The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, May 13, 1904, Image 6

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II '
Your doctor will tell you that
thin, pale, weak, nervous chil
dren become strong.and well
by taking Ayer's Sarsaparilla.
Small doses, for a few days.
The change is very prompt
and very marked. Ask your
doctor why it Is. He has our
formula and will explain.
"Wh.n li jmti old. far nun, mnnttit no
on thsathl I cld Ilia Wan.aof thin blood,
not. In fw Hki, Ajtti Karuparllls com.
plsislr rttrti int t hMlth "
1IM.K. liuusmssrsiO'ln.luid. N.J.
IK twttta,
All ilntrvf.t.
1 C. ATM en.,
l.w.ll. MM
The Children
Biliousness, constipation prevent re
covery. Cure thoso with Ayor'H Pills.
Stool Used In Making Pen.
Tho latest figures show that mora
atocl is used In tho manufacture of
pens thnn In all tho sword and gun
factories In the world. The first steel
pen was made Just 100 years ago. A
single firm to-day manufactures 200,
000,000 annually, using scen nud one
half tons of tho finest sheet steel each
week, or 78,000.000 pounds In a year.
How to Keep Ifouse.
With all tho luxuries and pleasures
of this llfo, its big enjoyments and its
smaller comforts, tlicro is an offset or
antithesis which we have to contend
with in the form of aches and pains.
In some way and by somo means otory
one has a touch of them in some form
at somo time. Trifling as somo of them
may be, the risk is that thoy will grow
to something greater and rack tho sys
tem with constant torture. There is
nothing, therefore, of this kind that we
hate a right to trifle with. Taken in
time, the worst forms of aches and
pains aro easily subdued and cured by j
the frco use of St. Jacobs Oil. No
woll regulated household ought to bo I
without a bottle of this great remedy
for pain. It is the specific virtue of I
penetration in Bt. Jacobs Qil that car-1
rioa it right to the pain spot and effecta
a prompt cure even In the most panful
cases of Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Bclat-
lea, Lumbago. You want it also In
the house at all times for hurts, cuta
anu wounus, ana tne iiouso mat always
lias it keeps
against pain.
up a sort of insuranco
Beir-ItlKhtcous Alau'a -linat Words
Dr. Charles II. Pnrkhurst was talk-
ing about tho self-righteous. "They are
a strange class," he said. "Whenever I
think of them I am reminded of a man
who died in Lclpslc whllo I was study-
in. ).. .m immv This '
man was so abominably self-righteous
.,.,.. . .
that they say ho murmured as ho lay
dying: 'And if I owe any man any-
thing I freely forgive him the debt",
$25.00 Reward.
E. 8. Jackson, alias O. . Morgan,'
etc., taking subscriptions for Munsoy'i
aud Seattlo Btar is a faker. Subscribe,
through authoriiod Star agent.
reward for causing his arrest.
If the wlfo Isn't boss during the
honeymoon sho doesn't amount to
much as a ruler.
Little Liver Pills.
Muot Boar Signature) of
St PaoSlmlls Wrapper Below.
Terr null u4 s.c.uT
to talis as saga-.
M casta I PBrety Tegetallo.x(WC-
siflsBliiJr"i"MJM1"ii sfnB J I Tsl
Bert Coagb Bruo, TuUtibood. ba
io iimv. bow vy oruauu.
The Planter's Daughter
Author of "A Waif from the 8a," "Her Drtghtott Hops,"
Wayward W'nnefred," etc.
ClTA.FTf3R XV.-tContlnued.)
"Oh, I must know!" she murmured
desperately; "why do I suffer so ench
time I take that potion; why does a con
sinning Qro leap up within ins every time
the borcrsite psiwes my lips) What doo;
It mean? Cau It bo poison? Alss, poor
Olalrs, it Is poUon. My life U an ob
stsclu In tho path of I.uclan's hsnplncss,
Lnleat I die, I slHll uptet tlitlr project,
their plait for tho future. And It I he
I.ueian oh, no, no, nol I will not
is ho capable or sollins; his soul with a
belloro itl II no longer loves me; hj
hates me, lonas for my death snd yoti
crime? linnosslblsl still, tho fsct w
mslns; therv Is polwn In that potion!"
Her lips compressed Into a rinlJ llns
as sho concluded. Grcahain strode Into
the shadow of tho beeches and paused bo
clJo her chair.
"Did you send for mol" ha asked In
hi breeiy way,
"Yes," sho answered, compelling her
self to glanco up at him with her nccus
tomed calmness. "Doctor, how do you
find mo this morning?"
"Stronger am) better than you wcro
yesterday; altogether a different woman
to what you were a week aco."
"I'erhaps It Is my Imagination," she
murmured: then added, quickly, looking
up with a forced smile, "If I am trou
bled by vaporing, It Is your duty as my
physician to divert my mind. You prom
ised to teach mo something of botany
when wo got Into the country havo you
"Not IV returned Groham, good-naturedly.
"Then, too, It would be useful to me
to know something of chemistry. Natur
ally in our study of lutauy wo shall
meet with poisons "
"And you ahoukl know how to combat
with them," rejoined tho doctor, falling
Innocently Into the clever trap whllo ho
sought only to humor hrr.
"". snd how to decompose them,"
continued Claire; "for Instance. I am
i""1 to nc with the poisonous Ivy.
p?Jr7:,..kn0W f '" nMoi "B,hvK ,U
,,,,. inmng what h, m Greham
thrurt llU hanJ nt0 ,lU ,nMr ,..,
aw forth a caso, snd from it took a
small phial of colorless liquid.
"There Is a substsnee." he said, plac
ing the phial In Claire's hand as nho
rose to receive It, "which Is not exactly
an antidote, hut which will servo to
amuse you br detecting inherent iraison 1
n any plant we may discover. If a leaf,
blossom or decoction of tho samo should
be noxious, a single drop of this fluid
will produce a startling change."
Standing erect beside tho little table.
C " "" "T )'''
sunny lawn, oaw him psas between tho
w Tot T, Aat ,he puu,
.jlfn 10 !)ent ber caxo UIWIJ the glittering
phial in her hand.
"At last I sbsll knowP she breathed,
,d rtralghtway fell to trembling until
she was forced to catch at tho back of
her chslr to provent her from fslllmt.
"Oh. how my heart beats," she panted;
T "I sin fi Ita alrlPA J.tlilw) mvaalf fha.
test, and yet I must must Vnow tlio
With those word she uncorked tho
phial and held It above tho potion which
was destined for her.
"If there Is poison here," sho fakercd,
"a rJnglo drop of this liquid will alter
the appearance of the contents of tho
glass. How my hand trembles! ah, senao-
Ivss fluid, It Is upon thee that all my
happiness, my llfo depends."
An Involuntary spasm rent her frame,
dislodging a single drop of tho fluid; It
fe'l. nwitli.g the surfac of tho potlM
and slowly sank, sank, sank to the bot
tom of the glass drawing in its wake a
milky trail that told tho baleful story.
Out of the nerveless fingers, down upon
tho groMMOri fell the phial, while from
her blanched lips escaped tho words with
Mrident horror.
"Yes, It Is pokon, poison! Ob, he seeks
my death!"
Sho tottered faintly to the chslr and
sank Into its depths, covering her eyes
from tho light of day with her hands.
She failed to noto tho approach of hur
rying footsteps, sho scarcely heeded the
voice of I.ueian Courtlandt when bo
reached ber side, exclaiming:
"Clalro In tesrs! what Is tho mat
ter? You do not answer!" cried Court
)jnd; "Claire, speak I aro you III?"
"No, I am not ill. Do you not know,"
she faltered, "that invalids have mo
menta of weakness that they aro power
Iohs to control?"
"Hut of what were you thinking,
"I was thinking of tho epoch of our
marriage, of tho timo when I was chos
en to countenance your child. I was
thinking how unfortunate It Is that my
very existence should bo a wrung to an
other." "I conjure you," ho supplicated, "ban
ish this horrible thought! all tho world
beucccbcs you to live! Claire, think only
of your wolfarol"
"In order to do that, I must follow the
doctor's directions, must I not?" she ask
ed bending a glance of fire upon his
bowed head,
"Of courso you must!" bo replied.
"Aud must I take that potion, which
has been prepsred for me?"
"Certainly you must, my darling."
Pitying boaren, how ah misjudged
fcJm then I ,
"Then hand mo It with your own
hands," sho said firmly; ami as ho row
and passed her the deadly draught, who
munuurvd brokenly, T am so young, I,u
clan and oh I I should so liked to have
lived a little longer!"
Ami then, with hrr eyes flied upon his
face, sho drained the poUon to tho dregs,
and nuns, tho glass from her.
She sank upon her knees, gasping:
"Now It U donel"
As th; lightning's shaft falls out of a
clear heaven an Inkling of tho fearful
.truth dawned upon. I.ueian Courtlsndt.
lie psleJ to the lips snd cried wildly;
"Claire, what doct this mean?"
lie bent above her, striving" to ralsa'
her, but.sho shrank swsy with horror st
nis toucD, s a cry of anguish burst from
hU lips.
"Oh. heavenly Father, have phy upon
my suffering and let mo depart In pescol"
Then unconsciousness soiled mum her,
and sho fell forward prostrate at hU feet.
Within an hour n telegram winged Its
(light to Sylphldo Couramont In New
York. Tho message, clerorly veiled, ran
as follows:
"Your commands havo Wen executed.
Expect mo shortly to consult as to tho
location of h fsrm. CAMM.MJ."
ciiAprnit xvr.
Whits wo havo been absorbed in tho
events recorded In tho preceding chapters,
tho fato of our deplorable Civil War has
been decided, and the glorious day of sal
vation for tho slaves bss dawned; th
martyr President hss Issued his I minor
tsl proclamation declaring freedom In
the Ktates and parts of States then In
rebellion, snd there Is not a foot that
prcue ths soil of our great republic
whoso owner need ever again hide his
head as ho frames that humiliating
query: "Am I not a man and a brother?"
The glad news had found Sylphldo
Couramont out In her seclusion In tho
great city; alio received It calmly, tri
umphantly: Indeed, thn tidings of tho
death of hrr cousin, Oscar Couramont,
shot down while skirmishing as a gueril
la, apparently afforded her more Joy; hut
the receipt of her hireling's telegram up
on the same memorable dsy filled her
with a wk!, savage delight that she was
powerless to control.
8ho paced her room, knotting her fin
gers In her long Mack trrw-se. emitting
sharp cries and brief Isughs that would
1.... i......i .i.i. ... ....
f f th, ,,, h, uk; ,MTe' , cr
Then she abruptly smote the Ml upon
her table a ringing peal. To thn faithful
Diana, who promptly answered the sum
mons In person, she saM:
"Pack up two or three of my hand
homeit costumes, lay out my traveling
dross, and order a cab to be at the door
at five o'clock this afternoon."
"Aro you going away?"
"Yes, for a tew days."
"Where. Miss Sylph?"
"To Newport."
In tho foggy dawn of tho following
day, Camllle, tho serving man, llltted
like a shadow down Ilellevuo avenue and
skulked In at the gates of the Courtlandt
villa. With a swift, fearful glance at
the closed blinds of the hour, he plung
ed In amongst somo shrubbery and so
madn his way to thn stables, cautiously
raised an unlocked window at the back
of the building aud vanished.
Ills unneceanary display nf stealth was
ample evidenco of the guilty frame of
mlud u ml it which he labored, nine at
that early hour no on was astir, and had
he possessed tho fortitude to glanco
about him ho would havo perceived that
his path was cloar of any prying eye.
Hut the wicked flee when no man pursu
cth, and Camllle was Dying before the
scourgo nf a craven conscience. With
Imclan Courilandt's frantic criea for help
ringing In his ears, he bad left the villa
on tho preceding day, unpercelved In
.the general excitement attendant upon
poor Claire's rail.
Once safely In the stable, he quietly
closed the window, and hoaviug a deep
sigh of relief, flung himself Into the
hay, hoping to secure the advantage of
an hour's sleep.
Vain hopol If ha closed his lids over
his burning eyes, they would fly wide,
staring open as if worked by Irresisti
ble springs over which he had no con
trol. No sleep for him, snd he could
only Ho there Hstcnlng and waiting for
he know not what. Presently the volco
of tho coachman, as he called to rouse
tho sleeping groom, sent every drop of
bU cowardly blood to his heart, leaving
his limbs frozen and Inert.
Hours passed; a lanco of tho risen
sun flashed In at a cob-wchbed window
above him, and rested warmly upon tho
dead clover tops and sero timothy heads
which formed his couch. At last a bell
rang and (ho coachman and groom left
tho atablo for the villa kitchen to brenk
fast. Ily this means Camllle was mode
aware that It must be ten o'clock or af
ter. His sunpenss became unbearable; the
heat of the bay stifled him, and with a
groan be crawled to the edge of his am
bush and sprang lightly down upon the
floor. Two minutes In the harness room,
where the brushes snd water served to
make him presentable, and then be tip
toed to the open stable door and peeped
out upon th sunlit seen. The glunpss
'was ronurlngj no living Wing ws In
sight. Now was his chance to loam ths
consequences of his deed.
Ho crowed tint drive way, sklrUd Ins
lawn and was about to tllrect his step
In the direction of an unusued entrance
to tho villa, when In tho shadowy psth
ho suddenly found himself confronted by
Martha Dunn.
"Oh I" exclaimed tho faithful serving
woman, recoiling a step, "how you scsf
ed mel"
"ICxcikk me, Mrs. l)iimi I didn't mean
to." was tho unsteady reply. "After what
happened yesterday, you know," ho said,
Insinuatingly, "I went away. I wasn't
asked for, was I?" '
"Not as I know of, Where did you
"To look for a new place."
"Hutnphl You seem In a dreadful
"Well, my Job la up here, ami I've
got to look out for myself. You don't
seem to bellevo me."
"You're n fool And a lunatic Into
the bargain." she added, as she saw thn
man's face change to a gray, unearthly
pallor, his haggard eres dilate and hU
mouth drop open; after which Inexpllca
bin performance, he turned with a stilled
cry of dismay aud (led swsy from her
Into thn shrubbery s though pursued by
(mii llinli.An.1 fttrli-
OiHl Martha Dunn .might have ceased
to wonder an to the rnlie of tho panic
which had sssaltcd thn man had she re
memjicrcd that he had tint Just returned
to the villa, and had she tunlrd to sen
thn apparition which Camllle had seen
standing at an uncurtained window an
appsrltlmi well calculated to put to flight
tho remnant of his courage!
Hut Martha Dunn had something bet
ter to do In life than to study the Vaga
rles pf a man whom she had Instinctive
ly deapisrd fnmi the first moment that
hn set eyes iikii him; healdre, a car
rlage had at that moment driren rapidly
up to tho entrance, from which sllshtnl
Philip IlurgcM lu a state of no sllgtt ex
citement. Step as fast as she would,
Martha did not succeed In reaching ths
stop ero Dr. Oreshsm csme forth to
meet ths now arrival.
"Spesk, doctor!" cried Claire's father.
In sngulshed sccents, "my daughter tuy
"Calm yourself, Mr. Ilurgess."
"Cslm myself sfter ths mewsge you
sent me last night? Oh, tell me, Is
Claire dead?"
"No "
"Heaven be praised!"
The grateful word were uttered with
touching fervor, as the old grntlemsn
sank upon a bench and clasped his hands
In fervent thanksgiving. Seising his op
portunity, Oresham turned to Martha:
"do snd prepsre your mistress to see
ber fsther," he said, aud Martha quickly
vanished Into tho house.
"Oresham," the old man said when
they were alone, "tell mo the wrt; what
Is likely to happen?"
"Nothing. I have saved her, but sh
has been poisoned."
"Polsone.ll How?"
"Ily tho admlnjrtratlon of arsenic."
"Ily whom?"
"I do not know. Silence! Here comes
your daughter."
It was trus. Upon the Hires? old Claire
alresdy stood with outstretched hand,
her exquMte, flower-like fsev as pallid
ns tho snowy gown that flowed shout
her. At sight of her, Philip Ilurgeos
strugglrd to his feet with a cry, and
Claim tottered Into his embrace, and lay
there as weakly as a rtricken Illy. Nod
ding to (Irosham to leave them togeth
er, the old man murmured, "Claire, darl
ing child, let us thank heaven that you
are safe! Never again whll I live will
I leave you."
"My own desr father!"
"Ob, let me look at you and hold you
close, my darling! To think that they
wanted to kill youl Oh, I know all;
Oresham ha told me. Hut I am hero
now, ami I will unearth the villain!"
"Or better, I will take you away from
hero. We will go at once. Do you fancy
I will leavo you longer the prey of peo
plo who hate you? to whom your life
Is a burden? No, no; we will go today.
When I havo placed you In ssfety, then
I will undertake to discover the wretch,
to force him to expiate his crime'"
Sho was trembling pitifully now, snd
her great eyes were fixed distractedly
upon hi livid face,
"Hut I ought not I do not want to
go," she walled, "without tho consent of
my huihsnd."
"Your husband!" cried Philip Hurges
with withering contempt, "your husband
who has failed to defend youl"
"Oh, In heaven's name, hush, hush I
Aecuso no one. It was I I alone who
wished to die!"
Jle recoiled from her In horror, and
stood looking at her Incredulously for a
moment ere lie panted:
"To die you, you!"
"Yes," Clalro replied with a fortitude
bom of her unreasoning woman's love,
"I sought dosth by my own hand. I
tried to commit suicide, but they would
not let medio. Would they had!"
"And you did not think of your mother
and me, who would hnvo expired of
grief, had wo found you dead?" ho cried,
with a trenchant reproach,
"Pardon me, father, pardon!" iho
Aud then camo tho terrible, tho Inevit
able query, the closing of tho trap which
sho had set for herself,
"Hut who forced you to commit so
torrlhlo a crimo?"
(l'o be contlnned.l
Moinnnce v. KentUm,
Scntlmonlnl Mnld Of courso, ono
must bo Inspired boforo ho can wrlto
Practical Poot Suro thing. Ho must
bo Inspired by n realization of tho fact
that ho needs tho money.
Mi Insinuation. I
Sirs. Noctor Do you bollove our now
neighbor is a man of diameter?
Noctor Woll, ho has a charactor all
right such as It Is.
rteoomliiH ronstltntlonat.
"Is It true tint Undo 'ltnuttis lint Rt)t
do lung trouble, lllio I lien id?" naked
Mrs. Jackson, anxiously, for Unvlit
Itnstus wit n valued membivr of tho
neighborhood soclcly.
"True! I reckon It's irue," snld Aunt
'Stasia, with n sort of sorrowful pride.
"De trouble's been chnsltit; back and
fo'lh among two or thrvo oh bis lungs
for.deo I wo Ins months, njid dl iiio'n
lug do doctor said It 'peared like anoth.
cr one Was gwltio Io be nffctcd 'lessho
could find some more pow'ful remedy,"
A Clianoo to Display Thorn.
Teas Ml Schnlp telli mo ah Is
going to learn Io play the harp.
Jess Wlmt nonseiisol She haiui't
any talent for imislc.
Jess Oh, she knows that, hut sho
has lovely nrms. Philadelphia Press.
i - -
Perrin's Pile Specific
K Cuta lalit It Will Hat Cr
aidi.M i( w, uM. siift r. bo. til Ocut, hiu
tr fMialil, " riseviroitwr,tl. t'7M.!.iv
l4lllnnlntia tnil full lrli"IUIftnl nn ftnllr
i linn 1'nnlnilnn.l I'mHrvwork llrllNl I.Sail.
villa, Uulu, )iirtiiwaiMiuti(iM'i nans.
for our Ntw litaii lis Hsw, W Ml so.
In vnlr oni-a fur saeh log. On inan ran
nuts tts w tismlla ths onlr MsltsstiU
UiuhblUK Mseliln. Will us jour wanuu
root MonUoo ML roMland, Oftfon
$4.00, 83.50, S3.00, 82.60
nru wont by moro
Hum tlmn any other
ninko. mo rvnxoti
Lt, tlioy hold their
lougur, nud hnvo
Krontor Intrlaslo
vnhw thnn ntiy
other hIioos.
S.Ak 1. taMiMa mmm
iii(la ii.m I'nniiia t'ulukln, whlh Is
ntlirjaliirilnr.l. fjif C ? IIkm
Skvast'f ln.rl,cLttr. WrIUIc '!
V. 1- OOVOULU, llrtx-Mou, Uiu.
Dr. C. Gee Wo
This waad.rral ITO.
m doctof U fall
rvalbatauM h cur
tl atlhngl ira
taa Hi. I ufiirta dp
la 41. II. curat with
Uiw. wondrtrut Oil-
h.rba, ruoi bu4,
rxrkt awi v.f.Ubl
Ibal srs an
known in mt1lcl art.
tnca In Ihi. rwnlr Throam lh. of
Una b.rmlM. rani.dlM itila r.mou. iocUM
knnwt Hi. arOAn of ef lot ram
mIIm, wblrtt b. unrrMarullr la
Slaaaaaa. II lautnlN. la cut caAarn, Mln
nia, lunt, Ibtual, ib.uwalUm, M.CToaao.M,
loinarh, llT.r, kiiln.jra, .ta.( bu bundraja of
Irallinonlala. OiarfM mul.itw, tail and
biro. I'alUnt vul ef lb. rlir writ Ux
blanka and rtrrulara. Hand lamp. CUNNU1
TAT1UN rilKK. AlilUIKnit
The C Gee Wo Chinese MctUclne Co.
2IJ AUtt SI., 1-aflUaJ, Ottfm.
SJSl irrigator
Wrlto todar for ttta tllnstrstsd book.
Teatb and Johnson StrMts
f. N. U.
No. 10-1004.
W5 &
Ma fly
anssnfff A.
k . mm Im.IIi