The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, November 13, 1903, Image 5

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To Itself
In wlmt It In find what It loot con
Uilulhf; thy Imnt lilMx.iiirlfylnj;,
ilUmillvoniitl touiu Htilmtancort itml
jiircotln tlio iwmI rmllwtl mid pur
inauunt onto of nil iiumora and all
crnptloiiH, rt'llovliiK weak, ilruil,
languid fuulliiKH, and bulltllng P
tlm wliolo ayHtcm- Ih trtio only of
Hood's Sarsaparllla
Noothur incilluina net lllco it;
no otlior iiumIIcIiio Iiiih done ho
ninuh ronl, niilwtniillul good, no
otlior iii(KllcltH) lum rimtorud hcilth
and hUoiikHi at ho littlu omt.
"I wm truulilwl wild arrofuU and catna
arrlontf mr eyraliflit. Kor fuur inonilia I
ctmM nut r to du mrililiiif. Afiar taking
twii Ixilllv of lluod'a Haraariarllla. I rould art
to walk, kiut tIjph I liml Ukun ulglit butllta I
ccwM aeo ai wull m ever." Hum X. IUiua
ton, Wllliera, N. 0.
Hood'n Bnrsnpnrllln promlaoa to
euro oncJ hoop tho promise.
All Clear to film.
"Yea," ntld tho traveling artlnl, who
hiul panccd to eonteiiiplatu tlm charm
ing view from Mr. MithhirKntiw' front
)iml mill to drink it cup or two of but
termilk; "yea, I nhoiilil like to llnuor
In DiIh lovely xpol all auinmer. To
inn thorn could Imi nothing llmr tluiti to
iciimlii hcio mill lxiHk In tlm light of
Inpplrittlnii, while the wondeiiiil wen
ii y grew morn and mora upon inn, Do
you gnmp my thought?"
"1 reckon I do," wild Mr. Mulder
gra. "Von ini'Hii you'd likt to loaf
around linto loii); enough to get hayseed
ill your Imlr mill tlioii alt allll till It
uprooted."- Judgo.
Ocean Defined.
Tho elnwt In oliuneiitury geography
huh up for recitation. "Wlmt Ih mi
ocean?" nuked tlm teacher. "Vou
limy numuir, Jnnet."
"It In a huge, hiily of witter altuatcd
near Norfolk, Va.," replied Janet, who
had unci) vltdtcd hur mint ul tlio n-a-dhow.
Lutt I'ortun In Crap (lame.
Ilnrr JiiIih Mock, tlm KhIih Iron
magnate, lot .10,000 In a umim of
rti ) mi at Toaapah, a Colorado mining
imiiiii, hint week. I In merely milled
at 1.1m til luek and tlm next day dren
on hi Now York bunkum for a aullle
lent miiii to make good Ida Iimmhm.
New to Mint.
PatHow doert ye loll codflah
1'allh' an' 1 nlver 'tended
one, iHtt ll'a big Inline I e had down
at tit' Oreinen a Imp I.Iiplnrotlii'.
:amrlrlt llflitf ES
I Itulllln 'IMI
mi j lhrf bid. U
ii ii r m i i
y k it lvrrr 4 Mu ny II i SJitif
iatnl drrc it M
i ai
Mi day li.r WIm
p lwr l ami l'rlr
in liiic''ii..H uiilr
ilia III I'.lllanit r
n 1 1 r ' "" "' ' "maiei
V II L ,""'i i!' i1
Mil r " '"'
UMLL Mtrrn Owiifi'
Tliu Imlrdrimoer had ilotie rnllier a
haaty Job on tlm nivuu liH'ka of the
yoiint; ttomnti.
"Well," him (mid, iumtyliiK tlm ro
cult In Urn mnriiiiiK, "thin Ih u kIihiii
MMi, all rlitlit, If there Ih any Mirli
thliiu an a Kill 'poo.' " CI i.
IVnr I'mlilliiu.
I'nro mid ipmrler aiilllrient ixnrM to
llll n ipinrt ineiiHiire. To u cup of
aiiKiir mid a cup of water Let till
holl, thru ailil tho peara mid atew Ken
ny until towler. Hoak half of a flvo
cent loaf of while bread In tepid wa
ter until oft, then pre dry mid
crumble, fine. Melt half a cup of but
ter lu a aklllet or or the lire, add Urn
bread nnd tlr continually until well
dried, but not browned, then net aaldn
to cool. Heat tho yolk of three eKKi
and half a cup of miKar until IlKht,
then add lu aucccMlon half a tea
poonful of clniiiwnon, 'he bread and
the atliny beaten whiten of eg ea. Mut
ter well a deep srnnlte puddlnc form,
put in half of the peura, then tho
bread mixture nnd the remalulut;
pear on top. Coer cloiely and bake
alowly almut one nnd n half houra. I
Hervo hot. (Jooil Hoiiaekeeplne.
With local application), thrr eannot reach
lli ! ul tfiniliiM-r. I alarrii la a tilrxxl nr
rtmiiitntlanaliliM-aie, anil in orrter t" cum It
mi mutt laki) liilrrnal rrnillf flair (.'a.
larrh l arvla taken liilrrnallr. ainactaijtciljr
imi tit llnt and ihiiioiu autfan i. Ilalra C'
tarrli ( uia la not a murk rout Hi nr It nu
'l. rill tir one ol 0 tittt plir .IcIaDi In thla
rnumrjr fur yn, alul laartcillai jif -rrlillcin
It inomi.Ui llm lt tonic known, mot
MihmI with lh Ix-u tiloul iniililtn, arllna; dl
really on tl mumua auflae. TIjo ctfecl
MimWoialion ol ids imii itntwtltnla la wtiat r
ilnr unrh wiimlrrliil i'ult In curlncoaltrrb.
aHl fur Ititlniuiilali, tir
t 1 i IIKSKV A i., I'rr(., Toledo, O.
N.i.l ii itrurd!. prtee it.
ilalli I aatllr Pllli at tb UL
Sour Stomach
" Aflar I w Iu4ai4 la Irr 1'ABCA.
Hiria, wlilnaiarUfiiihoiitltKMln ItiabtMit.
Mr atf la a ttfr tkat n4 mr i4
afbwlaaj I bad ttvaiaia IruuUa Ku llbtaut
laa UmikIi, I (val an Mr !( Iilolto ui4
IWra llh tXiKBtuI riultl fat ur lUnsllt "
Jo. KhtUUkU, tl Cvuaittt tu. at. Until. Mo.
ritt'aat ralatabl. I'olcrl Tn (W, fig
Ow4, 1fl1rn, wtabn iiIihk KV,M,a.
NnOM t.W lu,u, ltlHi, liitl, Ii. Il, 111
lin Tfl HUP Mold aixruitKi''Hlr alliliat
A Long felt Want.
I uiHlerntaiHl niih hrniHla of flour
are "ndf-rulaliiR."
Hhe Of iMiran. Didn't you ever
hear of that Inifnre?
lie No. I va thliikint; how tilru
it nimlil Imi If they'd only Invent Ndf
raialiiK rowl, that Mould j!el Into tho
MMittlu ami tHimo out of tlm cellar
,tN.( Philadelphia bnlicor.
Mnttrra wilt find Mra. WlntlflWa Hnotbtnf
rrup tha livtt rtmKljr to um lur Utalr chllJnn
tb tvalblDt MtHiii,
Still Too Young.
"Thla In my birthday."
"And 1 mipKrti you feul ai young b
yoti over dldr'
"No, I dwi't Im-Hhvo I'm qulti) old
tmoiiKh ynt to feol an youni; na 1 cvur
did." Town and Country.
Savory Meat Puddings.
Any little plecea of tn I new I meat nnd
lean ham, onoquartor Hiund miotono
half Kuud llour, an onion chopped very
aniall, pepper and Mlt and u little
t hpied jtareley. Mix all tho iii;rcdi
eula in a ImiwI and molnteu witlin little
ctok JiiHt hiiltwieut to make the mix
tore clink' tt'tlier. I'lnco In a hut
terel puildiiiK (Hull and IkiII for four
houra Turn on a diah and rorve with
KikxI Kr'' WaahitiKton Star.
rcrii iiptc.
Moll a denned pltfa head until tho
fleah allp cahlly from the bone. Ite
move the bonea and chop the meat
Hue. Hot the Ihjtior lu which the meat
waa boiled aaldo until cold, tnko the
fat off, and return the liquor to the
lire. Mrlng to tho boll, drop In tho
chopped meat nnd aenknii with pepper
and aalt. Moll up nKalu and thicken
with i-ornuieal, atlrrlnf thla lu grad
ually. Cook an hour, HtirrluR fre
quently dutinc the flrat part of the
time, then moving It to a part of the
atove where It will cook gently. When
done pour it in a ahallow pan to form.
When cold and firm thla can bo sliced
and fried.
I'ntatoaa with Chetar.
Cut aix cold potatoes Into diet. Make
a nance by meltlni: two tableaDoonfula '
jof butter; add two tablcanooufula of
flour and pour on "lowly one cupful of
white atock and one cupful of milk;
aeaaon with aalt nnd pepper and add
four heaped titbleapoonfula of grated
cheeae. Put it layer of Ktuto Into it
bakliiK tin. and pepper; cover with
I aauce, and ao continue until all la lined. '
Hprlukln with buttered cruuiba, and
brown In the oven.
Not Alwaya Thui.
Trnmji Madam, I won not always
Sladrtm -Noj it wna your othor arm
you hud in n Hllnyeatorday. Journal.
PIo' Cure U a icikwI couch nedlcine. '
It Iihh cured cotiuha and cold for forty
yeari. AtdriiKKl"tii,)cerita. i
The Cauie at the Ulaturlunce. i
The Tanner (III tho clilwhow, look
nn around in alarm) Gonh, where'a
all the rattlotoiakoff?
Tho Jeturer Don't lx' alarmel, my
friend. It'a only our lirliiK Kktdoton,
who Ih Mtiffurint from tlm aguu, you
hear. Judge.
CITC Per manmtlr uarM. rrafllior titrroomf!
Ii 10 arwn'alilarl"-tri'.KMWaJratNrv
Ilwmrrr. mimI tar YrrrU'i lrlMiollUandlr.lljA.
Uf. U. II. KIlHf, Mil.. Wl Artli HU I'lilladtltOila, l'a
A Champion. ;
"Did I unilercland you to ay,"
queried Col. Htilwell, "that you regard
loxemaking iin all moonnhino7"
"You did," miNHorod tho dlaap
polntil youth.
"I am aorry to dlaagreo with you.
Hut I came from a jortiou of Kentucky
where 'tnoorialiiiw' la ono of the moat
hufim-Ndlko iuntitutloiiM on earth. I
cannot iHiuctioii thexe disrespectful rof
ercncoH to it." Washington Star.
Saw It Only One Way.
Tuxyilo I waa thinking of proposing
to that pretty widow, but I changed
my mind. Hhe'a tho mewt unxenti
rneutal article I over atruck.
Tuxydo She told me the last time I
called on her that alio had plana for a
nieo home mid wan going to advertieo
for propoaln Judge.
Ottle Liver Pills.
Must Boar Signature of
m FaeSlmlt Wrartxr Batow.
2)grA Hair
" I have uied Ayer'a Hair Vigor
for a great many years, and al
though I am past eighty years of
age, yet I have not a gray hair In
my head."
Ceo. Yelloit, Towson, Md.
Wc mean all that rich,
dark color your hair used
to have. If it's gray now,
no matter; for Ayer's
Hair Vigor always re
stores color to gray hair.
Sometimes it makes the
hair grow very heavy and
long; and it stops falling
of the hair, too.
ll.MaM. AlUntxM.
ir your arnrriat emy,t. fipplr r 1
kb ua uiio umiif iou wi win cxpret
Sjouaioiiie. lieauroanaclte thfiiiitna
ot jour ucareat rxpreaa office. AddreM,
J. U. A Ylili CO., Lowell, ui!
OtttlliK Qt'ICK-VrrIal Daratn Hit. new
fwxli Mouth lamd ntcl 11.wa, wnol baioa,
4 In 110, Hon Hi IK-nd ( Ullwl Flnwt, wool
team, II In , J7T0 Bouth llend lillled I'lowa,
wwxl lam in . W ', U il and tlylen In
I.Iowa Youiif America ream aparator. No.
3"), f . fcleel Wind Mill root 1J2 Wood Whet
Mind Mill Ufoot t W rite ua for rlc on
anything in the muti -,ry l.n Kclcraon Ma
chlntry Co., loot ol Mo rlton St., fortland, Or.
The Innocent
The Guilty
Cocounut Cookie.
Mix toguther two cupful of flour, n
teaapooiiful of baking powder, and n
good tahlmqiooiiful of lard rubbed Into
It; atlr In one cupful of augar, ono cup
ful of grated coconuut, and beat one
egg with a cupful of milk; add a few
dropa of Matorlng and atlr all cry
well together. If tho panto la too
thick to drop from the end of n upoou
ua a little more milk; drop lu email
enkea and lmke quickly.
Taarr aaaall and ar
t taka am asexx.
UBin'iiTU Hun
I ttata I nrelr YafetaW
Flnl ol ihcicntrt Hi.. Portland, Orm,
Titfjbxx, KHa Iti.
Yoa ta tave I rora 93 to Si yearly by
wearing W. L. DoagUu S3 JO or $3 ibow.
They cual IIiom
that have lnen eou
lug you from $1 00
to CflO) Tlie lm
iii ene aalfl ot W I..
Douglat yIiom provra
their lupvrlorUy over
all otlirr makM.
Sold by retail ahoe
deaiera eerywlir
Iok. for nmne and
prlre mi luttoin
That llv(U am Tor.
aal'oll prvtrt Ibirr H
! I Ouif ll faot. .
(roaa It ma aiakrtt
craJt l'il.Lallicriaaitf.'
Jlf i - - latt bli. CtTj
On' Si QH Cdai lint -wnti niKUtti at tmu trier.
Mtot b; mall, ti rraln rtlra. lllattratad
CataJacfrra. W. L. HOlt.LlS.lliocklea.aau.
The world to-day In full of innocent nuffcrcrs from that most loathsome
dlsennc, Contagion. Hlood l'oinon. I'cople know in a Kcncrnl way that it ia
n Imd (, but if nil Ita horrora could tx brought before them they
would ohtiii ft M they do the leprosy. Not only the person who contracts ft
ntifTcr, hut the nwftil taint is transmitted to children, nnd the fearful aorea
nnil eruptions, weak eyed, Catarrh, nnd other cvideuceri of poisoned blood
iihow these little innocents are suiTeriue; the awful consequences of some
body'd fiin. So highly coutaclous is thin forui of hlood poison that one may
be contaminated by lutndlinjr the clothing or other articles in use by a
fiorson nfllicted with this miserable disease. There in danger even in drink
ntf from the name vessel or eating out of the name tableware, as many pure
nnd innocent men and womcu have found to their sorrow. The virus of
ContnHous Jllood I'oison i ao
!"!, 'irar&'K blood poison is no
first little nore uppenrs the whole
pyfltoiu la Infected rtud every
dran of blood in the body fa
tainted with the poison, and the ....
skin is soon covered with a red rash, ulcers break out In the mouth and
throat, BwclHiiES appear In the groins, the Imlr and eyebrows fall out,
nnd unlortH the ravages of the disease arc checked nt this stage, more
violent and dangerous BytuptouiB appear in the form of deep and offensive
sores, copper colored splotches, terrible p-ilua in bonea uud muscles, ami
general breaking down of the system.
S, S. S. la a specific for Contagious Hlood Tolsott and the only remedy
thnt nntldotea this peculiar virus and makes n radical aud complete cure of
the Mercury and 1'otaslt hold It in check so long na the system Is
under their influence, but when the medicine ia left off the poison breaks out
trgnin as bad or worse than ever, llealdcs, tho use of these minerals bring
on Wteitmatiani and stomach troubles of the worst kind, and frequently pro
duce bleeding and spouglucss of the gums and decay of the teeth. S. S. S.
cures Hlood l'olsoa in all Btagea and even reaches down to hereditary taints
ana removes an traces oi tue poison ana
saves the victim from the pitiable conse
quences ot this monster scourge. As long
ns a drop ot the virus is left lit the blood
it is liable to break out, and there is danger
of transmitting the disease to others.
S. S. S. is guaranteed purely vegetable aud
can be taken without any injurious effects to health, and an experience of
nearly fifty years proves beyond doubt that it cures Contagious Hlood Poison
completely and permanently. Write for our "Home Treatment Book,"
whicii describes fully the different stages and symptoms of the disease.
I'otalne All Oralln,
Slice tiotntoca thin nnd put them lu
layer lu a grcatied puddlnc (IIhIi.
MirliikllUK each layer with aalt. pepper
and blta of butter. When all are lu,
pour lu n half cup of hot milk nud
aprlnkle the top layer of potatoes
thickly with cracker crutnba mixed
with aalt and pepper and blta of tint-1
ter. Hake, covered, for half tin hour,
uncover nnd brown. j
Uurcn Cake.
Heat half a pound of butter nud n
pound of atiKiir to u crcnin; add alx
BC. ue by one, homing well be-'
tween each; flavor with the peel uf
n lemon grated, hiiucoko in tho juice
of half a one. nud then alft In tho
llour warm and dry. When well mix
ed, theau cukes ahould bo baked lu a
moderate ou'n.
I)rai lllaculta, I.ciuon.
Heat elRht i'BKH with a pound of
powdered augur for ton minute with
un egg beater, or tlfteon inlnutea bj
hand, then add gradually a pound nnd
u quarter of flour and he grated peel :
of a lemon, with the Juice of half ot
It. Drop tho alto of a dollar on but
tered paper.
:A reputation extending over
yvA.'ii Alxty-ilx "teara and our
X .' I'X 1 " - - a
tjuarcantec ore dcxcn ot
Aunrv nAvmanr n&innn Ttx.
vvivy vwiuviivi'VwiuiW utv
x 6!GNOPTHrFi5H.
There we marv imitations.
Dt aure or trie rvotne
TOVAriO - 4U-. ...
v iwiiurv wu uiv uuviuiu.
r01l5ALCEVlfiY1iriE8t ,
rA xm
:vSi t
Dr. C. Gee Wo
Thla wsndMfu: M
!'. donor la calird
itt,llfuu h cum
l-ui without opr
lion ibai ar(lT'u up
to dlr. Ita nirrt, wiih
Itioa wnndrrrul 111 -nrw
he rta, rooat biwU.
Iika ami ttfrUtlra
ibat ar antlrvlx un
kbown la mtdw-il i
rac In lhl nwatrr Tbroujh Ita dm or
tho liarnila rrm,lla tbia ramoat doctor
know Ita arUoa or ovrr &u0 diffrranl raai
rtlir. WBirh hf aurrrairullr um In OKTiTfol
duea. II (uuantrr to rura caltarta, Mtb
ma, lunr, throat. rltrumatUra, trrvfHiinri,
lomuli, Ihrr, kitlnrya, rlc. . bu bundrd or
IritlmoulaK. thargv nKlrl. CaJI and
a hun I'atltnit wit or tb ettr writ 0r
bunkaanddroulara. Hrnd ilatup. CO.SdUl.
The C Gcc Wo Chinese Medicine Co.
23J Alder St.. PrUnJ. Orezoo.
irNim ou paptr.
P.N. U.
No 45 tC-C-J.
"ITT II EN wrltlnc to adTertlaera iloio
II iiivnllun t. ll iir.
T flTT iMBW-utilM are only feiiret aen jrour rhuam iih Rpni
I lit I and tiuiiiifnaeiluiailan are tbeiuuarle ami .ill that hl
I III. I ki the (eurei Make the rtrtt )unii t.Ktay by vrrtllnt
Itrlef BtisKCatlona.
Iodluo atnlnx will dlaappear If dip
ped In liquid ammonia.
Tho odor of oidons may bo removed
from tho hniida liy rubbing them with
If hoot fnlla on tho enrpot cover It
thickly with salt. It may then be
brushed up without fear of doing dniu
n go.
HriiBH puna ahould bo cleaned before
UNO. Hub them with milt and vinegar,
then rln.o thoroughly with water and
dry with a aoft cloth. Thus you may
bo aura that tho pans nro freo from
verdigris, which Is a strong poison.
A good nnd cheap floor ataln Is
initilo by dissolving nn ouneo of per
iiuiugauuto of potash lu two quarts ol
water. Apply It with a bruali after
tho Moor Iiiib been well scrubbed aud
ia rjulto dry. If tho color bo not dark
enough apply another contlug of stain.
Let dry and then varnish, or, hotter
far, polish with beoswnx and turpentine.
our vauUiguo our graduatca ate alt einjdoyni'
t h, 111 roll tu
rrlilnu ua tor
nTSsss r-s
Send for Special Circular
Sanders Disk Plow
Minplf at and. moat iortecl laada mture ynu
I'he )uiir onlor for a llk I'luw tx auro to x
Kiniiir? thr fandura .rtala by ibj old rU
ablo huiuoot
rrlilcholl, Levis & Staver Co..
Teeth Uxtractcd Absolutely
Without Pain and all kinds of
Dental Work Done by Wise
Brothers, the Painless Dentists.
Open oemngatlU).
feundaya irom 9 to li
ua w a v. i
.1 .
WISE BkOS., DCntistS 20's.JI "falling UIJ. Cor, ird & Waah. Sta.
--"i nf iT- 1 "