The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, November 11, 1904, Image 8

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Timber Land, Acl June j, iBS.
O S. 1,0.1111 Ofllce, The Imllr, Oregon,
October t. l4
Nollce is hereby given thnt In compliance llli
llieprwilsbinsnflhi Ait of Ciingies. of June A,
1ST, entitled, "An acl for tlic iwU of llinlierlnml
.liilieaWlesofOnlifiirnl, Oregon, Nevada, nml
WMhlMlrtniiTcnltur)," as extruded l nil tlic
public Wl slate li) Act r August 4. iv.
Alice I. Heldii
of 1len4.cjnunlyof Crook, Mate of Orrcaii, linn
n eptnibyjg, 'Vl. Usd, I" lhl other her
nnarti tleicnlNu. 4. (urthe orthe
,'( kcji, tpiSs, r tic . w. .
.tud will tiller urooi lu show Hint Ihetnud
sought la more alunhSe fur 11 tlnil-er or Mime
than far agricultural purposes, nml ti establish
b r flalto lu said Iniul before J M l.nreju,c.,
ll 8 Commissioner, at lil ujuce luHcild,
Oregon, im tUe jolh day of January, tR..
She name as witnesses O W Trtpjell. ol
Piine-viHe, Oreom; MIlUntTrlptttl. Prank OUss.
and Daniel HeisliiK. all """ Oregon.
A.i and H person, cmlmlng adversely the
lvtb?x.Tltcd laud are rrauwrnl In file their
claim Ih thin ihi or Infer the said ali day
o January,
Viu MICIIAKUT NOk.VN'. Register.
Timeer LnmL Att jHlie J, tMf.
V h. tMd Office, Th,e Ifalle. Oregon.
Octider 6, ty!.
I In romtdUnec v
the Art of Congress or June a.
ii net for the Mir of lliulier lauds
lu IIh Mulct oJXallforuta. Oregon, Nevada, ami
Washington Territor,"a extended to nil the
mtbtlc land Wtn by Art or August 4. ISM-
Charles II Hell.
cifThe Onlle county of Wasco stale of Oregon.
h on November i. f, rjlcd lu this office hl
miTH statement No i. tft the purchase ol the
V W K 4,w ) ami Kne'l of sec JJ lp 15 .
r-ne, w m
And. atll offer proof lo show Hint the ianil
suiitht I more valuable lor It timber or stone
than for avrtroNHrnl purpose, ami to establish
hi claim t Mtkl html licfbre the Hegtticr ami
HeeetTrTufllitaiiHkvat The llattra. tiregou, on
the 4h day of Jatnury, vJ.
lie aaaMa4wtH-";ltcnnle Joh,nwti. l'mt
rkU V. HetK IUW MorrH and Nathan C
lluhh. alt oTTAe Halt. Oregou.
Timber t.aiul, Act June j. U?.
t. 8 Offlce, The J)tc, Drrgnu,
October ft, ivM.
Nollce t hetehv Riven lliivl In coniillaiicc wllh
ieiiraMooflliActof Coniiren of June A,
lrs, eutlllnl. "An net for the Mlcuf Ilimier lniul;
In theMRlexoCCBllftirnla. Oteaon, Nexmla, nml
wntiMiiRiJH tctrmiTy,' n' cxitihicm iu km mc
public lniul tnle ly Act or Aiiut 4i H8-
VrcvlrlcU A lkll.
of The tnlle. County orVnco.lnteofteBon.
h on Hiiwujhf r l, I9i Rleil In thl office hi
sworil MaVcilienl NO I tJ. Tor the liiivlinc o(the
kw)f. wfe)( ami . (! of CJJ. lp U ,
r to e ,wr. in.
Ami will offer proof In allow that the lniul
Mti:ht lanmrctatuatile for ll tlmlier or ulune
than for acrlcutluml purixwea. nml In etnUllli
liMCinimtlo win lanti iKiore me nniici nnu
KeceU-er of tin olHceat Ihc IMllcn. Urepin,
on thelh tlayof Jnnuaty. im
lltliatiicatrtlnre. IMvkl Mortl, Charlet
II. Itcttt. William II UuttlMumt Hen H. joiiuon,
nil of The Dallev Oreson.
Any ami alt pemotn cUlmln ail-errly the
n1ui-!Nirrllrtt Mini nrr tmiieteil lo file their
f cuiin iii tun omcc Vi or ertne ine urn 4111 uny
huf January i i"ij.
pli MlClt.VUI, T. NOLA, KegUter.
Notice l mrret kItch that In coHipttanec with
Ik iwMoniM tne.etoi voiiKre' oi ji
iM. witHkrd. 'A act rir thewle uf tlmlier
Tlmlier t.mul, Act June i, lSf8.
V H I,nml Oftlce, The l)lle, Oregon,
May u, ivH.
Notice I hereby nlteu Hint In eomptlnnre wllh
lhepovlloiiiiflhv Act of ConutCM ol June A,
iSjil, entitled. "All act fur the aiueof tlmlier liuuN
In IhealaleaofCnlllninlA, Oregon, Nctmlit, ami
Witihliigtou Tenllory," a elcmlrl to all the
public lniul alnlen by net of Align! 4, lHoi, the
rolluwlug-iinmril iwtwun lmc mi Jauimry ,
iv, filrtl In Hit ulllcc llikir vi Mnteiueula,
l.iutwlg II. I.araen,
of Sml)olut. rountyif Kootenai, lnf iff Mnho;
nuotli rte'uleut No ant, fur the pitivlmiic of the
ae) of ryee J, tp -J a, r lo e, w III.
Willlflin 0 Ante,
of Kamlpolut. vouuty of Kootenai, alnte oCtilnhu;
aworn alatemcut No iih for the puminieol
the iieti olaeo la. tit llvt Ve. wtu '
Ttmrr Iiuil, Acl Jim j, ttl).
V. S. Vu4 OHVte. The UV, Oregon,
May it. lM-
Notice U hreli) glrtli thnt In ouilillnc wllh
he prollou oftbe Act of Congrewt of June s,
All net tor ine micoi iininrriaiiitt
of June
tuber Uli
Any ami a.11 permna ejfmlug alrerely the
ulun -fkacrlbol InmU arc rtnmrttol to file Ihtlr
claim In tMa offiix on ot-lxwrclllc alt U tlay
(f January , 1,
ol-dio MI.CIIAIIUV- KOUVN.RegUler.
TtmJkrr Iml. Act June , iS?5.
tJN !. JvM IHtk. TetCtlUlle. Olegon,
tMotwr , I94,
NotkT W hereby eii Uuttlu OHOpJUnce with
the prorUion oflbe Act of CtW(fr uf Jmw y
:" rnltttisl. "Aaact be lmra)le(tiibrrlmi
in tbctnteat CaHfimita. Uittm. Nevada, aad
W blaglou Tcrrttury ' cxtamtet) V " tbc
uMic laml -ialc. by cl of Aurtal, 4, tfft.
)ahn J Kelly,
of Detroit, eottiity of Wkjrnf,. Uf ot Mkblran.
ha o ptcHiWklv 'fMx bM in thH oeVe b4
morn uteaMnl v li. lor the pcb4c t Ibe
is4. eiilltlnl
lu the l.iteotCaUforiila. Oregon, NetW. ami
'ahlngt.oii Tetrltory." na extcmletl to nil Hie
public lamlal.atcs.Vy act of Auiul 4. il. the
KillnMlnnaitil ivtrvin bae tiled III thlaaflice
Ithelraoni tntementa. iktIV "
Angnt W Mohr
of The IMIIen, ciiity of Vaej, lale of Oiegon,
.worn statrineut No imi, flll Ieceiler II.
iw1. for the piirehae of Hie nV, ofiiw),' ami wl
of nej,' of cc 30, tp ii. r loe. w in.
KkharJT Cloe.
oflhilulli (7 ltat il atrect). county of Saint utatcof llnneila. aworii atnlemeut No
., filril Augut it. lyaj. fur the purchatr vf
Ibe ue!i of ue)( of act M, ")i of nwt; ami ae( of
Hw'f ofc iS, tp IT a, r loe, w ft.
That tbey will offer proof lo ahow that tW laml
uuBlit ULluure -aloalJe lie lla Umber i alone
Mhaii terarucivltural utipiw, and to etalillih
their (UIhU lo mM laml lFfe I He KffV-ter ami
Recetier, at The Dalle), Oregon, on Anicitiber
V. lM
They name a wltiieMn Ivdwant II Rraham
ami I. K Atlinghani. of Warm bpriiig, Oregon.
IMlrtcV. J Mctrrail. of Klngtley. DrcRoti. Klchn(
I Oorman. uf The Dallea, Oregon, A I Dwyer
Tmimaa ViligeraM ami A II IViwen, of Mlimr
ai.JU, .MIuileola. ami ' O CWe. of lhtlHlh.
Any and all txraott claliuUlg adversely the
abuTH(ecribed lamia arc reuorMrd lo Ak their
ctarma In tht oafke o or WUWc tkc aM utd
day of November. i'M
ntl .MWIiAU T- SOt,ANlHm.r
sill offer proof Is above that the Umi
m more vmlaabtc tbr H timber or stone
awi. of sec tt. t taa, r lie w m
iwua-ht Is
titan f,ie av4jcH(lttral purpoc. ami to estahUth
hKclatm to mM tantt before tbe Register ami
Krceikxrof Ibia sdke at The Dalle, (Hrgoooti
the :jrd da) of Juttwry . i
IU names as witn- Jobn O Kote, Thomas
Twret. aH-J. N William!, all of The Dalles,
Orcguai. 1 M Kclli.of KocLfoed, WashiugtoH
aiul W It. Kent, of Heud. Oregon
Any ami all persons claiming adversely the
alove dcKriimi landsare tesuiested ti file theii
claims la this onset on or bclbr the uU iy day
uf Jannary, os;
bu-ju IIICUAIU. T. S.OWN. Kcgisler.
Timber Land, Act. June j, i5jS,
V. ft. IamiI Otec,Ctt Dalle. Oregon,
Octobers vs4.
Notice l hercbj glrcn tlul iu compUaucc with
the provisions otitic Act orCoiigirss of June J.
a7. entHled. "An act wr the Kalcof tlniUrUiid
in the state el CalUotnta. Oregou, Nevada, and
WasblHgton Terrirary." aa extended to all the
public lawl MaVcs. ty Att ol August 4, Ityl,
ltariil Murri.
of Tbe Dalles. comity, of Wav. stale ofOrreon
has oa Novrmber 4. Isoi. bled in this ofHcr his
swata suttmctit No, ui. for the purchase of
incetiaws4,HCisw!i ami 11 J sec j, ipijs,
r iocs m
And will offer proof to show that the land
amighl is more valuable far IU timber or stone
i ban for agricaltaral uirposea, ami to establish
hi claim to saMUmi before Ibe Register and
Meceiser of this ofKec at The Dalles. Oregon, on
thr 41b da) of Jauuaty, wi.
lie names a wHacsxea. Hredrielc A. Iletts,
lharletH Isetts. Nathan C liubbtand WIIIU M
UuUm, all of The Dalles. Oregon.
Any and all person claiming adversely the
alurr-dascnbrd Umts arc rsymested to Ale tbetr
ctatm lathis oce ou or Ufurc the iald 4lh
day of January, iyJ,
sm1js JIICIIAHI.T. NOIK. Register.
Timber Laml. Aetjune j, lr.
V. S. '.ami Omce, Laleview, OtegoH,
August . ty4.
Notice is hereby riven that In compliance with
the prevtshmsof the Act of Cotigress'of Jhhc i,
ijj. entitled. "An act for the sale of timber laml
in the state of CartrWHla, iHro. Nevada, ami
Washington Territory, ' as extended U all the
public land stale by Act of .Hgut 4, tb,
lleurr rtlovrr.
ol RswlaiHt, couHly of Cruol,, state of Oreajsn. ha
this day fileii In IUM offtcc til aworu statement
No An. for tlye p-chac 01 the c)i as U ami
n)i us), ace jj. tp 11 . r e, w in.
And wilt oiler proof to bevr that tbe land
sought is more valuable lor its timber or stone
than far agtrnillitnil tmrtwse. and to establish
his claim to said land before O. II. Watdncll. I'
S. Comniissioner, at Mlver I.aVe. Oregon, on
Saturday, the nth day of November. ly4
He name as witnesses Michael M Msifiibl.
William KMayfietd. Harry Kramer, D A I'lnd
Vty. of Rostand, Oregon.
Auv and all iierson dalmlnr adversely the
above-described Units arc rrquesled to file their
claims in this office en or before sold lath day
01 .oveinoer, lyof
J. N WWTSO.V, Register
Timber Land, Act June J. H8.
IT. S. Ijnd Otre.TUe Dalles, Oregon,
Octolr 6, iyi.
Notice is hertlnr given that In csmiptlance wllh
Ibe provlssoH efthe Act of Congress of June 1.
WJ, etttUlcd. "An act for the sale of timber lauds
In the state of California, Oregon, Nevada and
Washington Territory," as exlciidrd to all the
public land aula by Act of August 4, ltyj.
NatbaiiC llidtba,
f Tlie Damv, county of Wascn. state oforrgoti.
bason November 4, iv. filed in this office his
swuru ssatemesit No. I47. far the piircliaseof the
sseH.aeKswtfaud IH 4, sec jl. tp 15, rut
w w.
And will offer proof to shew that the
Und songUt. i more valuable ft Its timber or
stone: than tbr azrkulturiil purtioac, and to es
tablish hi claim to aahi land Ufurc the Rcgltter
and Kecvivei ofllila office at The Italics, Oregou,
oil the rod day of January, iy).
He name a witnesses. Charts II Iletts. Daiid
Morns. W. M IIhIiIm. and I'rsdrick A. Iielts, all
of Tbe Dalle. Oregon.
Any and alt traon claiming adversely the
aliovcHkscribed lands arc requested to file their
claims In Oil office on or before the said Did day
of Jauuary, lyaj
oiS-d MICHAKI, T NOI.AN, Register.
, sDepartmeut of The Interior.
U.S. '.and Office. The Dalles, Oregon
Octotr 17, t4
A sutfieJsfit conic! a(fidit liaviug been filed
In this offiev by
James II. Oreeu,
of Ilcmt, Oregon, contestant, against II H No.
1 11 17 made Ie,ii. iTsi for the sejf, sec 9, tp 16
, r 14 e, w. in., by Henry C. Holcnnili, coutcsiee,
In which II Is alleurd that the sabl ouuteslee has
whoPy ulMudonrd the anid tmet that he has
chaugtd bU reak(eiicc therefrom fur more than
nix 1111,111 ll last Mst and that he hi liol settled
Vpou and tullivaltd the said tract as required b)
Ijh , and tliat audi alleged absence Is nut due to
sen ire lu the army, navy or marine corps of Ihe
ruitrel htate. n-tid pirtica Urc berrby notified to
appear, rrMMiid and offer evidence lunching
said allci-Atiou t lu o'clock m in Dec 6, 1904,
Ufurc J M tw,rcncc, t' h. CommUsuuer at his
office ut Ikiid. Oregon, and that final hearing
villi le held t 19 o'clock a. in. oil Iec 16, Iyi4,
Ii lure Ihe Uegltrr and Receiver at the I' h
l.atid Olthx In The Dalles', Oreon.
The said coutwtaiit liaviug. In projwr affi
dai. filed Oct. l, lyii. Met forth fact which
liow that after due diligence iCrsoiial senile of
this nutloe cur not Ik uiade, it U hereby ordered
and directed thai ancli iibtlc tie glienbydue
and proper publication,
WS-UJI . iUCUMlU X. NOfcAS, KejUtct.
Timber IjihI, Act June j, isjV
V A. 1 lid Otficc, The Dalles, Oregon,
October is. IVM.
NotkcU hereby given that Incompliance with
Ihe provisions of the Act of Congress of June j.
117a. eiititleil "An act for the sale of limber
Umts in Ihe states of California, Oregon, Nevada
and Washington Territory." as extended to all
the iKildk Und state by Act of Aucuit 4. iasi.
'be foHoTUBg named person have Tiled lu this
mee their aworn atalemenl, tonlt.
Albert Poulrat,
of Ontario, csmatyof Malheur, stale of Oregon,
.worn statement No 1.MA. filed hept. I. hsm, Kir
ihe pnachaseof the se);swsf of sec , nMHwft
ifseoaand lieKueff of sec, I p. uiriii,
r. m.
MkhaelJ. IlitU).
of The Dalle, county uf Wascu. state of Oregon,
iwern statemcHt No. ji, filed AuguM tj, a14,
for the purchase of the aw(swK nb)sw( and
uwS se;i ofsecji. tp las, 10c, w. m.
That they will offer proof to show that the Und
ought is more valuable for It timber or stone
than fur agricultural purpose, and to estabHth
their claim to said Und before J. M Ijureoce.
I', s. Coniinistoucr, at III office In Ileud, Oregon,
on. the 171 h day of DrccmUr. 1014.
They name as witnesses Joseph N Hunter,
Michael J Morrison, lawowt W. Rolwrts, Nich
ulasnruitli.aiid Vrni. OUss, all of Iteiwl, Oregon,
and Richard Cunningham of nilver City. Idaho
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
jlnne-describsil laudsure requested to file their
daliui In till omce on or before the said Jth da)
of DeccwUr, iy4.
oillij .MICHAItf. T. NOLAN, Register.
Timber Mud, Act June 3. 1I7S.
U. f. I.aud Office, The Dalles, Oregon,
October 1, 1914.
Notice Is hereby given Hurt In compliance with
the provision otitic Act of Congress of June 1.
175, entitled, "An net fur the snlcoftlmhcrUuds
iu the states of CaTiforiiia, Oregon, 2cda. ami
Washington Territory," as cxtcudeM to all the
iHiMic laud state by Act of August 4, isyi, the
fullonlug-uaiued persons have 011 September 1st
nM. filed iu this office their sworn staletuents,
1'rank c. M'lckeuburg,
of Turtle I.ake. county of Harron. state of Wis
consin, sworn statement No. 194. fur the pur
chase or the nHuvtfi and sjiucH olsecio, tp 14 s
r to e. w in.
Custaf It. Carlson,
of Turtle Mke, county nf Harron, stale ol Wis
consin, sworn statement No. J.w.t, fur the pur
chase of the llhuw uud uji nejj of sec lo, tj, 14
s, r loe, w. 111
That they will offer proof to show that ihc laud
ought la more valuable for its timber or stone
than fur agricultural puriose, and to establish
their claims to said laud Ik fore J. M Lawrence.
11 H. Commissioner, at his office lu ileud Oregon,
011 Dccciiilicr 36, iyt4.
They name as witnesses: Joseph N. Hunter,
Harry 1' Hunter of Ileud, Oregon. Oualaf R
Carlson and Prank C. Wlckeubiirg of Turtle
River. Wiscousiu, and William K. booth of his
lers, Oregon.
Auv and all iicrsou daimlne adversely the
abuvc-deiKribed laud arc rtnuested lu file their
claim In this office uu or tx-furc the aald atthday
of December, 1004,
on-dij MICIIAl',1, T. NOf.AN, Register.
Advertise itl The Bulletin.
Tlwt they will ulftr ptuolnalivw thnt the land
uir ii. uu
iKise. ami
titeir cUlnis to said In ml before Ihr
aotight Is mure vuliMhlc tor it. UtuUT or stuur
tbnn for ngtlctillurnl putlHise-, nml To r-iuhllsh
iur eiaim 10 sain mmi nriure itr njrcwiernmi
Receiver, at The IMllrs. Ortstou. oil NoVcmber
They nnmc n witnesses William C Ames,
l.ihlnlg Mrseu and l.otil Mntrn, of S0111I
polut, Idaho. Wlllluin t Mnsoii nml MUUnel
O'Cuuner, of The IMIlts. Oregon.
Any and nil ierou clnlnilng Adversely Ihe
alnive ilesetileel Undsnre te-mimtrd lo file their
claims lu this elhre mi or before the anld Mh
day of Nu ember, im.
atft-tiuj MCIMr, T. NOI.AN, RrgUttr.
V, 8. Mini Offlcci I.nkcvlew, Oregon,
Heptemhrr 11, l?M.
Nollce U hereby glien llml In cnmpllniicf with
lliFprollimsii tlir net of Cnugirssur Jillie.t,
l?H, eiitltled'Aunct Tor Ihe wile uf tlmliei lniul;
III llie Slilieam .nuiuruin, mraoni ,.",,,",
Washington Terillnty," exteiuled In nil the
puntic liiuil sinie uy nci 111 vigui 41 i"i,
Joint Olllietlsull
this dny filed (h Ul nlftce hi nwiitn stnlrityil
No. vii, for lite purchase of the awiftifaccrts
of Ileud, county t'f Croyik. nlnle of Oregon, Im
III I p. 11 a, rc, w. 111
And wltl offer mooT to ahmr Hint the lniul
nought Is inure tnitinhtit fir Us tlmlier nraluiie
than nirnglleiillurnl piillMiwa, niultu rataiiiiaii
his ilaliu In S.1I1I lniul Is-ftiie I M. llwlenre l
H Commissioner, nl hi ulllcc at llcml, Oicgmi,
on the lotliilny uf lHrcfiuer lyt
' nlln
II. tlfllllt AS'
Htllvcr Jultnsoii, At ill 'Wtiiic,
jAuue.nll of bend, Oregon.
Olivet Tlintburnii,
aipi iiitvuuie
Any ami nil etsuut clalttilug nilvetely the
ijanoicxirsvtiiirii iniuii arr ieiursiesi 10 nie mnr
Pclaluislu litis ullKe On or beltti, "said Mil tiny
TtutVcr ijiii, Arl.Jyitie A. 1R7S
V. . Vnil 0nce. The Dnllei, Uf egon,
May tvl, io4.
Notice Is hereby Blieti that In niiiiiiliaiirr wllh
the ptovi'hms or the Act W Cutigtenf June i,
17. eiilltleAl, "An act for the saleof llnibrt laml
iu Ibe lalco( California, Oregon, Nevada., and
wauiuiKimticitiioty, ' as cxitu.icii 10 nil Ine
public laud at Atcn by Attof August 4. l4. Hie
followlue.uamed person hate on Weeinber M.
iwi, tiled lu this ollkc their anvru rjiteirieuts.
to-wti T A
Minnie II. Plumb,
of Norwich, county nf Mclleiiry, state of North
Dakota, sttorn atatvment No. ssav, for the line-
chase uf Ihe sejf nel( arc iA, inj liw!( and n)
siejj 01 sec J, ip is s, r 11 e, w in.
Vi.ll,.u.l fit .l..t. .t
of Nornfch. county of Mcllciir), s'laloof North
imkoia, sworn siaicmeni ru inn, lur mrpur
chase ut the swli self, seU ir(i sec IJ ami wK
ne sec 10. ip 19 s, r uc. w in.
Thai, they will offer proof to show that
the IaiiiI souxltl Umurc i Billable fur its timber or
stone than Inr ogtlailtural tiuriaes, and l es
tablish their cUmis. tn .ijd laiul Iwfmr the Rrg-
Isler nml k,rel,er, at The IMIles. Orrgyn, No
vember ij. 104.
Tltev name as wltiiessrs' tVrdlusaui oker-
luml, Ibl llalrorwi anrtOHHnle BTamb. of
MarwKH, Norm Dakota; Jonn 1 rnslseui, r sip
nut. North Dakota, and Jasin rtlvrdlTof Deo-
enstei uvgwn
iy ami all nerson tsalmli
falescrllKsl Umls are reuses
ilng dverel
esjIW la) lie
r their
ctatms Ih this u-rVrc on or berWc the said th
nay 01 .ovemHer. 104
auVni MICHAKI. T. NOIN. Register.
Timber Mud, Acl June 1. 1S7.
nf DeAeiiit-er, v)
1 N,
W.TH0N,. Register.
Tliii(er T,nnd, Ad June j, llvf.
U, M, t.mul OlMce, I.ake er, Olegon,
sjVrUjUi l,( imjl.
Nollce I Itetthy given Hint lu compliance wllh
Ihe provisions oflhc Act of Congress iff June 1,
IKT), rulillol "An sit for Hie snleuf limber Umls
lu the stale iifCalinitiila, Oreuoil. Neada, ami
Washlngluu Territory," as rttcuiled lo all Ihe
public laud stales by Ait uf Augiul 4, 1104.
John Hnlisetl,
1 of llrml, county of Crook, nlnte ul Oregon, has
this dny files III tin office hlssnarii statement
Mi fata, lur inr puirunieni iiirwtse4.seiies),
of sec Maud the sli(( ofsec jlp u s rye
w m
And will inter proof to show Hist the land
aemghl I more valuable Car Us timber or Hone
than ftH aeticMtlHral imiiihmm. ami to establish
thl claim lo said laml btRne O. II VVrde1.
f t) CommlssUHier at liis oibcc at lilver Lake
Eotegtm. iHt'MetmU), the mil day olj November
lie names as wlljies-te. J N. Hun tee. J. I'
lobiisMti, rtssaiVe 'Anlie. and rhemlaf Aitae. all
of lWmlv0rgVn. T
Any ami nU llsfn claiming adinscly Ihe
alsessitsSI talMls are lestuestrd lo nie I ben
claims lu ! olTiee ou or berate Ihe nsl artli
1411 IMJIIU, IMCgllll, 1
Uses) jo, It'll. IIVJl
Pus. 1' lie1 w.ift.
llC lliliur the M 0TlllK wllliessuji 10 UU
ceinllumtti revhlfiiee iiimii and tulllval
snld Iniui; vli John K ifi!., 1 1wnm W,
till.josepli K I Duller ailil Ralph Lewis,
itvii.1, wivaveo
0141117 HjLICIIAI)!, T. N0t,AMi HtgWrr.
Timber, aird. ,e Jutit x, ltr.
V. H. Mud Ofbce, Tbe Dull., Oivsmii,
I r fK-tot-er J. lya
Nolle l heieliy given thai lu ewmHt'V'V H,,,n.
IhepiovH-onsoniie Act oTConjls f Jun K
l7, entlllr.1. "Auact for llie sali of limber UmsJ
lu the Male of vHllVriltt. ( ueWHi. HevmU. ihI'
WaBlilHgtMiTHIIIary." s rVtrmled to all IC
,puWk Umi Male hjf Att of August 4, H
I Keltic A. WiaVvr,
of Portland. rouuty nf MnllniHmtU, !! of, ha OH Oiioiwr N, 1004, tllnl Ih INI
nthee Iter "m llnirril No. Ijai, fat tse'
liuichasr of Ihe swnwM sect, siH ami
uw)f self of see , lp j s, r lie.w.m
Ami will offer proof to aliow lit I lheUu4
suoghl la Hioie valualile IW lis timber w sloaV
man lur MeiHU iHm rmiisas, ami i ssmi
I her Jalmfoaakl Uud bebMe tbf R'gMe
riteeeiver s,i tw inihi, inrgon, h
8. Land Offke, Tbe Dalle, Oregou,
May 11. Iy4.
Noltce l hereby given that hcwiIIih with
ine prmiwni 01 ine .in n
i7, entltleel, "An act fer
ir, iotc .r, VMninni ,, Kim,. ..
Washington IVtilory," as extended la all Ihe
of Ctwgrcs of Junet.
the sarrof timberUnds
, Oregon, Nevada, and
public Und stales by act of Augus( 4 issm. ic
following named pefsou hate tiled It Ibl afhec
their swot a slaUment. to-v.ll
CynthU ClwiiTre,
of Itirny. county of Juneau, state of Wisconsin,
sworn statement No. iXj, filed Mareb 15, lv4,
for the (Hiichascof the ) ufscc , tp ii,r
c.,w m.
Dal.yr. Dilslan.
of CUrkiton, anility of Asotin, stale of Washing
ton! swum statement No. is, filed March 11,
luil, for Ihe pure4tae of Ihc afe) self and s), w)f
ufscc J5. lp i;.r ic, w m.
That Hie4; wilt offer moofto show that the Uud
sought Is mere valuable for it timber or stuur
than fur agrtCHltural purposes, and to establish
their cUlmslosakt Uud before the Register and
Receiver, at The Dalles, Otigon. 011 December
li. l"4-
They nam a witnesses. Mlebael O Connor,
nillm 11 .Ma-on IMn JUItunaM ami Msrlln
I'.rusuKlwaler. of The Dalles, Oregon, Juliu IMwss
uf bsslers, (Ireaeui 1' W I lusts 11. of CUrkslon
Washington, XichoU Mn(tli and M.atem I.e
Page, of Desclinte. oiegou.
Any ami all person cUlnilng adseesHy Ihe
..ore described Und arr restueaird e) file their
daima Ih this oAfc on or Vstpttc the aald Irth
day of December, 1044.
aja-di MICIiAKL T. NOI.AN. Ket;lster.
Timber Land, Act June 1. iXff.
U. H. Ind Office, The Dallea, Oregon,
October 7, .,v
"Notice is hereby given that In csMnplkjiee with
the provisions Hflhe Alt uf Congress of June 1
i?. entitled, "An set for the sale of timber lands
In the stales of California, Oregon. Nesada, and
Washington Territory," as extended lo all the
public laud statea by Aet uf August 4, ,
Lauchllli McNeil,
of IMIuborgh, esWHly of Walsh, state f North
Dakota, has on May 17. iy, tiled III this
nlbcc his BMuTirxtatriHCIil No J7. for Ihe
purchase uf tliest.uwJJ. uclfuwK ami unMntW
ofscc. ijlp la. a lac, w 111,
Ami will offer proof to ahow that the land
sought Is more valuable fur It timber or stone
than fur agricultural purposes, ami to establish
his claim to smhI land befure the Register and
Receiver of this office at The Dalles, Creou. oil
the iinl day of Decamlier, iu'4
He uaiiiea aa witnesses, frank fihepard, J
Curry. Kalherln.e McNeil, of lenlralla. Wash
liigten, and Joe t.rahain, of tilsters, Oregon.
Any ami all person claiming adversely Ihe
aliuve-dcacfllicd lamia arr rruuesled to file their
claim iu this office 011 or before the said jrd day
of Deeeuiber, I'M
ol4-dt4 MICIIAI1L T. NOLAN, Kegllttr.
Timber Und, Act June j, 187a.
U. H. Laud Office, The Dallea, Oregou,
October 6, 114.
Notice is hereby given that lu compliance with
the provisions of llie act of Congress of Juucr,
mill, entitled "An act fur the sale of tlmlier laml
lu the Stale of California, Oregon, Nevada and
vtaiuiugiou territory, ' as cxicmieu 111 nit me
Public Mud Htatea by act of Aukuit 4, Ity',
Carl A. Johnson,
ofllend. county of Crook, state ofOiegon, ha
011 He pi 11. lyiJ, fil.-d lu tun office hU sworn
taleiiicnt No. in. for til purchnteoflbe aij
lie;; and lot I au.l 1 01 avc 4 Ip 19 a, r li c, w in.
And will offer prool lu show that the luml
sought I more vain .uir lur its timber or stone
limn for agricultural inirpoacs, and to establish
hi claim to said land lu-fure J M Lawrence,
V H, Commisdnuer, at In offu-jat fleiul, Ore
gon, 011 the ith day uf Jauuary, I'aJ.
He names' a wituessea. I0I111 Meldl. W 11.
Wlsat. ail I iulm I West of Ileud. (Ireuon. and
John J. Icofllcusoii, Mluuei'ula.
Any and all ueraoua claiming adversely the
alioie-lrscritieil lands are readeated to file their
claims iu tljia dlllO 011 br liefurc said ijlh day ol
jauuary, iy. ... ...
nll-jlt MICWAItL T. NOLAN, Kcglitcr.
The Ulillctiu givca the uevra.
day uf NoveiuUt, tm(
sit ns J N
VATrtON. Itegtsssr.
Tlmlier Mint. ,al Uue 1, lJ
l. X. I.swl Office. Tbe I Ml I, Oregon.
Ovlotr , iou
Notice U hereby given that In compUam-e with
Ibe ptovtsrmitofthe Act of Loasstw) uf June t.
1st, enlrthnl, "An aet foe Ihe sab- oMImhet laml
In the stale of OUhmhU. OcegeM Nevada, and
Washington Territory." as etrrmd lo alt Ihe
smMte land Mt by Act of Anan4 4. li.
Charles X Lent.
ofnealtte.ssHsMty of King slate of Washington
has an Kept. jT jiHl, lied In this ofac hi
swewu sutement Nsi, IDi. for the purchase of
Ihe aw, see 14. lp M r U . w m
Ami win after proof to show lhal Ihr Und
sought Is more valuable for its timber or stone
than Ibe agrknltur! Msruuses. ami In establish
bis cUloi lo sant Und befoe Ihe Register and
Receiver of this omce at The Dll, iHrg.m.
on the Mb day of Jamsaiy. tos.
He names a witness John II HowUnd.
neorgc I'Mtl. Jnllu muger. and ltrnrl II Mot
ion alloflttb, Waabiaghton, R J Ooftayaa.
and D Nn4i, afthe Dalles, Orgsm.
Any and all pajsou claiming adversely the
above described limit, ate lestuesttd to file their
cUlmslHlhls arWe oj. or lt(orc Ibe M )4h
day of (anusiy. losj.
otasls MICIIAHL T. NOLAN, KeglHrr.
D4Mttmtiolhe Interior.
I n VflOmee. The Dalle. Orgn.
Oetwlr 4. iv4
A sufficient roHtest afTVdavit having been filed
lulhWofhK hv
Vranl, l. Tewkabury
uf Thr Dalles, Orrtun, eonlslut.aglus4 Drsert
Mini entry Nu u. made May n. iv. fW H
set see 11. n Uswlf ami aHswIj sec 11. tit i; s,
r 11 e . n m by Dutcath Miller. enles4e. Ih
whkh It is alleged that sal. I Und is not itr-sett
land within tbe meaning of Ibe Act of March v,
in. that the said Dorealha Miller has not made
the annual exoemlltare rnHiied by Uw h r Ihe
recUmatiuM oflbe Umi. sahlimrtwr are ln-rliv
notified lt a pprar respmtd and offer
toudilng sjinl allegMton at 10 o'clock a m ou No
vember ivj. Ieel M Lawrence,!' n Com
ai HI Mbcc at lien.1 iiregsm, n
1 m
(The Hid conlestaul bsvlng. In a proper aaVla
vil.Ahnl tietabert. tW, el forth ImH wbarb
how that aAer due diligence personal ssentfe of
that final hearing wM be held at 10 u'ctock a
on iHcrmbcr J. I'H. lierWe the Register 1
Receiver at Use IJ. , biml office In The Dal
tbi nosHc can not be made, it I hereby orders!
and ilirrctrei llial aslch nslMe be itIhm bv tine
ami proper puWtcalloti.
Oiinij ANNK M. LANfl. Reasdeer
Timber Land, Art June J, 1I7.
U. at. MMU Office-, the Dalle, Oltgotl,
tktuber . iv.
Notice Is. hereby given that In rompllauce wllh
thr provltbm of the Art of Congress of June 1
i7, rntllled. "An aet for thr sale ol limber Umi
lu the slate of CatlfotiiU, orgou, Nevada, and
Washlugluu Territory," as extruded to all the
public Uud stale by Aet of AugU'l 4, 101. th
fotbewlug-namrd iersan have filed luthnumve
their sworn statements, lo-wil.
Rlcbard King.
cf llrml, fsHinly of Cro.k. state of Oregon, swsmh
lalewent No i4J, bhrtl Kcbruary 11. lyu. (ae
thc purchase ol llie sw(s), iiliw)( and Mw
sc) uf arc iy, t 19 , X It.r, w Itl.
John Atkinson.
of lleiid.cutuily of Crook, stale ofOiegou.twurn
s4aternciit Nu. latr, filed I'ebtuarir II, 1114. for
the tmrclwseoftheueKof see tt. lp w s, rile.
W lt.
That they will offer troof la slmw lts( the Uud
sought U more valuable for il timber or tuue
than for agricultural purpose, and lo eadaldUh
their claim lu ld Uud bcfuie J. M. Lawrnc,
U. H. Coiuniissluiier. at Ills office at Ileud, Ore
gon, ou Ihe lh day uf January, 1014.
They uauieas Hllncsses. J N, llunler, lame
Hunter, W II brock, William Mniili, iMvId
Hill, II Marsli, RKhaid King. Mary Atkinson
ami John Atkinson, alt of Ileud, Oregou.
Any and all person claiming ndicrsely Ih
aWe-drserlhcd lamU are requested to file theit
cluiiua lu this office 011 or before the aald iCIhday
urjanuar), I'.
niijij MICIIAHL T. NOLAN, JsegUUr.
: . . , ira,
Iltpnilmtiitofthe lulrilnr
I' H Lniul Omci The IMIlc. OirHnu,
Htptember m, '''!
Noll.e I hercbv Illicit llinl Ihr following
liameilsfllbi hni tiled not lie ufhl Inlenllon lit
liinke fimil ptiMir in niipinut uf IU ilnim. mid
thslk'iul prtMil will be nimlf Inline J, M Law
leliee, tt A (.uiiilillasKinri. Ut lilnUUM III llHWi
Oregon, yu Nuvembvr ijl'b vl vim
tlctirge lliuslttliMin
aiflhiiiil. Dirgnil.ll H."Nii. ll Jt7ft)r Ihr lU
uwii nun linjiuvii sf,ai,iir-
lu pnive hi
Trip a
the ifl$
n the
tUyul Dnrmbsr, ivt
Mlis names a wllue
ml Mala It. Ttehen-. of CUtskanl. Ihesui.
Aldtie I. WhiIKH and I' C. Wblllen uflUHlUHn,
Harry W. Mrtoisbl
01 1,11
AHy and ill itersons cUlHtlng airs, lbs
aUseMberibed lands are raiet-d tn Aut their
ebtlms lu this srfste wn or befste tbrsnM tath
lilayof Dttember. "'
ouaiisi aiiv.i Air,). n i,ani -""
Timber Umi, Aet Jhhc a. 17.
V n Mnd OMae, l.akevltve, OregsMi,
M. llrsaH
74liee Is bereW given that In rauauHa aiilb
the provisions ofihe Act of Congtesa af Jaja J,
17. rmlthst "Ah t for Ihe satfaf limber Wanis
lit the stale of Cnlihwnbv. urefsm. Xivada. and.
Washington TefTH.Hy." a elewaVd la all lbt
publieUndalalssby Act nf Angn4 4. itke.
Inbi II L,
ol tsnpettof esntnty of IWsHtUs. atahr afWU.
emssln, has this iUv Died In Ihwosfsre has kwai
aaiment Nu lasii. har the pnrcliasjr nf the n M of
snK see I ami' nK W HsX ssrt)a. ,
r y, w m
Ami will offer jwnpf la sham- tltsl la asast
ssmght U must vafnabl foe II tlnt.Wt at tiling
Own fur agitraliuA usmmm, and b astabHsit
hi cuius to aM Una Mm J. M Lawrence,
I' M CmstmiasstMier at li oaVe at tasmt, m.
gun. on the a4s .Ur of Xr njber, 104
lie name wltneaai Mltlssn . Haawrts,
Kttwsiod W Hsmrrt. Jasetdl N. HsIMser aef
t'red Marsh, all ut Head. Oresa
Any ami all pr.soua csalMlna; adversely Ihr
lussv describes! lands afe leuiMiated la lb Iheif
eUiHM in IhU afike an nf before s4d Mb oaf
of Nov mber. ifVH
sej nn J X. M'ATirtV. Keg Mee.
Timber Land, Art Jimr J. Ml.
lauitimeeat Lskevmv, Oraaajsu
lleloVr J. Iy4.
WatUe U hereby aiini lhat In win pits ate wftfo,
InlaWstmVa nf Ctslfins, Urrgsui. Neesdrfaml
Witntsin TVtrbey," as rutin.! lo all Ub
tssiMIe html state by act ( AUgnt 4, lH. w
llaltle II. MNHtlcy,
of nsmkane, eostatv 1 f npoVane aiaje of Wash a f.
ion, mlht))r airst in tut pwie ntf worn
in I tunaseoiimf e).
n m
her sssurn
1 of lb e W
mrK sec 7 lp 11 s,
laaaestid in Ilk I sVlf
4 before Ibesaa Jiat
state incut Nu. iJ0. fo
utswif liulav,', ,
r lie. w m
Ami wllf nffei proof tn sjssvw thai the Umi
suugM I mot lbte for ! 'maaai or stsne
than Inr agrstnllural SMrvwsr. amt b e-eUbiDb
her claim la said Umi riefoee J I. mwHh.
Cimul) CtevkofCtawk esmutval PlineVttte ittr.
gun. on (Saturday Ujw 11st day u( Imiinlnf. lrt.
abe nansss a W W CoilVvs. I, K
Vliiogaiam. R 1 ntone, and Mb. C MUea all 4
I'limrvllle, lgo.
Any ami all tsrrsna. ttolmbsg aisty U)4
ebn-l-cfibd Urvd are iaaae4id In file Uest
rtalma In IhU oasa on 04
day of Deecmbtr. 104.
4i-di4 j. x, WATaVaK. HesrMer.
Timber lain1, AM JoHOJ, 17.
0, H. Umi Qrftfc, The lUUrsi, (Megtm,
Jane Nk IfN.
NrdUlt Irrreby given lhat 1st asmtjQUHe with;
Ihe ru tsiuav or Ihe Act or Contra ai Inn i,
i7 rulllleel "An aet for 1 bf sale f llmbii
Umi In the state of California, Oresmu, ttavada
ami Wahlnglwt Tcithory," as exlernltsi lo ail
the H,blk laml Male by Act of Anjtnat 4, Svf,
Them.ltlU HI ilhbsl.
of lleml, KMHly of CiuOk atalr of Orvasju, ha.
on Isenltmber u. l.i, Hied In this W Ms)
worn statement N., una. fW the pHraba.eof Ibe
hwK nfse. tt, lp Iy a. r lot, n tn,
And will offer uroaf lu ahaw Hut Ibe lamt
. .: : . j:.. i .. . -. ..- t - .,
Bungru r wore miuaasr par
Its limber or stone
man suragrsenititrai inirtwsss, ami in elaMsli
his cUlm ti sMl UudUfl'ir J M. Ijiwremje. I',
Deparlincni of Ihr Interior.
I' H. Land Office. The Dalles, Oregon,
Octolcr it, 1504
Notice I hereby given lhat the following
named aelller ha filed police of her liilcnliuu
lu make firm) proof In auppoti nf her elalui, aitd
thutsuiil proof will be luailc befnrej J. Hmllh.
-"ui,i. vkik , in riiiirviuc, ireguii,ou llie
day of Nuvcmlier, 1904, (o-wit.
, . M. Alice. Webb,
ofrtlslers.orrgoii. 011 It. No. ia.8s, fur tlic
iinjf of arc 10, tp 16 a, r 10 e, w. 111,
niieuamrt tile following Hilnessea tuprnte
her coutluilutis reldeice iliioh and ciiHivallun uf
sin isiki.iu win 101111 vr viu warren Par
thing, Robert rliulth ami U, J, Wilt.all of sil
ler, Oregon,
614 utl MlOHAliLT. NOLAN, Kcglitcr,
M. CsmiHMeuHrrr. at his unW at ilemt, Oregon,
oil Ihe i4n day of Nu.ciaber, 194.
He name aa witness Oeuree BoUa, tvf Lava,
Oregtmi UIIIUiu ll MaslA, of Iksebules. Oie
gtiti: Jovph N liuuter ami frank Ilvdsun, or
Ilcmt, Oregou.
Any and ell prr-soua tlalialiig
aiasveaiesenbeii lamt ate
Ulislllg attrcrsely tb
rMHrated I4 file I heir
leforalbc aald iWhiUy
claims tn tbi ulltsj ui or bl
ornuveiuber, 1904,
Timber Mud, Acl June J, ibsf,
V. H. Mud Office, The Dallea, Oirgnn,
Oatober. lw.
NotlevUhereljy given that In tsimplUuer with
IhepiovlsloiKortlFe Aet of CougteM uf jMtiel,
7. eiilllhxl, ''An net (5ir IU iwleoTtlinberlauita
iHlhealalesBfCallfuinU, Oregwii, Krwh. im
U V.?1 W"." TerriDwy." a parciife lu all the
public Wild aisles by Aet of Align. 1 4, itsji
John T. Oardiier,
of Cat Mkr.eouiily of Cu. slnte nf Mlnnetn,
ha uu March 9, iyi, flLd 1 11 Hits ufficf Ills
sworn Mnlrinciit Nu 1M1 tor the puichasc ufllia
sMuwIf and Lots jan.l 4 sec 4, lp is, r ll e.w. m,
AimI will offr proof lo ahow lhal the Uud
Hamight is more valuable fur ll timber ur atone
uu fur ugrlciittuml purtios, uud In ratibllsli
irlr UIih t sid U.ul'lssfOiejlhrJtrglsteriitiil
MeceitcrurihUurflie at The Dslle. Oirj!.Hi,uu
111 juil dny of Jauuary, 199$,
vi1.!.' ui wilnesses. Mklinrl jJ'CailUHr,
gnit, all of The Dale. Ilrrvuii. '
Any and all persona cUlmlug giUcruly the
nlwviMnrllniliquiWnrcreuiiird to I le tlielt
claims lu ihlmuTee nil or before Hit aahi jui
US of January, itj. ,
11)8 dyi
Gel The HUUttltl rot the hkwi.