The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, October 30, 1903, Image 6

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Timber Unit, Art June J, IS?.
t. s Ittinil om, Y )Mt Oregon.
October it. leaj , v
bllce Is hereby given Ihat In compliance with
the provisions ofthe Art or Cougret of June 3.
8S, entitled. "An art for the sale ot timber land
tn the states ofCollfornl. Oregon. Nevada and
Washington Territory." as extended to all 111
imWMe land Mln by Art or Aiuii! 4. lt the
following-named persons have riled In thlsoltice
their iwotn statements, to-wit
Lowly C. Williams, . , , .
r nuckly, comity of pietce. tate r Washington:
twain nuiemtm No r?i, Med March 19. IWJ.
ferthepurehteortheHwifecj3,ipi7 a, r u
e, w m,
Andrew It ttrodee.
oflUnnnh, enmity or Cavalier, stale or N. Da
kota; sworn statement No 1717, filed .March 19,
194, forthe purchase or the w ec if, tp 17 .
r 11 e, sr m.
Kate Spilman, . ,
oflrtaekdutk. county or Mlnne
ita, wtn statement No jH. filed Match II.
1043. for the purchase rthe swH ec i. tp 17 s, r
11 e, w m.
lttlia Murphy,
nrNewbcrry, county efLuce. state or Michigan,
swnrti statement N 14. filoJ Pby 11, .. for
the purchase or the neJ sec 21, tp 17 . r 11 e.w m
Nellie O. Leary,
rfrkmWII, county of llelttatut. state or Minne
sota; snurn statement No 14'. fitcd l'
I9J. for Ihe purchase or the nejf sec I. tp 17 s, r
lie, w m.
William T. Murphy,
of Newberry, county if Lnce. stateof Michigan,
sworn statement No 14? . filed I'cby. 11. 19). "
the purchase oMhenwij; seen, tp 17 s, r il e,
w m.
That they will offer proorto show that thcUnd
sought i more valuable for its timber er stone
than for agricultural purposes ami to establish
their ctulms to said Is ml before the Rcgtttr ami
Receiver at The Dalles, Oregon, on .Saturday
January 9th. 1904 ..,...
They name as witnrssc Mark Maynard.
111 llaat ami h' M llease or Sumner. Wash
ington. Amlrew II Grodae. of Hannah, N la
Lou; Nlelietas smith, of The Italics. Oregon:
Lowiy C Williams. of Ruckly. Washington, IVter
Spitman awl Thomas Tweet, of The Italics, Ore
run; loan DokkcH, of Deschutes. Oregon, Will
lam T Murphy and hltsa Murphy. or Newberry
MIChlgaM. NillieO He imi. Minnesota
Wftthtm N Bowser, of BcittkUl, Minnesota
An)' and alt persons cUlming adversely the
almve-desorifeed land are rrqurtted to file their
ci.m In thb office en or before the said th day
nfisHwry, mm.
oi-.lH MICHAItt. T. NOLAN, Register.
Timber Land, Art June 3, 1J7S.
V. S. Land tMrre. The Dalle. Oregon,
September 3, toaj.
Notice (a hereby (teen that in compliance with
the peoctsmus efthe Act of Cengres of June 1.
st-. oatHIrd, "An act fcr the saleof tlralicTUiHls
in theiats of CaHlbrnla, Oregon. NeraUa, and
Wohlnctaw Territory, as extemletl to all the
paUlc land states by Art or Augnst 4, lyr. the
Mtowtav-naated persons have filed in this office
their sworn statements to-wit
Joseph N. Hunter
of Albany, county of Linn, stale of Oregon:
sworn statement No 47. filed June 4- . for the
pnrehasc of Ihe ne) see i, tp 19 s. r la e. w m.
James Hunter
of Albany, county of Linn, state of Oregon,
sworn statement No 4(9. filed June 5, lyoi, for the
porchasc of the nwij sec 15, lp 19 a, r 10 e. w m.
That they will offer proof to show thattheland
sought is more valuable fur its limber or stone
than for agricultural purposes, and to ettablWh
their claims to said land before J M. Lawrence.
U. S. CtemmisskHirr, at Deschutes. Oregon, on
Saturday, Ihe 14th day of Novembtr. 191J.
They name as witnesses. J N Hunter, James
Hunter, J I Wcst.Chas Brock, K King, of Ocndf
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
abovc-docribed lands are rniueurd to file their
latins l this office on or befure the said 14th day
01 .-OTcmuer, lyon-
sii.iim M1CHAKL T. NOLAN, Register.
Timber Land, Act June J. isjg.
V. R. Land OSkc. The Dalles. Oregon,
September 4, lyii
Notice l hereby given that in compliance with
the prnefsions ofthe Art of Congress of June J,
l7, estUleil, "An actforthe sale of timber lands
ia the state ofCallfernU, Oregon. Nevada, and
WasMsgtan Territory." as ealendcd to all the
E" 1c land sUles by Act of Augua 4. 19. the
wtng-nametl persons have tiled In this office
' sworn statements, to-wit
Mary McTaggart
nf The Dalle, county of Waatu, state ef Oregon,
warn statement Xo irj. Wi nept H. IV". for
the purchase ofthe set sec 19, lp 1 , r M e.w m.
John Hutchlns
of Albany, county or IJim, state of Oregnn;
sworn statement No 4W, filed June 4, vH, fur the
purchase of the awff sec 14, lp9, r 10 e, w m.
Lewi I. Tcrhune
of Abtanr, county of Linn, state of Oregon;
swwrn statement No 47. rileii June 4, lM.fur (he
tmrahasc ef the seii ec ij, tp n , r m e, w in.
John H Iatc
f Ilensaa, county of hwlft, slate of Minnesota;
swswn atalrnutnt Nou,M June 19, 190J, for the
pnrchaseof iheswX sec 11, tp w, r ic, w m.
Don Taslir
of Anita, aeunly of Can, atate of Iowa; sworn
stMcanajrt 714. SUd July 1, 1901. far the pur
chase of the nH i and uK scK sec 3, lp us,
r we.wm.
Mary Taylor
iHgttfu; iw Malcmcut No 711. filed July J,ir.
far the purcbax ofthe nH nwjf and wtt nejf
sac m, tp i a, r 10 e, w m.
That they will offer proof to straw that the land
sought h more valuable for it timber or aieue
tlwn r agrlcuUural purpose, and to establish
their aiaims to laid land Ufore the Register and
Racaiser at The Dalle. Oregon, on Tucadav,
the M day of Deoemljer, 1901
They nam a wiluease (o Hate, Allcsi N
llye. of The Ihtllc. or. Kyal Itutchiiit, I 11
iiutchms, Iwu 1' Terhunc. John llutchin. of
Albany, Or; A L I'etrie. J ! McMahon. of Port
!..., ,.. 11. . a - I 0 .. ... . . ..
n. w, , , tnM.iiBVT. 1 u (aiiivr, ui nuuKaiie.
Wash; C A Johnson, of Negord, Minn. C A Carl-
Mn.srMurUock, Minn; Mary Tailor, of liar-
V. A TivUnr, of Wtote, Iowa, Don Taylor, of
Any ami all person claiming adversely the
nbaeexlescribed land are requested to file their
laima In till office on or before the said 1st day
or December, sou.
ail 1113 MICilAiiL T. NOLAN, Register.
Timber Land, Act June j, 1878.
U. 8. Land Office. The Dalle, Oregon,
.. , beptetubers, IW3-
Notice I hereby glren that iii compliance with
the prorUiou ofthe Act of Congress of June j,
178, entitled, "An art for the salcof tlmUrUiids
In the state of California, Oregon. Nevada, and
Washington Territory," a extended to all the
public land states by Act of August 4, ItyJ,
, , Iom Cleek
ofl'rlnevllle, county of Crook, stale of Oregon,
ha on June 7, 1991 filed in this office hi sworn
statement No 4b9, for the purchase of Ihe nwjf
sec j, lp 19 , r toe, w in,
Aim will offer proof to show that the land
sought is more valuable for it Umber or stone
than for agricultural nuriiose, ami to establish
hi claim lo said laud before W A Ilell, IT. H.
Commissioner, at I'liuevllle, Oregon, on Moil
day, the Itth day of November, ijoj.
lie names a witnesses- James hharp, Champ
Hmlth, Thomas II Lafollett, Isoin Cleek, Charles
. Hmlth, of I'rinetille. Or.
Any and all person claiming adrerKly the
above-deacriljed laud arc requested to file their
claim In this office oil or before the aaid 16th
xlay of November, 1903.
Ill-uij ? MICIIAKL T. NOLAN, Register.
Tlnitier t.sml, Act June J, l!f8
V, 8. Laud Ofttcci LMfcclcwi Oregon,
September iS !.
Notice I hereby given that In compliance with
thcptovlstonai.f the Act ofCotigrsss or June .1,
lf, entltlel. "Am act for IheMtcnf timber UinU
In thestntcaof Calllornla OrcBini, Nrvailn, iul
Washington Tertltory." as exlcmiol to all Ihe
public land stales by Act r Augilnl 4. IV. the
rollowliiR-uanieil ersun he litis day lllol In
this ofhee Ihclr awvtu statcinrnl, to-wit
Olc Larson,
orilctmont, county of Traill, stateof North lv,
kota. sworn statement No lj, for the purchase
ofthe nwK WH sec M 11 S ei( and swl )(
sec 19, tpil s, r He, w in.
l'cder It. Kstenseu,
of Climax, county or Polk, stale of Minnesota,
srtorn statement No idj. for Ihe purchase of Ihe
nH swM,w sec it and ntK h
tp us, r 14c, w m.
Itaten O Kstenson
of Climax, csmut) f Potk, state of Mlnnrla.
sworn slattmeut No 1S74. me the Hirchase of
the iif J sec la, tp 11 , r 14 e w i.
Tlval they will offer proof to show that Ihe bind
sought i nunc wluable for Its Umber or slutw
than tor agricultural purport, ami to estahlldi
their emlma to sut lamt lieftne J M Lawrence.
V . CsHiinilssioHtr at llend Oregon, on Tne
daj- the jth ilay ur lecemter loi
They name as wltnese Die Larson of Bel
mont. North Dakota. leler li IWueu of CH
mas, Minnesota, liattn O Ksienom, of Cllmas,
MinuesHa, Lout Nrl.oii. of Heml, Oregon
Any ami all person claiming adeiely Ihe
above described lands are reiiuested to file their
ctalms In Ihi ottice on or before the Id isth ilay
td ltocvtuber. Mai
oysill K M P.RATTAIN RegUter.
Timber tandi Art June i.
It 8. Mnd Ornce, Lakeriew. Oregon,
Septemlr iu, 194J
Notice Is hereby given thai in compliance with
Ihe rvtkm of the Art af Cngtes of June y
ia79, euiiueu, ",h acs ne ine urm tiHtif aws.
in ibe alaleaaf California. Ofrk.u. Nevada, and
Waihlugtou Territory," as extended to all Ihe
public land states by Art f AukhsI 4, , the
nmowing-namesi wro rr nieii in tnnomee
1 heir sworn staiements, io-wii
Ainr AiiiHmlwn.
of White Itaith, cuuuty of Ward, state of North
Dakota, sworn siatemeni -o 117, ror ine pur
chaw of the aK nwfj sec IJ. nH ne ami ((
ni; sec i. lp 11 a, r 14 e.w m
of White Hatth, cattwty of Ward, stateof North
Dakota, sworn statement no lays, tor ine mtr
chwc of Ihe nH nwf . wK nwtf ec , and hcK
neK sec 17, lp II s, r 14 e, w m
fWftrude SfuetH,!.
of White Harth, count) of Ward. Mate of North
Dakota, awvrn statement No isy. fee Ihe pur
eMe ef IhenH ne(. swH neH. sek, ! sec
4. lp 11 . r 14 e, w m
lohu A Carlton.
f White Itarth. county of Ward, stale of North
Dakota. sMorn staiemeni . iyi. ror ine pur
Chacuf the wH swH.oeU swti sec . tp lis,
sec 14 e, andnwK nX sec 1. tp n. nn.n m.
Helga M Muus.
of White Karth. ewuirty r Ward, state of North
Dakota, sworn statement No iet, fee the pur
chase ofthe seV sec u, lp 11 a, r 14 e. w m
That they will erTer proof to show that Ihe land
sought is more vutuahle for its timber er stone
than for agricultural purtioses, and to establish
their claims to sakl land before J M Lawrence.
It it Commiswner at Bend. Oregon, on Pnday
the nth day or December iy
They name as witneases Lout Neln. Ote
Krickon. or lleml. Oregon. Aruc Amundtun.
I'eter Nerseth. tlertrudchmerud. John A Carl
son and Helga M Muus, all of While Itarth,
North Dakota.
Any and all person claiming adversely Ihe
above-described (and4 arc requested to file their
claims In this otficc on or before Ihe said llth
day of December, KJ
09-dii It M. tlRATTAtN RegtUer.
Timber Land, Art June J, 1J7L
I. S. Land Office, The Dalles, Oregon,
Augud w. iyi.
Notice I hereby given that III compliance with
thepruvtHmor Ihe Art or Congress of June J,
if, entitled, "An art for the sale or timber lands
in the states ef California, Orrgon, Nevada, and
Washington Territory," as extended to all Ihe
fmUic land state by Art ofAuiutt 4. 1(91, the
idlowing-named persons have fitesl in this ofUce
their sworn ststement. ie-wi(
John 8 hchultsc
of llibbing. couHty of M Louis, slate ef Minne
sota, swucu statement No i?n. Med Aurll 1. luti.
for the purchase of ihe nHwj. k( iH sec
5 ana net; hwjj sec . ti m , r 11 c, w m.
Minnie Jacobton
of Comstock. county of Heron, tate of Wttcon
sin, sMorn statement No ITU. Med Mar it, lyj.
for the purchase ofthe nwtfsec 9, lp 19 a, r It e.
w m
James A. JmnlHg
af 4-x Bank ave. West huixrivr. county of Doug
las, state of Wtscuustn, sweni statement No 171 J.
filed Mar i. iv.V for Ihe purchaac ef the Hex
sec 8. tp 10 s, r 13 e, w m.
That they will offer proof In show that the land
sought t more valuable or its timber or stone
than for agricultural purposes, ami to etaMUh
their claims 10 said land before W. A Hell. I'
Couimiswwer. at l'nnevilte. OrcKon. on Thura-
dav the 1MI1 davof Novemlr. loai
al " .".-...... m
rnry name aa wnneases. jonn n nenuiiie, ni
nioMiiir urin 1 i.rav. ion a iraev.
Olenni llanh, of llend. or. Reorge W Gardner,
of IHiluth. Minn. J-uw K AllliiEham. Ora Potn-
dexter. II J Palmer, of I'riHeville, Or, Carl Jaceb
aon, Wiltard L Coupernall, of Hugcnc. Or; Rich
ard King, Win II Jlrock, John HUrts, of Bend, Or.
John MrTTaggart, of The Dalles, Or; Benjamin l
Campbell, Bray, Wash
Any and all person ctaiming adversely the
above-deserfbvd lands arc requested to Me tlistr
ctaJmsin this oMcc on or before the said iithday
oINovember, lou.
4-n MICIIAKI. T. NOLAN, Register.
Timber Land. Act June J, l7-
V 8. Mnd Office, Mkcrvleiv, Oregon,
heptemler 19, 1901.
Notice I hereby given that in compliance with
the provisions ofllie Act of Congress of June J.
ST, entitled. "An act for the sale of timber lauds
iu the state of California. Orreon. Nevada and
Washington Territory." a extended to all the
public land states by Act of August 4, 1891, Ihe
following-named person have filed In this office
their sworn statements, to-wit
of Climax, county of I'olk, atate of Minnesota;
worn statement No iSjl, for Ihe purchase of
the nr qr sec . tp 11 s,r 14 e, w in.
John lidward Johnson,
ol Climax, county of I'olk. slate of Minnesota;
worn statement No iky, for the purchase ofthe
uwqrsec4 Ipn a.r 14 e, w m
Allrt Bpokely,
or Climax, county o( I'olk, state of Minnesota;
sworn statement No 1K40 for the purchase of
the n)i uw qr,se qr nw qr.nw qr ne qr sec ai
a, r ij c, w 111.
Ilerdln Bpokely,
of Climax, county of I'olk, stale of Minnesota,
worn statement No 1841, for the purchase of the
wMscqr, ej awqraec 11 a, r ije, w in.
Alexander 8wkely,
of Climax, county of I'olk, state of Minnesota;
worn statement No 1841, for the purchase of the
aw qr ne qr,w)$ se qr,nc qr sw qr sec 11 s, r
14 e, w in.
That they will offer proof to show that the laud
sought I more valuable for it timber or stone
than for agricultural purposes, and to establish
their claim to said land before J. M Lawrence,
V 8. Commissioner at llend, Orcgoii.on Wednes
day, the 16th day of December, ij.
They name aa witnesses! Gustaf Tarnquesl,
John IWard Johnson, Albert Bpokely, Ilerdln
Bpokely, Alexander Bpokely, all of Climax,
Any and all person claiming adversely Die
above-described land arc requested to file their
claim in till office on or before the saUl 16th
day of December, 1903.
oolli H. M. DRATTAIN Register.
Timber Lnndi Art June J, HT.
tl 8. Lamt Office, Lakvlew, Otf gnu,
Meplslllhcr ay, MJ.
ftotlce la hereby given thai lit compliance with
the ptuvlslon nfthe Act of kSmgresi uf June 1.
ifi, eutitlrili "iiavt for Ihe swIeiiftlmNrlamfs
In the state ufknllfortiiai Oregon, Nevliii and
WMshlnulon Teriiliisv." as ralpiuled lu all the
linhlle laud states by art of August 4, li the
follnwiiig-uumeil pels.iu hate llleil lu Ihls
ollicc their snorn atutcnivnt. to-wit
IMwurit It IMiilaani
r ISirtage, county uf Columns, slate of Wlsenn
tm sworn slatemeut No i. for Hi purvac
ortheeW sell cC 7i anil ellisK ssc , lp Ms,
r 9 e, w ni.
ItrlrWJ llirihsn.
orchip(ewn Vails, criMiity of Lhippcwa, state ur
. iviiiii, -mum siaiemeni o i"vs. iov ine Hir
chateorihe w sw)( sees. and Ills nw)( sec 11,
tp lis, r ye. w m.
Thrwtnt UAvUml,
nfliHwiner, ruuiiiv of Chlppena, stale of Wis
ruiitin. sworn sutemcul No i"4. for Ihe wr
ihaseefthc H 11WI4, wH sn V, sec II, lp i a, r
9 c, w III
tile It. hlgsUd.
ef Rice Lake, county af Barron stale af ltn
slii, sntwu sutelnciit No iaa.s, for the pnrelutse
ofthe v st(.setj aw K sw . ami nef ni,
see u. tp i s, r 9 e, w m.
That they will offer proof lo show lint the
laud sought Is mora lr it Umber ur
stane than for agricultural airpoaea. ami tn
laldtsh their claims in um laml tfore J J,
Smith, County Clerk, at I'rlnevitn, iiregon, on
TueaiUy the IJtli ilay of lieeemlwr nasi
They name as wlluessea lolxaiu H IKiulgan.
of Portage, Wlxuusin, Km k J Myrtuan, uf
viiiewa rails. iamtir intuuur iiuvwnu,
of Bloomer. Wisconsin, oie II ialad, uf Hsrc
Lake. Wacnulu, D 8 Wilhclm, uf Lava, Oregun,
Perry p IStlmlcxter, Ora ivnidrxler, Wm R Mr
t'arlaitd or I'liuevllle, Oregon DonaM I' Miffs.
William BrtKker DnMhule. Oregon
Any and all persons etaimiHii mlversely the
above descetlied lands are resuisteil lu file their
claims Hi Ihts oll.c u er Iwfore Ihe said Itth
day of December, Itsu.
vdll i. M BRATTAIN KegKtsr
Timber Mnd, Act June j. tar.
V. 8. Laud 6tbee. Lakevtew. Oregun,
pten ber tl, J
Notice ! hereby given thai in rumpMeuce with
the puvtMM ofthe Act of of June i.
i7, entHlest. "An act far Ihe sale of timber lamt
Ih Ihe Mate of California, iHeguu. Nevada, and
Waihtaflen Territory." a extended to all the
public land state Uj Act ol Aagtsst 4. .
ol John Israeltou
of lllncville, eouHlv of Crook. 4ale nf Ofegsm,
has filed In this ufllce hss sorn statement Mas
191. me the purcha.e nf Ihe su H '"H ec aa.
selj seH ec . nwt( nwlj e i ne or ne qr
11 s, riae. w m, and wlltorf. r ptuuf lu show
tsal the land sought is more valuable foe It llm
bee or stone than for agricultural mMpas, and
tn etaMsh hi claim la Mitt .ami before J J
buttth County Clerk, at Prlnrvill. Oregon, on
Monday. I lie I4lh day af December. iJ
lie name as wttntasea II A fatter. C II
Hrkkson, Mlsi Hodge, Ralph JaedaH, all of
1 rracTwc uregan.
Any and all Person etalmlng adversely the
aboveilecribvd lands arc rtsiaettssl la Ale their
claims Ih Ihls ofhee eu or before Ihe said nth day
of Iecember. iyl.
o.lii 11 M. BRATTAIN RegUttr
Ttmlier Land, Art June l7-
V 8. Laud Omre, The Dalles, Oregon,
October ty, tvn
Nnlke I hrreby given that in ctmtitwnee villi
the provt'lene yf ihe Act of keagret f June 1.
irii, entitled, "Au art for the asleef limber lamls
In the stales of California, Oregun, Nevada, and
Washington Terntor," as eslradssl to all Ihe
ImbHc land states by Art of Augutt 4. 191, the
tdlowiug-itaittrd persons have filed In thlseracc
their sworn statements, to-wit
Annie. Ramus,),
of Grand Vorks, couutyot lira ml 1'orks, state of
North Dakota, sworn ataumcnl No HU4, filed
Feby ij. iwj. for the puthK ef Ihe 11 4. iK
nw)i and H iw)i secj. Ipxs. r ije, w ui.
Maria Dtckaon,
of Grand fork, ewunly ef Grand Porks, state of
North Dakota; sworn statement No 1(14, filed
I'cby 13, loaj. for the (Mirehase of the uK sec
17. lp 19 s, r 13 e. w m
George Halidmry.
ef Grand I'orks, county ef Grand lerks, ttalr of
North Dakota, sworn statement No rail, filed
t'eby 13. Kij. for the iMtrehate af the swffsec if.
Ipsoa, r 11 c. w in
lidward H Itrrlght,
ef Hast Grand Parks, eaamly of Patk, slate af
Mlumsota, snorn stalemenl Pre tai. Mad I'elsy
14. ioa. for Ihe purchase ofthe Lata 1 and 1 and
H uwK sec 7, lp 19s. r 13 c w m.
Jam U halMsury,
ef Grand Perks, county of Orann IHnks, state of
North Dakota, sworn statement No ml, filed
I'cby 13, i-J tor Ihe purchase ofthe sctf sec 17,
lp MS, r it r. w m
That they will offer proof to show thai Ihe land
sought Is more valuable for 14 limber or stone
than for agricultural purpose, and tn eatabMth
their claims to aakl tend before the Register and
Receiver at The Dalles. Oregun, on Mtuiday,
January 1. 1904
They name a wltnettes: George Salisbury.
iames II nalistmry, Maru Dlckaon and Aunie
;amMad of Graud Porks, North Dakota, lid
ward P Itnrlahl of lUst (ra ml I'ork, Minne
sota OrtnJt.ra. Rlrhard Kmwr and lohn (Hridl
of Ieschutes, Oregiw John llljer, of Priiieville.
uregon. james itorigni ui oraini I'orus. norm
IMkuta J I llerrkk. of The-Dalles. Oregon
ami 1
In tin
all iMraont italmtiig twlveitly the
ld lamls are ranuestad la flic their
claim in this ofuce ou or before Ihe said (Mil ilay
el January, ivm
oss-ll MICIIAKL T NOLAN. Register.
Timber Mnd. Act June 3. I-
V. 8. Mud Oflice, The Dalle. Oregun.
Notice I
s hereby given that liinndwiicc with
iloot ofthe Act ur Ceunftnu ef Iuhc I.
the provUI
i7a. eiillllnl, "An act fur the sale of Umber lands
In the stale of California Oregon, Nevada, and
Washington Territory a extended lo all Ihe
public laml states by Art uf Aueu.t 4, 101, the
folbiwiiiK'tiained itersoa have filed In tills oflice
their sworn statements to-wlti
folill M rarrolt.
of 1 lei University Ave, 1, rand I'orks, county of
Grand I'orks, stateof North DakiAasaworn slate
meut No 1713, filed Mann 18, Kj, for the pur
chase of Ihe aeX sec 11, lp m I, r II e, w 111.
of iisi University Ave r.raud I'ork, county of
orauii rorxs, siaicoi Norm DaKota; sworn state
ment No 1714, filed Man h 18. ion. for Ihe pur
chase uf tlieseM e) sec 11, H sw' and wtf
sefj sec 14, tp 19 , r 11 c w m,
ti,,i. t, ,,,,.. i-..
of Ii7-trd st, siMikaue. county of Hpokanc, state
af Washington: sworn stalemenl No 1713, filed
Jiami in, i'ij, lor me purchutc of trie 1,01s 1 auu
1 and M nej sec j tp is, r 10c, w m.
Kteilheil M llratff.
of i.cho, county of ellow Medicine, state of
jiinnetoia; sworn statement ,No 1013, nien rcuy
II. I9J. for Ihe purchase ofllie swj( sec IJ, tp 16
s, r loc, w m.
of Itcho, county of WIlow Mttllclne, rlale of
Minnesota; sworn aiaicnient No ten, men icwy
11, 1503, for the purchase ofthe tt'A sec 11, tp 16
r ioc, w ni.
That thev will offer ornnrtniliow that the land
sought is more valuable for Its timber or stone
than for agitcultiiral purposes, and to establish
Ihclr claim to said land before the Hrglster and
Receiver at The Dulles, Oregon, on Thursday,
January 14. 1904
iney name as witnesses Jolitl I tarron auu
Mary J Carroll, of Grand I'orks. North Dakota:
Ruth A Whaley and Kiha M Wlialey.of Slwkanc
WashlilEtou. Orlll 1 Grav of licacliutes. Oreuoii;
OraugeV Iloilge, of I'rinetille, Oregon, Halvor
O Homme and Stephen 8 Drake, of lcho, Minne
sota; John Stcldl, of Deschutes, Oregon; Thomas
Tweet, of The Dalle, Oregon; Henry I lorn 111 c,
of Granite l'alls, Minnesota,
Any and all Person claiming adversely the
above-described laudj art- rmonird to file Ihclr
claim lu thl office on or before the said 14II1 day
of January. 1904,
030-Jl HlCIIAlU, T. NOLAN. Register.
TlmVicr ..ftm,. Ac! June j, ft
U. H. Limit Office, Tlir Dalles, Oirgwn,
Ortulxr ty, ioij'
Notice Is hrretiy given lliat In iniiiiHiiurc with
the provisions. Ihe Ait uf Cimuiens uf June .1,
17 entitled, "An act for Hie sale ofllmWrlamls
In the atnlMurcullfitriiln, (livgou, Nrvadii. ami
Watlilugtuit Teirllory," as eslsiutr-l to alt Hie
PtiMIr laud staled hy Art or Augutt 4, 191, the
Hrltonlng-iiaiued Tus have tiled lit this ulllee
llielr itt statements to wit
Nellie Cutter.
urOrand Porks, county of Orand Pinks, state nr
North Dakota, swum stalvmrul Nu iim, ftleit
iki , iyt, hn the poiihAs uf the '!( sec a,
lp IV, r ije, wm,
Amelia Salisbury,
of I' O. Una 37, tltmid Puiks, ctHiuly ol Oiaml
Uerk. stale or Ninth Dakota; amn 11 statement
Nu ttyj. ft lei I Oct j, ih. for Ihe mtehae nrthe
iiw)4 rc ty, lp 19 a, r ije. w in.
Maud Smith,
ef The Italic, county ur Wasvn, slate af Oifgwii
skim 11 statement Nu ut. fiM Ort s. 1901, for
Ihe Hichte unite tV s,l sec 19, MH sw
tec M and ucij self sec 19. lp l s, r 13 e, w in.
R Rums Smith.
of The Dulle, tvnnl) ufWa.cii, stale iifOifgHii.
sworn stalemenl No 1437. Illetl (let 30. layi. for
the pntchtte ofthe wRnet, wif nelf ami iiw)
se( sec n. tp 19 s. r ij e, w m
Albeit Dkkson.
el P O Box aas. Gram! Pork, reuntv of Giamt
Porks. Male of North Dakota, sworn statement
Nu tile, filed Oct aa io-u. for Ihe tmrehase of
ine nst 11, nu ett amlxwrf net; sec 17, lp
19 s, r 13 c w m
Thai they will otfer Hif to slmw that Ihctamt
ought I mure valuable for lis limber or stone
lhan for agricultural purtsMes, ami to etaMlsli
their claims to said lamt b. for Ihe Register ami
Receiver al The Dalles, Oregon, on I'riday,
Januaiy l, laut
They name a wtlnrsset Charles It liil.Wn,
R Htifot smith and Maud Smith, of The miles,
tWrgiHl. Alheit IHcktam, Amelia Salisbury and
Nellie Cotter of Gramt Perks, Nwlh Daknta,
MaryC llltabin, or The Dalles, Oiegon. Mistiest
Salisbury, er Grand Parks, North llskota
Any ami alt pertuns etatMfng adversely the
abuvdearibed Umls are rrneeated to Me their
claim In this uffcc on or bslUt the MM ig4h day
at mnwary ram
Timber Mnd. Act Jnne 3. MTU
U 8 Mnd OMkv. The Dallet, irreean.
(Monrr II, laas.
Notice t hereby given that in eosnntlane wMh
lite neovi.ntut ef the Art ef Cangraet uf Jane 3
ittsa, entitled. "An act foe Ihe Mfoaf timber wmia
In Ihe state af California, irresron, Nevada, and
Washington Territury. ' a etfemted lo alt Use
ustbtlc Und Mate bar Act uf Aaamst 4. nkw. the
follow IHg-rMtnted pertnns have Med In Ihtt
omce Ihclr snuen statement, lo-wlt
lntla Jabntwn.
of Mlnneapolt. cuuuty of Hennepin, stale nf
Mtnnetuta, sworn stauasent 7u ijax lied Oct.
a, mue, for the imrclevte ef the Lot 3 and
4andeH sH see . I, r 14 e, w m,
Andrew Andersam,
of Mlnneapoll. euttnly uf HenneMn. Mate af
Mlnneo4a. swoen stalemriit 74a IJM. Med Oet
H. ty-w. foe the pnrehat of the nw( sec a, lp
s, r 13. w m
P Adotptt Petersen,
of MlnneapoUt, remnty ef llestnefdn, tale nf
Mfonesuiai sworw statement 74 . Med Oct
ia. ivr for Ihe purchase nf the nH nh. )(
neti ami net nH c iv tp s rijr. wm
Andrew Jehiiten
of Minnaawli. camnty uf HsnueOtH. stale af
Minnenita sworn statement No ixU, filed Oct
ia, 103. for Ihe purchatc uf Ihe ncjf sec at. lp m
t, r 13 e. w m
Amlrew CaiWen,
of Minneapolis, county of llennepfn. state nl
Mlnne-utta, sworn stalemenl Nu ijAj. filed Ott.
16, i9x, for Ihe Hirchasc of Ih c se)( see u.
and cH ne)f sec 17. tp s, r 13 e. w m
That Ihey will offer proof lo slmw that the Und
sought is mure valnable for Its limtxr or stone
than for agricultural purium-. ami le rtUflth
Ihclr claims loaanl Isml IwIhi the Regtder ami
Receiver at The Dalles, Oregon, on Tueulay,
Decemlwr. II, Ivd
Thev name as witnesses Amlrew Carlton. I'
Adolph I'etersuii, Amlrew JuhHton, Louts John,
on ami Amlrew Anderson ef Mlnneapoits
Any and alt persons claiming adveetety the
tvetlescribed lands are rviuavied la file their
claims in I hit oMce on or before the sahl Mnd day
Timber Mnd. Act Jnne 3. a).
V H Mnd OfUce. The iHltes, Oregon.
October II. lysj.
Not lee I hereby gtven that In asunplMnae with
the tirevlalinn ofthe Act of Cosuroe of Jane 3,
era, enlltled. "An act for lb afiruf limber land
la the state of California. Orrgtm, Nevmta, and
Washington Territory," a extended In alt the
public land ttalva by Act of Auarntt 4, ia, the
follewtHg'Hamed persona nave nVed lu thtsoMc
Ihetr swaru stcternenla, tnw4li
Abhte ! Whltlen,
of Portland, county of Mwlliiemah, state of Ore
Him. sworu Ma lament No I3W. "ted Oct le, HM
for Ihe pnrehate ofthe seU c .lpo, r 13 c.
w m.
Mary II Ttebnoc
of I'oeast Grove, camnty of Wushlnglim, state ef
Oregon, sworn stalemenl No isge, for Ihe ur-
. I. J ..I . I. .1, ...1 an.) a. tl ai J aa. .ai ,.. a, M
lHaC W, iWaX "Tf . ", fm fl "-a H TW J, .- " -.,
r ne, w m.
Nettle A Shaver,
of 30 Vancouver Ave., Portlaml.cmiiily ur Mult
nomah, state of Oregon, sworn stalrwwMt No
139, foe Ihe purchase ofllie aw( uwtf c I, sH
ne If and nwft se)( sec I, lp 1, r. 11 e. w in.
Anna I. Itnctith,
of I'oreat Grove, isujnly of Washington, stale of
Oregon, sworn tUlemeut No 197, filed Oft ,
aal. for the purchase of the W swlf . swrf seK
secw. lieK nwtaudllwH lielf sec 9, tp los,
rue w m
1'annlell McDonahl,
ufClalakaiile, county of Columbia, stair of Ore
gon, sworn statement No 1494. filed Novembtr
II. iOfj. for Ihe alichae of the eH liel(. swjj
neH ami nwi( self see 19, tp a, r II c, w in
That tlievwlll offer nruuf III show that the laml
sought I moie valiutlde for lis timber or stone
than for agricultural puro. and to etlabllth
their claim to said land before the RegiMer and
Receiver at The Dallet, Oregon, on Wednesday,
December 13, 11
They name as witnesses! Alible I,. Whltttn,
Nellie Shaver, of Portland. Oregnn, Hurry W
McDonald and l'auiilc II McDonald of Claltkaule,
Oregon. Mary li TUIinur uud Anna I, liiiglith
ori'orest Gruvr, Oregon, and I' C Whitten, Dps.
chute, Oregon.
Any and all peron claiming adversely I lie
ntiovc-descrihcd lands are requested lo file their
cbiliii in till office oil or before Ihcsald ijrd day
of Decemlier, 1901.
uifr-dlN MICIIAIIL T NOLAN. Register.
Homestead Consolidated
V 8. Laud Office, The Dalles, Oregon,
Octuher IS. I'M-
Notice I hereby given that the following
..a.t..l lu-ruiii. tinv iilitl notice of their itlteil-
lion to make cntuuiiitntlrni proof in support of
their claims, and mat aii prooi wi 11 11c inane
before J. M. Lawrence, V. h Coiiimlwioiier, at
Dcacliiilca, Oregon, on Saturday, November A
1903, vlii
Cartylc C. Trltilett. , .
orDcscliute, Oregon, II l No 10637 for the e
sec , lp IB , flic, win.
ofDcschute, Oregon, II It No wrfi tor the e!
w ec 13, nJi ueX and ne( vti vc, tp H
a, r 11 e, win.
They name the following person to prove
llielr continuous residence upon and cultivation
of said loud, vi;
LCWhltted.JL Kever, Cassandra A Brock,
Thoiiia W Triplet!, Carlyle C Trlplctt and JK
Brock, all of Deschute, Oregon.
013-1117 MlCHAIflv f NOIAN, Re)(lstrr.
Tliutr Mint, Art June 3, iHK
V, 8 Mini Oilier, The Dallr-a, Orcgtiii,
MetiletitlHrr a, ieJ
Nnllee Is hereby given Ihat Ih comptitiHca with
the piiivttfons ofllie Att uf Ceuarvas nf Jn J,
HT, eiillllml, "All art nirthesalenflliHWr laiuls
III the state uf California. Oiegoii, hevmbi, ami
Waslilugtmi I'eitlloiy ' a ealended lo all the
imldlc land stale by Art uf Aiinntl 4, il!, the
folluwliig-iiaiunl ir.iiis ha e filed lulhltelnee
their snorn staUuiruts, tn-wil
Kheneier A Graham
nr Sisters, county of Hook, stale af OfMaati
snorn Nu 47. Died Jnne . lyWoTiellie
Hii(hasurihe lots land 1 and sH nell , lp
14, r lee, w m
Ihlwlii II. Onham
of Sitter, rsHiHly uf Cruuk. state nf Ofagnni
WH Nn 474, Alesl jHnee, iset.Mtlm;
iwtehatv ofitn loltaand 7 ami eH swtf sea, lp
11 a, r lee w m
Jackie llreck
uf Ittmt.emiHlyorCinMk. stale af Oreannt mvusii
MatemeHt Noaui, filed June it, In, for Its Mr
chase ul Ihe seH w( and sH netfs-1, If M s,
r w e. and let arc 3. lp I a, I II . w nt
William Mulhall
ufsonlt City, rnnnt) of Wowllmry, laleefltwai
nvurn statemeul No ese filed Jnne Ul njM, for
the imrchawoflhe nM sK anil nH eK ( ,
tp iaa, r II e, w HI-
Itavtd II llaner
of LewlMoti, ennnti' of N Perca. state f laVhtN
sHoru MaUmeul .No ai. Mnl July (, tv, far
Ihe purchase of Ihe lots 1 and iml and W
and 4 see j. Ipia 1 11 r, w m
That Ihty will .K.r uf to straw thatlhalnml
ttsughl l mure valuable for Ha limlnr or ften
lhau for agricultural wtepoxe and lo calaMtth
Ih-lr ilaluia to aanl land bfore J J Millh,
tuuiitt Clerk, at Printtillr, iHrgim. on Tn
day, Ine i;lh day of November. iv3
They name aa wltnesM-s Mdwln MUrnrwni,
John W Will, Robert Smith. K A tlraham.
SiMers, in, Warren Brawn. L K Alliaghnm,
Or IMImtesler, lren AlliHglMm.of frlnrvltW.
Or, D V steff. W II Block. W II steals. Choflea
L Block, Jistenh II llaner, Prank H1t.m11, at
Bend or William II llolllngiead JSIkignef
Mottaml. or
Any and all Mont dalmlMt dvetfslj' Ihe
abovr-deveritwd (soda are rvaneatcd la ale their
clalmths Ihlaeraeenntw bsfore Use saM iTthiesy
of Novetubel . lasa
11 nu MlOIAItL T NIUN. Metfsat.
Trnsber Mnd. Aat Jnne 3, itfa.
I'. S. Und offke at Ubevtesr. rieeanm.
neptemhtt , iisu
Notice k hereby given thai la teeinWaan. wMh
lis provttiont ui ine Act or Congee of Jmt 1,
107a, entllled. " An act for Ihe sale of taarr land
In the atate of CaHfoe
of Cahfoiate. iwenmi. Nevada, and
Wethlnaten Terriuwy," a esleuded la all Ike
(Msbln: bind rlain by Art of Aagaat 4. !,
William Parker,
ef Delhi, county of Medoood stale af Mlnaweou.
fotfiMIlhtssrae M "torn Mranl Ma
ias, be the punhr of Ih wH nwt are ft. aH
re 11. In
r 11 e. w m. aan wiu oawr
lu show Ihat in land souahl ia more valn
able for ilt timber ur stout laa for acrtcallisr)
tmiute and lo ettalJlth hi etatnt lu atd land
uensr j 3 sans, veuniy viern at rrnsewe
Oregon, on Tuesday Ihe ifdh day of Deretabev.
lie name as wetnesses, Ralph Jaisien. t
H. Psnndetlef. ilea potHsteater. ChaintB
Krickann, all of PrtnevMIe, lurgass
Any and all pet-am etoimltsc adeefietr Ihe
ebuee-deacrUsssJ lamt are reawetfed la file Ihetr
cteins In thr erwre on er Utfasc the msM Igtt. daj'
r " -
1 tKVflvnfT
Timber Mnd, Art Jnne X ra
l. S Lamt OftVe, MVaatew, Ofegon,
lld. , tfal
Wotfte Is hero-eJven t)jlu anmi'MilnW wflh
lhprfr1tli(dtMAMtsMHnt ef JsM 3.
lira, entltletl. ,TAn act for Ihe -lref isx4wrtaitdt
In Ihe stale of California. Orenon, Treteda, aixl
Wathtnaten Tesrilery " as exIemM in art the
while bind stales by art of Augntt 4. .
Krnrt D Wain,
af PrtnevltU. county ofinwk. stale of Oregon,
ha hied in Ihls offK hi sworn stalewenl No
171I, for the purchase of Ihe Lot I, 1, 4, neK
wf of sec 31. Ipt i,rir,wia . and wftl .lf.r
proof la show Ihat the Und tonghl la more
valuable for it limber or stone than for agrlenl
tueulMirpo. and lu ealaMUh hlsataim iaoMd
land before J J Smith. County tiers,, al Prine-
the lath
elite. Olegsm. on Tuesday. In iltn Mr w
Deoember iet-
II name a wMu lleniy A. rVsser.
CtMrleu II Krtcktoa Ralph Jordan, Artiagten
Hovtt, all ef PrlnevtlU. Oregon
Any and ell neieuns abwHUng
dvetftr the
above a.rt-Mt hunt are leunettan w gst inetr
dalns In ihrt ohVa on er
e on or neawe ine mm ijansssy
nydll K M
Cl 1 ao.eaeaav flgarv -
Timber Mnd. Act Jnne 3. I7-
V. 8. Mnd Office, Ukevtew, Otegntt.
Mtdetaber , rn
Nothie f neeeiMr given that In eotrdyu with
the iwovtttona oTlh Art ef CwngtaM of Jhjm x
iM, entttlad, "An act for I he aGruf Umber WHis
In the Mate of CalifornM, iMegon. Nevada, and
WahlngKm Territory. ' as eatandad to all In
public land (tales by Art of Aiunud 4, . the
foflnwlnt-named prsun have Sled In tat em
their swotn stalemenl. to-ull
Wallacv M Heall.
uf Vasnon. county of King, Male of Waahtajtfim
worn stalemenl No 1714, for Ihi pnrvhae eTlhe
nH nH ec 17. U1 11 . r 11 , w m
Charle W JacutM,
or Vashon. aimiity ur King, stale uf Waahlnalon.
swor h Maiewenl No 171s, for the pnrvhaM aft he
H uwK and nH w sec 17, lp it , r 1 e. w m,
llllen Harrington,
of Vhon. count) of King, state of Watdtlnntt 1
worn Btalemein No 171a, for the tavrvsMaedrill
elf wK.HsK aecil, swK swff see 17. IP n
r III, W H4
That they will olfir woof lo show that the land
mmght t more velualdc for lu Umber or otaae
than for agrn-ullnfal puriMMe, and In eetnMrsfi
llielr ilalins to said laml before J. M Mxience
I' h Commlsthiner at llend, Orenon, on Satnr.
.lav tit ntli dav of DeremlMr. nasi
They name nt wltiieite Wallace M. heall.
ChtlsW Jacob HIU11 Harr I Hgten, of Vaalnni,
Waahluglnii, Isaac W. Wtlllams,. Anns Brad
shaw. Pur I U ml, orrguii, P C Ulillleii, llend
Any and all persons claiming adeeiaely Ihe
alajve-deseribed land at requertfd to file their
ctalm in Hit office ou ur before the sakl iitli ilay
of Dvcciuber. ivy
iv-dn It M. BltATTAIN. HegWcr.
TlmUr Loiid, Art June J, lt.
II. 8. Laud Office, The Dalle, Oregon,
October II, l'J.
Notice I hrtcliy given that In omipltanec with
the provisions oftlic Act of Cougtrst iff June 3,
mjl, entitled, "An att for the sale of lluiher lauds
In the statea of California, Oregon, Nevada, and
Washington Territory," a extended tn alt the
public land state by Alt or August 4, idyl,
Unbelt C, Grcicg,
or Wall Walla, county of Wullu Walla, atate uf
Wash, has oil Oct 4, 1901, filed III this olhrr I It
sworn statement No 1171. for the purchutc ofthe
ilHnwM sec 19 ud 11 K lic) ofacrto, lp 19, a,
r ne.w 111,
And will offer proof tn show that the laud
ought I more valuable for Us Umber nr stone
than for agricultural puriiotea, and lo cstabllth
their claims to said laud before the Register and
Receiver at The Dalle, Oregon, oil Wednesday,
the 13th day of January, 1904.
He numca witnesses Ora Polndexter, I' II
I'oliidextcr, of Priiieville, Oregon; I'icd W Wil
son, Joseph Peters, of The Dalles, Oiigou,
Any and all persons claiming adversely til
nhovc'dcscrllnit laud are requested to file their
claim in till ollicc oil or before the said 13th day
of Janury 1 004.
ojo-Jl MICIfAIIL 1Y.N0I.AN, Register.