The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, August 26, 1904, Image 8

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II 111 Hill
l I
t f
Timber Land, Act June j, lS;& i t
U. 8. tnuil Office, The Dalits, Oregon,
May ..
Xottoc I hereby lven that In ranipliaiicc wllh
the pravtatotia ot th. ctof lunariM of June I,
taja, eutlUed, ' .n. fnrlru m! ol Umber landa
tn Ihe states ofCalll null iingim Nevada, and
Washington Territot," it. n.l.d toalt the
public laud Mate !) Vet nl August i. !. the
totawiog-naiued prisons h m mi Nutentbrr to.
im, Bled In thta omce their sworn otaltnti-tila,
WllUim ,. UMIm,
of rattlaad, (at WotveattaT block) county of
.MuHiitnmh. state nf Oregon: sworn statement
No. lint, for the purchase) of the hH of sec , ti
17 , r. II , w at.
Tnttmas A. Rnthcrrbrd
ofrrrtorrf.tort th Kt mut) of Multao
nmh.atoM Oregon, mm ststrment Xo itaj.
foe the purer e of the wWnwHeeii and i
nef arc !, tp 17 , r 11 e. w lu.
Tint they will after ptwfto ahow Hint the land
vooght U Mttre valuable for ita timber or stone
thaa foe agricultural purs s, autl to establish
their cUlii to saidland before the Rejrtstrr aal
Receiver at The Dalle, Oregon, oa October aft.
They nam a wltnssee Thomas A Ruther
ford, fir 1. tfl apta, J II V. tIU ami William A Laid
taw,oflgctlad, orcywi; C K ttoiitb, of Lamo.
ta, Chegem.
Aaj' aad alt prtaon claiming adversely the
ahow-deacrlbeit lands are regucsted to Ale their
rlatm la thta odVee on or before the Hid isthda)
of October, tfM
Timber Laad, Act June J, K7S.
U. 8. Land OtAec, The Unite. Orctroa,
May 14. 1904.
XoHe-e ta hereby given that In compliance wllh
the MBstahmaof the Act of Congrem of June j.
It, entitle! "An act for the sale of Umbel
land In the state of California, Oregon, Nevada
and Washtneton Territory." aa extended to al'
the pubHe land stare by Act of August 4.
the MhHTnR tMmed persons hare on AUuat 14,
to, filed In this oiSce their sworn taleeoU
Mkhoell Shelly,
of MlnaeaoU, (13m .rand Mreet) county 01
HennetHn, Mate of Mlnnewu. mrora ratenen
No. ana, Mr the pnrchav of the aH t sec 11
and HM wJ ofec it, lu i;a, r lae, m.
Anthony J Ihrycr.
of MlnnmpoUt, im Mlgblaad Arenne) county 01
Uenneytai, tlate o? Mlanraota, wuro atatrateu'
No. ni, far the prebae of the V nwi,
K and h) V mc 11. In 1; a, r 10 e, w m.
That tbey will oafrr proof to how that the lam
MMaght i aaorc Talaable for It, timber or Hon.
than lor agricultural purpcaea, and to eaUbll!
their elalaM to Mid land before the Mefrtater am
HMtr at The Dalle, Oregon, on October i
They name an wllnnar Katherine Dwyer
Thorn FttHcrald. Mlahaet J Khelly. Anthonv
J IHrycr, of Mtaneapothi. MinneMMa; audjohi
K Myan, of ITttwrtlle. Oregon.
Any ami at) neraona claiming advencty th'
abuea deacriiml land are reoucMed to He thei
rlalaai la tW omee on or briar Ihe aakt Mat da;
of October, 104.
ata-oil MICHAKt. T NOLAX. KegMer.
Timber Land, Act June j, Itjt.
V. 8. Land Omcc. The luallca, Oregon,
May U, loat.
Xotica b hereby gln that In compliance ttl
k mwIiIiiii afthr Act of Coactea of lane X
it). entitled. "An act fcrtbc ale of timber land
mine nam oi vauiornia, ui vul wat
WaoWngton Tertitory." aa eatcmtel to alt th
ratblte land ttataa by Act of Augnat 4. , th
taBowing'Hained uraam hara on Angurt M. laaj
fifed in titia offio thaar awora MatemanU, lo-wu
Katlwrlae Dwyer,
of h Mahkml Aveanc, MiaaeapoUa. coonty c
lleani&, tuteof Mioneaota, ewora Matemen
No. aaar. aW the porchae of the arf iK a
a,w)Iuwtf and (K awf mc 7. lp 17 a, r M 1
w m. !
Thoaaaa KltagemU,
nf VllnaieapnIW. (isr Polk atrart) county of Hen
nepta, ttnta of Mianoutn. aworn Maleawnt Xc
aapt, far the purchaac of the aM of mc 11, lp 1.
.r locvrn.
That tbey wilt oarr proof to abow that the lam
ought I more valuable lor ita timber or atoo
than far agricultural purttoara, and to eaublwl
their ctalm to mid land before the Hajlatrr an
Mecciecr at The Dallca, Otegoa, on October
They nam aa witntawa KeOMTine Dwyet
Tbobum PiUgarald, Mirbael J SheUy, Anlhon
J lawyer. ofMhtaoapolia, MiaocaoU; aad Job
ItKyan, ofltWville Oregon
Any aad all Beraona claiming adocraely th.
atnwi dearrltiwd land an rcunrated to ffht thei
daian in thla oraca on or before th tald atth da;
afOctobar, tpu.
aixiu MICHAKI. T .VOUX, Kogkter
Ttmber Load. Act June j, itr.
U. S. Land Omce, The Dalle, Oregon.
June it, laa.
XoUc la hereby iriren that Ineamidmnc will
ta prorWom aflaw Act of Coograaa of June 1
t7t. entiUawVAaact for the ml of Umber land
tn the atatt of California, Oregoo. Nevada, an
WaaWngton Territory,'' aa caiVaotd to all Im
nabllcbMiditataa by act of Angnat 4. , th
JbUowinfl-aamad pcraoua ha on ptmbr 1 1
J9. Aloi tn IhU office their aworn vUUnwuu
to-iti '
Catbctlac C Cochlin
of Madraa, ewtaty of Crook, ataU of Oregon
aworn ttaUmeNt Do. jiaa, for the pnrchaM of th
K wj. nj. K nwKeKofMC. jj, lp
m , r 10 ., w. m.
TbonuwJ. Mattoy
of Madraa. eounty of Crook, Mate of Oregon
kuotn atatemtnt No. iat, far th purchaac of lb
mtK nwy, nK awK aad Iota a and jufwe. ji
In. mi, r lac., w. m.
That they will otter proof to ahow that th
land auugbt U more valuable far it timber vi
tton than far agricultural purpOM, and
cwabliah their cUim to aaid land befor Don I'
Noa. 0. a. Commlaaioncr, at hU oftce at Madraa
Oregon, am Augvet ay, i4,
Tbey nam aa wiuaeaaca Arthur X. Mathtwa
oflortwad, Ofgon; Mtchael J. MorrUon, odcll
Oregon; Jaw Maya and Tbomaa J. Malloydi
Madnui, Oreaun; and Catherine (S. Cocbllu ol
Madra( OrogON.
Any and all pereona cuimlav the abovc-dca
cwnon wau ar requewca in mn inir cwim iu
ak nttaa on or before Um aaid aatb day of Aug
t. K4.
)4-aa, MICIIAJU, T. NOI.AK. Kagktar.
Ttniber find, Act Junr j, 17.
U. .S. I.aitU Office, The Dalloa, Oregon.
Xotka n hrby given that In compjiaacc with
llic provhfeni) orthe Act of Cmraa of Junes,
lava, eulklatl, "An act for the aal wrtlmber landa
in the alaloii of California, Oregon, Xrvada, awl
Wainlngton Territory," aa rnundwl to all thr
jhiUIc land atatoa by Act of Augut 4, i9,
Kd Hatvuraou,
of Norwich, oauHiy of Mclleury, Ute of Xortb
IlakoU, ha on (ecrmber 14. iuj, filed in thU
otfice lift aworn Hilrmml No. iya, lor the mr
caMviiir Ihe wM uK and wK vtt aecij, tp
It a, rue, win.
Auil will offer roof to abow that the land
aouKht l more valuabk- for ita timber or alone
than foroaulvoUuriil purpoaea, and to eoUiMUli
hU claim to wil bind Iwfore J. M J,awrcnc,
U. H. CouiiNiMiouer, at )il 08V ut llenil, Ore
Xn. on the I7tli day of October, vH.
lie uaniea as wiiiicmc. iu nriMitrnuiM, ai
liert C I.ucs, John C I, Kbler, John MI11, of
jikuu, oreieen.
Any SihJ all perMMW dalinliig adnraaly the
aljoyfrdjaerUd land are ratjumKad to file their
alaliiu m lljl .otto OH or before tlicaald. 37th
day oTOetewr, 104.
I9)3I MICHAKt. T. NOI.AN, kcfililir.
Ikpntlinciit or Hit Interior,
V Mud Oltlcc, LnVcvlew, Otvpin.
July , ivm.
Nolloe l hrreliy glvtn that tlir Mlonlng
iminrtlKtUti h,t-e Rlel notice of tlieti iHlm-
llon to nrnv Anal prl In itpnt ol
theirclaliiK m I that Mill )rvKf will ! wailt
bfibtc .' M I iitrence, 1' S Cinninlaaioner, at
hl nlfkr ,11 11 11 1, CrouV onuity, Oieatm, oh Am
Knl rf, iau4, m
Kalph II. Cithlirttl.
II K. No ul, f r the e W ec it and cM tit S
mc 4, tp 11 , r ii e. M- hi
William Ihante,
It. It No. ajtj4, Rr the iK "t U, wf nwK
mc as, neh irv wc rr, tp , r 1 e, w m
They nmiir the fidimving witnemt lo prove
their aoHitauuu retdene hm nmt oilllvattnu
ofaaMUml, via.
Mleharl S MayAtld, Malph II Caldwrll, f
lamamal U'ltllu hbuiu. raah.Mma T ami
kcaiand. Oregon; John tknmt, of liehutea,
Tlnilxr Mnl, Art June 3, 17.
V. S. Land Omcc, Lakctltw, Oregoni
July jo, 1904.
Notice i hrrrhy givtM that in coniillan-e llh
the proriiHiitioofthe Art of Congrem of June j
irs, entltl-d. 'An act far Ihe aaleof ttmber Vaud
in th ataicK ol Calllornia, Oregon. Nevada, ami
Washington Tirrttoey," attended t all thr
puhlic laud Mate by Act of Augvwt 4,
Mlllaon J Hoberl,
ufDtvchnlr omuly or Crook, "tale of Oregon,
a thia day ('.lot In IhU omce hit iwm idate
.aent No jf.17. fiu- the pnrehaM of Ihe I.H 1 ami
land e5f nr' and mK mK ik i, Iim. rye.
v m.
And will nfler proof lo how that the land
our hi la niorr valuable for ita timber or Mom
ban for aarlciilturalpurpOM. and lo etaMlh
nia ctalm foakid land brant J. M Lawrrne. V
. Cotanilminni t, at Me ml, Oregon, oh HatHitla) .
inr mi nay 01 inonrt, 104.
lie nUT n witneme Jowh X Hunter, 1(1
.vaoa w Kooerta. wui itaran, narry i' numer
u iieik'nuie. :
Any -and all prrma claiming adretty the
tbove-dnenbed (anda ar reatnrwed lo Ah tbrii
talma In thia oMce on or before Ihe hM Md
lay of October, 194
ihui J. X. WATSON, K(Mr.
, Timber Land, AM June j. .
I'. 8 Land Oflke, Lakeview, iaKm.
Notice ia hrrrhy given that In anniplbtnce with
he praVtai-iiia ul th Act of Congrem ol June 1
-, eiflr-l, "Anact WrthfaaafoftlmberlantU
ulhr'Mttai,'C-lrVrn1a l1rgHi Xrvada ant'
.VaahMgfu Terrltary. ' a stnded to alt the
mbUeland atatea by Act of Augiwt 4, im
' Jacob T Hume,
f Mum mnnty uf Crook, Mate of Oregon, h
hlailay lilfM in thla oforc hi awtjen atatemenl
Iv. i, for Uie pnrchaae of Ihe 4 hw)( 16
nd ch nc H arv ij, tp n . r t e. w m.
And wl'l offer proof to ahow that thr
4 ad aought ta more valuable for Ita timber or
ton than for agricultural mummc, aad la a
ablMi hla claim toaold land before J. M. Law
enc. I' ! fummlaatontr. at Heant, Oregon, on
aluiaiay. the ith day of October, 104.
H aamca aa watntaiei. HMhard King, I'm!
lartah. Joarph N Ituulcr, W II llutilnaliead.of
end, Oregon
Any aad all per mux etatmtac; advtriy the
boae -dwcrUud laada are maealed lo nl IhMi
laima tn thta utnea on or before th iW ijthda)
f October, ipat.
iij-om J. X. WATSON, KgMr.
Timber Land, Act June J, UnL
I. 8. Land Omc at IjiVevrnw. Oreaon,
Aucwat feiyat.
Notice (a hrrrby given that l com pita no with
a provtaioaa nf the Act of Congrem of June f
'-, enlitltd. "An art for Haeaole of limber land.
. th atatra of California. Ureanaa, Nevada, and
VatWugton Trrrttory." aa eafended to all the
-obHc land atatea by Act td Angnat 4, lv.
Harry V Hunter,
f Berad, ruonty of Crook, atale of Oregon, baa
hi day filed tn thia oAc hi aworti atrmnt
to. 115. for tb purcmu of th a) of nwi and
H o!. of ;, lp ui.racw in.
Aad will olf-r proof to show thai the land
ought ia more taluabl for lu Umber or tan
naa for axrv ultural uarpoaaa. aad lo mMllaih
iadalmloaald land tofom J M Laarrcaa. V
Comraltotirr. at hb) orSc at Bead. Crook
uaaty. orraoa. on taatorday, th ith day of
ctober, 1 '-4
He namra aa witacaa: Joaeah X llaabr, W
d W MtVbi
ting, of ay ad
ladberbs MMWan
j nor. aria
Any andfYtl peraoaa dabalac.adre-Mly the
twva -dear id laatto f tmtaa la Mr Ibcti
UluM In Itw aV on or bgjfbta Uveaatl sathday
.fOrtober, 1904. T !'
J. M. iVATtiOK, HrWT.
Ttmbr Land, Act June , i7.
U H Mad Or, The Dalle, Oregoti.
Angtaat 19. loat-
Xotle h) hereby given that In compliance with
he prorMou of the Act of Congrvas of Jun 1,
7. a tit lad .. " Aa act for I be sal of ttmber land
n the atatea of California, Oregon. Nevada, and
Afathlugton Territory." aa esMmdad lo all the
jubUc land atatra by Act of Augaat 4, lam,
htmrr N Wharton,
f Kpokaae, rouaty of apoLaae, state of Wajb
ntrtmi, haa on July 11 lya. Bird in thla omce
nit aworn statement No 940, for Ihe purchaac of
h eK nK aad t mc 11, lp it a, r 10 r,
And wilt oflVr proof to ahow that the land
u-ughi la uiou- valuable for Ita tltubrr or aton
ban for agricultural purposes, and to establish
hi claim to said land before Ihe Hegiater and
4ccivrr at The Imlla, Oregon, on the aalh
layafOctubtr, 19U4.
He nainea aa wilHaa John I' llante, Iicy
V Whart jii 1, II Talor. of hooka ue. Washiuc
um, Itlisaurtto I'ottrr, CharUa A l-ottar, of
apringdala, WaaMngton, O loiHdealr, W
Mrock, of Bend, Oregon.
Any and all person cUimiug adversely th
aboae-dracrilied lands are rt-ueatcd to Ale their
ctalHW In this uBIae on or bewr th aaid attli day
of October , iyu4.
Timber Law), Act June j, lM-
V. B. Mwl Office, The IMtlea, Orvuon,
July 15. IV4- '
Notice ia hereby given that In compliance willi
thejirovisioaaufthc Act of CoiiMre-M of June 1,
M. eutltled, "An act for thr sale of limber lands
u tlie states of California, Oregon, Nevada, anil
Waahlngtou Territory," as ratainlnl to all tilt
public laud state by Act of Aiiguat 4, ihoi,
of Ilend, county of Crook, atatc of Oregon, lias
Wl juiic J lyo, nicit in iiim wiikw nn sworn
stalrmcnt No is, for the HirclwMof tlieutK
iiw iiw)i tic),' and awj nc of sec n, tp 17 a, r
11 e, wm.
Aud will unVr tiroof to ahow lliat Die land
ou-lit ia more valuable for its timber or atone
than for agricultural HirKMa, and to establish
his claim to said Unit brfort- J. M Lawrtuce, U.
H. Coiiimlasionvr, ul tils office at lleinl, Orrj-ou,
on Hie lli day of hiteml,er, i'yu.
He naniM wlliira;
joacpli N lluuler, A M Drake, George C fit I lit
manii, John II Orertitrf, all of lltuil, Oregon.
Any and all peraou claiming adversely the
ItovtMlinscrlliedJaiHU are riial(Nl to flic tlieir
claims in llila office on or before tlic aaki at)i day
of l9tteiibr, i$4. ''
ju-ui M1CHAUL T. NOLAN, Htgi.ltr,
Tlmbtr Land, Act June j, iSjll.
V, 8. Laud twice, The lull, Otvann,
him I?, lynt.
Notice la htriby alaeii I hat In foinpllatitT wllh
thr prmialnnanl the at uf Cmigresa nf June 1.
is?i. rntliled 'Ah act hr Hie salt ofiiuilwr lamia
it thr aintrs l I'nlll'oiilU, Ongoli. Nrvadn .mil
w aahliialiiu icrrtbiry" aa rxlrinlrl lu all ihe
fubln- lind ntulM by act uf Auguat 4. IS,
Itlla J Heed,
of Rrynoldavtlle, iiuiiity nf Jrirtrann, state of
lyntiaylvanla. haa on (Mot-er 11 iw, Aled In Hit
oRtcc her aworn statement No iro for ihe pur
rhaM of Ihe Lota ,1. 4 ami ekj K .' !' If
a, r 11 r, m.
And will oMVr pmot to show that th land
might la tnnre vataabt for Ita tlmtwr or atone
than for agricultural purpiasra, and lu ratahllah
hrr claim tn said land brfore th Mrgbder and
Kr,i-ir of thia otoc at Th Dalb?, orrgoo. on
thi i;,lli tbit uf lwUmWt, ivM
Hhr name aaultnriasiB Y C Whlttrn, Amu
li'aiUhaw. Oliver Peterson, Wuaan A Howe, las
m t)lllngr, of ISirtland, Otawuni rt Clark
Halt Jraelel Cuttwt, Jinnlr Jrnba. Cain, h
! nka, Clara l IMI, Allan M Hall, of Bruokvillr,
A n v ami att nrraon ilalmlna adversrlv the
iKirMlewrtbdlamlare trqueetedto blr th.-lr
ittilmsln thtkoBlcaon or tutor said ijihda) ol
ptamber, ivs
lit aw MICHAKt. T NOLAX. Mrgtaicr.
Timber Land,
Act June j, ir.
a. Land tidtce. Th Itolto, trregrm,
Jnn i. iv"l.
Notice I hereby given that In comnMancr with
the pruvlslon oft he Art of Cimgreea of Jane J,
is;, enllllrd "An act for th Mtleof timber landa
lu Ihe state of Calllornia
H'aahlnilou Territory."
innwi. ,.,t.ii
aa eatended to all Ihe
iiutdlv bind atatea by Act uf Auguat 4,
following-named persona have Hied In
1 this
their mian staiemrnla, Ivh It
ltd Htnatethmaa.
f Deachutra, county of Crook. Kate of Oregon,
wtwn statement No ttta. Aleal lauuarv u. tot.
for lb pnrehaM uf lh H 9. In if a, r ti ,
w m
liana lohoaou,
of Draehulra. county of Crook, atal of Oregon'
aworn statement No. st. tied January at iv4.
for thr purciuMe of tb HH of arc T, lp m s. r i
e, w m.
Nicholas f Welder,
of IVarhuIra, rounlv of Crook, state of ttregoa,
.worn statement No tica. Bled Iwmmwt 14,
ini. foe the pnrchaae of Ihe M K ad Lot J
and 4 of J. lp 16 a r 11 e. w m.
Thai Ihev will oHer pronf toaow that thr land
wughl la more valuable lor Ita timber in atone
than for agricultural purpoMs. and to establish
their rlaima 10 aaid bind belora J. .11 Lawrence
f n t.immtaanmrr. at Ma oBice at rtrnd, ore
4011, on iw-ptemlMr UV lam. ' -
They name --w4iaei . Oroag Jtmster
hous. James n v, ra'l P Btssterhoua, nrv
rrt HctUng Nk-liolaa Mot h. IN Hauler K A
I'.rlmn, II W Bred, John ntotdl aad rul P Krs
mer. of Israehntea, isregoat John Mtoaa aad Kn
4cuc K Retchell. of Water. Oregon
Any and atl peraam claiming adversely thr
above-deactibed lands arc teiinsiled lo AW thwlr
talma in this ogscr on or before the said ith
day of September, raat
Timber Mud, Act Jun J. it.
Ijind OaVc al The Dalle, Oregon
June it. iBm
Notice I hereby given that In compttaac with
the provisions oflbe Act of Congrswa of Jun x.
ilTt, entitled, "An act for the mI of timber laao
in tb atatm of Calitoenia, Oregon. Nevada, and
Waahlagton Territory." aa eatandid to all lis
public load atatea by Act ol August 4. lam. He
fattowing named itamit haw Ahat ha IM
their aivm atajementi, m-nM:
f nolarto. eauntv of Malheur, stair of Oceana
aworn attrraal No. tn. thai May t. ioh Aw
thepunhasrof theMlf swK of sec m. ah) nV
nf sec so, aad netf nh of sec ys, lp 14 s, r la
w m.
Cartytc C Triolet!,
f Pcachulra, connly of Crook. Mate of Oregon
.sun atatrmrnl No Has. Aleal May 1. iot. aur
Ihe pnrt-has of the wh) nw( of sec. . ta ? '
ne, wm.
Kva A ateel.
of nttd. cunnty of Crook, stair of Oregon, aworn
auiicmrui nu 1111, air" may a, 1904, mr in pur
chase of ofiwe 4. tp I? s, r 10 , w m.
That they will ooVr proof to show that lb taad
aoaght I more valuable fur lla Umber or stems
thaa for agriruHure! purpoaes, aad to eatabldh
their claim to said tend betore J M Lawrence.
I' n Commissioner al hla oAVe at Bead, ote
goa, on nvptember 1 1. lynt
They name as wltnewra William B Booth,
Alraander Hmith and John BI'mi, of BsaUra, Oro
goa. Masem lfage and II W Bawd, of Dee
chute. Oregon, Joaepb N Hunter. John L Kevtrr,
Prank T W Tnulell. Ollbarrt Hanaa. luha
fttetdl. Prank Mutlerworth and llenr
y Twt 01
Bead, Oregon; Charles D Mumbeeg, of Btaatoa,
Any aad atl peroa dalmlatg attevracly the
above-described land ar reoucaied lo Air their
ctaima ia thU oaf oa or before lb aahl lath day
of heptcmber, 194
lh9 MICHAKI, T. NOLAN, Brglater.
Timber Land, Act June j, lay.
If. 8. Land OBsc. The Halle. Orvgow,
Jun it, 1904.
Notic i hvrclry given that in compltauc with
the provtaioaa ofthc Act of CotujreM of June i.
iri, eatitled "An act for the ante of tltubrr
taad in the ataUs of California . Oregon, Naaada
and WaabliiKtoM Territory," aa cata-uded to all
the public land stales by Act of August 4, isyj,
Thcophll at. Michel,
of Mosul county of Crook, slate of Oregon, haa
on optrmhrr J lsy, Aled In Ihi omce hi
aworn statement No 1 ino, for Ihe purchaac of th
nw it of arc 11, lp lys, r lor. w m.
And will oaVr proof to show that tb laud
sought is more valuable for lla limber or stoa
than fiar agricultural purposes, and lo eatabtiah
hi ctalm to said laud before J M. Lawrence, It.
B. Commiaaiouer. at hi oaVe at Head, Oregon,
oh th 17th day of MpUmber, 1904
II name aa witness Jam Alexander
Maaem Lepage, Henry Kath, Octtrg Bate, Jo
seph Mitchell: A N Hrcnmrr. W II Ataats, I'reuk
Hadsoa, all of Mend. Oregou.
Any and all persons claiming ndvoraely th
a hove described lawds are rniu4rd lo AW I heir
ctalHW In thla olnec oh or before Ihe said tjthilay
of Aeldember, 1004.
Dtiartiiient of tlic Interior
l,'. B. Mini Office, The Dallra, Oregon.
August a., lyat,
Wtdicc is hereby uiven that thr following
uanied iwreona bar ntral indlc of their Inten
tions ta wake woof on their rriretlve desert
bind entries before J. J muith. County Clerk, at
rrlncvllle, OrK"ii, (" Heplemlier 11. ih lo wit
Angl M (tllmiu,
.ritUt.H, V... .... .Iu.,1 la... I ., Jn
,fi Mete... . '", "" .- i.mniit.i v,v ,
for the Mf anil the swK of sect, lp (, r II e,
w III.
lames I). OIImoii
of Bisters, Oregon, desert larnl entry No m, for
I1ICCM ii)J. cm bch see , w uwjj nun wm
swlf aec 10, ill 16 s, r 1 1 c, w in.
They imme the following wllueaaea iBimwe
llic complete lrrlftlou ami rrdumatloii 01 aaid
T M 1'ohI, William llarH. J A SItCall, Warren
.,!. 1.... .ftltt ra rW.iMti,." '
-llHDt M, ,-, , w,Aw-
MICIIAliL T, NOLAN, Ittglalcr.
Tlintirr Laud, Act June 3, I),
It. . Land timer, The llnllea, Orrntiii,
June so, 1a,
Nolle la Itrreby given lltal III mm pilsner Willi
ir imivlai, ma nl In art nf t'liuurras id lllllr 1,
Ihr imivlai'inatil I fir net nl t'liugrras id
1ST, riilllli-l "AH a I lor If
In tli ntstraof tallftiinls,
Maahlnuli.n Tvtillorv." a
ia-.a. riitiil.-l "An a. 1 lor the sale nl tiniher landa
Oregon. Nrva.ia and
a rilendnl to nil the
public land atatra by sit nf AHaiiat 4, l lite
nllnwliis lamcl Miaous have Bled
their awoin alsltineilla, lonlr
William I'inelltn.
a, roMiily nf W. stale if Orrgtwi;
nent No, mr, M May ti, il, Im
rnf Iht Hh)aK ami UM aw of are j
William I'inrlltli.
..f Thr IMlle
sworn atalrmeMI
the rmn-haav
lp 11 s, r iv e, m
OrwtRe W. MayHer, .
of Maynrr county of 1b. Mat of Wisconsin
awnrn atmrnienl No $10, Aled May 11. haw, Im
Ihe piiuliaM ut Ihe wM Mf and e an (iil"M
14, lp ij a r ia e, HI
Herman J heeck,
of Hatary, count v uf Uhu, aUtr nf Orrginit
aennii amiemeni so ms, nivo npiu 1, iut, i"f
Ihr pimlMM vf Ihr vH sK artdej tm of arc
"1 lp 14 a, 1 lur, w m.
Tliat Hi. y will ortrt proof It ahuer that III"
taint s.mulil is mine vafuable for ita ilmhtrnr
stone than for agilcstltural purposes, and 10 - itwlr rlaima lo Mid land btloia Ihr Hia-
later unit Neeelvrr, at th llallaa, oregun oa
Bepirmbrt ta, 194.
Tliey name aa wltnease llrorg WBaynrt,
id nayner, Wlwonaln; lieairge M.bli, Mvrlisvl
O'Connor. William Prrltcn ami William 11
Mason, of The Dalle. Oregon W M Bwith aad
Ateiauilrr nwlih, of Hlstera, Oregon' It t' In .111
dchcrry. of Albany. Oregon, ' W Beech, of Hal
M). oregoH.
An au.t alt nerauna rUlmlua adirrarlt the
arsrrrdrsrrthrdlamls are rvjuralr.l loBlr their
cUlmaiulhl oAVrr um or bafofc th bald asth
dayof arptemhrr. 1904
,tt-M MICH A HI. T. NOLAN. Register
Tlmlwt Ijind. Act June j.m;.
l'. B Land Oltuj. The Halt. (Hcgon,
July 1. lout
Notice ia hereby at that In romailaae wilb
lb provlalona wflB lb t nf t'ougrraa d June
a. laya, entitled " An act for Ihe Mbioflimbet
lead in ihe aisle of California. Oregon. Nevada
and Waehingion Terril.sry,'' as esirudrd lo all
lb pMlitk: Und saate by ail ut Auauat a, tv.
th folkmlng named persona haw ll.d la this
oaVe im thta dais their sworn etatemeata. uwtt
ChorVr K Tadfotd,
of Cam Lake omaly of Cam. mat ul Mlaevahnta.
sworn atalemral No ijaja. for the purrhaayol
Iheswlt of see 11. tp ijs, r w. w m
Huron T Allerton,
nf Cars Mke, county of Caaa, Bute ol MiBBevta
awoeu auietnenl No uM. bar Ihe pnikhaar of
Ihvsws of c , tp. ija, riue.w m
Thai Ibey will oaTrr proof to shun thai th land
mgNt is naner valuable foe Ita llmbri we alosw
than lor agth-nttntal purpoaes and lu ratablish
Ihrlt rlalrtM lo M,bJ lamfa before lb BegiMre
ami Bfceier al Th Hair Oregon, oalarlutarr
i IW4
Thry nam sa ltn mi a t'harte H Tedhwd
and Huron T Allerton of Caaa Lake, Minnesota.
Mhrhaal O'Connor, William li Mswm and
Martin nrouadair nf Tb Halle. Orrajasn; aad
Piaak Urouad water of Klma. washingtam.
Any aad atl psrsaai claiming adnrrarty the
above danbtd land ore reainealsd lo Bb-1 hew
dalaas tn thia oatee on or before the aaid wh day
uf October, tost
lay-am MICIIAKL T NOLAN. Begtater.
Ttmber Land, Act June . tara.
V. B. Land OAsr, The imll, irregoa.
July 11, haw;
Matbm s hereby given that In easmptlaac with
tb proemtnasof th Act of Omgrres of Jam j.
wyd, aUtlml. 'Aa act for the sab of limber toads
ia IB date afCaltforata. Orvgoa, Nevada, aad
Waahlaaloa Territory." aw adi to att Us
pamttc hiad sjaMw by Act of Ant . alas,
MaUth Rataata,
of Alhaay. coaaty of Liaa. Male of rsregoa. has
on Nombe 4. it Ald ia Ifebi afar her w. a'
atalemral No 11, for Ihe purchase of the art,
awU, swv S sec it lp i s, r we ami Lola 1
and t. aec a. lp 17 s. r is v m
And wlU omrr mnuf lo ahow lhal lb land
sought is ut taluabl fat Ms timbre or stoat
than for agricultural porouars and lo ratahllah
ar claim 10 mm land nature j. as iwrvure.
I' n L'umsalaaluner at his aV al Read. Ore
goa, oa the asth day of swptemlwr, nan).
ah names aa wHneaara K C Braadrbarry.
lames Coua, (iiaae urn, uf Albany, Oregon.
J N Huulrr, of Boad. Oregon
Any aad all pa name claiming adverarty the
Ahtis-rarritMd taiids are easaneiaia to Bto Ibalr
rlaima In that oaVee oa of besWe the said atth day
af neutemhst, 1904-
Timber Land, Act Jon , ityg.
V. B. Und Omt Tb laMaaa, Utamsaj.
Jabjr II. lajnt
Nolle ta hwreary givea lhal In cusapltaac with
tb aroclatani oflae Act of Congee of Jaae .
iTt. caUltad "Aa art tor tb aal uf limber
(anda ia lb etata of California. Oregon. Nevada
aad Waahlagton Tmitory," aa tvrntrd to all
tb public tend stele by Act of Auguat 4. iBm,
Theodore Lhmaan,
of Has. euuBtv of Vt aahinntoa. stale ul Oraann.
ha en July , 1904. Aled In this orbec his sworn
ttaurmeni no ij7i, tor in pun aaar ui ineawii
ney, wH aCK and h( m of act m lp ija, r is
a, w m.
Aad will oner proof to show that lit land
sought Is more valuable for lis limta-t ue stone
thou for agricultural purpose, and to establish
hia claim to mid land before J JBmllh.Coaa Prinevilta, Oregon, oa th 7lb day
of neptember. 1904
He name a witnesses Juscaa N Hunlet,
John Moa. A I, Hunter, of Bead, Orrgoo, W M
Isuoth, of Hist era. Oregon.
Any and all persona etaiming advaracly Ih
above dearrihed laada ar rniueated lo Al their
claims in Ibis oMc im or brfore Ihe aaid 7th
day id Beptembsr, im
Im-- MICIIAKL T. NOLAN. Megtotvt
Ttnsbcr UHd, AM Jun j, iStg.
V. B Mud IMetcc, Th Dalle, Oregoa.
jnn it. 194
Nottoe la hereby given that Ih eumpUaaa with
tb proviaioaa of the Act of Cimgram of Jaae j,
itT. CHtitlsd 'An art fw Ihr mleofllmtwr toads
In Ihe atalcs of California, Uiegon, Nevada, aad
Washington Triritory," as ealestacd lu alt Ihe
unbllc Und slate by Act or Auguat 4, itat, the
fotlowlngnsmr.1 peraou have Aled In thta orier
tlelr sworn statetMents, to-wil
I'.tlnt Orc-uH,
of The Dalles, county uf Wasco, slate of Otegwt
awutH atatemcHt No ifn Aled Octobrr, )i. ivjoj,
far tit purclwa of the 1 hK of sec. 14 and uh
neX of sec ij, tp 17 s, r II e, w hi.
Margnritc II Dovmlng,
nf The IsalUa. county of Waacu, atal of Oreaon,
sworn statement No. miN, Atad July 11, loai, for
the iHircluMe of tli w)( ul sec. ij, lp ija, r m
e, w m.
Altered Orcult,
of Tlnr Dallea, county of Waacu. state id' Oregon;
sworn statement No. wj6, filed July j, io,j, for
Ihe purchase uftlirMK mc. is, li ija. r lue, w hi.
'f list tliey will offer Hoof lu ahow that Hi laud
sought is inoie valuable for Its limber uf siuti
than for agricultural purioaea. nnil lo ratablish
IlirlrcUliua to will land la-ftirv J. M liwrcuc
U N Commissioner, u Ills ulH.e at llud, Oi.
gon, pit Bepteuiliei H ivt,
Tliey name aa wltueasre juim Bleidl. Wll
,,.vfn-. j.i.oi mviui, wit
I'rank Orcult ami W W Or-
iwm i-. ilUWII
cull, all of lieu
ml, Orrgun
Any ami all Jietapua claiming (vcratly lite
aliol4rW lamia art- rliAU III flt tlieir
umiiiijiii una oiuiay vh or iMiut 1119
ilayofBviileniNr, iV4.
alM 14H1
Ttinlitr Land, Art June y ii
H. H. M Offlcr, Tilt iNille, OitKnu
June it, 10.14
Niilirr l linvliy glvelt lhal In rouipllati . ,, 11
lh irilsrnaof III Art .if Chnmrsa 1 , ,,.
!':, ritllllxl, All ait im uismii ,u im, 1
lu the slst s.tlCnM.uiila
its iiregtui, v,
' aa 1 at. mini
Wsaliliialoi. Uuitoiy
ihi ic lantl state iiv Aa 01 .muiusi 1.
Iiillnwinc liunii'.l imauiia hair Blv.1 111 tin
aworn aiaiimnila,
t harlee D llluniluia
of Mantim, count!' of Montcalm, i iti ,.1 i
can sworn alutcmritl No li, lllaal Ms) ,
I M 1,1
mi ine imrrnsac ih mc at ns 11.1 -, n
act. is, lp 17, r iae, w m,
HidinaH W Morrill,
of IWjaeliHlr, .outy of Crook, atat if n, , ,
awntuatatrniiul No, rrSft, Aled Man h 1
Bit Ih part bn-K-ol Ihe noM !a. n mm ., ,
so H nw ol sec aa, lp if , T II e, s m
Ifdwwtd l lfaon,
ofrVrarhutc ruunlyaf Cnspk. siale of Oi,,
sw.wii Malt mriil No )! BlerfMsi.ti , , 1
be pnrchaae uf Ihe wit of c ,41, lp 1 1 . 1
a m
Thai thry altliaBrt priwflo ahow Hi .1 in 1 ,
amiglil ia uiorr valoabf. lor it tiint- 1 1 1
thaa foi agriealli.rul pnrpiwra, nl to .
I lie li cl., said land 1 fore J .1 1 ,,
V It C.iM.M.i", al his oreM al p. u : 1 ,
AstrHptemlMrt Mlh, IOH
They name .. syitaeaac etia II ntr. 1
ttultri worth, id Mmd. Oregon, John "' 1
Bred, Prank I .lam. ae M Imnki I 1. . .
Davla. WillMin T Mewart nad I: ,
Hearhntra, origon, O M i.mrbrll, .1
An aad alt mi Mum rUlmina ,!,,..,
tvave-elcat-ilbsil Und ar rtutiajr.l i ni
rUinia ta IBM uiRti on at Mtur tu a...,
day of Bvpttaiiwt, ras.
Ttmhet Und, Act Jaae , 179
,B UridtTaVc, ThcDalUa. .1, , ,
June ift 1 , i
Motto ta heieb glswa thai tat ompi n-
liw provtatottanflhe Act uf CamgrrM .( 1...,. ,
17. ratlttad "kn act Bat the aaUot ttuii i.i.
In ih atal of talifotata, Oregon. N .i ,.t
WawBingtoo'lMiiiuv. aa afnd-.t " u i
puhtK land Malnley Aal rT Angasi 4 is.
Paul p Krarmrr
of I war hairs ct.uaty of VtOOk. stair o , u
has ou Ista-eiiibtr 14 l-t hb" in H .11 1,1.
ssrurn stoltuirut NB n-sf a la p-tr 1... mi,
bd aad taad fc nV of srr ip . , ,
, w m f.
Ami will tdbr Btaxd p J,. 11 at ihr 1.1,1
euiwjht is moe eklHald.' It It mt 1.,
than lot agrtoMllurtt unrp-wa ui 1. . o ,.i(
his claim Pi mHt tanaj Uf-nv J M 1
I' B CnsnauuMeoswr. al bra Mb-t i ihu.l ...
gutt.oalb Mhday uf aplembi. iv
He aamrs as vrtlaroars; H A ..trrln 11
Mead John m.tdl, Nwludas, ll. 1 1-.
rhale. orrgua.
Aay aad all prraoa rUalaa ..).. ,,.'., 1 .,
ahr ilaarrthed laada ar raaeaTr.l 1- nl 11,,,,
claim in thtooaV oa or Mote ea,d ii. u
uf npl mbrr. mm.
Iij-err MICHAKI, T. NOLAN. B.,i.i..
Ttmbct Laad, Act Jaae 1 is-
V. a Laad ofBtaat TW DsIIm, (Hetn.
June ia is
Nt I ta hrrebe artvea that in imoluir 1'.
ih, avt of uama of Jaae 1 isra eniiitr,!
s.1 .' lb aato of limWr lamia in ihr siatt . ,.l
kllM-into Oregoa. Nivada.aad W. soingioii l.
riliay." aatslroded taall tint mddlt land sit-s
0 act of Antrnal 4, itat.
lkaato A ' a- a.
vawBBvaajw taatagwammsj! lagan n
id Read, camaty ai LCrosm, Mat ad irr. go lo.. ...
lactubrr II. ra, gto to thla ngsre his ai,ia
alatruwat N IMIe l.aW RareBase ." In- u'a
liU Bawatl dsBmmar mm tmt alsrum A la I II., t .,,,
"rr. z . .t-' jttti r. rr.. ". " -
WMgr.1 mm n.wv vaoe m
Any aad alt amenta rlalarlag i.'iiv 1
abry ataorttbrd laada arc request.-! t Hi o.. .
eUtmetniht 4B on ar before mii . ,0...,
uf Braaohr. .una.
uf avouaabrr. lusa.
jl-si MICHAML T NOLAN. Mr(ial. 1
Tlmbtr Laad, Jaa j, 17
I' B Laad OaVc, Th Dalle irrrgi.n.
Jaa ia. ii
Nolle ta hetebt dna that in inmrfmin 1 auk
th provtsuin ofta Act of twp.a of )...,. .
is7. canned Anart fat lbmiu(iirnl ui,.1.
In the atolesofCaguWaia.lrrvgoa. Nermla ai
Washington Tettsbanr," as ealcmWel to all mr
rublu- toad atat in Art of A.ifost 4. KM ihr
dluwlna named aataaaa bav aled lo thi. .,m..
Ibair Mtoea atotomtat. lo all
lomnh K. BntluA.U
of Hay Croth, rouaty of Crook, slat of oteu
sworn aitemat No, ti. IM r. iiiai t r, ., 4.
bit thr parchaa af Ih o' arts , aH aw), ..1 -.
m aw) nwa ui sr. M. lp 17 a, r II t. e III
Albert I. I.aru
nf Dearhatea. nmnty uf Crunk, atalrol ore.. 11
awotH atatontenl No rut. Ald frluuary m ;.
for the patebase uf the ao, H' wh) set, a nl
aril an If of ae 15 lp 17 a. r II w m
Michael I Miasm
of odrll, county uf Kbuaalh. stair of Href n
sworn atolemtnl No iih Atad Beptemhn ,1
iv 1 forth purcbaar of the v, TaBd Lla 1
ami 4 of mc 11, lp 1 1, r iv r, w m.
That they will uaVr proof lo ahow lhal thr
laml sought is mote valuable lot ita HmUi r
alone than for agricultural puroosea, aad lore
laldtah their rlalta lo avsM bud before J M
MsieiHT, 1 n. vasmmisjiBiiir, at ma urn. at
heiid orrgon.oaNeplcmhrr Ij. Ivas)
Thry name na wllneamai huL !,! inn
C ia ovtd W B Hltay. James h Benhaiu ..
seoh N lluutet. Alfred it nri m,i u .1. i. H
Caldwell, of Dearbnlr. Otvgou; Arthur K M.lh
ews, of lurttond, Otrgon.TMsam l-fsi, I
JaaManaaw. af Neml, tMtgou, IVrty li ton. -1
Aay and all hrramaa ataimlua mArmtmri ihr
abavc-etasrrtbad hinds at mval4 toAUih.n
rtalaia la this otk on at before IB Mld MH
day af Bptmhrr, mat
19 MICHAKL T. NOLAN. Ncgiatcr
iwtbcr Und, Act Jaad j. !-
V. B. Uml OMmw.TIm Dalles Oregon
July 1, ivm4
MiillM l kMl.t, ulu ,!... ,.. ,. .. .,..
Ilwiirovtaiouaofihe Act of Congress uf Juik 1
(...iiiiimi, ci air in aal of llntbrrl.ui'is
lu Ihe slates of Csllforula, Oregon, Nevada nn.l
naahingtoH Terrilory," as eateuiled lo all tli
public land stales by Act of August 4. iaua,
ufnislera. county of Cout, stale of orei.011 li .
on May iv, 1901, fit,, I H (hia oAtcr Ills a,..i..
stalemeHl No J79, fur lb HrrrhaM or I Mi 1 n-'.
awK and w)t Mtf mc m, lp 14 a. r 10 e. w 111
And will olfer proof tu abow that the laud
soufe-M Is mote valualde for Its 1 1 in be 1 ot i"u
IllMII liar u ctalrssitl nwal a.. i... a 1 ... a .1
uurtminrx"' .".:. .T'.'ian?-.?"'." " ""..
V . 'V " "' isoo "wioi inr (.iiuiiiy V I' I
or crook connly nl I'rlnevillr, Oregon, 011 n
,.lr..M".",,l'. wHllaaaca. Jut A Olaliaiil -uui
url Well, fliarlM (JulLtra. uf Htsteis. oi.uoii
I rrfnevlllc. (lrroi
Any mul all lierauut tlulmluir lolvtou-h III'
alsti cscribcllmiitaart iiiiioJ,! U nl. Hr
eWuis lit llita oifiie on ur befara uhl 7in 'toy
, CA.
,. IH'I." ' -, -
,mi v a.i.e. inpeM. van i, . ,. utn
hto ctalm to aaldtondlmf arc J M l.r ...... 1
4 Cummlssioarr. al hla oAsc .,1 11.11.1 .11.,, .,
oa Ihe i-lh day of aaptembrr. htm
He name aa aHaeoaea nyie tr H ki'M I In
I West. Cbarl J CMior aad Pntenre l .1-
mlm if IImAmIm !. 11