The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, October 28, 1904, Image 1

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vol; ii
IIKNI), OKl'.GON, 1'KIDAV, OCT. a8, 1904.
NO. .33
ripirwm y
w 1"" lvf I B
Bend is Entitled io Belter
Mail Service,
And Mow Our mull Suffer 11 Delay of
Two liny Without Any
Ailoiimt Kwimin.
Itencl nostofiice liecnit buslncaa
it the 8th tluv of April, 190.1. Its
first month mimI quarter wet, time
Tore, eight days shott. Tltnt
should Ik- held in mind while con
sidering the following figure
allowing til voluule Of Ktal btiai
new here:
Nt4 MMtlpU
UrwM MvlpU.
11 qiMHvt ( J
ll unarm . ... I .
MM 17 flUMtot ...
TuMl .... f!44 ' TMI. .. . Ml M
IKvkr faMIUtlv up Hi l4 MaM MHMMtrl
rtar AwwanUrf
mdapiMM kM wank it
I'or the .second quatter i.if motley
order were iaaued for it total of
$1403.55, which, of course, male
tidily reduced the registration iHiai
lieM. TIm fee on llteae onlerK
amounted to $o.8a.
Thirty nix money orders amount
ing to $953.03 wr paid itt th ec
and quarter.
Till in the UtMittvM of a poat
office that seems wholly igiioted by
the government in arranging the
mail schedule that went intooffect
October jo between I'rinevillu and
Silver Lake.
Previously the Heud mail left at
0:30 n. in., readied I'riueviltu be-
Jure tiOQii ntnl Shaniko the Mine
night. On flif tot urn trip It tell
Shaniko at night, reached l'rine
ville the next morning and Heud in
the afternoon of the sMtttc day.
Now mail leave Hcnd nltont 1 a. in.
arrive in Prim.ville at 7 p. in. and
lie there until 1 p. in. the, next
day before starting for Shaniko.
Returning from Shaniko it reaches
l'rineville initially after the depart
ttieof the Mend atage (8:30 a. in.)
and lie there nearly 3. hours he
fore continuing on to Iknd. Thus
racticill one ilay is lot inch way
in transmitting mttl between Hcnd
Free Land
in Oregon I
IN Till? grain,
fruit nttd stock section in
the world.
Ilundruda (if . thousands
of net cm of hind ready for
the wttlcr
l'rotn tho Slutc of Oregon
The cost of land itvcrngcs
f 1 0.00 pur acre,
PIU1H WATMR ftH; .rt(il .if one j cur
fiom Hint It I' tilrntil nil Unit to
all wlm inltcliiW Mot
Jiinuarx ,Ji, VJ-
IrriBntion Ooiiipntty under con
trol of the State Muld
Ilourd of Oregon
Addkhss Tint
and Hie, rulltond two ditya on thu
tumid trip,
'I'M reni for thi in not aptwr
eul that Ik, no tenaoti touching the
welfnie of the public aervice l
appntcut. Silver Lake or iwinU
Kouth nru not benefited by il; in
deed their aervice ia Koier by so
much aa there ' neetlleaa deluy ut
I'tineville. They now el 6-titnea-a-week
service, it is true, itiKtead of
the tii-weekly mail na liefore. Hut
why could thia not have Iwen
elTected by .simply makitiK the
houra of ,the trl-weekly aervice
apply every dj ? Then there would
have been real improvement in the
nervice. And there in no icnson
umler heaven why the an me wchel
ule, aa to hour, that formerly
obtflinwl ahotild not Ik; iucreitacd to
i.x tituea a week. That m, the in
ceaw in ficqtieuty of the ttijw in no
iciimxi at all fur chatixitiK the time
wclietlule ski as to knock the whole
thitiK out of joint.
The mail Hinge carries moat of
the MUuetiKcr travel itt this country.
The predcitt Hchethile comjieU
these aitHUKera to remain in l'rine
ville over night each way from 16
to 23 houta. That ia very fine for
l'rineville, but il uttcrifke the
public K'rvice.
Net receiil.s of lietid oatoffice
luht (plotter were $43(1.40. The
income ia growitiK awce. Il is
not too much to My that the net
income at the ISeud Mwtoffice now
more than wya the total cost of
mail carnage between l'rineville and
Silver Lake. And yet this iui
Krtaul mm vice must le fttiublel
and ruiiiwl for the lnefit of l'rine
ville hotel keepers.
Head'. jKwtolricc income is
already nearly as much iia -that
of l'rineville. Vet Iluitd'a service
gels no couat4leration at nil and
l'rineville nets an advantage that is
in 110 ciik legitimate that is
wholly at the expense of the pub
lic Mrvlco thte hUe. 'VkitQ wouhl
be some setiK in making Ilcnd the
termiuita of the line from the mil
nxitl nod Mlso of the line reaching
interior, for ita btuines ig iniLort
aiit enough to justify that arrange
ment and no part of the public .ser
vice would Miner by it. Hut Heud
docn not attk Mich .schedule. It
doea, however, nsk for 11 reason
ably expeditious .service -and will
get it or know the reason why.
The whole interior route will profit
front the adjustment.
Mail deposited in Heud potiloffice
Saturday afternoon within btisinevi
houra under the present schedule
does npt leave l'rineville until Tues
day afternoon following. Thus
l'rineville. neglecting no opportu
nity to knife liuud, tul:etttthis meth
od of conijHslling Heud to support
' - - l
l'AKKUU-KlU'Mlf At the hbmc
of the bride's parents, Mr. and
f ra. J. I. Kever, in Deschutes,
Or.,' Sunday afternoon. Oc
tuber "33, Mr. Clarence Parker
nud Mum Hlauch Kever, the
Rev 0, V. Triplett oflielaling.
A small company of the relatives
and immediate friends of the con
tracting parties was present at the
pleasant affair. The young couple,
who are well mid favorably known
in Heud, will niitke their home on
the homestead of the bride abotlt
milt .southwest of lietid.
1 1
Twenty .subscribers (0 lite local
telephone exchange htt've been ob
tainedthe full capacity 6f the first
switchboanl, Tlitae subscriptions
are at $3.50 a nionthi ir more join
the rritc for all will "be 1 educed 'to
3 and when there are' 30' subscrib
ers the price will be fttftheffedttccd.
'l'lut will be 0110 tolonlione 'lit UK
Nichol's (Si.semorc's) nud 'another
at Stunts s, so the exchange will
cover n L'ous,tdcrablc area. ,
V. Ij. Oiferirl, jr., A. f. CJbod'
wlllie and W.' O. t Vlli.s left t6lay
for Madras on hu iiumection trip Ho
see if it is rulvUUfcleUto liliilil n telt
photic line from Hetut to that placfe,
speech there tomorrow wHeruooui
Is it. Railroad for Central
Agput of Men Supfvdnctl to Have Op
lion on CorvnllU & IJnutern
A couple of weeks ago William
II. Holabird, of J,o Angeles, visit
ed Heud nud apettt three daya here
looking about the town and talk
ing about the natural resource of
the country, lie drove across the
mountains from Detroit, the pres
ent terminus of Hie Corvallis t
Eastern. He wanted to .see for
himself aoiitelhing of the quantity
and quality ot the pine in the Des
chutes timlier lielt. -mi from Heud he
went southward into Lake county.
I'rom there he went across to Hums
and then out to the railroad and on
to New York.
Mi. Holabird is a capitalist him
self but the chief significance of his
visit to this country lies in the fact
that he is the professional advisor
of heavy eatem capital in the
western investment field. He has
Iwen a prominent factor in the
organisation of a number of large
institutions, from licet sugar plants
to important railroads. Most of
his activity hitherto has lieen in
thcMMithwcsl but lie has n good
working acquaintance with the
Pacific northwest.
Crossing the mountains by a very
unusual and hard route he was a
close olserver of the physical char
acter of the route. On the way to
Hcnd nothing escaped his attention.
Mo wo -onroft.1 to sua what the
country was producing, he exam
ined the soif, ascertained its depth
and wrttchel the effect of irrigation
upon it. He made close inquiry of
settlers about the climate. When
he reached TVnd he had a pretty
comprehensive and accurate notion
of the region between us and the
mountains. And he -also had a
good idea of the general character
of the deseit.
Since then it ha transpired that
negotiations were on foot for a
transfer of the Corvallis & Kasterti
railroad to people who were already
heavily interested in Central Ore
gon and who are likely vastly to in
crease their holdings here. As an
indication of the trend of affairs, an
order has been placed here for a
cattle ranch of ao.oooacres no less
is wanted. The recent change in
the Hooth-Kclly Lumber Company
is understood to be in furtherance
of the railroad aud big develop
ment for Central Oregon.
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph II. Cald
well cauic down from tlrcir Paulina
prairie ranch the first of the week
aud- left immediately f6r Walla
Wa,lla, Wash., wheiu they will
spetld the winter.
Mr, Holabird was not here for
his health. It is practically certain
that he was here in the interest of
heavy capital looking" to this field
for investment. Whether such in
vestment has becli a'cUially decided
011 is, of course, unknowti'but in
dications point to 'a viry large
movement here withju pie year.
The Held Literary and Debating
Socity. last'. 'Wednesday night de
bated the Rlisslb-Japhiiese war and
decided that Japan vafc justified itt
her course,' nQlV!itnstniuling" t)e
strenuoiis argument of H. J. Over
turf and , J.,' M. Lawrence. Th.c
affirmative' was debatVd by J. II.
Ovcrturf nuct T.'K. "MeCker. W.
J. Cttthhert' gave 'inY interesting
sketch of tliecoiinfeno:? he' ' hod
visited iu his thive'ls' dvdr the world.
There wcrc 'ricitatiomi by "MdYi
garet Wrest audi VeYn. Johnson att&
adugs by Miss; Iva West aii(TMts
Mdriqii Wiest.' The qttestfoli tof
i!ico-rjjditttog Heii-u,lirbeVlelbd(il
a wcekiroinUejit Welluesday tllL'ht.
JOHN Agricultural I
Mowers, Rakes, Plows,
Slarrows, Drills, Wagons
Five-Year Guarantee
Order it for Your New House
Dry Goods, Groceries,
Hardware, etc.
Glass, Paints,
Window Sashes,
mtyii vramemmm ?jjt m m
The mill ot the Pilot Butte Develop
ment Company has begun sawing and
hereafter will be ready to supply all
kinds of surfaced and rough
l-T:.t .
gfe-.- siswegs: &
i A!