The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, November 20, 1903, Image 5

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Cured of Catarrh of Kidneys tfy
"Jolellt'K rtt," "tlllle !ict(hrr'." " lolllr, the Setting Girl,"
"fiolilmnkrr ot Lisbon," "Wedded la Win," "Dlmnm
Thorpe," "Hor' Lefty," r.tcttc.
.. V0?." .I.0'.".' T- H,,,a,"n' ' l" '"" for evrntcon yi-ari manager of
Marshall Klcld & Co 'a wholcnl warehouse, nnd la corporal 2d Itcglment
InUnjry. I. N. 0 . wrlloa tho followjng Icttwr from 3763 Indiana avenue, Flat
Mix, ChJoaKO, III.:
Peruna Medicine Co., Columbui, Ohio.
Oentlemen "Lat wmmir I caught a cold which teemed to settle In
my kidney and affected them badly. I tried a couple of kidney remedlea
largely advertised, but they did not help me any. One of my foremen told
me of the ureal help he had received In utlng Peruna In a similar case, and
1 at once procured soma.
"It was Indeed a blessing to me, aa I am on my feet a large part of the
day, and trouble such as I had affected me seriously, but four bottles of Pe
runa cured me entirely and I would not be without It for three months sal.
Mr. Jneob Kiel writ on from
Htiinncr nventio, Ilrooklyn, N. Y.:
"I am now a new man at the age of
seventy-five year, thanks to your
wonderful remedy Peruna." Jacob
tlio serious nnturn of thn dlscnso Is nt
once, suspected, lint tlio chronic varie
ty tnay como on so terminally ami In
aldlnualy tlint It presence la nut ana.
, ported until nftor It bus fastened It
self thoroughly upon Its victims.
At tlio npponrnnco of tho flrat avinrx
Catarrhal Inflammation nf the inucoiia torn I'orunn should bo taken. Thin
llnlnar of thn kidneys, nisei railed , remedy strike nt onco at tlio very
"Ilrlghta dlseaao" mny be either ai'iito root of the disease,
or chronic. The ncute form produce . A book on catarrh nent free by The
symptoms of aurh prominence that ' I'orunn Modlclno Co., Columbus, O.
fe-j aouuHQ HH
I -1 jHN VbbEW5Bss1
1 Huwir iunui VVaMHUBalBa
Mr or euuirr sWbHIIIbwsm
rot Heat hum PHjassVsTH
P u a ctsrvaV. fWiBlBfBl'P'
MB i HKTS i Fc i
I'-t; -, ll
Good Pitts
CHAITICK Ill.-lConllnued,)
'J'luit very evening Qnplnlii (irwut wns
made (lie recipient of a letter purporting
lo come from I tncr Darrel, In which
Hie lime, place nnd weamn were named.
When the early dnwn came, his second
was with Mill; atld together they it mil
for the place appointed a a rendezvous.
At some time lu tlie dim pant It had
been ground consecrated to burial pur
pose, mid the Weeping willows still
swayed their lone, slender hrsnche over
n fen' stone thnt were lislf hidden lu the
tall, rank gras.
Hardly had Ihry eome lo a pause whn
n couple nf forma apicsred among the
tree nnd advanced lo where they were
standing. To I lie surprise of the Cupliiln
nellher of these Kim linger Dsrrel, lie
fore he could eouiment on thin fuel, how
ever, the stronger hud arrived eloe to
One wn a handsome man, the oilier
n (nil, willowy youth, with a small, dark
mustache. The Intler'a hat wa no ar
ranged an to hide part of hi face, but
the Hushing eye seemed lo pierce the
Captain through ami through, and Home
how he nhlvercd a tluHiKh eUel lth
the nittie,
"you nre lu lime, eeiillemen." said the
hnudmuiie man hi n miulral voice.
"We are wdl aware of that. idr. but
how I thl? I do not nee your,"
relumed I.leul. Unroon.
"lie I here," suld the youth, quietly.
Hi word produced iH)iiietliliii; of n
seiiDntlon, and Unit. Cnrwin lamrlied.
"There I mime mistaVe," he aald; "we
came nut to meet amulirr."
"That other will not be here, ami in
order that the gentleman uliould not lie
dlanppolnted lu meeting a Virginian, my
friend here I willing to itom blade with
you," and the handoomc man lndleutI
with hi hand III romrade.
CaiiMlu (Jriint lauglml ahmd.
"I have imMil through nonir Irnnee
scene in my life, hut I aoure you. gen
tlemen, till Itcat them all. What Jo
you take me for? My life I certainly
valuable to me at leant: therefore, yo.i
will iKtrdou me If I decline to rik It III
an engagement with one with whum I
have no niinrrel."
The face of the youth rnMrned a trille.
a though the vokv of the Captain, more
than the word be uttered, touched wme
bidden chord deep In hi heart.
"Are we to underntand that you refiue
to light, then?" Inquired the hutidtoiue
t ranger.
"Kxaiily. If my foemin has been
cowardly enough tu vend some one In hi
,,are "
"Hold!" cried the yotlth. In a strangely
sten tolei-, "ay no more. The gentle
man never sent an aniWrr to your chal
lenge. I'roliably there will one rome to
day, but I mean to place you lu a condi
tion where accepting It will Ik out ot the
iuetlou. It was my friend who wrote
Aycr's PJlls are good liver T0U "'"'-' ,M ,ll,ru to l,c,p ,ny "Kr,','
pills. You Know that. The best
family laxative vou can buv.
They Keep the bowels regular,
curcconstipatlon. .WraSS:
Want your mouslaclic or beard
abeautlfulbrownorrlchbtock? Use
tu m nuu mum mmn
fft cri tom,if r.iiniero,!!
OMP4.ll H.
OUDI!K OUICK rll inln llil. new
rixxlf, houlh lunil hm Hlowl, himkI lf iiii,
( In., 110; Hot! Ill 1111.1 Chlllrd llout.
If sin. H III , 17 TO H .ih (Unit 1'hllle.t I'l.iwt
Mt bcsinn.s In , l '. all ln ami aly lr lu
pltiwi. Yoimr Alnvilrk I'rrsin Minuiui, No
fell, IVI; HlrolWlmt Mill. Sltxit, IM.ViKKt Whrrt
wind Mil!, 11-foot. I. Writ u for tret on
iiviPi lu lh iMti'tilnrrj lint Utlrrton M
(ninny Co., loot el ,Mo rlton St.. PoftUnJ, Or.
OoliatiR I wonder 4io HiIn la who
nilvortliHia for tlio return of u wittrli,
"nnil no (iiickII'iiik ile"?
UHjrilek Some limn. No woiiuin
would do It. Judge.
"OAM'AKirra 4m ll UM4 r.r UH
BJ ! itolr oudtffu. utdleio I ht 'CUIUS
;u lur i.iiciii f ixtaai to ukt and lati
bT rounj inu (.xmniu. inrUiiiiilm at
aknl kattwdtpufisxl and nf roaiplrifoa tailm-
iimf aim iirti Hiucn uiir in f tr
LU K. Btu.iHS, Ljtwtll,Taa.
way .IIA.aa
i sik winniitt
" I had a terriblo cold and could
hardly breathe. I then tried Aycr's
Cherry Pectoral, and It gave mo lm
mediate relief."
V. C. Layton, Sldelt, HI.
How will your cough
be tonight? Worse, prob
ably. For it's first a cold,
then a cough, then bron
chitis or pneumonia, and
at last consumption.
Coughs always tend
downward. Mop tins
downward tendency by
taking Aycr's Cherry Pec
toral. TbrMtliMt ISc, Mc'tl. AIMniihtt.
vaot i
Consult 70U' doctor. If hs ; taks It.
than do at lit lairt, If ht ttlft you not
lottkt II. Ihtn dun't lak It. lit knowt.
Mavt It will) ulm, Wn srt willing. . ..
J. 0. AVKll CO.. Lowtll. Mill.
ritaisnt. I'alaiabt. Tlt Oond. Iio
Oool M.ierMlo.u Wtakrn or flirt
4mii( ,m,it rur, riu.i. a..m.i, , Mk. sit
HO-TQ-IJIC ilsvju.?.
You can save from $3 to $a yearly by
wearing W I Douglas $3.50 or $3 shoes.
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Douglas shoe proves
their superiority over
all other makes.
Hold by retail shoe
denier everywhere.
Look for niuno aud
price on bottom.
That Utmlat uiti for.
enal'olt prom llirra It
ialut In llooglat thott.
t'orosa It Iht
irtda I'atiLtathtrmadt.l
Out ti Ollt ilmtlm caitncl
HhOM bf null, Kl ranla ntn. Illmtrattd
Calais g frti, H. U UOUIIUM, Urorktoa, Haas.
fqualltd at any pile.
riMUriaVal1litl:aW Jalrl
In lima.
t br druftliU.
ment. inn are n coward If yoti do not
light me." and ho whispered a wuwc In
the dtielWt' ear.
"Your olijeet l fully accomplished, my
friend. Who you are, ami what the
caune nf jour enmity may be. I kniw
Hot, hut that I now a small matter with
inc. I jour friend ha awortl with
him. We will tet their temicr."
He took one of tlio blade offered to
him aluiot without a thought, and trltM
It over hi knee. They were of the
fluent material, and thn rye of the duel
It lighted up with satUtactlon when ho
discovered this fact, for he loved a od
sword almve all thing.
At a given signal the long swords
cromed. and the duel had liegua. The
steel blade writiied, twisted, and
equlnnrd like so many scrpcut, and jet
so well matched were the two antago
nist that It seemed Itnpoaalble for either
to accomplish the desired result.
Like lightning Dually the itword of the
stranger patned through the t'antnlu'
sword arm. nnd nt nlinoxt the aatue mo
ment hi blade was plucked from hi
linn! by a neat twlt or the other's wrUt.
and Kent whirling tiwuy among the gru
covered grave tone.
Then, while the iwlnt of the stranger'
sword touched hi breast, he uw him
rnle hi hat nnd dextoruunly remove the
fnlite mtntnchc. A shower of ringlet
fell about the white ucuk of the limn of
Captain (Jrnnt glared madly at the
bountiful face.
"Your' he cried, "nre yon alive and
here? What nightmare I this? Speak,
and tell me, Nora Waruerr
Ill nil hi llfit (!iihiiIm r!rmi lui.l
never suffered such n defeat, aud what
made It all the more hitter wux the fuct
thnt It ciime from the hand ot n wouinu
w hum, for, reason best' known to him
self, he li itI en use to hate inoit heart II.
Kye looked Into eye, but that of the
diielUt could not stand before the mini
glare lu the orb ot hU vtn-vls, and he
let in gate tali. At mat slio spoke, and
her voice was trembling with deep emotion,
"As you see, I am alive null here, scoun
drel ami impostor ipo grave could not
hold me uor the in ml Iiquio contain me,
From death I have como to life, and now
let those who have Injured me tremble,
for my heart la turned toward vengeance,
mid 1 shnll never ceiuo until my wrong
I of the pnst tiro righted. This U my first
"Kor the present wo will cry quits, but
the time will como In tlio future when
you sliull be repaid for this, curses on
you, woman or liend, whichever you
are." lie grated between his set teeth.
The handsome mnn uttered a sharp
cry, iim if ho bad been struck a blow, and,
leaping forward, would have slapped the
f'aplalu In the face, but tlint the woman
dueliKt held him hack.
"'llil Is not your quarrel yet, Jack.
Walt until I have failed to aeoomptUh
my vow, and then remember your oath,"
she said hastily,
"I'erliaM you htp right, but when that
time come this ewr will have to suffer
for those word. If you Imve done what
you mm here lo do, let u be gone,"
".My wrk for the present Is done. 1
have prevented him from meeting the
man he hntiV
Turning, the strange girl led her com
rade away. Who till mysterious "Jack"
was, the Captain had not tlio remotest
Idea, mid yet several time n spasm of
fear like n dart through hi heart,
a if guilt warned him that there was a
reckoning between him and this pertou
age that mutt sooner or later be settled
lu full.
Of course, when Itoger'a acceptance
wa brought to the Captain, he was
forced to KtMine it for tlio time, and
the gentleman who carried It to Mm
thought he wa wine when he saw the
noiiud he had received.
The young Virginian was dlsapjiolntcd
when he learned how raattera stood, for
since the meeting In the nvenile of elms,
aud the challenge, he had )ccn In a Kr-fiH-t
fever to meet this Impudent duel
lit. It gave him pain to even look In the
direction of lllchiuoud Terrace, and he
made up his mind to go abroad one)
more. Having arrived at this determine
tiou, the young master ot Parrel Clmc
counted the days that intltt elapse be
fore he could put his Idea Into execution.
The shadows were gathering late one
afternoon, aud twilight was rapidly set
tling over the land, when I loser made his
way In the direction of his home. While
he was yet within a mile or so of Uarrel
Chair, be was astonished to see a fe
male figure rite up before Mm and bar
his way.
Khe waa a young woman with great,
black, velvety eyes, and a face of the
pure oral tyi aud slightly oliv In
color, though be had not much chance
to olmerve It just then, as she hastened
to Hflk.
"We are well met. ltoger Darrel, You
have the same nerve of Iron, 1 -e. that
owned you master before, and not for
jour life would you by start or word
own that you recognised me, and yet
there I not a person in the wide world
you would hate to meet more."
Her word were fierce and venomou.
inn!, leaning forward, she let her
black eye rest upon bis face as though
she would read hi very soul. The man
looked at hur keenly. One might have
thought that he was now looking upon
her face for the first time.
"Who arc you?" ho asked nt last.
The other did not seem to know at
first whether to get angry or laugh, but
finally did the latter, and there win
something cold in her forced merriment
that made him shiver.
"Heboid in me a gypty girl, daughter
of a queen, whom the silver tongue of a
srimnt lured away from the home of
her eople. She was outlawed from hor
tribe and deserted by the whltc-faeed
traitor whom she had loved aud fruited
with her whole heart and soul. Whit,
then, had idle to live for but revenge?"
The hand of the gypiy maid had been
creeping toward her bosom all the while,
and at this Juncture she Hashed a shining
stiletto Into view. ltoger Darrel caught
her by the wrist with a grasp of Iron.
(ilrl." ha ssld. sternly, "what wools
you do?" ,
"Dor' she hissed; "I would kill you,
snake In the grass that lured me from
LupplticM to a living death. I would
sever your black heart with this trusty
blade, dedicated to that purpoae. Think
not to twcae the terrible vengeance of
the gywy girl. She ha followed you
over laud and sea. waiting for the hour
to strike, the hour wheu you would be
mint happy, and when life would bo
mokt dear lo you. A short time ago It
seemed that that hour had come, and
Harlmrn .Mcrrllc struck the first blow.
Now, when she ha helped to blight your
life she comes before you, ready to finish
the work with her dagger. You ore
doomed, ltoger Darrel. doomed.
"A fig for your threats, llnrharn Mer-
rile. True, your name has often heon
lu my mind, hut I hnvu never had occa
sion to four you. (Tome closer here and
look me In the fait'. Then you may
strlkew!th till blade It you dare!"
She Icaucd forward aud her eye wero
glued upon him for the spaee of u minute.
Then she uttered ii sharp cry. ltoger
loosened his grip upon her wrist, and tho
hand holding the daggsr dropped to her
"Will you strike now?" he asked quiet
ly, while u it range look come Into hi
"(Ireat heaven! what have I seen? No,
your life Is sucrcd from my dagger. You
are not ltoger Darrel, hut the man who
m veil me when I would have leaped Into
the mad river, aud to whom I owe miii'li!
Whnt It I hud slain you; my own life
would have followed, for I never could
have survived such haso Ingratitude.
Farewell, my friend ot tho past. Wo
shall meet again."
Iluforo he could restrain her alio had
sped away, vanishing among the shad
own of the trees us though pursued by
f aides.
ltoger Darrel resumed Ids walk In tho
direction of his home. What thoughts
were surging through his mind just then
it would bo hard Indeed to say, but ho
seemed to bo laboring under some pow
erful emotion.
What waa It tho gypay girl had said?
"Not Kogcr Darrel I"
What mockery could this be, then?
How darofl ho como there and take poy
semlou of Darrel Chaco If ho wal net
the true heir?
Captain Orant was an honored gilMt at
Jllchmond Terrace, and hi word sfecWod
to he law. The servant all had tlnilr
orders to obey him as promptly a they
did their muster, and between the iWy
old mnn nnd the whimsical soldier (hoy
were kept pretty busy.
Lawrence Itlchinoml had been more
moody than ever. He watched Copt a In
Orant from tinder hi shaggy white eye
brow with almost a glare In hi eye,
and once In a while there might have
been seen upoii his fare nn ominous
The secret that lay between tho two
men dealt with the Mt, and It hung over
the head of Lawrence illrhmoud like the
knife of the guillotine. livery dnr thnt
pasted aerted to lnerea the f paling of
mingled dread ami hatred whieh the one
Imrc toward the other, and Lawrence
ltlchmond wa fast becoming desperate.
A demand on the part of the soldier
for hi daughter served to cap the cli
max. In spite of hi terrible temper and
hi strange action at time which would
seem to ladle the fact, thli man sincere
ly loved lilt child.
Alone In hi library the master of the
Terrace paced to and fro tike a eaged
tiger. lie did not nolle., the preteuee
in the room of the Captain until tho lat
ter gave utterance to a low, metallic
The old man looked up quickly, and
the keen-eyed soldier noticed a wild, half
eager look tiM)ii hi face that he had
never seen there before.
"He ha settled upon something; I can
sec it by the glitter of his eyes and the
way he shut hi teelli. Hare a Care,
my old gentleman, or yon will find your
claws nipped still closer."
Thus he muttered as be waited for .Mr.
ltlchmond to speak.
"Y'ou here?" said tho other, at last;
"what a wonder 1 Knew it nor, tor gen
erally I feel the evil Influence of your
presence like n deadly vapor."
"You are dioscd to lie sarcastic, Mr.
Illchmond. but under the iccullar clreim
Mance I can forgive you. I am come to
ask a little temporary loan or yon a mat
ter of a mere thousand or two."
"Curse on you and your loans, you
will drive me to distraction yet. What If
I should go mad? Why, man, I would
tear you limb from limb, I bate you so.
Do you not ever think of the risk you
are running in persecuting me thus?"
"I hare done nothing so terrible, my
dear old gentleman. The ease lies In a
nutshell. Y'ou bad your choice between
providing for me with a small portion of
your Immense worldly goods, or else tot
ing the whole of them, your liberty, and,
IH-rlmp. your life. That you have chos
en the former only prove your wisdom."
There was conscious power In the voice
ot the Captain that was peculiarly ag
gravating to the old man, but he calmed
himself as well as he wa able, though
his eyes still glittered with that strange,
metallic gleam that boded no good to tie
object ot his anger.
"I hate you," he said, "not so mub
for what you are doing, man, but because
you know I am perfectly Innocent of
crime, nnd yet, knowing this, you still
blackmail me.
"Thnt Is a very nice statement for you
to make, dear sir, but how are you go
ing to prove It In any way?"
"Hn! schemer, there more of your
cunning-crops out. The papera that
would exonerate me you have stolon and
hold over my head. To save thorn from
being destroyed and myself from future
trouble, I have been buying your allonrv
In the past, but now your demands are
growing too prepoiterou. Kor the lft
time I ask for your mercy. I would not
have your blood upon my hands, but 1
feel like a man bunted by n human
bloodhound and who mast, unless the dog
gives up the chase, either fall himself
or destroy tho hound. 1'lalnly, Captain
Grant, Is It your life, or mine?"
"Then hear me, old man. I utterly
refuse all comprniuWe. I hare no other
means of living at present except on you.
and ns, for reason of my own, I expect
to make America my home in the future,
I may as well provide against a ralnr
day. It Is but fair, then, that there
should lie nu equitable division; so make
up your mind to that."
Lawrence ltlchuiond's face whitened,
and the skin seemed drawn like parch
ment over the bones. HI teeth wero
clinched as If set in agony, and tbe"wllir
gleam deepened lu hi eye.
He reached out hi hand and It toll
upon a peculiar nail lu the walusaorlug.
As his linger pressed against this, a or
tiou of the oiled lloor ot the library sud
denly yawned open, leaving an aperture
of porhaim a width of four feot, down
vlileh tho Captain would have been hurl
ed like a cannon ball, hut for the fact
that he gave nn nglle spring just as the
Imp fell, thnt lauded him beyond the dan
ger line. Quickly he whipped out a lit
tle silver-mounted revolver.
"Foiled again, old man. Y'ou see It I
useless to light fnto. 1 nut ready
for nny such emergency." nnd, turning,
he left the room.
"Curse on him," muttered the old man.
deeply moved, "he bears a charmed life.
Stttnn protects hi own. but 1 will yet
burst nsunder the bond of fate, nnd
tlum let him beware."
tTo bo continued.!
Hud Ills Hyiuiiathy.
Mrs. XelKlibor (excitedly) Oh, Mr.
Humor! Your wlfo 1ms eloped with
peddler. Isn't It awful?
Mr. Homer (calmly) It certainly will
lie awful for him, poor fellow!
Iter Kliiul Vlalt.
Hostess (to departing giiegt) I'm bo
glad you enjoyed your vlalt, my dear.
Miss Gutllngtou Oh, I'm tho sort of
girl that can enjoy herself nuy did
liiKreillonts or Meteors.
Moteors which roach tho earth almost
Invariably coutaln a Inrgo quantity of
Iron uud a smaller amount of nickel.
1 4 i-JVh,