The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, November 11, 1904, Image 4

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The Bend Bulletin
runuiiKu kvkkv rmY nv
, sunscRiiTioN kAtiihi
One) r .... ..... Ji w
Sit months... ,. , (
Three meiithi ....... vj
(ItiVntUMy In mtvwiifc.)
Four yearh ago eight vote fot
presidential electors were enst in
'lknd prccincf. Four of these were
xcpubhciiti and four democratic
Last Tuesday ido votes were cast.
pf which j 20 were, republican and'
34 democratic. The democrat tc
votcofthc irccihct increased 750
per cent while the republican vote
.increased 312$ Jer cent. In other
words.the democratic vote is Sj
times n's great while "the republican
Vote is 31 h times as gteat as int
1900. This indicate the extent
,of the growth nlill also its politi
al trend.
It will be interesting Rend'
Jieople to know that yice. Presidentelect-
Fairbanks",.. Senator I'oraker
and W. 15. Gucriti, sr were class
Inates in the Ohio Vcsleyah Uni
versity, Delaware, Ohio, in the
JatoV 'Go's, and that Mss Cornelia
Cole (who afterward became
iIrs. Fairbanks'), Miss Julia I5und
'(aft?rwa'H.Mr5..Forakcr(, and Miss)
Martha Reynolds (afterward Mrs
Ciucriu) were mates in the succeed
ing class in the same institution
.The men have continued warm
.friends from their college days, ami!
the womeit were .chums in college
,'aud.through life, the death of Mrs.
.Guerin four years ago being the
Ifirst break iti this remarkable com
pany. These facts, ,are ,thc more
notable whcnJJ is. ujidertood that
the youpg people came from .differ
ent ports ot the state. . ,
u One incident pf the. closing days ot
:tlie presidential camj)aign.v of more
.than passing notc-r-the irct reply
of President Roosevelt ,tp iersonal
.attack upon himby- the 4emocratic
candidate, J.u,dgc frkcr. . This
.was quite unprecedented,, as was
the condition .that called., it,, forth.
.And, characteristic, pf, the, jaan, it
came "straight frqm JieshpnIderf"
pointed, uustudietf, v,igorpU9 and
effective. It, ..was jqp , weaving
of pretty fpr .politicians to
juggle with. . Parker's statements
were false and tbe.prcsident said so.
bluntly and circumstAUtially. Then
rParkcr took refuge, iil,.words and
.tried to parrv.thc stiiutlmg blow b
paying the president .bad ignored'
the real points. I)ut .the" people saw-
the points, if Pnrker.did not. Such
.conduct as Parker,., was guilty of
"entirely aside Xrom.thc partisan-
politics ot the case, is .proof of 5.
Very low standard , of .personal
.honor, and the mpnt .plausible ex
planation is that by the New York!
iKun the voice, is .tils'. voice ot;
-,Parker but the methods arc thost-
pf -Dave Hill. - -
Apparently with ttuc notion that'
rit is justifj'ing the: Pninevilh
.knockers, the PrJucville Review
..sagely and ambiguoiMly ob
serves that "there are knocker
everytvhere, even fight at Hend."
If this is .so let us have .their names
With that peculiar bias character-.
isticof the Review, which never
had a soul of its own and is never
so amused as when thugs and
scoundrels assault decent citizens
and never so shocked as when1
decent citizens take fl.tens tb protect'
thcm.selvee, whose every sympathy
is wit 11 tue crooked and character
'less elements of human society,
from the lowest dregs to the top
most scum with that peculiar bias
it doubtless regards the efforts Of
Bend people to develop this country
in the face of Princville hostility
as most reprehensible knocking.
Let US have the -names and then
we can form a better judgment as
to the fa cts. Mlend people are for
the advancement of this whole
country, and their energy will
eventually pull Princville out of
the hole in Spite of Herself. We
have no use for people who have not
faith in the country; stich are but
parasites wherever they are. We
want no peiial colony, 110 person
confined herd against his will
People of clear -heads and sound
muscles, who dp not expect of s.
sprouting community thecharapter
isticsofone gonctpiseeclr who have
sense ajl'fnith'ili 'themselves and
'their bfeiherritnritLUha. cotiiiti.vinre want, aiid thay arc not-
tun Nuws on laidlaw.
People Locating There,
Htllldlngs GoIiik Up., XlW. lt. W IiIDJ-'m
(uiiiily, from Wnllflimvt "A'anli., arrival
ltit mk U tuk I'lutivo "t tlilto now
J.C. Clwlnto U erect iny it youd-glicd
imrn on nw lot,
Mtalliirrvll, UhvotMrn.G 'I.. flin
inniio. nriluil u few iIiivh into ami ."III
timke 1 10 homo ullh her nunt UiU
U. llinelmw, briMhov Of Mr. .1. J.
Conk, drove over jroni tint WUlwuu'ltv
volley urnl will 111 0 oh lito Itiiul iii'nr
v'llnc Unties.
I'rvd Vllee. with lils wife Mild throe
ilnlilreii, tlinvo in Ttivwlrtv cvoitliiic from
Anti loj.o, ntul will live ml their lwlnl
north of town.
lti'liu'ioii erleei wro helil.evevy Sun
vli itft)iniH)n nt thieo o'clfick O.V; our
ri-iiU'iitin(uWtcr, Itev. .1. V. Oooinv.
All tire invited to attend.
A jwrt.V bf Willaniutte Valley iieople
i-oimmHnisof W. A. UIihmiimI fitiniiv, (.
Illn-lmW.VidxIii ltUIr himI l. M.
(leonte ntul jNintly, Hnivetl n few dn
itfii 11ml will nirtku their home nor
Laiiillnw till whiter.
Mm. .1. r. Tullum hikI children nre
Iiith from WlMiiimin. Thin are Minimi
with Mr. TliortH' ntul family until tlieir
'itiildimr incompleted. The fliar-Hi lme
iiiicd into heii;liiow ImlMliijj, one nxim
of which will Ih ueil hm Itnrlier xhup.
Tumalo Items.
TtMui, Om. Oct. -17 Mr. ,nml Mn.
Ilillhtower nml Mr, limine lre
ner to Laitllnw- luct SutunUy, mnl
jMcihUiI ehmvh hi the nftenHKin. Mr.
Iliahtower wmi jiiml to we the linroe
menu nt tlmt itlttre.
int' raw nun c1iHH.11 iiiiwii lor m lew
ly lnft ttwk while the roo( wan liehijj
Iniill. It Ik now all timler rover hihI in
riinninit onler.
Mr. ami Mr. I". F. SmitUilrove tip to
tli hjiihw Creek eoiuitry ltt wwk.
Mr. Ilhihtower Imn the fitumUtion
Uil for litH ilwelliiiK niMl i-xiki'Ih lo
lime it complete! in twoor thre week
Death of George Kcicr'.
George, son of M,r. and Mrs.
John I,. Kever, died at ,the family
home in Deschutes .uortly after
noon Sunday, aged it years, 8
months and 5 (lays, after .viftering
five weeks from typhoid pneumonia.
The funeral occurred Tuesday
morning from the new Hamist
churchtothe Rev,, V. P Jinnett, of
the Mclhodist.cjiurch at Princville,
conducting thecrviccs. The bur
ial was in P(jot Huttc cemetery.
The .school o( w.hich the decenscd
boy has leen ait nctivc niember,'
waxlismissed during the time of
the funeral aud-thc school l)ell wns
tolled. The pall bearer were from
imotig his school mates.
The family expresses its thanks
for numerous courtesies and the
sympathy of the community as
manifested in various ways.
One Improvement In the At nil.
There has been a change made iu
the mail schedule on two days of the
week. Mail going south will leave
bend earb Sunday morning in
stead of Saturday afternoon as
now, and the htac carrying this
mail soutljvill return Sunday even
ing, bringing the mail from the
touth so it will not have to lie over
it Uogue's. Then there will be a
stage going north from Rend at
6:30 Monday morning, which will
onnect with the Shauiko stage at
Princville so that matter mailed here
Saturday and Sunday will go
straight through to Shauiko on
Monday. Hut that is the only day
of the week that it will. This new
schedule will commence next Sun
day, s
Telephone (o Forest's.
II. C, Itllis, of the Deschutes
Telephone Company, . -returned
Sunday from his trip tto Princville
and Fofest's iu the interest of a
tdcph6ne line between those twinls.
He nlacle arrangements for" the con
struction of the line and the poles
are already delivered along the
route of 13J4 miles. Upon com
pletion of the atlto road the tele
phone will be closed between
Forest's audHetid, thus giving two
lines' between Hend and PrJucville.
Water, Light and Power Company.
, ' ' - m
Tile Rend Light,' Water & Power
Co. with authorised l capital of
Jto.ooowas incorpdrnled'-by-A. T.
Goodwilh'c, W. lh (Buerin jr., and
Geo.C. Steinenfaun, this wjefc. Its
objects are indicated by "its.- name.
Its place of business 'of course,
Hend. The new company will or-
irauixe whcnthotforrafriitiiKt torHi-
corporation lire coinplchvdruK will
ga.t9-wprI.jifjiouce;ou projacta fori
water and light acrvico.
Vice president and General Mali
ager Johnston, of the D. I. & J
Co.,Onst his first vote in Oregon
ln)lt Ttlcsduy, the family having
decided lust Summer to make Its
home here. Pie.sldeut Turuey, of
the Same Corporation, Wednesday
catue to the l-oiiclusioti that he, too,
would makV his home in llcud, but
it was too lale for this year's voting.
Hitherto Mf. Ttfriiey's home has
been iu ColUtilblfs, 6hio.
The Pilot Untie company, dour
iug a large tract of laud near the
old school hoitsc for crops, has
changed the road lending acro8
tile bridge so that it runs sIaIkIiI
from the bridge to Wall stteet, pant
theStickcl brick kiln. A lime to
the old Desicluitcs road has been
fenced olt. The I). I. & P. Co's
buildings have been enclosed by a
separate fence so the field to be
cropped will not be Open on cither
The Columbia Southern Irriga
tion Company has cloicd down for
the season. Construction work
has been pushed forward duriinc
the pt season until now, ntul the
water (s within a mileofCliue Kails
banners are now on the ground
clearing the laud and many of theiu
have already sown grain. Water
wilt be kept in the ditch during the
winter when the weather will jier
ink it. Next spring the ditch will
be further extended and work will
be coutinlied Until full. Cliue Fall
Mf. and, Mrs. J, O. Johnston and
II. I). Turuey arrived iu Rend last
Monday evening, driving. In direct
from Shauiko. Since returning
west front Ohio Mr. and Mrs. lohn-
lstott hnvejuadc a visit to Alaska.
.Mr. Johnston had extweted to re
main iu jlJe'nd a considerable time
but is called uwny by biihiiicas, and
will leave .rfuijilay .jtior.iiing for
Portland. W. lw Guerin jr., will
accomtxiny him. Mr. Turuey left
yesterday morning for Columbus,
Ohio, on receipt of n message an
nouncing the serious illness of lib
wife u'ith typhoid fever.
I'or Sale Cheap.
vlalrof ponies, cither work or
ride. Impure, S II. Dorraucc.
Trespass Notice,
kntlee 1 hvrohy Khen that I liiue
tmreluiMil the well-know 11 Hlfeinure
jilnee, a ultort illntame niiiiIi of Do
M'hutoM KMt-ollU'e. ami tlmt all forniH nf
treMfNiHti thoreon, Im-linliiit; lUhiiii; umi
hiintinx, nre ntrlrtly forlihlilen UiHler the
IteiiHltiiii nf the law-. l'mtlculHrly do I
nifh to Kiv Hiblic notice himI WurniiiK
tlmt the iwtli alum; the river Imnk to
the iiorthwanlof the county hridae in no
lhor'ti(hfarqulHl l not on-ii to jHililic
um uihI nil tKirwuiri are cnulioiul to
refrain frin iio-fiiik' tlmt wn.
H. N'icilou,
A. M. Llppman (leo. M. Meyer
UnderlalSrs and Under.ak(fr'
ChlnaWnrc, (Jlnssware, Moudlnj:, Linoleum, 1'nlntn nnti Oils. Stoves
and Ranges, Doom anil Windows, Ucdstends, Mattresses.
Wc Can Funiisli Your Mouse
All kiilds of wagon work done iu first-class shape. Short
notice jobs a .tpccialty.
We Carry only thd
finest lines of ,
' j .
t i
and I
The best lino or whiskies utid
cigars iu Crook colluly ut The
Olllce saloon.
We can sttpptv you "frith Cntnl(n
cooking mobiles nt 500 a gallon, at
the City llakery. -
If vott ate going to paper youf
hdiise, consult us. We can save you
tudUey. Morrill Ding Coiniwiuy.
I'or Sale or Trnde.
80 ncteri in Hit Coluutbitt
Son'thum st'grdtrttt'lo'n,
very fiivombly Sltimtcd.
Will be sold chelo'r Wild
od fbr town property.
Kinltilre at The llullutiu Offlcb.
ItmWfl I.t, Alt Jttnr i. IT'.
V S. I.khJ ()HW. Tlw 1MIM, OifM,
IMolwr it. If4(
Nnll la lixrbv kIwh lh( III cwtll4ltKi- t illi
tb imloiMof tht Art of ConkIim l J mm j.
iM. rnllllrd. "Ah act hx Ihr ult lf llmtl UhiI.
In tlir.UI. ofCullAHHU, tlptgoM. MrU.ot.l
WmhlilKlmt TrfilliMy." lrtt l H Ih
tmMk tuna (It by Art of Auciut 4.
Allwit Cm.
nrilt riimi.t I'nikp. tvHHly ( IHU.MI at
llliiuf--li. Im u Kr4 , iwh, aiol Ih till
atftcnliMMi .Ulrmtnl N 1101 fat lit Hr
clm.t ol lli nif ! v ft. In I . r it r. w m
AttJwltl otT.r tirour In .how lht lh Uwl
Mhi-UMHM rluhU for n llwhr or Hwh
lhn for roillel pufpaor wl lo ttIUti
bltcUlm to mM Umt lHfn ih KMr h1
Kmltrr it Tkr Hall, lHfM, on I Mr )i
UyofJaiitMfy, iu).
IU Hmt Hhih r(f McCoy ThM
McCoy, JtttiH KtitM. ul ) II
KHrttlit. all of H( Un4 ISmV..
llHHrH. lokH Mlll, of HrHl, (HtOH,
JamrtJ llMrVk, of llavctrvk. iHnun, TbMia
rwrriaiM n. K. nunc, mnr oi ic ixh.
Aoy ami all iii (Ulmliw a4rtly IU
aWtrtrKf lll Um.1 ho uor.Toil lo Ut lhl(
ctolmi Ih lit), wlk m or btatc Itx tM iyl 4y
of jatuMty, ft
HHjlt MICIIAkl. T NOI.AK. (.
Tlmlxr l.aml, 4(1 Jhhc J, !
V H. Uml 0(H. The tlUf. Hki
OrtoWr f. lyM
.Volk la brttby Ivh that Ih complMMr Mlh
Ih' ktMii. ut Ih Act of Cuniltw l, JHH i.
rtH. ' iitlllnl. "Ah( lf tli'MWuf llm,rUH4i
In Ih tlatraof eallMHla. Ill, Ntii. bik
Waliiulwi Tcnltory, at Uull lo all lh
1H.WIK Uwl Slatti liy Act nf ,itt 4. . Ih
(IWwIiifiMitwU yxtMw. in.- flltit Ih Ih
altUt lhlr awfHH UtHnil. lu.wl
MaiKlft O ConiHi;,
ufTH IMIIa coMHly of Wmo ial .'((,
intatiiHt No, ijS, filtU ln !, I.
tor In piintiaM uflh (. JJ. t If I lor.
. in. .
, .. - . Maty J O Cornier.
of Th4Vit, futility of Wawtt, alatc n(tfi,
MoluaUtrtiiriit No iiwi. ill July if. lvt. for
Ihfimirhavr oflh Snri( aurt Wt.an4lf
J. IP IJ. r tar, w m
Tint they kUI alTrr tHwif to ! IImI thUHd
II affrr IH.
voidable I
ought It iurr valuable (or IU Unit or Mour
than for agttrHllMral Nil'
lltrlr t4aiuii In mW laixl bwfoi
mn. ai
aH4 la oMablUk
c Ih MralMif
anti Krtrlv.f at tlir laHl oflw Ih To Oallra,
itKii. on the IMH May of Jauuary. tta
ThfrnaHU-a. IIhmh. ll.bal (ICohhot
William (I Maw, ami Mania liim-a-twaltr. ut
The rallM, ui(oti aitl 1'raHk OiwMKKf,
ofltlma, WhlHitH.
Anr ami all
tKiaonl rulniiM alttrly Ih
I lamUair irur.i4 tu Ml thir
bo ilcf ib.l
rlalmtlu thi. oNUcuu ur IkIuc. thr mm! iMh.Uy
ijaHuaiy, If
niijlj MKIlAia.T Nul.AN KrMir
Wall ltrl
li; N OKI .l
SiiXw k. HubsTitKiious, l'rop'd
"V V ';. -- ' - -
' ir -hi rill ii'mii i li .ii in' i ii ii inn.
TlmlKr X.ainl. Att Jltlir j, K;K.
t(, S. Ullitdinet.Ylir l4r(lirBHil.
Null In ltrirliy tltrii (hal In roiiillaii(f wipt
the t!l
ti.innau in rtji in (iiigiwa in
ntltl-l. "All act for Hit Half oTlllllIx
icl HT riiiunnf ' JH'ir ,
Air Hit U oTllliilxfrlnMiM
In Hit !! MrCnUfBrnla. llirHi
NmlA. aud
in rutfiiOril in Jill In.
lul.l Uml tUlf hy Ait f Aiiuuf' '.
VaMiliiloii TrnltiHy
Jacoli W.iiihkii
ri,lilUlM,nMinly f rilw.Mal pfl!iilil.
Iiaim iVtclHT J. low. 6I1 In U"A rtlj , liH
awtMit .lf wml tf l to, fur III Hitf hThI IH
K of H$, l t . r II . w in.
Ami will niln lrr lo lio,Hal lilt lawl
wH.ia U hih alitiW Mr IU IttttWr ih- iUmw
llUt. lor tlvHllutil HtHifw. JH Ih JipUMW
lik claim f Mll laml ("tirt IH Hrirfitct amt
lrclvtroflliHiiirtWl Th IMIku, Oltimi, on
it llllt ly ul lift Hitwr, Ml
II tiatiif lln tn Uimii, Jbhh
Wllmul.ii , UHiltrMi( I.ohU Ncrfiil, !!
ma i Vamlriwall. Kilanl aH4(tlt(.IMN M
Until, l-at CtirUv. I'll Cmllurt Mlxitl,CJily.
jolni HftimUMtii.allKl I'IiHIIm. WImoihIH.
Any and all iMifcuta olainiliu ailfi;ly idf
alMr-lr-iltil MikU at rililtl lo lit their
rlalm in ihla uMlcr iw f Vtoi' MhlutlnUy
ui iHxrmlitr. ivl
o?-. MICIIAItl. T Mlf.AS. IU(lr
r -rrrrri
Harness anti Saddles
iMrnrfof All KlmU
ntul llmt ClimH
OH HwkI HI h vt lo Nrw IWrty Mm,
Notary I'tlhllc, Itifttirnncc. Towtuhid
or Upper Denchilte. Vnlltty.
HHrill. OKKflON
Barber Shop & Baths
Ret of ftccouuuodntioin ami
work prouiptly dOu
Vai.i. T. JlKNI) ORHCdW
W. U.OinlH.JIir-
(iuUKIN v
tt. C. HrtnlMIMIAM
AHomcs ami Counsellors at Law
rraktbr III Malt aiHt 1'ijtral tj'OHtt
IJI.NI), - i. "dKKGON.
II. IMIkLICharM t. CM,a, h.
Drs. Belknap & Edwards,
Olftrr at Hft of WltiHtl'a IHut Molt.
Aoral r j
Liverpool, Loudon fie Glohc. and
IjiilciiHliIro Hire Insurance
y Companies.
1 1
Tabic and Rooinu nlwnyn clcnil
and well Htiplicd--Ratc raiisoiinblu
C't).. WIEST
Civil Engineer
SjH!cinl (jualiflcnlions for
I.atul ,Si4ri'eyinj and Irri
gation Work.
IlniMltiK Plint urnl riiMvilU'iitloiiH
TIioDcSclnfies Telephone
. Company,
TctoK'niiiiH PoFwiirtlJd to
anypart of tllo World.
Direct jrjqpiio'tie
nild.all Pacific Qoast cities
Pulfllk &Xfc rstatlou
vllANK.mjlI.D(NU .
liclA. r ...Orejion
;i , '"bo' - n ai a ii ' ii i
. .. "i.JI.
-- - .fflBMmmmmu