The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, November 20, 1903, Image 4

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Cannon rormslty Elected Speaker of the
Mouse and Receive Ringing Applause
From Democrat and Republicans
Rule ol Lait Session Adopted ttouie
Tender Veteran Mtmbere Oration.
Washington, Nor. 11, Tho houso of
representatives of tho fifty-eighth
congress today held Its first session,
and except for the naming of commit
toes, which will follow lator, organ
isation was complatcd. Joseph O.
Cannon, of Illinois, whoso olectlon to
the speakership was assured months
ago, was formally elected speaker,
and Inducted into office. Mr. Cannon
received tho applauso of democrats
And republicans alike when he took
up the gatol of authority, the demon
stration being most complimentary to
tho newly elected speaker. Ho was
at onco at easo In the speaker's chair,
having filled It so often temporarily
during his many years of service in
the house.
Tho old officers were re-elected aad
tho customary resolutions adopted
providing for tho appointment of a
committer to notify the president and
senate of the election of a speaker
and clerk, and a committee to Join
a senate committee to notify the pres
ident of the presence- of a quorum in
tho two bodies. Tho rules of the Or-ty-screnth.
congress were adopted for
the fifty-eighth congress by a yea aad
nay Tote after brief discussion, dur
ing which the minority sought to se
cure an increase In the representation
on the committee.
Drawing of seats, in which old and
new members alike take deep con
cern, occupied a greater portion of
the day's session.
A pretty compliment was paid to
the leaders, veterans of both sides in
the connection, they being permit
ted to select their seats without draw,
ing lots.
BOO That WUJ Be Introduced at Pretest
Session of Congress.
Senator Mitchell
Appropriating 2,12000 for 1J5
Assay office at Portland.
Relief for settlers on lands In Sher
man county.
Dividing Oregon Into two Judicial
Extending homestead rights to set
tlers on opened portion of Sllelz re
serration. Women suffrage.
Election of senators by direct rote.
Public buildings for La Grande.
Baker City and Oregon City.
Senator Foster
Additional appropriations of SMO.
000 for Tacoma and Spokane and
jlM.OflA for Seattle
PubMc buildings at ETerett. BeJ
Hngham. Aberdeen and Hoqulam.
Opening south half of Colritle re
servation. Appropriation of 160.000 for Improv
ise Mouat Rainier National Park.
Opening of Columbia, between Wen
atehee and Kettle Palls. 1600.000.
Senator Ankeny
Public building at Walla Walla.
Representative Jones
New government for Alaska.
Public building at Everett. 1360.-
000; Olympla and North Yakima.
Representative Humphrey
Additional appropriation of 1100.
000 for Seattle public building.
Survey of the Duwaaish river. .
Honor as Well as Interest) Demands tho
Cuban Treaty.
Washington, Nor, 12. Following Is
tho tuessugo which tho president yos
tordny sent to tho special Rcsslon of
To tho Senate and Houne of Represent
1 hue convened tho ewnurviw Unit It
may consider the legislation neeeeaary to
put Into operation the commercial treaty
with Cuba, whkh was r tilled by the
senate nt it last session. Ulul subse
quently by the Cuban government. I
deem uoh legtalallon demunded not only
by our ltilreit. but by our honor. Wo
cannot with propriety abandon tho
ooura upon which wo have so wisely
When the acceptance of tho Piatt
amendment waa required from Cuba by
the action of tho congress of the United
States, IhU government thereby dellnlte
ly committed Itsetf to tho policy of
treating Cub a occupying a unique po
sition as regards this country. II was
provided that when tho Island became a
free and Independent republic she should
stand In such loss relations with ua as.
In certain respects, to como within our
system of International policy, and It ne
ccMurtly followed that ho must a no.
to a certain decree, become Included
within the line of our economic policy.
Situated as Cuba Is. It would not be wlae
for this country to permit the strategic
abu of the Island by any foreign mili
tary power.
It Is for this reason certain limitations
have been Imposed upon her financial
poHer and that naval stations havo been
conceded by her to the United Staled.
The negotiations as to tho detail of
these naval stations are now on tho eve
of completion. They are so situated as
to prevent any Idea that there Is the
Intention ever to use them agairut Cuba,
or otherwise than for tho protection of
Cuba from the assault of forelcn foes
and for the better safeguarding of
:XiragB;i;s-rii-.1',,, rMS i llu. , , r-ss-
Second Session, Held at Pendleton, Full
ol Unthuslatm.
Pendleton "Interest I" Irrigation
has increased tho biblical ten-fold
during tho past year," said President
A, II. Hovers concerning tho session
of tho second annuo! convention of
tho Oregon State Irrigation Assoc.n
"We hnd nn enthusiastic meeting
in Portland t year ago, but wo hnd n
determined meeting hero this year"
Delegates to tho number of about
150 wero hero from all over the state
Ontario sent n delegation of 26 tnnm
hers for tho purpose of capturing tho
1S04 convention. They wore badge
Inscribed. "Ontario. 1901." The con
vention hall was crowded and every
speech brought forth discussion.
President Dover. In his opening ad
dress said, regarding tho attacks of
the prosa:
"I want to say that, while somo of
the papers libeled tho association by
saying that they havo accomplished
but little. I know that. If it has done
pothlng more. It has called the atten
tion of tho government to tho fact
that wo want irrigation, that wo need
irrigation works, and while no pro
ecta are yet completed. I know that
some will bo announced soon Fur
ther than that, at the Inst session of
the legislature a resolution was pass
ed requiring tho governor to appoint
a commission to Investigate the state
laws on Irrigation, riparian rights and
kindred questions, and the governor
has appointed the commission Fur
ther than that, the coming together
of DeoDle Interested In the welfare of
American interests in in water actum lne gtate. particularly as applied to lr
of us. These Interests havo been largely ration. I Sthe means of SrounsUgthe
Increased by tho consequence of the pfope p M to tBe necessity of Irri-
war wnn Bpain. ana win oe ami mriner
Increased by the building of the Isth
mian canal. Ther are both military and
economic The granting ta us b Cuba
of the aral station above alluded ta
ta of the utmost Importance from a mil
itary standpoint, and Is proof of the
rood faith with which Cob Is treating
Cnbaa Senator Proposes a BIB ta Tax AH
Land la Island.
Harass. Nor. 11. The tension be
tween President Palma aad the meat
bers of the senate committee on tax
ation orer the proposed lottery meas
ure is daily becoming store pro
nounced The president has bow
warned the members of the commit
tee that he will veto any such eras
ure that congress may eaact
The qaesUos of taxation to provide
suffioieat revenue for running the gov
ernment has become a pressing ese.
The latest measure intended ta sup
ply at least in part, the seeded fond.
is that of Senator Cahette. He has
tatreduced a sell prertdtug that all
improved city, town aad suburban
lots be taxed 110 each per assum.
and that the uncultivated, eutlaxtds be
assessed 10 ceau per acre.
Cuba baa made great progress slnee
her htdefwndeitce was established. She
has advanced steadily in every way.
She already stands Msh among her sis
ter rtpubWes of the sew world. She Is
loyally observing her obttgallofu to us:
she is eatltled to Mke treatment by us.
The treaty submitted to yeo for ap
proval secures to the Unite! States eco
nomic advantages aa great aa those liv
en to Cuba. Net aa Araertoaa taiterest
1 sacrMced by the treaty, and a Urge
Cuban market la scoured to our produc
ers. It U a market wateh Me at our
doors, which I already Urge, which is
es&abk of great ex-MMlea. and whleh
t rfreUUr Importaat to the develop
moot of oer export trade. It wM be.
hsdeed. shart-slsiiled for ua to nita !
take adr4s of sci ctportaaKr. and
to fioree Cut tmo skng smuuieaeau
Trttt other eogntrtee to emr dteadrmotare
The restreMty trwttr atassis hr Itaotf
It la dMiwitdnl ta oaasliltrsMsa mt broad
Nallsaul potter, as wott as hr ear eco
nomic hslereot. I twHt karat to
taiSoilrr. It wU beoeSM asaajr hsdos
tsteo. it is la tate mloreot of our people
aa a whose, botfc l wir or Ma isspart-
ee froea the broad ssaali aSot of in4r-
aissaal peeler aad feaM noaiilmlhr
K tatfcaaletr eoaeeroa ui to deeeeac aad
secasre the rtoti Cattail aoarket Cor oor
fanofrs. arlluoa. mercstaats aad ssaaa
faaturerik. rhuttr. K is deairaMe a a cturaaty of
the cood faith of oor Batioa toward oor
young sister repobMc. wbo weifare
cation, and that is the most Import'
ant thing, and the meeting which we
hare today shows that iaterest Is not
lacking -
Other addresses were delivered by
Governor Chamberlain. ex-Governor
Reer. Mayor Halter. Judge Lowell. A.
King Wilson, and Wilt R. Klag.
Output of the Precloas Metals on the In
crease la Our State.
Washington. D. C Compared with
other states In the west, and with
Alaska as well. Oregos made a most
creditable showfsg. proportionately,
with its gold prediction in 1901. ar-
tordlng to reports that have been re
ceived by the director of the mint.
Tho oaclal report en Oregon'a koW
output waa prepared by F. A. Wing,
assayer at the government assay of
flee at Seattle Hy way of lBt"ro3nc
tson Mr Wing says
"By a taoroorh and systematic
method of checklog the rocetpta of
bunion and ores originating Is Ore
go, deposited assl shipped to the sev
eral assay oScos. saints, smelters and
reteertos of the United States aad
British CofossMs. the out pot of mi
was fouod to be as follows
Osmcos Valuo
IGoM SS.7M ! 81 Sit
Silver 1634T3 211 S7b
The copper otHput was valued at
34IM aa the load at SI0S1 making
a toul ralMUoa of UMZMi.
Thefe was a gala of H67 la the
cotpot for the year ever that of 1S00.
otwIthsUsdlag the fact that some of
the mises were closed down for part
or all of the year, some for the pur-
Sellers and lluycra nr at Variance
Herpntr Neighborhood.
Hoppner Tho livestock Industry
lre, while not suffering, tlova not
present a very encouraglug outlook.
Ilotwven cnttlo and sheep the condi
tions nro about n stand-off. Owing
to tho extreme backward demand and
scarcity of buyers, which nro usually
plentiful at this time of year, very
few transaction are reported
Wlillo a few sheep sale have oc
eurred. the business nas been con
fined principally to local people. Out
side buyers and owners havo not been
able to agree on prlcos. Owner are
determined In holding for fl.SO per
head for lambs and IS per head for
yearling wether. Partner In the In
terior, In (Irani aad Wheoler counties,
where shipping facilities aro not so
good, the rood It loo sre oveu worse
than they are here
A grant county sheepman was In
lleppaer a few days ago looking for
a buyer for his lambs.
Two Wheeler county cattlemen
were la lleppaer last week They
hrottjcht In U head of choke beef rat
tle, which had beea sold to a local
butcher at Ores him. They- report
mat. in a general way. the saarket Is
bad In the Spray country Uttle de
mand aad the absence of buyers is
the general complaint la the vtefo
Ity of Spray, there are a great many
yearlings for sate.
The best offers have been SU per
hcd. while the owners are holding
for Its. Per the same rattle this
spring owners were offered IIS. but
then they were holding for !! la
the vicinity of 8pray the Oilman &
Preach cattle, eoastsllng or tOOO head
are ranged
In the groat alfalfa feeding district.
on Butter creek, there are 1000 less
rattle being fed this year than last.
The fact that hay is selling for IS per
ton in the stack is the principal cause
tor this.
pose of lastaJnsg Dew sinking plants
ar Atkr Bt.klft.Mf .abh. mim. 1t.j
njul aww fe. 4ft.jJv twtuA.1 wtoln aw I . . . . i.m.c,j. wmc IIBUI 9wt
TZr21Irl ZTIJ- ,7r ;. rtruMes some on account of the lack
. w - IW MIJ .. w T kirn wm
her br the seiori of the Mood aad
the caMsrare of oor oiders who fought
for her ta war. by the aefsories of the
wi4m aad tatecrKr of oor admloHtra
sors who ed her la peace and who
started her o woM oo the dSfaeaUt path
f aetf govenMaeot. We mux hesp her
award aad upward, aad la hisplng her
we ahaU help oorseires.
The foregoing poatlleraMoo oaosed the
ar4ioM of the treaty with Cub aad
Ha raltacittsa hr tho senate. Ther now
with eejoai fore soppsrt tho lefsetatsoo
of ore, and ether causes.
The production of 1P01 is given as
Cold 11.727.892
Stlrer 170.721
Copper 3.416
Coos llsy Hatchery Will Handle
Million Pfg.
Oreeon City "With a cnnacHtr of
only 6.000.000 ecg. the Coo Bay
Hatchery will this year handle 10.-
0(0 000 salmon eggs." said Deoutr
Pish Warden If A Webster, who has
just returntsl from a visit to tho
states salmon fishery Interests In the
Southern snd Coast districts of the
state This Increase In tho output of
the station at Coos, says Mr. Webster.
Is due to a change In the manner of
operating the plant Rarks were In
stalled this year that withstood the
freshets and permitted a continuous
cutrh of salmon, while last year the
catch aggregated only 3.500.000 ckcs
The surplus In this year' catch Is be
ing deposited in the bed of Coon river
after the rzic have Impregnated Mr
Webster atao visit ml the "state's sal
on Interests at Yatjulna. Alsoa sinl
Sluslaw and reports an unusually good
run of silverside salmon this fall He
also found tho hatcheries making a
good showing the catches equaling.
If not excelling, the capacity of the
different plants.
CAN llll NO WAR.
America Propose to Protect New lt
public ol I'anuma,
WnsliliiRton, Nov. 11. Wlioii Amur
Icon witr vessel wero rutontly order
ed to Utlitnlnii wiifirt to protect
Atmirlcnu nml oilier Itiluitmtn In I'nn
niiiu, speeldc liislructlons wore kItiui,
by direction of the preslilntit, that Uih
Ainorlcnu tinvnl forro iilioiitil tiinln
lain punco mid prevent liloodshmt on
tho Isthmus. Theso limtruutloiiN wern
Issued In thulr brum mdiiho, for It wits
I ho original, mid Is the presout, In
tuntlou of this i;ovoriiiuunt to pre
vent any conflict lietweou tho gamin.
incut of Colombia and tho nowly -.
tabllsheil republic of Pntinmn.
Tho ndmlnltlrntloii, In currying out
this policy, will prevent thn landing
at Colon, ns well ss at Panama, of any
Colombian troops that may bo sunt by
tno mtter Kovonunent to su initio the
Panama republic Having onco rncot
nlied tho new republic before tlm
world, tho United States Intend to
stand by and prevent encroachment
by Colombia as well as by other nn
tlons, Assistant Becrelnry of Htnte Inom
I. Secretary Moody nnd Admlrwl
Taylor, after n conference (tils even
ing, sent Instructions to thn com
mander of American ship In Pans
ma water directing them In tho event
the Colombian government attempted
to embark troop at any of I In port
with a view to making an attack upon
the New Panama republic, that Ihe
American forces should prevent such
Secretaries Root and Hay had n
conference today, presumably In re
card to tho latest developments In
the Isthmian affair As ho was re
turning to his homo Secretary limit
wss asked tho direct question aa (it
whether United States troop would
be ordered to the Isthmus of Panama.
He replied that while such a thing
was possible. It waa extremely lm
probable He added ho had made
that answer to a similar question In
New York when ho really knew very
little about the situation, and he made
It now for the reason that he knew
nothing morn of an Intention to em
ploy troop ou the Isthmus.
Work on the BO! Nye.
Medford The owners of the Bill
Nye mine, located en Gait's creek,
about test salles north of Medferd. are
-aToeo Z reTTtar IA'JL I "&? Z
lsttv. as falsa ie to enact such legs
moos UM eoase perSHtottr r a
of the pledged faHS of
I tsiaiiast aefgwstn ute
asarotiid hr the rle aad rUed hr
the Cufeaa rstersneM.
White Honor. Xoveeaber J. 1A
large scale. A Svc-sUmp mill, hoist
Ing Bschiaery etc, aro being install
v" ed. The compaar has an 80-foot shsft.
, w- HV4 w MBIVllf 14 WtSIVI VIV
, velepsaent work on the claim. The
ir"r aa . .. .j .t..- . . .
m), y w. wm ..v B.H,aiK SCU4 V.C iV V.
eru iswum ooiiars weriR or goes
la sight. Superintendent D -R- Aa
irus, or this city. left recently for the
mlae. to look after the instalUUon of
the new plant
OU Trunrt la SlcBy.
Rome. Nor 11. Peasants, while dig
gtag near PalaxxoU ArreMe. Stcilr.
found a rich treisore of ancient ob-
Manvleos Vein of OoU.
Creek B. E. Blalock
i Dynamite Usdcr Plant.
TrtsMid. Colo, Nor 12 Dynamite
was exploded this morning under the
'electric Msht and cower boose at 'sdf
HasUags. SO miles north of Trinidad. Xnwk a ledge cm bis saining claim
One corner of the house was blown . " Cayote creek whkh. it Is claimed.
out. hot the .machinery was not dam- ayed 127 00 pr ton. In it he
kmJ a v .. vfM tt.kAa.v fooad a airiarr Af aMJ rUd frAttt
f. m.,I! j?' BOt (information I meager it is understood lch b s taken out about I2S.000.
Kable was aa artistic diadem entrust that the drnamlte was not olacod cor- od still continues with the same
Sm SjSj fJ i rtf T- T Mm dsmage was'dU- It is rumorctl that be placed
? .fl riE, f J beB:ldoae. At the strikers' hedarters KJ- rer u night and day The
Uful shapes, pere ws also found h u claimed that the dynamiting was ' d to be wedge shapes.
ZEtZZLSLZSfifi!!! "' I tux we by strikers, and that tho pur- eJ . sd widens In deptn,
IZZiSFfttJSiy I HbaWy was to hare mlMtUor-,
fosskm of the treasure en the giottnd sjui u t. V... I ....
that It was national property, bwtlhey i tt CaBP' MUda' Compasy Fonncd.
will coapeasate the proprietor of the i , Z ..,,.. T i Hoseourg Articles of ineorporatioo
estate according to aa estimate which J 2T p t hTe y the Gold Mountain
WOK be made by experts. i T Jsr- 12- T6 ' strong J Mining Stsestiag Company. The
. iKiatlo in weJMnfomted circles to capital Mock ts flied at I10O.0O0. dl
Idoaht Ik &l4l- furAfiU IusaJ In xAAA Iia .W. t -. .k n.
.kH -.. - . . - - V . ..-.. w ... .wv ,mw wifi m ft .
.. r.. nUI nat.k.. iBiiaM. tr u neaeTCd that oeaoe wist
tondoa. Nor. 11 New front San- only be made possible by Russia's
Forty Cattle Were Killed.
Umatilla Word ha been received
here of a terrible slanchterlnr of rat.
tie on the bank of the Columbia river
at a point west of here Rlchsnt
Brothers of Horse Hsren had our.
chasH a large bunch of catUe In the
rleinlty of Heppner and drove them
to the banks of the Columbia Dur
ing the nlKht the rattle became frirht.
ned It is believed at a passing train,
end wore thrown Into a fleree stam
pede They rushed over a steep bluff
aad 40 were killed outright. Many
were so badly Injured they had to be
cute, tbo loss is over 600.
Uoversment Urjed to II uy Lead
California Owners.
Wsshlncton. Nor 11 In bis an
nual report Captain Charles Young,
acting superintendent of tho Sequoia,
and General Grant National Parks, of
California, In which many giant tree
are located, urge the acquisition by
the government of the land in thoo
parks, now owned by private Individ
uals In Sequoia Park tbern are
many largo tracts thus owned, and
after waiting In vsln for years for the
government to purchase their proper
ty the owners are beginning to sell off
tne urge timber. Captain Young
"The owners have cut them hr ib
wholesalo. and put tho lumber upon
the market, and where onco was n
fine forest of magnlllcenl giants, there
now Is but devastation and ruin la
shape of stumss in.1 sawdu.
pile It Is but Just to the owners and
for the best Interest of the govern
ment that the purchase of these oat.
ented lands within the parks be au
thorlxcd by congress If the parks sre
to be continued."
He says the lands can be seen red
for reasonable prices. Captain Young
says gnme Is Ineresslng.
to Dossier hr way of Parts ceeitrsM t oasspicte asmptaaee of Japan's etalass
a report of the rupture ta tho rela- ( regarding Manokteria. The Japanese
(less of the United States gwrera-1 government &ad It lssreasicgly dif
treat and that of Santo Doalago. I nook to restrain popular teaUraeat.
psny ha a number of claims
south of Cassas VaHey. near the Mar
ttedole sstee whtah was recently soM
fr 100.000. Assays of ere taken front
sear tho surface show average rakes
of !! to fit per ton.
rWhest Wsllsl Walla, 7c; blue
stem, 70e; valley, "8c.
Barley Feed, f 20 per ton, brewing,
122; rolled, 2I. B
Floor Valley, I3.7S93.M rr bar.
rel; hard wheat straights, I3.766t4.10;
hard wheat patent. f4.2004.oO; gr.
ham, 13.3633.75; whoU wheat, 3Zfi
&, rye wheat, 14.60.
Oats No. 1" white, 1.07; gray,
11.08 per cental. "
Mlllttoffe Bran. IM per ton: nirl.
dliags. 124; shorts, 50; chop. III;
iinteeu oairy iooa, iv.
Hay Timothy, 116 per ton; cloves,
113; grain. Ill; cheat, f II.
Batter Fancy creamery, JTJt'QSOr
per poued; Iairy, 10K20c; store,
Cheese Full cream, twin, igr
Young America, 16916c: faeto-e
prices, 1 (31t cleat.
Poultry Cblciea. mixed. 1010Ur
per poond ; spring, 1 1 H c ; heas, 1 1 9 1 2e ;
broilers, 12.50 per dotca ; turkx. live.
14Q15c per poood; drrsottd, 169lRe;
duels, I6Q7 perdoscn; gees. 710.
Eggs Oregonraacli. 30c; airn,
fresh. 242Sc.
PoUtocs Oregon. 5065e per sack
sweet pputocs, 29 2 c.
Hops 1903 crop. 13(T2Sc per pound,
accordiag'to quality.
Wool Valley. 17SlRc: Etatern Ore
gon. 12815c; saokair. S58J7Kc
Beei Dressed, 685Vc per pound.
Vcal-Smal!, 7Ka6c;Urr, 5fiKf
der pocxtd.
Coal Mines ol Southern Colorado Out of
Working r-ortts.
Denver. Nor 11 More than 10.000
coal miners In Colorado went on
strike today for an eight-hour day. In
crease In wages and other conce.
Hon The strike was ordered by the
National executive ofllccrs of tho
United Mlneworkers of America, af
ter the coal eompanlea refused to con
fer w(h union representatives con
cerning the demands of (ho men. Of
me rate men. cooo are In the south
ern coal field. 3000 In the northern
eoal field and 1S00 In Fremont coun
ty One hundred mine have been
closed down
A few Independent properties In
the northern coal field and elsewhere
will not stop work, since the operat
ors have aareed to concede the eight
hour day and also increased waues.
Less than 1000 miners will remain at
work according to reports from tho
affected districts. The announcement
comes that 600 have gone out In Col
fax county. N M. The others In that
territory aro now negotiating with the
To Ousrd Otrmsn Interests.
New York. Nov. It. -Upon the re
pert of the mall iiimr am,....
which has reached here from Santi
"MEttOKo. ssys a Herald dispatch
from St Tbomss. D W 1. Comma
uore Sheder. of the Gorman squadron
at this port, has sent tuo ships, the
Gatclle and the Panther, to Santo
Domingo to ssfeguard German Inter
JU...,n 1linco of this action,
the Allien returned to Santo Domingo
to discharge her cargo at porls she
had been prevented from entering by
Dominican gunboats. It I said iho
German commander has delermlned
to ignore the blockade.
Contcntlan ol America.
Tho Hague. Nov 11 In the V0n
OButdsn arbitration easo today, 4dgf
PonlloU. in behalf of tho UUS
Jfw1- .Bt.M th,, """ R,H" wasVrt.
ITrt to the question of tho KjsUoo
of the war but the l)UM qtMf
malBUlns thst tho protocot s1
not .establish any preferenos U fsVor
t the plooksdlug powers,