The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, November 06, 1903, Image 4

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Recommends That Congress Appropriate
31,750.500 for Improving Rivera and
Harbor ot Oregon, Washington anil
Idaho Bulk ot Meney to Qa (or Im
provements on Columbia Hirer.
Washintgon, Oct. 28 General Gil-
letple, chief of engineers, in his annual
report, made public today, recom
mended the appropriation at Uio com
ins session of congress ot $1,750,000
for tho improvement of rivers and har
bors in Oregon, Washington and
Tho bulk of tho money asked for is
needed to carry on work at tho mouth
of the Columbia, to provide a 25-foot
channel in the Wlllamcte and Colum
bia from Portland to the sea, anil for
beginning tho construction ot the ship
canal around the obstruction in the
Columbia between The Dalles and
For tho former projects $500,000
each is recommended, and for The
Dalles cnnal, 1300,000. These amounts,
added to the available balance, will
provide amplo funds for continuing
work throughout tho coming fiscal year,
and the fact that all lhrr tit t)i.u.
works are now known as "continuing
contracts" will probably mean that ap
propriations therefor will bo made in
the sundry civil bill and will not de
pend upon tho parage of a river and
harbor bill at tho coming session.
General Gillespie estimates that it
will cost 12,673,609 to complete tho
improvement of tho lower Willamette
and Columbia rivers, in addition to
1108,240, available from prior appro
priations, while to complete the south
jetty at tho mouth of the Columbia will
require 1770,181, in excess of the $1,
250,000 still available and unexpended.
.o csitmaio oi the cost o( the new ca
nal at Tho Dalleslhas yet been made
Aberdeen's Surviving Buildings Hum
Mr men are. Helpless.
AberOoen, Wash., Oct. 28, 3 A. M.
A lire, which promises to equal in
magnitude tho recent holocaust which
destroyed the major portion of thu
business part of Aberdeen, Is now rag
ing, and tho'tlre department Is wholly
unable to coins with it.
At an early hour this mronlng lire
was discovered fn the center of the
Commercial block. With indescriba
ble rapidity It has spread to thu Ghuwow
block, tho postofllco, tho Becker block
and tho Y. M. C. A. building, all of
which are now a mass of (lames.
Tho tiro department is utterly power
less to stay the progress of the flames.
which tho w ind is fast drlvlnc toward
the unburncd portion of tho town.
The Commercial block contained 10
stores, besides several which opened
temporary quarters thoro after tho re
cent (Ire.
The Glasgow Jhlock contained eight
f"' ''' - - " ' ' - t
(Seven business blocks of Abinlecn
were destroyed by a tiro that broke out
on tho morning of October 10 and
burned until 2 o'clock in tlitMifti-rnn.ui.
The blitxo stnrtitl In u nailrv . 1 l.v.1
the Mock building, where men cooked
their meals over gasoline stoves. Four
men lost their lives and a half dozen
were more or less seriously injured.
The loss wus determined to be about
to Re-
rUcedoolans Atk Clara Darton
leva Their DUtress.
Washington, Oct. 21). Macedonia's
plea for aid in her distress was placed
before Miss Clara Barton, tho
tho lied Cross society, toilay. Con
stantino Stcphanov, the sec!al Mace
donian dtWati. til. I ML 1t,.rt.... .,
............ rf- .. .......v. C-". " -.- -.-.. iniiiiiii ...
Among the other appropriations recom- tho urgency of the situation ami begged
xn. iil,n i .imi... In, x ,a'r to uko nncdlato action to Insure
Kine thousand dollars for carrying I, , . ., , ,, , ...
out tho revised project for improving I U, forwri','1R ' ed Crus relief to
tho Willamette between Portland and Macedonia. Miss liar ton asked for de
Oregon City, as suggested by the spec-1 tailed information as to tho character
Ul board of engineers; f 10,000 forjand scojhj of tho aid needed, and said:
deepening the channel between Van- Ti. t-i n ,- i i . . . ,,
couvcrjand tho mouth of fthe'Colum-' , Tw Hed Crow feeli that It would
bla; 180,000 for completing 'the -1 ? ' 'j"""" ??d ?M U "5 ,0.r tlw
proaches and grounds around the canal ft" "i ' V un,,,cr,?k' "
and locks at tho Cascades; $10,000 for I ,"'? "nlTe1r n,g ,,n, M.donla.
continuing clearing of the channel of . ? fJL , " S?,uW l,w '", kwt8 ,,th
tho Bnako river between Rinarla nni, "'""n edition lit other exigencies.
Imnaha river: 110.000 for druMmr V'0."1 lmtl"Vn view o( t(ie approach
I'honollte Find U Attracting a Orcat
Many Prospectors.
Itoker City George 11. Small has re
turned from the now Mount Hostus
miltiui! district. Hn tuiv Hint, tluirn
are fully 300 people In tho camp nt
present, ami hundreds more are on thu
road going in. Men of oxiwrlonco (nun
Cripple, Creek, Colo., told Mr. Small
that tho phonolite found in tho now
camp rcHumhlod in uvery particular tho
phonollto found in Crijiplo Creek. Mr.
Small says that if tho values aro thoro
it Is bound to bo a rich camp, na thu
lcdcCS aro nil rliflll. A tmi-nnltii lim
been selected and surveyors aro busy
laying It out into city lots. Purchas
ers of town lots aro numerous.
Claims in good localities soil readily
to tho latccoinnrs who hnvn iiiiinni.
Tho country whore tho phonollto Is
found extends from 1R tn 'J 11 mlltM.
Prospectors nro busy hunting ledges.
ithin 30 days nt tho present rate of
Increuso thoro will lw from 3,000 to ft,
000 men In the now illntrli-t. Mmi in
do assessment work nro In great do-
lllllllll. Mimt nil tlm liinn u'lui .. In
- - " ...V. ...... .. ...
uti eairor to find nml liK-nt.i I'lilm, fur
themselves and lmvo no tlmo or Incli
nation to work for any one else.
tho Tillamook bav: 12.000 fnr fVwi. ol wln.lel
-' 7. ' ,"vv" tsnifltl Utllkutflttt tfll nml I. ........ 11....
river; 00,000 for producng a greater, 7 ' .,.,., V V .
depth over tho bar at tho entraVo o!,fffort ,,.tho t.oft ie'wi, o general-
Most of Klamath Marsh Will Then be
raIom Stato Treasurro MiHro is of
thu opinion that tho tit-oner tilnn (or
iue;stato to pursue In illsHtsing of its
lands on Klamath marsh, should tho
stato dually ncqulro them, Is tn roll
tho entire tract In a liiinii tn tlm Mud.
est bidder. Hn 1mIIihi tdU In mlvlut.
head of ' ''1 '"r the reason that if tho tract is
ctu up anil sold to various ormms It
will lw impossible to unite the roveral
intorcsts In any enterprise locking to
tho reclamation of the land. In nnlor
to make tho Innd nf vulnn to tin nwn.
ors, it must bo drained, and tho sumo
work that drains jart of it will drain
practically all of it. If it lw sold in
small tracts, a part of tho purchasers
can sit back and do nothing, leaving
tho more entorprisng to lear tho ex
ponso of draining the marsh, while all
would share in tho Itenodts. ITmlnr
such circumstances. It is doubtful
whether any one would undertake tho
reclatnmatlnn work and also whethor
there Would 1m Mnvlinmrn fur ntiv lint
tho best of the-sxatnp land.
City and Suburban Leases Roadbed Pram
Southern Pacific.
Oregon CltyllesldeiilH of Clarkumas
say thnt ueirotlatlons have Im-oii i-ou.
cludwl by which tho Ctv St Ktihurlmn
railway company, of Portland, has
lenswl from tho Southern Pacllle com
pany tho railroad lx-d of that cnrora
tlon U'tweeu Wlllsburg nnd Clacka
mas. Them hns for many months
Ix-oit rumors of such a deal, and tho an
nouncement of Its cnittttiiimititltmi-iiiinn
much singulation locally. Tho feasi
bility of such an arrangement Is rccog
n I rod since It Is known Hint tlm Month.
ern Pacllle company has taken tho pre
liminary steps to construct another
roadlied by which its west side trains
may reach l'orlland from tlm imi hI.I...
the Wilhtmatte river to le crossed at
Oswegu. From that iolnt tho roule of
the road will 1st lliirtlmrh- i-mitiiu-lliiir i
with thu main lino at WllUlmr... in.
other lino will extend from tho Oswego
crossing point up the rler Joining the
main lino Just below this city. In this
way tho railroad comtutnv nrntMuu-a in
avoid thu exIstliiL' lnnvv i.,!.. ly..
t It'll this cltV and WIIM.nrL.. nn,l nt
the same tlmo shorten the route by four
miles. The old Hue Is to le iimkI for
local trains while the heavy trallle will
lw transferred to the new line.
(Isng ot Robbers Makt Successful
on the tUierldsn llsnk.
, nuuiu ptt-in io require n sys-
Mtimtantlai and immediato
depth over tho bar at tho entrance of
Coos Boy; f 30,000 for Coqullle.riier,
and 500 for Clatskaanie river.
For strictly Washington improve
ments, the , following amounts are
Lewis river, f 7,000; Willapa river,
15,000; entrance to Gray's Harbor,
125,000; tributaries of Puget Sound,
$30,000; Olympia harbor, 26,000;
Tacoma harbor, f 5.000: Everett har
bor, $10,000; New Whatcom harbor,
$35,000; Pen d'Orcillo and Okanogan
rivers, $7,500.
ly. Diplomatically theprohtoin would
uo nu exiromeiy Delicate one, and
would requireMiscrction andexjwriunco
for its successful solution."
Traniformed Orsnt Is Flnlt ned and Re
christened. San Francisco, Oct. 20. Tho last
Russian Paper's Advice to Its Govern,
meat 111 Feeling to America.
London, Oct. 28. Special dispatches
from fit. Petersburg report a growing
ill-feeling in Russia against both Eng
land and tho United States, in conse
quence of the supposed sympathy of
these countries for Japan. This feel
ing finds expression in the Novo Vre
mya, which, in commenting on the de
cision of the Alaska boundary tribunal,
says it hopes that Canada will now
sever the ties connecting it with Great
It ri tain.
Tho Vrikina maintains a bellicose at
States will interfere and Jlussia was
better prepared for war. This paper
urges that Japan had better Ihj crushed
without delay.
bolt has lcen driven In the big dredge
Grant, or rathor Chinook, as she is
now called, for the gigantic craft was
remarried to tho deep seas vestonluy
and with tho ceremony came change of
Captain Sanford, of the U. S. A. en
glnccrinit corps, has arrived nt Vullejo
and will Hiijierlntend tests to lm marAj
on San Francisco bar la-fore taking the
iireige to tho Colubmia river, whore
lies her sjiecial Hold of duty. These
tests will bo made today and if tho
Chinook is pronounced satisfactory she
will immediately proceed to thu Co-
lumnin river.
Mbley fluys Timber Holdings.
Pendleton A deed has been Hied
with the county recorder whereby J.
D. Casey and wife sold a half Interest
hi their timber holding, located on the
Blue mountains in the vicinity of
Meachem, to C. W. Nlbley for $5,000.
It comiirlw tract of almut 1.000 n.-r.u,
This is one of the lurgust timber dealt
that Imis lieen reeordeI for some time.
Mr. Nlbley is given nwirly 10 yours in
which to reiiHive the tlmlicr. 1ft. In
also iriven t In- riuht tn ustahllxh mw.
mills and other tit-ctMarv mnrliliiurv
. . . .: "'
ami transportation lines on the proticr
ty, to be usel in carrying away the pro-
I.'nough Salmon Can lis Propogsted
There to Keep Up Supply,
Salom Thn new slato salmon hatrh
ery at Ontario Is tho largest of Its kind
In tho United States and perhsp in
tho world, says stato treasurer ('. S.
Moom. Tho Slnlll n..,l U...
rotary it Stato Duuhar have Just re
turnwl fnun an olllclal visit to Onlnrlo,
whore they Instated the new hatch.
ery. They reiMirt everything lit satis,
factory condition nml dm) ,.i
a gtssi suisou's work. A largo nuinl)er
Of llsll llIlVO Ixwill tillldll nml i. .....I
ply of eggs seems certain.
"The now hatchery has a rupuelty of
40,000,000 young fry a yenr,M says Mr.
Moore, "wlilch is greater than tho ca
paclty ot all thu other hatcheries In
tho stato combined. We believe that
tho problem of kin-nlni? im tlm .m.,.1..
of salmon has been solved and that
this will bo clearly tlomonstratett In
four or flvo year when tho product of
this hatcherv lwirln t, v,.., I.....L-
tho Oilmubla river. Cnnnorvmsn Hav
that only alw.iit 1.000.00(1 .nli,.,i. ..
yettr nro taken in tho Coluinblu. If
only ono in every 20 of the llsh wo
turn out nt Ontario should minn back,
wo would huvo enough to keep up the
Sheridan, Or., Oct. 27. With nlli,,.
glycerluu ami burrowed IimiIm, thrto
suuMiraekers forcetl thu vault of l0
private batik of Sernggln A Wortiiinu,
here early Momlay morning, took Ifi..
000 In gold and silver nnd cm-no..,!
without leaving aehiw,, notwllhsluin.
IngthatJ. .. Knkln, the iiinvor of
Sheridan, ttsik three rlllo shots attlirm
from close range,
So similar Mure their methods ((,
those of tho Uudlt caug who Httiunnt.
cd to rob the Nowltetw bank on OettilHT
1, that no doubt exists In thu minds of
Sheriff Bltton, of Yamhill county, and
his deputies that the robber bauds am
The robbers enteral tlm liunV I, ......
log ohii the front door. A brick vault
with walls (hive fwt thick wcru out
through with tools horrotwd from t.
rallroadl tisilj house at) Iuillston, four
miles away. Tlm small safe Inside
tho larue vault was llu-n drill. wl .,ii..
glycerine was jionrtNl In nd an explo.
slon otvurred, which wrecked tho safe,
thu vault and the Interior of the hank,
and thu plato glass windows in front.
Pieces of tho safe were thrown through
tho steel door of tlm vault and Into the
Tho sound of the cipllon alarmed
.'.,y."r. .,.',kl,, mui ",,M,r ltl"'ii.
lib bullets singing over their head-,
the robber climb! Into n buggy lth
tho valunblo contents of thu tank as
freight, and drove to the southward.
Within halt an hour all Mlu.rl.1.... t..
that the only bonk In town had b-eu
m The Identity of the safe roblsirs Is ss
much a mystery as their present loon
Hon. and It was tho Udlef of fi,rfr
Slttoii that (the gang who tnrrorUeil
Nt-wlsirg retiirnl Immettlately to Port
laud. If this holds true In tlm Shrri
ilsn robbery, the move to tho south,
wanl was merely a blind.
Owner (lust Dip Cattle, II Required, to
tinier Reserves.
Two Thousand Head of Hogs.
Kntcrprlft Klddlo brothers of Is
html City ure receiving 2,000 head of
hogs at different points In Wallowa
county. About -100 of the numlier ore
(at hojrs, while thu balanco aro feed
ers, which thoy will drive to Island
City and Intermediate point to fatten.
Tim price (mill was four cents for feed
er and four and ono half cents for fat
hoirs. The nrlru of wlu-utaml nllll...r
grains i so high in this county this fall
that the farmers artt selling off their
than feed them
Lump Is of Iran.
Orcirnti Cltv It tmw ..... ..,. ...
surtl fact tlmt tlm liiun limn. ..( I.....
fMiml on a farm ntar this elty recently
Is a matoor. An imv lum lu...n i..n.l..
aild It is found to lm imurlv tmni Ir.u.
with a traco of nickel. It Is exrawlvo
ly tough, ami brokit stnerol Iwek-sttw
lilatles in efforts to cut off small pieces.
Tho motoor Is estimated to weigh
alxiut 2fl tons. Tho object had nearly
burltsl Itself In the ground nnd has ap
parently been thnro fur vnnn U'l....
struck with n metnllle stilmlancH It
rings like a boll.
TI..I .1... ...Ill ...-l. ...f.l . . . .. .
Is tho ooliiion of frnntnin R-nfnH.1 .i. "took of hogs rather
looke.1 her over curefully and ox. ""' t"1'0 '"nces.
i.haJ t ..M..i 41.-0, -I. f . i .
1'iuccuii iiiu ist-iifTi liiiii. mm in riMtniv.
expressing tho opinion that I nbly fitted to perform the task laid out
urcat Iintain nor tho United ' for her.
Tho Chinook has leen already a bet
ter invesvment than the government
figured on, for estimate show that a
large part of the sum appropriated for
the work of reconstructing her will 1
returned to tho navy department.
New Rules for Shipping of Dead.
Baltimore, Oct. 28. Itcprcseuta
tires of railroad companies and the na-'
tional association of undertakers after
a conference with the members of thu
Railroads Won't Cut Wages.
Now York. Oct .20 I!m.,l,ntln ,i
nlnl la mn,1ii I...... 1... ......f.
.. ... . ...... ... ...... ...ww w. ...u .. ,..uuu uj i( iuiiri-wiiliives OI
tato lMartla of health of orth America , sovcral imjiortaut Western railroads to
on tno transportation oi uean iKxiles, t wiuoly circulatol rumors that u eon
decided after July 1, 1004, to prohibit certed effort was in lw made by West
ahlpmcut of bodies of persons dying of i ern roads to reduce wages. The opln-
' U.....I1..S.V W l..tllSl1 f nl.nll. Mf In.. ....... .. If . .. .'
""'"!" " muuu...v i'i8u. iura ui " who Kuiifriuiy ezpresHcHi tuut no
jiersonH dying of Asiatic cholera, yellow
fever, typhoid fever, diphtheria, scarlet
fever, erysipelas, glanders, anthrax or
leprosy will be shipped only under tho
most complete uisiniection conditions.
does to President.
Washington, Oct. 20. Today's
meeting of the cabinet was brief.
Only Secretaries Hay and Cortelyou,
Postmaster General Payno and Attorney
General Knox were present. Post-
muster General Payno announced that
tho report of Mr. Uristow on thu post
ofllco investigation would bo placed in
the hands of the president today. It
' had nqt been decided when the report
will be given to the public.
such planwas under consideration, and
in homo ouartars that niu-Ii ,nn....
would not ho feasible. Jteductloii in
expenses aro lieing mado bv tho West
ern roads in common wltl, tlwiu. (..
other partH of the country, but by re-
uul-iioii in siiop expenses.
How He Raises' Big Crops.
Oregon City Georgo Handall, a
farmer residing near Now Kra, rejHirt
a yield of 1C0 bushels of potatoes per
aero irom a ten-acre held. Tho pola
toes aro of tho Hurbauk variety and
aoovo tho average sire. Mr. Handall
acounts for his success in growing this
vegetable from the fact that ho does
not seed tho samo ground to this crop
mr rwo or more sucessivo seasons, ilo
ralsi-snerop of potatoe only nhoiit
ovary four years from tho same Held.
To exploit Clackamas Mines.
OrCL'OII t"llv-Tn tlii firmltllvntliiii l.i.
day of the 0KIo M'fiiiiitaln Mining com.
puny, me initial steps havu Deen taken
for the tlovolotllnmit'lif ilm Dirln f-rnl
mining section in Clackamas county.
Hay Destroyed by Plre.
Prlnevilhi Flm iliwirnt-Ml ..l.nt onn
tons of hav Itelonuliii to M. it. ill?.,..
at this jilace, on the Wohtlell creek ami
Oehmii creek. Thu origin of thu (Ire Is
Washington. Oct. 2(1. Tho Interior
department today Issuetl the following
Instructions to officers in charge of for
est reserves:
"Urn-after the owners of all stivik t..
lw grauxl In m u,rrni ntre will I
miulrcd to submit tho stock to the In.
sector of thu bureau of animal induv
try In the tleartmrnt of agriculture
for liiMH-ctiou when rsllrd iiHn to tht
im and, when found nwssary, to have
i. nwk utiK-i ir otherwslu trivitt-
Iwforo It will lw allowed to enter.
"Ujsiti rrcelpt of notice by you in
writing from any such lnsK-lor that
any owner has refiimol to ullow his
M(s.'k to lie lnstvted, or ha fulled to
lmvo It dipped or treatnl after the same
has been onlertsl by the limiH-otor, you
will at iiiich notify such stock will not
ih Biioweti tor the grating privilege,
that his stock will not Imi allowed in
the resortn, whuther a jKirmlt hits U-tui
Issuwl to him or not until ho had com.
plletl w ith thu nrilrr. If the stook hits
already uiitutitl tho reserve you will re
quire it Immediate removal."
yrheaU-Wall Walla, 74c;
sum, 70s; valley, 7077.
Barter Feed. ttO rwir in. I....I.-
91 1 rolled, 121. '
our Valley, $8.78(13.85 per bar
rel: hard wheat stralehu. is 7a u,
hard wheat patents. t4.l0A4 (A !
ham, $3.3533.76; whole whsst, $I.
"i ryo wneat, .ou.
Oat No. 1 whits, .... t
01.06 percental.
MlllitufTs Bran, $20 rr ton; mid
flings, $24; shorts, $20; ehep, $18;
linseed dairy food, $10.
Hay Timothy, $10 r ton; elover,
$13; grain, $10; cheat, $10.
Butter Fancy creamery, 25QJ7tfe
P-T pound; uairy, lOMtflJOss store.
Cheese Full cream, twine. n.
Youiib America. ISftlAi" finru
prices, IOIKcIms.
Poultry Chickens, mixed, 108lOKe
per pound: snrlncr.lOai hnm. iimh t.
brolloni,$l,76 xr doten; turkeys, llvo,'
$150,000 Fire la New York,
New York, Oct. 20. Twenty houses,
includlnu Stores and nrlvatti muMmi..
were tlestroved toniaht. in n fin. u,.,t
swept over two city blocks in Kings
Bridge, at tho upper end of Manhatten
island. Tho KiiiL-nlirldiH l.nii.i ..
incrlv u famous road linnwi. um .inU.
troyed. Total properly damage,
$150,000, b ',
With a capital stock of $1,000,000, the 610ci)r pound; dressed, lol0;
corporation has been launclKsl by thu " " jieruown; geese, $710.
f..ll....I.... . 1 . .i. . .. . Kmrkllr.iinn ..nn.
fOlIOWilll! nanuil tnpnntnrnnm P. A
and John B. Fulrcloiigh, of Oregon
uiiy; J. v. Karless, of Molalla, and F.
I). Kepiey, of Portland.
Making Sugar at La Orande.
1a Grande Tho sugar lieot factory
In this eltv Iiiih iiimwlif riu-lvnil in nnn
tons of beets, and has worked up about
7,000 tons of theso, which will mako
10.600 Sacks of mumr. Tlmrn will lin
about 1,000 moro ton of beets and. tho
niciory will run until about Novembor
Kites Oregon ranch. 27Wc Kitt.m
fresh, 20c, '
Potatoes Oregon, C597fio pr sack;
weet potatoes, 2Q24c.
Hops 1003 crop, 10922c per pound,
according to quality.
Wool Valley, 1718o; EasUra'Ors
gon, 12016a; mohair, 35S7o. '
Beef Dressed, fl87o per pound.
Veal Binall. 70Re: larae. BUs
der pound,
Mutton Dressed. imtUr.: U...
dressed, 80.
Pork Dressed, 75Jc, f
American Missionaries In Congo
aiata Among Complainants,
Washington, Oct. 28. Although not
directly Involved, thu stato duiiartt....,.i
is winching with Interest the quarrel
Iwtween the British foreign ofllco nn,
tho administration of thu Congo I'm.
Stato, which has led the former to de
mand 11 reconstruction and rofnrmntin..
ot thu administration ot tho Free Htale.
"Tho king of Belgium Is thu titular
no. icr 01 111a suxeralnty of this slate
and he has supplied the state depart
iiient with n detalletl answer to tho
charges nm.lo against the Congo admin
Istration by thu British government.
Those charges uro In substance that the
Congo oinolals havu l.-en guilty of ma-
administration, of gross cruolty to the
natives and of luul ir....t........ . ..
. , I """nil 01 no
Tor New Ilxtradltlon Treaty.
Paris. Oct. "H p,i..,.i 1..
... .. ' , . ."" mil. ill-
siniuuoiiH recoivwi (roni Washington.
Ambassador Porter has begun ncgotla.
lions for an additional oIiiuho In ' tlm
cxtriKlltlon treaty iwtween tho United
Hates and rancu to cover hrllwry.
fhu forma Itles will taku w.H.ks,
hut the Inforiiiul ........... i...,,. .'
thu willingness of thu French olllclali
tonnako tho dniilrxii .,... ,.t.... .. .
doubtful, however, whothor tlioy will
bo willing to make thu clause "luoludt.
hrllMirv w.i.-.. n
goes Into effect.
Speed of llattleshlp Maine.
Washington, Oct. 27.-T,u imvy le-
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