The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, September 18, 1903, Image 6

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Timber Land, AM June J. UT-
' v
U. S. Land Office, The lMlles. Oregon,
, May u. wi
; la hereby Hint III cwHipllaitcc llli
rlaUnaofiheActer Coiiktpm of June 3,
Ittlcd, "An net fbr the anftof Umber Und
Notice i
llir timet
iaa. ullllnl
! ? !) nf rMtlfltlll ilrwMiii. VrMilft. mitt
1.1 ivir. vi ....,.... ... .-.. :--"-"-. -:-.- Territory," a exienueu 10 an ine
public Uml state by vl of August 4. ihfl. the
follow Inc-named persona have on Nov t. iy,
filed In this office their awvrtl rtajemctita. lo-wll
lre(i. A Archer
of ins Dupont t, it, Minneapolis, count) of
Hennepin, Male of Minnesota, sworn siatemem
N HIT. for the purchase of the iie ec . t 19
r 13 e, w m.
William A cant
of as Ittghlh , Orand I'mk. cooaty of Oram!
IMrks, Male of North Dakota, smotm Matemeul
No 144S, foe the purchase of the H ec H'
k. r ij e, w m
Charles It Kolitttaon
ofTlnind Parka, county of tlrahd llirk. Mate of
North fMketa: imHi Matcmcnt No 1449. roe the
rmrcbasc of the self sec 17. tp i . r ij e. w m
Itaaee M Cntrte
of Oram! 1"wU, county of Orntxl VocWi. ntate of
North IMkola; -om Halemeal No I4J0. lor the
HirelHc of the t V . t i . r ij , i
Ida S. KoMnvm
of fttaml I'm tit, county of (iramt Votk, tate of
North IMkota, svrvrn Hatentent No HJi, fr the
rrt)teofthet cii, tp i, r ije, w m
Martha C. vttltm
of 0 rami l'orku, county of Uraml rot),, Mate of
Not til HakMa. wra multmrtt No I4H A" "
pitfchax of IM wl cc 11, i i r IJ . w m
Martha 1) I.uke
nf Onwl lHirfc, omtnty of rnt fork, tate of
Aonn lauuiva, xwora Maiemvm o I4 ror iw
(mrchate oflnir Mel( i, t i. r . w m
That they wttl otfer proof lo tbmr that the taott
osbt hi more valuable for It Umber or tou
than for acrtnllaral parixro, and lu.rtabUh
their daliSctaaahl land belorc the HefMrr and
KecHvcr at Tile IMtles, Drrfon, on Tueta
the ijth day of October. rA.
They name a rllee lTanm M Currtr,
Martha H Ijike, V A CHrrle. C II Nohlnwn, Wit
Hwrr, J It Clifford. Martha C WfllUm. Ida S
Roliino. olrkHd rurk. N llakuta? fceile A
Archer, of MtmwaixJK Minn; John Metdl, of
item, ifrntm.
Any and all t-ro eUlmhn; atlrfrveiy the
tttnre djutriocd land arc reuuerted to (He their
ciaim in una
1 ojfice on or before he mM Ijthda)
oTUctober. iom v
I) -$ ' ailCIIAlH. TNOL-VN. ReeMer
Timber Land, Act June j, i7.
Land (). The Iialln, Oregon,
May . )J.
Notfte la hereby (rrvm that in e iptianw with
the MeovWon arthv Act of Cooert of Jane J.
ileittMeil, "A aet for the ale ofUattMre tand
in thcaaaief of Caiifarnla, urccon, Nevada, aad
At aahiMta Territory," aa extended to alt the
tjMle land tat by Act of Aujrmt 4. !. the
follow tog Mowed perooM have on Nor J. ran,
filed to thia tfe ihrtr nrara t4rt, lwk
Lonia Me
ofnarary, cooaty of ptercc, Male of North Da
kota: nrara atalemeat No 1471. fur the ateabeae
ofthe aet ee a, to la , r ij e, w m
Thoaaaa T. Laraon
of Laagor. cooaty of Hdtraml. Mate of MIhimt
Kotft, anrora MXetaetrt No 1471, for the wrchiie
ofthe Iota 1. J, J and 4 aec it, tp i.rur.iin
Hobctt I oi-lood
ofDeaildJi. cooaty of Hrttrami. Male of Miane
k..i avorn atateaieut No 147J. for the purchaac
of the X xc li.lpni, njt.wni.
That Ibcy will offer nronf to shanr that the land
aouf hi ta more valnable for ita timber r atou
tlnn lor ncrkultaral purpoaes, and W eatabnah
their daiMH to aaid land before tve Keriaterand
Krcciaer af The lKittra, Oregon, on Pfiday, the
16th day of October, tyaj.
They name aa wilneaaea. IjouH Mot. of liar,
try. S llak: Robert I'uralHtxi. of HentMH. Minn:
liana Kvervoa. of I'liltlll. Wla; lul ?Umhi. of-J
lieod. on TMomaa r Laraon, or Lancer, MIoh.
Any ami all penoni cialrainn; adreraely the
aborJcMrlbed landa arr miueMed te file their
rtairaa fa Ihl oAee on or before the hM loth
day ef Oirtobar. ia.
J)4-a. MICllAHI. T NOLAN. KrKMer.
Tlmtxr I jnl. Ackjunc J. lajl.
V. S. IjnJ Otfkr. The IkillM, Orcajon,
' sy vy
Notice I hereby givvn that in cnmpllance with
the pfuetanwt ofihc Act of Crnrr4 of Jumc 3.
i"7. entiMcd. "An act for the aabrof limtier landa
in the Mate of California, Oregon, Nevada, and
WaaMitgioa Territory," a extended tit all the
public land Male bjr Act of AuuM 4, . the
fulloaWaw-namial petxwa haw on Nov 1, roat,
filed hi thia ojftcr their aararn MalemenU, to-wtt.
Moo Olaon
orHrmhHI. couHtyofhVkraml, Male of Minne
sota. ayrVra Hal iial No 1457, fur the porch
f lbeV,Vl'dlot 1 ate a, tp 17 , r
lo a, ww J
Aafla o. Krafcaa
of HemiarJI. county it HrHfaml. Male of Mlntvc
ota: arem ttateaieat No mjoi fbr the porchavtc
of iha H aavK and wH m( ux a, tp 17 a, r 10 ,
w m.
ragnal M'oadCfi
of Hemhrji. cooaty of behoaml. Mate of Miane
ita: aavura Matemvnt No 1459, for the purchaae
of tlie tola 4. 3. and 7 mc a. lp 17 a, r w r, w ra.
That they will aOrr proof to abevr that lb land
aovjght U aaorc valoable for ha timber or aioae
thati for agncuHaral purpoa, and to catablUh
their cUImu to aatd land Ixurc lb Kecwter and
Keceiver at The Dalle, ireaoa, uu Wednesday,
thr 14th day of October, 1014
They itauie aa witneaace A u fill O Kreken,
AiwuM IVoHen, K A baiher, Mima Oteoa. of Ha
inbljl, Miaa.and Mika Lepage, of Head, Or
Any and aR pciaona daimlHg advtraeiy the
aUvelwcritxal Uait are raaiiiaatod to file their
ctaimainthlaowccoaorbeffare tlicaald ulhiUy
Timber l.d, Act Jna j, itjA.
V. S Mnd Oflkc, The DaUea, Oregon,
Jnnea, IO.
, Notice I hereby given that in compliance wrUli
the provMtma aflUt Act of Congrea of Jan 1.
i7. a-HlItled, "An act tor the aale ot timber una
in IM Mote o( California, uiegofi, Neva
Nevada, autl
WaaWagtoH Tafrhory,'
aa extvndcal to
alt the
tHiocao4ttaaly Act of Aajgoat
l)liowIng.aaHml pctmhii have filed
goat 4, 19. the
led In thU ofber
their aworn HalcatenU, lo-wit.
Ol It Jovnlng
of Climax, county of IWk, Mate of Minneaota:
worn statemtttt No IM4, flUal Dec ij, I'ai, for
the rxwehfta ofthe wj, mm and t awj aec j,
John K Jevulus
of Climax, county of Iulk. aute of Miuncxda;
fcMroro Maiament Koj4j, filed Dec 11, low, for
the purchaM of lot 4tc 3 and ltd j and ) lie)
arc 4, tpao . r u c, and ttH k)( aec ji, tp 19 a, r
u, w in.
Oundtr Hwenaon
of Climax, county of I'ulL, Mate of Mlnneaota;
worn (tatcment No 1446, bled Dec 13, lyw. for
the piirctuue nf the t wj and e)f uwjj aec I
and n5f nw, mc 11, tii,r ifc, w ra.
JldlllCT liittiwtn
of Climax, county of 1'olk, atate if Mlnneaotat
aworn atatement No 1347, filed Dc 13, jn, for
the purchase of Die ntv) arc j, tpjoa, r
I0I1 11 O. Jllixt
of Ilcnd, county of Crook, atate of Oregon; aworn
tatcment No 133a, tiled Dec 4, s?iit for the pur-
cnaae 01 mc un neji anu nc nwtf aec 13, tp 30
a, r n e, w in.
That they wilt offer proof to allow that the laud
sought ia more taluable fur Iti timber or atone
than fur agricultural purposes, and to eatabllah
their claims W said land before the Rrrfntr and
Kccelvcr at The Dalles, Oregon, oil Wcduchday,
the 18th day of October, ly
They name as witnessrs, Jfclmer Kateuscii,
John K Jcvning, Ole Urickson, Ole 1 Jcviiing,
Ouuder Kwrusoii, of Climax, Minn; Louts NU
son.John Moss, Donald V hteffa, of lleud, OR
John K Kaamuaseii.ofl'lilllips Wis: O Jiewsou,
of Seattle, Wash; John McTafigart, of The
Dalles, Or
Any and alt persons claiming adversely the
aborc-described lands are requested tu file their
claims in this office on pr before the said 38th day
of October, ifl.
14-016 MlCilAHL T NOLAN, Uegi.ter,
Timber Land, M June 3. lfS.,
vtiVimi-mj i.'nu mint ifA'l'
niii i-wrv. i umnvn
S. Land office, Tlie ivdlea, Oregon,
stay 17, ipt
Nolle la hereby given Dial lit mniUurc Willi
the iovtlnai)rihe Art of Cwict" f Jllir J.
tlrta. entitled. "An net for ihrMlcuf llmtatrUnd
In iti slate-, uf California, orctmi. Nevada, and
'ton. ;
;;i:i:."L..". .' ".I.. . . ":r i-i ... -n ..
i nnaniiigion iciruury. as Hitmim io ;re
tniMIc laml tntp' by Act of AuuiKt 4. ' the
P 'tn lin-liwinnl ierwn filW III tlll ullHW
their anorn (tatrtnenK to-wll.
Charlotl Klni;
of Wtftton, comity of I'matllln, MateafDteiroo
strain ttatement No MTT. fltok Nov 4, toi, for the
imrchate ofthe H ueH ami lot I and 1 rc J, li
ij, r 10 c, wm.
I.oal. V, Kale
fWrtmi. rounl of I'walilla, Male of Orogwi:
twornMaitment No imj, Klen Nov 11, iai, for
the Htche ofthe eV e ija, r ioe,wm
That tltry nlll offer mwifto low that the land
MHiKhiU more vatiMilHc for It timber or tont
than for agricultural ihimhmH, and to ettalitlah
tlielr rtalm to Mhl Uud U fore Ihr Keltr and
kecvltr at The ttallM, (rr,un. ihi rtlik), lit
lath day of tVtober. 193
Tltey name an ltiiee C V Wallxta. J
Walter, ltpnrvrtawtr. Cltatl Klt, of Ve
ton, Or; John 1Iom awl Mlehael Conner, of The
tlalWv tvr.
Any ami alt toni dalmlns adeetety the
aboveHlevcrtbed laivA ate rrquotevl lo Ale their
ctoiin In Hilt oroce on or hefme the mM ifrth da)
.MltllAHr, T
NOI.AN, Kec4et
Ttmber Land,
Act June J, l7-
I'. S. Uud OflWe. The Ihttle, Oregon,
Mar . 1011.
Notice r kereUy riven that in eotaplUnc wrlih
the pfuelawHM ortrte Act of Coautra of ju
oTihe Act of Cottar of liute J
tra, entitled. "Ah act fbr the Mlcof itmhrrlaMda
111 tkvatalvaorcatlfhrnla. Orvaou. Nevada, and
Washington Terrllry." aa extended lo aH the
imbllc Uad Malai by Act of Anna! 4, 19, the
fbthnvtuf-nanKd. terona have on Nov 3, tou.
Sled In lliKofluT Ihrir iworn atatetnent, ta-wit
itimird A. IMckcu
if ink, cotwty ofSpukane, atale of VehlHgln
aararn atatetuent Nt 1104. for ttio pttnaaaeufthe
aivr; see 10, ip ly a.r iae, w m.
Prank AUlay
tifCbattaroy.rnunty of lapokitiie, state of WneJi
InatoM, aiaoen aratement No 141$, for th. par
.aae ofthe neH aecyt. lp i. r ae. w m.
Shrrman A.Kvkt
ofMnan.mantyor!tMkane. aU'e of W-lae
toa; awotn atatemenl No 146a, for the fHWCha
M ine lien aec ja ip ia a, r to e. w m.
Chartea Uoaa
ofChatUnt)', ewaiwty of t4Mkan. stale of Waah
nglam; aren statement No 144, for the pur
chaae ofthe seU aec 3a. tp a, r 10 a, w m.
Artbor (lraliam
of 13s Cuileae ave, Spokane, cnoaly af aknakaae,
stair of WaantngtoMt ao Matrnraat No 140,
for the pairclaaae ofthe netC arc M. Ip lot, r mt,
e m.
Paul A Nkhaea
of M Pant, county of Kaaaacy, atale of M ImMwotai
aarorn Maltmiat No 14 . tor the pairrhair of the
aeM aec m, tp ly a, r lu e. w m.
Theodora Cunlher
of Challaray. cvHUity ofapokaar, Male of Waah
lagion: swnen aulratmt No Vitus for the par
cha ofthe sw IV see 17. lp H. r uc, w m
That they will offer proof to ahou- that tbelaad
sought a more valaubli
nu sue
umber ar ateme
Ihaa tat aarirultural nuriioae.
and to raiabtaah
their elaltna lo Mid land btfore the Kmiater and
Keceiver at The Dalle, tfregon, en Thatfwtay,
I he iMhday ofUctola.r. iy'3.
They namcaantlttea Theodore naniher,
brank SUbry, Chart Kim, ofCbattaruy, M'aalt,
lulward A Dkkea, uf Mk. U'aahi Khtnaan A
Kent, of Milan. Wash. Arthur Or haw. of apo
kane, Waah. Paul H Nielada, of ht Pu.d. Minh
Any and alt tieraaxt dainiing attveraaly the
atwvr-deacribed landa arc rtijoeaTed Ki file tiaetr
cbtintain thitufftcv or tieiorc the said Ijlh
oay 01 teiorier. iya
lAltt. T. NOLAN. Register
Timber Land, Act June), lf.
If. S. Land Office. Th IMUea, Oregon,
June t. 193,
Notice U hereby given that in cotnpliam with
the provaatoa of the Act of Congreso of June 3.
17, entitled, "An act foe the wleol timbre laiMM
in th state ufCallfumU, Orraon, NevHsa.aad
Waahlutton Tcrrflucy," as exleadad to all tin
public Uad state by Act of Augaatt 4 n, the
Navwing-named persona have oh Nov 14, nan.
filed In thia oftee their sworn aUiemeota, twwil
Oeovgc W Kl
of TSf Harvard ave, H, fteatlle, coanly of Klag,
Mate of Waahiagton, sworn Matetoenl No 13,.
for th purchase of the H nw sec at; lp 11 s, r
10 c w m.
David Murray
of Taeoaaa. (care Hotel Krooklyn), eoanty of
Pterc. Male of Waahiagton, wotm atatemrnt
Nu 10. for th parcbaae of the M K ave is
and wh) nK see 13. lp 13 a. r we, w m.
That Ibry will ofler proof to ahow 1 hat the Uad
aoaghl is more valaabi far it timber or Muae
than fur agricultural punioa, and lo establish
their claim lo said Und betort the McU4rrand
KecrivLr ai The Dalle. Oregon, on Wednesday.
the JiM day of October, 1903.
They naai awitnea (Irora W H ice, of
Sveallle. Wash. David Murray, of Tacoina, Wab.
P W awUh, John Mo, ill. C A DartiWi, of
lUater. Oregon
Any and all perum cialming adversely th
abow-dcxribnl landa are rfucud tu tie their
da I ma in this office oil or )vfee I lie said lit day
of October, 193.
(y3it MICIIAIILT. .NOUN, KeglMar.
Timber Land, Act June 3, lajt.
U H. Ud Oflatc, The ItaUe. OrcgoM,
May 7. Mm.
tty tj. 193
Notice i hereby given that In couipiiaac with
the roviaiuu oflb Act of Conar
Lonar of Inn .
itya. entltUd, "AN act for the sale of limber Ux(
la the stale of California, Oreaon, Nevada, aad
Washington Territory." a extended t til th
public Und Mate by Act of AuHat 4, iff, the
follow tag-named person have Bled In till eHU
their sworn atcteintma,, to-wit:
Chaile II. Kelt
Of The Dtlr, county of Waaeu, Male of OrtkliH.
sworn Matament No !, filed Nov4,ivt, Mf the
purchaae of the tnU aw),', sM uw)( and iwk
nejf sec 33, tp if , r loe. w m
David MorrU
of The Dalle, county of Waacuiutc of OrMn;
sworn auiement No ut,, filed Nor 4, la, fat
ihcmirebaaeoflhcvtt nf, neiiwJJ aMntK
i(( sec 30, tp s, r 10 e, w in.
Heiinie Johnson
of The Dalles, county ol Waaeu, slal of Oregon,
sworn sUtemeut No 141. filnl Nov 4, I9s, for
the purchase ofthe swj ec 31, lp 15 s, r la e,
Frederick A. Hilts
of The Dalle, county of Wsani, slate of Oregon;
sworn statement No 14H3, filed Nov 4. 19W. for
the purchase of thesK awtf. w)i seSad nwj
w 33. tp 15 r lu e, w in.
William I. Wells
of Independence, county of I'olk, state of Ora-
;on; aworn siaicincnt no 149, mri ituv 7, iy.
orlhe tiurchaseuf the wU ttU. set swt? ami
aw; lie Jf sec 34. tp 19 r 10 e, w in.
I'hllllii I'. Mans
of Wrcntham, county of Wasco, stale of Oregon;
sworn statement No I47, fikd Nov 8, iy, for
trie purcnase 01 tlie nw( sec m, tp ia , r ioe,w 111.
That they will offer proof to show thattheland
soukM I more valuable for its timber or stone
than for agricultural purposes, and tu rstabliah
their claim to said laud before the Kegistcr and
Keceiver at The Dalles, Oregon, oil Monday, the
19th day of Octobert 1)03
They name as wilnesaes: Ilennle Johnson,
Frederick A licit., David Morris. Nathan Jiubbs,
Charles Iletts, Willis M Jiubbs, William II
Jiubbs, Den H Johnaou, of The Dallci, On Aiuoa
Jlradshaw, 1'reJC Whlttcn, Albert h hholes, uf
Portland, Or; Commodore I' Weill, of lndfxrii.
deuce, Or
Any and alt person cUlmiug adversely the
above-described lands arc re;urstcd to file their
claims In this office on or before the said lotb dav
oroctolicr. 1003.
jyjl-01 MICHAKL Ti NOLAN, Kcgistcr.
Yiutlierl.niHi. Acl June J, iSf.
V. 8. I.mul QflVe. Tlie Dallw. f beiwti,
Myw. m
ettlu' tflren Hint In coiniiflaiitv with
11 nfllm Act uf ixurrH of June j,
I. "An act rr ihc tMleuftlmlier lamia
Nultcc l linelj
me provision
pW, tiitlttwl
In lite ttotea of (.'illloriita
(irraou. NcvmU aim
Wi alitnglmi Territ.wv.
iihllc I
n . timlil to All the
mimic laml atMlsx tu Act f A'HUSt 4
kii.. .. , u..., . . '.-
1 a-
law. lb
tunned persuna hv '' Nor u, toas,
llletl In thia ntHee ilurlr 'u alatetneiita, lo-wit
laaaa V llllanaa
of 141 (ItaH'l ave, 11, PortUiid, oauHty nf MnllWf
malt, atatc of UrtiuMi rn ttvaueirt No 149,1.
flu- Hie piiichaa of lh eS . nw)( aK and
aeU swK aec 3s, Ipsa, r tie will,
llaah IV'Vle
f llenildjl, oinnty of Rriiuuii, alai ol Mltine
sotn, an or 11 Mateusvut No I4, 'of tit ramluaa
uftheueU v 3J, li ia a, 1 ie, w HI.
Ihrrtha A Knot
of PemhijU county nf Mclirauri, stale of MIhhv
auU, twvrn atatcmeut N i4-, for the wrchae
of the nn H ev 33, tp m a iik.wm
That the til utter tn.-. t.iahutt that the land
hmghl u mat valuable I u iia Umber ar ftone
than for atrrtcultMral purH.e and to eaUbllah
iikit iwm iu aMi usatl n ! inv riglll aim
Heceiter ai The DallM, itiTKun, on vrednewaa)
llw Slat davnf Ortotwr iu,i
They ivameas wltneaara John LacbuylesaaH,
of LjndeM, Waah, Lar ucv Piaalreh, Amoa
Kradahaw, V C Whillea. if l-ttUHd. or, Job
Xlettll. Haithn A Kat. f '. Kim, ramnna
Twest, oTThe iMllen, Of, llh I tort , of -iuMJI,
Any and all tivrwan claiming adversely the
betv4teevlledbMdarrrui.-trd ta il their
itatm ia lh( afjrtee aa w briur Ihe aM Mat day
tmonev, 19x9,
Tlmh Land, Act Jasv 3. Mt.
V. S Und OftW. The IMtl. Ilevgem.
lata s. lau.
Notice I hereby gltv-u thai l.i n.mpliaave with
the pruvtakiaM of lh A ef longer of Jane j
lajt, entitled, "Anact fat the Io4 limber h)avta
in Ihe Male of .4lMwisn, Oregoa. Nevada, aad
Waahiagtan Territory,'' as ra.eaded a. .dl th
KMic land Mat by Ad of Augart 1. M. the
loavtwa-nami-d I Ifagin haiv on Nov i? h,
ll In IMa olac taH swora statemeau. to-wM
!...... It......
uf I'vtley, eawniy af Waarmaa. atate of Mlaneaotoil
iMn.etlt ita IU1. nw he iwrchaa ol
ncti h. HKMh'iiWaMMxW aec JJ, iv a, r
li , w m
I'M J. I'eteraoo
ol li ley,.! 94 gfarnma, state of Mtaaraata;
savora ajalcmeal Na 1313. for Ihe parchaae of the
iliHaK aad wl athfaecn. lp ' a, 1 nv, w m
Jaam N. Kud
of Pvrlev aauai r af Noras u state of Miaacaota
ww Matameat Nu ii, f,i the mtrehaae nf lh
aaeH aeW.shj awKaMnwH a 3, lp as ,
r ise.w m
That lhy will offer proof lobu that th toad
ought la asare vataabi for it umber or atuciv
tbaa lilt agrkattarat parpuara, aad iu CHtahtith
their rUlaw In aht Uad before llw Mraialer aad
Mecetvan at The iMlhra, Mrrcua. on Tharaday.
lh rsdde) of Oe1ufir, 1903
They a ear a attweaaa John hade, Pvtrr J
Keirraoai, edaaoet HaaW, of Krtry Miaa, Loata
Netaoa. IKita WIIhtH. af aVod. ne. liaa KreT
uh. uf PMHIiaa. ijTss
Aay aad all wkhhh claiming adverasiy the
above dracnbed jaada are reu,.Md to at. taatr
eUiasa ia thU edske om ar hefur the mM ltd day
f iKWarr, iaj
33i- MICIIAH1, T NOLAN. aelirr
Timber Land. Art Jane 3. taya.
V. H
Land OAie. The lutlc. niesjoh.
my i BJ03
Notice la hereby jrtveti lltat ia ramahaace wtth
the prwvUions nf toe
riaiona 01 lite ,.l
si 01 voagrraa 01 jaae 3.
lay euittica, " Mi act
Idled, " n
la thatofCdlJfoiHm, Oragiia. NevacLa
,. .... k aw, bm m tw t umi.1
h ifi .i.iiii w v wpwiw , '" m 'V nwajnfl, aaa
Waahtaiitiaa Tatraiaty," aa viusaW hvaai llw
their swoih statajaeata, t-fl
llaaaald Kbaw
of Pore ftrave. coaaty of Waehlmtaai. state of
jregaa, sworn atsieascat iao isna, ana jaa n,
iov k th pttfcbaae ofthe aK sec 10, lp Ml a. r
loe, w m.
Peter Xatamilh
uf Hannah, cataaly of laraiiat, Mas of North
Dakota, whh auteasvat Uu ijjat, hied Jan 11
ioi, for lh purchaa of thr a)tK aad e), aw 14
sec 34, tp 1$ , r iu e, w m
Mary ItVaw
ef Voeaat r.rov. cuauly of Washlagior. slal ef
'iregoa, aworn Malemei 1 Ku !, filed Prb 17,
19-3, fuethe rtuvuaac of the at W and nK
sH aec wand ne), nh sac 13, Ip at 1, r i e,
William liar
uf llaanah. eoanty uf lavaliae. slat of North
Dakota, aaraea Matemeul ho ijiM, tied Jan li,
VU. foelbe purchase ofthe at uaelf, aeli' nw
-ud nwJt aa 14 sec 13. tp .".a. no,a
That they will offer ptuof to thaw that thr tend
aoutbt la wore valuable fur iu ttatibvr or stoa
than fbr aan-xltural mirmue. aad to rataUUh
their rUinia tu aai.1 Uad lieae th HagiMeraad
aecvtvvT at tbc nalira, iHgna, ai Tuly. the
Mh day of h'uvrnibrr, lyji,
Tim uaui a witav lt Maiea-lt). Wll.
Item liay, Nevia Mclutyre of UaMaah. N Hah;
iliac lauiaor, 01 lue im'ir, or; uoeaaa aaaw.
Maty ahaw, of Forest firuv Or.
Anv and all tkrraua ilsl uia advrtv lh
alwvirtacrlbtd JamU are rruasMed la die Ihtir
cUim ha Ini uAee on or before lh aatd loth day
if November
Mnd Ofae at Th naltaa. 019 gox,
August i. luui.
Nolle la herahv aiven ikal lh futfoada.
named Miller baa tied ftotue of hla lulcaltOH tu
aiak final jmiof in aupport of bM claim, aad
thai ald laW will be made Mats) J M Law.
reuae, V. d. Commtaaiuaer at lkBachair,l)igM,
vi aatnrday, aeatemtier ,, 1. via.
Ada,m Hot Maun, of Ik trhatm, Ortfoa;
II K No litis, fur the al, art. aif alf aad
tteK K aac at, tit 17 a. r ue v. m,
lie nausra th rotlowin w.iuaaaa lo neaam Id
aontinuba laaiUeace uvm aaTm3tMii uiMbl
' ...A.! . . . .... ...... . .
wiiiiam 11 mania, uvm w n KtrVi JtWH
more, J I Went, of Dearhulra Of.
asi-Hi MICIIAKI, T. NUWX, KegsMar
Timber Und, Art June (, tara,
V. H. Mm! Offi. riie Hollas, Oregon,
HebUhilitrf, lpi.
Notice I hereby given that In CeHWUa with
111 provisions orth Act 1 1 CoegrrH ef Jan 3.
17. rntitleil, 'An act for thr sawpf tlHilierUnda
III lb Mates of ti.llfi.mlii. iirgiHI, Nvda. Mild
iiMtiniXMiii leiiiiuty, aa rxiafwau, Uml state by Act of tuaiisl 4, lays, the
fblluulini-naineil tiersuna
lute won
III IhUglfic
Iheir sworn stateinei.ts, to-wn
. .. Juveph N lluutrr
or Alliany, euuiily of Linn state
of Oreiioii:
sworn statement No 470, hi I June 4, l. fur Ihe
purchase of Ihe lie Jf sec y. tp 10 s, r 10 c, r in
, ... Jam Hunter
of Albany, county of l.inn, slat nf Oregon;
swurn slaieuiviit Nu 4o. fill d June i. I'A'I. fur the
purchase nf the nw sec , tp 19 s, r 10 e, w in,
That they wilt ulfer iitouf to allow thai the land
aouyht i more valuabb- f r us tlmUr or stone
than fjrogriciilliirul put iMMi., ami to t-thltu
their claims tu said laiidbiforr J. M, Lawrence,
V h Counuiaaloiicr, al Deadline, Drefiuii, oil
Hutunlay, the 14II1 day of Nov. mlxr, 104.
They 11.11111: ns wltnr.i. a j f JlunUr, Jaiue
Hunter, J I West, CIm Jirock. U Klugi of llnd,
Anv and all tiersons rliihulinr udverselv the
alxire-drKrilied Units are reoiKuUd to file their
claims In this office on or before the said 14th day
of November, igot
sii-iiij MiCHAl',1, T. NOLAN, Keglitcr.
lllHtiart lllit. Art JuhCJI.
II. H IjHhI oAhM, Tlie Dalle, OrufOH,
May ij, 19AJ
Nullc la hereli)- irlwn Ihjttii eoliitiHatir wllli
lh ptivtaiiuia wrtht Art of Cungteai of June 3,
i?, eulltlvt "An net fix the sale ofllmlier
Inlaw In the atatea uf OllforiiWi, or. gnu, Nevada
and Washington T,.rtlliiiy," aa eaiendrd lo rill
I- public laud stale by Act ilf Aujuai 4, 1194,
the r.illo vlnuni.l ii hav Ulrd H I Ida
ufnc their amKii talHteur, lo-wit
, Jlli II Cl'lfnrd
of 13 HeavW a, Craad forts, conaty af rtrand
lfotki, Mate af North rhikaiai aworn Mnlemenl
No 144A, filed Nov 1, ly, rtu- th puialiaa of the
n rcl, ii cm. I lie, w ih
Huae C. I Mine)'
of ThompMHi, o-auiv of ilimid l'.itk, Mate of
nonii imh ia, eworn tsieiueiii iu mm, nwei
Nov , iot, fur the pufehaat
i a. r u e. w ia
oflaarXM, lp
uf Htskln. cMHUty 7 Polk. iTA af 3llaaota:
mvorn awtrmtMl No itw. fflw Nov 1, 1901, forth
piircna of the ! e rf, ip iaa, t 13 e, w m
H'llllani II Uuir
ufllrand Porks, ofimly "f-irsnd INwka, tou af I
ortn iMBMa aworn aiatvuieiei Nu if, HMf
eve r, ro, nil tn purciwve VI ine nw( sac 1,
T ml titer Hill
Itut Ike
land aemuhl la mme valuable
lit limner ot
. . r-
tuM than I .r ngrlcall'iral mupuara, and lo ea
taiiiMtb lh. ir ruiaii a aaw laml benir the ttrn
later ana Keceiver al ine lajlrea. I
Mnitdat, the itih day nfi ober, igni
Tavy name a v(iuraaa W Atirrvie, Wit
rturr. I' II uubmaon. J I tltfT..rd,ol f.ranA Pork.
4 Dak, John MrUII, Juhn Hlnas, William rHaM.
f Head, or, 3 Hrsdhw, P C Whlttcn. of
I'nrttaud.or. rUrali llongra, 01 Hiahlae, Miau,
Rosa C oaey nf I hwnpaoo, X Dh.
Any ami all pvraou elalmlag arireraely the
abuv itearr diet landa nrv rttiueatvd lu lie II
ctaHai in ihl ovaaj n
or a.' mi
Ur lh aahl
davnf oclubri. tato.
easy of
.. ....A.r.... m. ...... . l. . . .
Mil 11 aim, 1 rrtii.t.'. nrgimei
Timber La4, Art Jwa 3, ity.
It. Land tHir, Th Halt. Orvgvm
. Noiir U hereby given I
the pruaisioaia ofthe Art
ifrfh, ea tided. ' a .! rue
given that in aal6na .lh
o votisreeas m jaae a.
Ineaateof llabr Ui
lu .1 d. . .J .. u .... ..t . 1... , . . ..a AS...
Waahuagbaa IVrr'ury,-' aa r4leadt lo aft lha
imMIc Und autr by Act of August 4, last, lh
eadlonttag numeil prriaiH hate uu ilrt 17, ir
filed la this aftVr ihett aiown aui-meaia. i
Andre t I liaise
nf Albany. County 1 f Line U ol irrewon, avora
srairarrni nu twxj, aur iw pannase ti iae v,
ell and h ( arcs. Ipif , t m.ek.
WlllUr, Alfred TYiaahl
of AlsaBy.eaeil uf l.inl.. eaal af llragasat wara
atkleetei Na)i3ya, flu lb aavraaae ol Ihe nW
aH aadati uw x an ii.tpirs.riee.wu,
(dward ht Mbrttasnr
of Alheaa, caaaty of ItnutUto stal of Itrema,
aroea atstrnaeat Mo ljl. for Ihe Barcaaa of th.
aHaek aadhd 1 aad 4 are 4, lp 13s, r iae, w m.
Manna K MtartUaara
of AthM. oaann M I anttllU ta of Oretlwa.
aworn Metetarat 1 vi. f-w tfaeparesjaa of Iae
ihii adhst land 4e t ipua. i,wm
That ihy adl oaV proof a ahow that Ihrtaiid
aouahj is wore ealadhle for Ma liiaher a- atoa
lha. 1 fue agrtcnli ual parpna,-. aud lo eat.bliaii
their eUlnia tu aaul Una be tare the Urgiaii r and
K.-rlvTM TTwttolb. iiregaja, m Prtda). thr
ijinnafasrswaivi mi .
1h.y oanaeaa wtti,aa WlllUm t TrhuM.
Aarir. r J iludg, lUart C hrra aad j taio
Ui ofAIWoy nirguii. John C I u Vr. uf The
Itati.- 'irewon. Prank Itihiirsh. Jatallrre'l ini,
Mral. I. kharefc Martha 1: Mortlaaajre. KdwaiM
at Mortimvrr uf .Vila aa, leragmi.
Aar aad a'l bctsuu ckalmma adsr.'tv th
buw deecrlbed laad are reuaewed la file Ihair
aim in thto cwnca ua w Ik fare th aatd sain da
( Aipumbsr. ifM.
ijrep.,, MICRARL T: NULAN, aegleear
Ttsabei Land, Act Jmte 3, ikyt.
!Jha I Irrrrtry glva IhM In Viaplaae with
lh MoeiatosM afiae Asm of CarDvra! aa. Iaa x.
at7, calHlrd "An act IW lh alxf Umawr
land fa the Males of CatifbraU, Oregda. Nevada
and WhtgtM Terrllury," a exHraded la all
the uuMIC Uad stst. a by Art uf Aaaait I, itai.
lay tWh lag named pjram hav A 1 irtobcr 1;,
9J, Wod In ths. oObte Ihetr sworn e4atarra.
lorg W Hechett
of Caaa Laka, cwual) of Was, state of Mlaneaota
awuto tatement Nu 143. Asr the pur.iia of the
eta act, aad lata and f t. tp 19 a, r is e, w m
Oeoau- inrtih
of Caaa Lab, county or cam. aute of Mlaasastsi
worn Maletmral No mm for the punhaeaof Ihe
svhi aec l, tpi, r li rem
liarnh II Ktraa lietdee
of Cam I Ah eoualy uf i-.a. stale vt Miaent,
airorai Maleii.ent Nu i4. fur lha pari baas uf the
a'l nwK aau lot 3 sad 4 mt 1, lp 19 , f ile.wm.
Ural tr Kroa.1
. cuanis uf lla
UKkyi swiaa aUleateni Nu 1447 lurtha p irb
oi on myt avi bom n 1 asm s sea , ii if , r
ar m
luut lhr will i'BV utewf to show thai lh Uad
ua, lit U mure valuable far iu liw Ur ur alone
ihaa foe aaiicutiara uurmwea, aad 10 ealdih
Hit Ir rtaiau to eaht laml betbf Ike au.
Kccrlvrr al The Dalle oregoa on tr U
w -. -. . w- -"',"-, ,
ine) ww aawnneaars urg mitB, lu 1
he WW a.wlinesarl l.nut mitiai, loe
1 If Mrawbrutai , ileorge W brcbrtt, ofOaaa
j.k. Vllau. loha Meidl. Thjaai Toret Hue.
maw Roberta, of The Dalle. 'n.gua
Aav auii an usrsuaa cuiiniiur aa. iiv IB
Unr dacrihcd Uml am. leuaeMed to fit' their
lu IhU orace oa or before lh aahl 4h .U)
urnrptambcr, icu.
Il7-ll Mil II
I AKL T NOLAN. Meal.lar
Tiiubtr Ijiml. Act June 1. .
U. Mad I line , Th lull, Oregon.
June a. it"i
Moth,' I hereby given that ta voa pllanrv with
the prorUioiu ofthe Art of Const r a of Jam j
i7, enlitb-. "Au avt for Ihv sale nf.iaiherUads
I., ihr aiarnari .lir.ulii iifi.nn vh4 ,.iUi
Wushingloa Terrttuey,
MlldR Und rtatr Irjr
?T- -"-."-" -' .-..---. -.. -,-- . .-.-
luey," ua riiauil lu ail the
Iry Act ut Augurt 4 iuj .11
rou huvr filed in thia ufnc
LthwtHMiBU.d uerauu
their sweru stataliieula, lu-wit
rwHk J. UUI
of HoUlneaH, coauly of HuHiueau, stale uf North
Dakota; bwmh Maietsxnt Vo ivi hied Dec t
itM, fur the purchaae ofthe w( aas , tp 17 s, r
io, w m.
laubrlla lrraf
of Hotllueau, couHly of Botlliiu stale of North
Dakota; anvorn HaWiuent Ne IMl Idcd Itew .,
iwm, furth putchaMuf iJuiswk sot 10, tp 1; s, r
id e, w hi.
Maggi I'raser '
of JiadllncaM. eounty tirilotlliieau.Matr of North
Dakota, swuru Maltiinl Nu 1373, filed Dec ,
;n, fur tht purchaa uf th tela 3 and 4 ac 1 and
lots 1 and 4 k 3, lp 17 s, r 10 a, w in
ImiiUI I'raacr
uf Dottlncs'i coauty of Huttiurau, Mnte uf North
Dakota; sworn lauuwrni no 1377. "leil Jan
1013, IW Hie purcnaa ui III e aev 9,
lo c, III.
Andrew Jolnitl oil
in it a if
p 17 s, r
of HoUlueau, ooaniy of Itutu-taou, Mat uf North ,
Dakata, sworn statement No 157. filed Jan 1
iuu3, for Hi purchase of lh wf sac ;, tp 17 a r I
mc, w 111, I
Joseph I' I'rasrr
uf flottlnraii, county efJMtliienii, slat of Vorlli
lUkola, sworn ataleuielll No l7V. Died Jan I,
HM. fur tlie iiurclittseoltli ne); m 4, lp 17 r,
10 e, w ll
Thai they will rlTar proof lo shun thai the laud
aoujlit U wor valuable far It HinUr or Mouv
than for
tlielr ils:
11 for uciUiilturul nuriMa4, anil to cMaMish
tlielr 1UI14 to said land Ik fur Ihe H IMer
Uecrivtr at 'flic Dalle, Oregon, mt Humrday th
7th day of Nuve.iiher. 1903. A
fhey name as wUuesacs NUlioUa Hiiillh,
Mike Lel'ugc, uf 'flic Il.illvs, Or, Maggie I'rasei,
IsnlRPe I'runk J Llllle, oaajili I' I'rwai,
John C Ht'ivir, Andrew lohaitoii, Donald M till
Itsple. Daniel I'ruitr, orHotlliiewii, N Dak
Aiiy ana nil iitrton tiiiimiiiK uiiicrjviy nit
nbove-dtscrllietl lunils arc requvstnl tu file their
chilins III this oflicc on or before the said 7th day
qf November, IW
an-013 MlCIIAlil, T. NOLAN, Utglatcr
YlHilirr Mini, Act June Ji Tfra.
II. Und ClrBcal, Tlrf lMtlM. Ol
" Ml
Nnlkaililiaesliy til
Ihe ifov1bn iirthe
IM, THtlllM. "AH a
Nnlka I lirlty given (IMl in
Art ar lliaiil
I fur tlr sal
in Ilia !! nf Califurula. llrraon. N
Wn ihlllgtaMt Trrfilnry," a extended lo alt
tnibllc lauil Male by Art 04
folhiwlHa-name'l sMrai
ms have filed In lUisofnv
llielr sworn MalrHietit. lo-wll
Kdwutd K. Tracir ,
nf Ifcmoyhrotta, ei.aniy uf Wurd, tlf .ofTlarlli
DaknlB, sutMIl stateNiwit No 14JW, filW Ka t,
nn (or the pnrrh of the sr-jf tea ia,rtM.
r 13, iv in. '
j John MenHfth
of North Vahliua, cuaaii af Yahim. vMf of
WaahlMMloni swnen aUiiiawail Nu I4, klaflffu
10, ii,Tut the iMircbaavof Itjeahj HK'"'b'K
aK aec li and awh H eve i, li n 1 ij 9,
a nniiaii iaiiaan
of Trier,
amy of Mlchmbad, 4U af llotlii
1 miicjlae id" lh HftM iVa 47
llak. iti. aa
9M, h-e th ptiicjia uf lha H(f I, lp
13. w m
WhaHr O'Mattry
of Phillip. ciiMly of Prtra. M of vrTacemat),
twura ataUbieut No l,, auM Oct ri. Na,ltirllri
pawcaa at ineH mx. 1, vpma, r ajw ao
Anlhi'iy hhrtl
ufPhlllltta, ctiHUty of I'lK. Blat id WHJBj9ha(
aMwn MhUaarai N i.v4, nttr Oct at, la.rvflM
pwrclats ofthe mv, ee 1, lp ms, r 137 a M. '
' Orura a. aavtr -
rihilllM.t..iiaiyiirPTh.. aiate af Wlli,jsit
aworn ns 131;. filed tM I 199, IW
lh parrhaar raf tin? nw 14 r 13, a at a, fUA
w m.
ffhtlll at HaaaaaaaaaaaaalM
of Phillip, rrnmiy of Prie Mabi 4al UittajtiBhll
wekrn Maleateil .No 1311 AlasJ Oatjiai jMa, Mr
the uarrhsae isfibe S -H. aH aK iM K
netarc 11. Ipasa, r tie, ,
Dam. 1 fiatiivan
of rbilltpa. cnunly a- 11 BM. ata 4sf Wlaaaaadau
awian Ml ment M11 139, Rletl Oat J 199. m
lh ruirehaaeufllw RU aa, ffll9,f l9.
aadlutai aad isec 1. tpa, r ijavji m.
Thuasaa thttAi
af fhlltllM, county f pner. itatg of WtsJaVhaia;
Jntensrnt No 13m. Bll Oct la. , par
th parehiasv af lb u l 33. lis 19 9. r la .
w HI
That they wWi.rrari.reMd In show thai th UaM
amagbl s nsnr vahmble far Ji tin naai
tha nir ag ullural painiuava, aaat ssiaMWs
thvlt elslin. ut aaidMad nrfbir lb hrthll' r IM
aWetrivitr al Vac UaUta. ilteua,aa TueaSaap. lha
rath ' of Ovtuir-I, lvl
They Ha B wit", aar John faaamnasra,
Aaifuv .hea. thsiHsli MatW,T1aa4naair,
I'mn A H-aetiv. Hasi l.v rasa, lutaa WlUaul
Jr. IMBH-I Mfltvia Jicub aUimuati u. PariKk If
larVy Ml Cto.i , of Phil ban. WUi John
hUnraih. of Niaih VaMma. 9V4h: vVlAwm
'.raibait, f ltU N (mki foul Nataan aat
Lb" nawal, al iMaa. lift V b IIBSSliB, Of
I aim'
aver Wuh.
Any ami tl psm rlaimtag mlvajfarly t h
aUrdaatibrd laad' rrsMtasad a W Itattt
a" reapisarru as as il
alalas la ibiaothc ba v bafur. In aaaf gall
bafW. lb aaf tsMh
r 9tsritrr
Tiatber Llad. Art Jwaw . itr-
f 1 lad tifAai, Tto mirsa. uraitoH,
Notle U heieVv srltn thai ta iaeiaiamrllh
.. ... r- ..k - j
lh BKkatona uflh AclTof Cos-gre of Jtua) j,
.r, ..w., o . w. m lew mie hwhu easy.
Ml the stales 1 A t'alutuiaf), IrrrgiMs. Neravda, nasi
Waah'agtrn Terriaoiy," a raliaaad l ail Mm
tK.l4u UaalMlhy Art of Aagaat 4. ! At
floaiuraaiivad perMs hav u Nwa.Haiewd
ta IhWorhc Ihrlr a war a rBIBtrJja, IsvaVtti
Bllkao 1' lliabta
of The lull ausut) ef Wcarai, t49 aiiaani
na-ava mlrBM hi Urn t,, lor tar psr4a of lh
t9 tS andahiBwl, an 31, lp ly. f ra, wnv.
WftlU Jd llafstat
asTTtae Halt, aaviM uf Wbmu, MI4iaf Owsmsi;
BoagM U mar vuliwH fa it timber edaalaasa
Ihrtr rtsisM In aaut Ua7Ulhr'lh tUrfHttTaai
Keeeurf at Th fkslUa, Oroaua. m taaisKeaia, tr
ins .ui o .eimrr, vau,
Th.' nam wittstaanf C V IMU, BavM
Mulli. W M rtalds. tred ragaVa. Na9aiH C
llabb. an - rh. I Isvs, or
Any aad alt pvrajiM rtsiralaf Meaay Ik
Brec.lWVihed IsaUsstc rastjJ. la M IsMsT
cUlaa ia thU vdk ua ue larfTare lh aajd 17th day
ikiiwi, raux
frMhr Laait. Act June 3. stjt.
V. h Land idhce, Th rta, tarrpem..
Motic' la tirTahv tve thai la ruaTartaara rsth
ini piartmimietiiie aci vimiii ar jnaf i
. .a;, esafcUst, "Aa a.oVJar Iky sab of Itmajftoml
a iK ia. .. flrtitMU saHAAarfto
... .1 TT. . . . i .. " r r- .
rtaa BsuaadJMrem
their aaaSia tis9a9)9,
, vwty or Wi
Uestfy hlrw
'aacB.Matoot Ueraasii
ilea Nov 1, ii,sorur9
I uauthaacaf the nebj ate if, tpaa, r 131 as.
UutlU t fantlsM
.f Tea Uatka. cuualv uf Waaoa. ataM) af Orsaii
of 1
, rn M4e meal Nu 1444, at) Nor 1, lyiaJlariNt
aveorn MaUeineal Nu 144.
pururau id I he ark c 17. lp . r 13. " fa
1 i.n.k 1 .aUn
lof Th IJalle. cou'itr f HWn. atalaef Oremrii
, ara .talrmcut wn ,,,, tried fata; Hk IOfuf hVe
parceuat ot lac nwy ac 11, ip ar l.
Jam I' Mian
1 f TNr pane, nuuiy 01 w. ma, 1
eat-re auuuieai N 1 ua. ftlrii Ik
r, atanejf tlrsafai,
I net tfjAl9nt
IMirvhaseajf Ihe awH ae 11, Ipso, r if. 9? Mi
TImi thry will o(r proof ! ebew that the hvad
I ..nghi 1 mure fr it ilmlMr or mane
1 IMU i.t asiricuiiurBi pariaswa, ana iv cwaonaa
tin trrUliBstu aahl UmI fi.fure lh HegU'eraud
.reciter ut f lie DnlW
, !' 17th day of iMolier,
ilkvaasae aa wila
flu Ilea. Oregua
t'itier, iu
wilnev ini
V Mour.
- , "T i . ...... u .., v. 1
' rnoiua 3 wini. i.uaiw r amifsia. auasaj 1
L usard. Iltury daiMrs Job Oavta, Joaepli a
Lae-icea, uf the Ibdles. ini CsurlM A fjas, uf
1 1 in vin. , ur, sxiae i.i-u, 01 nana. wr.
Any and art rtatJabaC advvtarly th
lHrv4iaifMu4irf raeSariu H lkl
.ua ia lids oaV aft ar Mrbrv lh said ijlrl
yof iieaaber, luui
iu-u, Minn
AKI. T NOUN. Hegtattr,
Tlinber Und, Art June 3, 197a,
V d. Und Offlar, Thr Italic, Wegflii,
J tv 3,
NoiJe I fifbj- given thai In aowidwaM wllli
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