian
goverriment. It was cold throngh
brokera. The fliipniHiit in iKickul in
'barrels weighing, when (llleil. alHit
M poandi etuh. A -ar will cam
? arxait ISO Urr!. or Iti.OtH) hhiihIs
'Tltt (.Hiiro train of 1S6 cars will con-
:talH 070.000 p..iindH of moat The
, mt will rati, n an army of 100 0O4I
fmen for six weeks.
Canadians to Uulld Hatcheries.
" Vancoom, H. C Deo. '2. It i
'olliuially announceM today that tho
Domln.on goveinment haa it-Hiitxl ill
JrititioiiH for tho ostablishtnent of two
i large hatuherie- -n tho Northern coast.
diii! in ine iiiiiciiitich win mi loeuieii ill
Itlvers Inlet and the other on tho
Sktena river Kach will liavo a oapau
Jty 20 000,000 igga a year. The
liaU'lierifH will bo in operation in time
to i nublo the olautH to leuuro anawn
from next utjas.iii'H run of sockuiit in
Ithe North.
Coin for Hie Philippine Islands. .
I Han Fraucisi'o, Dec. '. Tho lo'nl
Jrnint will turn over to tho war depart
intent today a largo consignment of
jEhllippine money. Tho coin will go
fto'the islands on the transport Lovan,
which sails tomorrow. Tliero will be
800,000 pesos in 50-rentavo pieces;
00,000 petos in 20-centavo pieces, and
150,000 pesos in 10 centavoe.
' f l).ittl l lt....l.,. C...t. tl... . .... I
... ivuuv l "HVIIl. vHH.ll - IIOW.tHI
from Japan.
St. Petersburg, Doc. II. A report
which cornea (torn an utiimpemiiiihlo
sourco has reached the Pitlilishtiia'
Prea correspondent that Ititiwln Is not
only leady to rtcelvo any peace pto
pna.tla Japan may liave to make, but
that with the fall of fort Attbui she
will be toady to Hue for peace That In
the situation today, notwithstanding
the swashbuckling attitude of thut-o
who profess to frame- the ciuplie'a pol
ley, and will I the situation right
along, even if thl and subsequent
Htalemonl to ttiia effect were olllrlally
denied. Hefore tho irll at large Una
slit cannot atTord just now to appear
tired of the ttrttgyle and skeptical as
to ila outcome, but dlpli.tlc elide
are to know the ttutli, and
KttselnV representative all the civil
lied world over hate received atrotig
intimations thnt sincere and authori
tative offetr. of mediation must not bo
t rooted lightly in the future.
It is therefore to lie assumed that
ltiisla eouslilers that the eonllht is en
tirely hopeless. There ate sure to be
mine Hiisslitn viotonea In Muiichutia
and the general belief is they will
come eooti, owing to the fact that Field
.Marshal the Maiiiiis Oyama bni len
compelled tn part with lame IxhIii of
his men in order to hasten the lull of
fort Aithur. Hut Itussia has Far
Kastem Interests of much greater Im
portance than even the ihhk'ssIiiii of
fort Atthut, and as thct-o Intertvtr
have Uen attackwl in the ast by
Great Ilritaln and China alike, she is
In diio need of an nlly. That ally will
bo Japan, if the plans of tmlny do not
miscarry. The Imttlei of today are lo
be fiillowtMl by eloo ties of commercial
and political union tomorrow.
Concessionaries Ucllcved to Uavc
tahen In Eijual Amount.
St. Louis. Dec 3. While It will Ik.
Iiiixmible to obtain the actual receipts
and expenditures of the Louisiana fur
chase exHHtlon iionHnv liefmo the
middle of DeremU'r, Secretary Walter
It. Stevens, of the W.old'n Mr, made
the following statement to the Asiclat
ed I'ies tonight:
"From remrt that have Kn sub
mitteil o the admir-rdon to the grounds
wo estimate that the atlomlmro on
"Francis day" will bo a few thoiirwrid
in excess of L'OO.OtIO, and thnt the m-
tendance tor tho Expoaitinn perils! will
lie in the neighborhood of 1S.H00.000.
"In round numbers the Exposition
rompany has expended '.2,000,000
since the ineptin of the World's fair
project, and tho expenditures of the
several stales nml t-rritoiieri have
reached a total of 10,000,000. The
receipts slnco the opening day, Apr!'
30, have amounted to nlnnit 1 10,000,.
i'00, consisting of admission and con
region roaltiis. In addition to these
nceipts were the lunds, amounting to
aoout f 12.000.000. raiiod by suImm rip
lion and appropriations tolmiUl the ex
Commissioner Ycrkcs Reports an In.
crease of V-f, 1 03,070 per Year.
Washington, De-.l. The annual ro
port ol t ouimis'inncr erkes, of the
Internal Ilevontie bureau, shows thnt
for tho fiscal year ending June 80,
1001, the receipt ol the bureau wete
1232 OiM.004, an increaioof $2,103,070
over the collections for tho next year
preceeding. The cost of collect Ions
was 1.08 per cunt, as against 2 07 for
the year IVOR, and 2.8.'( per rent, tho
average cist of col 'eel ion gco tlie
formation of tho bureau.
Tl.o estimate.1 receipts from all
sources of internal revenuofor the fiscal
ear ending June SO, lOftfi, are X0.
000,00. In 1H0X the toUtl prixluetioii
of distilled spiiiis whs HS.XOtl h7A g.
Ioiih; in 11)111. ISO A0 21-1 gn Ions In
100.1. In loiiml nuinlieiB ll-tonobiiO
gallon" of tax-pail spirit Mere with
drawn; Iu IW)I. 117 (Miil.iMH). Thr
has been a ileertieMi lo the amount if
tolmefo inaniifucturcl Mml ho IneriM.
in snuff. Tbe-e was Mil ItHTHoe in thw
proiliictiori of bi-er.
Cockrc'll to' Choose.
Washlni:tin Dec .1 fe.,,utoi Coek-
roll, of Jlisw.uii, ntlled tmlay on lrfi-
dent Itoosevelt and had an extended
conference with him. Tho president
informed Porta tor LVkrell that he
would appoint him as a number either
of the Isthmian canal commission or
of the Interstate commerce counnisiori.
as tho senator mhrht el-ct Senator
C'ockrell did not iudl ato to the nrisi-
dent what ho mixht d-. rouardlni! the
nroffer, and said he would not annouWo
his d-cislon fiorhupa for several weeks
yet. ' '
fearful Conditions In Mexico.
, Ma&ithiti, Mexico, Dec. 11 liie
reports from tiw northern part of this
atato sav that fearful condition; exiit
tin ro. Deaths range from 20 to -10 per
day, owing to starvation ami marlaria
In many instances ilia dead are. not
given burial, it is said, hut aro thrown
Into open ditches and canals, Tho au
thorities aro unable to cope with the
Light Tnx Not llurdcnsomc In Ore.
jjott Convcnlioti or Officers.
Salem Two departures in puhltit
school work ate ptuvini; very wiceeaelul
wherever tiled and promise to become
permanent features of the public whool
system. They aie the common school
library, supported by special laxatloti.
and the convention of school olllcerr.
Four coiintioa have levied the library
tax, amounting to 10 rents per capita
ukiii the school population, and it Is
found that by this means the country
schools are provided with hooks as good
as those aeeowlhlo to thupupllHof town
"The tax, being one-tenth of I liiill,
la not felt," ys Superintendent Alder
man, of Yamhill county, "and It puts
the boat luniks where Ihev do the most
good. Tho liluury law has now bi tin
iu operation two yours and has given
complete slatisfactlon. While the
amount that some ol the email districts
get Is small, yet it la In piopoitiou to
tho number of pupils. 1 consider the
law a Imioii to tho country boy and gnl
and I think It ought to l. made until.
datoiy on tho county coinls."
Conventions of school ollicere have
been buhl this year at linker City,
Dallas and McMlnnvllle, at tacli of
which there wai a very full attendance
of reboot directors and clerks. Ad
diisHs were made by Superintendent
Ackeimau, by the county siiwrltiteud
ent and outside iwlucational workers,
ami those present held diectloslona of
topics of general Intertwt to school "olll
rers. Consolidation of schools ami school
ilistlicts was one of tho priuclNtl topics
illwussed nt these convent Iihis ami the
meniliers of h-1hmiI bonrds lea I lie. I the
plan ami puriose of this latest move for
tho Improvement of i ho rural schools.
Urlggs Strikes It Rich Again,
(".rants Pass David llrlggs and laiys,
who were uiadu rich in a day by the
fabulous surface wealth of tho Wound
ed Iluck claim, on Upper Sucker rreek,
have located a claim on Upper Chntro,
away up in the mountain near tho
Curry louuty line, ami will work tho
rich ledge they have found there.
They have had samples from this claim
recently assayed here, and, while they
do not give tho returns tho Wounded
Iluck quartz has given, the proposition
apH-rs tery promising, ami tho lucky
family will move their scene of opnrii
tiiHis from the Upper Sucker tn the
Chctco. The Wounded Iluck is under
ImhhI to a company for a conaiiforeiloH
of 1100,000.
Government Gets Site.
Itaker City A deed has ln Hied
with the county recorder from W. A.
Houston to tho United States for 100
feet sonar on the corner of Main street
ami Auburn avenue. This was the site
selected for the government building
Soon to Imi erected In this city. Tho
deed calls or f -1,800, tho amount ap
ptopriat d for the purchaio of a site,
white, as a matter of fact, tho property
broimht over double that amount, tho
balance havlrut been raised by adjacent
projierty owners.
Wind Puts Crops In Danger.
Weston "I ho grain is In a safe
condition yet, hut If tho high winds
ooutiuue blowing it will diy out what
mnisturo there Is In the soil, ami, mi
lena tain comia aoon, would seriously
interfere with the grain that la sown,"
says Jamoa Kirkpatrick. "There Is
always a tendency to ralae a cry of ills
treat as to the fuliiio outlook of the
crop, and, in ts tills, wo have never
stwn It seriously injured yet, provldemio
always providing at tho needful time."
Electric Companies Consolidated.
I.a (irandi The La (irande electric
cnmiMUiy lias consolidated with the
Covo I o ver company, and thoy have
incorporated under tho name of tho
Grand Hondo oleotric company. The
directors nro Walter I'lorco, J. A.
Thomson. T. II. and Clarence Craw
ford and T. It. Horry. Tho norisollda
tion waa effected beianse tho l.aOrandit
plant needed more ower. Tho power
from Cove will have n fall ol 8110 feet
ami win reuuire ;i,wu icet of plpu to
convey it to the power station. TJio
force will irealo 800 horse power.
Oregon Supreme Court Reports.
Brflem Voliirno 44 of the Oicgon an
preme (ourt reporta Is out of tho hind
ery and the books have been delivered
at tho ofllie of Secretory ot State Dun
bar lor distribution to the lllihres mid
district attorney)) and to bo placed on
saio to inose who wish to buy. The
state sells the reports at cost. ill. fin.
and those who get tho volumes by mail
must incjose 'it cents lor postage
Prominent Umatilla Men on (.oininU.
tec to (itnvnss the County.
1'onilleton At a iuiism meeting of
business men and prominent limners
thcsubjetlof raising Jn.OUO as Umatil
la count)' portion asked by the Opm
Itiver aMmiallon for the portage toad
was iIIscii-mhI iiiiiI plana decided upon.
A coiiimitteo was appointed to lake
active charge of the work and is com.
pmaxl of the following: George I'at
luger, M. M. Wyrlck, W. I'. Temple,
T. J. Klrck. oxlenalvM wheat raltra,
ami County Commissioner Horace
The comiultleo will niako a thorough
catiVHiw of the county. It will U the
plait to divide the county Into district
and eajli momlier ol the oominlttee
have charge of the district he may
ehiHHe. In this manner It Is believed
the entire county can be n.vcied in m
lew da)H and the dealiml aiiiiHiut raised
without dllllctilty. A large Mirtloii of
the amount asked for has nlicady btn-n
Timber for Lund Hunters.
Grants Pass it Is ipille evident that
there will Ki grand rush for the
wixsls when the llnul aiiunuuremeiit Is
made of the telvaso of the forest lauds
of Southern Oregon, which were with
held from entry seteral years ago, but
which nre soon to bo thrown open to
buyers, settlers and splatters. While
the lauds are not the regular forest re
serve, they rover it large ortliiu of
tho woll-tlmhorcd section ol Jnephlno.
Jackson ami Curry counties, K.Hilhein
Oregon, and paitr of Siskiyou nml Del
Norte counties, Cnlifiiinla. A gieat
IMirtlon of them Is tovend with tlr ami
pine, with considerable sugar pine,
Hammond Company's Tlllc Clcur.
Astoria A deed Mias been ftlwl for
miird whereby the Sim side Spruce
I.umler company stlls to the llninuioml
Lumber company X.IHI 07 acres ol tlui-la-r
lands iu the Nivanlciim river .11
trlcl. Thoptico is not made public
and the consideration nninixl In the
deinl Nil. The transitu- Is iiudetstiMsl
to have Imjoii made Iu connection with
tho settlement of the claim held by
numerous persons and firms against tho
Msisiuo coiiiHtny. Iheo claim have
all been ret lie. I and tho mill property
leased, so that it can roiitue operations
at onae, uf'.ei a shut itosn lusting foi
several month.
Trapplst Colony In Linn.
Albany A colony of Trapplst Fath
ers has been fonmle.1 in Jordan allev.
In tho noithern rt of I.lnu wrtiiiiy.
Having been forced to lento their
boine In France beraiwe ol religion
M.rciitloii, a numUr of those TrappM
Fitlheisbavecoino to the Unlte.1 Statee.
ami six ol them liN-ateil iu Jordan vol.
ley. about three months ago, with the
ultimate object in view of founding a
Trapplst colony theie. 'Ihey leccntly
purchased considerable land, and are
preparing to make exteiii Improve,
uients, In antlclwtlou of tho arrival ol
more than 60 of tho same older from
fraiiiy next spring.
Heavy Rains Loggers' lloon.
Astoria The severe storm recently,
with the HctooiHinylng MrKB rainfall,
has had honollls that many do not nal
le. It ha Imiiii a Isoon for I he log
gers, and logs have been floated out of
some streams that have Issen on their
liauks for a couple of vears. How
many feet of Ioh have cotno out ol
tliMi streams lo tidewater cannot yet
lo ottUmatod with any ilrluiteuM, but
It ia fully JNl.OtlO.lMK) feel, ami It nmy
lie double this auiMiut In the Limor
Columbia river district.
Epidemic Among Hie Chickens.
Albany Several different citiums
oi Albany and vicinity have loet u
nuinlior of chickens recently, (hey hav-
niu' iin-ii suuiiimiy from somo unknot n
oatiso. One Albany cltlumi hnt all Ihh
chlnketiH in u few hours, and a fanner
named Cary living near this olty, a fow
weeks ago lost III) chickens iu a short
time. Tho fact that only n fow Hocks
belonging lo citizens living far npait
luivodled, mid that where miv dl.ul
nlliiost all tho Honk ded, lends to the
Hiippositlon that iloittii was. caused by
poiHoncd wheat.
Power Plant Almost Rcudy.
Milton Tho fliiuio for tho .Milton
city power plant has been completed
and workmen are finishing the powoi
house. Tho plant will bo completed
about December 16,
Northwest Wheal Markets.
Poitlnnd Walla Walla, 83o: blue
stem, 88oj valley, 870.
Tacoma JJIueatem, 8005 club, 880.
AT AWrill. COST.
Japanese Continue Tliclr Alliuli on
Pott Ailliur.
London, Den. I. According to n
Toklo dlspuliii to the Maudaid, thero
Is an olllitlal rumor thai Hie .liiwuimo
bate IiiiuIhI large caliber guns to the
top of 20H-.Metet hill, wheiico their lite
has a sweep of Hie whole harbor. I IiIh
report doubtless goes beyond tho facia;
but various illspM title Indicate the
progress! (he JapaneM ata making In
the ledtictlou ol fort Attbttr. Japan
ese bete explain thn gieat llnportiinie
ol the capture of SU.I-Aleler hill, which, giting command of the haritor,
will ette as M wide bleach made ny
the wvdge the Japanese had pieviously
driven in between Hie KU group and
the ItiiMlan' last letreat In theravlma
of Untie mountain. They deelaie that
retreat to I aotle will be effectually cut
ofl, and it I not unlikely that Uitle
will lie slluulUiieoiialy atlarket in (he
final aaeaiilt.
Heiuiett llurleigh wlioe In the Daily
Telegiaph from Che7irtlmt In the last
attack the Jaaieee I ml 10(1 ine.i In
one hour's lighting. Tliey claim to
have captured two more ol the north
eastern fort and a thlid, w lilch I iert
of the Weal Kekwati fort. They nnssrt,
.Mr. lbiile(fli add, lo have It lel a
lislgmetit at I'lgton laty, tlui tuitiliig
the foil on 803 Meter hill, ami that
they are now tunneling I'oio the gorge
below I aotle hill, width they Iiom
lira! to damage and then lush. The
disiatlch loot I lines:
"Deerate fighting Is prta-eediiig
dally, ami the hss are admltled to be
exreeelve, but llie Japanese lult that
I'ott Arthur must fall wllhiii 81 days."
Tho .Morning 1'iwt's crresMHideul
at Hlmurlisl telegraphs that wlrelee
communication has Imh-ii ie-establlhed
between the Kuselau consulate at Che
fiMi and the Port Arthur gairlsoti.
tMtclicncr's Rcorganlrutlon Si heme
Greatly Enlarged.
LotidiHi, iHr. 1. The warnlflre I In
piwuwloo of the full details of I old
KlUiietter'a si my reoiganiaalbm
s heme. No swiet I made of the l t
that pedicular mention ha been (all
to point which world offer convenient
neuter of Kuwlan Invasion in (he
event of hoatllllie and in view of the
recent imbroglio the original plan waa
considerably extended.
The keynnle of Its reorganisation,
which will entail ex cndltureo to tho
amount of ,M),IMM),(KM), la to secure
thriNigh war trulnliig a great army In
t.ino of peace, and to plaro the trtam
not only where they can obtain wich
Instltictlntis, but where their presvnti
will be of iwriimucnt Mlrategit! talne.
With this object in view Northern
India has lorn divided by ullel
line lulo a number of aieaa wito their
upper Mlnte Mwvergl.'ig on the fron
tier, ami llo'lr reictlve liesrH well
down In India. Were the order lo mio
blllte given seven or eight rhdd lorrr.
each from lft.lKHl to fn ihh) strong,
eon Id, in a few hour, ho concentrated
on the borderland from eet to weet.
Strikers ut clgler, Illinois, Send
SOO Shots.
ItontoH, til., Dec. 1. Igler waa
fired iihhi et night from sundown lo
daylight. It ia intimated that no less
(him ftOO shots wort Hriil at the town.
The town was oomplotely surrounded,
and thu firing SMine I10111 eveiy ipiarter.
IlivpiHise to this fusllade was mnile by
four (falling gun placed at various
points nbout the mlno biiildinu. As-
slslaul Adjutant (ietioral Keeew and the
CailNiudale uillltla nomMiny arrived at
elgler tialay, and (ielioial Iterce will
remain several days to Inveetiuale the
sitiltoi. It Is thought that still
more troop will lie hrotivht
Jiweph Uller reachoil 'elgler today
with itioie miners from Chicago. Kf.
amliiatloii of the gtouml till morning
how et that the mini who were firing
have powerful gun. 'Ihey wen- sta
tlotietl from one-half to thiee-ipiarler
of a mile fiom the town. Ainowt a
bushel of empty shell of every mIm
were lottiei In the wimhI.
A trail of ldtKl was fmitulo u rail, and from this It is supMXed at
least one Hrsou was w minded ! Hi
ther trouble Is aiitlcipMteii.
Troops Rushed lo Arthur.
Ht. Peletsbiirg, Dec. I. According
to Information which has n ached thti
tvnr olllcti, Meld .Marshal Oynma'a
slieiiglh I tiltich smaller than' hereto
foto believed, londliig to con Or in tho
tluaiiy that a largo force haa been with
drawn to assist in stunning Port Ar
thur. This Information is to tho effect
Hint not much mure than 1150,000 men
aro now confronting General K 11 input
kin, but that the Japanese Hue mo
heavily futtillod In order to cheek nnv
iigmcHsivo iiioveiiuuit which Kuropalklu
iiiKot iimiuriaKo,
Culls Wlliic.n.ic.1 In Sinotit Cose.
Wlislilligton,' Deo, 1. 'St-'natorllnr.
rows olntlriiiuii of (ho cninmlitcotou
irlvlhges mid eluctlons. Im limn,.!
a.ilip9oii!jfor20 wltnesses-tn the Sinoot
Invest Igaton and fixed Monday, Decern,
bur 12, as thu (Into for their nppcaronco
heoro thu committee. Neurly nil those
wl. nouses nro In Utah.