The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, November 11, 1904, Image 3

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.Supdliilmdeiit Jiinii's Mnltes He-(uiiiiitt-ndutloii.i
In Report,
KlUelll 'I'llH plHSOIlt uoiitrnet for
tilt) employment f OrOKOtl (MIIIVlt'lM In
llii) iwnlttuitlury ntovo foundry x plies
In July, IU0B, hikiii nftor (ho adjourn
immt oi inn nuxt. H'KiHiiiiiiro, nun inn mm mm the building of n rnllwny con
.mention In presented, What shnll then noctloii from Coo liny to Hie Moiithoin
In ilomi wllli thu convict? 'I'll I m que
tlmi In siiRoted In tho biennial re
tirt of Prison Hiiuurlntoudciil 0. W
James, IiIh only recommendation on
(tin subject being thnt some plan he
mloplnl liy which nil tho convict will
ho itlvmi constant employment. Thin
In desired both an n measure of txxm-
ottty for thu itlnlo mnl n mentis of din
ulpllne iiiiioiik tlm prisoners
Tho prliitilpnl rocuiniHettdalloH
iintilo hy Hupeflutmident Jnuiw are
Hint provision bo wade liy which
youthful prlMMtom iHHy he Mimraiml
from thtt older wen" and Hhhm urn
traced for trivial offense mftmmt
frunt hardened orlmlmtlN; Hint an np
Pioprlallon be made whlrh will permit
tin. enlargement or tho library lo 1000
volume; Hint moru laud he pureed
so thnt moro of tho nrtlrltm of finxl
iny bit prihliioml by convict Inlxir;
llml thu foundry bulhlliuiH btt rttimlrml
nml Impnivt'd, If tho pnwunt plnn of
fonvlol Inlmr In to bo contlimixl: thnt
thu wntonpowdr riiiino bo ntrtrtiKtlien
d no thnt U will not bo In dnnktrr of
luirulliiK from iloeny; thnt n now bnrn
bo coiulruottMl; tlmt n now nyttum of
pliimtiliiK bo Itutnltod In thu prlMin
iIU; thnt provltlon nhnuld bo tnnl
fur thu uiuploymunt of Kimnl fur prln
onnm ttimtutnntNl to Ut hnnKt, mid
thnt nn njiproprlnllon m inndu for tho
ptirohnto of n nurKlonl tnblo nnd nur
claal tool for tho prlnon bonpltnl.
More Tcacltcr.t Are Wanted,
rcndlvton. Twuntynlx twichcru of
tbn rondlftoti olty vchooln hnva fllud
their rontmotn with County Huporln
trndent Kmnk K. Wolli. Only one
mora In In ft yot to fllu. Although tho
Inw rviilrr thnt tenchon intuit fllo
their contrnctn upon commencing their
diitloo. Tbn.J'onillrlnn tenchom bnvn
JtiNt compllctl with tho Inw. Mr. VIn
Trpartn thnt thera nro yet n nurnlxT
of Umntllln county dlttrlcln to bo nup
pllud with tonchnm. Tho cjlutrlcln nru
nmntt nnd pny from 110 to ICO n
month, nnd nro not much nought for.
When trnchcrn nru plentiful thcro In
no trouble to nupply uvun thu moil
rrttnoto dlntrlct, but, now, when every
timelier In employed, thu low wnrien
nnd tindunlrnbln locutlonn hold no In
diicomontn to thorn,
Itlo rir from Clnlsop.
Antorln. One of Ulntnop cntinty'n
ttjblliltH nt the I'wln nnd Clnrk I-lr
will bu n fir Iok thnt In perfect nn well
nn Immonnn. It U ntnndlnR on thu
property ownml by H. K. Iliurln, on
YounR'n river nbove tho flt. thnt In
now Imlng lopi'txt by tho llrwnnor
LoKKliiK Coiitpnny. Tho trco Hlnmlii
porfuotly plumb nnd without n blntn-
lull. Tun feet from tho Kround It
invnaiiro 13 V4 foot In dlnnidter nnd
200 feet nbnvo, whoro tho flrnt limb
Ih, It In 8 foot In dlnmutcr. Thu emit
of tho exhibition of tho log will bo
bouriio by tho different Intornntn thnt
will fiirtiliili tho nucuMinry tootx nnd
npplluuaoH to tiOjo It from the foroM
nnd place It In tldo wntnr. Tho ontinl
of thin treo In rnruly noon nnd Itn like
hn nover been exhibited nnywhoro.
IMd Sale of Timber Lnmi.
KtiRono. It In reported Imro on good
authority Hint nn liniiioimn trunnnctlon
In timber Innd hnn been cloned. Invnlv
Injr n trnnnfor of 24.000 ncron of line
timber on tho Count l'ork. BOtith of
lioro. Tho Innd wiih ownod by Bovo
nl pernoiiH who ptHilcd their hnldltiRB
tho lloothB. B. II. Filcndly. A. C.
Woodenck nnd Hovernl otlium buliiR
thu holdorn nnd they have nrrmiRed
u mill) to tho now ntockholdura who re
cently ncqtilred ntook In tho llooth
Kelly Company. Thu price pnld la
unld to bu f IC per acre, which Is con
ulilered vory rouBOiiublo for Bitch One
Doles of Albany Poullry Show.
Albany. Tho oxccutlvo commlttoo
of thn Ountrnl Wlllnmotto Poultry An.
Hoclntlon line Bet January 18 to 21, In
eluulve, uh tho ditto for holdliiR their
next nnnunl poultry aliow, Tho nhow
will bo bold lit Albnny, uh Imvo tho
former onoa or tho nuHodntloii, nnd
will bo tho third umlor thu proaent
Addition to Plilloitiullt Collcrjc.
Phllomnth.At nn oxponto of $7000,
oxtoiiulvo Improvomonta will bo made
to .tho Phllnmnth Collogo bulldlpR.
Flvo rooltntlon roonm, n woll-oqulpiicd
laboratory, a commercial loom, li
brary, muBoum and onlargod .chapol
aro the contomplatod changoa.
OIIM.Rr mi uimihih,
Coos Buy llouil.n (nnihliilfiu lo Build
n Nrw Line.
Mnrali Held. The object of dm int
here of I'hiiI Molir, Urn Boston mil
road wmolnr. In mm definitely
known, Mr. Molir u nmii,HULi,, ...
Pnclflo nt Itosebiirg. Tliln mean
either n new linn or the extension of
IIih present riMil from Myrtle I'olnt.
Mire rout are being examined,
mill two urveylng parties nro In the
Mold. Ono of these In trying to mm n
wm along IIih stage rod up t!it mid
dle fork of IIih CikimIIIo. Tim route tip
the mirth fork of IIih Cimm river
i-ihhi iMke nnd throtiRh ICIkton pnut
linn nhwi Imniii explorml. It IwIImvihI
tho mint fannlhlu rontn In fnini byr
U I'olnt to Cnmnn valley tliroiinh a
low MM wuit of tlm MihinUIh Hohbw
to looking (llnnn vnlUty, down IIih
IMiklnRdlMH crewk to llnppy vnlley
nml I'lnlu mile up the Um-o,un to
Thin iiMile Riven n Rrndu newliero
to txconl J pr cent. It uinkon mi
ftmtiKntml lUMr "". nnd thu dIMnuce
muni be over 00 mill fiom Myrtle
Tolnt. Till mnte wn InntiKtirnted hy
Klljnh Hinlth. nnd he hn been work
Iiik on It aliirw he nrrltod here from
lloolon two mmitliBti no. but In curry
Iiik out the project there will be co
operation of InterratB Thn Kpreckola
Cikhi liny. HmwhurK & Knntern Itnll
wny lo Myrtlo Point, tho Klnnoy belt
line rnllrond a round Coo liny nml thn
new line to Itimeburif will nil work In
hnrmony Thl I one rentilt or tho
mnferwnrn or railroad men.
Mnnngt-r Hnmuel, of tho Hpreckcl
lemmhlp line, who wnn nt tho meet
ing, returned on tho Init ntenmer to
Hnn Kmiiclnco, Uehlnd nil thin there
I bftllevml to be nt 111 n deeper ftlrml
flrnucn. Mr Hmlth I trrenldent of the
Koutlieni OreKon Compnnr. which
own 97,000 ncre or Coo county tlm-
tier. It I donlrod to net tho lumber
back over thu belt lino nnd over n
railroad to the enntern tnnrket To
thin ptirpoMO nothlnR In nccomplUhed
by Btopplng nt ItnanburK. Lumber nt
ItoNcburR I worth oven ten than It
I on Coo bny, To Ret tho benefit do
nlred, the rond to Hoieburi must lend
to thn hulldluR of n trnnncontlneiltnl
lino to tho KobU
Mill Creek Power to be Used.
Ij (Irnnde. A company hnn been
formed by n few men who nro largely
Interented In Union county, nmonc
whom nro Wnltcr M. Pierce, Ti II.
Crawford, Surveyor Horry nnd other,
with T. II. Crawford nn President, who
expect noon to entnblUli n wntornow
er plant two mllon nbove tho Cove.
The wnter will bo taken from Mill
cieek nml n force or men Is now nt
work on n ditch. Already a minrtor or
n mile or it linn Ueen oxenvnted.
There will be a power-pipe of 3700
with 830 feet fell. Thin power will be
used for eltK-trlr light nt the Hot I.ake.
Cove nnd iMwnlbly I .a (1 ramie nnd
other MlntM. nn well hh for other pt
iioie. It Mill be In workliiK order by
early sprlnR.
Woodbtirn Real USIalc Moves,
WfMMlburn. Woodburn ronl entnto
I nellltiR nt advance! price, nnd the
city hnn Rnlnod 311 per cent In popula
Hon dttrlnK tho last 12 montliB. More
new btilldliiRU have been erected dur
ing thu last yenr thnn ever before d ur
ine ii like porlod or time. Numerous
nnlon or rent out ate hnve been mndo
within the past few dnys. The fob
lawlnR mtlen of luinituuce were made
reenntly: A Durban, Ttmld&nre,
SISOO; Waller I. Tooie. IVfc lota on
Main ntreet. $1050: O. 1). llenderBon.
oniv-huir lot on Main street, $0110. Tho
tlty Ih lining up with lCnstern Invest
ara, nnd price are boomliiK- Not u
huiiMe Ih vnoaut tit tho city.
Cxltlblt from Umatilla County.
Pondluton. Dr. A. 1.0 Hoy. superin
tendent of the Oregon Information
Ilurenu, mot tho Commnrclnl Club for
tho purposo of IntarustliiK the cltlxeiiH
of Umntllln county lit making an olab
nrnto exhibit of prodtiotu of tho coun
ty for tho I.owIh nnd Clnrk Imposition.
Mr. I.e liny nnlil ho would permit thin
county to UBO tho exhibit collected by
thu Information llurentt at tho openlnu
ofv tho fair and until tho time tc
gather n froali exhibit or tho various
prodtictH or this county next yenr.
Conflc.Mcd with I'rcloltt Cars.
Umntllln. Tho ynrd nt this point
are congoatod with frelt-ht enra from
both tho Oregon nnd Washington di
vision, Crown nro working doublo
HhlflH to hnudlo tho Immonso wheat
HhlpmontB, Conaldornblu Aalutlo
freight Ih bolus, nhlpped on through
trnliiH to thn onuj, via thla point. Pits
Hongor tralllo hna uluo reached tho
top notch,
Wheat Market.
Portland Wnlln W.Ua, 81Q82oi
Lhica'om, 8l86oi valley, 80Q87o
Tacomn Ulucstcui, uuo) club,
Oolfnx Olub,73o; blueatom, 75c,
llicoiy of Norlli .Sen liulilcnl rinds
1'nvor lit London,
London. Nov. 2. Considerable ills
ciimIuii of IIih theory Hist the l(iiirm
fir "I on their own ships hikI sank one
of Ihelr own torjwdo IkmUi Ml the time
of the North mm outrage hnilM-en henrd
In the lt tuo days In the eluU fie
qnenled by natal oldieis. NnlMvdy
question thu corrcctiieM of thu theory
lor lis compatibility wlthnll the fart
known nbotit the Mtd uflalr. Tlieiiinnl
olllcer who niKKwlod thl theory, rnld
lnnt iilitht:
"I roiifltleully lM)lieve lht I he In
milry will nulmtantlnte my liypotlitnlB.
Of conrre, I don't know tlmt imy tor
ikmIo host wbr sunk by Hueolan bnttlu
uhlpK, but II one wn Mink, n Admiral
llojcutvtwky nl leve, It miiHt hnve
Ix'en n Ittjncinn Ixint. The thll k to do
I lo cnll on the KumtlunM to produce
their loipcilo hont. If none linn been
Dunk It klioulil be poMilblu to jirwluce
Ibu exact niimbur which entered tho
Norlli neit n little over n week iiro,
"Hut whntevir tuny Ih the rcferenre
lo the Blnkltitf of one of thene craft,
there KH'iii lo lo no doubt whntevt-r
tlmt tun of the Ittirnlan torpedo boat
reeclud Clicrlnuri' In n damnKCil condl
lion, benrliiR mark which Indicate to
my mind thnt they wore the object of
attack by ItocplvcnJnky'N bnttlcnhlpB.
"The Illccty Atclitchl lifld her Mem
battered and another boat bud nliot
hole in her side. It is fur the in
(julry board to find how there Injuries
wvifl ivcolvcil, I notice, however, that
the lllt-nty Aclitchl In RettiiiK wy ""
fast as poKnlblc, ahe hnvltiR nlrcndy
Ix-eti repurted its havlnj tailed oatwnrd
from Tangier. It may bo that nn effort
Is behiK mndo to hnve her so fnr nwny
to mnku It Impossible for tho inquiry
hour J to get nt her olllcers mid find out
whnt they know about the North sea
"Admiral Itotostvemky By that the
torpedo boats bombarded his battle
ships nnd wounded iqiiio nmong bin
crew. Thnt I Billy, ns n torpedo bont
doc not bombard bnttloships. That '
not their method of attack.
"Thete Is nttothvr method of explnn
ntlnn ol Hie Inliircd battleship. The
fishermen any the Hurnlann weie on
both sides of their craft nd Miat the
shots enmo from lmth wnyn. It thnt
were so, It may entity hsppen that one
ol the Huaslan bsttleshlpB fired into
another. Attain thn wounded nnfong
the crews of the battleships may be the
survivors nl the sunken torpedo host.
"I ennnot help wishing that Great
Britain' arrangem nt with Hnsiin pro
vbled for the detention of all the vee
s Is of the Ilattic fleet, I est end of sim
ply the four bsttleshlp now nt Vigo.
I believe some wry luiortant evidence
Is running nway from us"
New United States Vessels Are Not
Properly Armored.
Hnn Frauclfco, Nov. 2. The Chroni
cle todsy rays: "Naval ollleera have
succeeded for many months in keeping
secret n peculiar strurtuini fenture of
the new battleship Ohio, which, in the
opinions ol themselves, ns well as otli
era, is nothing else thnn n glnrleg de
feet of a nature so serious tlmt, as one
olllcer cxprcstcd It. amounts to an Invi
tation to nn enemy to do the vessel
enormous damage in action.
"Thu doect consists of omitting to
nut minor around the after end of the
superstructure w Ithlu which nte mount
ed ten tl-lncli rapid-fire guns. This
omission, it is held, makes the big wnt
vessel dangerously vulnerable In n vital
part lo hostile shots coming fiom eith
er quarter.
".'urturrinore, shells entering tins
nlaru might do great damage to the
engine room, the batch ol which is well
nt in side tho onsemnte nnd n shell
hurst lug Inside the casemate armor
would probably send fr.igmecnts Into
the engine room,
'The fault doe not He either with
the builders or the naval constuctnit
detniltd to supervise the work. The
Ohio was built strictly according to the
plan and speciflcatlons which we're
made in tho navy department in Wash
ingtou under thu direction and scrutiny
o( thu boa id of connlitiction."
Tho Chronicle ftitther nnya:
"The Ohio Is not the only one ol the
new battleships with this fault. Her
two sister ships, tho Mnl u nnd the
Missouri, as well na thu Wisconsin,
Alabama nnd thu Illinois, have thla
Nil) Clcvotor Collapses,
lluffalo, Nov. 2. rhe Ontario -ele
vator collapsed today and sank Into the
wnluta of the Kvans Blip. Thu elevator
contained about 370,000 bushels ol
barley, a largo portion ol which lies at
tho bottom of thu allp. Tho loss on
thu grain nnd thu building Is estimated
nt 11)60,000. Oharloa Jlartholomy, (12
years of ago, tho elevator superintend
ent, was Borlously injured. Tho On
tnrio was built 15 year ngo and had
been in actlvo operation all of this seas
on. J lie collapse had Its origin in tho
Weakening of tho foundation.
Discontented In Colombia.
Panama, Nov. 2, Advices from
Cnuca report that there ia gicnt discon
tent thoro nnd throughout Colombia,
Newsy Items Gathered from All
Prs of Hie World.
General llcvlcw of ImporlunI Happen.
pciil(js Prc.tviitcd In u tlrlef"iind
Coiiden.vcd Corrn.
The Oregon building at Ht. Inln ha
leeii sold.
Tlm Mukden situation remains tin
Pope I'Iiir hnn nlmott coinjijetely rc
covwiiyJ his heal! If.
In the Canadian elections just held
the Liberals won n (treat victory
The Amcriari nrihitratlon treaty with
Italy will bu ready for Blgnntuies In n
few dny.
Great Ilritlan may tuk Admiral Dew
ey to rep recoil t It on the North sea
Pre Mont Itnosevt It narrowly eiKoried
disttli while out tiding by being thrown
from 111 hoise.
The coroner's jury nt Hull find thnt
the Iturnluu s-IiIjm fired on the trnwleis
without provocation.
Amerlrnnnd France will bo akcd to
nnmu a naval olllrur to exrrc on the
North fen commission.
Twenty -one Iliitlnh sailors hi
wrecked on Mnsnlrn island, near the
entrance to the Ited sen, weru mama
cred by the natives.
The sinking of (he Japanese battle
ship Vnshiina' hy Ilusslan mines off
Dalny last June has Wen confirmed by
tho Toklo government
Ilusfla fmrs that lltitnin tuny yet
stop the llaltic fleet.
Tho California airship has made nn
other successful flight at the Ht. Louis
Ureal activity prevails in naval clr
oles nt Gibraltar, but Britain will not
explain its mesning.
Tho Hus!nn rijundron on tho way to
thu Orient carries, besides It tegular
complement, n Urge number of lauds
It is claimed that Kumpatkin will
retreat when Oynmn agnln attacks, hav
ing the smaller number of omen nnd
Bandits held up tho Cody. Wyo.,
oank nnd killed the rnshler. "Buffalo
Bill" will take tho trail In pursuit of
United Htntts Minister Pearson, to
Persia, has emphatically reiterated his
demand for the Just nnd proper pun
ishirent of thoie responsible for the
murder of Dr. I-arnboe, the American
The railing ol tho Itnsslan squadron
from Vigo led the Uritfth public to be
lloiu the time wiih nt hand for nor.
The foreign olllc explained that Jtassin
was only to detain otneers having know
ledge of the trawler incident.
The greatest ltnttlo of tho war is at
hand near Mukden.
The Japanese nre lightening the line
around Port Aithtit.
The Hussion warships at Vgo expect
to remain fnr two weeks. ,
China will allow no jiorc contraband
to pas through her ports.
A Memphis, Tenn, building collaps
ed, burying u number of persons.
The Jury In thu Ames fate has again
dltagrccd, and Mtnneaplis ex-mayor,
indltced for grafting, is likely to go
Hothsohlld has guaranteed tho suc
cess of the entire loan of f 270.000,000
to be floated hy Hussin the first of the
Kusinn papers nre warning tho pub
lic not to bo too rniiguine of nn entire
ly satisfactory bottlemont of the trawler
Tho St. Louis fair lias icduced the
balance duo n,on the United States
government loan of 14,000,000 to
With both employers nnd employee
confident ol victory, engineers in Illi
nois coal mines hnvo gone on n strike
against n re luctlon in wagne. Fifty
thousand men nru affected.
Another great strike is threatened in
John W. Gates has made $4,000,000
in font months dealing in stocks.
Admiral Itojcctvoneky, commanding
the Baltic squadron, has resigned.
OharloB 8weency, of Spokane, may
build a 1 1,000,000 hotel in Portland.
Japan wants an airship to use in ex
ploding dynamite over Hussion forts
and ships.
Tho woik of rescuing tho men en
tombed Itt thu Colorado coal mine la
proceeding slowly.
The admiral commanding tho II us
slan Baltic fleet clings to his story that
he wob attacked tlrat.
rune ENTttY row exiuuirs.
.Secretary Show Issues Rcanla lions
for 10(15 I'u I r.
Wushlngtou, Nov. 1- Becretary
Hhaw todny Issued very com prelum
nlve regulatloni! carrying out tho pro
vision of section 1, or tho Lewi and
Clnrk ICtposltlon act, imw1 by con
urmn Inst winter, nutfiorlzltig fieo
entry Into this country of foreign ex
hibit Intended for the Portland Ifx
position. Full Instruction are given
ns to tho manner of nhlpmeut and or such exhibit, nml tho
method of Rotting them through tho
customhouso nnd Into the exposition
Kioumln, Tho building nnd grounds
or the Iwl and Clark Exposition nro
constituted "constructive warehouse
nnd yards," nnd nil foreign article
placed therein undor tho supervision
or custom officers, specially Import
ed for exhibition, will bo troatod tbo
tmmu an merchandise In bond. Tbo
sale of foreign exhibit will bo per
mitted during thu continuance of tho
oxposltlon, but tho delivery of tho
goods sold I to be withhold until tho
close of tho fair, when the good sold
muHi pay reguinr duty. Tlio enforce
ment or thl restriction devolve upon
tliu exposition nuthorllle. At the
close or thu exposition, the hoo'Is for
exportation will be exported tinder the
Kenernl regulation for Immedlnte ox
port In bond.
Any attempt to take advantage of
these special regulations In order to
evade the tariff Inwg will subject the
offender to the usual penaltlM, In
eluding a confiscation of goods, flno
nnd Imprisonment. Tho special reg
ulation io provide for the Impor
tation of livestock for exhibition, duu
precaution being taken to guard
against tho admission of diseased
stock. Tho person who propose to
exhibit Canadian cattle must procure
a special permit from the secretary of
President of Union Expects American
Eleld to Be Invaded.
Chicago, Kor. 1. The Invasion of
tho American Industrial Mold by Jap
nneeo laborers Ih feared by President
Michael Donnelly, of the Butcher
Workmen's Union. To heed off the
Japanose, Donnelly will Introduce n
resolution at tho convention of tho
American Federation of Labor In San
Francisco, next month, calling for
the enactment of legislation exclud
ing them from the United State.
Tho matter was brought to Donnel
ly's attention by a call mado on him
by K. Oknjlma, a Japanese, who was
seeking Information regarding condi
tions In the packing plant. Mr.
OkaJImn showed letter of introduc
tion to the packers, recommending
him as the proper person to furnish
them with Japanese labor. Ifc said
that ho bad been told the croploycru
In Chicago could glvo work to COO to
600 rncn of IiIb nationality. Pursuing
hi Inquiries, Mr. Oknjlma nsked If
Jnpaneso would bo admitted to tho
Butcher workmen' Union. Donnel
ly showed tho constitution of tbo la
bor organization, which contains noth
ing operating against the foreigner.
"I nm sure, however. Donnelly
said. "Hint tho members of tho union
would .not consent to receiving Jap
anese, and tho members aro greater
than the constitution."
Dounolly then hastened to prepare .
hi Jnpaneso exclusion resolution.
Japanese Officer Docs Not Believe If
Was" Intended to Go Par.
Toklo. Nov. 1. -A promlnont officer
on tho Japanose naval staff said today
that ho bolleved tho Russian Baltic
fleet would not come fnr on Its way
Eaat. He did not bellevo that tho
Russian government desires to send
It nt all, and It was likely thnt tho
trawler affair In tho North Sea would
be used as an oxcuso for tho recall
of tho licet. Instancing reasons upon
which ho basod his bolief, ho said
tho!leot commander, Admiral Rojost
vensky. was pick when ho left port,
nnd It Boomed very Improbable thnt
the Russian Oovornment. If Itn Inten
tions wero serious, would send a sick
admiral to navigate many thousands
or miles to combat n superior force nt
tho end of a long cruise.
"If thero were nny torpedo boats
among tlm trawling ileot which wnp
fired upon by the fleet. It was the
duty of the Russian officer In oom
inand." ho said, "to pursue them nnd
Investigate the base of tliolr dlspatah.
Russia by hor delay was Booking to
render tho diplomatic situation with
Rnglnnd moro critical to afford a
plausible oxcuso to recall Its fleet."
Japanese Worklna Mines.
Headquarters of Loft Army (Gener
al Oku's) In tho Field. Nov. l.Tho
positions of tho armies nro unchang
ed. Tho Russians nro continually
Boarchlng tho Japanoso lines with
their artillery, firing night and dny,
with seldom any reply from tho Jnp
nnese. Tho Japanoso army Is now
working tho Yentnln mlnos. digging
enough coal for all military purpose.
It is bolloved by mining experts thnt
thoy can doublo tho output. Tha
gaugo of tho railway has been
changed to Yental and quantities or
supplies nnd ammunition are arriving,
Jew Doctors Dlstlnaulsh Themselves
Mukden, Nov. 1 Tho J"cwlsh doo
tors nnd surgeottB nro especially dig
tlngutshlng themselves, devoting
tho r t mo n eht nnd day to tha
wounded, nnd tho Jewish soldiers In
tho field nro displaying ns great brav
ery as their comrades of othor rollg-