The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, November 20, 1903, Image 8

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"Wlim old you adopt the singe nti a
"I should not ray thnt Icveradopted
tho ptage," answered Mr. Storiningtoii
llarnca. "Hut 1 spent somo weary
years persuading tho stage to adopt
me." Washington Star.
Think This Over.
"When you makes fim o' what you
dowttt' undcrstati'," paid Undo Kben,
"you wants to stop a ininuto an' rupw
whether you is pIiowIu' yoh smaht
ttostf or yoh ig'ntmee." Washiutgon
At the Capitol.
He This Is tho ladles' gallery; over
there. Is tho men's gallery. Just above
tho speaker's desk is tho press gallery
Shi! Oh, yes. And where Is tho
rogues' gallery?
Ik Why er tho congressmen sit
doirn there on tho main lloor.
Moraine Instinct of the Horse.
When Dr. Krw ill's possessions were
in transit between Oklahoma and Mor
rill, Kan., last Mitroh, a flno Arabian
horpo was lost from tho car. Tho
hone turned up last week at Its old
homo In Oklahoma and was all right.
Kansas City Journal.
Invites Consumption
It weaken tho delicate lung- Unties,
deranges tho digestive orgnnoatul
breaks down tho general health.
It often causes hendncho and dirti
ness, impairs tho taste, smelt and
hearing, und affects tho volco.
Itelng n constitutional dUcnso it re
quires a constitutional remedy.
Hood's Sarsaparitla
Uadically and permanently cures ca
tarrh ot tho nose, throat, stomach,
bowoli, and mora dcllcato organs.
Head tho testimonial!.
No substitute for Hood's acts Ilka
Hood's. Bo sure to get Hood's.
" I was troubled with catarrh SO rears.
Seeing statements ot cures by Hood's Bar
sattarllla resolved to try It. Four bottls
entirely cured me." WiuM Suxkmaji,
10GO Cth St.. Milwaukee, Wis.
Hood's) Snrsnpnrlllit promts t
cure and koops tho promlso.
Jail (or Runaway ttunbasds.
One year In stato'n prison, or f 100
flue, or both, is tho penalty now I in
For bronchial trouble trr rto's Cure. lKwl " ,1UV "I"" recreant New Jersey
for CotnuiniMloii. It is a cootl etiucb. husbands who willfully desert their
... i . . . ... i ..... .
meaiciiie. ai uriiFRfi", price zo cents,
Watermelon Diamonds.
I'laco a finu ripo watermolon on ieo
and when thoroughly chilled cut in
rather thick slices, remove all seeds
and cut in diamonds; placo in a pretty
glass dish and sprinkle each layer with
iwnrdcrcd sugar. Servo on dainty
plates as any other fruit. Washington
wives and children and go out of tho
state to csruiH' tho responsibility of
caring for their families.
In tho electric furnace, of II. Hold
schmldt, a ton of steel Is ma do from
tho oro by 4,000 horse-power hours of
energy, and from scrap Iron by 1.U00
horse-power hours.
Aimemlo persons and convalescents
seeking strength llnd great benellt In
the grape cure, which Is an autumn at
traction at Wiesbaden. Tho
explained by the sugar, which forms
lift to BO per cent of tho grapes.
Tho hot springs that contain living
bacteria am much below boiling point
lit temperature, but J. Adams, of Dub
lin, reports having observed eggs of a
certain mlto (Tyroglyphui hlstlostomnl
that survived boiling for five minutes.
Traction tests with electric automo
biles In London Iibto shown a sur
prising Increase of tho starting pull
on oiled pavements. A pull of thirty
iilun pounds per ton was needed to
start on dry asphalts, forty-nluo and a
half pounds on wood pavement ml
10-1 pounds on dry macadam. On
greasy asphalt a pull of nearly sev-cuty-nlno
pounds per ton was neces
sary. Tho wireless system of telegraphy
has been tested successfully In tho
Coast Survey, i-nst summer, ns an
,aB-a-" t BLiBNr isWPK ifci
I A i
X w Ff lo?W X
x- Svsi mRSi f
I For Rheumatism I
Neuralgia Sprains V
Lumbago Bruise jl
X QacK&cha Soreness a
X Sciatica Stiffness X
m UMt2cUr!liblard?
j St Jacobs Oil j
arle S5e. tad JOe.
1 - J(
CATAnmi cawkot ns cubed
conmry lor jrrara. and laarccular prescription
Mned with the txst blood
ltUcumioedo( tba Lett tonic Bnown. com
sincu wim ine dcii Diooa tinrin
rcctlyon tbe raucou nrfacet.
orlflen, actlnr dl-
The pet'ect
combination ot tbe two Iniredlents Is what pro.
due inch wonderful retulu In curing oatarrb.
bend tor tMtlmonlal. fre.
m 1. 1. CIIENKV & CO., I'roprs., Toledo, a
Fold by drimtlu. pilce :3c
Ualli family i'llli are U best.
"She ocems to have no confidence In
her husband."
"No; sho says sho caught him toll
ing tho truth tho other day." N. Y.
No 46 IMJ.
ITV,,EW "wHtlnsr t
If uenllun this
to ad rertltre please I
Z bad a horrible
attack of bolls
thntbroko out all
over my body and
from whtoh Z
could get no pos
Blblo relief until
Z bosran taking
your taedlolne,
and Itoux mj ox.
porionoo Z can
safely say U.ti.B.
Is the best blood
puilflor In tba world.
Wytbovtllo, Vs.
Nf2w a 7m
It the blood is in good condition at the beginning- of the warm season,
yon ore prepared to resist disease and are not apt to be troubled with bolls,
pimples, blackheads and'blotches, or the itching- and burning- okin eruptions
that make one's life a veritable torment and misery.
Now i3 the time to begin the work of cleansing and building up the
oioou ana eircngiacning me weajc
places in your constitution. During the
cold winter months we are compelled
to live indoors and breathe the impure
air of badly ventilated rooms and of
fices. We over-work nnd over-eat, and
get too little out-door exercise, and our
systems become clogged with impuri
ties and the blood a hot-bed of germs
and humors of every kind, and warm
weather is sure to bring a reaction,
and the poisonous matter in the blood
And system will break out in boils and
pustules or scaly eruptions and red,
disfiguring bumps and pimples. Make
a good beginning this season by taking
a course of S. S. S. in time ; it will not
only purify your blood and destroy the
germs and poisons, but promotehcalthy
action of the Liver and Kidneys and
give yoa a good appetite at a time
when you need it most.
S. S. S. improves the digestion and
tones up the Stomach, and you arc not
continually bauntcd by the fear of
indigestion every time you eat, or
troubled with dizziness, nervousness
and sleeplessness. There is no reason
to dread the coming of warm weather if you have your system well fortified
and the blood in a normal, healthy condition. It is the polluted, sluggish
blood that invites disease germs, microbes and poisons of every kind and
bring on a long train of Bpring and summer ailments, break down the con
stitution, and produce weakness, lassitude, and other debilitating disorders.
Eczema, Acne, Nettle-rash, Poison Oak and Ivy, and other irritating skin
troubles are sure to make their appearance unless the humors and poisons
arc antidoted and the thin, acid blood
made rich and strong before .the coming
of warm weather.
A course of S. S. 8. now would be
a safe precaution and a good beginning
and enable you to pass in comfort
throucrh the hot. sultry months and
escape the diseases common to spring and summer. 8. 8. 8. is guaranteed
purely vegetable and 'is recognized as the best blood purifier and the most in
vigorating and pleasant of all tonics. Write for our book on "The Blood and
TITQ r-ennantntircomi. irofluorimroosiMiM I experiment, ono of the siirvcjlnK es
!&tete "In sbort-dtstanco apparatus.
i.H.u.Kiio,ud..ui Arcb si i-Biidipatara. transmitted the half-second beats of Us
chronometer to a shore station moro
tier Idea of Identification. than sixty miles awsy, whero they
"That bank clerk wouldn't rIvo mo were automatically recorded on n mov-
tho money, lie said I'd have to identl- ,lnjr tape. It Is anticipated that for
fy myself." the determination of longitude tho
"Did you?" I wireless system will eventually tako
"I couldn't. Nono of my linen Is tho place of cable anil telegraph lines.
marked except my handkerchiefs and , Ufo , lblo umler vared
rJlvWl Plain n oT0 vr,lh nw I conditions, and. If a recent report Is
Cleveland Plain Dealer. . ,, R
I trlbo whoso environment has made
them incanoblo of walking. These
With local application, as ther cannot reach neon o Ive in a swampy region, and.
the seat oltbndlwue. Catarrh Is a blood or ... , i. ...... .,ui. I.,,
ronituutionaldittue, and tn order to cure it as walking and canoeing are iillko lin-
jou must take internal remedies. Halt's Ca- Dractlcnble. they remain constantly In
,(,u wiui. i,u inirrn.iiy, nan ftciaiiireciir ... ... ... t i.. i...
on tbe blood and mucous surfsrrs. Hairs Uv , their dwellings, which are liuiit in tuo
Urrh Cure H not a ouack mrdtelne. It was F rM. in., ntim-i. tin. marshes. Disuse
prescribed by one of the best physician In this I " JU"1 al0! uc , , i , I ii
lias causeu uicir iiiuua io ...
their trunks haTC becomo bloated, giv
ing them an apc-IIUo appearauco and
German experts say that wood which
has been floated In rafts, or otherwise,
gives a moro trustworthy material for
Joinery and building purposes than
does that which lins been carted, or
otherwise carried dry, to tho sawmill
and workshop. The reason Is that
while tho wood Is lying In the water
Its sap and albuminous and salty ma
terials are dissolved out If those sub-
stances remain In tho wood they read
ily absorb moisture from tho atmos
phere, after coming out of the drying
rooms, and the wood swells. Artifi
cial processes of washing out the hy
groscopic substances from wood which
has not been floated are practiced In
In describing experiments made for
tho Department of Agriculture on the
effects of llmu and magnesia upou ani
mal production, D. W. May of tbe
Kentucky Kxperimcnt Htatlon remarks
that It Is a well-known fact that tho
greatest development In live stock has
been attained In limestone regions. Ho
adds that In the bluo-grass region of
Kentucky, long noted for the beauty
and quality of Its llvo stock, nnd espe
cially of Its thoroughbred horses, tho
soil has been formed largely by tho
disintegration of a limestone very rich
In phosphates. Hut even In that fa
vored region cxncrlmcnts are under
way to determine whether tho quality
of tho animals mny not bo Improved
by the addition of certain mineral elo
incnts to tho food.
Mothers will find Mrs. Wlnilow's Soothlne
drrup the best remedy to use for thslr children
tae teething season.
Unfortunate Alliance.
Littlo Mary Whitney, who had just
been punished by her father, came to
her mother with a deeply-grieved ex
pression upon her face and said:
"Mamma, I wish Ezra Whitney had
never married into this family."
"Whllo ltrlnir In bberman, Tex., Z be-
a. victim oi impure, watery
X ran down In nppatlto and
scarcoly a bio to set
enenry; was
about and had to atop off and rest
occasionally. I took U.fJ.B.and bo
fan to Improve at onoe, nnd after a
borough course became strong and
Z think D. B. fl. the best rnedlclno Z
rer used an upptUer nd won
oral tonlo. J. O. UCOTT,
811 llallroad street, Homo, Oa.
Census Work In Kurope.
To tho American observer of Euro
pean census methods, ono of the most
striking characteristics Is the decen
tralization of census work. In tho
United Btates tho census Is completely
centralized; every person engaged In
tho work ucts ns an olllccr or omployo
of tho federal government, und all ex
penditures for census purposes aro
made from the United Htutes treasury.
In most countries of continental Ku
rope, on tho contrary, IkjUi tho labor
nnd the expenso of collecting tho orig
inal census data devolvo upon tho mu
nicipalities, townships or communes.
KyeslKtit or Fishes.
In tho water Hshes soo only at very
closo range almut half tholr own
length. This will scorn perhaps unlike
ly to anglers, although some of them
enn cite Instances showing that Ash
cannot soo far. Hnakes seem to havo
ii very mediocre sense of sight. Tho
boa, for examplo, does not seo-at moro
than a quarter or a third of Its own
length; different species nro limited to
ono-llf lb or ono-elghth of tholr longth.
Frogs uro better off. they see nt nr-
teen to twenty times tholr length.
We would suggest to tho men that
when they get real mad, thoy take It
out In shaking rugs Instead of slam
ming doors.
Miss Agnes Mrllcr, of Chicago, speaks
to young women about dangers of the
Menstrual Period how to avoid pain and
suffering and remove the cause by using
Lydia E, Pfnkham's Vegetable Compound.
MTo Youno Women: I nufTorcil for six yearn with dysmenor
rhea (painful porkxl), ho much no that I riruiulcd uvt-ry mouth, tut I
know It mount Uirviu or four iltiys of intimw jm'n. Thu doctor nuld
thb vm.1 duo to an inllnnictl condition of tho utorlnu nppondnKOH caused
by ropcivtod und neglected colds.
"If young; girta only renllzcd how darifproiw it is to tnkn cold at
tULi critical tune, much Hiiirorinp would Ui Hpnrud tlicin. Tlmnk Cod
for Lydliv V.. lMiiklinm'N Youtubln rum potiuil, Hint wns thu only
niedicino whlclt heliwd mo nny. Within three wcekH after I started to
take it, I noticed a innrked improvement in my Kcncntl lieultli, nnd nt
tho timo of my next monthly period thu pain lintl diminMied coimldor
nbly. I kept tip thu treatment, nnd wan cured a month Inter. I nm liko
anotlioriwrsonfllnco.I nm in ierfect health. inyoyoH am blighter, I havo
added l'J iotindH to my weight, my color lx gtHMl, anil I feel light and
happy." -Mis-t Aonk.1 Milltii, 25 I'otomno Ave OiHigo, III.
Tlio monthly Hlekiiejtt ro".ectH tho coud'tlon of it tvnniiin'ii
hcnlth. Anythlnir tintiniinl nt thut tliun Hliotild Jiiivo prompt
nntl proper uttentloti. Fifty thotisiiud letters from women prttvo
that Lydlit K. IMnkhrtin's Vciretablo Cr.iiiponnil regulates men
struation unci niiikcH tli .so periods pnlnlcsN.
"Dbaii Jilts, j'inkham: T.ydln 15. IMnlc
lmm'it Vrgntnblo Compound lins greatly bono,
lltted mo. I will tell you how I MiiTcrvu. My
trotihlo was painful iintiHtruatlon. I felt an encli
month went by t'uit I wiih getting woro. I had
Hovero bearing-down palim In my back and abdo
men. "A friend ndvbicd mo to try Mm. rinkham'n
medicine. I did ho and am now free from all
pain during my ier!odH." JriuuK C I.inddkck,
1201 Cth Street, JCockfortI, III.
Itemembrr, overy votiinn l eonllnlly
Invited to write to 31 r. IMiiklmm If tlicro
Is iinytliliiir about her symptoms sho ilocj
not tiuderstniid. Mrx. I'lnkliam'H uddreM Is
Lynn, Mass., tier ndvlen Is frco nnd cheerfully clven to every nll
lnic woman avIio asks for It. Her advice lira restored to health
moro than oho hundred thousand vomcn. Why don't you try
It my sick sisters?
FOR FRIT I' vsrannnt frthiwih rrxln' lhortHnt I.ILrs S4i4 sljiislnrss f
out iMunonisu, vuioii win prof roiui r-nninrMi.
MTf5 V
LjUl K. I'lnklism Mnllaln t'o Ljrna. Ms
Prtnch Array Mortality,
Onical ilgures show that during the
years 1HHH to 1000 tho mortullty in tho
French army wits moro than double
thut In tho German army.
"Live ilvrishlng.""
Moro than one-fourth of tho liilmlil
tnntH of New 1'oiiikIIuihI are oiiKageil In
cittchlng mid curing IImIi for a living.
Th Proper Untranci.
Mildred, sgiil 4, was dividing some,
randy which had been given her with
her family, saying:
"This Is for mamma, this for Vir
ginia, this for t'harllo," etc.
Mamma asked: "Vhuro does papa
come In?"
"At tho front door," was tho prompt
Send for Autumn Catalog Prco.
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Sanders Disk Plow
Hlmplnt anil moat rfect mln llofdto you
slvsyoiironUrfora Dlik I'lovr tMisiira to 01.
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