The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, September 30, 1904, Image 1

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vor ii
JWNI), OKUOON, 1'KIDAY, 8KPT. 30, 1904.
NO, 9
And Show Mow to Waaler
IL Properly.
IMrrtt near Hem! to lit Uniler Direc
tion 4 J lllwilotl Msid of Depart
moid of Agriculture.
The govermeut will esuiblUh mi
Agricultural experiment ntntlon an
tli segregated laud of the !)
thntca Irrigation & Power Co.
This infornmtjoii I contained in a
Inter ftW Hon. ftlwood MeoU
chief of (he Irrigation and drainage
Investigation of the department of
agfkntltwe. within the muI week
and 11 U of the utmost importance,
not only to llend, but to the whole
ibl experiment ilaut will be in
full operation for wexu seMu and
it la bound la be conducted by the
govermeat for at least three year.
Nearly nil the expenses will be
borne by lite D, I. St V. Co.
Alt it ligation expert will be mjjt
out to take charge of thh experi
ment work. He will select nt hwat
30 acre where coadittolw ar bent
united to demonstratine: the power
Of this null mid climate mid allowing
the best method f treatment.
This station will conduct a scientific
ilies of iiirfucc that are not reached
aathuWorily by ih'j ordinary fur
tow litigation. '
While the cotnjiartmciit systeln
limy lie found advisable for lawns in may prove inefficient
for tlie production of crots- roots
and fruit, for example. Tula and
many kindred qtiestlona will be de
termined by the experiment station
to be conducted by the govern mejit.
Different locHlitiett and aoila re
quire dlffcteut treatment!. The
tjiiMiility of water mid the time of
service 11 re also very important and
their determination require not
only good judgment but large ex
perience in this particular field of
endeavor, irrigation has failed in
some plncca because water was not
properly applied. It ia now tiro
jioaed to have the guidance 01 an
expert In finding jttat what treat
ment ia beat for Deschutes soil and
climate how and when water ahall
beaplied to get the beat reaulUmid
what crop will do best litre. The
expert will aim have charge of the
iuatalkuton of measuring boxes at
diverakni Kiiuta.
The fact that this work will be
conducted tinder the direction ol
so eutiucnl au expert aa Hlwood
Mead insures results of the highest
value to til in country. Director
Withycombe, of the Oregon Agri
cultural College experiment station,
took au inteteat Mi the matter ol
getting the station esubliahed here
ami will follow the work with care
ful attention. The new enterjirisc
come under tlte moat favorable
ampices and ita importance to the
iVvliutes country can hardly be
H. - -
Tiling Doing nt Pilot lluttc Sawmill.
The Pilot Ilulte company
They Do Damage on Bull
i&& Creek Pint.
Till! limwmtS ARR INSOLENT
crnlbfd into two systems
in v .it) 1 tin- h '-. ti.l Kitnpirt'tn nt
ttilll llotll ti.- to Millie r
tent It iv Ihtii illuMr.iUd oil the
Drtikr lawn tin viwhi A iiumhet
ot .iniull trein ho r lurmus at first
carried the wuter leyoud the debv
Open threat to force Wny Aniora;
Settler with Winchester 1(1
flea Is Alnilc.
PostuMater Wlmer, of Tniualo.
aay the bamls of keep returning
from the mouMtaiii raugea are dea-
outttug tlM Hull creek flat. They
re taking: all the feed which reai-
ucuUi (letxtnd on for their milch
cow and oilier home atock, filling
irrigating pilcbeft mid otlerwic
making theinaelvea very unpopular.
"When they go to tlte mountain
early In the scaaon," aaid Mr. Wi
nter, "they man our homes before
they reach our outlying ratine and
irrigation ditches. Then wc are
able to guard against unreasonable
apoliatioM. But on the return trip
they do the damage before they
get down to our homes.
"A band of aheep owned by Reed
er of Shaniko, has been in there
several days. When I found it out
they had ruined my irrigation ditch
for a considerable distance. It will
cost me at least $30 to repair the
damage. I went up' and talked
with the herder about it and he
wa.s mighty independent. He
didn't fcee how it wan to lie prevent-i-d
and it was nothing to liiui if the
sheep did do damage. lie aim an
nounced that he would be back 111
wurf direct and u'flliout tw ullflui
.U.UtiompkU-.l f -all I told the Chan that kind of
A nen lluiiie h U-uiK 1'iiilt nest . tuIUKt W(,;,i x. j.ktlvto nuke
of tlio mill Willi II Will be UM.-.I lor Itrnlil,!.. dr turn
Mowers, Rakes, Plows,
Harrows, Drills, Wagons
Five-Year Guarantee
Order it for Your New House
mi uracuciu muuv 01 ine mii un-
'"Will mnWIai tWinMHySmW, iifel sryWtiasy" rji,l 1
hfo flsur cttSes anfT (Hrffiojiii; h 'T'licftrfifin wwplr WTTOn, fflallWI mot"f?Sf fo mkfcA
if. r..- ! .iii i... r.... ai.& 4..A..rTi"T i
uiuiiii' i win it iaui4 uum auv aitvumi jj
Dry Goods, Groceries,
Hardware, etc.
Glass, Paints,
Window Sashes,
mrnmtm- U
j",1' " " " - in i .imiiiii I
R r" ' ' -- -- i - mi in nniMii i i , mtl , ,, ,
rcMiie Co.,
.' .. '..v- .faftsS! a
mB'- - "--ti?ei
ihiiniu n,u'ii'.l The llitinc will
Ik Mippllvd with a pump to take
water iioiu the river and ash the
cry by the flume, but in the past ' sawdust to a ravine west of the
few days the service flumes have all mill. This obviates all dangt of
been taken up and the lawn divided sawdust getting in the river and
into compartment by amall ridges contaminating tlte water,
of earth uudthef - iiipartmeiitsare ; Iten and C. I). Moore have taken
iucresaively Hooded. I he noohiii; the contract of sawing log for the
gets the water to the little iucquul-
tl v it n
unree luasm
5n Oregon
IN Till'
i Ricliesl Grain, Fruit
Stock Section
Hundreds of
Cost of Reclamation
rront the State of Oregon
mill during the time the Roberts
jHrov.who rormnlly had the con
tract, are taking a layoff.
The first lumlter for the Tonm
kins ctittugc was hauled from the
( null Weducmlay.
tiuperintendaiit K. V. Atery, of
the govuruuifut. Indian school nt
Miles, Watih., at the mouth of the
SjHjkane tiver, and Thorwnld A.
Jeuxu, a teacher in (hesamu iusli
, ttitiou, thi.s week purchased the
Otto Kct.lafT claim on Hull creek
I Hat and hta third iutvreat in the
i Harcrowe-Wimer irrigation ditch
leading out of the Tiiumlo river
above the Columbia Southern ca
nal. They expect to make exteu
sive improvmiieuts there for next
aeasou. Tim llnrcrowu-Wimor ditch
and the Hull creek ditch reach
these Innds.
Hon. Michael
of the laud oflice
0 Cost of Lauu Averages
1 $10 per Aero
Irtigntidu Company undovcoii'
ttol of the State Land
ljqard of Oifjjcu
a ,
r. Nolnu, register
at The Dallen. i.s
sjieuditig n week or M)'of his vncu
ttou in Ciook county. He came
out to JJend Tuchdny and this
iiiornlnK left for l'rineville. While
here he looked over the irrigation
woik.4 somewhat and ot u glimpe
of the segrcRiitid lauds on both
side, of the river, Trom the head of
the Pilot Unite flume to the I.nfd
law towti.iitc,
II. H. Utttnb, .of rfedro-Woolcy,
Wusli., ia on his way to Ilend with
household furniture and personal
effects and he will have charge of a
"If the sheep are permitted to run
oer property and eat out the gravs
many of our settlers will have to
leave the country."
More Mnrssti for Ditch Work.
Superintendent Kowhee last week
purchased for the D. I. & P. Co.
ol home from Jesse Yancey, of
l'rineville, which were brought to
Ileud Tuesday from the ranges at
Hear creek and Alkali Mat, by J.
A. ami Robert Kayl.
Ten head of horses were bought
of H. I. Wade, of Portland, which
make 78 range horses, the U. I. &
P. Co. link received this week.
Thee horses will lie broken as
soon as ossible and &eut to work
at the ditch doiistrttctiou camM.
William Hogg, Lane McCoy and
Al. Yancey have the job of break
ing the horses to work.
Superintendent Uowlecaiid Chief
Utigiuocr Kedfield went to Portland
yesterday to confer with General
Manage Johnston who has just
reached Portland from Ohio. Mr.
Johiihtou will return to Ohio in a
few days. 1 11 latter jwrt of October
he mid Mrs. Johnston will retttrif
to Heitd.
The work of enlarging the flume
of the Pilot Hutte canal commenced
hint Monday. Work is being
pushed rapidly on the right of way
of the new canal south of town, five
miles of which has already been
P. S. Conroy, The Dalles mer
chant, wns in. Heud vaiterdav ac
companied by Ins son. They were
driving thrquh the country on u
nrasnectiuir trio. Tliev wont across
the country from The Duljcs to j
iuui-iieii.. 1.11 (iiau vitnuij vu j'luu
UQg they were overtaken ju.tlie tuut
die of tlicjiuihi by 9 water spout
whicli compelled them to hitch up
alid gctui'a hurry. .
goo-acre ranch taken by Guides II.
Ilaawell and fuijnly, of Seattle, and Mrs. A. C! Ttcrta wtll.leaye Sat
W. U. Utterin. sr , and family, outs'urday for 's 'visit tt her old home
n do.ed- tniieJi oast of town. A, iKttulouti .Ncbotska. Her two
"wM'W'JP1, nWFretl and Itejnli will occon)
Msll'rV.Wb'i patlhr;.eyll be gone for,
fnattty wdl arrive lhtlb later. about twb uiotitlvs.
The mill of the Pilot Butte Develop
ment Company has begun sawing and
hereafter will be ready to supply all
kinds of surfaced and rough
K .,ttUAv!.., f '
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