The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, August 19, 1904, Image 5

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Dried nH ill liciul McicimtilcCo.
ioc per miml.
All kiiiils of hiiildciV iniilcrlitl nt
iijilil prict'iut lleml Mercantile Co.
You inn nel Rood prune nt Ilend
Mctuiuiile Co. al 3 ponixlH lot 25c.
llitf reduction in nIiouh til Ileud
Meuaulilc Co., to tntike room for
new k'hmN.
KdIIii C. nml Kd Stone were over
Irom their honicfUoiult in the Sand
Spruits country thw week.
Kowo Knox, of Post, uccoinpiiii
icd by Ills two daughters, wim in
Bend oil uhhIiiciw Wednesday.
A M. Drake mid Clarence flood
vvlllie are upending n few days 011 11
Iodine cxciilsiou up the liver.
J (;"uacMLf I'rinevillc, ur
lived in town life lirst of the week
with two wagon loads of ficiKht.
The Kev. 'A. W. Comnierford
will conduct .services Sunday morn
ing and evening in the II. M. hall.
M C. Awuiuy icUtmed yester
day from a two weeks' visit at Jin
gene, riding nerews the range on his
roan nun;.
M 11x11 Cows j'ou Sai.ii. -l'
la.s link h cows, f35 to $.10 each
with spring calf. C. II. Allen,
.Meadow lltook ranch.
S. M. Bailey, Knuik Foster, of
I'riueville. and C. S. Miickie, of
l'oitluud, were in town Monday
iveiiiui; on their return fioui a trip
to Davis litkc.
Attorney K. C. Hroiiaugli mid
i.tinil, .of Portland, -Mimed through
Ilend early in the week 011 their
way up the Dewhutes 011 a euinp
niK trip of a iiionth.
George HroNterhoiis and family,
James V. Shuw, Harry Donley, lid
llrosterhotiH mid ,ot McCouri were
.up the I Wliutet 011 a h.sliiiig trip
the first of the wek.
The MtMieM Kttu Hunter and Ma
bel Hunter closed their hoarding
house Sunday and dcuutcd to
day for Miss Hun Hunter's home
Mead in the Sinters country.
Stickel t Sou, masons, contract
ors ami builders, will build you any
thing on uartli from u .stone Ilim to
n Ntone or brick mansion. I.onvc
loriiers at oflicc of J, M. Lawrence.
Mrs. Iva A. Steadmau, of Tort
land, who Hcut two mouths with
her sister, Mrs. K. H. Uiley, left on
Monday morning's Mage for home.
She expect to .spend the winter in
lite Hast.
Slcidl & Itcd are building a loi
ging rond about a mile long over
the lull wcftl of their mill. The
mill is ex'weted to begin sawing 011
the logs obtained in that locality in
.ilxjut two weeks.
IIiiK O'Knue, who was granted
,1 saloon license by the county
court and has erected a building
at the corner of Oregon mid Horn!
streets for it, will o-hhi The Oflice
s.iloou there tomorow.
W. li. (itierin, sr., mid his sou,
U l. (iiieriu, .secretary of the I).
1 & 1'. Co., ciime in Tuewlay night,
j having driven through from Shan
itkn. Secretary Gueriu left this
I morning K return to l'ortlaud.
IiiNiire your buildings iu the
American Fire Insurance Comimiiy.
i'f Philadelphia, 11 conservative old
company that is thoroughly Anicr
1. 111 in its methods and solid as a
lock, J. M. Lawrence, ngent,
Mr. and Mrs. Win. King mid
family, of I'riueville, passed through
town Thursday uuroutc to Crane
prairie for an outing. Mr. King is
a meml)er of the firm of Klkius &
King, the I'riueville hardware mer
If. J, Overturf was talking to the
'man running uie piauer 111 me
Pilot Butte mill Monday when his
trousers leg ciiughl 011 a shaft and
nt 'u instant tlie pants ley; was
torn off. Overturf did it'ut receive
a scratch.
"Resolved that Mohammedanism
has brouuht more good than evil to
the world." is the question to be
debated next Wednesday nigln at
the Ilend Literary and Debating
Society by Mrs. K. F. Hatton jiud
Miss Marion Wiest.
Dick Vandevcrt, of Vandevcrt
Bros., was iu town from the Powell
llutte ranch Tuesday. He says
crops have been good this suuuuur
and Dcsiues otner .my mm gram uiu
Vandevcrt ranch will have about
l.jQo bushels of rye to harvest.
Postmaster W. II, Slants, of Des
chutes, writes that himself and fam
ily are having a jiIviihiiiiI outing
ut Viifftiitia bay. They will visit
Portland after finishing al Kuwait
mid lelurii home 11 bout October 1.
IM Dorgau was iu Ilend last Sat
urday on his way to Lakeview on
laud husidess, leiug a witness
whose presence was necessary to
straighten out a proof taken by A.
C. Palmer after he had ceased to be
U. S. Coinmissloncr.
Charles J. Coltor mid family ex
wct to leave for Lane county early
the coming week to remain it year
or mj. It is understood thnt Mr.
Cottor will resign from the school
board at a meeting to be held to
morrow night and there will also
be a vacancy iu the ofiicu of road
supervisor for Ilend precinct.
Lost From my wagon Sunday
Aug. 7, between1 Meadow Brook
Farm mid Ileud, one Winchester
rillc 40-82 model 18H0 .several
shells iu magaduc. One side lever,
bieuch loading, "W. W. Greener"
shotgun G. K. Ilrowning. Find
er will obtain reward by leaving
same with O'Neil Hros., I'riueville.
. I'M. N. Ilechtel, with his family,
who ariived in Ileud recently from
Colville, Washington, has Imiight
the City Hakery of Weider & Steele,
mid also purchased a half interest
iu the Ilend Ptirujlttrc Co. building
An soon as he can take 'Kisscssiou
of the building he will enlarge the
bakery and confectionery and install
a short order restaurant.
S. H. Dorrance, foreman nt the
Pilot Hutte sawmill, went Monday
to his homestend about 30 miles
south of Ilend to care for his hay
crop. IS. W. Dorrance, n brother,
who is interested in .sawmills at
Woodburn ami Ncwberg. arrived
in Hend Saturday to examine the
country iu this vicinity. He is act
ing as foreman at the Pilot Hutte
mill during his brother's absence.
Furniture Cheap--
About $600 worth of
New Furniture will be
sold at 10 per cent
above cost. First
come, first served.
Bend Furniture Co.
F.V. Avery nml Dr. A. D. Sny
der, of Miles, Washington, spent
several days iu Ilend examining the
segregations of the irrigating com
(miiies iu this county. Mr. Avery
is stieriiitcmlcut of the govern
ment Indian school at Miles, which
has about 325 pupils and so em
ployes, mid Dr. Snyder is physician
there. These gentlemen expect to
imtkc a return viit to Ileud within
n yenr.
The wire rope holding the log
boom at the Pilot Hutte mill broke
Saturday night mid quite a uumler
of the logs were set adrift and
floated against the bridge with such
force that it was feared they would
tear the bridge out. Hut the water
soon found a way through the logs
and the bridge .settled down to its
original position. Few logs jwwed
under the bridge and aside from
the exjensc of hauling them back
to the boom the loss was slight.
Wages, $2.25 per day
Hoard, $1.50 per week
Si.OO per Dny
Deschutes Irrigation &
Power. Company
Barber Shop & Baths
Hest of accommodations and
work promptly done.........
Contractor - --
- and Builder
Office at Pilot Blitte Inn
Miss Jackie Hrock was out with tt
camping party in the mountains
last week. Her little niece was
dangerously near the campfiru mid
Miss Hrock jumped to rescue the
child, Injuring the ankle recently
sprained so il was advisable for her
to return to I'riueville for treatment.
She came home Saturday.
J. W. Taggart, Charles Shong
and J. N. Hunter went up to J. F
Taggarl's homestend near Koslntul
Sunday, and also examined the tim
ber belt to the .southeast. Messrs.
Taggart nml Shong started Wed
nesday morning 011 their return to
Wisconsin, expecting to return to
Hend again soon. Mr. Shong has
a sawmill near Augusta, Wis.
II. R. Lamb, of Sedro-Wooley,
Washington, has been iu Hend for
several days looking nt the land iu
this vicinity mid has contracted for
rfloo acres for himself nml friends iu
17-1.J. nlxuit 15 miles northeast of
here. He left for his home Thurs
day morning but will return iu
about three weeks and commence
improvements. Mr. Lnmb senks
iu glowing terms of the situation
and quality of soil 011 this tract of
laud. He is interested iu the light
ami water works plant at Sedro
Wooley. Men Wanted
To work on the Columbia
Southern Irrigation Co.'s
works. Also
One Blacksmith R
Main camp on south side
Cliue Duties.
Columbia Southern Irrigation Co.
C. F. SMITH, SriT.
FT"."'' Tyi
TiiuUr !,ai... Art June j, if ,
U. H. Dux! OITtrr. The Dill-., Orrgou,
June 14, ij.
Notfcr la btirlty glrni Hi I in ceintum with
thr mnitUmt of Xhr Art of Cuiiietr.i ur June J.
hjt, ririHtat, "An rt fur IhcMlcof HmlirrUiiiU
Iu llir UlrarCallfoftiUl Orritwi. NrrniU, mil
Wo.hltul"" Tffillury," ritrmlcd to all the
iHiMk Uwl Mulct tijr Art or AMru.t 4, ityi. Ihr
MluwlHX'Htmt-J pciMHM hitf mrd Iu thU oltttt
thrtr awoiH ltf Hirlit.. lu-wll.
WchtUuC AwJtrwoy.
ofl.tlMMmi, coHHly uf l.lnn, .ltr f Orrsoti,
fH .unonit No tM. U March is. tvu.
for the HircKK-i)f Ihr l,ut 1 anJ imlh nr
arw4' 14, rie. w m
Ilinnu II. Httllrtl,
uf W.lrn, rt 111 of CiixiV. utr of Orrcon;
worn uHrwrnl No. ihj. fllnl April II, l4. far
Ihr urfiitrtlier) K ri ml H iw)(
w 14. Ii 1 . r r. w m
Willfll It Wont,
iifWmrM. rmiHly of Mihll. Utc of Mlnnr
t, iwimi tUUmrnl No , hint Jnury tj,
IVV4, for thr tmtclMie uf the I.0U mt 7 aim (H
wK f t . t 14 . r ir, it m
That they wltlolfcr iwixif lo how that the land
ought H mure ralmUe far ll.tlmtwr or done
thH fin- airtcullural niri.r. ami to ralalillih
Ihrtr claim to mmI lawl Ixfore the County Clnk
uf Cruul Cimtity, at rrlucvllW, Unou, on Odic
ht 10. 114
They name Mtlnn ItlUtia K Joir,
Mriali I. Auilrrway. of Mater, oteiien, jame
HuMler Ium-uh N llunlrr ami Hairy Hunter, of
Html. (NrguM, Jrmiy Audrrway awl William
lleiHlrtekMM of lbanivM. Orec-in , Kotiert Ihnith,
of HMm, Oir(Hl. c H IMwaou, l The I Mile,
lUtfOH. Mary U Scouicin aiul AvrryO heotiKln,
uf mHrrtllr. Oititou, Chailea II IHtater, ltrrii
K AlllHfham, Joe A t'.raham, Iwlwin II t.raham
and IVriy H Oarta, of hl.trra. Orrnoii
Any unit alt ix-cwtia cUIiiiIiik ailverxly the
alMVrlearrllw.1 UimU atervfitiealetl to file their
etalma tn thl office on urhelotctheMM lotlulay
01 tuucr. ly4
ajo MICIIAKI. T NOI.AN, Keglatrr.
Do You Wear Clothes?
If so ou will find it to your advantage to
buy tliem this month of
The Office Saloon
Choicest brands of
Imports and Domestic
Best bar service in Crook
t'ull vStock of the BUST constantly
MAYi'mr.o liko., i'iioimiiT0K
Wall Street
Tlmlier r,nt, Act June s, lift.
V. H. f.and Office, Mkevlevr, Orciion,
July r), !'.
Notice la lirrrliy kl-tn that Iu compliance with
llietitovlalonaiifthe Att of CotiareM or June 1,
l7, eiitltlfil. "All net fiirthearcorilinWIiiU
In IhrataltaolCallfuriila, OrrK'in, Nr'la, ami
WaaliliiKton Terflfiry," a eleinll lo all the
jpiilllc lmid aUIra ly Act of Aiiu-t 4, "'
Mlllaon J. Kolwtla,
of f)raeliiile, wuiily of Crook, Mate of Orricou,
haalhlailay filnl In IhU ofMee lil aworn Mate
menl No ajr. for Die Hirchaae oflhe IM I tl
laud i'! uejf ami urjf ,', cc I, lpa, rye,
And will offer lrfo'.f lo alww thai the land
aoujcht l wore valuaMr for H tlmhtr or aUmr
Ihau foraKfleulliiial tiiiriioaea, and lo ralahllah
til. claim loaald Inud txlore J. M. Mwrruce. f
H CfiminlMloiier. at Ilend, OrK'"' o Satutday,
Hie Jid day of Orlolier. l'x4.
lie uatuta aa wllnrMra Joacph . Ilunler, l'.t
w(. W HulKTta, Will Marah, Hairy I' Hunter,
of D-Khulci, Ornon.
Any and all peraont claimlnie aderdy the
alKm-deMillit".! land are rKiiojMed to file their
claim. In till, ulhre on or before the hW rd
day ofocloher, vn,
aiOH,ii J. N. WATMIM, Kegl.lcr.
l)eKirtiueiit of the lulcrlor,
U. S. Mnd Office, J,akelcw. Oregon.
July it, K.4.
.Vollce It lierchy riven that the following
uamrilaetllcra have filnl nolieea of their Inlen
lion lo make final proof In aMpport of
tlirlr claim., and that aald proofa will l made
liefore J II Ijiwieiice, V H. Coiiiinlaatoner. at
hit office at ItriBl, Crook coiinly, Oregon, oil Ail
KUt rr, l'4, l
Kalph H Caldwell,
II It No in, for the e ae'f aec liand cH nef
aec4, tpai a, r loe.w 111
William IWtHr,
II J! No fjM. frthea awjf ecj, ii!fiiw)f
e j, ue ncK aec 17, tp l a, r 10 e, w tn
They name the following wllneatea to prore
Ihrlreonlluiioua rcaldenee upon and enllWatlon
of aald land, vli.
Jluhirl S MayCrld, Kalph II Cahlwcll, of
Ilend. Oireou; Wllllain imgue. Oeorite T Kly, of
Kotland, oirgon; John Slaemorc, of Dcachutca,
In-art J. N WATW)N, KegUter.
Tlmlier Mnd, Art June J, lj.
t' S. MtHt Olfier, The lalle. Oregon,
July 1. iy4-
Nolkr la herclnr glren that In compliance with
the ollona or the act of 'Congieat of jHne 1,
llt-a. enlltlr.1 "An act for the aale of tlmhcr landa
Iu Hie alalrt of California, Orefoii. Nrraita, and
Waahlngtun Tenllory," aa ealrnded to all the
puMK laud Male by act of Auguat 4, 19,
Ollre A Weal,
ol Ilend, county of Crook. aUteofOrccon.haaon
Octolwr 14, lont, fileil In till, omre her awurn
atalrmcutNo lyit.fur the puichaaeof theaeX
of aec n tp ly a, r lac, w m
And will offer ptoof to ahow that the land
aought ItmoreraloaMe for It tlmlier or alnve
than for agricultural purouaea, amllo rotaldlth
her claim to uk! taml lieforr J M Ijiwrance I'
S Commla.loner, at hit ofnee at Hend, iliegon,
on the Jtlhday of Keterulier, lv4
hhenamia aa wltneaac John I Weat. I'rank
Weal. TO llar.hmall, Krila Wet. latin Alkln
aou, Wallace II Dankel. Joacpli N lluHlcr, all of
lleml, Oregon.
Any and all peraona claiming adrcraely the
almrcxtcacribcd Undt are irquratc-1 lo file Ihelr
claliut In thla olfice on or before aald 4th day
of Heptemlier, iyo4.
itl-ajj MICIIAHL T. NOI.AN, KegUter.
Timber Land, Act June J, iM.
V. A. (.and Office, The Dalle. Oregon,
July I J, WM-
Notice la hereby glren that in compliance with
the prortaloua oft lie Act of Ctmgrcw. at June 1.
IS7S, entitled. "An act for the aale of timber lamia
In the atalranf Callfornhi, Oregon, Nevada, and
Wnahlnglnu Terrilory," aa extended to all the
public land atatea by Act of Auguat 4. ,
Arthur I. Ooodwllllc.
of Ileud. county of Crook, alate of Oregon, hat
oh June JJ. 1904, fileil In thla office hit aworn
atatrmenl So. ail, for the (Mirtbaae of the nef
nw. uwU nc1 inl iX nekvdttcc 14, tp 1; . r
It e. win
And will offer urcaif to ahow ihat the land
aought la more valuable for Ita tlmlier or atone
than for agricultural purpuaea. and to eataMMi
hit claim toaaMland before J. M. IinreHce. I'.
S Commlaaloner, at hit offWe at Mend. Oregon,
on the )oth day of heptember, lyM
Ur names wllneatea;
joaepli N Hunter, , M Drake. Oeorxc C Sliue
Biaun, John II Orritutf, all of Mend. Oregon.
Anv and all tiernout dalmlni! ail verve! v the
aliore-iearileUaiid arc teueet to file their
cUlma In thla oflicc on ur before the aald joth day
of hepumber, 1004.
jM MICIIAI'.I. T. NOI.AN, KegUter.
Prmeville. Oregon
Ucst brands or Strnh:ht
Whiskies on the Market....
HON!) and I.II.I.AKD
II l!R.M
on hand at lowest living prices
Tlinlxr fi ml, Act June j, 1I74.
tf. A, r.nnd Office, The Dalle, Oiegon,
June 14. 1'M.
Notice la hereby glren tlml In roinpllatHe with
Iheprorltloiianfthe Act of Cmigrem of June fi
167. entitled, "An act for the aale ol tlmlier land
In the atatea of California, Oregon, Nevada, awl
Washington Terrilory," a extended to all the
mihlkr laud atatea by Act of Augutt 4, 19, the
fullnwlu-naiHedperiuahave filwl Inlbltofftec
their awurn talcmenla. tn-wlt
Aleaamler M iHalte,
of Ilend, eounly of Crik. atalr of Oiegoni mttii
alatrmrnt No iy, filnl May Ij, $4, fdr thij
porchaaeof the aw ae aec ij, vr nK Hd
eK "-!( ce 4, tp 17 a, r it e w m.
John n Thompaon,
(ifHunnyalde, county of Y4kinM, ataleof Wath
Ington, aworn atateinent No, nji, filnl May 4,
i'4, for the purchaae of tlie ()(!( aec IS, tp 14
, r 10 e, w in.
Thatthey wilt offer Jirw,f to ahow that thetand
aought la more valuable for lla timber or atone
Inaii for agricultural mriva. and t ettaMftli
IhetrcUlma toaaid land before J. M. tAUKtti
t'. H. Cofumlatftitier, at hit office at Hend, Ore
gmi,uti Oetotr 10, iy4.
They name iw wltneaaea- Jotepti N Hunter,
Arthur I.Ooodwtllle, John II Ofertawf and ft
A Hunter, of Ilend, (negou, John ffiott, Wtllam
K IbMlh and Ateaander smith, of Stttera, Ore
gon, Maxctn'ajrr, of Ieachute, Oregon.
Any ami all tieraona claiming adeerteiy.the
above-deacrlbedlaudaate rtrueatl to file their
clalma III thit ofrvce on or tefore the W 1Mb. day
of October, iy4.
ayo7 MICIIAIU. T NOf.AN, Kegltter.
Tlmlier Land, Art June J. 187$.
f-and Office at The Dallea, Oregon,
July yi, iw.
Notice la hereby glren that in eutspManec with
Hie pruvlalona of the act of Congrem of June 1,
167a. eiitltlrd "An act for the aale of timber Undt
in the atatea of California, Oregon, Nevada and
Washington Territory, ' aa extended to all the;
fiublic land atatea by act of Augu.t 4, l9, the
ullowing-nanied pcraona bare ou May rj, vHi
filed In thla office their aworn atatctncmi, to-wit j
Newton N. Ilrown,
of Ilend, county of Crook, atateoi Oregon; aworn
atatrnitnt No .t4l. for the purchase of thea '
nw( and Ixita jand 4of arc j, tp 14 a, r lae.wrn.
John ve Nd4e,
of Ilend, county of Crook, Hate of Oregon; aworn
statement No tut, fot the purctMaeef tbciwif '
of aec 1. tp 14 a, r loe. wm
That they will offer proof to show that the land
aought la more valuable for lit timber or stone
than for agricultural purpotea, and ts eatabttttt
their clalma to said land before J. M. Ijwrenee,
I' h. Commlasioner, at hit office at Ilend, Ore
gou, ou October i. ly4
They name aa witneaaea James Ilunler, Jshn
W Noble, Newton N Hrown. Jsteptt N Hunter,
of Ilend, Oregon. William R Booth and Wil
liam T HtcpJient, of Kistera, Oregon.
Any and alt persona claiming adversely the
abore-deacrilied land arc requeated ts file their,
etalma In thit oflice on or before the aald llth
day of October, I9?4.
af-07 MICIIAIU. T. NOLAN, Kegltter.
Timber Land, Act June i. -S.
U. 8. Mnd Office, Lakericw, Oregon,
July yHh, (904.
Notice la hereby glren that in compliance with
the provisions oflhe Act of Congreaa of June f.
it4. entitled. "An act fur the aale of timber land
In the atatea of California, Oregon, Nevada, and
Washington Territory," aa extended tn atl the
public laud autca by Act o' August 4, lV)3,
John II. Merdiuk.
of Stephen, county of Marahall, state of Minne
sota, bat thit day filed In this oflicc bit aworn
tlatemcnt NO. I7S4- for the purchase of the tfj;
!f uef awjf , Lot j, tee 7, tp ti a, r to e, w m.
And win offer proof to show that the land
aought It more valuable for ita timber or atone "
than for agricultfiral purpoMS. and to establish
his claim to uld land fcfore the Kegltter and
Keceiver at LaVevl , Ofegon, on l'rldty, the
7th day ol October. 1$
He names at witnetset. Charles K Stockland,
Dolelt L MlkkcUon, Kotwelt A Whitney, George
llamcry, Joseph O IlrlnkerbofT. Carrie O Mid
eltoo, Kalhcl M Deraard. of Iligland, Minne
sota; Hauna lloyce, of Grand Forks, North
Any, and all persona claiming adversely the
above-clcacrlbed 'aadf are requested to file their
clalma In thit ofller Mor before the said 7th day
oroctbbcr, iyo4 W .
oJ J N WATSON, Regltter.
Timber Land, Act June 3, 1S7S.
V. 8. LaBd OSce, The Dalles. Oregert,
June 14. IVH)'
Notice It hereby given that in compliance with
the provisions oflhe Act of Coocret of June J,
1&73. entitled, "An act for theaaleof tlmWr lands
in the autea of California, Oregon. Nevada, and
Washington Territory," at extended to all the
public land atatea by Act of August 4,' ?9, the
following-named persona hare tiled In thU office
their sworu ttalemeuta, towlt:
l'erdinand W Seeck,
of llattey, county of Linn, ttate of Oregon; twont
atatriufHl No. it-e, filed March 14, 191, tar the .
purchase of the teK aec J, tp I J t. r toe, w ro.
John I'. Mrlngtr,
ol Albany, couuty of U1111. atate of Oregen;
aworn atatement No. iioi, filed December 7. 9ttl
for Hie purchaae of tlie wH twlf, awf( uwK ana
11 e)( twtf tec ju, tp 14 f, r 10 c, w m. .
That tlicy will orr jTuof to ahow that the land
aought it jnore valuable for ita titular or lenc
than for agricultural purpose), and to ttabRth
their claimt to mhI Una le(bre the CbubIv Clerk
rfCtoolsCUMUty. ut I'riucvtllc, Oregoti, ou Oclo.
tier it, IOC4,,
They nawr at wttnee. Herman J Seeck, of
HalcJ , tlrxsuu. li C MrHiideharry, or Albauy,
Oregon- 'VLfi Booth ami Alexander Smith, or
Siiters Orecyu, J N Iliintct and Harry lluutcr.
of DeKhuta, Oietjou.
Any and oil perm eta i ml UK odvertely the
atKvc-d.eri,;l'Wr nr-jjcjjiitd to Vc thtit
claims in. JVT Qlutv onjwTHe.lUe -Aid lth day
of ixnober. im.
aj-oj MlCllAKL T. NOLA,.Kcglstcr.
TlroXr UnaV AUlue J. !
V. S. Land Office. The Dallct, Oregon,
June 34. ioa.
Notice It hereliy given that In cempliauce with
the provision ofine Act of Ceugreat of June A,
187S, entitled, "An act fur the tale of timber lauds
In the. Uttt of California, Oregon, Nevada, and
Washington Territory," at extended to alt the
imblic Uud state by Act of Augutt 4. lSfr, the
followinE-iiamcd ticrMma have on May 9. IW.
tiled tit thla office tlieir tuoru .tateineuts, to-wit:
John W. Taggart.
of Augusta, county of HuuCUIrc, state of Wis.
couslii; mvuru tluleniciit Nu. M14. for the pur
chaae of the nit ucij, lie) nw and I.ot 1 of tec
id, tp is ', r to e v in.
Nellie Taggart,
of Augusta, county ot lluu CUtrc, stale of Wis.
cousin, sworn statement Nu, jjaj, for the put
chase of the cU olscc is, tp i, r lr. w m.
That they v,itl offer proof to ahow that the land
aought W mote vuluab'c for it tlmlier or stone
than for agricultural nirKs, and to cstablUU
iheirctaima to said land before I. M. Lawrence.
V 8 Coiiimtloucr, at hit oluceat lltnd, Ort.
gou, ou October' 11, 1904-
They name at v,Uucci John W Taggart
uud Nellie Taggurt, of Augusta, Wisconsin; jo.
acph l Taggart ami Joteph N Hunter, of l'.end.
Oregon, William K Itoolh and John lllou.of
tii.ters, Oregon.
Any and all person claiming aihertely the
alKixe-tlescrlbetl land are requetrl to file thelt
claim In tills otlicc 011 or before the said nth
day of October, 1904.
nj7 .MICIIAKI, T. NOLAN, KegUter.
Th6 Bulletin gives the news,
taa' aalJ