The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, November 11, 1904, Image 2

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City Suffers by Breaking of
Grcut Reservoir.
Disaster Occurs nt on Early Morning
Hour and 300,000 Gallons or
Water Escape.
Charlotte, N. C, Nov. 4. A twctvolr
ot lint Municipal water works, located
near the center of Wlniton 8tloin, N.
0., broke nt 5 o'clock tills nictnltig,
musing the lota of nine lives nml thu
Injury of (our or llvo poiBuut. .
The nortli i4la tif tberetsotvolr, whloli
It 30 feet high, tumbled ivor, falling
upon the home ami barn ot Miutln
Peoples. Thoio o about 800.000
gallons of water in tho reservoir, ami
tlio stream tuahed to Hides pond, n
distance of nearly hulf n inilo Four
tenement houses wore writhed several
hundred yards.
The reservoir was hnllt In 1881 by
TiO cttlxeus. IV'ii jortrs ago It and tho
entire water plant were. Bold to thu
city, Peon thereafter ten feel was
added to the height ol thu locorvolr
Thu eitv had Just had a largo aland
pipe oomplotcd. It is full of water
and the town is prepared to supply
all demands. Tho thousands of gallons
of water that Mowed from the retervoit
formed a pond in the vicinity and It
was thought that toxeral people might
have been drowned In this Tho city
council met and decided to drain thu
pond In order to recover tho bodies.
The roccrvolr was situated about live
block fiom the center of the business
district of the cUy and was tin rounded
by a number of residences and small
.tores. It is uitdetttnod tho structure
had lieen condemned, hut tho city
authorities liad failed to lemove it.
Carrlaflc Carrying Them to Work
Gets Beyond Control.
Wllkesharre, Nov. 4 Ten men
were killed and three furiously injured
ny an accident at No. 1 Auchiuiiueo
thaft at Natitichoke early today. The
men were moetly rll ujon tho mine
earring to be lowered to working lie
Inw. The tlgnal was given to tho en
gineer who begin lowering tlm men.
The carriage had gone but a few fret
when tho tuiglneer loot control of his
engine, owing to ties rovwso levore
falling to work, ami the carriage,
its load of human souls, ten in all, was
dasliod betond trie Horn vein, landing
neatly 1,104) feet below the sittfaco, and
from there they were precipitated 300
.feet lutther into a ttump.
w Those who may hot have been killed
outtlght weie undoubtedly drowned In
the sump, which is fuliy 60 feet deep
with water. Up to S o'clock tonight
no human aid could leach them.
It may trqulro two or three days Ik
fore any of thu dead can be recovered.
Earth Shaken to rive Miles, One Man
Killed and 40 Injured.
Mount Vernon, X. Y, Nov. 4. The
explosion of over a ton of dynamite
under the Bond street bridge at 1
o'elrxk today thook tho city and the
ui rounding country within a tadius of
Ave in lies, probably kllltdat Itist one
person and infimd nearly 40 others,
two of whom may die. Tho man tup
pottd to have been kilted was an Ital
ian in (Largo of the dynmaitn. He
was seen at his post of duty just before
the explosion and no trace of him has
dlnce been found.
There were 2,300 pound) of dynamite
atored at the side of the deep rock cut
running from the western limits of the
city to the New York, New Haven &
Ilarlfenl railroad station, whtott wa
uniI fur blasting a path (or additional
traeka. The explosion tote a bole in
the grosnd 80 feet deep that is now (ml
of water from a hidden spring, wreekrd
tho Itoml street bridge over the railway
tiaoks, awl broke all tho winduwt
within a quarter of a mile. The force
of the explosion, asia uiml, waa tlnwn
ward, but the upheavel along the aides
of thecal hurltd Urge stones for block.
Many houiea weie shifted from their
fondatioas, walls were stripped"!
pla'ster and furnlturo was splintered.
Torpedo float Missing.
Aiglets, Nov 4. It la stated that
ono of tho torpedo boats of Admiral
Itejestvensky's equadron Innilsulng, the
toiedA flotilla having pul in at Una
pert. Tills disputed. If found to be
founded on fact, would neem to bear
out the reports which have been cur
rent lor fceveral days past that Admital
K-iJetvcnsay fired ou his own boats.
The admiral, In his explanation of the
Dougor Bank tragedy, mated that one
of the torpedo boats which ho fired on
disappeared, and that may be the boat
now reported missing.
Russia Again After fleet.
London, Xov. 4 The Chronicle has
a dispatch from Paris stating that the
Ilutslan government has renewed Ha
efforts to buy Ohlenn and Argentine
warship through William It. Flint &
Co., of Now York.
Port Arthur Must Poll Within a Very
Short Time.
Chcfoo, Xov. 5. "Port Attlmr Is
Tho correspondent ot the Attainted
Press hero hns received Information,
the reliability of which la loyond ques
tion, that, the Japanese now occupy po
til Inns which place the east side of the
town nt their merry.
Japanese arriving from Palny today
report that the Japanese have captured
ltlhluiig mountain and Sunguahu ntonn
tain, which lies twtweou the tiillread
and Klhluug mountain. They nlmi ro
pint that tho Japaucsv have also cap
turod Kast Keekwau inmtntnin.
The last ttnult hat gained for them
positions which luttito their ability t
enter the main forts whenever they are
ready. It is calculated by the Japan
w that if tho ltiiMhtir do nut surien
der, they will bo cnml le of prolonging
their final etaiul nt I.hiotl muuntalu
and on tlm Tiger's Tail fot n month
longer, with the metu hope id prolong
ing the M niggle. Long liefotn the Sex
oud I'aeltlc squadron art Ives the Japan
mm ting will wave oer thu w looked cit
adel. Thin will mid Viceroy Alexleff's
dretim of an uuconiiueriible city. The
Jatiauoee have not occupied the iiiiilu
forts nud highest points of the mist
hills, hut they occupy In overwhelming
numbers positions whlih will enable
them to dt he the Itussiaus back when
over llioy desire.
Witnesses In the North Sea Incident
Confer with Diplomats.
Paris, Nov. 6 Three nlllccis of the
Russian squadron, including Caj tain
Clado, who aro the principal witnesses
in the Nortli tea Incident, arrived to
day from Vigo and went imint-dlntely
to the Husiau emhaay. wheie they
held a long conference.
(.'piiiln Clado was on iKwrd-tlte tlag
shp witlt Vice Admiral Kjivenaky,
and was entrusted with the task of
drafting tlw oMicial account After
the coufereitet) thy oiHceia decllnetl to
make any public statement relative to
the afTaii until the report is delivered
in St. Petersburg. Ilowcvet, It can to
tatel their visit tmire than ever
satieties the Knsaian autliorities that
the presume of two Japanese torpedo
boats was it positive tact, eye w Untie es
maintainiitg that their identification
was uiitnistakable.
There ronttnuos to be an understand
ing in IlHsetan diplomatia el relet that
two report will be tent tepatately, otie
fnxn Hull and the ether ffm St
Poteitburg, to Tho Hague fot Until
Swindling Employment Agent Is Ar
rested In St. Louis.
81. Louis, Nov. 6. George K. Hall,
of Kamas City, was today arrested by
a deputy United fetatos marshal on the
charge of having obtained a feu of $2
earh from 200 lahoiere for enuring
them employment and then tending
them to Alaska at their own ezpensu to
work for a conttruclloii company that
did not exist The specific ilmrge
against him is that he used the mails
to deftaud. It is alleged that Hall rep
resented hlmsell to he an employer of
labor for the Alaska Yukon construc
tion company, that he secured -00 la
borers to go to Valdez, Alaska, and af
ter collecting $27 from each. $2 as his
fee and $25 as transportation, it is
said he tent them to Alaska. Inipoet
ot llennett declares that when the
laborers reached their destination they
learned that there was no such com
pany as tho one named, anil th-y made
their way baek as be-t they could, after
m tch guttering and hardship.
Ex-Lcglslator Convicted or Bribery.
St. Louis, Nov. 6. John A. Hlu-ri-dan,
an ex-moinW of thu hotit-e of del
egates, who was Indirted mi a brllry
charge, oonvlcteil and sunienoed to the
peoilentiary foi tiv years, it dtad at
the Jefferson hospital, from tuU'rcu
losis. Hheridsn was not taken to the
penitentiary, at his case was appealed
to tho supremo oourt. Another indict
ment, hosrever, waa tHtnding against
him, and his rase had been iet for
trial on November 10. Kloven weeks
ago ho wag taken to the hospital where
ho died.
Bandits Cornered.
Cody, Wyo., Nov 6. Tho different
binds of men hunting thu men who
ktled the cashier of thu rirat National
bank have the robbers practically tut
roundod in tho foothills of the Owl
Creek mountains, CO miles from here
It is reported that a latge force of their
friends are coming to their assistance
from the Hole-in-tiie- Wall country, and
a mi m bo r of men have left hole to re
inforce the putauets. "HufTtlo Hill,"
with Indian stouts and cowboys, has
taken tho trail, and a lively time may
bo anticipated.
Coal Prices Go Up.
Pittsburg, Nov. 6. Prices of all
grades of ooal have been advanced 35
cents a ton as a result of tho Inereabed
demand fqr coal and the strike of en
gineers in Illinois,
"California Arrow" Proves a
(ircaf Success.
I'lVlniJ Mnchlnc ut St. Louis Turns
In Every Direction and De
sccntls Eusllv.
St. IauIh. Nov. it After eliding In
every dltcetlnit at a height (if U.OOO feel
above the Cascaded in tight of thou
muds of cheering. euthusitHtlc tpeuta
torn on the Wotld'n fair giinintle, A
Itoy Kuahonfthoe, of Toledo, In com
mand of the airship "CwlifniNla Ar
row," today luturucd to the p. are fiom
which he started over the tamo course
that ho had ootno, cuNctltig thu three
nitli and tt half nt the round trip
under his own power and demonstrat
ing tho claim of the Inventor, Captain
Thomas H. Itahlwln, of Mm I'ntiiultco
that thu ''Citllforuiii Arrow" is nut
only dirigible, but that It can miiku
headway aguiiiHt a moderate hieere.
Kmibotithuo Blurted from the aeio
natitio ciuirm' nt 3:37 P, M., and re
ttirtutl after hi" remarkahU flight at
1:115 P. M. On the return trip thu air
ship movod slowly ovei the exact spot
from which It hud arisen 28 minutes
previously, and glided about 100 feet
further west, wheie It sullied giaceful
lyto the ground.
The descent ot the arishlp was the
tlgual for a demonstration the equal of
which hat not been teeti since the
wheels of tho World's fall starttd last
April lu response to the pressure of a
key by President Uoosevelt. Potent of
eager hands weru outstretched to giasp
the frame of the airship and thu Hying
itiiH'hiue with Ha darltu navigator was
curried around the concourse iijkmi the
shouldern of tlm tliMitiug men. Hate
were thrown Into the ait, a ltd when
KnaketttliHe raited for three theeta for
hit home Wlwn they were given with a
will, awl another round followed for
KnaWnehue ami Italdwin,
Philippine Currency Legislation Is
Proving a Success.
WaslitnKtott, Nov. 'i The bureau of
insular affairs today tjave out a sure
itteiit touching eomlii lulls applying to
the Philippine ruMcucy. The etv
Ury of war has received the following
cablegram from Uih civil governor ul
thq l'liltlpH. thowlHg the effect of
the iitrrem-y legitlatinn:
"The apt roaoh of Oettdnir 1, when
the rtrst curreney taxing Ixt-iinni effect
ive, cauted targe exwnt of .Moirn
pesoi eoHimerciatly and largo Inflow o
ppaulili-FHipIuo cuius Into the treas
ury "In Boptomber 1, 187.500 Mexican
Dfto were tx,K)rtel and 6HH.S22 hpau
hh-Filidno pesos came Into the treat,
ury and wore wiilalrawn from circula
tion. Puiing 8uptenilcr the actual
eltctilatlon ot now currency lncteail
1,1)81,000 pesos. In Octolwr to date
l.OM'2, t(6 Kfoa, American currency.
Mexican have been exptittel commer
cially and 050 000 Fpanlih-PHIpIno by
the insular g terntnnt for recolntgu.
Have on hand Hourly 500,000 hpanlth
Filipino ko for rerolnage Inerca-e
of artual niw coins for
October approximately 1,300,000
British Commissioners Investigate
Attack on fishermen.
London, Nov, S Four commission
ers, representing the hoard of trade and
oner. who were tent October 25, at
the suggestion of tho lotulgn ofllre, to
ascertain tho damage dono to the Nortli
tea trawlots hy tho Russian Second
Paeifle tquadion, have just returned
and protended it verbal report confirm
ing the tcHirt that tome of tlm trawlers
wetu seriously damaged hy sheila and
machine gun file, while others Hiiffur h)
in a smaller degree. Trawlura mid
(Idling geBr were destroyed or damaged,
they say, ami fragments of a foiir-iui-h
hell which buitt on the deck of the
trawler Thiush and many other evl
demos of thu "deadly and wanton" at
tack wero found.
Japan Gives Line on War Budget.
Tokio, Nov. 2. Preliminary esti
mates of the budget, covering January,
February and Match, 1005. and tho Ur
eal year commencing In. Apilt next,
have been completed and will bo sub
mitted to the Diet at tts next meeting,
November 25. The war oxhuscs are
estimated at $385 000,000 mid tho or
dinary expenses at $110 000,000 It Is
proHeed to provide for tho wai ex
penses by Increasing tho taxation to
$45,000 000. hy retrenchment in the
administrative expuutei mid public
works of $35,000,000.
Chinese Bandits More Active.
Harbin. Nov. 2. Thu activity of
Chinese bandit is increasing nil along
tho railroad, and thu region It s win til
ing with Japanese sphiH In Hiisslati,
Chinese and Koiopeaii disguises, who
are offering largo rewards for tint Ch
tiese engaged in supplying tho Kiisslau
commisraries, hoping thus to ctlpplu
the Rufcslan supply department.
President Sets Aside November UA
us ihitnltsuivlng Buy.
Washington, Nov. 2. Tlm president
ycttcrtlnv issued thu Tliiinkvglvlng day
proclamation! selling aside lhurMlay,
November 21, "to ho observed iih a day
ut festival and thanksgiving by nil of
the people of thu United Hiatcauthoiiit
and abroad."
The piuchumitloii was Issued from
the ntiito department hyHeeiutary Hay.
It follows:
"Ity the President ot thu United Ktutc
A Proclamation:
"It has phased Almighty Ood to
bring t l'U Ann rb mi people In taftty
and h uir through another year, mid
in HCcordHiicti with the lung unbrukeii
custom handed down to us hy uur foro
fatheir, Hi time Inn whiih when a
speeial day shall Iih tet apart lu which
to thank Him who holds all i allium lu
the hulluw ol lilt hand for ihe meitiet
thus vnuchtalcd to ut. During the
eeuttiry and a utiiirtur of our nutlonut
lite we as a ioph) have been lilwettl
lie.Miud nil others, and fir this we owe
humble and heartfelt thanks to the
author of all Minings.
" I ho year that has eloeed has been
one of peace within our own liotdois
as well as between lit and all other na
tions. The haiMttt h ulxen ul'iind.
nut, and tlume who wotk, whelhei with
hand or biaiu are prospering greatly.
Iteward has awaited upon honest effort.
We liavn Ih-cii enabltsl to do our duty
to ourselves ai.d to others. Never hat
there been n I line when religious and
chnrllahle effort has been nioreevhhitt.
Much has been given to us and much
will U expected from us.
"We tpeak of what has la-en doneliy
this nation. In no spirit of hoastfiiliic
oi valngloty, but with (ml and luwcnt
tealuisliou that our strength Isaa noth
ing unlets we aro helped from above.
Hitherto we havu been given the heart
iest strength to do the tasks allotted to
us as they tevetally arose. Wo aro
thankful for all that ha lrtt doiiu for
us lu the Hnt, nnd we pray that In the
future we may lie ttienglheued In tho
unending itrogcitt to do mir duty fntr
lemdy al hotiptty, with charity ami
good will, with respect for aureelvwi
ami with hero toward mr (el low man.
"In this great republic tho effort to
combine iiathmal strength with hiikw
al freedom la itslug tried ou a teale
more gifranile than ever before In the
world's history Our tueretM will dhmh
imuh not mily fot ourtelvee, but fot
tlui fotme of til mankind; him! vry
man ot wmimii In out laml sluaild feel
the grave ret iNHielhility letting nm
hit. ol her, lor In thu last analysis thla
MKOa must depend upon the hluh
KVetajte of-our Imllvblual clil.-nhlp,
tiHiu ilie way In which each of us iIimm
his duty by himself and hit neighbor.
"Noa", tin rehire, I Thtwidorn Hooto
velt, pieahhmt of the United HUlis, tlu
hereby apolut and tet upartTliurnlny,
the 24th day ot this November, to e
uWred as a day of festival ami thanks
giving y all of the people of the
Unlttd Ktatea at home or abroad, and
do recommend that on that- day they
ecu mi from their ordinary occupations,
till tut her in their several places ol
wo ship or In their homes, devoutly to
givn thinks to Almighty Und for tlm
two ell is He lias conferred upon us as
liidlvjttuitl and as a nation, ami to
brtecch Him that In the fiituio Ills
divine invci tnsy Ixi continued on ut.
"In witness wheieof, I have here
unto te my hind and ranted thu scat
of Ihe United Hlatcs to J nlllxed.
"Done at tho city of Washington,
this 1st dar of November, In the yesr
of our I old, one thousand nine hundred
and four, and of the Independence of
Ihe United States tho one hundred and
"JOHN HAY, Hrcretary of htalo.
"lly the President."
China Refuses to Let Russians Sail.
Chcfoo, Nov. 3, Tho ollliersaiid
crew of Ihe Ityeshllolul, thu HiimIsii
toiM-do boat destroyer, which waa cut
ut of this luirhor August 12 last by tlm
Japanese, went on hoard thu (leiniuii
tieaner Vorwaerts tonight, ImmiiiiI foi
Hhaughal, where they weru to jol'i the
iilllcurs and crow of thu Unsluii cruiter
Atkold. IU-foru thu vctsul, milled,
however, tho Itusslans suddenly re
tuintMl on thorn, thu governmeiit at Pit
kin having at thu last moment rescind
ed tho ixirinlstloii which had been
granted tiiiun to proceed to Hhaughal.
Caught Trying to Smuggle In Drug.
New York, Nov. 3. Custom airenls
In llohoken have am sled a longshore
man lu thu act of removing from a
dock u bag containing 3H0 ounces of u
drug used lu lliii treatment of consump
tion, which In said to hu worth In this
country $150 an ouncn. Thu pilsoiuir
declared the hag an handed to linn nnr
the aide of n tleiimer Just In from Kur
npe, and that hu was told lo carry It
Imiueilliitely lo an addresM in Manhat
tan, whmu he would hu well paid,
Depot Con Intel this Been Let.
Heutilu, Nov 11. J. D, I'nmill, as
sistant lo Picahlfiit Hill 0 Hu, (),.t
Northern nuliouil, reliiriicil from Hi.
Paul htlay with Ihn news that tlm con
tracts fur Hut union dtipul In IIiIn ully
and oxleiislvo ImprovturiuoiH lo thu
(Ireal Norlhutn's dock ihi ,,i.
Il; refused to hIvu oili tliM inntrmtt
price, riiuihijMd will ho hnllt hy n
(Jlilrugo flrnii
Terrific explosion In
ratio Coal Mine.
I'lltE ADDS TO THE llOttltUtt
Men Penned In Will In till LlhclU
hood Be Is Hie
Cause of the Dlsustcr,
Trinidad, Colo., Oct. HI. The twad
terrllhi hoi plosion lu Ihe history of ci al
'iilu'ng lu Coliirailn ociirrcd nt Mluu
No. 9, of thu Itokv Mountain Kind A
Iron uoiiipaiiy, at Turin, -II) miles duo
west of Trinidad, al l:0 this alter
iiuuii, and the uumlxir of deid Is vari
ously ulaeed between 80 ami 110 men,
allhtriuh tlm lattet, ft Is bellevwl, Is
the must corrtmt wstlmatu. Thu num
ber ieNirtnl hs having gonu Into the
mluu this morning was 17 miners and
four company men. This afternoon
many mora miners uie known to havu
gone Into thu mine, and the exact milli
bar of dead may never Imi known, tin
the iiilnu Is burning and In all likeli
hood the Inxlles will he cremated.
A largo uiiiulMti of mine olllcials left
hero at toon as word ol the aruldent
was tecelviil. Company dot tors weru
picked up all along thu line, at well as
all other available physician. United
States (linettiineut Hlia'k Inspector V.
J. Foreman was at Terclu when tho ex
pliHilou occurred.
Thu shaft In which the atoideut oo
curred works e'O men, and It Is lxdlcv-,
til that at least (H) men weru lu the
mine at the time Newt of the ex plo
sion Untight aMittarire from the adja
cent cam pi and tonight bundled of
men are trying io get Into the mine.
Deadly fumes overeowtt the rtsteuers
frequently but their placea are Imme
diately taken hy other reedy to rttk
their lives. It Is net HtaWKht iotlbln
that any rum in the mltte ran naeapo
ttath, If they are not all dead already.
It Is Impotetble to teeuie mimes of
the dead ami Mured loutght. Nearly
all the miners eruplojed are Mavs.
Ihe mine Is a new owe, opened only a
yewr sro, and extended X.VOO fret Into
the hill. The nxpletlfln III wpteicil to
have leeti caHl hy dutt. Only otui
Inely has Ik-cii recoeiel, that of T.
Duran, a driver, wlm was Just eitteilng
the tunnel when tlm tixploeliiiincourrwl.
Hn was torn ami hunted almost lteypnd
recognition All mines within a radius
ol two miles Iwve Ikhiii shut down, and
the miners will assist In ictculng the
hodlea of tho vlellnis.
Railroads Will Charge $43 for
Round Trip.
Ht. Louis, Mo., Oet. 31. Tho Trans
continental Passenger Tiallle associa
tion dlsH)sed of Its dooketetl huslnrs
yesterday at the Jufferton, and ad
journed last evening. Ftir the Iwls
and Clark exposition at Pmtland, a
rata of $45 tor the round trip from
Missouri river Mdnts and Ht. Paul
was adopted by the association for four
or five days dining each month. From
points rait of tho Missouri river and
Ht. Paul, a rate of one faro for tho
loiind trip will bo made up to thoeo
points, '"
These rates will ho adopted as the
basis for rales on account of several
t (inventions to hu 'held next year on
tlm Pnclllueoasl. It wet decided that
lu ull'casea where Hi. I. mils exposition
llnkets fur oxhlliltois have, expired im
fnre tho close ol the fair that the re
turn limits shall lie extended,
Jewelers Bilked on Emeralds.
New York, Oct. 31. Huppotrdly
high grade emeralds, w lib It they have
been Importing from Paris, have been
dlscrvorci! hy rovernl wholesale Jewel.
era here to he merely doublets of
qiiartx cleverly eoloied The Import
ers deelnio they havelwin paying many
times the value of the itimri. The
fart was learned lu time to tavu tho
dealers from serious embarrassment,
iih In it few days more Ihe Imitation
gems would havu leached tho retail
Northwest Lands Restored.
Washington, Dot. 31. secretary
Hitchcock today ordeiod 58,000 aerea
ellinlnnled from the Walla Walla for
est reserve withdrawal n Northeastern
Oregon mid Huulheastorn Washington.
' Intnl.. I....... I.a..h f. ...... I ...... .ti.
...... i..,,.in mh,u lll'UIl IIIUII'I lllinilll-
ah'e fur forestry purposes, Thuv will
ho subject io settlement Immediately
Mild hocninu subject to entry after 00
ujra mivuriiKuiucni,
u.iei -
. "I