The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, November 18, 1904, Image 8

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Timber Land, Act June J, tSjS.
I? S. Land Office, The tb)le, Oregon,
Notice 1 lietcby given that III compliance with
Ihe provbloiitcfUie Act of Collate f June 1
i,. cnlltlrd. "Au act for Die Me oltlWfcerbiub
in ttjc ilnlti ofCatltotnla. t?trion. NeAuda. ajid
W(nBii4'niloty," cletnlcfl to all Uie
public laud i ale by Act of Aiirh1 4. l9i
Alice I.. lleKlnx.
of Ctvok. bte of Oregon, ha
un September i, i4( bled Hi thlt office her
Hti .tateiiicnl No. M, forthe piirhneof Ihe
e w ,J. IpiS. r llc.,w in.
Ami Till offer imvf to alien that the (ami
ought b mote valuable for It timber or tonr
than for ngrlctiltunit purpote. ami to c'tahlbli
her claim to Mid laml before J M Lawrence.
IT s ComruMeiucr, at lil "HI '" H"W.
Oregon, im the lh Jay of January. i
She nam at wUnee i W Triple.., of
Vilnev ille. tHeirou. Millard Trlplell. Ifaiik
ami IMnicl Helling, all of Bend. Oregon
Any and all ikwiw cUlmlng aUttmly the
nbowdoctilied lamb arc reuueided to blj their
claim. In Ihb unVe on ot before the mM mh d
of Jauiiarv.. lyoj.
hiijij MICIIAHLT NOLAN. Magbler.
Timber Laml, Art June j, it.
V. 8. Laml Ofce. The Dallca, Oregon.
Ortober A, i04'
viu-. u he l Mm that In comnlMHCc with
the pro'" of the Aci of CotiRte. of June t
). entitled "An act for the sale of limber lamb
U IHf vW w Wliwrnwi """ ...,.". r
Wa'hingttm Territory ," a extended, lo all the
tmMIC Mud aUte b) Aet of Augul 4. VM
' Chatlea H Rett.
JTI.. Iilt. namlv fOvii utatc ofotecon,
hMmNwrtnlxt 4. i. Med I" hl office hb
Mitten taletneui Jc w tor in pureua o. m
nwf mK, n.Suw'f awl awl, nctf of ec At IP 'J
r ie, w.m.
Ami will offer proof to alrow that the land
Might l more vnlwaWc for lt tlmt-er or Unr
than for aatloHltural twrio. anil Jo ntanllih
h claim IomhI laml li"r the Keulfler anrt
Reverter ofthWoNkv at The JiaJk.. Cirejon.on
the 4th l) of Jannarj . tyoj
He tMtHM a llBee, llenale JuhnnvH. Fred
tkV A. Bett, lr,l Mnrrti anj Nathan C.
IUW, all of The IMlles. Orritrm
Any ami all perwwi eUlmlux aileily the
aliOTC-JeeriUi tna arrreqarXeil to hie their
claiMi In thlt i ou or before the mW -tli iia
of January, teJ
oim(o MICKAIII. T. N(IL.N'.Kesier.
TlmU-r Iind. Aet June J. 17
t'. 9. Land Office, The Dalle. Oregon. .
ictahr , iM
Notice U hertbr Rleen that In coHtpUaner with
tlw peoei'hMH of the Art of Cotti rr of Jmh x.
ttM, eMMI4. "An art tor the laleof timber lamb
(h the ae of California. iHeson. Netraoa. a4
Winhlmttoti Territory," uetcmVrtl to ll the
MtWclamiaUtcab) Art of AukuM 4. I.
John J Kelly,
of IXratt. county of Wnyne. utate of Michigan,
tM tw SeiMetnbf 19 104. Sled In tht oAce bl
wrn Matement No u for the prchae vf the
iJof"c ji tptt rue r m.
Ami wltt onVr proof to ibow that the land
teucht I more raloablr for It timber or Moue
than for ajrfcti'tiin' parpte. amt to fUMI
llhcmlm to uM laul brfnrc the KeRMer and
KMalnr ofthl- afire at The l)alle. OfTRonoo
the tfnl day of Jaaaarj , iom
Himkimii witnee John O K'W. Thoma
Twrtt. an- J. X Wii:iamn, all of The lullea,
Oregon. J M Kellv of Kockfbrd, WaihlnRton
ud W. II. Kecd. of Bend, )rnc"-
Any and alt wnwi claimlnc adeenely the
baeetecrlbedland4are requeued to file theft
iUwt In thh omcc on or twfore the aaiil Mid day
of Jaunary, 190.
nildll MICIIAHt, T. NOLAN. UejIUer
Timber Land, Act June 1. 1;5.
V. 5. Land Office, The Itallra, Oregon,
October i, 19M,
Notice li hereby siren that la compbancc with
(he prorttMn oftbe Aet of Cohrtcm ,of Jane f.
)4gL eotKled, "An act for the uleof timber land
(n the Ute of California. Oreton. Nenda, and
WuMnttao Ternlory. ' at extended to all the
nwW bud tatr by Act of AuRutt 4, .
lurid Morria,
of The Datle, county, of Waww, Male of Oreton,
hM o November 4. 9oe. filed in thl oMec bit
rn ttateMeM So. 14M. for the ptirchate of
thcKnwi,ne'(tnad Lot J tec y, lp;J.
rc, hi
And wUI olTer proof to above that the land
mo(M b more valuable for U timber or atone
IhaHforaRrknllural Hirpoe, and to oUUiik
hUdalmto Midland before the Krcbtrr and
Receiver of thlt office at The ballet. Oregon, on
the 44b day of January, ww.
He name an vritneate Prelibk A BetU.
Charb N HetU. Nathan i HnUm and Willi M
HoMm. aH of The lll, Oregon
Any and all peroont cblniinc adeervly the
abmri datcrlbed land are reooetted to ftlc their
afclnn inlhb oAre on or before the uM 4th
day of January. iy-jh-4j
Timber Land, Act June j, S?.
V. S. Land Office, The Dalles, Orecon,
October ( lyM--NvtJawft
liereby ghen that in complbncc with
(be pr orfaiont orthc Artof Cmiiren of June 1.
ftji-euWlci, "Au art for the aalc of timber lamli
in the adrift ot California, Oregon, Nevada ami
H'athlugtsiTcjrUofy," a extemird lo alt the
public land atatraHy Act of Agiit4, l9.
VatbanC. Hubba.
ofThe Dallca, county of Watco, atate oforexon,
haaon Novemberi. tvot fitcl In thU office lib
kvrorn tatemrnt No. 14b. for the purchae of the
aHxff "liw'. and Lot 4, ec ji, tp 15 , r 10 e.
'. m,
And wilt offer proof to lioir that the
Um! MMtgbt b more valualilc for lb timber or
ktotie than for agricultural ,urpnea, ami to e
taMbh hb cblm to aaid bnd before the Kcgiuer
nd Ueceivci oflhbotnccatTbcfMlbt, Oregon,
on the ul day of January, 194.
He unci at witneuca, Cbarlea II lletlt, IM
Morrb,W t Hubbt, and fredKV X llrtH, all
4"ic Dtlin, Oregon.
and all peraont dalmlag advrrtely the
leacrlbed tondtarereqmnaed to file tbeir
limi in thb ofQec on or before the nli 2nd day
f January, ls
Mt-ift JIICIIAJU, T NOLAN, ketftter.
lbartmiit of The Interior,
I'. H. Mud Office. Tlie Ibtlca, Orroa,
October 17, ir14,
,A aulfWent content afCtUvd having been filed
I Id lliUortUw by
Jamea II. ('.real,
of llend, Oregon, eoiiteatant, aiiliut II. J. No
' IJIJT iiuide IXC 11, IV1 for the e!, aeco, tp 16
7r nc,. ui., by Henry C Holcomb, rontcatee,
lit which it b albgrd tliat the aaid oontevtee hat
vAhadly ubiivlanw the 'aaid tract that he haa
ctuiufied hU retidewce therefrom for more titan
)x liioiitlit Ukt pat and that be b 1a not aettled
upon and cultivated the aaid tract a required by
law, and llwt tuch alleged atnence b not due to
kvrvlcr lu the army, navy or murine corpa of the
lnill Statea, Mid part(ekrc lercby uotlfied to
appear, rctuuml ami olftr cvkIcuvc tuuchiiiK
UI nllrgallon at j oc.jck b in Dec 6,1904.
bfore J. it Lnirreiicc, L h Cuiuiiil.tuiier at hit
office at Jlmd Oreon. and that filial hearing
will be held at 10 o'cloeV a lu on Dec 16, I.J4.
before the Kegiur and Uecrlver at the I' r
Ltuid Office In The Wallet. Urceou.
Tlicaaid coiitetUut having, in a proper affi
davit, filed Oct i. IV04.- art forth facta which
how that after due tliliKCiicc peraoual nervlce of
thlt notice can not be made, it It hereby ordered
and directed that auch notice be fc-lren by due
and proper publication.
3t-ajr MIC1IASI. T.KOLAN, XerUttr.
W faaaaWjU """ 1 bj --
Ltor ,', . Wk ---iaaaaaaaaatiUgatMtg mTnmSS
ii igygjrjfi fliiMmnumi!! 1 ,t s&, . w jmif - tiifgaiiiffiiirflaiMi;, ia.teiaWritfhii r r.i ri r ,
aTaTaffK m aTaTaTaTaTaTaTal II mm mimmn p .-Ji, h, . ... 3. JJTfJTikaTar mi. . .' '
Timber Laud, Act June 4, H;.
U. 8. Land Office, The I,aUr , Oregon,
October jC, 104
Notice l hereby Riven lliat In wmplfancc with
HicprhWouaorihcAclof Congteaa of June v
ij. ciUltlfit, "Ail ml for the twftof timber laiuU
liHIicatateaitfealUoiHta. u,itiati, NejHilf. 15ml
WahliiRtitTcitlloty,"'a etlciulcd to nil the
piibllcbtldatalcajiy Act of AiiriuI 4. IS'
I'rclrlcW A Delta,
of The Dalle., County ofWawi.aliiie of Oregon,
baton Noeiiiler 4. tvi "led in llibniflrchb
.wointlaleiiieiitNo H fbr Hie mircha.euflht
Htb;, wKe ami nKw,f ''. P Ua
r liie.. in.
And will iffer ptoof to how that the laud
miaul Iv more t.luablc for lla tlnllier or tune
tlinfrrRtcultMtlmtliwt. rJnil In tB''i,,1J
lib claim li aaid laud Iwfoie the Kcgbtrr and
KeiTlver of thb I'lrkeat The Dallet. Orr-Rtn.
on the 4II1 la)-of Jnnuaiy. ioj
He name at ituee, 1MM Morrb. Chatlea
11 ii.ii u'iui.ihi II llut ami Wen S JoIhimii,
allofTtielvatlet, oieifon.
Any and all pcrtont clalmliiR aihcjwly the
cIiiIhu In thb offhrc on or before the Mid 4th day
01 jMiimry. !..
oil MtCHAHL T. N0I..VV. Kegltter.
Timber Laml. Aet Jnne i. iT
V. S. Laml Otflce. The tvallea. (lieajun.
October 15. 194.
Notice b hereby given that In compliance with
themovbhrntof the Act ofCmigrew wf Jnnr J,
itf. rnlitleil 'An act for the m!c of limber
lamb lu the Mate of CaltrWnb, Oregon. Nevada
and Washington rerritory." a extended to all
the mibltc Und atate by Art of Auiuil 4. ii.
the fclbwlni! named pemona bav bled In lhl
Ihce their tworn tutemeiib, t-wlt.
Albert Pmilmt,
ofontario, coMHty of Malheur, Matr of Oregon
worn tatemeut No t.i)V filed pt 4 iwi ft-r
the pHchaeof the etf'wtf f ktm JfHu
ofMCWtmlneHiielf of arc jo. tp. it . riot.
Michael J Ilk-ley.
of The Dalle, ewtinly of Wifeo, Mate of Oregon.
.Mil Matement No ijt, ttlol AuguX , ia4
for the mirche of the wtK, nSawH and
nwi e of ev i. tp ! a tor, w m
That they wtllotfer mooftothow that the land
uoght i mote valuable for II timber or atone
ittau for acrK-ulturat putp. ami to v4ablib
their cUlifittuMHt bud before J M Lawienvt
r S CmmlM.ner. at hHoflkc in Mend, Oregon.
011 the ?th day of December. i4
They name a wilnrwt Itetdt N lluwlcr.
MicluelJ Mortlo, Hlwoud V Koberb. Nich
obbinltH.amt hrunk. Okm, all of Hcd.,ou.
amt RK-hard Canmngham of mlvcr t.H . Idaho
Any and alt peraont cblmlirg adversely the
aUvc-decrlbd bmlt are tiuetel to We I heir
cblmt in thb olftcc on or beloretheaald 17th day
of December. 194
oti-du MICHAKL T NOLAN. KegMer
Timber Land. Art Jnne J, l7f
U. S. Land Office, The Iblbt, Oregon,
October it, tM.
Notice b hereb) Riven that In compliance with
the poiont oflhe Art of Congr of June 1.
ilrs. entitled. "An art for the wlc of timber bnd
in the rtatea of California. iHegon. Nevuda ami
VahlHgton Tetrllory." a ealemted to all tbr
KiMtcbHdtate by Art of AnguH 4. ff. tb
llowing-named pervont have on tbptember t
ri, bled 111 IhM oMkc their awoen ttabmenb.
lraHk C Wlckenburc.
Tulklilr ruUBlV uf HaTrOfl. ibtC of U'b
coniin, wotn blement No. 4191 for the pur
cnacollDCMnw4 ami anjBcn wnwipii
r i c w m.
CuMaf K. Cat t hi,
f Turtle Mice, county of Darren, tlate l VVb
conin, awotn rtabment No. im, for the pur
chax of the iiShw(( and uS "K ofttt 10, tp 14
a, r to e w. m
That they will offer proof to thow that the land
ought b mere valuable for Itt timber or atone
thin for agricultural purpo, ami to ctaM.h
their cblmt lo Mid land before J. M Lawrence
U. s ComuilMtoncr. at hit oflrtcln Heml Oregon,
on December 6. iy4
They name a witnetea Jotcph N Hunter.
Harry V Hunter of Bend, Oregon, buttaf R
Carlton and I'rank C. U'kVcuburK of Turtle
River iKontin. and Wlllum K Howth of u
tera, Oregon.
Any ami all peraona dalmlng advtrtety the
abvelef1bnliandtareiiulad to fib thetr
cblmt In I bit office on or before the aaid rtthiby
of December. Wt
ojihIjj MICHAKL T. NOLAN. Krgbter.
Timber Land, Act June t. iT?.
V 8. Land Office. The Jbtlra, Oregon
October , UfH.
Notice b hereby given that In comptbnac with
the prorbtonaofthe Act of Owiirni of. June 1
u7. entitled. "An art for thcMbof llmberbmlt
in the atatea of Utlilornb. Oregon. Nevada, and
Wathingtmt Territory. ' a ctlendcd to all the
public bmt IKatoa by Art of Augu.t 4. Ubi, tfw
folWwtHg-namrd iieraotvt have filed In Ihb
office their worn autementa, U-wit-
Margnret O'Connor,
of The Dalbe county of .late of Oregon,
worn Maleme lit No, iliS. filed June I. l'4.
forlhcpurchioftheKl,'. Cij. IP lit. rioe,
w. ui
tary J. O'Connor.
ofThe Daltea.couiilyofWatoi, Ute ofOregon,
worn atalcnwHl No atvT. led July 11. 1'M. for
theimrchaic of the ViiieJJ and totaiattdtof
hcj. tp 13 t, r 10 e, w. m.
Tint they will offer proof to ahow that the Und
ought b more valuable for lb timber or tone
than for agricultural purputn awl to eitablbh
their cbima to aaid bmt before the Krgbter
anhKeceiier. at the bnd offbr in The tMllca.
Oregon, on live iMh day of January, i'a.
They name at wltueaMw Mielwel O'Connor
William li MaMiii, ami Martin Groundwater, of
The Dalle. Orrjtou, and Prank (liouuduater,
of lilua, Wathlugton
Any ami all pcrtont cblmiiig advenely the
above deriblundt are requeMeil I file their
cbima In thb office 011 or before thcaabl Priliday
of January, 194.
Timber Laud, Art June j, ijS.
V. S. Laml Office, The Dalle, Oregon,
October IJ. 17)4.
Notice b hereby glicu that in cuwptbnce with
tlir lirovi.lont ofthe Act of Congrant of June 1.
iM.riitilled "An art furtheaaleof llintcrhiiidi
In UicktateaofCallfurula, Oregon. .Ncvaila. mid
UWiiiiKlo" Territory," a. extendel lu all the
puMu. laud alatca by Act of Augutt 4, llyJ,
Albert Comt,
ifflbt Cram) 1'oil.a, county of polk, ttale of
MIiimwU, ha on hept. 6, ly.i, flleel lu thlt
office hb aworn atateiiietit No iii, for Hie pur
chateof the nr!,' . t) l a, r lie, w. m.
And will oflcr pruijf to ahow that the laud
ought b more valuable for lit timber or atone
than for agricultural purpoct, ami luratabllth
lib claim lo aaid land before the Register and
Receiver at The Dallca, Oregon, 011 the J.ird
day of January, If03.
He tiamea nt wlluettea Peter McCoy. Thomai
McCoy, John Kcarnt, and Jaiiira II
Ifiirlght. all of Ibtt Craml I'orkt,
Mluiieaota. John Kbiill, of llend, Oregon,
JametJ llcrrlcL.of llaycrrek. Oregon. Thonina
Twcctaud ii. 11. While, both of The Dalles,
Any ami all pcraoiit claiming adveraely the
abovc-deacribed laud are rwiit.tcl to file their
claim lu thb office ou or before the tald Jjrd day
of January, l''3-
niljij WICJiAUL T. NOLAN, Rcgliter.
Timber Land, Aft June J. 1B78.
U H, Laml Office, f)t Daltct, OreRon,
May a, Hl
Nqtlcc It hereby rIwii thai In ctiiiiplUnce wild
lheproltliinnrtlie Art id .'.olii!ie nl June ,
IdyH, tiillllcil, "An ml fur Hie aaletif tliuber lamb
In tlirtlalrtnrcallloiula, Oiegim, Nrvaila. nlul
Washington Tcitltoty." wt tjtUllilcil to all Ihr
piilWc land ttnlea by net or Augutt 4, 1M1 the
biUow-llig-iiamcil verMtna Imvr nil January I.
I9M. Illcd lu Ihb uTllce Ihclr awolii atAtcmciib,
tow ll.
Lvdwlg II l.artrn,
of Ha m! point, ctiinty of JviMleual. ble nf Idaho
awotn atalrincitl No J1I4. lot Ihe putcliaa ul the
el offc, lp,
William C Aiue.
of HainlHinl,coiliily of Kootenai, tlale or lilalui
worn ktatcuirut No mi, for Hie putcliaar of
Ihe lie),' of e id, tp IJ a, r 10 c. w m
That they will ollVr piooflothow that Ihe land
might bmoie valuable fur lb timber or Mtmr
than fur HRilCiilluinl punnM. and to etnblib
their cblm to Mhl laml befutc Ihe Heglaterand
Receiver, al Tile IMIIet. Oitgou, on Navemliei
ti. 104.
They name at wllucaaea William C Ame
l.iulwlg II Mreu nml Loult Mt)N, ot Sand
(Mini, Idaho. William l) Maoii nml Michael
11 Conner, of The IMIlt. Oregon
Any and all jierwHH claiming adverwly Ihe
almvrdetetllieit lamb ate mji4rbl In nle Ihnr
cblm. In thl oirnc nil or befbic Ihe aard (Mb
day of Novemtier. iyM.
tia-niH MICHAItl, T. NOLAN. Krgbter.
Timber Land, Art Jhiic , 17.
11. ft. Land Office. The Dallca. Oregon.
May t), i
Notice b hereby given that Ih compliance with
the HeoviMonaflf the Art of CiHigtew ot June i
174. entitled, "An act for the Mbuf tlmlwt laud
in Ihr latraof CallfutHla, Oregon, Nevada, ami
Washington Territory," ctlettdcd all Ihi
public land bte by Art of AugMM 4 iaw. th
rolkiw lug-named preww have on Decemliei
ivat. filed in Ibtt oNWe their n (tslemenl
Minnie H llnmb.
of Norwich, emiHlyiif Mellenry. tlate of Nmlh
HaVota, worn Ulrmenl No ijo?, foe Ihe pur
chateof Ihe )( nK ev . ")( nwandwb)
( of aec JJ. tp it , r 14 r. w m
I'eidlnand OVerlnnd,
f Norwich, ctmnly uf lellenr, Mate of North
Hukota, orn latemeiil No laaR, fbr Ihe pur
chaoeof thetwS e, wl( iK tecijaHdwH
t( ec K. tp i , r 11 e. w m.
That they will mTtr of In how thai
lite land wntghl It more valuaMe foe itt limber ot
tone than fur agricultural putuuwa, and to e
laM!h Ihetr cblmt to Mkl land before the Reg
labr and Receiver, at The 1Mb., Oregon, Wo
vrmbet JJ. loot
Tbey name a witnMe I'etdiaatnd OVet
Innd. lid Halvuewn and Minute H llumb, nl
Norwich. Norlti Haki4a. John T t'ndaeth. of Mi
uo4. North Dakota, and John McMI. of De
chale. Oregon
Any and all pertont eiaimlng advertely tbt
bnve ib.cribnl Umb are ituv4tl to file then
ctoim iH tiib otfece on or before the Mid sb
iby of Nimmber, r4
mVhi. MICHAKL T NOLAN. Kcgbbr.
Timber Ind, Art June i. flt.
V M Und OMec. The Dalbt. Oregon.
May . io4
Notkc b hereby given I Sal Incompliance will
Ihe pravMou uf Ihe Art of CowgtvM of 1
laT. cnlllled, " tnart lor Ibe Mb iA limber bad.
in the Ubaolku.ifornM. Oregon. Nevada, am
WabingtVn Territory.' eilendrd lo all lb,
mtMtCbndMab by art of AHgut 4. !. lb.
followlHg named pron have tiled In tbu aMa
ibeir aworu Ulemmb, to-wit
CyulhU Chaffee,
of Ittcoy. rounly of Junrau. Male of Wiiwintln
worn Mttement No tu, fibd March I. low
for the purchase of the a4 K wf , If H . r H
c .w HI.
IbityR PHttan,
f Cbrkiton. ount) rfr Awtlln, Hale of Wadalng
lun.aarviH atalement No! asM. Rbd March 11
iaul for the purchase ot Itte abj K ami )i m h
ofec ts,lp 17 a, r lac, w nf
That they will uffrr Moofto thow that the bw
ought b more valuable for M tlmlr or !.
than for agitcullural purpura, and Mt oMablbl,
their cblmt to Mid bnd belpie lb Ktfbtr.iu
Receiver, at The IhIIm, Orrgtm, an IWembei
11, lyut
They name at wilneatet .Mbvwel U'Camwot
William C. Mtwn, IMh MclnwaM and Martin
lirouudwatcr.of The DaUea, OiegtM, John Rhna
.if mXert. Oregon. I' W, of CUrktu
WtbiHglon. NlihobalHuilb im MlitM L
Page, of Dctchulca, OfCRatn.
ny and all iwiot cblntlng adrrtly tbt
.wvedeacribedlaaabMC rwiaa.lad tw Mr ttacir
cbln fn thb umcc mi or belMe the mm Irth
day of December, I'at.
Timber Land, All June i, 17.
V H. Mml Offbc, The !lb, Oregam,
Ibtaber 7, mi
Nelbc It hereby given that In mpMrMe wtlh
Ihe provltbma ofthe Art of Cawgreaa uf June 1
i7, entitbd, "An art for the Mb of tlmberbnd
in the ttatrauf CallfornU, Oregon. Nevada, and
Washington Tetritury." at eattnded lo all Ihe
pubUc laud ttalea by Act of Augmd 4, ,
UiKhlln McNeil,
of Iblinbargh. county of Wabh, late af North
Dakota, fiat on May 1;, 'fit. filed In thi
uflwe lib tworn alatcmeiit No J7I, fr the
purcbateuf Ihe tVinw.tirUiiwif and nwi(ne!f
uftec ijlp u a, a lac , w m.
Ami will oflrr proof to thow thtt the land
ought It morr valuable for Itt timber or nUmr
than for agrbuttural purport, ami tu eublbb
hit claim 10 Mid bud trtforr Ibe Hrgbtcr and
Receiver of thlt other at The iMllet, Cirgon.on
Ihe Jjrd day of Daca-mlier, I'M
He iiame at wllneiea frank gheppnrd, J
Curry, Kalhcrlue McNeil, or Ceutralb. ath
ingtou. ami Joe (, of Hlttcra, Olegoti
Any and alt ermna claiming ailreraeij the
above-dracrlbed lamb are reeiueated lo file Iheli
cblmt in Iblt office oil or before the tald ijtd day
of December, UH
oi4-.ll MICHAKL T. NOLAN, Regltbr.
Timber Land, Art June j, iffl.
V. H. Laud Office. The Dalle, Oregon,
October i, iy4.
Notice b hereby given thai In compliance with
the provition of the act uf CoiigreMi.f Juue 1,
itjd, culltlcd "An art for the Hlc of timber lamb
In thMitutct of California, Oregon, Nevaib and
Wathlugton Territory," a extended to all the
Pubric Mud Mate hy art or Augutt 4. I;',
Carl A, Johutoii
of llend, ounly of Crmik, atate ofOiegou, lu
onrbpt i. I9f. fibd lu thb olflee hb tworn
Ulemeiil No. 1131, for Hie purchateof the H
uetf nml lot 1 and J of aec 4 lp IV 1, r 1 J e, w m
Anil will offer proof to thow that the laud
'Might I more valuable for It timber or ttoue
limit for agricultural purpotc, and to eitablbh
lilt Claim t wild laud lie fur e J M. Lawrence,
U. . Cumtnb.ioiier, al lib offbeat tltud, Ore
gon, 011 Ihe Jjlh day of January, l'J.
He namea at wltiiette. John rtteldl,- W II
Ktaab, till Juhn I. Wett of Heml, Oregon, and
John I'- Lee of llemou, Ifluiictota,
AuyamLall pcraou cblmlui; ailvertely the
atxre-dctcrlteil laiilb arc rcMuealol lo blelbclr
claiuit In thlt olllce 011 or before tald jjlh dy ol
January, ii"5
nll-jlj MICIIAIiL T. NOLAN, KegltUr,
The JJullctiu gives the uevrs.
Timber Laml, Act June i, lM.
U.H LaiuHllllcc, IMtvlew. oreifiii,
Hf HrmVer 11, lya'
Nofice I lietcby glxcn llial In cvmpllaiiie Willi
llippiuvliiliiiianr Ihe nit of Conniewnif June i
l-ijK tlillllrd "All net fur Ihe tab urllnilKr latnlt
liiiJie.taltaiir Viillfutiila. irgon. Nenula nml
WatliliiuliinTeiilliiry," at ealrliiled In till Ihe
liuhJIC ltlltil a(nte liy nrl uf Auglbl 4. !'''
Juliii (lillirilHin,
iiflbiul, cniinlyiif Cimlk. ttnle il Oregon, lint
thlt day tiled In thlt nlllee hit iorn inlemrnl
No nii, fur Uie piirclnbt ol Ihe an If of arc ty
In tp, ak, rife, w in
Ami will niter iitmif In hmr tjiat Ihr lain)
ought b iiiihc vnliMible fur lb tlnilier 01 toiie
limit for nierlrtittuinl ivmi ),
bbvHiliii tn Mbl bud Iwfme J M Lawteiie II
n Cummiwlouer, nl III. offu-e at Heml, iliagitn.
on Ihe mill day uf December. Il
lie lininr. n. wllne.ea llllvtr TliitlbiirMitl,
Oilier Ju(inm. Anil Ague, ntnl llieoduie
Aiiur.all of Heml, Oiegoli
Any ami all iwiwint claiming adversely Hie
alHvadewllbeil lamb are ivnooided lo file their
cbliNtinlhla uMce on m btfmr Mbl nHInU)
of Orvcuiber, ivo
oH J N WATwflN. RegiMrr
Timber Mud, Art June J. i7
V H Land OHlcv, Lake View, Oregon.
fentaatW is, .
Notice b hereby given lhal 111 .omphalic with
the Arvlttn ofthe Art of CcmgreM of June 1
IMW, rnlllletl "Ari act f"l Ihe Mleuf llitlbei lamb
inlheiiiateaiifCatiriitiiia oivgim, Nwada, aim
Wathlnglim leiiilnrv " r.temled Itt all Ibe
public laml vlatea by Ail id AuguM 4. iut.
John llaiiwll,
of Heml, cum HI) of Crook. tae ol Oregon, haa
Ihb day Med 111 thbi orm-e hbawiwn blamenl
N Mi.furlhv purrhaaeol IhewStetf.aeKacMi
of ci jaml Ihe .S'.I, of 4$tp l ie
Ami will olbr proof lo tbo thil the land
ought b mine valuable for II. limber uf Monr
than fdl agikullural purtawe. and In elabllah
hbcblmio Mhl bud liaeiMe 11 H Waidwel'
1' It CommlMiouer al hit ie at Mlver Lake
iregon, on Monday, the jathday uf November
He name at wltnevee J N Hun ler, J P
fohHMM, Oeorg Anue. and Theodore Anne, all
uf Hand. Oregon
Any and all pet wo. rblmlng adeerwly Ihe
ibove-decrlrd lamb al lMe4Ml lo ale Ihtir
btlm In thb oMwa wt M btfote Ihe hM Mh
by of November, Icot
iti nit J N WATMiN. KegWer.
Timbre Mnd. Art June 3. i7
II l.Hd Mfwce, The 1Mb.. OregtMt.
ovlolavr a. ivm
Nidbe I. befeby given Ibat In lompbaoee with
ibe Htvb4ueM oflhe Art of rongrrw of June 1
;a, enliltad. "An art foe Ibe ! of limber land
u Ibe Matea uf California, orrgim Nevada, and
VatHnfon TerrMoty." a r .tended lu all the
imbllc bnd ialc by Act of Anguat 1. itaK.
Chatlea K Lewb,
if aalile. cmtut v uf King, tlate of Washington
haa on kept at. . bd in Ibla tulkv hi
vwotn tatement No. uii. for Ibe mtrciMar of
b m( c 14 lp o t r y. w m
And wilt uafve proof lo thow lhal Ibe land
Mught la mme valnablr for lla llwber or atoaie
-ban for agek-ultueal pnrtaawa, and tu UWW
11a cblm lo Mkl land bef.rtr Ihe Hegiater ami
Receiver irftbt otfaee at The iMlba, Oreguu
jn the Jlh day of January. Ivy
He name a. wIIhm, John II Rowland
'leofgc foed. Jullna M 11 aer. and K-e. H Mr
ion. all uf Mmfile, WatlrtnihbM, H J Ooeman
and II tanliM, of rtw 1Mb. tHgow.
Any and all petaont citlmlng adversely the
bove-draerlbael Und. are b die Ibete
blntt in Ihb aabce on or tWeWc law m4 ath
by of lanuary, tya.
uavdj MICHAItl. T. NOUN. Heil.ler.
Timber ftnd, Art June J, ityA. ,
U. b. Und Office, The Dalba tHegon,
fMoberrt, lyol
Notice la hereby given that In compliance wllh
the peoviJoo oflhe Ait of Longieaa uf June 1
itra, rnltlled. "An act for the Mb o4 limber bnda
in the abb of CnllfotHbt, Oregon, Nevaib, and
uaahlugWttTenitory," aa rilcmbd to all Ihe
oublM laml attic by Aet of Auguet 4, iyt. Ihe
lullowlng-namedpeiMMiahave fibd inlhltoUbe
ibelr tworn ttalemenb. to-wit
Rithald King.
. f Mend, county of Crmik. atale ofOregon, vrorn
.1 airmen! No iMr, bbti I'rbtuary 41. I''J. fur
tbc puubaae of the twWtwif. nhbw!( and nwbj
f)( of aec af, lp I , r 11 c. w m.
Juhll AlkiHMII.
uf fiend, rounly of Crook, able uf Oregon. im
abment No ntsi, ttleil I'fbtuary ji, ij, for
I lie purclwae 01 1 He ueij ui
face , lp iv a r II e,
w lu
Tbatlhey will offer iroof lo how Ibat Ihebnd
viught i more valuable for II timber or atone
Hun fur agricultural purpuaea, ami lo eatabllth
ibelr cblmt to Mbl bud Iwrfmc J M I.Mriicc
t; H Commlmuer, at lib uffkc at llend. Ore
gun, on the Mill d). of January, !'.
They name nt nituatvea J N Hunter, Jamea
Hulilrr, W II Hiock. William Marilt Dtvid
Hill, It Marah, Richard King Mary Alkiiiwn
ami John AlklHMin, all of lie nil.Orrgjiii
Any and all permit cblmliig advenely the
abivrleavrlbed lamb are rciclr,l to lib Ibelr
cbiin lu Ihb office on or before Ihe mM itlhday
of January, 114,
mi Jij MICHAKL T. NOLAN, Urglttcr.
DrHirtiueiit nf the Interior.
V. H. Laml Office, The Dultc,Orrgiu,
October i), 1784
Koike b Itertby given that I he fullmvlug
lined arttler liaa filed outlet uf brr llitrtillmi
iiauifd arttler tun filed notice of her luteiilloii
to make final uinof lu aiiiiiiorl nr hercluliu, ami
lo make final utrtof III uiw.M nf hercluliu, ami
that aaid proofwlii be nude bffore J J blultll.
Countv Clerk in I'lliievllle, Oregon, un llie jd
dy of Nuvember, I944,tnwil.
M Alice Webb,
ofriltbia, Oregon, nil If. It No. U.Mj, for Ihe
uwi of arc 16 , f me, w. lu.
be uaiuri tic followlu'i; wiliiettra to prove
her coutiiiuou reldruccupoii and cull Iratl'in of
aid, land, lo wit John yv. Wilt, Warren Par.
Ihiag, Robert Hmilh and M. J. Wilt, all of Alt
ler, Oregon, , ...
014. "IS MICHAItl, T. NOLAN, Reflller,
iafcfi 1 nf f - 'jSkMi
Iicpattiiictilnfttie Interior
I! H, Lfinil Olllvc, Tlir Unlit, Oirguii,
iTcplcJiiber HI, lbM
Not lit- b lirrebv given Hint Hie fnlluwinu
naliiril rltter lina died imiII.t uf lib liilrulluii in
iiialr filial piouf In tupHiij uf hi (Iniiii, nun
Hint .did pllKil will be lliaile iK-lmr J M ),an
it lire, I' h Cuiuuilttlunri.iit hit iilllie lu llend
Oieguu, yil November a.Mli. lyal. tin
llreirge llinabhm
iiflleud. Oiegou, II It Nil II, , fnr Ihr Inl 4
aec ,li)tli lirKnwb; ami in)jn)(eH 41, lp
17 a, 1 i,t 111
llr imnlea III followlHg wllliMft In plrtve hi
routliiiMimi lcmeKe Man and culllvalloli vf
Mid laiifl, vft John K 'llihrk, Thmiln W Trip
111, jineph f Hunbt ami Ralph I.enb, nltuf
llend, jlitRuh.
Timber Mm), Art June 1, itya.
U. M. Mud Oltwr, 1 be Dalit, Oieguu.
Octolwi 7 iwi.
Notice It hereby given thai III rwmplWHee wllh
the movWona nHhe Ail of Congiew id June t.
It7, ruutleil, "Anart lot the aalrofllmhei bimi
InlbeXatraof Calllin'nb, orrgem. Nevmb, nnd
Waahlnglon Trtiltury, a rib-mled lo all th
pulilK Wrtd Mate hy Art uf Augual 4. I!,
Nellie A abater,
of I "oil la ml, counlv of Multnomah. Male uf
nirgon haa uu iMobtr to, iva hlrt mini,
other tu-l awnfn ktabment No ItvA, fiw Ihe
purtboar 9I Ihe awfcnwh, act 1, "h"' '( ami
HH et( of are 1, lp, , r II e . w m
And will uetrr ptmtf In ahow that the laml
ought I more valuable fin lla umber or atone
than for aarleuttuial prpic, ami lo ralabllth
her claim M Mbl laml Iwfote lew RrgMer and
Hrrrlver al The Dalle. Oregon, on Ihe Ivlh
iby ol De.eml'r, IWH
Hbr naiiirt a. wltMeae llaete W MrDonald
and Mary H Tlehruue of lb .k.ule, liiegun,
Abbtel, WbUbnamll' t Whlto.i oll'.elUtuI
lhuvMbllb-d lamb ale tvaiueefcd In Kb ihe
claim In Ihb etnbv oeiut Ik-unc bbee-.iU lytb
day of liecrmbr. -oil-ill
Timber lnd. Art June t. ba
II Mud ONic, fAkrvbw, Oregon,
m pi u iH
Ntdhr b hareby given Ibaf In nunplbmr wllh
MoviaUMM of in Art of Cotiarca of luue v
mr. enillbd "An art fur lb ab uf umlwi bmb
In Ibe Male of I'allfutlib IrrvgoM. Nevada, atot
Wbluglon Tetrllory. ' a ralembd l all the
pntwre land Hain by Art of AuguM 4 lvJ.
Untb K Le.
ol kHilierwr.eemnty of UiwgtoM alair i,f Vi ,.
court" baa Ihb day filed l thbulf.. 'i' .wuru
eaatment 4o J i, foe IN purrha. f II,. S l
w i tec nd at, tT nwi. tii 0
r e. w m
And will oae pear' let how thai ibr land
ougbi ! atoee vafaMM' foe 11 lli-il--i .a nuae
I ban fur agti nllural jwi'iaaua, ami ! elabhh
liU Halm In Mill bM before J M lwe-ne.
I' Cmnmlaatuaiet al hi iMNrv ' Itru4. ur
gon. on Ihe day Notanwm yi
lb namea a witneair Mlllaxii I K.berU
Rllweajd W Mutwiia loaeph S llillitfi ami
Pied Matab. all of tarnd. iMrgM.
Any and all Miami, il.'iuing advu. Iv lb
bow 'b-tih4 Umbarr-,, infc4 10 )' then
rblm In Ihw oUVe an 01 lorfore Mid rath day
uf Nor Mbti, iy
) H.I j y WAfltON Mrglalee
Ttaivawr Lata. Act Jnmr j, 1.7a.
Land lga al Lakevwm. Otegoti,
nelaaWe i4
Naaaae b bte4tj gbrailital ba ewaap'uuc with
Ike plu.VW' ttf tbc ftf of tottgry. of Jane 1.
drk rHaiM,Au afi fir lla? aak of limber b4
la Ure Mob wf C-lemb ute-aa Nrvaata akni
wHurttnt Twliawy." M ld. I to n the
aaeJlEu- mbr hy act of Auguat I, ai
llaille P Mie-tbr
uf Mfptkaue, etwatt f at'Xaac ntle of Waabiag
imm kA ihUeta aTlad lu ibu ejiface ber eam
Utrtartri No ijt, foe lb MtcKa ..fibres
, ar 9 ui re
Marff i f lp 11 .
r 11 , w
And wfil oft ptnaaf lo ahow lhal Ibe bnd
ought b mom vulttaMe foe 'I 'Im m ur awe
ikon fa agriaaiVlatnl tavM. anal la caiablitb
Her cJalm hi aaM laml before J J nmiih
1 ouuty l UreV uf vruok cmiatyal Prlarlbio
gna. on Ivalaiday Ihe Ait nay of Itecrmbrr. in
NtrrMamraaa wliaeaaw W W 1 lla. I I
Alltautfuaa. R C Mve, and KIU k Miba all ..I
raevilb. nnaaa.
Any and all lierwai ctalmlag adetely Ibe
buv-a)crlbd bail ar ictiurata,! lufib Ikele
rbtatelHlhta orW oa before Ibe Mid iim
dayvf J teaa be 1. 14.
Ml da J X VATIMJN, Hegbbt.
TlmUr luta, Art June y 17.
If. li f.udOaVr. The flalka. Oregon.
Jna- I. 104.
Nmicc It lieraby given thai In romplbm with
the l.luo l Ike Art uf Cuttgieot ui June .
i. enillbd "An art for the Mb mfliinbet
bmb In Ibe ebt of Callfornb, Oeegou.
ami WatbiURlsn Tvirllory " a eiiemlr.1 lu alt
the pubtk bud 44ba by Al uf Augurl 4 iS
Tfeeotmlb W tlkrbel.
uf fieiul, camnty of t look, talc of (Hrgon ha
on Heptember iy root, tiled In ibl ,.c hi
mMH alaleatrM No 11". f f Ihe purchase id ihe
nw)( if. lp l. r 10. w nt
Ami will offer pttmf lo thow that the laml
aoughl la mute valuable- for 144 limber 1 alone
than for ngricull irat purp-M-, and tnrnatdlab
hb eblm In Mbl bnd before J M Mmtwe. I
ft Commltttoocr, al hi al Men i, Oregon
un Ihr j4Ii ib- 'ii Npvember. ivnf
He name.. velnara lieort Halra, of fjiva,
Oregon. William II !, of Dtai'mb. Ore
mod i jiMjrph N llunbr und nana iimiwti.uf
Heml. Oregon
Any ami all iwitant gblmlng mbaiaety thr
ahovrHlracrlhrd lamb ate tciuralrd to Ale their
cblm In lb. aft.' c on ur brfoltUn aant Jathday
of Nnvemlwr, 14
atui Mlt-'IIAId. r. NOLAN, Ktftbter
Timber Land, Act June i, iSf
V. A. Laml OUkc.TIi Ibllea, Oieuon
October a, oi
Notlr b hereby vivaHl Hint In cuuiplbtirr wilh
llic iliiilUii. oflhe Ail ,-f CouarcM nf Juuei,
1H74, eulllli.l, "An act iVr 1 aabof lluiUrlaiiib
in Ihr .Utraof Callmri.M Oirguu. Nevaib ami
Waaliliiglnn Tctrliiery.' " taUinlcd lo all Ihe
public land able by Ait 1' Augnl 4, ii
Juhii T 1.. miner,
of Cat Mke toitnly of 1. o.t, tateof Mlnneaolii
ha 1111 blurili 9 i.i, I l.i In ibla oflice hi
worn labmriii No ifcM fur Ihe purclute of tin
hnwj und l,ol land 1 arc 4, t p l;a,t lir.w 111
Ami will offer proof to how lint the laud
auuglit I mule' valuable lor Itt tlniUr ur atour
than for ngrlcullo-iil poior, ami In,
their claim lo Mid laud before Ihe Hegi.ler ami The Dalle, Oirgou uii
the mil day uf January, ioaj,
He name a wltritM-a Michael O'l'aiinor.
TboMut Twrel.l. W. Kiioolt and J11I111 McTag
gait, all ofriie Dtllet, Oreguu
Any and all ticttou claluilug ailvir.ely the
abivr-detcrlliedliiiiibarcreiiucaleit to file thelt
claim lu thb Qlflic on or licfgrc llic uld jitd
duy of January, iv.j
ojWy MICHAItl, T. NOLAN, KcgUtcr.
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