The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, November 06, 1903, Image 8

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    Had (roughs
" I had a bad cough for six
weeks and could find no relief
until I tried Ayer's Cherry Pccto.
ral. Only one-fourth of the bottte
cured me,"
L. Hawn, Newington, Ont.
Neglected colds always
lead to something serious.
They run into chronic
bronchitis, pneumonia,
asthma, or consumption.
Don't wait, but take
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral
just as soon asyourcough
begins. A few doses will
cure you then.
Tire ttiH l 25c, Mc tl. All toutita,
Coniuit jour doctor. If ha nil take It.
thn do he mji. It he ttllt 70a not
to uk It. then don't Ukt It. lit know.
Le?e It with him Wi r willing.
J. C. ATKK CO Low. II. Hill.
Her Mghtly Habit.
Tho Doctor Is your wife a good
sleeper, Sir. Stubb?
Stubb Yes, pretty good.
Tho Doctor Docs she go to sleep as
soon ns she touches the pillow?
Stubb Well er she goes to sleep
as soon it!i thc touches my vest pocket.
Chicago Xens.
1'lckleri ream.
INekled peara aro recommended fot
a delicious winter relish. Tho ripest
nuil most perfect fruit U culled for.
Pare mid remove tho blossom ciul. For
every seven pounds of fruit nllow ft
little more than hnlf tho weight of
aniritr. it nlnt of older vinegar ami a
cupful of water, Tho sugar, water and
vinegar Is made Into n syrup with tho
addition of selected apices tied In a lit
tic Img. When this lulls put In the
pears, whole If they arw small, halved
If too largo, and lot them idmmcr gen
tly for half or three-quarter of an
hour. 1.1ft them carefully Into Jars,
boll the syrup until slightly thick ami
pour over the fmlt.
Apple Ilntttr I'nitdlns,
An apple batter pudding Is made by
slicing tart apples Into a deep dish,
adding sugar ami a little witter, nml
liaklug until nearly tender enough. lre
paro the batter by sifting together two
cups of flour, thrco tnhlcspooufuls of
baking powder and a little salt Beat
an egg and mix It with a cupful of
milk, half a cupful of sugar ami two
tablespoonfuls of melted butter. 8tJr
the flour Into this mixture and pour
the batter orer tho apples. Hake about
twenty minutes and serve with
whipped crram or a sweet sauce. This
pudding may bo made with berries.
Raise Bank Cashiers.
One hundred and twonty-ono men
nho were born and reared at Otventou,
I litit'ra lutrtittiin fHiyl(tnrri rt linnl'sl
since setting out for themselves in the:fn?8h or M"l' I'-". '" tmU
world. This fact ns brought out atl Naked Qolncea.
Me Itincral ol Salter fc. Uazlc, thai naked quinces are wholesome and
cashier of a local bank, who died last delicious. Core and pare them and put
week. A number of the surviving cash. thoni In nn onrthnn iiuii vm ,
lew of the town were present on thcoc
cavities with sugar and a llttlo grated
lemon rind. Add water in abundance,
aa the quince Is a very dry fruit. Cover
naw.' closely and bako In a moderate oven
until tender and a One red. Servo
OROOK OUlCK-flpeclel barxaln Hit
mA.1. Cltltk tlH.I klul lllnu. .! WM
leui, 11 in., 1770. Siuth iv-iul Chiu-d i'iow, , cold with whipped crcnm. Baked
wood beatnf,8ln , IAU), alt lia anditylee In oulnoeii and nttnli tnnr alan h. ii&mI
tjw. Youns- tnerlra Cream Keparatbr. No. ' lu",c aaa apples may 84SO DO UseU
ko..U:8iei wind Miu.s.foot.r.2. wood whei. in combination, baking until very soft,
ttludMitl. li foot. SS, Write ua for prleea on ' np nrirvwt nnnloa m iw. irA.t .iik
anrtblng-ln the machinery line Rtlereon Ma- . or " "PI" may be Stuffed With
chfntry Co., toot ot Wo riton St., Portland, Or. bits of quince cooked tender and then
1 baked with plenty of water In the bak
lng dish.
-mm -w'm?
-- . -m?Z ! Mr all V a . IJallm
:J,: - - -- . '!'?:-'??? ml Mt li Am m
-... ..-.-. fZrMlll JP.
Mrs, A)r N JlfSSKrX.vVI
Complftt Brawlnr
and llottllnr plant,
raparliy tbreo bbli
per day. for Wetia
Heer, Ale and Porter,
In lull operation, only
or.e In Portland or
orerou Lonf leaae.
low rent.
iSSS'ESm sppir at c it. iif
cott. lawjer I Mulkejr UulldlUf, I"ort
lanJ, Ottfon
.and still m
the lead-.
Oiled Clothing
Corn ruddlns;.
For a medium-slsrd corn pudding use
the pnlp of half a dozen ears of corn.
Heat tvo eggs together, add half a
teoxpoonful of salt and oim and one
half cups of milk. Stir In the corn pulp
and bake tho whole for about two
hours In an earthenware pudding dish.
So mo people add a tablespoonful of
sugar to the eggs in stirring them
with the other ingredients. The pud
ding is served on the dinner table with
the meat na a. rpellili. anil la rrl.
I lent-
iLXTtvcr Ci loUM, Htu. VXa.
I Chill Police.
' For chill sauce use ripe tomatoes.
To each eighteen allow two and one.
, half cups of vinegar, ono cupful of
atigar, chopped green peppers enough
;to make one cupful, three onions
J chopped tine, two tnblpspoonful of
mixed ground spices cloves, allsplco
'and cinnamon. Boll all together until
; a rich saucu Is formed and the flavors
I are no well blended that no one is ea-
Inwla1lfr illirf lnrtittint fnm .Iia n
Pack In small jars and' store la a
cool place.
3.S2&3 shoes see
You can savs from $3 to $9 yearly by
wearing W. L. Douglas $3 JO or $3 taoes.
Tiiey equal tnoto
that bare been coal
ing you from 51.00
to 85.00. The lm
weiiM aa of W. L.
Douflas slibei proves
their superiority over
II other makes.
Sold by retail shoe
dealers everywhere.
Look for name and
prlco on bottom
That Deaclu nt Cor.
eaaCelt preltt Ihtrt la
Tilat la Uows It. ihotf.
Ceroaa It the hlahMt
iradt Pat.Lalktr raadi.
tail Coltr Ktttltti used.
Our 14 gilt tin lint eajinet It lauaJltJ at can pun.
fihoti br vail, ii rtatt tilra. Ulaitrat4
CaUUf fr.. n. L. DOL'ULls, Drocktoa, Kaaa.
M- IsA
mMimmw l,mm
Bo ft Caramela.
One quart (or two pounds) of brown
sugar, one-half pint of milk, one-third
cup of butter, one-half cake of choco
late are the Ingredients. IIolI for soft
caramels nine minutes, then remove
from tho Are and stir steadily for flvo
minutes, but not until the mixture Is
mo stiff that it will not pour Into a
pan. Mark off Into squares. This can
dy will bo rich and crumbly.
'Hotti my wife and HiyaelfhaTobeeia
medicine we bare ever bad In the bouie. Laat
utlng GASCAKKTS and their are the best
medicine we bare ever bad In the bouie. Laat
waeb 107 wife was frantla with headache for
twodara. aba tried aomeof TOurCASOAKKTH.
and tbev relieved the pain in bcr bead almoat
tmmedlatelr. We both recommend Cascareu."
Oaaa. BTinaroitD.
rituburr Safe X Deposit Ca, I'Huburg. Pa.
vraos mash aroisnato
PUaiant. Palatable. Potent. Taite Oood. De
Sood, Merer Sicken. Weaken, or Orlpe. 10c, fee. We.
IllriUf Iib Ctmptmi, CliMf , MmItmI, Si Vm. lit
Phort HuKKtatlone.
Butter daintily molded and served
on a tiny lettuce leaf Is pleasing.
A spoonful of kerosene in boiled
starch keeps It from sticking, but do
not use enough to mako It smell of the
Scatter salt on a carpet when sweep
ing, and you will not only find Jt haa a
cleansing effect, but that It nlso keeps
ttway moths.
I A heaping tcaspooniul of pulverized
chocolate for each glass of lemonade
makes chocolate lemonade, that U a
change from tlje usual kind.
I To prevent chceso becoming moldy,
wrap it in a cloth which has been
dipped In vluegar and wrung as dry
as possible. Keep In a cool placo.
Careful housewives always havo ex
tra covers of heavy muslin over tho
ticking of their pillows and mattresses,
which aro taken off at stated Intervals
and laundered.
Epicures declare that there Is a nat
ural nfllnlty between tho flavor of mint
nuu iicui, iiiiu uuiM .uuKiinu uuu v rvncu
cooks usually add a sprig of mint to
every mess of peas.
To clean bamboo furniture, scrub It
witli a small brush dipped In -warm
water and salt, an tho salt prevents Jta
turning yellow. Treat Japanese ami
Indian matting In the same way.
Mrs. Hattie La Fountain, Trcas. Protective Homo Circle and Catholic Ladles
of Ohio, writes from Gallon, O,, as follows;
After my first child was born I culfered for several months with bearing
down pains accompanied by dreadful headaches. I wan afraid my health was
ruined for life, ami felt very downcast about It. One day when a friend was
visiting me she told me of i'erurta and what It had done for her when she suf
fered with Irregular menstruation. My husband procurrcd a bottle the same
evening and I began to take It dally according to directions. Mcforo tho first
bottle was used I was entirely well, and you certainly have one grateful wo
man's blessing. I have also advised my friends to uso It."
Secretary Woman's State Fderatiw
Says: Pe-m-iia Dhs Mora
Than Is Claimed for It."
Mrs. Julia M. llrown, Secretary of
tho Woman's State Federation of Cali
fornia, writes from 131 Fifth St.,
Lo Angeles, Cal., as follows:
I havo never known of any patent
medicine which did what it profesel
to do except I'eruua. Tills remedy
does much moro than it claims, and
while I have never advocated any ined
icino I feel that it is but justice to
speak a good word for it because I have
found it to be such a rare exception.
'I have known evoraJ women who
wero little better than physical wrecks,
mothers who dragged out a miserable,
painful existence, but wero inudo well
and strong through tho use of I'cruna.
I havo known of cases of chronic ca
tarrh which wero cured in a short time,
when a down different remedies had
been experimented with nml without
good results. I uso it myi-cll when I
feel nervous and worn out, und I havo
always found that the results wero most
satisfactory." JULIA M. JIIIOWX.
k .Woman Saved From Life-Long
Misery and Made Happy
and Useful.
A woman ronilncd to tho house for
several years with a chronic female
deraiigemnct had finally given up Iiojh)
of Iwing c u rcl. .
Hho had tried physician alter physio
laa, and reiaody alter rcinudy, without
any permanent Improvement,
Her treatment hud eost her husband
who was it poor mini, hundreds of do.
lurs. They hud been obliged to deny
themselves ninny comfort of llfo In or.
iler lo get money enough to pay the
The woman hud Ix-coino weak, tier,
vous und wretched, nml scitrcely nhlo
to keep out o( bed. Her uhlldren
were growing up neglected and rugged,
Imh'iiuho of the wind if. it mother's wire.
Iler htmbiinil was becoming discouraged
und broken down with overwork.
Ticking up tho paper ono day sho
happened to rend itu Item which con
tained tho news that Dr. Ilartmitn
would treat such cases free of charge by
letter, Hho Immediately wrote the
doctor describing hur cum, nml giving
him nil her symptoms.
Hhe soon received a letter tolling her
(exactly what to do, and what medi
cine uuu appliance to get. Mm tie.
gnu the treatment (the principal reme
dy liclng lVniiia) at once, mid In a few
week she was well nud strong again,
able to tlo her own work. (
This offer ol (ree homo treatment to
women is still open to all who may
need tho services of this eminent phy
sician, All letters applying for treat
incut will ho promptly answered, and
be held strictly t'oulldunthtl.
Miss Auiilu llolmu, Post I'ocahnnta
of Yemnssco (Timucll ol lied Men
(Woman's llrnueh), writes from H72
l-.lghth Avenue, hnw torkt
"Three mouths ago I wns trotibhsl
with backache and a trniihlenomo heavl
lies about tho stomach , Kleep
brought mo no rest for it was it rest
less sleep. The doctor said my nervous
system wns out of order but his pro
scriptions didn't seem to relievo mo,
I was (old (hat lYruua was good for
building up the nervous system. Af
ter using it for two months 1 know now
that It Is. I want to say that It made
a new woman of mo. The torturing
symptoms have all disappeared and I
feel myself again, l'eruim did inn
more got! than all the other medicines
I have taken." AN.NIK IIOHAN.
Miss Mamie 1'owell, Lake Charles,
Iiulshina, writes:
"I sincerely believe Hint IVruna Is
woman's U'st friend, for It has certain
ly been that to me. I had had head,
aches, backaches and other aches vwry
month for a long time, hut shortly af
ter I begun taking I'erunii this was a
thing of tho past, and I hao good
reason to ho grateful. I take a ImUIo
every spring and fall now, and that
kcei my health erfcct, and I certain,
ly am mom robust now than I havo
lieeu Moro and am weighing tnore. I
do not think anyone will lMitllsapolut.
ed In the results obtained (rout tho use
of IVruna."
If you do not derive prompt and sat
isfactory results from the use ol Torn.
na'. write at once to Dr. Ilartmnn, giv
ing n full statement of your raw, and
lie will 1m pleased to give you his valu
able advice gratis.
Address I)r, llartman, President of
The llartman Sanitarium, Columbus,
Well laforsasd.
Mrs. K nick or Is Mrs. Jonea a well
Informed woman?
Mrs. Itockcr Yes, indeed; Iter cook
has lived with all the other families In
the neighborhood. Harper's llama r.
0 4 AOtec.
Young PhysicianIf it Is Imposlble
to determine tho nature of tho dlsen-e,
what is the protier thing to do?
Old Doctor d.ook wise and say nothing.
Pros a Canadian View,
Two Iloer generals have purchased
100,000 acres of land for colonliatinn
purpones in Ioxloo. It Is evident
that recognition In South Africa ia not
advancing rapidly.
Right Along
A good thing Uvea and
takes on new llfo, and so
Tbe Old Xariliabl
St. Jacobs Oil 1
keeps rich! alone curing
Pains and Aches
Tries SSc, and 00c
IfjMMt)WMM '
A Sllfhr Drawback.
"Yes, it's a pleasure to see her cat
corn off the cob. Her teeth aro ho
white and even and her lips are so full
of red, and she has tho cunulngest
pose. Iiut there was one thing I didn't
like about it."
"What was that?"
"It took flvo earn to satisfy bcr,"
Hits or Onto, nrrr or tqlxdo, i .,
Lccii t'OUSTV. I
rAmu.iisirroakeoatu tht he Is the
tentor carter ol tbe firm ol ?. J. Chcmsv it Co.,
dolns builntnin tbe ('Ur ol Toledo, Count?
and State aforriald, and that laid firm will par
the sum ol ONK II UNDJtKI) DOI.LAUH for each
and erery cue ol Catarrh that cannot be cured
by tbe tiie ol Jliua t'aTaaii Cuai.
Bworn to Ulore rne and aubierlbed In rat
presence, tbli lib day ol December, A. P. UM.
h'otaru Public.
Hairs Catarrh Cure la taaeo Intenially and acta
directly on tbe blood and raucoui lurlacta ol
Ibe syitern, 8nd for teitlmonlali, free.
. , K.J.CIIKNBy Si CO., Toledo, O.
SpWby druifliti. 76c. A. . ,
HaU's Vanily I'llU are ths beat.
Educational Idea.
"Haveyeu heard tho latest educa
tional item?" asked Biggs.
"No," replied Wlggs, "what ia it?"
"They have - Just decided." said
Biggs, "to rowrito the primer In words
of five syllables for Boston children."
Send for Autumn Catalog Free.
Mann, the Seedman, "Ve'r Portland, Or.
Cause for Happiness.
"Oh, look what a pretty kitten,
mammal" exclaimed small Harry.
"Yes," replied his mother, "and,
Just think, it never erica,"
"Well, no wonder," replied tho
youngster, "It doesn't havo its neck
washed, " Kxchango,
ruo's Uure r a remedy r
and consumption. Try it.
at druggists. '
for coughs, colds
i'rico:to cents,
Her Place.
J)olly What place does Mrs, Itusli
er hold in tho -iOO?
Kitty Oh, site's ono of tho naughts,
Ualtlrnore American,
P.N. U.
No 44-IP0J.
HEN writing to ad vrtliM pleat I
inBissi inn papr I
Liver Pills
That's what you nccdj some
thing to euro your biliousness,
and regulate your bowels. You
need Ayer's Pills. Vcnetahle:
. r ., a 1
ciuiy laxative.
ill, Ma...
Wont your moustache or beard
a beautiful brown or rich black? Use
ftrrrcnjrtummtno a. , am ro.. Hiiinu, n it.
1 M ssaaaMaaati,,a wal n , I j aKjaeai i i 111
In time. SoldbrdruaaUti.
ijj" ""i11 '"''"'lK)tmmWi-'AAt-'hi'mji
4 i -afer &: viimmmmmmimmiitatmmm
.1B TH.