The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, October 07, 1904, Image 3

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Steady of Invnnc Is Crowd
inu umioiiia'A CopHciiy.
Hilum Tho steady liicronno in llio
niiiiiliur of patients nt tint atnto liisnint
nayum will nmku necessary tint con
dilution of n now i-ottngo nttxt year,
Willi room for 100 pnltunta. Hut It n
cottiigu, '" coiintriiuttMl nt llio nsy
him fnrin, will cost 11 limit flift.OOO nml
tlin leglslnlUM' will ImiuUmxI to appro
rlnt iiMiiixy for t tint purpose, 'i'lio
Krowlng ioiiilnll(in will nlso neci-ssl.
tntu tho construction m ii now inning
riiotii nt K cunt of III, 000, tint now ml
illlloi to Imi lOx-iO not and two stories
'I'Iiii lnt leglslntuiti appropriated
mutiny fur tliu expense of leplaclng
n number of wornotit lavatories ami
tluit work Iiiin been nltcmlttd to.
Otluir old liivntwlen anil nomtr ciinneo
lions tin vo become faulty with ngo mid
must liu iiiliu'l. To iut tlitfin In
good condition will it-itilro mi appro
priation of 116,000.
Tliu asylum building linn not 1hii
painted for many yearn nml because of
tlnit fart It In rnphlly allowing tint
ifleetn of tlino nml storm. Hiipurln
temlout Cnlluenlli will recommend in
Ills lilenulnl report Hint thu initio
building Imi repnlnted tliroiiKhout,
Thin will coul nltoul fl'.'.OOO. All tint
permanent Improvements needed nt
tlmt liiitlttilltiui will coat In tint neigh
borhood of 166,000.
At tint reform school, imita ncliool
nml blind school only minor repnlrs
nml Improvements will Imi necem-nry
nml not very heavy appropriation will
(hi needed for them. At tin ntnle prle
on ninny Improvements hnvo Itoeii
ninlu In tlm pnut year without definite
nproprlntlou nml not miioh In tho way
i( Inrgo Inipnnemolltn will Imi needed
nt tlml limtltutlon licit year. Tint Inn',
legislature parsed nil net providing Hint
tint proceeds of convict labor "lull con
dilute ii Ixittitrini-nt fuiiil, which may
Ixt exHiided fur repairs nml Improvti
inents under tho direction of tlm goier
nor. lly virion of this nrl money had
In-en exjxnded from time to tlinn nml
tho prison propitity linn been put in
good condition.
republican, Democrats, Prohibit
lonlsts and Socialists Take Step.
Knlrni Tho presidential olcctorlnl
ttckrtn of four polltclal pnrtlen hnva
Im-iio lllnl In tho nlllco of Hecnttnry of
Mtnto Duiibnr. Tliu pur tlm represent
nl mc Republican, Democratic, PrOhl
liltlnn nml Socialist, nml It la under
ntootl Hint tho l'opulliitn will also llio
petitions nominating nu clectnrlnl tick
el. John ii. Hlmtli, one of the nomlii
oca on tho Democmtlc ticket, resigned,
nml hi plnco wn llllcd by tlm ajipolnt
inutit of W. H. Ilmnllton by tha statu
crnttnl coinmlttri). Tho olt-ctorlnl
tickets filed nru na follow :
Republican O. II. Dlinlck, James
A. Fee, J, N. linrl, A. C. Hough.
Democratic Thonina ii. Crnwfonl,
John A. Jeffrey, W. II. IMInrd, W. 8.
Prohibition Italic Ilutlor, I. II.
Anion, V. I'. Klmoro, T. H. McDnnlel.
HixUlInt H. II Holt, Willlnm llenrd,
O. V. Ilnrgcc, J. U. IlttrrliiKton.
Coinlna Events.
Wnllowa Fair nanoclatlou, Kntcrprlao,
Octoliri 3-8.
Kmtirn Oregon Dlatrict fnlr, Tint
I)nllia, October 3-H.
rortlnml lunbytory, Fnlrvlow,
Octohor 10.
linker County fair, linker City,
OotolM-r 11-16.
Klmnutli County Agricultural imo
elation, Klniuiith I-'aIIh, Octoln-i l'-'-H.
On-KOii W. 0. T. U. Htnto convon
tlon. rorllnml, OdoUir 1K.-J7.
Iiilnml Minpiro 'li'ncliuiB' neaoclutlon,
romlluton, Outobor 10.21.
Tcnchcrs ure Scarce,
l'omllntoii Tliu Pttnilluton public
wIiooIh hnvo npeiioil with n largo tn
lolliiH-ul In nil tho grniliin. Almost nil
tho rootna niu cromlcd ind Snpurln
tumliMit K. H. Couklln In looking for null
nblo lioutti'M to lollevo tho congontlou.
Tlireit new hcIiooI Iioiibob will ho ready
for occupancy buforo tho II rut of tho
year. At tho precont limit rrnrcely
onivlinlf of tlm county auhoola have
boon Hiippllod with teacliura. County
Ktiporlutundi'iit of Hclioola Frank K.
WelloH Ih lielng btmlrgcd dally by ill
ritctorn linking for touoliurv.
enrollment at Agricultural Collcoc
Corvnlllu TIio rcglatrutlon of atu
duiita ut tliu Oregon Agi .cultural col
logo bruakn nil former rticordn. Tliu
onroltment to datu la 400, ngalnat 320
last year. Tho increnao la fit). Tho
froBliiiiim chiea la largoy lucrcasod, tho
nuinbor registered being 107, or, in
eluding Bubfruahinun, "00.
Wheat Market.
rortland Walln Willa, 800810!
blueatom, 86o; valley, 86o
Tacoma 'Ulueatem, fiOo; club, 81c.
Colfax 01ub,71o) blueatnui, 70c.
ft '. ' sfrli "effljiiiiliiaji!!
rormcr.i Did Not llolule Crops, and
are Short of I'ecii.
Halit'ii "Tho iiiifortiimito nlluntlon
In which .Wlllumutto viilloy fminura
11 fid thitiniiiilvuH thin year hecmiito of ii
Hliortngii of fend for llitlr utork In a
eniiho foi regret, upevially nlnce It In
entirely iinnrccnwiry. When J. K.
Hen in Mild In mi Intel view n few dnyn
ngo that rattle will ntnrvn in tho vnlloy
thla winter for want of feed ho (old tho
plain truth It In h truth wn (Unlike
to nckiiowledge, but it ahould tench iin
Tli In In mi nmirtlon mado by Director
Jninea, of tho Oregon ox
perlmentiil nlntlou, nt Corvnlllu, uhllo
he wna attending tint nlnto fair.
"I don't menu that nny largo piopot
tlon of vnlley livenli-jk wl.l kIhivo, or
that tlmy will dlo becnumi of tint on
the nltM'tini of fetd. Wlmt I in cun,
nml whnt Mr. Hciiih evidently meant,
wna that feed la no K-nrcu Hint many
fnrmorN will put tliolr ntock on u-ry
abort rntloua, with tliu reault that
they will bccoino emaciated and will
dlo from (ll'onno or cxpoaiire. Call It
what you will, It in aUirvntlou,
"Now I refer to thin only hccuuao I
want to y mid prove that It la n con
(lltlon I lint li nit iiiiiKHTKnry nn It la mi
fortmiatu. Thla ban In en a very dry
pennon, audi na VVIIIniuutto vnlle)
farmer lind no renmin to expect, hut
thin duen not excuao their being unpro
pmed for It. Our experlenco Hi the
ngiiciilturnl college farm ahowa that If
ciop wetu rotnted nn they ahould be,
tho yield of liny would not hnio heun
light, mid npilngTiOHii grain would
Imvn produced well, notwltliatndlng tho
lack of inln."
Ashland roundry Uurncd.
Aahlnml Tho Aahlaud Iron work,
fotindiy nml mnchlno ahopa hnvo hum
ed Involving a !( which mny rinch
110 000. lly haul work tliu detnchid
pattern ahop linlldltig wna raved, but
the molding, machine ahop mid ofllco
building", in which were much vnlun
hie machinery, wero badly gutted.
Tlm II ro atarted between tha foundry
nml the mnchlno rhnp looms, fiom n
caiiixi unknown. The company cnrricl
Insurance nmoiintinu to 10.600. Tho
plant wns kept busy with orders, nml
eiuplo)eil n good slnnl force.
.State Talr lias Ualancc.
Halem While not nil the yrnr'a of the alnto bbonnl of ngrlcul
ture haa Utn coniludel, Hecrrtnry
Wylle A. Moorcn llnda from lilt rvconln
that llie atnte fnlr this year came out
I'J.oOO to the good. Tho total receipts
wero 130,000 of which f 10,000 camo
from tho atnto appropriation for agri
cultural premiums. Tho fair I ward
paid premiums to tho amount of f 10,
600, tint additional f 600 luting taken
from mlacdlcnooua recelpla.
Work on McKcnrlc Road.
Kugone Iteporta from tho eupeiin
tendent of tho work on tho McKentle
road ahow rapid progress nnd Indlcnto
much good to come from tho (U,000
expenditure, hnlf of which wna nppro
printed by tho county nnd half raised
by aubitciiptlon. Aliendy 16 miles of
tho worst part of tho road liavo lnnin
put In llrst-claia shape, nnd tho ctow
will work nliout n month longer.
Coqullle Sawmill Sold.
Illverton A company hna purchased
tho Coqulllo raw- mill nnd also lVnrt'a
conl initio ndjolnlng Coqulllo City.
Tho company will mnke oxtenlvo im
piovemenlH nt once, It ia said, in both
Hie mil) mid tliu nilnu. It la under
stood Hint llio mill will start up nt
onco for tliu purposu of cutting tlm
born for llio new bunker which will be
nt onco constructed for tho inliio.
Coalbunkcr fur Rlvcrlon.
Klvorlon The now coal hunker fot
tho llivurton Mining A, Development
company ia Hearing completion under
tho anpoitialon of tho Mcl.ood Ilroa.,
who hnvo tliu building contract. Thla
hunker linn n rapacity of nbotil 000
toun, having an upper iindu lower coin
pititment for shipping and local trade,
Shelves for State Library.
Bnlom 8tnto Librarian J. 11. Pu'
nnni haa procured four new oak book
cares, with bIioIvch on both ehlua, hav
iusj n capacity of 1,000 hooka to each
ciiau. Tho ensea coat f 1-6 each, Thla
addition to tho libriity equlpmunt wna
mndo neceaaury by tho nccumulntion of
liooka which hnvu been piled up on tliu
lloor, tnblea nnd shelved.
Teachers Scarce In Linn County.
Albany Scliooltonchora nrco aenro in
Linn county nnd tliu probabilities nro
that Homo echoola in tliu rural districts
mny hnvo to rotnnin closod during the
year. W'ngua ranging from $30 to 66
nro oflorod, but competent tuachora nru
I not to bo found At tho price '
JSlmwvm &
Six lv -Two Vlcllins of Wreck on Hie
Southern Kullroud So I'ar.
Knoxvllle, Tun., Kept. 28. Tho
dentil list, iin n result of tho fenrful
wreck on tha Hon thorn rullwny, near
Now Market, hna grown tonight to ii'2,
and It will probably exceed 70, as many
of tho Injured nro in n serious condit
ion and more dentin will occur nt tho
hoNpltal. Today there wuro alx death
at that Institution.
A force of 160 men tolled all day
long nt tho scene of tho wreck, J!o
foru 2 o'clock tliu track wna clear for
through train", but It required many
houia to clear the debris.
Hinull fragment of bodies wero found
today, but It In thought that they be
long to bodies already found nnd
brought to this city. Onu liltlo baby
wna found by the wreckers, but Hint
wna nil.
Tho cnuiuof tho teiriblu Ionk of life
on the henvy enst-bound trnin wna ex
plained tixlny. It seems that tliu sec
ond roach plowed Its way into n bank
In such n milliner tlmt tliu other tarn
were jnrumed Into It nml pushed on by
thit weight of tliu heavy I'lillmnna wero
crushed like egg shells.
The physliilniiN nt tho hosidtnl atato
tonight Hint of the long Hat of Injured
which they have in their care, it ia
probable that not moro than four will
dlu. Tint complete Hat of injured na
given by the rnlltond olllelnla ahowa a
total of 102, but thin Included nil per
sons who were slightly hurt or scratch
Uruguayan Government Now Has
War Claims to race.
Iliienoa Ayrcs, Kept. 28. Confirma
tion hna been received hero of the re
Iort of the conclusion of peace bet w ten
the Uruguayan government and tho
revolutionism under General Munoz.
In explanation of the government forces
surprising tho Insurgent camp, it ap
eara that notification of tho recent
rupture of pence negotiations waa com
munlcated to Fernandez, a revolution
my political leader, but not to those
under nuns; and up to tho motrent
of the unxeKcted attack by tha gov
ernment forces, tho cotntnandera of
tho lebul had not been informed that
a rurture of negotiation! had taken
place. The fact becoming known that
the revolutionists wero not -.actively
hostile led to the resumption of con
ferences, with tho reault tlmt tertna of
venc wero ngreed upon.
There ia genernl rejoicing hero nnd
In Uruguay over tl.o outcome. It ia
exM-cted tha claims will bo presented
by diplomatic representatives ot foreign
governments for dnmiigvs nnd losses to.
foreign residents to the amornt of sev
einl million dollars, nnd the financial
outlook ia, conseqiKntly, gloomy.
Curious Tourists Kept Dock lrom
Danger with Difficulty.
Naples, Kept. 28. The eruption of
Vesuvius continuea to Increase in force,
nnd ia now moro violent than any time
alnco 1872. lied hot atones nro hurled
ton height of 1,000 feet, falling down
tho flanka of tho mountain with a deaf
enlng sound.
Tho director of the observatory aaya
that between 6 o'clock thla morning
nnd 0 o'clock this nfternoon hla instill
nient registered 1,844 violent explo
sions, nnd Hint ono atone thrown out
weighed about two tons. I-nvn flowing
from tiio crater hna melted the metal
of the Funicular railway, nnd destroyed
the wooden hutH in which tho guldea
live. All vegetation within a indiua of
onu mllu of tho crnto ban disappeared.
Several enrthqunkcH wero felt today,
Soinu of the people In tho surrounding
vlllngcn liiwit left their liomea nnd nru
ramped in the open nir. Tliu curiosity
of tourlHtn to approach tliu volcano ia
miicIi that n Imgo number of carbineer
guaida hnvo been detailed to prevent
them from pret-elng beyond tliu pro
scribed limits.
Vatican Sends u Courier.
Homo. Bent. "R.Tlm vat Iran linn
sent to l'arla n special courier with
important documents runorted to con
cern posslbln negotiations for n Franco
v in imii rappronenment, which, ni
tboiluh vorv til 111 cult to Hrrnniro. Ih not
connldored impossible, na, according to
information received by tho holy hoo,
rrotmioiu ..ouuot, jnrulKii Mlnlator
DulcnsBO. Minister of Publlo Timtrnt'tlnn
Chnumlo. Mlnlater of Flnanco llnuvlnr
nnd Mlnslfitor of Puhllo Works Mnruo-
jcula nto In fnvor of audi nn under
Drlnklno Soldiers Start Riots.
Berlin, Bopt. 28. Tho Tngoblatt'a
Klsclilncl correspondent telegraphs that
during tho mobilisation, nntl-Bomitin
outbronka occurred in many parti of
Boaearnbla owing to Jowiah tradora tell
ing drink to tho soldiers.
Newsy Items Gathered from All
Parts of the World.
General Review of Important Happen
penlrjs Presented In a Brief and
Condensed Corm.
W. J. Ilrynn la u grandfather.
Disease In clniming many Jnpnnero
Tho hattleahiap Connecticut baa been
aticcccNsfully hitinclied.
Tho Ituralan cruiser Orel broke a
cylinder on her trial trip and will bo
dlnyd nix months.
Tho main Russian army haa retreat
ed from Mukden, leaving only a small
force to guard tho rear.
Thu Jnpnro o army has captured Da
pnaa. Practically no resistance waa
offered by the Hussions.
A I'uget nound tug fust in from Alas
ka, reports having sighted a Husalan
gunboat nt Unirnak pats.
A dispatch from Constantinople rays
Hint thu village of itmncn, Armenia,
wna Hid sfenu of n massacru of Armen
ians by Kurds. Details nro lacking.
Hops have advanced two and t'.iree
cents throughout thu Willamette vnl
ley nml nt North Ynkimn. Independ
ence gro era havu recoled na high an
30 cents.
Heavy rains hnvo caused serloua
dnmngu to railroads In Western Texas,
New Mexico nnd Northern Mexico.
Feveral washouts nro reported on the
Santa Fe in Now Muxico and on all
roads trains nro dolayed.
Two moro of tho Hillings, Mont.,
jail breakera have been captured.
Unofficial estimate, by Japanese offi
cers place the number of their alck and
wounded soldiers at 46,000.
A Massachusettn justlco lined an at
tache of tho British embassy and later
found he had exceeded hla authority.
Ho hna apologized.
United Htates cuafbm officials at
fl'oitland believe that neatly 20 per
cent of tho Chlneso population of that
city are in thla country illegally.
Tho Vancouver, I). O., police think
Hioy hnvo in custody the lender of the
threo men who hold up the Canadian
Pacific train near Mission recently.
Tho Philippine Islands will not be
able to exhibit nt the Lowla and Clark
fair unk'BS aid ia given. Too heavy Jan
cxpenee at Bt. Louis ia gUcn aa tho
A passenger train on the St. Louts A
Iron Mountain railway waa derailed
126 miles from Bt. Louis and Injured
36 persona, a number of whom are so
badly nurt it ia believed they will die.
Iteporta received from near Shang
hai say Hint the Boxora are openly dis
tributing pnmphleta couched in the
same language aa those circulated be
fore the rising of 1000. October 17 ia
fixed aa the date for tho extermination
of all forelgnoa.
Tho Chilean training ship General
Baguednna ia at Ban Fanclnco.
The Japanese are pieparing for a
flanking movement against Kuropatkin,
Reports from Port Arthur claim that
there la plenty of coal foi months yet.
Figuiea just published ahow Japan'a
financial coditlon to bo in good shape.
Largo numbera of Japanese rein
forcomenta are being hurried to Muk
Tho Port Arthur fleet ia expected to
make another attempt abortly to co
ca po.
Senator Hoar ia vory low and hla eon
aaya hla death may be expected at any
Russia ia likely to ngaln yield to the
protest of America and remove cottton
from Hie contraband list.
Tho steamer Ciusador, from Port
land, reported captured by Jnpaneao,
haa been released and pioceodcd to
President Royea la meeting with
mucli opposition in the Colombian sen
ato to tho resumption of amicaolo rela
tions with the United Btatea.
Ruaala will probably domand ot
Britain her Intontlons in Thibet.
Flro nt tho nothloham, Pa., stool
works doatroyod property valuod at
Tho Gorman nnvr Is to be Incrensod.
A forolgn cruiser wna Blghtod SO
mlica off Goldon Onto, which mny
provo to bo tho Russian vessel Korea.
Tho British etonmor CruBador. from
Portland to Chlnoso ports with lum
bcr. has boon enpturod by Japanese
Crulaora. Gonoral Orloff will bo
from tho Mnnchurlnn army on ac
count of hlB blunder at Lino Yang, and
mny ovon bo roUrod.
Carrie Nation announcos that she
Is about to begin nnothor crusado at
Wlchtta, Kan., and asks the women
of tnat city to Join nor.
Passenger Trains Meet Head-On In
Knoxvllle, Tenn., Hop. 27. Run
ning on u roadbed In a auppo.oi'.ly
high condition of maintenance, and
Jmvlnc about thorn every safeguard
known to a modern railroad, two
trains on the Southern Railway car
rying heavy ll.ta of paaaengers met
head-on near Hodges, Tenn., Bonding
SO paoplo to death and Injuring 130,
several of wham will probably dlo.
Homo of tha bodies have not yet been
recovered, and many raraaln unidenti
fied. This appalling loss af life and
maiming of tha living resulted appar
ently from Ik disregarding of orders
given to tha tw trains to xoset at a
station which has for a long tlmo
been their regular maeting-point
This actloa on tha part of tha engi
neer of tha westbound train Is mad
more Inexplicable by tha fact that tha
accident happens la broad daylight,
and according to tha beat information
obtainable he had the order In a lit
tle frame in front of htm aa hla en
gine rushed by the station, and a mile
and a half further on cama upon an
eastbound passenger train. The pos
sibility exists that the engineer may
bare been asleep.
The trains were on time, and not
making over St milts an hour, yet
tno impact as trie roundad a curve
and came suddenly upon each other
was frightful. Both anginas and tha
major portions of both trains were de
molished, and why tha ordsra were
disregarded or misinterpreted will
probably never ba known, as the en
gineers of tha two trains wera crush
ed, their bod Its remaining for hours
under the wreckage of their loco
motives. MOVE TOR PEACE.
President Roosevelt Will Call Inter
national Congress.
Washington, BtpL 3. President
Roosevelt aanounced thla afternoon
that at aa early data ht would ask:
the nations of the world to Join la a
second congress of Tha Hague for tha
mmoUoB of arbltraUoa.
The occasion for tha announcement
waa the recepUoa by tha President of
the delegates to tho Interparliament
ary Union, which rocantly held a ses
sion at St. Louis. At that aeaslon the
following reaolnUoa waa adopted
"Whereas, Sullghtans. public
opinion and tho spirit af modern clv
lllzatloa allka demand that controv
ersies between nations ba settled la
the same manner aa dlsputea, between
individuals are settled, that la, by tha
Judgment of courts la accordance with
recognized principle of law;
"This conference request a that tho
several governments sand delegate
to an international conference to bo
convened at a tlm and place to be
agreed on by them, for tno considera
tion of the following questions;
"The negotlaUoa of arbitration
treatlea between tha nations repre
sented at tha conference to ba con
vened. 'The advisability of creating a Con
gress of Nations, to convene period
ically for the dlsenmlon ot Interna
tional questions.
"And respectfully and cordially rc-
queeta tho President of tha United
Btatea to Invite all tha nations to eend
representatives to ouch a conference."
Governor Asked What Rules Apply
to Ships Taking Berth.
Balem, Ore,, Sept. 17. The Rua-
alaa Consul at Ban Francisco is anx
ious to aecuro information regarding
the harbor laws, rnlea and regulations
In the state of Oregon, and having ap
plied In vain to the Port of Portlann
Commission and the Board of Pilot
Commissioners, ho has addressed
Governor Chamberlain upon the sub
ject. For the Information of his gov
ernment he wishes to know whether
there are any state laws or local regu
lations governing tha assignment ot
vessels to bertha In Oregon harbors,
and particularly whether exceptions
aro mado In favor of merchant Tea
sels flying the American tltis.
One ruoltlve CouQht.
Butte. Mont. Sept. 17. X Billings
epeclal to tha Miner tonight says that
one ot the Parkinson brothers, known
an the most notorious horaethleves in
Eastern Montana, waa captured by
the Crow Indian police at tho agoncy
this evening, while endeavoring to
make his way out ot the country on a.
stock train. The nine other fugitives
are still at largo. Mosher and Qrndy.
tha self-confessed murderers ot Serg
eant of Police Hannah, aro armed
with Winchesters nnd are headed for
the Jackson Hole country, with posses
hot on thalr trail. A flght will result
when the men aro overtaken.
rire at Minnesota University.
Minneapolis. Sep. 17. -Tha main
bnildlng of tha University of Minne
sota, was totally destroyed by Ire to
day. tsntatllag a lua of f 1J5.089, tally
., i-.i "
jf (jsiiarjnanjhfc