The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, June 10, 1904, Image 2

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4. M. LAWRtjNCl, Publlfher
Comprehensive Review of tho Import'
ant Happening ot the Past Week,
Presented In Condensed Porm, Most
Okely to Provo Interesting.
Tho czar nml n council ot war havo
decided to advlso Kuromtkiu to en
deoVor to relievo Port Atthur.
Russia has dispatched tho first of
eight submarine bonta to Vladivostok
by mil.
Tho Japanese nro landing n second
army nt Takushan.
Tho president has ordered nr attorney
to Alaska to investigate, tho otliccs ot
governor nnd judges.
Superintendent Potter, ot tho Che
mnwa Indian school, may bo trims
f erred as a result of tho charges ngainst
Largo forces ot Chinese bandits nro
collecting in the hills northeast of the
Lino river nnd nro prewiring to cut the
railway north of Mukden.
Transports loaded with troops con
tinue to leavo Western Japanese ports
daily for the theater of war. A largo
proportion ot thoso dispatched during
tho past week vrcro to rvinfoico General
A new strike of what promises to bo
rich ore has been mado about 13 mites
from Cripplo Creek. Over n thousand
claims have already been staked out.
A severe battlo is reported to
occurred six miles from Port Arthur.
Russlnns Continue to Clear the Part
Arthur Roadstead.
St. Petersburg, Juno 4, The follow
ing dispatch from Viceroy AloxlefT to
tho emperor has been received here:
"Hear Admirals Wittsoeft and Grlg
orovitch report that up to Mny 28 nu
merous. Japanese mines had been dis
covered nnd exploded In tho roadstead
of. Port Arthur. Tho Japanese evident
ly have replaced tho ilrcships which
they formerly used, by mincB sown by
merchant steamers in their service."
Tho emperor has received tho follow
ing dispatch from General Kuropatkin:
"All is quiet in the direction ot
Feng Wang Cheng. Slu Yen has not
been occupied by Japanese, detach
ments. "On May 30 two camps of Japanese
infantry nnd 30 dragoons advanced
along tho Takuslinn road towards Ona
lassl for the purposu ot turning tho loft
tlank ot our outposts. Our scouts dis
covered tho movement and tiring en
sued, in tho course of which one Cos
sack was wounded nml one horse killed.
"Tho Jnpaueso datachment, which
our cavalry successfully engaged May
30, is now stationed four versts from
Vnfangow, fortifying its position.
"There have been further Japanese
advances from Saimatzn toward Feng
Chow Ling Pass on tho I.lao Yang
Reside That Manchuria Cannot lie Held
Czar (lives Ills Consent livery Pre
caution llclng Made to Withstand
Siege Hope Entertained Unctny May
Find Too Atany Lines to Uuard.
Cloudbursts Compel Six Hundred Kansas
Families to Flee.
The Russians cannot hold the second
line of defenses and must fall back to
Port Arthur.
An Alaskan hermit has died declar
ing ho is Tascott, tho long sought Chi
cago murderer.
Tho Washington, D C, Post advo
cates John Barrett, ot Oregon, for tho
Republican candidate for vice presi
dent. Franco has been asked and has
agreed to assist in securing tho releaso
of the American held by tho Moroccan
A friend of General Kuropatkin says
that the general will not make a move
until July when ne will have tho over
whelming masses needed.
Tho Moroccan bandit demands n cash
ransom of 170,000 and a subordinate
kingdom with the right to levy taxes
on travelers for tho releaso ot his cap
tives. A Tokio dispatch says that General
Kuroki has completely defeated General
Kuropatkln's forces near Saimatze.
All the positions east of Hau Chang
have been abandoned. Several guns
have been taken and tho whole forco of
Cocsacks captured.
Attack on Port Arthui is expected to
begin about June 20.
Clashes between Japanese and Rus
sian skirmishing parties continue.
General Kuroki is harassing Kuro
patkin so as to give Oku a clear road to
Port Arthur.
Mayor McLean, of Baltimoro has
committed suicide. No causo for the
act Is known.
A bridge over tho Arkansas river at
Salida, Colo., collapsed and four peoplo
were drowned.
Tho Russians havo abandoned Cheng
Ko Chen Pan, Huang Shan and Liu
Shu Tun, moving in closer to Port
Fire in Cleveland, Ohio, destroyed
(100,000 worth of property. Tho prin
cipal loss will bo that of tho St. Clair
stroet school.
The czar is very much displeased
with both Kuropatkin and Alexleft and
it is said ho would relievo them wero it
not that he fears tho effect of public
It is said an agreement has been
drafted whereby Germany promises
armed support to Russia if necessary
to prevent Knglund and tho United
States from attempting to submit tho
Far Eastern question to an interna
tional congress.
Senator Quay, of Pennsylvania, is
Tho Chineso are assisting tho Japan
ese In every way possible.
Tho Presbyterian general assembly
will ask tho senato to oust Smoot.
The Baltic fiVet cannot bo in shapo
to sail for tho Far Fast before October
at tho earliest.
Major Langfltt has asked that Oregon
bo allowed (60,000 out of tho emergen
cy river and harbor appropriation.
Black smallpox, brought from the
Orient, 1ms stirred tho peoplo of Vic
toria, B. O. A passenger from ono of
tho liners died of tho disease soon after
reaching shore.
Tho news of tho fall of Kinchou was
first published in Russia while tho peo
plo were celebrating the coronation of
the czar.
Topeka, Kan., June -I. Kansas
streams aro rapidly rising tonight.
Cloudbursts are reported from hmorin,
.Newton, strong City, Florence, Man
hattan, St. John and Salina. At Lin
coln Center moie than four incites ot
water fell in three hours.
Heavy rains aro reported from up
stream in the Kaw valley, but most ot
tho high water trouble is being extwri-
enced in tho botom lands lictwcen Km-
porta and New ton. At Emporia tho
Neosho and Cottonwood rivers nro re
ported ob rising a foot an hour. At
Florence, the Santa Fe tracks aro
washed out in several places.
Six hundred peoplo wero forced to
leave their homes in Newton, and res
cue parties will bo at work all night
saving peoplo from tho Hood.
Tho town of Elmdale, eight miles
from Cottonwood Fulis, is reported as
being under three feet ot water.
A seveio wind accompanied tho rain,
greatly damaging fruit And growing
Tornado Injures Twenty.
Omaha, June 4. Additional reports
from Tekamah, which was struck last
night by a tornado, indicate that nlxmt
20 persons wero injured, somo ot them
seriously hurt. There wore no fatal
ities. Tho storm wrecked most of tho build
ings in its path, which was a block in
width and several blocks long, "flie
opera house, two general stores, a
blacksmith shop and several lesldences
were destroyed. A high school com
mencement rehearsal was in prourcss
in tho opera house when the storm
struck the building, cairying away the
toot and partially wrecking tho walls.
A number ot pupils weic injured.
The people of the town had little warn
ing of tho coming storm, and many had
narrow escujies. Tho proiwrty loss is
Moscow, Juno 3. Tho Russian gov
ernment Is beginning to reality that
its troops in thu Hold will hardly ho
able to retain possession of Manchuria,
and that even more reverses are in
store fur General Kuroi ntkiu's army.
It is learned from an absolutely de
pendable source that Harbin Is being
lortltled and placed in condition to
withstand n stegu and that It Is goner-
ally Inilloved in government circles that
tho urmy will bo compelled to abandon
Mukden and all positions to the south
ward and retire to Harbin, there to
await tho Japanese armies. Thu in
formant states that all tho heavy siege
guns which havo liocn reported as
shipped for uso in tho Jtusaian tortlll
cations in Southern .Manchuria during
the lust fow weeks aro in reality In
tended for service at Harbin.
Nor Is that all. Kruustadt nnd
other tlrst class fortresses are being de
nuded of their heaviest guns, which
aro bleng prepared for shipment to tho
Muuchurluii border, there to be mount
ed at Harbin. It is tho hope ot tho
czar and lits advlseis that tills place
may be mado Impregnable, and the
Japatiesu can bo compiled to extend
their lines over so much tenitory that
they will exhaust themselves guarding
their lines of communication.
It Is certain that General Kuropat
kln's Inslstauce that it is Impossible to
retain control ot Manchutla has had a
painful effect on the czar, who lias
trusted implicitly to Admiral Alexleft.
Thu latter declared that no Japanese
army could ever secure a footing north
of Yulu, but this dream has been dis
pelled and now tho Russian govern
ment Is facing tho fact that tho Japan
ese not only lio obtained a foothold,
but also that their foices arocuunl, If
nut suierlor in numbers, to thu Rus
sians, and at the s-tmo time are much
better equipped. .
famine Price Hxlst nnd Mnny People
Hat Chinese Food.
Nlu Ohwaug, June 2. Some Chinese,
fugitives from Port Arthur, who lmvo
Just arrived here, describe the situa
tion of t5io Inhabitants there as desper
ate. Famine prices exist. Tho cost of
provisions Increases weekly, Many
persons nro reduced to eating Chineso
food, and even that Is dear. Millet
Hour costs tfll a bag. Whole streets
and several public buildings have leon
wrecked by Japanese shell tire. Tho
hospitals aro packed with sick and
Tho work of repairing the damaged
warships has been stopped. All civil
ians have been given military duty.
Tho general health of thu Inhabitants
Is good, except Chinese, who nro dying
of starvation. Theft has been made
punishable by death.
The railway Is completely destroyed
as far as Klnehou, and there aro fre
quent gaps iHitwooii Kluuhou and Wn
Fang Ting. There are 16,000 Japanese
troops there, hut no signs of troops fur
ther north. During the lighting nt
Kinchou 200 Chineso wore killed by
the Japanese lire.
I ho very highest Russian authority
here, while not Indlevlng that Port
Arthur wIM fall, ndmlts Its loss would
le a terrible loss to the Russian arms.
The same authority says Russia may
send a laigo army to tho south of Nlu
Chwang In tho event nt General Sloes
sol being able to hold his own at Port
Arthur. This, however, Is not possible
nt present, owing to the positions oc
cupied by the Japanese armlen operat
ing from the Ynlu river and Taku
Shan. Thu Rusilnns are not sanguine
as to the outlook for Port Arthur.
Motu contraband of war Is arriving
here. Two cargoes of Hour and tinned
meats nnd some spelro wero rushed to
Mukden as soon as they were unloaded.
Heavy rains are daily mnklng the
roads almost Impansahtu. The Chinese
brigands nro becoming active,
State Land Hoard Touring That Section
Examining Irrigation Projects Mem
bers Surprised by What They Saw
Lately Only Sagebrush Now Thriving
Farms are to He Seen liver) where.
Electric Car In Ohio Collide and Six
Persons are Killed.
Norwnlk, O., Juno 4. Six persons
were killed and a dozen or moro hurt
this afternoon as a result of the collis
ion on tho Lake Shore Electric railway
between an eastbound fast electric pas
senger car and a westbound '"packuge
freight" car at Wolls Corners, n fow
miles east of this city.
Tho acident occuirod at a point quite
distant from any immediate means of
communication, and assistance was
sent from Norwalk, where every phy
sician and nurses in the city was hur
ried to tho place. All those killed
wero in tho smoking compartment of
the passenger car. Tho curs were su
burban electric cars of tho largest type,
and were smashed to pieces. I hey met
in collision at full speed.
One Squadron Annihilated,
St. Petersburg, Juno 4. General
Snkaroff has telegraphed as follows,
under today's date, to the general staff:
"According to reports, tho Japanese
commander in tho action of .May 30
near Vnfangow had three battalions of
infantry in reserve. Our losses wero
17 men killed and 23 men wounded
and Lieutenant Meyer and another offi
cer, whoso namo has not been ascer
tained, wounded. Tho Japanese losses
were very considerable, Ono squadron
of tho Thirteenth Japanese cavalry was
Reports Uattleshlp Aground.
St. Petersburg, Juno 4. An uncon-
Armed rumor has readied hero from
Mukden that tho Japanese battleship
Fuji is aground on a reef off the MIuo
Tao islands, between the Kwun Tung
and Shan Tung promontories, whore
she la being guarded by torpedo boats,
France Will Exercise More Authority
Morocco In t-uture.
Paris, Juno 3. Tho request of tho
United Mates for tho co-operation -of
Franco in bringing about thu release of
lYrdknris and Vurley has produced a
very favorable impression at the foreign
olllce here, where much significance is
attached to thu request, ns embodying
the first distinct international recog
nition of France's paramount Influence
in Morocco. It Is expected that this
will lead to a moro emphatic exercise
of French authority over Morocco with
the view of suppressing lawlessness and
thu protection of foreigners, but the
nature of thu futuro steps Is not an
nounced pending the negotiations on
the subject.
Ambussador Porter called at tho for
eigu olllce this morning and conferred
with roreign Minister DolcasAu relative
to thu course of tho Washington cabi
net. Yesterday M. Delcasbosluted that
negotiations were now progressing at
Tangier and at Fez, tho chief reliance
being placed on tho sultan's ylcldln
tHilore the unitcii representations r,
Fruncu, Great Britain and tho Uultfd
Will Olve Japan Large Sura.
Chicago, Juno a. Ito lilmatsul a
Japanese merchant of New York, lias
arrived in Chicago with a com uou
split-lvather valise containing f 1,'J J0(
000 in United States monoy, whlcl he
will give to tho mikado to help ih feat
Russia. Thu cash Is all In Ui Hod
States gold notes and bunk bills. u'ho
money was deposited hero with a trust
cornpuny on tho advice of tho local Jap
anese consul. Ito lllirmtsu expects uo
sail from Han Francisco on Juno 1.
Ho Is n recognized authority in America
on Jupuneso art, and his discourses lot;
thu lust five years have been the subAj
Jeet of muny written disquisitions on
tho influence of Japanese arts and Jap
anese ideals upon modsrn nesthotlcUm.
Japan Willing to Prohibit Emigration.
Victoria, B. O., Juno J. A passen
ger by the steamship Empress of Japan
war T. Aoygl, siecial immigration com
missioner from thu Japanese govern
ment, to confer with the Canadian nnd
United Stutes governments regarding
tho immigration of Japanese laborers.
Ho says that ho comes empowered to
accopt the suggestion of eucli govern
ment that still further restrictions bo
placed on emigration from Japan. Tho
Japanese government is perfectly will
ing, ho says, to prohibit tho further
United States Supreme Court Hands
Down Decision.
Washington, Juno 2. Tho supremo
court of tho United States, in an
opinion by Justice White today, uphold
tliu constitutionality of tho oleomargar
ine law. Leo . McKay sued the gov
ernment in tho Southern district of
Ohio, to recover f 60 paid by him ns a
penalty for the sale of n 60 pound pack
age of colored oleomargarine, contain
ing a stamp tax of three-quarters of a
cent n pound instead of 10 cents a
McRay's counsel argued first, that,
although the "oleo" was colored to
look like butter, the coloi was obtained
by tho usu ot butter, which was Itself
artificially colored, but thu use of
which as an Ingredient In tho manu
facture of "oleo" was authorized by
law; and, second, that tho tax of 10
rents n pound was prolbltivo and eon
flscntory, and an attempted federal
usurpation of tho police owers ot tho
state. The court said tho tax contem
plated thu finished product nnd not tho
details of manufacture. Tho court
therefore ntllrmed tho Judgment ol the
lower court, upholding tho validity ot
tho law ami tho tax.
Tho chief Justice nnd Justices Brown
and Peckharu dissented.
Thousand Chicago Men Protest
Against 10-Hour Day.
Chicago. Juno 1. Tho 3,000 ma
chinists employed In tho companies
that compose that Metal Trades associ
ation went on strike last night ns a pro
test against tho 10-hour day, and prac
tically nil of the 116 shops represented
in the association nro closed today.
No effort will bo mudo to operate the
shops until tomorrow, nnd then the
forco of thu employers will bo central
ized at n fow plants.
Tho 10-hour day was Inaugurated by
thu employers for thu purpose of bring
ing tho strike to a crisis, In n state
ment sent out tonight by thu olllcers of
thu association, it Is declared that tho
employers hail no intention of return
ing to tho 10-hour day, hut thuy weru
cornHilled to tako this stop to combat
tho slow individual strlko campaign,
hwiilch was commenced by thu Math In
pus' union somo tnqu ago.
Russian Commands Consolidated.
St. Petersburg, Juno 2, By nn im
perial ukase Just Issued, tho control of
thu ports of Roval, Sveaborg and Tihati
and all thu naval forces of tho llaltlo
has lecn transferred tothocnmmanilant
of tho port of Cronstudt, with tho title
of commander In chief of the fleet and
ports and of the defenses of thu Baltic
sen. ilio omcct ol tno cotiHoiiiintlon ol
tho commands Is to insure uniformity
In tho measures adopted in tho defense
of tho coasts of tho Baltic during thu
existing statu of war.
Haystack, Or,, Juno 1. "I niu as
tonished that Central Oregon has not
long ago been tapped by a railroad con
necting this section ot thw statu with
Portland," said (!oernor Chamberlain
today upon his arrival here from Shan
Iko, In company with Secretary of Statu
Dunbar and State Treasurer Mooro,
These statu ollleuru, as members ot thu
state land board, ate uu their way to
the Upper Deschutes country to exam
ine the Irrigation projects which havo
lieen started under the provisions ol
the Carey arid-land net. They enmo
out to Slmnlku, In tho southern part of
Sherman county, over thu Columbia
Southern, and (ruin there took a
private conveyance and nro traveling
across Crook county, learning what
they can of tho country, so that they
mny tho morn Intelligently net iin
questions that will nrisu in thotronsao
Hon of business relntlvu to the Irriga
tion enterprises.
Though thu inerulieis of the hoard
know something of the general cliarno
ter of the country nun have read statis
tics showing the quantity and values of
the products of this mrt of the state,
they admit that they had no fair con
ception of thu progress that has been
made In the development of Industrial
resources and of tho Kslhllltles for
future growth. With una accord thuy
express the opinion that Oregon should
Iw looking nfter her commercial inter
ests In Central Oregon and not ermlt
California to step In and take trade
that naturally belongs to Portland,
While they have nut yet visited the Ir
rigation projects, they have seen
enough of tho newly-settled country to
convince them that this section of Ore
gon is destined to bo a great producer
ot wealth through Its agricultural re
sources, and thnt If tho Irrigation enter
prise prove to lie tho success that In
now expectvd of them, Crook will tm
ono of tho most Important farming
counties of thu state.
Hall Ureaka Car Windows.
Hutchinson, Kan,. Juno 3. This
section and all southwestern Kansas
was drenched by u heavy rain, accom
panied by hull. Between Bucklln and
Meado, on tho Rock Islund road, hull
did much damage to crops, Hall broke
nearly every window on tho north side
of an eastbound Rock Island train, arid
J broken glass cut several passengers.
America Will Hunt Him to His Death If
Captive la Harmed.
Washington, Juno I. Italsulll, tho
Moroccan bandit, was today notified by
Sucrutary Hay, through United Htnton
Consul General Uumruern, that If seri
ous Injury comes to his American cap
tive, Ion I'erdlcarls, tho United Staten
will hunt him to his death. This will
Imi done whether It takes weeks,
months or years. Consul General
Guinmero was Instructed to make this
messngo to Italsulll as forcible ns hs
slide, nnd to Inform him that no Euro
pean nation will lo permitted to pro
vent his punishment.
Tho cablegram was sent in lesponso
to tho ono from Mr. Guinmero advising
that Italsulll would kill I'erdlcarls and
his stepson unless tho terms of hi pro
poses! ransom met with prompt com
pliance. Mr. Hay has reached the con
clusion thai the terms Imposed cannot,
and will not bo accepted. If Raisulli
carries out his threat and kills his enp-
uves, trie suiran or .Morocco will Dultn
mcdlatolly notified that ho must hunt
down nnd execute the bandit. Ameri
can ships will remain In thu harbor of
Tangier until the matter is settled. If
necessary, American cavalrymen will
Iw sent there to assist In capturing thu
brigands. Such nn intervention will bo
a friendly ono nnd would meet with as
sistance from the sultan.
Secretary Hay Is still hopeful that
ho will tako up tho matter and Insti
tute the necessary measures to capturo
and punish thu bandits. In any event,
hu feels suro that Great Britain will
assist tho United States, ns Cromwell
Varley, kidnapped with M. Pordlcaris,
is a British subject.
Disproves Koch's Theory.
London, Juno 2, Tho roynl commis
sion appointed In August, 1001, to In
quire Into thu relation between liumuri
and animal tuberculosis has arrived nt
a conclusion Justifying tho issuanco of
an interim report according to which
tho commission finds (hat human and
bovine tuborcolosis aro practically
Two Hundred Mado Homeless.
Ottawa, Kan., Junu 1, Tho Mario
dus Cygunos river hero Is higher than
ever known, nnd tho overflow Iiuh
caused a serious flood. Alxivo hero.
however, tho streurn is falling, and thu
worst probably is over. Two hundred
families aru homoless In tho lower por
tions ol Ottawa and vielnty. In North
Ottawa several business hoiwoH aro
Hooded, there aro two feet of wator In
tho Santn Fo depot, nnd tho lower
floor of tho Marsh hotel is covered with
water. Tho Santa Fo yards uro two
feet under wator,
Mined by the Japanese.
Vladivostok, Juno 1, It Is bollovotl
from information received hero thnt
tho Japanese huvo mined Peter tho
Great Gulf, on which this town Is situ
ated, it task of easy accomplishment bo
cuuuo of tho recent heavy fogs. A
small Corcnn sailing vossol was blown
up yosterday. Tho rogion Is quiet so
far as military operations are eon.